Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 5 Episode 17] "Zocalo"

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
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Comments • 9 122

  • Breanna Sumner
    Breanna Sumner 10 months ago +2326

    Can I ever just watch one episode?


    • Wendy Jones
      Wendy Jones 26 days ago


    • Bobby Willingham
      Bobby Willingham Month ago

      Breanna Sumner nope. Neither can I. I just don’t get why people ask him to come in and fight his every change he makes. The man is a successful world class chef

    • jasmine rukmana
      jasmine rukmana 2 months ago

      Could you guys plis watch my yutube video?

    • BeastMode _On
      BeastMode _On 3 months ago

      Simple stop being cheap and get a Hulu account

    • •ThatOne• TiredGirl•
      •ThatOne• TiredGirl• 3 months ago

      Oh my gosh you have the same name as me except mines is "Breana" With one n

  • Infinite
    Infinite 23 hours ago

    And another one bites the dust. Nice show but the reality was too much to overcome. Anyone notice how many restaurants on this show end up closing?

  • Todd Kelly
    Todd Kelly 2 days ago +2

    What a bimbo!

  • Johnny D
    Johnny D 2 days ago +2

    That poor fella, mercy wifey needs to get tossed off a bridge...what a nightmare

  • gacha videos
    gacha videos 3 days ago

    I just love the sound effects in these videos

  • lovely song
    lovely song 4 days ago

    I've watched ramsays Mexican food videos... Lol do not trust him with Mexican food recipes! Coming from a mexican!😂

  • Meron Handsome
    Meron Handsome 5 days ago

    34:18 **incomprehensible noises** we need captions!!!

  • Meron Handsome
    Meron Handsome 5 days ago

    30:34 but r u rly tho?

  • Meron Handsome
    Meron Handsome 5 days ago +1

    Greg could have done much fucking better!! He could make it work with almost anyone! The guy is so nice, hard-working, and he can cook!!!!!!!!! I'm not gay but even I'd marry greg

  • Alex the Hun
    Alex the Hun 5 days ago +5

    She's definitely not a traditional Catholic Mexican. Because a lot of Mexicans are traditional it is expected for the woman to be subservient. She acts like a typical American woman. Loud, opinionated, brash, doesn't respect her husband and she wears the pants. If I were the husband I'd remind her of her place or divorce her.

    • Ashley Guerrero
      Ashley Guerrero 2 days ago

      Alex the Hun my mom is a Roman Catholic Mexican and is exactly like that woman, most woman in Mexico that I know of act this way

  • Yuka Mochida
    Yuka Mochida 6 days ago +1

    he looks so dead inside 11:00

  • singh amardeep
    singh amardeep 7 days ago +7

    Greg is a nice man, wife is such a let down, shoving him to ground

  • Luis Galavizions
    Luis Galavizions 7 days ago +4

    It must be some sort of error because she is not Mexican. Every Mexican woman I know sticks with husband no matter what gets in the way. She's lazy and me as a Mexican would never be with a woman like that.

  • Lando Leaves Land
    Lando Leaves Land 8 days ago +2

    All I can say, If I get married, it won’t be to a whining Mexican lady. Poor Greg. Nice daughters though.

  • Ryan's Adventure & Info
    Ryan's Adventure & Info 10 days ago +5

    I used to think GR was a dick bc I only saw commercials of him yelling but I've watched a few episodes now and he seems like a good man.

    • BRDFX | meeh
      BRDFX | meeh 7 days ago

      Lets just say he‘s a nice dick 😂

  • Ricardo Quintana Vallejo
    Ricardo Quintana Vallejo 10 days ago +4

    Damn... this woman is a real lazy pos. What is he doing with her?!

  • Dika Z
    Dika Z 10 days ago +4


    ALFREDO ESPIRITU 13 days ago +2

    Okay DOCTOR STRANGE..just go back into marvel movies..

      ROB PARKER 11 days ago

      ALFREDO ESPIRITU love this show just started watching it on TheXvid never had time to watch it back in the day I only seen like 4 episodes on TV 😂😂😂

      ROB PARKER 11 days ago

      ALFREDO ESPIRITU wow 9 k comments that's amazing 😂😂😂

  • isaac palma
    isaac palma 13 days ago +6

    I just came here to laugh at the racist comments lmao

    • Du Louis
      Du Louis 2 days ago

      Don't forget the sexist ones too

    • Marc Weiner
      Marc Weiner 3 days ago

      +isaac palma Mexican ones?

