Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 5 Episode 17] "Zocalo"

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
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Comments • 8 963

  • Breanna Sumner
    Breanna Sumner Year ago +2481

    Can I ever just watch one episode?


    • Mikey Way's Unicorn
      Mikey Way's Unicorn 23 days ago

      You can't stop at just *one* episode. You need to watch all the episodes.

    • meghnavs _2005
      meghnavs _2005 27 days ago

      My problem 2

    • Wendy Jones
      Wendy Jones 2 months ago


    • Bobby Willingham
      Bobby Willingham 3 months ago

      Breanna Sumner nope. Neither can I. I just don’t get why people ask him to come in and fight his every change he makes. The man is a successful world class chef

    • jasmine rukmana
      jasmine rukmana 4 months ago

      Could you guys plis watch my yutube video?

  • Mara Tomlinson
    Mara Tomlinson 19 hours ago +1

    This restaurant is now closed down

  • Taylor P
    Taylor P 20 hours ago +2

    "i dont like working!"
    yeah bitch, same but thats LIFE

  • Justin S
    Justin S 23 hours ago

    I like Gabby

  • Julio De León.
    Julio De León. Day ago

    Greg deserves a better partner... Someone like me!! 😍

  • i am noone
    i am noone Day ago

    Brielle the server is sooo georgous!!!! 😍🥰❤️

  • Pain killa
    Pain killa Day ago +2

    Big crush on Gordon Ramsey over here!!!

  • A B and C Carmine
    A B and C Carmine 2 days ago +2

    Fuck you mary

  • A B and C Carmine
    A B and C Carmine 2 days ago +1


  • Alondra Mendoza
    Alondra Mendoza 3 days ago +1

    Its like CACA😅😂

  • Austin Hance
    Austin Hance 3 days ago +5

    That lady is garbage. Just sits there and does nothing while blaming the person who is working themself to death

  • Marc Eibel
    Marc Eibel 3 days ago

    Breeaaiir!!! It sounds like meowing! 😂

  • Kush Kong
    Kush Kong 3 days ago +2

    Le me Feneesh

  • ayeewolf
    ayeewolf 4 days ago +3

    This is the usual sad typical story. American falls in love with the foreign person of interest, while the other saw an easy bag and Opportunity. So sad.

    • CallOfCody
      CallOfCody 3 days ago

      It's so obvious aswell. Even past the bullshit editing shes a toxic human being and he's in love with that? Guy needs some more self respect

  • culam nguyen
    culam nguyen 5 days ago +6

    The bitch already had an annoying accent but her attitude makes her even more unlikable

  • Kit Zoey
    Kit Zoey 6 days ago +9

    _"I don' wanna do it something I don't like it"_

    Stupid selfish wife and spoilt stupid kids, so toxic. I have seen women like that destroy lives - it's not always the men!

  • Tanmay Tikekar
    Tanmay Tikekar 6 days ago +1

    Greg reminds Mary of everything she's not: responsible, committed, hardworking. So she's trying unconsciously to bring him down to her level.

  • Tanmay Tikekar
    Tanmay Tikekar 6 days ago +4

    Below par is practically a compliment with Gordon 😂😂

  • ChaosPrototypeIX
    ChaosPrototypeIX 6 days ago +9

    So Greg actually divorced that bish and he is engaged to waitress Maria. If you google up a bit you can find reddit post with 2 of them together.

  • Hakeem TV
    Hakeem TV 6 days ago +3

    *Frierrrrrr* 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Martin Erskine
    Martin Erskine 7 days ago +4

    What a lazy selfish bitch, WOW! fuck her.

  • JoseAnd97
    JoseAnd97 8 days ago +1

    Un comentario en español (no de Mexico)

  • Sentinel Liberty
    Sentinel Liberty 9 days ago +4

    They gave her that huge pause and she never once said the word "love". Just "I very much". I wouldn't trust that bitch as far as I could throw her. Greg needs her help and she's like "lmao nah I don't want to help you support us". She looked like a fool on national television.

  • Young Hope Productions
    Young Hope Productions 9 days ago +4

    Marie's "Let me finish" is fucking annoying. Hopefully that attitude changed for good.

    • LEL ELEL
      LEL ELEL 3 days ago

      He divorced her ass and married the waitress

  • Karla Peterson
    Karla Peterson 10 days ago +3

    Kick her lazy fuking ass back to Mexico. What a bitch

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez 11 days ago +2

    Someone should snot rocket the bitch. Or a mean ass cunt punt.

