2Sexy Hits the Dyno... again...

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
  • 2Sexy is fixed and ready to hit the dyno (again) to see if it can pull some numbers anywhere near Moog's 2WISTD Lancer! Will Rodney come for a visit? today we find out..
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Comments • 2 076

  • Andrew Schmeichel
    Andrew Schmeichel 20 hours ago

    I think you guys are over thinking this power thing lol

  • pixelarmor #
    pixelarmor # 2 days ago

    50.000.000 years old lol

  • Rhys Miles
    Rhys Miles 2 days ago

    When 2sexys first run result came in Marty’s true Australian came out

  • ILikeTurtles
    ILikeTurtles 2 days ago

    This was recorded along time ago, the MCM books are still on the pallet..

  • Cornelious Draftenator

    Marty "check out my mad knob" Mulholland 😂👍

  • Blue Euphoria
    Blue Euphoria 4 days ago

    Marty doesn’t like shifting with his right hand. But in the states we are used to it. I can only imagine how it might feel shifting with my left hand.

  • AltairAlphonse
    AltairAlphonse 4 days ago

    The problem with the shot shifter is because the car was rejecting that shift knob!

  • Abel Carden
    Abel Carden 4 days ago

    Honda jokes aside a k24 15psi is 400hp all day long quite a bit better than the 4G motor in 2 sexy. not sure why the hate on hondas.

  • David Windsor
    David Windsor 4 days ago

    Top work Marty.

  • J ay
    J ay 4 days ago

    You know what happens when you don't listen to the Stig Martin...

  • Ryan Green
    Ryan Green 4 days ago

    How are you tuning without headphones?

  • mick kidston
    mick kidston 5 days ago

    tell me i didn't see lubricant going onto a spark plug thread !!

  • OneRandomOsuPlayer
    OneRandomOsuPlayer 5 days ago

    2sexy lowkey looks like an eg6 coupe

  • djmips
    djmips 5 days ago

    Shifting with your right hand is really weird. heheh. Not for us!

  • Petar Petrov
    Petar Petrov 5 days ago

    Hi Marty we can't wait to see the next episode of the car challenge 2Sexy will definitely win.
    Good luck!

  • r2dnel
    r2dnel 5 days ago

    Marty looks so tiny haha. Great progress on 2Sexy!

  • 240 garrett
    240 garrett 5 days ago

    whats the song at 7:04?

  • DarthBlazer
    DarthBlazer 5 days ago

    Clutch dust is nasty Marty needs a respirator

  • Royalty_Stance_Nation

    @ 29:13 TOO SEXY SHOOTS FIRE!!!!!! O_O whooo hooo!!! Hell yeah!!!!

  • Scott Dare
    Scott Dare 6 days ago

    "You just push it until it breaks so you know how far to go next time" -TurboYoda

  • Patrick Austin
    Patrick Austin 6 days ago

    What is the obsession with this Lemon Squash I keep hearing about?

  • IWantYourNachos
    IWantYourNachos 6 days ago

    my question is can it tow? Even if it is a small amount that would be awesome.

  • edward boba
    edward boba 6 days ago

    all the skids!

  • edward boba
    edward boba 6 days ago

    this needs a 4wd conversion so much please very much soon pls

  • Joe Platt
    Joe Platt 6 days ago

    The reaction to hitting 232 was so genuine I loved it!

  • si o
    si o 6 days ago

    Feed it boys

  • General Links
    General Links 6 days ago

    To be honest if twosexy is making around the same as twisted I want twosexy to win but drivetrain is what counts at this point and I’m worried 😟 love twosexy 😢

  • Erik Lawaetz
    Erik Lawaetz 7 days ago

    i love the Turbo Yoda,i dunno about the 2 other dudes,kindly Erik

  • Cuby557
    Cuby557 7 days ago

    Being from the States, I was gonna make fun of Marty for saying shifting with his right hand is tough, but if I had to shift with my left, I'd tear the gearbox out of the car.

  • Sisekelo Duma
    Sisekelo Duma 7 days ago

    One Question: How fucking tall is Tuning Fork?!

  • Dayne Watts
    Dayne Watts 7 days ago

    Its really funny marty talking about shifting right handed is weird. Im in canada and used to shifting right handed. Just picked up a twin turbo rhd legacy and have to get used to left hand shifting.

  • 0hn0haha
    0hn0haha 7 days ago

    Sry, is it awd yet? I forget. MAKE IT AWD if it isn't already

  • Spadookie
    Spadookie 7 days ago

    Any more power and that thing is going to be really hard to drive.

  • Fwtis Fwtiadis
    Fwtis Fwtiadis 7 days ago

    29:15 did I see some flames there

  • Neil Richards Ranga Pirate

    It's the little Blue Dragon. Spitting flames at 29:14. Gold.

