Kodak Black - Testimony [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • Kodak Black - Testimony [Official Music Video]
    Stream/Download "Dying to Live" - Kodak.lnk.to/DyingToLive
    Stream/Download 'Back For Everything' Album OUT NOW - kodak.lnk.to/BackForEverything
    Grinding All Season Video - thexvid.com/video/8thpVH-K4S0/video.html
    Super Gremlin Video - thexvid.com/video/kiB9qk4gnt4/video.html
    Love & War - thexvid.com/video/IstjY83C3_s/video.html
    Director: JD Films & Kodak Black
    Commissioner: Kareem Johnson
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    The official TheXvid channel of Atlantic Records artist Kodak Black. 2017 saw Kodak rack up impressive certifications including: his gold-certified album ‘Painting Pictures’, 2x platinum single “Tunnel Vision”, and his gold-certified track “Too Many Years (feat. PnB Rock)”. To round out 2017, Kodak Black was named on both Rolling Stone’s and Complex’s “Best of 2017” lists, as well as Billboard’s “21 Under 21” list. In the same year, he released ‘Project Baby 2’ with the single “Codeine Dreaming”, which reached #52 on the Billboard Hot 100.
    His 2018 mixtape ‘Heart Break Kodak (HBK)’ went on to reach #15 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop chart. Following this release, Kodak revealed his studio album ‘Dying to Live’, which debuted #1 on the Billboard 200. The album featured the hits “Testimony” and “Zeze (feat. Travis Scott & Offset)”, which earned #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Billboard 200 charts.
    He has also collaborated with major artists such as Gucci Mane and Bruno Mars on “Wake Up In The Sky” and XXXTentacion on “Roll In Peace”, both of which have also gained platinum certifications.
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    YOUNG MIKE. 3 years ago +5501


  • Horsin NC
    Horsin NC 4 months ago +202

    Who still playin dis in 2022

  • ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁹⁹ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂⁱᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ

    It's crazy how we are listening to this song again as different people, this song is legendary.

  • Rea Moduane
    Rea Moduane Year ago +1276

    “They lock me in the box, I pray to God this ain’t my destiny” 😪

  • Zeus World1017
    Zeus World1017 2 months ago +9

    This has to be Kodak most underrated song ! This song has helped me in so many situations

  • King Cid
    King Cid 3 years ago +359

    I'm dyin' so I can live, so I can live, I resurrected it
    I'm dyin' so I can live, so I can live, I resurrected it

    • gee blinks
      gee blinks 22 days ago +1

      @Zuzka Jurkovicova 100

    • WWE - Gameplay
      WWE - Gameplay Month ago

      That’s the Levi in him ✊🏾

    • Zuzka Jurkovicova
      Zuzka Jurkovicova 3 years ago

      I'm dyin' so I can live

    • KmvTGK245 Kj
      KmvTGK245 Kj 3 years ago

      Not sure yet I have to get to the airport and get back with the same time 😣☹️☹️☹️😒☹️☹️😣☹️😒☹️😒☹️

    • Jay anonymous
      Jay anonymous 3 years ago +1

      One of my favourite bits

  • sam smith
    sam smith 2 months ago +26

    Since Covid I lost 2 best friends and my grandmother I know my boys in heaven still listening to this on repeat with me 💔

      ECWA CHURCH TUDU WADA 2 months ago

      *via WhatsApp*

      ECWA CHURCH TUDU WADA 2 months ago

      *Dr.John puede traer de vuelta a tu ex para una segunda oportunidad. Él fue quien me ayudó a restaurar mi relación rota de 5 años al traer de vuelta a mi ex. Además, el Dr. John siempre se mantiene al día con sus palabras. Te recomiendo mucho que busques su ayuda de él a partir de ahora y lo más interesante de todo es que haces todo tipo de trabajo espiritual, puedes leerlo.*

  • Zyorus
    Zyorus 4 months ago +1

    After listening to kodak for years I notice this album is where he stepped from regular street rapper into legend territory.

  • BuckarooandmeRC
    BuckarooandmeRC Year ago +50

    this hands down is one of the greatest songs in the last decade. yak really spit that real shit i bet alot of you dont even get the whole song

    • Yurei2K
      Yurei2K 2 months ago

      @Yerrrrrr He made it straight forward but somehow also made it special and meaningful at the same time.

