Jedi Fallen Order Part 4 - Fighting the Second Sister

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order fighting the Second Sister is so awesome! Learning Force Pull and attempting to raid some tombs! This is part 4 of my walkthrough for the game. Enjoying it very much so far! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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  • rec0il HD
    rec0il HD 8 days ago

    Funny the ladies name is Cere

  • Pete P
    Pete P 10 days ago +1

    game : Intense, *spicy* dialogue between enemies
    jack : *URFGGFGHH*

  • Aiden Freberg
    Aiden Freberg 12 days ago

    He looks like the cloaked man on The dark planet...

  • Tiny Marsh
    Tiny Marsh 14 days ago

    ...I definitely cheesed that temple puzzle haha

  • Elite_Scuba_Master
    Elite_Scuba_Master 14 days ago

    Man you didn't show the fight up on top that thing your climbing to on 2:30 That's a pretty cool fight

  • Drunken_Jedi
    Drunken_Jedi 14 days ago +1

    “It’s not a water temple is it, please”. Lmao the OoT water temple still causing PTSD some 20 years after release haha.

  • Mister 101100
    Mister 101100 15 days ago +1

    The voice actor for Trilla is sooooooo good

  • Noah Crosby
    Noah Crosby 17 days ago

    I bought the game after I watched the first ep. I came back for help with 24:36 but the part I needed help with was edited out :(

  • QuantumConcious's Corner

    So Force Push Was the Power of the Yeet all along

  • Joe Ortiz
    Joe Ortiz 18 days ago

    What do you have to do with those 3 egg looking things...motif?

  • markldn
    markldn 18 days ago +1

    19:50 Anyone know the background soundtrack for this part?

  • Michele Aria
    Michele Aria 18 days ago +1

    Am i the only one who get caught and had to fight in an arena while going back to the mantis?

  • James West
    James West 19 days ago

    Greez might just be my favourite side character from Star Wars as a franchise recently... got some tough competition from K-2SO and Shriv though.

  • Anthony Letizia
    Anthony Letizia 19 days ago +4

    Why would you cut out the bounty hunter prison part???? Makes no sense

  • Dillan Sims
    Dillan Sims 19 days ago

    The clip 31:24-31:30 😆 pretty much sums it up 👌

  • Justin Edwards
    Justin Edwards 19 days ago

    WHERE IS PART 5????

  • Iridescence
    Iridescence 19 days ago

    JACK!!! Congrats on 3 mil!!

  • cahillrebel
    cahillrebel 19 days ago +3

    Jack: “There’s something in this tomb”
    Second Sister: “Cal Kestis...”

  • Rob E
    Rob E 19 days ago

    Kashyyk was by far my favorite world. Multiple, fantastic set pieces. Big, open, beautiful. Fun traversal mechanics. They did a great job

  • Ne0LiT
    Ne0LiT 19 days ago

    you missed something very cool,if u had instead of going back continued venturing into the ice caves,you'd have been caught and then thrown in a fighters pit on something like an asteroid thats owned by some guy who arranges "gladiator" sort of fights lmao

  • fastsail fish
    fastsail fish 19 days ago

    Yeah I'm scared after that kashyyyk section

  • Gatling Gunz
    Gatling Gunz 19 days ago

    When I had saw the trailer i thought I was gonna hate this game, now i can't wait till Christmas to get my hands on it. Hope it has multiplayer or something other than the story

  • Zerrax
    Zerrax 19 days ago +1

    Please do more singleplayer walkthroughs, Jack!

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 19 days ago

    I was worried the 'needs perfect timing' shtick of this game would be too difficult to time, but you make it look incredibly easy. How is it @jackfrags?

  • Sgt.Recker12 Gaming
    Sgt.Recker12 Gaming 19 days ago +4

    I'm ready for the part 5, I honestly love watching Jack play this game, and this game looks soooooo good

  • Stoopydh
    Stoopydh 19 days ago

    24:22 Oh Jack you naughty boy

  • Lootey
    Lootey 19 days ago

    Part 5 when Jack?

