• Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • WE ADOPTED A PIT!! Formerly named Reagan, now named Peaches. THUMBS UP if you also think she is the sweetest baby angel.
    Please watch until the end for my full update, our plans with training & how she's been adjusting to our home!
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  • Claudia Sulewski
    Claudia Sulewski  Month ago +1490

    Thank you for all of your comments regarding the dangers of rawhide bones and FDA’s recent alert about grain-free diets. Doing my research on the healthiest food and definitely staying away from rawhide moving forward!! X

    • Elle Keener
      Elle Keener 19 days ago

      If you can afford it and if you have the freezer space the best food is raw. I buy my dogs food pre done because I'm lazy, so all I have to do is defrost and portion accordingly.

    • kelly novinda
      kelly novinda 20 days ago

      Try raw food. I own a pitbull and i have been feeding him raw since he was a puppy. I watched pet fooled on Netflix and it was really insightful

    • Haven Spoon
      Haven Spoon 22 days ago

      it’s ok :) it’s a learning experience and nobody should expect you to get it right away. i hope the best for you guys and peaches :)

    • Bitty Camart
      Bitty Camart 28 days ago

      @zush¡Qué buen consejo ! Gracias.

    • Mary Marineau
      Mary Marineau Month ago

      Claudia Sulewski make sure you buy all food and treats that are American Made nothing from China same with the dog bowls because they are dangerous and so are the plastic ones don’t get them. Don’t get rawhide bones unless they are made in America because they don’t have chemicals in them. Never buy anything from China and always do research on everything that has to do with flea & tick meds and heart worm meds to and always ask about the 3-7 year vaccine shots because over vaccinations can cause health issues. Good Luck with your Furbaby and get your Furbaby into Training Classes and Socialization with other dogs and cats because it will benefit you and your Furbaby in the long run. Congratulations

  • Brandon Hansen
    Brandon Hansen Day ago

    Loved the “needy girl” part. We have lost count of what part # it is for us and our girl at this point. Thank you for rescuing and providing a good life to a happy dog.

  • AB
    AB 3 days ago

    More dog less you;) You’re both beautiful but the dog is the real eye candy!

  • Steven Wechter
    Steven Wechter 6 days ago

    i also say there is no perfect way to do anything just do what feels right and you will learn and evolve as pawrents from a pitbull dad to you guys i love the content im subbing

  • Steven Wechter
    Steven Wechter 6 days ago

    i know this is old but sometimes pittys are allergic to metal bowls just a fwi they get red around there chin