  • Blackmore Gaming
    Blackmore Gaming 11 days ago +7

    Greg looking like an older jacksfilms

  • Craig Jarjoura
    Craig Jarjoura 14 days ago +1

    Daughter beautiful Anna

  • Dagoberto Bobadilla Jr
    Dagoberto Bobadilla Jr 14 days ago +3

    Ok those saying deport her and all that. That's a bit to far. I can say that to all the white owners I've seen on this show so far and send them back to Britian. The wife was cruel and I am that he left her because if anyone brings you down that way, no matter there back ground, you should leave them. Especially, if they are not willing to work with you to improve your relationship.

    JAQCKY GAIL 14 days ago +9

    Lee mi finiiiish

  • Sam Davtyan
    Sam Davtyan 14 days ago +7

    This is why we should build a wall. Damn

  • nut buster
    nut buster 15 days ago +12

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    nothing at all:
    mary:LET ME FINISH!

  • White Noise
    White Noise 15 days ago +6

    Spoilers, Greg Fuckin Killed himself.

  • Braden Kelly
    Braden Kelly 16 days ago +5

    greg is amazing, such a sense of responsibility with no help, the wife may be disrespectful and apathetic but they do love each other

  • Alex Boricua
    Alex Boricua 18 days ago +6

    Cmon cochina 🤣🤣🤣 ... classic!...

  • Forsaken 1995
    Forsaken 1995 19 days ago +3

    15:22 wow she can't even read properly

  • Joshua Breer
    Joshua Breer 21 day ago +2

    First lazy but she changes

  • Joshua Breer
    Joshua Breer 21 day ago +11

    This wife from Greg makes me angry. She is lazy as fuck

  • Thepancakeprotecter
    Thepancakeprotecter 21 day ago +5

    All comment has 0-20 likes on them except the first one XD

  • Jex
    Jex 22 days ago +9

    that woman is lazy as hell! i mean she lived in the u.s. for at least 20 years and she can barely speak english and her accent is extremely thick

  • Maricar Dayahan
    Maricar Dayahan 22 days ago +5

    This makes me cry

  • Archontasius
    Archontasius 23 days ago +9

    Bloddy hell, all the servers are gorgeous

    • Zaxther _208
      Zaxther _208 21 day ago +1

      Thats all you care? People these days i cant blame ya xd

  • Mikey Way's Unicorn
    Mikey Way's Unicorn 23 days ago +8

    No one in any given time:
    Mary: LET ME FINISH-

  • patisol6
    patisol6 23 days ago +2

    La esposa ni parece mexicana, si hay algo que distingue a las mujeres mexicanas es que son trabajadoras y me sorprende que tantos anios viviendo en Estados Unidos todavia habla con acento, muy raro! En fin se nota que la senora ya trae problemas.

    • Jesus Lopez
      Jesus Lopez 19 days ago +1

      patisol6 mi mama tiene acento, eso nada que ver, se educo, aprendió y es directora de un hospital.
      Nada que ver cuantos años llevas en los estados unidos con tu lengua natal y acento. Y también se trata de educación, si no estudia no se educa, sigue igual!
      Esta señora habla todo mal!

  • CREEPY Kalalou
    CREEPY Kalalou 24 days ago +9

    Greg it's impossible to do all the cooking yourself you have a chef who wants to's ok to ask for help. As for the wife, she needs to not be at the restaurant at all. Her voice is terribly annoying. She isn't very supportive either.

    NITSUA SAN 24 days ago +2

    Makes me cry

  • 33kaus holokaust
    33kaus holokaust 25 days ago +9

    Go back to mehikko ... stupid catholic Hispanic bitch

    • Night Grace Moon
      Night Grace Moon 10 days ago +2

      @33kaus holokaust I don't want to start a cyber fight but, seriously Latin and Hispanic is different. Latin are people who are in Central America, while Hispanics are from Spain. If you want to be racist go ahead, but I am warning you. I am proud to have Mexican blood in me and I am not going to let you ruin my night. All Americans don't want us, but they want our culture that they don't even know what is about. I have tried many food from different countries but American food is something that is lost.

    • 33kaus holokaust
      33kaus holokaust 10 days ago

      @Night Grace Moon there is no Mexican American. It's called illegal immigrants or drug mule.

