Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Full Post Match Press Conference - Premier League

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solksjaer's press conference after the 1-1 draw with Liverpool.
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Comments • 563

  • lahey randy
    lahey randy 22 days ago

    It's still a f**king draw. The results still put us not far off relegation zone. How can he be smug about that :/

  • Simeon Day
    Simeon Day 23 days ago +1


  • Edo Becirovic
    Edo Becirovic 25 days ago

    Some people dont seem to realise that we had Pogba, Martial, Shaw injured for awhile now, it was hard to win games with them, let alone without them, all three of those are irreplacable in this team cause we dont have good enough backups in their positions

  • Chiradeep Ghosh
    Chiradeep Ghosh 25 days ago

    Rashford needed some rest..

  • Man 2 Man
    Man 2 Man 25 days ago

    we can counter attack very well, the problem we have is against teams who sit deep

  • Ulin Nuha
    Ulin Nuha 25 days ago

    Just sack the clown, get mourinho in

  • Acop Kalayjian
    Acop Kalayjian 25 days ago +1

    He’s confidence level and pride does not go hand in hand with his record. BIG MOUTH

  • Yasin Bray
    Yasin Bray 25 days ago

    The worst Man United side in 30 years vs the best Liverpool side in 30 years ends up in a draw.........20 times!!

  • Roo17
    Roo17 25 days ago

    Im sure Ferguson's hand up his ass look closely.

  • Ray Giorgione
    Ray Giorgione 25 days ago +1

    Despite this less bad than expected result, Utd finish the weekend a place lower and still two points above the relegation zone. Not sure what it will take to wipe the daft grin off this clown's face.

  • Allin1cuz !
    Allin1cuz ! 26 days ago

    Who got a voice from a draw from a top team. Not lfc fan

  • Ryan William Templeton

    Not a criticism but I always get the impression the little man/voice inside Oles head smirks whenever he says something that he thinks the fans will like
    I.e he didn't tell the players not to lose but to win against Liverpool

  • Prawez Ali
    Prawez Ali 26 days ago

    100% Ole - we need to play soccer - this game onwards was the start of a new era for ManU - mark this comment 22nd October - 2019

  • Lee Robinson
    Lee Robinson 26 days ago


  • Lee Robinson
    Lee Robinson 26 days ago

    How shit is his hair style, going bald at the back badly with some little grey curls at the front........ pure scum this guy!

  • Lohb Miscko
    Lohb Miscko 26 days ago

    Poor poor united its sad to See How Bad you played you Need a big Coach with a big Plan if you dont get These 2 Things you will be like everton in 2 years

  • Don Ellis
    Don Ellis 26 days ago

    As a Liverpool fan every cloud as a silver lining .Meaning Solksjaer's won't get sacked for now.

  • ratsman tango
    ratsman tango 26 days ago

    You let the club to go down worst and worst stop the yappi yappi Woodward is this your man for the job no it isn't look at man United now theu are f all sinking down

  • ratsman tango
    ratsman tango 26 days ago

    Fuck off you too much talking less work your days are numbered

  • blarompe2
    blarompe2 26 days ago

    Cocky after one game where they're average at best. Hope he stays at 'the wheel'. Fucking clueless idiot. No they weren't defensive playing 5-3-2 the entire second half. What a joker. 'There was no foul on Origi' Still United got freekicks for way less. He can go fuck Atkinson.

  • Ryan Garton
    Ryan Garton 26 days ago

    Get out Ole, you guys might slate me for this but we're in danger of relegation, only won 4 in the last 18, and not looking like winning games, #OleOUT

    SIYINCABA DUBE 26 days ago

    If ole wins the next 5 games he might take united to spot 5 if not spot
    4..Its all up to him and use the players he used against Liverpool..the
    rest as subs..He just needs to get the boys happy and in a plan and use
    Pogba, Matic, Lingard and Martial more in the Europa cup but in the
    league use the players he used against Liverpool they are fast and
    connects..He Just needs a plan system for this 5 games..A master plan
    with the players to watch for injuries and work faster and
    smart...We dont need no lose or draw in the 5 upcoming games...we can do

    SIYINCABA DUBE 26 days ago

    If ole wins the next 5 games he might take united to spot 5 if not spot
    4..Its all up to him and use the players he used against Liverpool..the
    rest as subs..He just needs to get the boys happy and in a plan and use
    Pogba, Matic, Lingard and Martial more in the Europa cup but in the
    league use the players he used against Liverpool they are fast and
    connects..He Just needs a plan system for this 5 games..A master plan
    with the players to watch for injuries and work faster and
    smart...We dont need no lose or draw in the 5 upcoming games...we can do

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart 26 days ago

    Wimbledon tactics!
    Still can't see them making the top half of the table .