  • Tim Cotterill
    Tim Cotterill 7 days ago

    Hey there, you great people have done a brilliant thing, you adopted a Pit Bull... welcome to the family. I’ve had Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Bull Terriers all my life, I’m 53 and had about 8 or 9 always in pairs or threes.
    Most people are either afraid of Pit Bull types, or they go all mushy and gooey to the extreme.
    You’re doing brilliantly.
    A couple of things you might or might not know/been told.
    You’ve got to be top dogs in your pack. That mean you and your partner go through the door Before the dog. The dog walks at your side and Not in front of you, peaches does what she’s told, and her moves out of your way, not you move out of her way.
    Pitties can be very stubborn, keep on the training. IMO, treat and reward training works better than yelling and punishment. But you’ve got find what works best for you and your dog.
    Pitties are Vey clever, affectionate and want to please their family, so once you communicate what you want, and reinforce with rewards, they will do just about anything for you. Peaches will want to be near you and touching, kissing you both. There will be lots of snuggles for both of you. Get used to it. Learn to enjoy it, Pit Bulls are not outside dogs, they need to be near your, but I recon you both got that covered.
    Pitties are extremely protective of their families, if you or your partner / child get attacked, your Pittie Will attack to defend you, and will most likely do A LOT of damage. So keep them under control. My wife and survived an armed home invasion, Punch, my white with a black eye, 3 year old boy Pit Bull broke the gun arm of the invader with one bite. The criminal need close to 400 stitches it made the Australian news. Punch got a police commendation, the bastard got 15 years. Probably should have stopped it sooner, but Pitties can be a mite intimidating when the are in “I’m defending” mode.
    Pitties Are descended from Dog fighting lines, some are still fought by losers and criminals. Don’t believe Anyone who tells you otherwise. Don’t be scared. Your Pittie almost certainly won’t attack people or dogs for no reason, however if another dog starts a fight, your Pittie Might finish it. That will be bad for you and the dog, Peaches might get put down & you will definitely be sued. So keep her under effective control at all times when out in public. And Socialise her all the time. Praise and treats every time she plays well with other dogs. Disapproval Any time she is aggressive even if provoked. Two Pitties playing hard can look a lot like a fight.... there might even be some bark missing or a bit of blood spilt. Sound horrendous, looks a lot worse, but if it’s two Pitties fighting, there will be Deep puncture wounds, probably chunks missing and possibly a dead dog. However in my 53 years, despite seeing a lot of wrestling “play” I’ve never seen a Pittie kill another dog. So don’t worry to much, just be aware.
    If you haven’t trained Pitties before, seek a number of sessions with a professional PIT BULL trainer, not just any old dog trainer that is recommended by whom ever. You’ve spent heaps on her, well done. Spend a bit on learning dog psychology, and their non verbal communication. Cesar Milan, has fallen out of fashion fro some unknown reason, he is excellent in all regards and knows Pitt Bulls really well. I’m not associated with him in any way, nor do I get any benefit from him. I recommend him because I think he is the best.
    Pities have very, Very strong jaws, lots of kongs, never ever cooked bones, and keep them happy, stimulated & reasonably exercised.
    Cooked bones shatter into Sharp splinters that can kill a dog, or at least cost a fortune at the vet. I deployed once for 6 months, my wife didn’t exercise CoCoa enough, and she Eate all of the kitchen cabinet doors... chewed them to slobbery match sticks in one work day. (Never made that mistake again).
    At 3 years old, if peaches is fit, she will be able to run 20 miles at a dead run, that’s a marathon for a human, it’s just out of the sprint, and just into the middle distance for a Pittie... so exercise your peaches to the level you are happy with.
    Pitties have a bad name and reputation, which is totally undeserved. You’re all ambassadors of our breeds, so please try to be nice and Winn more people over to are side.
    You’re going to do great.
    You’re going to love it.
    I’m so envious.
    Mathematically speaking, the correct number of Pitties to own is describe by the formula C = n + 1. Where C is the correct number and n is the number of Pitties you currently have.
    Good luck, lucky ducks.
    One last thing is Peaches isn’t strapped in, into the car, and you have a accident .... she becomes a 60 pound dead misfile that will kill or maim you. Harness, and clipped in the back seat, or a crate in the trunk of your hatch back it the way to go. Never on the front seat, you squashing her into an airbag will probably kill her and I know you don’t want that.

  • Todd Vardaman
    Todd Vardaman 7 days ago

    Who cares about haters, love your dog thats what a good dog owner is, pits are so misunderstood ,they just want to please their owners and. Not all owners are good. You are great keep it up.

  • amy steffen
    amy steffen 7 days ago

    ❤️❤️🦋 I have a pit bull name Blake there are so sweet and loving

  • David Balderston
    David Balderston 8 days ago

    As soon as you guys got in your bed I'll bet she was up there with you!

  • ellie jackson
    ellie jackson 8 days ago


  • Squishy Carol
    Squishy Carol 9 days ago

    It warms my heart that you guys adopted & saved her life

  • Irene Esperante
    Irene Esperante 9 days ago

    So happy to see this. Peaches is so lucky to have you now. Great addition to the family

  • Sophia Cryan
    Sophia Cryan 10 days ago

    She is sooo cute. Yah my dog loves those bull penis things to chew. I love your dog. When we got our dog, he was a baby and I think you did a great job of bringing your dog to your home. You're doing everything so great so far!

  • Becca Taylor
    Becca Taylor 10 days ago

    I am in love with the sweater you are wearing at the end of this video. I need to find one like it! (:

  • bau bau
    bau bau 11 days ago

    And I've always had a retractable leash..and harness..14 years...why is retractable leash dangerous???

  • bau bau
    bau bau 11 days ago

    I never understood why people get a crate for the dog.i had an amstaff forb14 years but never a fucking crate

  • Albert Romero
    Albert Romero 13 days ago

    I think you are unaware or how to handle a pit bull

  • Faith Zebedee
    Faith Zebedee 15 days ago

    Oh shit. That's Finneas finneas

  • edwin van oers
    edwin van oers 15 days ago

    oure fitst 24 minutes with our sale lady

  • Elizabeth Hall
    Elizabeth Hall 17 days ago

    So sweet and beautiful

  • Geordi Laforge
    Geordi Laforge 17 days ago

    What a sweet little precious baby ❤️

  • Vatche Maestas
    Vatche Maestas 17 days ago

    Your dog is so adorable😍

  • Lisa Carter
    Lisa Carter 18 days ago

    No negative comments here. Your love for peaches is wonderful to see. I was Pitbull owner for 15 years until just recently when I had to put Miss Rosie down. I miss her horribly.can't live without a dog though so soon I will be going to the shelter to rescue another. This video got me so so excited I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready ! I think y'all did great. She's an absolutely beautiful dog. Enjoy your life together. ❤️❤️❤️