    • 33kaus holokaust
      33kaus holokaust 10 days ago

      @strawberry whore no there is not. Those good restaurants are owned by Anglo saxons

    • Night Grace Moon
      Night Grace Moon 13 days ago

      Most Mexican people came to the U.S. to work hard and their food is as I am a Mexican American. I wish he could visit "Cocina Doña Chona"

    • strawberry whore
      strawberry whore 17 days ago +1

      33kaus holokaust YA u don’t have 2 be a racist prick about it, there’s PLENTY of delicious latin/hispanic restaurants u asshole

  • KA Bunnie
    KA Bunnie 26 days ago +4

    I see lots of comments bout the wife and I'm like same.... But as a Mexican..... I CAN'T STAND HOW THEY BE PRONOUNCING THE FOOD jajaja I love Ramsey pero NO MAMES WEEEEY Keisoo foundidoooou. KOUCHINIITS PiBILL?? Like what 😂

  • Nesa Joyner
    Nesa Joyner 26 days ago +17

    It's men like Greg I applaud and give a crying standing ovation, I'm all for marriage, doing what's right, sticking to vows, but this BITCH.. deserve a divorce.. let her go Greg fuck her. Lazy bitch

    • Sentinel Liberty
      Sentinel Liberty 9 days ago +1

      @DeviantDespot Bless him. Dude deserves so much better

    • DeviantDespot
      DeviantDespot 13 days ago +1

      Greg dumped her and got together with a waitress. Just look up Gregory russell on facebook. He is easy to find.

    • Twisted Carnage
      Twisted Carnage 14 days ago +1

      Illinoia she didn’t, poor Greg killed himself

    • Woke Nation
      Woke Nation 24 days ago

      Well said

    • Illinoia
      Illinoia 25 days ago

      The most important thing is that she is willing to change

  • Nesa Joyner
    Nesa Joyner 26 days ago


  • diego silva
    diego silva 26 days ago +2

    ok lets start with the KESOU FOUNDIDOU jajajajaj

  • meghnavs _2005
    meghnavs _2005 27 days ago +19

    Fucking bitch of a wife. Im glad he divorced her. He should have kicked her ass years back

    • Austin Hance
      Austin Hance 3 days ago

      meghnavs _2005 I’m so glad

    • drewe G
      drewe G 11 days ago +2

      @CREEPY Kalalouyep, then he then got with 1 of the waitresses

    • CREEPY Kalalou
      CREEPY Kalalou 24 days ago +3

      Whoa wait....he divorced her? I am in the midst of watching this right now. Darn

    • Nesa Joyner
      Nesa Joyner 26 days ago +3


  • The Murph
    The Murph 28 days ago +3


  • Roman Soldier
    Roman Soldier 29 days ago +18

    I HATE when women who are lazy, incompetent, ungrateful , cry all the time. It's an escape route for them. There are women who work their butt's off , yet have miserable lives, I respect their tears. If you aren't willing to step up and change ur situation, then you shouldn't be crying or complaining.

  • Amberlance
    Amberlance Month ago +7

    they may have been stressed assholes at the start - but they were able to at least listen to constructive criticism

  • Alfredo Chavez
    Alfredo Chavez Month ago +16

    That's one lazy Hispanic lady, doesnt spend much time in the restaurant, well she must be banging some other guy lol.

  • Carlos C
    Carlos C Month ago +5

    La esposa es una cunt

  • Bradley Lewis
    Bradley Lewis Month ago +13

    First thing to save restaurant get New wife huuuurrrrrrrry👗👗👗👗👗👗

  • daviddd5518
    daviddd5518 Month ago +3

    Wtf am i doing? I have a test tomorrow. And, im hungry now.

  • K to the L
    K to the L Month ago

    what a BADASS restaurant. man i love you guys

  • DarksideHistory
    DarksideHistory Month ago +2

    How can they fuck up so hard on one of the biggest industries on their birth place?

  • Plusmin cares
    Plusmin cares Month ago +21

    Gordon: "Why can't you help with the work in the kitchen?"

    One note bitch: "I no like kitchen. I no like work."

  • Plusmin cares
    Plusmin cares Month ago +12

    Works in restaurants in the US for decades: "I no know greasy mean"

  • Plusmin cares
    Plusmin cares Month ago +3

    What a prissy cunt!

  • Plusmin cares
    Plusmin cares Month ago +14

    How can you live in a country for decades and still speak the primary language that poorly?

    • Bradley Lam
      Bradley Lam 2 days ago +1

      You can say she’s lazy, but because Spanish is spoken by so many people, they can pretty much get over the years without leaning much English! However, if she really want to, she’ll master it in no time! English is not that hard!

    • Sentinel Liberty
      Sentinel Liberty 9 days ago

      She didn't give a shit. She doesn't like work so why expect her to put the work in to adapt to society? She learned a set amount and was comfortable enough coasting off of it because she's a lazy, selfish cunt.

    • Mathieu Raquepas
      Mathieu Raquepas 21 day ago

      @rosie posie i'm surrounded by French people and it is still hard, i literally never use english other than on the internet

    • Martin Eberhardt
      Martin Eberhardt 23 days ago

      @rosie posie It's one of the easiest. Come here to germany and I'll show you.