    • isaac palma
      isaac palma 8 days ago

      +Marc Weiner Well that and all the Mexican ones too

    • Marc Weiner
      Marc Weiner 8 days ago

      Like the one that says the food is nasty because he’s white?

  • cielo jones
    cielo jones 13 days ago

    Jajaja putos gringos ni saben cocinar comida mexicana 😂q puto asco

    • Something Original
      Something Original 2 days ago

      Nigga what damn chill

    • Luis Galavizions
      Luis Galavizions 7 days ago

      Saggy ass titties

    • Luis Galavizions
      Luis Galavizions 7 days ago

      This bitch judging and can't even get the right color on her face. Lol

    • cielo jones
      cielo jones 8 days ago

      Y'all need to chill lmaooo I just gaved my comment that's all 😉

    • Marc Weiner
      Marc Weiner 8 days ago +1

      cielo jones Just because he’s white doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to cook Mexican food. Gordon Ramsay can and he’s white...

  • Northernmight
    Northernmight 13 days ago

    That woman just wants to siesta

  • Cat Santos
    Cat Santos 16 days ago +6

    Well to quote that wacky Sherlock Holmes impersonator from Hotel Hell, I’d like Mary to take a long walk off of a short pier.....!!!

  • The Vaping mAh*mi
    The Vaping mAh*mi 17 days ago +6

    Wait did the one daughter ana call him GREGG AND NOT DAD!? Wow total disrespect

      DJMUSSY LIVE 5 days ago

      +Martijn Bakkes what's "underserved deference" ?

    • Martijn Bakkes
      Martijn Bakkes 5 days ago

      +DJMUSSY LIVE that's not the same as manners. That's undeserved deference.

      DJMUSSY LIVE 5 days ago +1

      ​+Martijn Bakkes its just my opinion, it does have to do with manners.... Same as a college professor or someone older than me, no matter how comfortable i am with them, I'll call them Dr or Mrs/Mr or Sir.

    • Martijn Bakkes
      Martijn Bakkes 5 days ago

      +DJMUSSY LIVE has zero to do with manners. My parents were human beings, with names. Not just nameless caregivers.

      DJMUSSY LIVE 5 days ago

      ​+Martijn Bakkes well it depends what kind of household you grew up in. Manners are taught at home.

  • The Vaping mAh*mi
    The Vaping mAh*mi 17 days ago +15

    I can't STAND WOMEN that flat out use and abuse and ultimately RUIN GOOD MEN!! I mean damn guys,, PICK BETTER!! They do exist🤦🏻‍♀️

      ROB PARKER 11 days ago

      The Vaping mAh*mi her hair look nice though do you think so 😂😂😂

    • Cat Santos
      Cat Santos 16 days ago +2

      The Vaping mAh*mi I don’t like ANYBODY who uses & abuses ANYBODY!! Such turds 💩

  • Ignacio Chimal
    Ignacio Chimal 17 days ago +5

    "Queso Para Freir" means Cheese to melt, it's a generic and cheap cheese.
    Also "caca" means poop, i laugh my ass off when he said the cactus it's caca hahahaha.

  • hultonclint
    hultonclint 18 days ago

    queso para freir.

  • Abdul Moiz
    Abdul Moiz 18 days ago +2

    why the fuck every restaurant is closed

  • Gentilseulement
    Gentilseulement 18 days ago

    Not only I will never buy a restaurant, but I will never go in one anymore!

  • Karanda Bowling
    Karanda Bowling 19 days ago +2


  • Karanda Bowling
    Karanda Bowling 19 days ago +6

    Dang! That Mary woman seems like a. Complete bitch!! And she needs to go back to where she came from if “she don’t like working”😂😡🙄🙄

    • Kevin popeishon
      Kevin popeishon 17 days ago

      im mexican and i agree , shes the tipical mexican stereotipe ,

  • Charles R. Kelly
    Charles R. Kelly 19 days ago +5

    The wall just got 10 feet higher!!!

  • Rhf Awad
    Rhf Awad 20 days ago +5

    I didnt watch yet but i will guess he got rid of everything making them unique and gave them a burger and salad menu

  • LTNX
    LTNX 22 days ago +28

    I swear to god, anytime there's any minority, woman, or person with a strong accent who are the problem, the comment section is...just shit. This woman was vile, and absolutely the problem, but it has nothing to do with her race and everything to do with her attitude.