    • Nomad Sherm
      Nomad Sherm 5 months ago

      Facts mfn facts from the beat to the lyrics to the message 10/10 real nighas love this song

    • E Boogie
      E Boogie 5 months ago

      @Yerrrrrr lmao and that’s why it’s so good as well

    • Yerrrrrr
      Yerrrrrr 5 months ago +3

      It’s very straight forward lol but it’s a good song.

    • GREG ODEN a.a
      GREG ODEN a.a Year ago

      I say the same shit to folks.. he went all the way through

  • mike lowreyy
    mike lowreyy 6 months ago +30

    I’m here in 2021🙌🙌 VIBIN in the NIGHT W/ this MASTERPIECE 🤌🤌

  • Melvin Thompson Jr.
    Melvin Thompson Jr. Year ago +73

    Kodak black be spitting nothing but pain only the real can relate?.. this song is 🔥

    • Luna
      Luna Year ago

      Chiraqimony better than this.

  • Real Efemena
    Real Efemena Year ago +149

    After seeing Yak transformation from being traumatized and lookin' so different I had to come bacc to listen again because the lyrics hit different now, I'm prayin' you get your shit bacc together Sniper..#SG

    • Too Oppy
      Too Oppy 3 months ago

      @Zoemafiasgktb So if you go to 1:08 what do you see?

    • Zoemafiasgktb
      Zoemafiasgktb 7 months ago

      @kayceee it’s the blood of Jesus stop tryna put stuff on people it’s rappers wearing up side down crosses publicly worshipping the devil Kodak publicly worship god he got a up right cross on his face

  • DeAndre Austin
    DeAndre Austin 26 days ago +1

    Put my blood sweat and tears into this because it’s my exodus 🔥 🔥

  • Victor Balcarsel
    Victor Balcarsel Year ago +19

    I'm God-sent, I know I'm God-sent
    I swear 'fore God
    You know what I'm talking about?
    Now, I done overcame so much obstacles
    Came up from up under so much rocks and shit
    Even though I be out here scheming
    Like a demon semen
    I know I'm God-sent
    This gotta be God
    I'm God-sent, like He sent me up so I can relay these messages
    Like He use me as his vessel, like He use me as an instrument
    They locked me in a box, they hate how God just keep on blessing me
    They locked me in a box, I pray to God this ain't my destiny
    I don't drink no lean, I'm sipping on holy water like this my medicine
    I'm a living testimony, every album like a testament
    Everything I went through made me who I am 'cause he be testing me
    So I'm breaking bread with all my fam 'cause I don't take no ecstasy
    I done sacrificed my niggas
    'Cause none of my niggas see the best in me
    They want me slinging metal like the Devil, but I'm Heaven-sent
    My brother, my mother been addicts
    Fuck my daddy 'cause he neglected me
    I'm 20 years old, but I act like I been here before, like I'm a veteran
    He speak this shit through me like I'm a prophet, but I'm a reverend
    Put my blood, sweat and tears in all these lyrics 'cause this my Exodus
    I'm dyin' so I can live, so I can live, I resurrected it
    I'm dyin' so I can live, so I can live, I resurrected it
    Ayy, blood in my eyes, I'm going blind, oh
    Stuck in these streets, feel like my life froze
    I've been running these streets, got me dehydrated
    I've been living so crazy, feel like I'm dying, baby
    Blood in my eyes, I'm going blind, oh
    I'm stuck in these streets, feel like my life froze
    I've been running these streets, got me dehydrated
    I've been living so crazy, feel like I'm dying, baby
    I just shot a nigga, now I can't sleep
    My brother, he just washed me down with bleach, oh
    Project baby, snotty nose, head peezy
    Now everybody 'round the world tryna be me
    Miss my niggas, hope they see me on the TV
    I'm on Instagram showin' off my VV's
    You won't understand that this wasn't easy
    I been walkin' 'round with my head peezy
    Shot a nigga, took a shower with the bleach, Yahweh
    Mama, I fell victim to the streets, I'm sorry
    I'm in middle school; sellin' weed in the hallway
    I was skippin' school, got in beef, started robbin'
    Jackboy, that's my G, we like Batman and Robin
    God, I know you lookin' out for me through the darkness
    Blood in my eyes, I'm going blind, oh
    Stuck in these streets, feel like my life froze
    I've been running these streets, got me dehydrated
    I've been living so crazy, feel like I'm dying baby
    Blood in my eyes, I'm going blind, oh
    I'm stuck in these streets, feel like my life froze
    I've been running these streets, got me dehydrated
    I've been living so crazy, feel like I'm dying baby