    • rosie posie
      rosie posie 24 days ago

      Mathieu Raquepas because you are surrounded by english speakers so you’re constantly learning

  • Rodrigo Vargas González

    Vieja pendeja.

    • Martha Rojas
      Martha Rojas 24 days ago

      Si pinche vieja pendeja hace ver a los Mexicanos mal.

  • bushwalker 41
    bushwalker 41 Month ago +12

    Send her back to Mexico get himself a good women

    • Jess A
      Jess A 19 days ago +3

      He divorced her and married the server Maria lol

    • Nesa Joyner
      Nesa Joyner 26 days ago +1

      Amen lazy bitch

  • Zeen516
    Zeen516 Month ago +12

    This lady is basically all women nowadays. They don't like working so now they have snapchat premium and sugar daddies

    • Austin Hance
      Austin Hance 3 days ago

      Zeen516 lmfao

    • kmarshirley
      kmarshirley 21 day ago

      @Themacinthehat wow you obviously did not read my entire comment. Otherwise you would've seen the obvious sarcasm in the middle where I described a stereotype of men and then said, "all men are like this, since ya know we're blanketing an entire sex under one label". My comment was a response to this thread where they labeled all women. So yea maybe read the comment before commenting a misguided rant.

    • Themacinthehat
      Themacinthehat 23 days ago

      @kmarshirley Not true. There are men out there that work nonstop and try to support their families both financially and emotionally. Don't believe me, watch the episode from the beginning and keep replaying it. Its NOT what defines a person who is manipulative and lazy because you are a MAN or WOMAN, but it's because the person (MAN or WOMAN) just has a hypocritical, lazy and toxic attitude. Gender plays no role here!

    • kmarshirley
      kmarshirley Month ago +14

      You must be dating the wrong women then. More women work today then ever in history. The women I know raise children and work a job and most of the time their husbands or boyfriends don't do shit around the house and barely take care of children unless it's playing with them. All men are like this, since ya know we're just blanketing an entire sex under one label. Most young men nowadays are more concerned with getting their dick wet then being there for their woman.

    • litoral2
      litoral2 Month ago

      Well... that's an odd comparison

  • Alex C
    Alex C Month ago +10

    I hate it when people say “let me finish” when they weren’t interrupted or even saying anything

  • Maria Kindhearted
    Maria Kindhearted Month ago +7

    Wow this is so sad I feel for her husband he really deserve someone who truly loves him...

  • smarts
    smarts Month ago +42

    For anyone who wants to know, Greg divorced Mary and got engaged to Maria the waitress in 2017.
    I don't know whether he's still with her, but either way he's better off without his first wife nagging him to the ends of the earth.

  • Rebbie Espinosa
    Rebbie Espinosa Month ago +14

    That face she made when she was telling Gordon the name of the cheese ("FRIEEER... FRIEEEEER.. FRIEEEERRRRR..") is so fooookkkkiiin hideous

  • Christine Cannibal
    Christine Cannibal Month ago +18

    omg the wife drives me fucking crazy

  • Yousef Yuksel
    Yousef Yuksel Month ago +16

    Poor, husband ( he has no life)
    Literally stupid, ungrateful, and arrogant wife

    • Themacinthehat
      Themacinthehat 22 days ago

      Poor husband he has a family, a restaurant and an attitude and dedication that would've led him to success if it wasn't for his (ex) wife. She brought the husband, family and the restaurant down.

  • Chinema Pictures
    Chinema Pictures Month ago +17

    The kitchen is too hot? And, Mexico is not?

  • Patrick W
    Patrick W Month ago +9


  • Norris Milstead
    Norris Milstead Month ago +13

    typical Mexican woman gets with a white guy stops working.. deport her please..

  • mikelbook
    mikelbook Month ago +5


  • JuzzTheFuzz
    JuzzTheFuzz Month ago +7

    Mary is fucking POS system (Piece of shit)

  • Gabis
    Gabis Month ago +6

    It's another "let me finish" one

  • Taron Carter
    Taron Carter Month ago

    This guy looks like an ugly Stretched out balding Bryan Callen

  • Greckettopia87
    Greckettopia87 Month ago +30

    “I don’t like to work” fuck off

  • Greckettopia87
    Greckettopia87 Month ago +17

    Gold digging whore

  • Alejandra Gfg
    Alejandra Gfg Month ago +6

    brie cheese in his tacos? really? /;

  • Urs Schaffer
    Urs Schaffer Month ago +6

    How can you burn so much money in such a small restaurant??

