Joyner Lucas - I'm Sorry (508)-507-2209

  • Published on Aug 12, 2016
  • I'm Sorry is a song from Joyner's newest upcoming project:
    I'm Kind of A Big Deal Tour:
    Instagram: @joynerlucas
    Available on Spotify and iTunes.
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  • Raul Esquivel
    Raul Esquivel 14 minutes ago +1

    Fuck man this song is basically my life said from someone else because im too afraid to say it myself

  • queen_ kiyapoo
    queen_ kiyapoo 2 hours ago

    am I the only person that imagine themselves in the casket (attending my own funeral)

  • A Person
    A Person 5 hours ago

    Joyner is one of the best artists of all time period

  • Joshua Justifus
    Joshua Justifus 8 hours ago

    at 0.75x speed this hits different

  • Marlon Johnson
    Marlon Johnson 18 hours ago

    Just remember. Killing your self ends your pain, but that pain carries on to ur loved ones

  • tommy Gunz
    tommy Gunz 20 hours ago

    I'm sorry 😔

  • Jonathan Montejo
    Jonathan Montejo 21 hour ago

    This song is the only reason I haven’t committed suicide yet

  • Ashly Burkett
    Ashly Burkett 22 hours ago

    1 thing joyner ! This song honestly saved my life and i wanna say Thankyou !!

  • Jerry Wilson
    Jerry Wilson Day ago +2

    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  • Osprey Vybz
    Osprey Vybz Day ago

    if this song touched your soul, sub to my youtube channel

  • Alex Panas
    Alex Panas Day ago +2

    I don’t know how many times I have listened to this song and it still brings tears to my eyes. No one should ever feel so alone or hurt so bad they want to die. Everyone here will support one another if you need help. I will always listen if anyone is in need of it. Life is too important to lose.

  • Edrick Clerveaux
    Edrick Clerveaux Day ago +2

    This is the deepest song of hip hop for this generation for me. I feel that pain

  • Jonathan Venegas

    This is what i be feelin at times but ik that i have to keep on going forward and cant take the easy way out. All we can do is keep going in life no matter how hard it is

  • Post Automotive
    Post Automotive Day ago

    Song hits so hard rip recce keys i miss ya cuz

  • lil titty
    lil titty Day ago +1

    Joyner out here hittin me wit facts I wasn't prepared for.

  • Datona DePizzol
    Datona DePizzol Day ago +1

    My dad committed suicide 2 weeks ago...we didn’t know how much pain he was in mentally I miss him so much

  • P9INE official
    P9INE official Day ago

    Life is hard for me suicide is my option the world would be much happier without me i dont want to live another day im 13 and going to pull the trigger lifes to hard for me depresión running thru my head

    • Draco 12
      Draco 12 Day ago

      P9INE official chilll bro your only thirteen you have a long life ahead of you trust me thing will get better g

  • Darren Simpson
    Darren Simpson 2 days ago +2

    The world is better off without me. You see everything falls apart when it goes around me.

  • Eli Duran
    Eli Duran 2 days ago +2

    Music and stories like this are the reason many who consider or have considered suicide don’t end up committing. It makes you stop and think about what happens after and question if it’s really the answer. Music like this saves lives.

  • Omar Spalding
    Omar Spalding 2 days ago

    I almost killed my self

  • Jan Valle
    Jan Valle 2 days ago +7

    I ain't afraid of death, I'm afraid of the pain to get there...

  • 202 Meno
    202 Meno 2 days ago +1

    I feel like he is speaking for me. my thoughts his voice.....😣

  • Rubi G
    Rubi G 3 days ago

    I pray for freedom and peace

  • Rubi G
    Rubi G 3 days ago +3

    Some people in this world make it hell on earth thats were suicide comes in

  • Dylan Durand
    Dylan Durand 3 days ago

    sometimes i think about doing it but i'v never tried

  • Gus sands
    Gus sands 3 days ago +4

    Any1 else have ADHD ?? Like yes comment no

  • Tommy Brooks
    Tommy Brooks 3 days ago +2

    RIP Tra 😇
    I cry tears every time I listen to this song thinking about my lil cousin who killed his friend and took his own life a day before my birthday this past year. 🙏🏾🤦🏾‍♂️😢

  • Arron G
    Arron G 3 days ago +19

    This song is just me talking to myself back and forth.

  • Paradise Banks
    Paradise Banks 4 days ago

    His voicemail gave me a heart attack I thought he answered✌🏽💀😭👏🏽

  • nwo reble
    nwo reble 4 days ago +2

    By far this is my favorite song

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith 4 days ago +2

    "I'm goin' out of my mind like Robin Williams"

    • Jane Smith
      Jane Smith 2 days ago

      Will do

    • Brandon Y
      Brandon Y 2 days ago

      uhhh. its "im going out like Robin Williams" but you can enjoy your moment.

  • Michael Kirby
    Michael Kirby 4 days ago

    I miss my uncles so much, this song just reminds me of how I felt right after they passed away. All of them abused drugs heavily, 4 died from an overdose and 2 from heart/stomach issues. I think about them all the time, I’m suffering from pretty bad depressions and suicidal thoughts but this song just opens my eyes to what would happen if I really do it.