  • mike Lazembie
    mike Lazembie 23 days ago +8

    Never date a Spic! "I dont like working!" Ok then... 4get the women lib shit. Get home and clean the house and get me a beer after supper while u do the dishes. And what I say goes!" U cant have it both ways bitch.

    • Alex the Hun
      Alex the Hun 5 days ago

      Especially if she isn't a traditional woman.

  • Kelly Marie
    Kelly Marie 23 days ago +18

    Good god i feel sorry for Greg. That wife needs a good smack to the head.

    • Kelly Marie
      Kelly Marie 17 days ago +1

      Adam White All goods mate.

    • Adam White
      Adam White 17 days ago

      +Kelly Marie Many a true word is said in jest. I often find it difficult to tell if people really mean what they say or they're just being sarcastic. There are too many snowflakes around these days who really are offended by such remarks. I don't know you, I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

    • Kelly Marie
      Kelly Marie 18 days ago

      Adam White cheers for the essay length reply. Clearly my sense of humour flew right over your head. Ah well.

    • Adam White
      Adam White 18 days ago

      +Kelly Marie well, you have two names that are clearly female and there's a picture of you which also certainly looks female so forgive me for thinking that you're female but that's usually how you recognize someone as being female. Now, if you're truly male, that's not my fault for not recognizing you as male, that's yours. And I'm well aware what year it is.

    • Kelly Marie
      Kelly Marie 18 days ago

      Adam White did you just assume my gender? It’s 2019 mate.

  • Anvar Kamolov
    Anvar Kamolov 25 days ago +2

    12:51 😂🤣

  • Keith Woods
    Keith Woods 25 days ago +9

    More white chiefs in a Mexican resultant no shit the food is going to taste nasty just like if there’re were Mexicans chiefs in a Chinese restaurant commen sense 💀

    • Karanda Bowling
      Karanda Bowling 19 days ago +1

      You seem very racist!! Your the most judgmental woman ever about someone’s race!!

    • Rhf Awad
      Rhf Awad 20 days ago +1

      is not white or brown..if the chief is good or not

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 23 days ago +1

      Keith Woods my cousin is Mexican and she cooks great Greek food

    • Samantha Atori
      Samantha Atori 24 days ago +2

      +Torigashi Ohh, LOL. Duh, I forgot what I had commented under 😂
      Yeah, that was a half-witted comment. People are thinking less everyday, it seems.

    • Torigashi
      Torigashi 24 days ago +3

      Samantha Atori No, I’m talking about the bias of White people not being able to cook Mexican cuisines. It’s an absurd statement considering Chef Ramsey is white.

  • Puertorican Princess
    Puertorican Princess 26 days ago +18

    He is happy in a new relationship with maria one of the waitress that worked there .the one that served chef Ramsey.

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown 26 days ago +13

    As soon as she hesitated on the question of love, It would have been over for me.

      ROB PARKER 11 days ago

      Zach Brown her hair is pretty though 😂😂😂 but I think she fucking somebody else

      ROB PARKER 11 days ago +1

      Zach Brown well long marriages can be stressful in this era .

    • Zach Brown
      Zach Brown 17 days ago

      +tombo tombo she's an abuser

    • tombo tombo
      tombo tombo 17 days ago


  • Andrew iannetta
    Andrew iannetta 29 days ago +13

    im thankful everyday im not married, that poor bastard

  • miya481
    miya481 29 days ago +16

    Oh I see what time it is! She thought this man was a mark who was going to take care of her while she sits at home and get taken care of!? There's no excuse! This is food from her homeland, so she should be cooking it so it can be authentic vs complaining and refusing to assist. She's even raising the prices while knowing that the food isn't worth it. She sounds like a calculating Gold Digger, working this poor man to death. Then she has the nerve to say that the kitchen is too hot to work in and if he can't provide, then she'll return to Mexico. However, I'm pretty sure that Mexico in itself is hotter than that kitchen. Pleasssssssseeee....

  • Jonatan Juarez
    Jonatan Juarez 29 days ago +19

    Ur an embarrassment to a mexicana fuckn lazy ass perra

  • LivingDog
    LivingDog Month ago +20

    I'd say: Divorce her now while you have nothing.