  • Stephanie loveCandiceDelong

    So glad that Greg finally divorce Mary,and are now dating Maria the server

    • Austin Hance
      Austin Hance 3 days ago

      Stephanie loveCandiceDelong he owns a restaurant in Boston

    • exohuman
      exohuman Month ago

      The restaurant is closed according to the web

    • GhostFreak Games
      GhostFreak Games Month ago

      @Stephanie loveCandiceDelong What happened to his children's and his restaurant after the divorce?

    • Stephanie loveCandiceDelong
      Stephanie loveCandiceDelong Month ago

      @adam lobster yep. :)

    • Linuxdirk
      Linuxdirk Month ago +3

      Maria is adorably gorgeous like all servers

  • Louise Evans
    Louise Evans Month ago +2

    Does everything really turn out so rosy?
    I love their furniture.

  • Polly White
    Polly White Month ago +10

    *She* should be cooking, WTF

  • Arleene Perez
    Arleene Perez Month ago +35

    His issue is the wife. He needs a good mexican wife. Not that thing he has

  • Joy Charo
    Joy Charo Month ago +15

    This caca speaking lazy frustatorrr brieeeeaaarrrr lady should be 86'd back home.

  • Shane G
    Shane G Month ago +23

    The wife is a pain and the daughter's call him by his first name no respect

    • nik javier
      nik javier Month ago

      Maybe they dont think its disrespectful bcos the wife is disrespectful as well lol

    • DyaDya Kidzzz
      DyaDya Kidzzz Month ago +3

      Well that's y'all but maybe they don't think it's disrespectful everybody isn't raised the same🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Shane G
      Shane G Month ago +2

      @James same man

    • James
      James Month ago +10

      DyaDya Kidzzz I was raised that it’s disrespectful to call them by first name, unless they’re like a step or in law or like aunt/uncle

    • DyaDya Kidzzz
      DyaDya Kidzzz Month ago +2

      I don't think it's disrespectful because I call my dad by his name and I don't mean to be disrespectful it's just natural for people to do that

  • Cristopher Cambod
    Cristopher Cambod Month ago +24

    My goodness, the wife is the Nightmare herself.

  • Infinite
    Infinite Month ago +11

    And another one bites the dust. Nice show but the reality was too much to overcome. Anyone notice how many restaurants on this show end up closing?

    • Juleru
      Juleru Month ago

      @Victoria Haynes I read that he ended it because of health issues and looking at some of the kitchens/storage areas I'm not surprised. Then again, it could be so much from health issues or not enough viewers to simply being too expensive.

    • Victoria Haynes
      Victoria Haynes Month ago

      I read that the show only has a 22% success rate. 78% of the restaurants have closed down which is probably why Ramsey cancelled the show and relaunched a new version last year.

    • munashiinatsuo
      munashiinatsuo Month ago +2

      it is sad, but very few still made it out of their struggles. A lot of them is that no matter how much help they get if they don't change their bad habit that got them to the bottom in the first place, they wouldn't get out of it.

  • Todd Kelly
    Todd Kelly 2 months ago +5

    What a bimbo!

  • Johnny D
    Johnny D 2 months ago +9

    That poor fella, mercy wifey needs to get tossed off a bridge...what a nightmare

  • blueberry muffin
    blueberry muffin 2 months ago +3

    I just love the sound effects in these videos

  • Daya Taya
    Daya Taya 2 months ago +5

    I've watched ramsays Mexican food videos... Lol do not trust him with Mexican food recipes! Coming from a mexican!😂

    • Austin Hance
      Austin Hance 3 days ago

      Daya Taya lol nah I’d trust him then you.

    • Juniør Fuller
      Juniør Fuller 17 days ago

      @ScatterBrain true

    • strawberry whore
      strawberry whore 17 days ago

      Daya Taya bruh shut the hell up i bet you can’t even make a tortilla from scratch, so why judge a WORLD FAMOUS CHEF AND question how he cooks Mexican food? idiot sandwich

    • buck nasty
      buck nasty 21 day ago

      @Daya Taya the white people can have me huh, bring your ass down to juarez and talk that shit

    • Daya Taya
      Daya Taya Month ago

      @Jose Reyes calm your fat tits down, it's not that deep. 😂

  • Meron Handsome
    Meron Handsome 2 months ago +4

    34:18 **incomprehensible noises** we need captions!!!

  • Meron Handsome
    Meron Handsome 2 months ago +2

    30:34 but r u rly tho?

  • Meron Handsome
    Meron Handsome 2 months ago +22

    Greg could have done much fucking better!! He could make it work with almost anyone! The guy is so nice, hard-working, and he can cook!!!!!!!!! I'm not gay but even I'd marry greg