  • john skulina
    john skulina 3 years ago +4311

    If anyone is reading this. Please stay focused and stay positive. God bless!

  • PO LO
    PO LO 8 months ago +138

    “Jackboy that’s my G, we like Batman and robin”😭 hope they cool again someday!

    • ShadowG974
      ShadowG974 6 months ago +7

      Jackboy don’t wanna be Robin anymore that’s the problem he don’t wanna be a sidekick he wanna be seen as his own character

    • Benjamin Walker
      Benjamin Walker 6 months ago +1


    • Phillip A Hall Sr
      Phillip A Hall Sr 7 months ago +1

      That’s The Problem ,Shaq & Kobe Sounds Way Better But We Not On That…

    • 9
      9 7 months ago +4

      Jack boy and Kodak like stitch n lilo

  • Frmthehan
    Frmthehan Year ago +161

    One of the hardest songs ever made no bap 💯

  • Nigel Humphrey
    Nigel Humphrey Year ago +7

    Still a hit in 2021🔥❤this track is underrated

  • Tmoney Adventures
    Tmoney Adventures 11 months ago +5

    Still listen to this song when I’m feeling down glad Kodak is back out making 🔥music

  • Cheniqua Baldwin
    Cheniqua Baldwin 2 years ago +3132

    This song touch me my son didn't get a chance to make his music his life was cut short 2years ago he was only 18 years old gunned down I pray for the Young youth these streets don't love you Kodak get your life together baby you have it ahead you I luv this song wish my boy was here to see it R.i.p Robert A.k.A Yungdon 😘🙏🙏👼😘😘

  • Tommy williams
    Tommy williams 5 months ago +3

    This song is now 3years sounds like a new hit love you kodak

  • Michael Boateng
    Michael Boateng 3 months ago +3

    Kodak is really talented,this song really touched my heart❤️🙏🏿💊

  • wizzy moni
    wizzy moni 6 months ago +4

    Am getting a different feelings any time I feel this song 🎵 Kodak black ya a GOAT 🐐

  • Mrs.Velazquez 💗
    Mrs.Velazquez 💗 3 months ago +1

    I’m praying for you Kodak, stay strong and continue to give it to Jesus brother. You are loved 🥰

  • Consuela Maturino
    Consuela Maturino 2 years ago +523

    This Song Got Me In My Feelings Because Alot Of People Can Relate When You Feel Like You Only Got Yourself 💯

    • Alejandro Garicia
      Alejandro Garicia 11 days ago

      God got you brotha 🙏🙏🙏 give yourself up live for God the world don't love you

    • hoodRxch savage400
      hoodRxch savage400 4 months ago

      This song hit me every time I play it🎧 🙇💯💔🙏I pray not only for myself but for others that's going through hard times just remember ain't nothing stronger or better then God 💯 💪🏿

    • Daryl Brown
      Daryl Brown Year ago


  • Monique
    Monique 11 months ago +4

    My first time hearing this. Great song. And clean. Make more like this, please!