  • Pyhä Ippe
    Pyhä Ippe 19 days ago

    JAAAACK where is the part 5? I need it in my life right now! hurry up lad

  • Pixel Bot
    Pixel Bot 20 days ago

    Genuinely one of the most satisfying playthroughs i've watched in years. Well done Jack!

  • Tactical Wookie
    Tactical Wookie 20 days ago +2

    yeah who need to buy the game now lol. i just imagine playing exactly like this and i dont need to LUL

  • Adam Downes
    Adam Downes 20 days ago

    21:35 LOL!!

  • Adam Downes
    Adam Downes 20 days ago +5

    That cutscene was more engaging than the entire Last Jedi movie

  • Jacob Olson
    Jacob Olson 20 days ago

    The puzzle where you burn the vines took me so long but I got so pissed at it I didn’t wanna look it up lol

  • Carson Haigh
    Carson Haigh 20 days ago

    I’ve seen all of these vids and am playing the game along with them. There are a couple of parts that Jack cut out that gave me surprises and I thank him a lot for those.

  • William Knoll
    William Knoll 20 days ago

    Did he not get captured into the prison?

  • Fire Man
    Fire Man 20 days ago +1

    I am praying Respawn makes the next Battlefront

  • Luftace109
    Luftace109 20 days ago

    I’m stuck on this part playing one difficulty below grandmaster. This looks like a walk in the park

  • Battle Eye
    Battle Eye 20 days ago

    Is it me or when he first got to the star destroyer and listened to the holo that room almost looked like darth Vader’s meditation room😂😂jus me?

  • Leelynn Sliman
    Leelynn Sliman 20 days ago +1

    I wish u could have a choice join the lightside or darkside

  • andrew blevings
    andrew blevings 20 days ago

    Please keep it coming Jack. This game is incredible and you're the best TheXvidr playing through it right now

  • arcane .KO
    arcane .KO 20 days ago

    i got a different ending to that mission got captured by a bounty hunter and got taken to a prison! unless jack just skiped that hole part?

  • Alexander2004
    Alexander2004 20 days ago

    Love how you say “hello there, welcome” for your intros.

  • Nekdo BrezIdentitete
    Nekdo BrezIdentitete 20 days ago

    Why fight solos with a no block weapon?

  • Jose P
    Jose P 20 days ago

    Why does the mantis fold the wing when its going to land and then inmediatly unfold it??? I mean, why does it even move from vertical to horizontal if its going back

  • Shane Laskero
    Shane Laskero 20 days ago

    Wheres todays video jack

  • Juan Subiry
    Juan Subiry 20 days ago +1

    Its not one hacked droid at a time

  • Gabo
    Gabo 20 days ago


  • Víctor Marqués Balaguer

    I think this is de wae too ma bruddah 2:20

  • Kyerwolf Kappa02
    Kyerwolf Kappa02 20 days ago

    Ngl would be cool if he would turn to the dark side

  • Tim Last
    Tim Last 20 days ago


  • Casey Douds
    Casey Douds 20 days ago +1

    Try phantom forces

  • yung bluetooth
    yung bluetooth 20 days ago

    Is part 5 coming today?

  • Meme time
    Meme time 20 days ago

    When you uploading ep 5

  • jared stamper
    jared stamper 20 days ago

    Almost 3 mil subs!!!

  • Hunter a
    Hunter a 20 days ago

    Jack have you watched the mandalorian yet?

  • Anxiety Ebriety
    Anxiety Ebriety 20 days ago

    the second sister is fucking hot, id side with her

  • Range TimeNetwork
    Range TimeNetwork 20 days ago

    So why should I buy the game if I am just gonna watch you play it. Lol

  • Iga vadayogi raharja
    Iga vadayogi raharja 20 days ago

    Use more double bladed plzz

  • Robert Emanuel
    Robert Emanuel 20 days ago

    I take it he missed out a major part on purpose?