  • nwo reble
    nwo reble 4 days ago +1

    If new trap was like this I would totally dig
    this is straight poetry it means something and I love it f*** all that drugs money and b******* I like this

  • T-Roy Hoaks
    T-Roy Hoaks 4 days ago +1

    The part in the church is what I want to say to my father, I found my father May 20 2016 right after he stuck a gun in mouth. I held my father in my arms I watch his drown in his own blood

  • Crippling Depression
    Crippling Depression 4 days ago +1

    My best friend who I knew since I was 3 years old passed away with accidental overdose, he took morphine for his back pain and not realised the strength of them and died in his sleep, don’t know if was purposely cause he was going through a bad patch in his life and I seen a change in him...I hope it wasn’t the case but no one will ever know...RIP Jonathan love you all the world brother! Till the day we see each other again but till then keep watching over me cause I’m really struggling 💙

  • text to speech songs

    I tried to commit suicide before. It was horrible I almost DIED

  • Logan Rodgers
    Logan Rodgers 4 days ago

    Every time I hear Joyner say fuck now I cry

  • Zay Allen
    Zay Allen 4 days ago +4

    This is how I feel everyday and people say shit all the time about me but they don’t know and still say shit

  • Big C
    Big C 5 days ago +2

    Bro I’m so lost and broken

    • Big C
      Big C Day ago

      Vanessa Monyaka thank you I really hope so

    • Vanessa Monyaka
      Vanessa Monyaka 4 days ago +1

      Big C everything will be alright always believe that

  • Bryce Sampson
    Bryce Sampson 5 days ago

    This acting is so amazing. I can feel the pain from them and stuff

  • BiGGy_ Ken
    BiGGy_ Ken 5 days ago +3

    Is there still room for me even though I’ve come from a dark past mistakes...

    • LaShay Sexy
      LaShay Sexy 4 days ago


  • commander sus Gunner
    commander sus Gunner 5 days ago +2

    This is a great song

  • Ayden Reno
    Ayden Reno 5 days ago +6

    "pretending that I'm happy so I can smile like you I wonder if I ever act like you could I finally fit In and maybe relax like you or would you feel lost without me cause honestly I think the world is better off without me". HIT ME IN MY STOMACH TO HARD.

  • Chad
    Chad 5 days ago

    Every time I hear this it reminds me of my Uncle Gabe. Rest easy.

  • Xavier Duarte
    Xavier Duarte 5 days ago

    I like this song is true about poeple committed suicide like my friend 😔 i want everyone to help others before is too late and stay by there side until they can do it and be successful this song have meaning for the need help

  • JrRosales100
    JrRosales100 5 days ago


  • Blvd Ttg
    Blvd Ttg 5 days ago

    2017 I heard this and it helped me from killing myself. God bless everyone going thru it 💙

  • Leah Simonetti
    Leah Simonetti 6 days ago

    Always remember the ones u could leave behind my fiancee lives every single day with that pain his older sister took her life in 1999 no matter how u feel it's temporary and life is beautiful and study the laws of attention it'll change your life in a good way apply yourself and don't give up most people are good despite what u see on your TV remember this ...

  • DeDevils Shadow
    DeDevils Shadow 6 days ago

    damn it, look at me now, fuck
    Fuck, pens runnin' out
    Shit, fu- *sigh*
    *scrapping paper*
    Look, just know it's a new day
    But if you reading this
    Then it's probably too late! *gunshot*
    Just make sure you tell my family
    It's okay, I'm sorry
    But it's too late, I'm sorry
    So much weighing on me
    I don't wanna live to see another day, I'm sorry
    But I can't stay, I'm sorry
    So much weighing on me
    Just make sure you tell my family
    It's okay, I'm sorry
    But it's too late, I'm sorry
    So much weighing on me
    I don't wanna live to see another day, I'm sorry
    But I can't stay, I'm sorry
    So much weighing on me

  • Lowkeycuz
    Lowkeycuz 6 days ago

    I showed this to one of my close friends that I’ve known since year 6 and we’re senior in year 12 that’s 6 years and when I showed her this song she told me about her older brother that killed himself when she was in year 4. I always wondered why she was never allowed out or why I never met her parents but I understood they were just protecting their baby as much as you think know someone you never really do everyone’s going through shii be more accepting kind and nice to others please 💗 btw since we opened up I’ve met her parents and they love me her mum literally calls me her other daughter, her dad drive to come get me when I want to go over and she’s the youngest so her older siblings are literally like mine too. Her family is so loving and I love them.

  • John Adkinson
    John Adkinson 6 days ago

    To my older sister you should’ve fought a little longer before u took your life December 13 2014

  • BeefSquatch
    BeefSquatch 6 days ago

    Please, keep your head up. Everything will turn out ok in time. You are loved.

  • sxmexver
    sxmexver 7 days ago

    you think that if you comment "hey don't kill yourself, you have so much to live for! much love", it will help? no, it won't.

  • ConfiVibez
    ConfiVibez 7 days ago

    This deserves an award year after year

  • Briyanna Butler
    Briyanna Butler 7 days ago +1

    i know that this is so random but who else thinks joyner lucas is kinda cute🥰 amazing song!! makes me really think about life, how grateful i am for the things i have, and grateful that my family walked in on time. #livelong❤️

  • 1lovescats
    1lovescats 7 days ago

    Stop talking to your suicidal loved ones when they're dead... you're too late. Don't wait.

  • Briana Mariee Ortiz
    Briana Mariee Ortiz 7 days ago

    Who else sees a new Eminem ?!

  • Daniela Nead
    Daniela Nead 7 days ago +3

    I can relate to the guy that committed suicide

  • Cl0ut_gxd Hdks
    Cl0ut_gxd Hdks 8 days ago

    I’ve been going through heart break and going back and forth with this one girl and the pain is to much but I do whatever I can to make sure she’s happy. I hope I’m not alone one this.

  • Laura Hernandez
    Laura Hernandez 8 days ago