    • roger decker
      roger decker 4 days ago +1

      While he has nothing. Lol. She did say she doesn't want to work.

    • Holger Johag
      Holger Johag 28 days ago +5

      afaik he did divorce her

  • TangoDownProduction
    TangoDownProduction Month ago +3

    "I'm certainly not on Chef Ramsay's level..." No shit? What was your first clue? LMAO

  • Alex m2708
    Alex m2708 Month ago +10

    Ay im mexican but fuck me i hate when mexicanas talk english it pisses me off

    • Adam White
      Adam White 18 days ago +2

      You're Mexican and you hate it when Mexicans talk English and then you use English to say that? You must really hate yourself. Perhaps if you replaced the word "English" with "shit", as in I really hate it when Mexicans talk shit... It wouldn't be contradicting yourself.

    • Muhammad Rajuanda
      Muhammad Rajuanda 20 days ago +2


    • Shelby GT
      Shelby GT 26 days ago +3

      What a fucking un pinche puñal.. you can tell by his face pic.

    • C6co66
      C6co66 28 days ago +3

      Lo mismo han de decir los gueros de ti haha

    • C6co66
      C6co66 28 days ago +4

      No seas mamon

  • Evansue Jimenez
    Evansue Jimenez Month ago +12

    Oh this lady man... She’s just giving Mexican ladies a bad rep...!!

  • Vicente Sanchez
    Vicente Sanchez Month ago +16

    The wife is the real “ cochinita”

  • anonymous player
    anonymous player Month ago +4

    What is this a novela? 29:05

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer Month ago +4

    And when Trump said Mexicans are lazy people get angry!

    • Marc Weiner
      Marc Weiner 8 days ago

      Jonathan Pizarro So instead of leaving a mature comment, you choose to be racist? Seriously?

    • Sophie 1726
      Sophie 1726 12 days ago

      Anyone can be lazy it doesn’t matter the race

    • Kelly Marie
      Kelly Marie 24 days ago

      Jonathan Pizarro you sound like an absolute muppet

    • Shelby GT
      Shelby GT 26 days ago

      C'mon Tom Sawyer have a higher thinking level..seems your lacking education.

    • Jonathan Pizarro
      Jonathan Pizarro 26 days ago

      STFU u stupid bitch we work harder den you white folks ever will hahaha

  • 000000000000
    000000000000 Month ago +8

    She really should be helping cook the food if she's mexican what the hell?

  • ftwcp955
    ftwcp955 Month ago +16

    The wife is a fulltime shit.

  • Geo Nif
    Geo Nif Month ago +2

    The Ramsey's menu has nothing to do with Mexican food

  • Wendigo Dragon
    Wendigo Dragon Month ago +18

    Oh my God, if this bitch says "Let me finish" ONE more goddamned time...

  • Jorge Torres Franco

    For this food

  • Jorge Torres Franco
    Jorge Torres Franco Month ago +6

    As a Mexican I am disappointed

  • Cat Santos
    Cat Santos Month ago +19

    As a half Mexican woman, Maria both triggers & offends me, no matter her race or ethnicity. Rottenness transcends all racial & ethnical lenses 🌈🖕🏽

    • Les Salazar
      Les Salazar 29 days ago

      Wait how are you half Mexican? Do you mean Hispanic...?

    • Geo Nif
      Geo Nif Month ago +3

      If race/ethnicity doesn't matter why would you say anything about it

  • partyguy35
    partyguy35 Month ago +21

    I’m glad he divorced her! What a delusional, insensitive, controlling bitch! He deserved better!

      ROB PARKER 11 days ago +1

      partyguy35 Now I'm banging her 😂😂😂😂

  • Stephen Fox
    Stephen Fox Month ago +29

    It made me sick to see such a defeatist wife and daughters who gave up on this guy. Most chefs in this series go into denial, become assholes and not listen to their family for years. Here, you have one who has a good attitude, but they've checked out.
    A trio of selfish bitches who don't know how lucky they are.

  • D canel
    D canel Month ago +9

    15:24 "frus-tra-tor

  • Gabby Mouse
    Gabby Mouse Month ago +6

    Hispanic women tend to be shrews.