  • Ian Southward
    Ian Southward 26 days ago

    fucking troll how much did you pay Atkinson

  • komoriRED
    komoriRED 26 days ago

    'We soaked up the pressure really well'....Why invite it most of 2nd half FFS......

  • Metal Mark
    Metal Mark 26 days ago

    Here because of the you tube algorithm.

    Leeds Leeds Leeds.

    AHMED ABDI 26 days ago

    Please why are you keeping Ashley young in the team..

  • TomSexBombJones Wright

    This talks absolute nonsense

  • Gary Gussanian
    Gary Gussanian 26 days ago

    What was the difference between the total defensive way Man United played against Liverpool and any small weak club? This type of tactic will not put the them back among the top six. They should thank the VAR and the Short-sighted judgment of the referee.

  • J Stokes
    J Stokes 26 days ago +3

    Funny how cocky a manager gets after his team earning a lucky draw, it’s cute and i can’t wait to see united fighting in the relegation zone😂

    • abang otai
      abang otai 25 days ago +1

      @eMdotAyy hahahaha babe lets try that one more time say it loud and clear without crying ok? its hard to hear you from the top ☹️

    • eMdotAyy
      eMdotAyy 26 days ago

      @abang otai lmao it's only October, calm your tits... City will win again, and we've fallen off for 10 years but you still can't match our record, let alone break it 😂😂😂 and yes, you give a rat's ass, else you'd have ignored me three comments ago 😂😂😂 drew to United's B team 😂😂😂😂 lucky for you

    • abang otai
      abang otai 26 days ago +1

      @eMdotAyy "who cares what who said" and thn you come up with a flurry of opinions, expecting me to give a rats ass? hahaha i feel your pain.. i mean a 15 point gap after 9 games can be agonizing.. its a bitter pill to swallow.. we understand.. hang in there 💪🏽

    • eMdotAyy
      eMdotAyy 26 days ago

      @abang otai lmao must be why your Liverpool side hasn't had much success against it (go look at the recent records before you come embarass yourself) who cares what who said... the point is, you should've totally gutted the United side. One "false" goal or not... Hell, even united fans expected you'd score at least 3 goals but you failed... So yes, y'all sucked... Period. Don't blame the draw on the ref... We played better football than your team expected... If it wasn't for the expiring clock, your side wouldn't have even began to press us.... just take the point and be happy you didn't end up losing 😂😂😂

    • abang otai
      abang otai 26 days ago

      @eMdotAyy who in the world wouldn't blame the ref? even ex utd players (neville & keane) said it was a foul on origi.. so why on earth wouldn't liverpool fans point that out? and you don't have to point out utd's "b team" i don't think your mighty "a team" would have made much difference ffs save yourself some embarrassment 🤦‍♂️

  • Mike Cartledge
    Mike Cartledge 26 days ago

    Lets be honest, this was Liverpools worst league performance of the season. Even then, United can only defend and get a point while getting only 32% of the ball at home.

    I am sorry, Ole is a nice guy but if anyone thinks this guy is going to go toe to toe with the likes of guardiola and Klopp over an entire season, they are in dreamland. He is so clearly not up to this level of management, i really question what on earth United have aspriations for because there wont be any champions league football there whilst this guy is in charge.

  • Tony Neculai
    Tony Neculai 26 days ago +1

    I think Ole is getting worse every day. I am a Man Utd fan but that's a clear fault, it can be in the faults manual and he keeps saying he played 3 at the back, he played 5 st the back. I set my team to be aggressive.... lmao

  • Sm.arty655 shut it
    Sm.arty655 shut it 26 days ago

    Ole absolute shit manager no pedigree clueless twat hope he stays forever

  • fixit
    fixit 26 days ago +3

    Ole is in over his head

  • Ken Healy
    Ken Healy 26 days ago +3

    Best performance this season , a solid 10 points from 9 games .