  • A.L.FreeForAll
    A.L.FreeForAll 18 days ago

    If you are open to suggestion for food, a raw diet can be really beneficial. You definitely have to do your research on it but there are a lot of positives and my dogs seem to really love it. Congrats on the addition! Pitbulls are so misrepresented and I hope that your channel changes some people's minds about them!

  • alpha2011a
    alpha2011a 19 days ago

    Smile of a Staff makes us Smile back congratulations Elk antler chew toy enjoy.

  • Taylor Boon
    Taylor Boon 19 days ago

    In regards to the seatbelt idea, I love putting a big vest harness on my dog, then I bought a doggie seatbelt that has a carribeaner on one side and then clips into the actual seatbelt! Has made SUCH a difference for my dog and her safety!

  • lexi nawara
    lexi nawara 19 days ago +1

    this is the most wholesome video

  • Gaby Maravilla
    Gaby Maravilla 20 days ago

    I LOOOOVE that you guys adopted and didn’t buy from a breeder!

  • JPStuehrenberg
    JPStuehrenberg 21 day ago +1

    Peaches is adorable and it looks like she is going to have an absolutely wonderful life with you. Congratulations on getting her!!!!

    SOUTHSIDER 21 day ago

    A car seat? Thats a bit strange, I've had pit bulls my hole life and raised them frm born to there passing and a car seat is a bit off

      SOUTHSIDER 17 days ago

      @Lisa Carter I use them for myself and family but not dogs

    • Lisa Carter
      Lisa Carter 17 days ago

      @SOUTHSIDER I wasn't being rude or argumentative I was just letting you know that there is such a thing.

    • Lisa Carter
      Lisa Carter 17 days ago

      @SOUTHSIDER so you just don't use seat belts? I guess that's your choice it's also against the law.

      SOUTHSIDER 18 days ago

      @Lisa Carter And a good way to burn to death if your car catches fire if your knocked out frm a accident

    • Lisa Carter
      Lisa Carter 18 days ago

      They actually do have car seats more common is a seatbelt that you attach to their harness and then to the actual's a smart thing to have it keeps your dog from flying through the windshield should you have an accident.

  • youssef maaroufi
    youssef maaroufi 22 days ago

    Now you have a pitbull. Welcome to a lifetime of discrimination! People will look at you like you are walking the devil!
    My favorite line is : « if you’re scared of her, imagine what I could do to you! »
    It is very unpleasant. I hope you don’t give her up

  • david truchanowicz
    david truchanowicz 22 days ago +1

    Ignore people

  • Tony Hernandez
    Tony Hernandez 25 days ago

    You need a car seat for a dog?...... I just throw my dog in the truck bed lol
    From a fellow pit bull owner to any new pit bull owner, most pit bulls want a job or exercise. These are very athletic dogs, who need physical activities for there mental state. Depending on the dog and age, there is all kinds of activities you can do. Taking a pit bull for an hour walk a day may not be sufficient for some. My pit bull is now 11 yrs old and is fine with going outside 30 minutes for a walk, when I have more time, she can run and play for an hour at the dog park. When she was 2, that was not enough. At home she has always been super calm but I could see she wanted to run and be active. When she was 2, I spent 2 hours a day sometimes where she could run (when I say run, I mean top speed, non stop almost, would take 5 -10min breaks). A dog that is well exercised and content with its life, is a way easier dog to train. I can walk my dog offleash with no problems.
    Please please exercise your dog. When you see your dog tire, you can tell how happy and fulfilled they really are. Lucky for you, your dog loves water. Swimming is a great exercise. My dog hates water but loves to chase squirrels and rats, so I got into a dog sport called lure coursing. Lure coursing a great for dogs that want to chase.

  • Renaissance Marie Austin

    She is so sweet! She came right in and just made herself at home.

  • Amelia Holland
    Amelia Holland 26 days ago

    I’m new here I just love peaches how is she doing

  • carinaejag
    carinaejag 26 days ago

    You can call it a crate but it still is a cage. Real animal lovers dont cage their family members.So a dislike from me.