    • Geo Nif
      Geo Nif Month ago +3

      Maybe you're a cold b****, but las latinoamericanas are beautiful and passionate womans

    • Cat Santos
      Cat Santos Month ago +1

      Gabby Mouse r u a Hispanic woman???!!! Because you seem to be a little shrewd yourself

  • Rafael Braggs
    Rafael Braggs Month ago +11

    Listen linda listen 👂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ali Kourany
    Ali Kourany Month ago +3

    And that older daughter i guess what a bitch man

  • Ali Kourany
    Ali Kourany Month ago +5

    He should fry the fuck out of this woman out to the streeeeet bitch

  • Pottymouth 1
    Pottymouth 1 Month ago +10

    The wife is the reason she I so lazy, worthless.

  • Pottymouth 1
    Pottymouth 1 Month ago +14

    Lazy bitch! If I was him I’d divorce yesterday

  • AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza

    She is a fucking cunt.

  • Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde

    This white guy is the salve to his -wife- b!tch! And its his own fault. He will either burn out and die, or die before burnout. Thats how hard this guy is pushing himself. And where is her support for him? There is none, simple as that....
    4:02 him saying that, is like igniting a signal flair at the size of the sun! Dude, jump off the train called "your relationship" before you crash and die!!

    • jdmemes 46
      jdmemes 46 Month ago +1

      +Gabby Mouse for Greg yea

    • Gabby Mouse
      Gabby Mouse Month ago +5

      +jdmemes 46 Well, that's good, anyway.

    • jdmemes 46
      jdmemes 46 Month ago +1

      Dude they divorced chill out

  • j_rock 78
    j_rock 78 Month ago +16

    That woman is the spawn of Satan

  • J Walker
    J Walker Month ago +8

    What Happened Next?
    In the weeks after the show, the dinner services got smoother, the students became part of the team and the relationship between Greg and Mary was improved. The menu on their website looks delicious with reduced prices. Yelp reviews after the show seem to be mostly average, 2-3/5.
    Zocalo closed January 2013, it is reported that it closed for the holidays and did not re-open."The Russells did not respond to a call and email seeking comment, and it’s unclear exactly when the restaurant closed. But as of this week, most of Zocalo’s contents appear to have been removed. The website is still up, but the phone number is not working. A quick review of court records reveals some major problems: a Philadelphia tax lien for $40,000; federal tax liens totaling over $28,000; and a “confession of judgement” relating to the business against Greg Russell for $39,000. And that’s without peeking into the restaurant’s revolving debt, which, at this point, is likely massive."

  • Niño Elijah Reyes
    Niño Elijah Reyes Month ago +9

    @3:43 Why not get your ass off the business and hire real manager to do your job...

  • Syeda Yasmin Ara
    Syeda Yasmin Ara Month ago +26

    Can we watch the show without all the racist and politically ignorant comments? Damn these comment sections are so sad.

    • Charles R. Kelly
      Charles R. Kelly 19 days ago

      Deport all spics!!!!!

    • EpicLulz000
      EpicLulz000 21 day ago +1

      +Cat Santos Callate negra sucia AYAYAY

    • Cat Santos
      Cat Santos Month ago

      red blight a thick skin, eh??! Mmmmkayyy white boyyyy lol 😂

    • J Walker
      J Walker Month ago +2

      AMEN!!! People forget people of ALL AGES watch these shows. Some people have NO CLASS!!

    • red blight
      red blight Month ago +1

      A thick skin is all part of the fun. Sticks and stones and meh. As for freeloading women, kick em to the curb.

  • Lon McGuire
    Lon McGuire Month ago +7

    Mary looks like a rugged worn-out drug addict prostitute.

  • Alma Garces
    Alma Garces Month ago +6

    Now Greg is in love with Maria the server

    • The Vaping mAh*mi
      The Vaping mAh*mi 17 days ago

      How do you know this I mean...she was half his age🤣🤣🙈

  • squirtmph
    squirtmph Month ago +12

    In mexico everyone pitch/work equally, she was born and race there.... I don't know why she has change her mind!

    • squirtmph
      squirtmph Month ago

      +J Walker Yes, your correct!

    • J Walker
      J Walker Month ago +2

      squirtmph….race? You mean 'raised'?

  • Aunt Jemima
    Aunt Jemima Month ago +10

    shes definitely stoned I don't think she even knows whats going on lmao

  • Lucio Bazzani
    Lucio Bazzani Month ago +2

    Ana...I love you!