  • Alejandro Garicia
    Alejandro Garicia Month ago

    god bless this man and his family 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • heisreborn
    heisreborn 10 months ago +48

    This song brings back memories...damn...had to come back for it

  • Van Dunbar
    Van Dunbar 11 months ago +12

    One off the best songs ever made. I feel every word

    TY REGION MUSIC 3 years ago +720

    This shit just made me shed tears Life is gon get better 💯🙏🏾

    • Alejandro Garicia
      Alejandro Garicia 11 days ago

      come to god my brotha the streets don't love you 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Anthony Gallego
      Anthony Gallego 3 years ago

      TeeHuncho facts !! I was in this position 1.5 ago I swear keep grinding my G 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Michelle W
      Michelle W 3 years ago +2

      Nehemiah Gandy we each have to recognize the enemy is within as well. As Above. So Below. As within. So without. We overcome ~ together AS ONE. The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN. Internal to external. RAZE THE 🤐 DEVILS. Serve The 👆🏼True King Who Made us The Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. 🔥👑❣️🔥👑❣️🔥👑❣️🔥👑❣️🔥👑❣️

    • Henry White
      Henry White 3 years ago

      Don't shed any tears for this guy nor for any of his [Kodak's] music. He just disrespected Nipsey Hussle (RIP). Talking about going after his women know that Nipsey has passed. Kodak's black card has been revoked. All his music will be boycotted.

  • AeroMex_H20
    AeroMex_H20 Year ago +1


  • BossUp 2G
    BossUp 2G 4 months ago +1

    Song still bringing me peace in 2021

  • Heaven
    Heaven Year ago +4

    Despite what’s been said or done there’s something about Kodak that’s real

  • Cooking with Tyneisha Allen

    I love this song. I just found out this song was released 2 year's ago. I believe the Angels showed me this song in one of my darkest moments. I saw today that this song has 333k likes as it should. 333 is an Angel Number representing the Holy Trinity. The Father,The Son, and the Holy Spirit.Sending Love and Light.

  • Isaiah Dugar
    Isaiah Dugar 2 years ago +427

    Kodak just preached about using violence and cleaning himself of the dirt and ill consciousness that now weighs him down for his acts. Such a strong message. Hopefully he can separate himself and his family from the devils temptations

    • Alejandro Garicia
      Alejandro Garicia 11 days ago

      amen 🙏🙏🙏

    • Sharon Pinkney
      Sharon Pinkney Year ago +1

      My nigga litterally said "I done sacrificed all me niggas cuz none of my niggas seen the best in me" at like 1:06

    • Kanayo
      Kanayo Year ago +1

      @Drakashi Faze iguess it’s whatever u consider magic then. Look into mirrors and black screens and portals

    • Drakashi Faze
      Drakashi Faze Year ago

      @Kanayo technology ain't magic tho

  • Ysl Cartier
    Ysl Cartier Year ago +2

    Life was so easy I’m glad this is platinum now free Kodak!

  • Farcarrii Aldridge
    Farcarrii Aldridge 4 months ago

    This lil man get deep I'm rocking with ya Kodak🤗💪🏾💯😇💪🏾keep shedding light

  • i vision films
    i vision films 3 months ago

    love this song

  • BooBoo4ever
    BooBoo4ever Year ago +1

    I felt that, in my soul🔥🔥

  • D. C.
    D. C. 3 years ago +457

    Please don't go to jail again Kodak. We can't lose you.

    • Real Efemena
      Real Efemena Year ago +1

      He got pardoned by Trump.

    • Shady Hendrix
      Shady Hendrix 2 years ago +1

      Need to repost this. He's back in

    • alecd 124
      alecd 124 3 years ago

      ParFu I never said I hated I'm just saying he going to jail.

    • Swayze ninja song
      Swayze ninja song 3 years ago

      What's everybody talking about Kodak going to jail

    • Jr
      Jr 3 years ago +2

      If it was truly his fault for the sexual battery charge, then he needs to go. I like him as a rapper but there needs to be consequences. That’s not cool

  • Polo da Explore-o
    Polo da Explore-o 6 months ago

    Kodak black went crazy on this track. 💯💯💯I can tell he really focused on these lyrics. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rafael Matos
    Rafael Matos 11 months ago +7

    I'm dyin' so I can live, so I can live, I resurrected it

  • TheLifeOfD3
    TheLifeOfD3 Year ago +14

    Ending is my favorite part. Love driving home drunk late night sinking into the beat thinking about whatever on ya mind at the time.

  • Nike Fox
    Nike Fox 8 months ago

    This is on my playlist #1 hear it every day

  • Leyla McCrorey
    Leyla McCrorey 6 months ago +2

    We love you Kodak 😍

  • FOUR Runner
    FOUR Runner Year ago +14

    “I don’t drink no lean I’m sipping on holy water like it’s my medicine , ima living testimony every album like a testament .” Kodak Flow so hard 🔥🔥😓

  • Quinton Myers
    Quinton Myers 2 months ago

    He keep on blessing me...I'm living testimony!!