  • MikelJohnsanTV
    MikelJohnsanTV 26 days ago

    OMG, such a good girl!!!!!!

  • jeremy d
    jeremy d 27 days ago

    just a heads up ny bully crew says dont give your dog rawhide totally indigestible and no rope toys as they can get stuck in the stomach and be fatal and a great thing to feed your dog is oily fish mackerel sardines etc mixed with vegetables and dry foods we use pedigree great looking dog and your obviously going to be great dog owners

  • Clau L. Granados
    Clau L. Granados 27 days ago


  • Jason Tidd
    Jason Tidd 28 days ago

    Dogs don't belong in crates they are suppose to be family and have freedom

  • Bitty Camart
    Bitty Camart 28 days ago

    PEACHES, es muy afortunado, está muy cómodo y con una tierna y sensible familia. Me agrada cuando los hermanos perros son incorporados a la familia sin restricciones.

  • Paula Nowak
    Paula Nowak 28 days ago +1

    She seems awesome! I love her confidence, social skills, and how she wants to connect with people. You did good getting the leash, harness, and collar.
    Check out SleepyPod for harnesses. Good job researching.
    Good job getting a trainer right away. 👍

  • Anna Burns
    Anna Burns 28 days ago

    Glad you got a trainer! I was going to recommend that, but I just heard that you got one. Good move! I am a very happy and proud companion of an adopted pittie. I just adore him.

  • Anna Burns
    Anna Burns 28 days ago

    can I be your dog?!

  • june sass
    june sass 28 days ago +4

    okay this is literally the most wholesome thing ever

  • Lexi Lui
    Lexi Lui 29 days ago


  • Denae Morgan
    Denae Morgan 29 days ago

    peaches is the cutest dog omg!!

  • Tina Russell
    Tina Russell 29 days ago

    She's sooo beautiful! 💓

  • Sandy Hatfield
    Sandy Hatfield 29 days ago

    Wow shes beautiful! Good job guys.

  • Ben
    Ben 29 days ago

    You need to ask yourself why there are so many Pitbulls available for adoption in dog shelters. This is not just a coincidence. They're sweet dogs - until they're not. At least you don't have any children. This way only you two or your friends will get attacked.

  • Maria Eduarda oficial
    Maria Eduarda oficial 29 days ago

    Como q eu vim parar aqui kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • David E. Vogel
    David E. Vogel 29 days ago

    Congratulations on your choice. You are now an ambassador for the pitbull breed. Socialize Peaches with other dogs, cats, people, children.

    At 15 months old, you have already discovered her energy level. Walks are great exercise because the pace is consistent. A tired dog is a well behaved dog.

    The biting may be "mouthing." Its a communication method for Peaches. You can allow or prohibit mouthing. Remember, Peaches can’t talk. Mouthing is a way that she communicates.

  • patty Tanco
    patty Tanco 29 days ago

    You’re doing great 👍. Just love her❤️ thanks for adopting 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Tes C
    Tes C 29 days ago

    If she loves ball and chews them Best to buy is the chuck-it rubber ball, it doesn't wear the teeth down like tennis ball which is made of felt which is abrasive and wares down dogs teeth like sandpapers.

  • patrick perry
    patrick perry 29 days ago

    I was told rawhide was bad for dogs

  • sincerely paige
    sincerely paige Month ago

    oh shoot. i didn't realize this was billie for a sec

  • kretles
    kretles Month ago

    I am not familiar with your channel and likely got the feed because as an American Pitbull terrier owner youtube constantly puts apbt videos in my feed. APBT need extensive exercise every day, 365 days a year. They are sweet dogs but they require very disciplined owners who are aware of how much dog is in their bodies. I hope you have done your research and know how much responsibility and dedication goes into this breed. Because you have the real deal there. It’s not an American bully which requires far less exercise. You have yourself an American Pitbull terrier which. Out of all the bully breeds the apbt requires the most disciplined owners and structured routines to meet their needs. They are amazing dogs that if given the appropriate care are the best dogs in the world.

  • Texas les61
    Texas les61 Month ago

    You both look happy and Peaches is definitely happy and that's all that matters. Looking forward to more videos of you and Peaches. ❤️

  • Ashlee Jenkins
    Ashlee Jenkins Month ago

    Also be careful buying treats not made in America. I only buy my adopted pitbull gal made in USA treats and food, America has more standards

  • Veronica Ferraro
    Veronica Ferraro Month ago +4

    Peaches belongs to you guys you train her the way you see fit. As far as I can see your great dog parents already! What a lucky girl peaches