  • eddy absalon
    eddy absalon Month ago +15

    That latina wife is demanding ,,she doesn't even support her husband in a way as a wife
    If I was Gordon I will kick that wife's ass straight to a boiling soup pot

  • John Paul
    John Paul Month ago +19

    She's the reason Trump won the election... build that wall

    • Achi1187
      Achi1187 Month ago

      Shroedinger's immigrant. Simultaneously lazy and somehow taking all your jobs at the same time. Lol. The fact that there are people dumb enough to believe a wall can solve anything when plans fly in 3 dimensions is the reason trump won

    • Gabby Mouse
      Gabby Mouse Month ago +1

      +j_rock 78 LOL, I've seen a lot of those upstanding, divinely touched people in mugshots lately, usually for heinous sex crimes or drunk driving.

    • j_rock 78
      j_rock 78 Month ago +2

      You must be mistaken......every illegal crossing the border is literally the hardest working angel in human flesh ......there is no bums crossing the drug rapists.......etc...etc.....just the most awesome people that have ever’re mistaken

    • J Walker
      J Walker Month ago +3

      No! A wall will NOT stop them. Do your homework and you'll understand why.

    • Daniel C
      Daniel C Month ago +7

      Stop overdosing you white child molesters. There's a reason why your putting guns down your throats and blowing your brains out. You are weak!

  • Arturo Cabral
    Arturo Cabral Month ago +8

    That owner is a slut excuse. That husband deserves better.

      ROB PARKER 11 days ago

      Arturo Cabral are you jealous of her hair 😂😂😊

  • Bryan Garson
    Bryan Garson Month ago +27

    What an ungrateful family. This guy was working his ass off.

  • Fantage Fluffy Muffins

    is it me or does the owner look like jacksfilms...

  • Nena martina
    Nena martina Month ago +5

    Shes brain dead

  • Nena martina
    Nena martina Month ago +4

    Didnt this place close before it even aired?

  • Peter Blesae
    Peter Blesae Month ago +14

    Nothing ruins a restaurant more than the beeping sounds of a microwave.

  • Asterix Obelix
    Asterix Obelix Month ago +19

    Maria, you are lucky to have a loving husband like Greg, The daughters are selfish - don't realise how lucky they are. Greg, you are an angel - bless your heart

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh Month ago +31

    Greg divorced his wife and is currently engaged to waitress Maria. Go Greg! Source r/gordonramsay

    • Nena martina
      Nena martina 17 days ago

      +The Vaping mAh*mi theres a whole article on it just google it and the waitress has an Instagram and im pretty sure the guy was in the pfp with her....

    • The Vaping mAh*mi
      The Vaping mAh*mi 17 days ago

      How tf do you know that!?? Cause that chick was the same age as his damn daughter's

    • Nena martina
      Nena martina Month ago

      Oh shittt

    • jannik mucha
      jannik mucha Month ago +5

      That should make his life much easier

  • Yohnathan Garcia
    Yohnathan Garcia Month ago +10

    Hire a Mexican cook someone that knows the culture knows the taste of the food if you have a white boy and black people they don't know s*** about Mexican food they are ruining the Mexican culture

    • nancy serrano
      nancy serrano Month ago

      @yohnathan you are ruining our Mexican culture with your rude and racists comments

    • nancy serrano
      nancy serrano Month ago

      Wow! Yohnathan, that was rude. Something tells me you don't even know how to make salsa, let alone a mexicsn meal. So please stop being so racist. Being mexican doesn't make you any better. People who try or cook mexican food is something you should be happy about because it shows that they appreciate our culture and background. He married a Mexican woman.. what does that tell you?

    • Daniel Sosa
      Daniel Sosa Month ago

      You're stupid if you think a Mexican can do a better job. You don't have the dedication this man had to keep this restaurant going by himself. He wasn't just the chef he did everything for this restaurant and his wife. Idk too many Mexicans that would do that and in mexican myself

    • Erick30010
      Erick30010 Month ago

      +j_rock 78
      .. I learned English perfectly and I didn't need to go to school to achieve it ..... You should try at Least to learn some Spanish cause you like 90% of "american people" can't say tortillas without sounding weird as hell

    • courageous32
      courageous32 Month ago

      +j_rock 78 😀😃 okay maybe not that far into the past. I agree with you on nearly everything and as much as I agree with the law, I have also been lucky to see life from the other side. These people that the law calls "illegals" risk life and limb to come down to the west. You have to ask yourself, "what exactly are they running from, that they are ready to die for it?" And you see them survive under every inhumane condition, which tells me that they had it worse before.

