Why Did Bournemouth Borrow £16m from an Australian Bank?

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
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    Why did Bournemouth borrow £16m from an Australian bank?
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    Two days after Bury were expelled from the Football League, Bournemouth registered that they had agreed to borrow around £16 million from an Australian bank called Macquarie, who have, in the past, been criticised over their ruthless pursuit of profits. The mere reference to loans, and the spectre of debt, is one that, unsurprisingly, alarms supporters.
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Comments • 190

  • Ricky Grimshaw
    Ricky Grimshaw 27 days ago

    Watching your favourite die was tough but we were lucky 🍒

  • Jeff Kitavi
    Jeff Kitavi 27 days ago

    If the story originally appeared in The Athletic, then you know it's a classic

  • Nivada Stars
    Nivada Stars 28 days ago +1

    Basically Bournemouth are evil


    In Bournemouth the paper is the daily echo ;) not the Bournemouth herald

  • Joshua Gerald Butler

    I found out the other day that my dad taught Tyrone Mings GCSE science in Year 10. Such a small world.

  • Julian potatoe
    Julian potatoe Month ago +1

    'Factoring' is common practice in business where clients take 60-90 days to pay invoices.

  • Eric Mugerwa
    Eric Mugerwa Month ago

    You’ve created the football wiki

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher Month ago +1

    I used to always go them on fifa and bring them to the prem was always a challenge need to do it again it takes a while so can eat up hours if you can't find something to do

  • dafspeed
    dafspeed Month ago +1

    Payday loan, it will end it disaster for someone.

  • hutch022
    hutch022 Month ago +2

    Loving the content on this channel, quality

  • Ravenala
    Ravenala Month ago

    FM21 new feature confirmed

  • Macho Fantastico
    Macho Fantastico Month ago

    This actually makes a lot of sense, although anything involving this amount of money will always be a risk.

  • syd
    syd Month ago

    It seems quite sound business to me. I really hope the club though are sensible with their finances because debt worries me as a supporter much more than relegation, we don't want to do a Portsmouth.

  • MMafieMc
    MMafieMc Month ago +2

    This cannot be sustained, surely not? I imagine swap deals getting more and more popular, so.... - Welcome to the NBA

  • ThePhoneBook123ABC
    ThePhoneBook123ABC Month ago

    That Eicester city is a top club

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy Month ago

    Cuz they broke bois, cuzzzzz.

  • Jackal Matlou
    Jackal Matlou Month ago +1

    I think the animations on this channel are underrated. Top notch content 👌🏿

  • Zahrul3
    Zahrul3 Month ago

    7.5% interest for something that is essentially guaranteed, in todays economy is fucking robbery

  • Chee Hong Duck
    Chee Hong Duck Month ago

    Is Kieran related to Harry maguire?

  • Oliver Rushton
    Oliver Rushton Month ago

    Now he at villa

  • anthony wilson
    anthony wilson Month ago

    More football fans should watch this video to understand how clubs are run

  • Anime Banz
    Anime Banz Month ago +3

    What happens though if the buying club defaults on their installment? Will the lender collect it from the borrower (selling club) or from the buying club?

    It's like a home loan or a car loan; with the roles reversed. The buyer borrows money and gives it to the seller upfront, and has to then pay installments to the lender. Why don't selling clubs do the same? Insist on upfront payments so that the buyers have to take loans instead.

    • Zoe P
      Zoe P Month ago

      Anime Banz Because it's all based on Usuray. A practice which should be outlawed.

  • Bayart
    Bayart Month ago +40

    "Although it is more popular in Spain and Italy, and less so in France and Germany."
    Now that inspires trust.

  • IrvinLopezz
    IrvinLopezz Month ago

    Should I buy stock?

  • John Ruddy
    John Ruddy Month ago

    Even more capitalism involved in football?! This won’t end well at all unless they win something and that won’t happen so good luck and more than likely goodbye Bournemouth it was nice knowing you

  • Joshua French
    Joshua French Month ago

    The bank is pronounced Mac-Worry but you say it fast like Macworry ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

    BLAOWWW!! Month ago

    Why would the charge be lower on a longer loan? Why would anyone pay off early in that case?

  • Pradeep Kanchan
    Pradeep Kanchan Month ago +1

    Basically a pay-day loan but for Corporate entities!

    • Anime Banz
      Anime Banz Month ago

      Unlike the pay day loan however, this is relatively safe and the interest is lower.

  • Andrew Dow
    Andrew Dow Month ago

    The transfer fees are becoming increasingly performance and fitness based. If they are expectinf 20million pounds for player, 10 million which involves how many games he is healthy for and how many goals he scores. And he plays like shit for 3 season, they may only recieve half of it while being stuck with a 20 millon pound loan. Its stupid. Fuck no

  • John Patton
    John Patton Month ago +1

    Can you cover Sheffield United under Chris Wilder and how he uses his centre backs?

  • 06cdancer
    06cdancer Month ago

    As a Bournemouth fan this scares the sh*t out of me. Just glad to see it's common practice amongst most clubs.

  • Stokie09123
    Stokie09123 Month ago +5

    Fifa (the game) has a lot to answer for regarding how people think transfers work, I genuinely think some people believe Chairman rock up to another club with a suitcase full of cash and then leave with the player.

  • Jamwamee
    Jamwamee Month ago +1

    So everybody owes everybody loads of money? So if one club couldn't pay, it would have huge knock on effects?
    At least we have a good, effective FA Fit and Proper person test that NEVER fails and clubs NEVER go bust...

  • Jonathon Springfield

    I shudder at the possibility of embarrassing myself, but from one of your biggest Aussie fans, it's pronounced MA-QUARRY like the British governor. We have quite a lot of things named after him.