  • Maloo230
    Maloo230 7 days ago

    I reckon Marty will win and rip 2wistd 4g out and chuck it in toosexy

  • Tel Parsley
    Tel Parsley 7 days ago

    "mid range is where you break rods, let's do this" 😂😂😂

  • tam phan
    tam phan 7 days ago

    I haven't seen your show for 3 years, now 2.9 million subs congratulations

  • nicholas cantrell
    nicholas cantrell 8 days ago

    Shifting with your left hand is weird

  • Dandrick twinjz
    Dandrick twinjz 8 days ago

    Trending noice

  • AllAlaskan907
    AllAlaskan907 8 days ago

    It cracked me up to hear him say shifting with your right hand is weird. I always wondered if it felt weird for them to shift a car with their right hand.

  • Bryan Afonso
    Bryan Afonso 8 days ago

    MCM you guys should do a how to video for a DIY cO2 intercooler spray kit. Online kits go for hundreds but all pieces can be sourced at a local hardware store for a fraction of the cost. Would make an awesome video

  • The Wolfs Tech
    The Wolfs Tech 8 days ago

    Loser should get a r2 mazda rx-8

  • Scott Shipley
    Scott Shipley 8 days ago

    "oh we've got people for that" 🤣

  • Cuda6533
    Cuda6533 8 days ago

    Leaking coolant on the dyno rollers ...

  • Nicolas Samm
    Nicolas Samm 8 days ago +1

    2Sexy will win 🔥💯

  • Vince Masuka
    Vince Masuka 8 days ago +1

    5:11 That scared the shit out of me...

  • Andrew Warren
    Andrew Warren 8 days ago

    Safety first.... Turning on the headlights! 😂👍

  • Paul Squire
    Paul Squire 8 days ago

    Has 2wisted got new tyres or is it still on the budget jobs that it sat in a yard for years on?

  • Nick Grech
    Nick Grech 8 days ago


  • whorutothink
    whorutothink 9 days ago

    I was in tears from laughter at this point in the video.

  • Akoomo Night
    Akoomo Night 9 days ago

    Just send it 🤣 all the boosts

  • Ji F.
    Ji F. 9 days ago

    I am amazed that 2Sexy's new basically stock (+ turbo) 2.5 liter SOHC motor produces as much power as 2Wisted's 2.0 liter turbo charged 2.0 liter motor. 2Sexy all stripped down should weigh quite a bit less but 2Wisted being AWD mat have a handling advantage. The challenge race should be very interesting.

  • Wanton110
    Wanton110 9 days ago

    I love Alan's indignation to bullshit

  • Kai Salus
    Kai Salus 9 days ago

    here i was thinking 2wisted would be the victor. now i'm thinking 2sexy will dominate.

  • istvan nagy
    istvan nagy 9 days ago

    Polish that hlight dude

  • DarkIzo
    DarkIzo 9 days ago

    "shifting with your right hand feels weird"
    *laughs in european*

  • shroom903
    shroom903 9 days ago

    The cold plug only helps if your having pre detonation issues. It just keeps your fuel from igniting off the heat of the plug instead of ignition spark. If it's not having spark knock issues then you will lose some power. Very similar to retarding the timing

  • PjStarTV
    PjStarTV 9 days ago

    I need you guys to do a Turbo K24 or K20A engine swap into my Chevy Sonic! :-) I need it street legal for the US as well! :D

  • JFK64 Kennedy
    JFK64 Kennedy 9 days ago

    don't mess with turbo yoda....he's got that lil psychotic glint in his eye......lol

  • Connar Downes
    Connar Downes 9 days ago

    I agree the shift knob is weird lol

  • Jared Mann
    Jared Mann 9 days ago

    Alexa, whats 232 kilowatts in American

  • Guy Buddy
    Guy Buddy 9 days ago

    "don't be dodgey, just push it till it breaks.". Yoda is hilarious

  • Ted Nicholas
    Ted Nicholas 9 days ago

    Yoda's face at 3:15 after Marty says you can put a light at the bottom to light up the shifter is pure gold

  • Xpert_Destroyer 4
    Xpert_Destroyer 4 9 days ago

    shit car if u ask me

    OUT-ABOUT 9 days ago

    evo 10 crate engine is around 10k ,

  • canna roe
    canna roe 9 days ago

    you're not going to get clutch smell for a clutch rated to 300bhp, because it won't be the clutch-friction that causes the problem, but bearings, the thickness of metal reinforcement in places, etc. Seriously check the clutch!

  • FIFO Crew
    FIFO Crew 9 days ago

    So glad they will be evenly matched.