  • fixit
    fixit 26 days ago +2

    He's obsessed about liverpool. Can't stop talking about them. Sounds like a bitter we twat not the nice guy everyone thought he was

    • Rob Atkin
      Rob Atkin 26 days ago

      OK we will thanks for the concern! It's nice to know others are always thinking about us, even when we're at the bottom. Ciao! 😁

    • fixit
      fixit 26 days ago +1

      @Rob Atkin i suppose your right. We shouldn't waste our time with u guys. We shouldnt look down just up, so bye bye. have fun at the bottom😂😂😂😥😥😥

    • Rob Atkin
      Rob Atkin 26 days ago

      @fixit Yeah your right what a laughing stock we are, ahh well you have to take it sometimes! What part of the ground do you think is crumbling the most? I saw a leak in the main stand the other day, Shocking! Thanks for your concern, coming here on a United thread and telling all us United fans about how Olly is obsessed with Liverpool, thank you kindly. Oh and I'm old, what does "Salty" mean?

    • fixit
      fixit 26 days ago +1

      @Rob Atkin Old trafford falling to bits, crumbling. Championship side at nest right now. Ole in over his head. Laughing stock right now complete shambles, feel sorry for u salty fans.

    • Rob Atkin
      Rob Atkin 26 days ago

      @fixit If he was obsessed with Liverpool he wouldn't be going off topic. You contradict yourself. He was responding to what Kloop said about United. We may be challenging for the championship next year , but don't be obsessed about that , that's our worry.

    I CALL HACKS! 26 days ago +1

    klopp: we deserved a draw every neutral and game stats: liverpol deserved to win ole:we deserved to win

  • David Beckham
    David Beckham 26 days ago +2

    Draw a game with Liverpool don't mean shit.. Let's see how they beat those lower division team

  • Assa V
    Assa V 26 days ago +5

    ''We set up team to attack and be aggressive'' umm

    • Sam O'Connor
      Sam O'Connor 24 days ago

      @Just GD we should have won with a very young side in reality

    • Yasin Bray
      Yasin Bray 25 days ago

      @Just GD Pereira actually played a very good game.

    • Just GD
      Just GD 26 days ago

      Pereira was poor and missed some easy chances. Our players just weren’t good enough

    • TomSexBombJones Wright
      TomSexBombJones Wright 26 days ago


  • klosowski siemens
    klosowski siemens 26 days ago

    Middle table team and rubbish manager! Sory , but ole is a fucking clown!

  • Samson Allison
    Samson Allison 26 days ago


  • surlis 02 saputra
    surlis 02 saputra 26 days ago +1

    ole ok,.. ashley young out,...

  • peter
    peter 26 days ago

    your still shit , can only draw at home when liverpool played the worst they've played this season and your pleased?? prick, you were attacking ??😂 i dont remember Alison having to make a save and liverpool had more shots playing badly, desperate comments from a man out his depth.

  • rosser man
    rosser man 26 days ago

    Ole gets a reprieve for another week.

  • lime nime
    lime nime 26 days ago

    Draw but verry happy..omg ole

    DAVID MUKUPA 26 days ago

    This guy is opposed with penalties

  • Mattias A
    Mattias A 26 days ago +1

    To be honest, it's weird to watch a Man United manager glow and feel so good about a draw at home. That's what Hodgson, or Wilder or Bruce would do. But Ole manages United. How far the mighty have fallen.

    • Elijah O. Okoth
      Elijah O. Okoth 24 days ago

      You think Alex Ferguson won all his matches with Liverpool at Old Trafford? Plastic fan.

    • Mattias A
      Mattias A 26 days ago

      @skybee osha It's the same thing that happened to Liverpool when Hodgson became manager. Lowering of expectations. But if Ole is happy, if Woodward is happy and the fans are happy with that level of performance, then long may it continue. As a Liverpool supporter I don't mind that one bit.