  • Djleuz Ceo
    Djleuz Ceo 6 months ago +2

    its good to be somebody in life,

  • Instagram Drama
    Instagram Drama 2 months ago

    3 years later this is still a banger keep up the good work Kodak God Bless🙏

  • Remi Rosee
    Remi Rosee 10 months ago +5

    It’s July 2021 and I still listen to this song every few days!!! Love Kodak

  • CosmicintelligenceCIO
    CosmicintelligenceCIO 6 months ago +1

    Damn Kodak a legend glad to see🔥hope you live long folks

  • Lukhanyo Rasekgotoma

    This song just hits me hard😢special after the things I have been through

  • Veroosh Tarot & Astrology Horoscope

    I really like this one. You are being so productive, and it seem like you are looking for some genuine answers to life. That's beautiful.

    • Mekella T
      Mekella T 8 months ago

      i made ur 1k like.

    • Rose Blue
      Rose Blue 11 months ago +1

      You need Jesus

    • The Lone Jedi
      The Lone Jedi 3 years ago

      @Tbcian Tbcian thank you brother these people are blind and very foolish to think any of this is the works of God

  • Lakeem Stephens
    Lakeem Stephens 4 months ago +1

    I love this song it's mean alot I'll keep on playing ur songs Kodak black keep it up bro

  • Michael Morehead
    Michael Morehead 5 months ago +2

    Lord, you lift me up on eagles' wings. My own actions have led me to stumble and collapse under the weight of my own burdens, but You have always been there to carry me. Thank you, merciful God, for knowing what I need. Thank you, tender Father, for not giving up on me. Most of all, thank you, generous Lord, for sending Your only begotten son to die for me. I cannot forget these things, and I vow that I shall be forever indebted to You for picking me up every time I needed it. In Jesus' name, I pray, amen.

    • Harly🖤
      Harly🖤 5 months ago

      😣😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭amen 🙏

  • Brandon Sherrill
    Brandon Sherrill 3 months ago

    Thanks I like this one and You're not the one for me and really helped me start paying attention to the dilation in my eyes understanding all types of the different in the mental I've been through life in learning from all my friends out here in these streets going through it the same way they taught me saying many thanks and I'm still working on me everyday

  • Kaumba Sakayi
    Kaumba Sakayi 2 months ago

    Dying to Live is probably the greatest album from Kodak. Absolutely love it

    B BLAZEE 3 years ago +808

    JESUS SAVES PRAY FOR KODAK... the enemy wants him.... it looks like he is trying hard.... these video shows Kodak needs God... Pray for him to find him... the right way... the only way... the holy way

  • Eunice Mills
    Eunice Mills 10 months ago +3

    Any time I feel broken hearted just open youtube and I type Kodak black testimony it heals my pains ...Gleeful Yak❤️😊

  • Caleb Nelmes
    Caleb Nelmes 7 months ago +1

    This takes away my anxiety thanks Kodak

  • Vibe_CS
    Vibe_CS 9 months ago +3

    Listen to this shit now a days and it reminds me how I felt back in the day. Makes me know it ain’t worth it goin back🙏🏼

    • Xanty
      Xanty 9 months ago +1

      It don't 🙌🏽🙏🏽

  • Solo Grant
    Solo Grant Year ago +4

    I love this kodak keep fighting.... Im fighting demons too..

