• Published on Nov 11, 2018
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  • crawfyfn
    crawfyfn Day ago

    Can we have more short sbsd's

  • Denise Holland
    Denise Holland Month ago


  • CRz gangster
    CRz gangster Month ago +2

    Has he just got Andy to give him his footage and shortened it loads

  • Charlie Luter
    Charlie Luter 2 months ago +1

    Anybody else think Fellaini was Witsel all the time

  • RSO
    RSO 2 months ago

    Who is Andy’s GK

  • lennon_brady_ 07
    lennon_brady_ 07 2 months ago

    Y r u so loud

  • Donny 0810
    Donny 0810 3 months ago

    It’s sad when you guess right but Ali did not

  • ozzie boy123
    ozzie boy123 3 months ago


  • Gam1ng Beast
    Gam1ng Beast 3 months ago

    Very clickbait

  • Luca Mollica
    Luca Mollica 3 months ago


  • Daniel Curran
    Daniel Curran 4 months ago

    How did he get Chelsea's kit early

  • AlexllOne
    AlexllOne 4 months ago

    Nice clickbait idiot

  • Philip Rubio
    Philip Rubio 5 months ago

    How did none of these instrumentals get copyrighted haha

  • MemeGangTV
    MemeGangTV 5 months ago

    One is wearing air pods and the other wires

  • Kieran Corner
    Kieran Corner 5 months ago +1

    he was off as it goes off the last shoulder

  • ChrisPandaGaming
    ChrisPandaGaming 5 months ago

    So what keeper did you go with? Didn’t show it 😂

  • Corndog Lover
    Corndog Lover 5 months ago

    Watching this taking a crap 💩

  • Blakey Boy
    Blakey Boy 5 months ago


  • Lennox Lewis
    Lennox Lewis 5 months ago +2

    You should do who can do the best squad but can’t use the people in their main squad

  • Jimlard Johnson
    Jimlard Johnson 6 months ago

    Greatest more like the worst

  • cristiano ronaldo
    cristiano ronaldo 6 months ago +12

    A squad builder showdown without a 15 minute intro

  • Matej Kovačić
    Matej Kovačić 6 months ago

    I officially fell in love with AJ when he put our Super Mario att striker, damn was I happy to see that!

    EDIT: And the fucker goes on to add Perisic and Modric! I already fell in love with you, what more do you want from me you cheeky bastard!

    KING DARRY 6 months ago +2

    Lol acc creepy when the sound of the police came I heard a police siren outside

  • Ellis bb321
    Ellis bb321 7 months ago

    Can anyone tell me how do the coins u buy get put on the account u use

  • XJokermanX
    XJokermanX 7 months ago


  • Footballerz Production
    Footballerz Production 8 months ago

    Subscribe to me plz

  • Casey C
    Casey C 8 months ago

    Why is this guy so obnoxious

  • Ethan Block
    Ethan Block 8 months ago +2

    Anyone hear W2S at 6:50

  • DragonKnight Orc
    DragonKnight Orc 8 months ago

    How much is that manduzkic?

  • Mustafa Mohamed
    Mustafa Mohamed 8 months ago

    I was dying when he said batshuayi

  • morgz yt
    morgz yt 8 months ago

    4:18 what’s the somg

  • Stanley Goldsmith
    Stanley Goldsmith 8 months ago +2

    5:48 so gib can afford 89 gerrard but not the back of an xbox controller

  • Minimarko
    Minimarko 8 months ago

    Ali you are so stupid it was already on 4-3-1-2 but, love the vidéo

  • Youtube4life!! Hill
    Youtube4life!! Hill 8 months ago

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  • Le monke
    Le monke 8 months ago


  • Le monke
    Le monke 8 months ago

    Hes got air pods

  • Wiz
    Wiz 8 months ago +5


  • TirelessCC
    TirelessCC 8 months ago

    anybody know the instrumental ay like 2:48 and 2:54 ? Same thing just want to know for a video. Thanks!

    • Tass Whale
      Tass Whale 14 days ago

      it's asap rocky- praise the lord

  • joshtheprogamer
    joshtheprogamer 8 months ago +1

    Ali edited this video so good

  • Servite Gaming
    Servite Gaming 8 months ago

    Yeah yeah ohhhh

  • Cory McDonald
    Cory McDonald 8 months ago

    Gibbs doesn’t have a back on his controller

  • Shiko HD
    Shiko HD 8 months ago

    3:03 can someone tell me the background music ?

    • CF 31
      CF 31 2 months ago

      praise the lord asap rocky

  • Ryan Coppin
    Ryan Coppin 8 months ago

    Al sucks

  • Brynley Bellis
    Brynley Bellis 9 months ago

    Forgot the gk

  • Fifa19Sbc Clips
    Fifa19Sbc Clips 9 months ago

    I do sbc's on my TheXvid channel if u want check it out

  • Laoise is my sister Vote rebel acro

    Why is Pedro left back in the thumbnail flashback

  • Alessandro De Santis
    Alessandro De Santis 9 months ago


  • Ferris0665
    Ferris0665 9 months ago +1

    WhatsApp is flashback Pedro doing in left back on the thumbnail??

  • Sameer Hussain
    Sameer Hussain 9 months ago

    Andy couldn't have used varane anyways coz he needed a strong link to gaya

  • GoDz_ Matte
    GoDz_ Matte 10 months ago


  • el salado
    el salado 10 months ago

    you put "cuardo" instead of "cuadrado" and on the sheet said "cuardo" but you said "cuadrado", please learn the surnames well and then you have these challenges

  • GucciMoose
    GucciMoose 10 months ago +1

    And why did you think it was a good idea to spoil both squads in the thumbnail?

  • Shadowz
    Shadowz 10 months ago

    A cdm with 91 shooting

  • Darkahm Sity
    Darkahm Sity 10 months ago

    This is staged

  • F4 Ned
    F4 Ned 10 months ago

    What was ajs goalkeeper

  • Ku Yo
    Ku Yo 10 months ago

    Did he put the meme song of I came I saw in the background?

    • CF 31
      CF 31 2 months ago

      Ku Yo m8 it’s called praise the lord by asap rocky

  • Hdjsjs Sbbabs
    Hdjsjs Sbbabs 10 months ago


  • magikaldreamz _
    magikaldreamz _ 10 months ago

    10:14 did he see a bull poop? Is that why he said it

  • Austin Webster
    Austin Webster 10 months ago

    andy needs a new mic

  • Gretar Jóhannsson
    Gretar Jóhannsson 10 months ago +14

    3:30 that lough tho

    • Miraser
      Miraser 4 months ago

      That spelling though