  • OrangeZeb
    OrangeZeb Month ago +1

    Where is sensible transfers??

  • Jesus Christ the Mighty Duck

    It does come as a surprise to me that clubs pay VAT on transfer fees. It is something I have considered in the past and I presumed the answer would be that it isn't paid because that would be to say a player is a product rather than a person, a notion that does not sit easy with me. Whilst it's reassuring that these multi-billion pound businesses are taxed one way or another*, I just don't agree with the principle of an individual being subject to VAT.
    * Clubs usually don't pay corporation tax because they aren't profitable businesses in the traditional sense - any extra revenue they make is expected to be reinvested by fans. Club owners typically make their money by increasing the value of the assets (players, facilities, tv rights, etc) then selling the club on.

  • CJ
    CJ Month ago +1

    4:08 Eicester city...then the L appears

  • David
    David Month ago


  • ntahla gaming
    ntahla gaming Month ago

    Why? Cashflow

  • Mohamad Hanif Mohamad Yazid

    Can you make a video analysis about swansea 11/12 possession based tactic

  • amitchakrabortyamu
    amitchakrabortyamu Month ago

    Make a video about the rise of serge gnabry. You can also make a whole playlist of videos with different players like gnabry and their rise. Would love this type of content from you guys.

  • the brown gentleman

    Need this feature in the new football manager game

  • EMANeleVenElevEn
    EMANeleVenElevEn Month ago

    Man United paid upfront for Maguire. How desperate is that? Who pays upfront for such a big transfer, joke

  • Celldweller Fangirl

    Mac-quarry. Mac-quarry.

  • unstoppableExodia
    unstoppableExodia Month ago +2

    The things I learn watching these tifo videos. More than just tactics videos they paint a very detailed picture of a lot of the behind the scenes stuff from football.

  • Tom Robinson
    Tom Robinson Month ago


  • littlecatholicman
    littlecatholicman Month ago

    I rate your videos alot and am subscribed. But i have to admit I often listen to the videos to help me fall asleep

  • M Taylor
    M Taylor Month ago

    Dude said Mah Qair ee lmao. That's not how you say it mate.

  • António  Júnior
    António Júnior Month ago

    How works the 4 1 2 1 2 with no wingers formation?

  • StevePeeve
    StevePeeve Month ago +1

    Can't even pronounce the names properly! The Athletic won't be happy lol
    All though The Athletic is shit to so they won't mind to much

  • MagicMan
    MagicMan Month ago

    Can you make a video about the Valenciennes-Marseille scandal in 1993? The Marseille team had a fixture against Valenciennes a couple days before their Champions league final vs Milan, so they told two Valenciennes players to convince their teammates to go easy on them so that they can rest up for Milan. One of the Valenciennes players didn't want to be part of the fixing and leaked the story.

  • GPSJustin
    GPSJustin Month ago

    this pronounciation of macquarie is closer to my childhood throwback of hairy maclary from donaldson's dairy

  • Alex Healy
    Alex Healy Month ago +66

    Tifo football in 5 years (probably):
    'Why short-term bank lending was a terrible idea for football clubs'

    • Matheus Carvalho
      Matheus Carvalho Month ago

      Probably the interest the bank takes will be lower than the transfer market will inflate by 2021.It´s literally a win win if the interest rate isnt as exorbitant as market growth

    • Iván Fernández Ramírez
      Iván Fernández Ramírez Month ago +6

      Actually is really interesting to use it. It basically works like this: you sell a player for 20M€, you need the money right now, so the bank lends you 15M€ and they charge the club that owes you the 20M€ that amount. So you only get 15M€ out of the 20 from the transfer but you might use it to invest in something more important right now. Also, all those transfers are secured so no one is gonna lose money, you'll receive less money for your transfer but if you have the opportunity to invest in something really interesting right now, it's worth the shot.

    • Isaac Shuster S
      Isaac Shuster S Month ago +2

      Nah, factoring has been around since the beginning of times and football teams are ultinately companies

  • Finlay Craig
    Finlay Craig Month ago

    Never forget they paid 15m for ibe and solanke hahaha

  • Slackboy72
    Slackboy72 Month ago +4

    First: it's pronounced Mack-Quarry. Second: It's one of the biggest corporate banks in the world. They are specialists in organising private equity consortiums for acquisition and funding of large infrastructure (airports, tollroads, water works, etc.). Third: They've been operating in London since the 70s.

  • Aged P
    Aged P Month ago

    Are y'all planning on revisiting the "Club X Finances explained" series? I really enjoyed those videos breaking down the health of teams like Palace, United, etc. I realize it might not be super profitable content for your videos but I haven't found content like that elsewhere.

  • Zepher Gaming
    Zepher Gaming Month ago +2

    To give Ryan Fraser as a signing on bonus so he stays?

  • Hermes Bouza
    Hermes Bouza Month ago

    ...I fucking hate capitalism.

  • Sergeant Awesome
    Sergeant Awesome Month ago +119

    This comment was originally featured on the Athletic, the best place to read about football online.

    • Nivada Stars
      Nivada Stars 28 days ago

      @Michael Milicic You're desperate for kids

    • Jay R Hartley
      Jay R Hartley Month ago +1

      @Seanogamer 😂🤣😅 no you 🤡 👉🏽🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 🤣

    • Seanogamer
      Seanogamer Month ago +2

      Jay R Hartley jealous 🏆 💯

    • Michael Milicic
      Michael Milicic Month ago +7

      Jay R Hartley

    • Jay R Hartley
      Jay R Hartley Month ago +21

      The above comment was brought to you by a city fan. The best place to find plastic material online.

  • Felix Platt
    Felix Platt Month ago

    Tifo can you please do a video on Famalicão. They were promoted to the Portuguese top flight for the first time last season but are already top. It would make a really interesting video.