    • Peyton Moyer
      Peyton Moyer 11 months ago

      You ain’t got no real demons like I do

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 3 years ago +1078

    I haven’t felt shit from a song in a long time. This here tho, this powerful. All the best to you on your journey brudda 💯

    • Deshawn Mathews
      Deshawn Mathews 3 years ago

      The things you post is interning you don't even give me the video would you be entertaining stay up on that grind

      DC SLOGAN 3 years ago

      TheInspireMeMan 💯💪🏾

    • Sloan Mitchell
      Sloan Mitchell 3 years ago +1

      Lil wayne - Mona Lisa

    • Matthew Phillips
      Matthew Phillips 3 years ago +1


  • Cecil The Litt Guy

    Just got put onto this song and wowo love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kief Guapperia
    Kief Guapperia 7 months ago +9

    Yak Never disappoint 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Rachel Martinez
    Rachel Martinez 8 months ago +1

    NO WORDS BUT ONE YOU ARE SENT #KODACKBLACK I love you ❤ got so much love for you 😢😢😢 I'm going thru something myself we all are God's here I always feel him you fr sent I feel it ❤

  • Jay Bauer
    Jay Bauer 3 months ago

    This one of my Favorite songs💯🎯✔

    BLACK PANTHER 3 years ago +307


    • r1 gaming
      r1 gaming 2 years ago

      Matt T yh and he done said it in his other songs as well

    • Matt T
      Matt T 2 years ago

      Stoned To tha bone he sold his soul?

    • Stoned To tha bone
      Stoned To tha bone 2 years ago +2

      xsithlords x its about how he sold his soul but he realizes it wasn’t the right choice and he wishes he could get it back and he talks about his sins and why he sold his soul

    • Jeston
      Jeston 3 years ago

      @Raising Consciousness and Capital Page please tell us lol

    • Raising Consciousness and Capital Page
      Raising Consciousness and Capital Page 3 years ago +1

      BLACK PANTHER What is this song about?

  • C Rod
    C Rod Year ago +1

    Welcome home Kodak 🤘🏼💤 this song meant the world to me when no one else was there for me. Rip GMA N Uncle🖤🥀🙏🏽

  • DazeTheRebel
    DazeTheRebel Year ago +2

    My lil brother died so im playing this to get through 🕊💯

    • Ry E
      Ry E 10 months ago

      So sorry, for your lost.🙏 My condolences.🙏💔

  • KeyFire34
    KeyFire34 6 months ago

    Keep up with your great work, stay strong in Christ Jesus. I love you Kodak Black Man!!! 4REALLLZZZZzzz!!!! God Bless Your Soul and God Bless You!!!

  • Allen Hundred
    Allen Hundred Year ago +1

    You kept me alive with this album thank you from the bottom of my heart frfr

  • V Athena
    V Athena 3 years ago +494

    Newfound respect for Kodak he evolving.

    • 405J
      405J 3 years ago +10

      Into a satanist yeah

  • mhbass
    mhbass 7 months ago +3

    Peace & Prosperity to you Kodak. You got dat Juice.

  • LD Hopkins
    LD Hopkins Year ago +1

    Great motivation🔥

  • j ruthless
    j ruthless Year ago

    Kodak always keep it 💯💯💯

  • babi uta
    babi uta 2 months ago +1

    20:31 *Hermosa elección* Babes.geilsex.uno
    de los mejores conciertos 💟
    20:31 Senada: "Hermoso"
    20:32 Megan: "Hotter"
    20:33 Hopi: "Sweeter"
    20:34 Joonie: "Cooler"
    20:35 Yoongi: "Butter"
    20:36 Amor: "Momentos"
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente ♂️

  • xan3e
    xan3e 3 years ago +742

    This song personally touched me.. in a spiritual way.

    • friends don’t exist
      friends don’t exist 3 years ago

      STIGUTIN _ No it’s not an upside down cross if very RELIGIOUS 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • lele Unicorn
      lele Unicorn 3 years ago

      @STIGUTIN _ let me ask you. What exactly is satanic about this video or lyrics because I'm confused by your comment

    • xan3e
      xan3e 3 years ago

      Blur Legend- definitely not. I’ll repent soon.

    • Blur Legend-
      Blur Legend- 3 years ago +1

      If it did then repent and give your soul to Jesus cause if this touch you spiritually it wasn’t the good kind

  • Big LAJ
    Big LAJ Year ago

    We love you Kodak 🙏🏼💫

  • Jonathan Hood
    Jonathan Hood 3 months ago

    Kodak I made it out the streets!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Malik Mulwee
    Malik Mulwee Year ago

    This song really touch my soul

  • OG Da Silva
    OG Da Silva Year ago +125

    Who else can back to this song all the time

  • thraxx
    thraxx 3 years ago +470

    Crazy how much symbolism is in this video and people don’t even realize it.