    • Mattias A
      Mattias A 26 days ago

      @skybee osha They're not poor in form. They are shite. But they are Manchester United being measured on the standards of Burnley, Villa, Newcastle etc.

    • skybee osha
      skybee osha 26 days ago

      Mattias A a team on poor form playing a draw with the no 1 team on the league table,you have no clue about football

  • Hong J
    Hong J 26 days ago

    Man utd miss howard webb so much buy martin atkinson turn up :) the fergie days where refs are so bias

  • Mattias A
    Mattias A 26 days ago +4

    How did you deserve to win? You had 32 % possession st home, had 2 shots on target. xG was something like 0.9. This is Donald Trump level representation of reality.

  • Shadley Ismail
    Shadley Ismail 26 days ago

    Next week back to the same tactical failure against Norwich

  • Donovan Groves
    Donovan Groves 26 days ago

    Let me get this right.....LFC played a bad game, not as good as they hoped as Klopp said, and Man Utd played well according to Ole. So LFC still got a point for playing poorly and Utd a point for playing well. Guess LFC is in a different league then Utd this time round.

  • Football Is life
    Football Is life 26 days ago +1

    look how happy he is with the draw.

    • Yasin Bray
      Yasin Bray 24 days ago

      @Football Is life Brilliant arguement💪

    • Football Is life
      Football Is life 24 days ago

      @Yasin Bray i support liverpool, you support man u. have a good day

    • Yasin Bray
      Yasin Bray 24 days ago

      @Football Is life he clearly said he was happy with the performance but not the obviously he's going to be positive.

    • Football Is life
      Football Is life 24 days ago

      @Yasin Bray yeah he's body language and facial expression says otherwise.

    • Yasin Bray
      Yasin Bray 25 days ago

      He isnt...clearly stated multiple times he was disappointed with a draw.......

  • yttunffuR武术
    yttunffuR武术 26 days ago +2

    Martin Atkinson is a sick ref, the best in the prem.

  • Bubs
    Bubs 26 days ago

    Still have faith in Ole. Proved yesterday he is not tactically inept and I love the subtle digs at Liverpool. We are still in a terrible position but lets stay behind him and eventually we will be back in the mix. It is amusing though that this Liverpool side, who are lauded every week as being "one of the best premier league sides in the history of the competition", can't put the "worst United team in 30 years" to the sword and finally win at Old Trafford. So much salt from the Liverpool supporters. Lol

  • mcginley mcginley
    mcginley mcginley 26 days ago

    I like the formation

  • Paul Hicks
    Paul Hicks 26 days ago

    Dan James is a diver, Solskjaer is a shit manager who talks utter shite, people saying he got tactics spot on, it doesn’t take a genius to put everyone behind the ball!

  • amit patel
    amit patel 26 days ago

    this manager is off his rocker, the lead up to the goal was a foul besides that they created nothing. we created more clear cut chances and actually scored a proper goal without a foul in the build up. they also had 32% possession, off his rocker that they deserved to win with that much possession. thats the reason man utd are in the lower half of the table because this manager thinks they deserve more out of games when they actually dont. you deserve to be down there and will be in the lower half all season because thats the type of football they now play.

    • Elijah O. Okoth
      Elijah O. Okoth 24 days ago

      I watched that game and have repeated it once more. Liverpool created nothing. Their goals one target were feeble shot from outside the box from Firmino and Wijnaldun and a handball from Mane together with Lallana's goal that was more of defensive switch off from Man Utd rather than Liverpool tactic. Are these what Liverpool fans call creating more. As for 32% possession, most was in the 2nd half changing ball from one Liverpool player to another in your own half, nothing to trouble the opposite players. Believing that Man Utd is going to remain down yet even Liverpool at first position cannot beat the depleted and injured squad is part of what I call wishful thinking or daydreaming.

  • Dr J P
    Dr J P 26 days ago +1

    Solskjaer: Nooo it was not a foul, yeh I know he was not even close to touching the ball and yeh he tackled him and he fell but this is not basketball. What?

  • Ibrahim Mahmud
    Ibrahim Mahmud 26 days ago

    This game shows Ole needs time. One game can spark something. This game was promising. The board should hesitate on making any rash decisions