  • tia poonia
    tia poonia Month ago +15

    Maria complains about everything and then says “I don’t like working”...

  • TheGladiator Spartan
    TheGladiator Spartan Month ago +5

    He needs to replace that women!

    • Anton Chigurh
      Anton Chigurh Month ago +1

      He ditched the bitch and married the waitress .

  • TheGladiator Spartan
    TheGladiator Spartan Month ago +4

    Matilda’s mom

    • Cat Santos
      Cat Santos Month ago

      Holy crap she does look like Rita Perlman aka Danny Devito’s real life wife in that movie omfg

  • Miguel Reyes
    Miguel Reyes Month ago +8

    She's the reason chivalry is dead. Respect for the man who can put up with her. If love is blind, she'll still be the ugliest.

  • ladawg81
    ladawg81 Month ago +8

    I say this as a white man... A lazy Latina mom who can't cook????

    • Cat Santos
      Cat Santos Month ago

      I’m 1/2 Mexican. I can’t cook. My Mexican grandma can’t cook either. She just cleans. A lot.

    • Achi1187
      Achi1187 Month ago +1

      Right? Lol. I was like this is straight out of fantasy or something

  • Tiny Box
    Tiny Box Month ago +6

    What happen to this Banana???

    • Cat Santos
      Cat Santos Month ago

      It saw her coming & killed itself 🍌

  • Diana Pardo
    Diana Pardo Month ago +1

    Este pendejo no save nada de comida mexicana

  • Wolfe Fumblepaw
    Wolfe Fumblepaw 2 months ago +6

    This woman... in the middle of that stress... with knifes all around me.
    I would have a nice time cooking in the jailkitchen for 15 years i guess.

  • Mayra Arias
    Mayra Arias 2 months ago +7

    What a bum!! What a disgrace to Mexico and there delicious plates.

  • Isabelle Davis
    Isabelle Davis 2 months ago +4

    pennsylvania = filthiest , dirtiest , and worst state in the US .

    • Nena martina
      Nena martina Month ago +1

      +Isabelle Davis PA is a whole mess, i can't disagree with you ive lived here 18 years😂

    • Isabelle Davis
      Isabelle Davis Month ago

      Nena martina mabey i exaggerated , but penn. does have the worst freeways on the east coast . thats not an exaggeration . N.Y. to Penn. freeway is crazy . normal roads , then it turns into a cratered freakin mess , with empty vodka bottles everywhere . ha ha ha

    • Isabelle Davis
      Isabelle Davis Month ago

      Nena martina okay , maney i exaggerate ... but pennsylvania has the worst freeways on the east coast , and thats not an exaggeration !

    • Nena martina
      Nena martina Month ago

      Hey man, it aint THAT bad, but you left out the most boring!!

    • Isabelle Davis
      Isabelle Davis Month ago

      Jolene Myers i thouht savannah was very beautiful when i was there :)

  • marysol losada
    marysol losada 2 months ago +16

    Ugh poor Greg imagine working ur ass off for such a wife, so sad when he was watching

  • marysol losada
    marysol losada 2 months ago +17

    Marie is an annoying piece of shit I can’t believe she doesn’t help her husband with how much he works, should go back to Mexico tbh

    • marysol losada
      marysol losada 2 months ago +1

      Carolina Benitez she is the one that says that if he doesn’t save the restaurant she would go back

    • Carolina Benitez
      Carolina Benitez 2 months ago


  • Cody Reimer
    Cody Reimer 2 months ago +21

    The wall just got 10 feet higher.

    • Cody Reimer
      Cody Reimer Month ago

      +Daniel C wtf? lol

    • Daniel C
      Daniel C Month ago +2

      Who names their son Cody? Your euros with your pathetic names. Cody, tanner, pipper, chase, chad, cash? What the hell is that? jajaja You are going to be a 50-year-old name Cody. Stop with the heroine.

    • D u a l i t y
      D u a l i t y Month ago +1

      The high just got 10 feet waller.

    • kaniyah colbert
      kaniyah colbert 2 months ago


    • Etheric
      Etheric 2 months ago