    • Alejandro Garicia
      Alejandro Garicia 10 days ago

      the Bible says live by faith and not by site glory to god

    • Eunice Loven
      Eunice Loven 3 years ago

      Glizxy i know right,people are in such a deep sleep they can't see it.

  • Mycetro Ranking
    Mycetro Ranking 3 months ago

    Solid N well orchestrated 🇯🇲👊🏾

  • Darcio Azis Txeco
    Darcio Azis Txeco 6 months ago +1

    o Melhor som do Kodak.

  • Taquansha Jones
    Taquansha Jones 4 months ago

    You Gonna Be One Of The Ones To Make It 😘✍✍❤

  • Kem Berly
    Kem Berly Month ago


  • t coleman
    t coleman 3 years ago +195

    This song is the real meaning of if you want to change you can but with the help of our Father God Himself. I love it

    • Jason Camacho
      Jason Camacho 2 years ago

      Justin Bobbitt dont listen to such deceptions. Whoever says that jesus is not lord is not of god but is of the devil. Quit spreading false ideas you’re going to regret that when you’re face to face with god himself

    • WesDawgTV
      WesDawgTV 2 years ago

      t coleman yes brother 👍🏾

    • Justin Bobbitt
      Justin Bobbitt 2 years ago +1

      @Nnylazzahs Siddhis gtfoh. I hope u dont really believe that. I really hooe u just seekin attention

    BRUTHA WAR Year ago +1

    Prayers up for Kodak!

  • Playboi_jayy _qt
    Playboi_jayy _qt Year ago +5

    This had so much good vibes

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    jason reynoso Year ago +7

    Dam Kodak you could just feel your pain through this lyrics 🙏🏼

  • Kingywingy0812
    Kingywingy0812 9 months ago +2

    Bro I cant stop listening to this

  • jaime gaytan
    jaime gaytan 3 years ago +1315

    Watched you perform this on the jimmy kimmel show in prison I’m out now 🙏🏽

    • Nnylazzahs Siddhis
      Nnylazzahs Siddhis 3 years ago

      @Why We Love Film Exactly. These men think they can get away with murder because of the PATRIARCHY society were forced in. Y'all's empire is falling, the one built by evil and abuse on women.

    • Moncrief Mike D
      Moncrief Mike D 3 years ago

      I feel you my n****

    • Arnold boy
      Arnold boy 3 years ago


    • jordan tabor
      jordan tabor 3 years ago

      @Jairo Olvera Gotta do your bid with the right dudes. I was down, but my homie pulled me through that shit.

    • D Hernandez
      D Hernandez 3 years ago

      You got this bro

  • Jess Kelfer
    Jess Kelfer Month ago +1

    This song is so lyrically impressive Kodak is a genius! Scheming like he’s demon semen? Love the pause before stuck in these streets feel like my life froze!

  • Freddie Goodwin
    Freddie Goodwin 7 days ago

    I love this song

  • Zachariah Swartz
    Zachariah Swartz Month ago +2

    When that dude bows his head to talk to God about how he's thirsty from running these streets. That just hits me too hard

    • Zachariah Swartz
      Zachariah Swartz Month ago

      The art direction and video direction in a whole hit 🎯 just perfect

  • Musclevation💪
    Musclevation💪 2 months ago

    Know how hard it is to stay on this path. You get locked up, and have time to contemplate. Then you get out and those same temptations come right back. Nowadays he back to the drugs, but atleast he's dropping new music and staying out of prison. Stay blessed, we all here with you.

  • Richard Ivan
    Richard Ivan 3 years ago +116

    Kodak Black is literally making some of the most heartfelt, poignant, and beautiful music in ths rap/hip-hop game. His growth and change is so fucking impressive. FLORIDA REPRESENT. Much love Kodak

  • BigClean
    BigClean Year ago +1

    2021!!! This song still go crazy I love it

  • Just Raymond (formerly RAYCE)

    This is a really solid song theologically. Some will see it as exploitation and misrepresentation of the Gospel, but they're the same people that are afraid to talk to people that don't already look and think exactly as they do...