  • canna roe
    canna roe 9 days ago

    Watching Marty try and get some emotion out of Alan is my fav. parts of these vids.

  • SixK
    SixK 9 days ago

    my 3cyl L2S make 350hp

  • Tyrone Keith Henry
    Tyrone Keith Henry 9 days ago

    it sounds awesome Marty and l hope you win the battle

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson 9 days ago

    Marty looks like Dicky Knee with the hat sitting on the floor.

    MB4LUNCH 9 days ago

    God, when will this series end...... pray for soon...

  • SuperS0nic
    SuperS0nic 9 days ago

    The winner gets a rear diff!

  • Rachel Hastings
    Rachel Hastings 9 days ago

    Just on power to weight sexy should be at least 1 to 3 seconds faster on a quarter mile drag as for track twisted shouldn't subjected to such humiliation

  • Rachel Hastings
    Rachel Hastings 9 days ago

    IN all honesty we all know that sexy is custom built track car with about 6k in it twisted don't really stand much chance unless the challenge is a sound off comfort or how many seats it has

  • Jesse Brown
    Jesse Brown 9 days ago +7

    So are we all going ignore that the start says 'Marty car mods' instead of mighty car mods?

  • Chris
    Chris 9 days ago

    I'm no expert but 1:42 just seems wrong.

  • Joe Ferguson
    Joe Ferguson 9 days ago

    Love it when Tuning Fork and Turbo Yoda are on the show.

  • Professor Drone
    Professor Drone 10 days ago

    marty looks so worried every run

  • John Erick Go
    John Erick Go 10 days ago

    Reverse drag race.

  • big balls
    big balls 10 days ago

    quick question: I want to sell my car that has an oil leak (not too bad), I'm gonna declare it when i sell it. Should i get the market price of my car and knock off the price it will cost to fix it or do i have to lower the sale price more? It still runs like the day i bought it.

  • Brian South
    Brian South 10 days ago

    "Shifting with your right hand is really weird".............

  • Hoohaa Isay
    Hoohaa Isay 10 days ago

    I love your channel, and the other ones connected to you. Watching you guys do what you love is like therapy to me. At the moment im in RPA Hospital Sydney Renal Unit, im soo excited about it but hoping im out by the time of your next episodes but i very much doubt it. Anyway keep up all the great work.

  • Kazikzz
    Kazikzz 10 days ago

    you guys know what song is at 6:00?

  • Leonaяdo DiCapяio
    Leonaяdo DiCapяio 10 days ago

    The guys look so old

  • Casey Stoner
    Casey Stoner 10 days ago

    Rod Knee San

  • Kenan Ibrahimov
    Kenan Ibrahimov 10 days ago

    27:54 nah mate it's normal :D

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King 10 days ago +3

    Meanwhile boosted bios has been making 600 hp Hondas for years

  • Izaaak
    Izaaak 10 days ago

    #12 on trending yeah boi

  • Kyran Fox
    Kyran Fox 10 days ago

    Finally not a poofters makeup tutorial on the trending

  • Eleanor Merriman
    Eleanor Merriman 10 days ago

    Haven’t seen Rodney for some time now......I miss him 😢

  • Yolothereindeer
    Yolothereindeer 10 days ago

    #22 on trending👀

  • expert20valvehlx
    expert20valvehlx 10 days ago

    What is that green fluid in front of wheel ? It squirts

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez
    Emmanuel Rodriguez 10 days ago


  • Dino's Shed
    Dino's Shed 10 days ago

    These lads are at good odds of crashing into each other in a straight line. Be a good idea to cut a few laps before proper racing on the circuit, thing sounds the goods

  • Frank McNicholl
    Frank McNicholl 10 days ago

    12:30 Marty: "can we go for a drive daddy - I love it when you take me places"

  • Alex
    Alex 10 days ago

    Marty is like some annoying little puppy dog.. to finish this build he needs to add a hobbs 5 psi pressure switch wired to a vibrator embedded into his dildo shifter so when he hits 5 psi boost its vibrates his hand for maximum driving pleasure

  • DreamFactoryCycles
    DreamFactoryCycles 10 days ago

    Did he seriously just put WD40 on the sparkplug threads before install!? HAHA!

    • DreamFactoryCycles
      DreamFactoryCycles 9 days ago

      Argenis Perez haha i thought they used wd40 just because they are sponsored haha. Like “use on all and for everything, fill a bathtub with it” hehe.

    • Argenis Perez
      Argenis Perez 9 days ago +1

      DreamFactoryCycles they’re sponsored by wd-40 it’s probably some special kind of wd antiseize

  • Edy 195
    Edy 195 10 days ago

    Shifting with right hand feels wierd.. Welcome to the real world