• Published on Dec 1, 2019
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Comments • 325

  • jowj
    jowj 3 days ago

    21:12 mans wearing a dsquared tshirt underneath his football shirt lool

  • Cuteacam x
    Cuteacam x 17 days ago

    sign chrismd and simon if you agree

  • typical reece
    typical reece 25 days ago

    Shouldn't have been a pen the no. 9 knew he wouldn't get the ball so he just made the most of the situation by going into your keeper

  • my friend
    my friend Month ago

    25 sent of just in time for CYBER MONDAY😂😂

  • Henry Lane
    Henry Lane Month ago

    thomas is a baller, just needs afirst touch in him

    CMBHD Month ago

    ngl that number 15 is my motm sorry lads he was insane

  • Paul Cris
    Paul Cris Month ago +1

    SIGN NUMBER 15!!!!!!

  • ThisIsNeo
    ThisIsNeo Month ago

    Can someone edit the picture of the young white lady on the couch and put the UTR back 4 behind her?😂

  • Ellis Osborne
    Ellis Osborne Month ago

    I absolutely love Tobi, but please get him off set pieces

  • Sewesteezy
    Sewesteezy Month ago

    Sam's ball control is honestly another level and TOLU is a beast in the midfield

  • oslohes tyagi
    oslohes tyagi Month ago

    13:19 everyone celebrates normally then YAAAAAAAA YAAAAAAAAA

  • James Parr
    James Parr Month ago

    When will miniminter and ksi play again

  • Dean Sheridan
    Dean Sheridan Month ago

    forgive me but is mikes not around anymore??

  • Cuban Famous
    Cuban Famous Month ago

    We need individual videos with all players goals because I know Thomas has score more than 50 goals alrrady

  • Ramy Holländer
    Ramy Holländer Month ago

    11:55 alle deutschen wissen was ich meine

    Tipp: Musik 🎵

  • Hrvoje Ban
    Hrvoje Ban Month ago

    Yooo this is the football pitch Sidemen recorded that video with Lewis running head first to the fence hahahah

  • tom jackson
    tom jackson Month ago

    Tobi can’t even kick the ball

  • knock knock who's there me I am there open the door

    What happend to Cory?!?

  • MJ J
    MJ J Month ago +1

    yo Manny be rapping on beat at 17:04

  • Topias Nikki
    Topias Nikki Month ago

    about jamz reaction to the pen... really wish he wouldn't do that its just so unsportsmanlike

  • lets_tallk_football 01

    Tolu.... Talking... So long.
    Manny actually has so much knowledge but doesn't get enough of a chance to lead the tactical conversations

  • rbully24s
    rbully24s Month ago

    Keeper for jam looks like he watches anime with no subtitles

  • Niall Oshea
    Niall Oshea Month ago

    I didn't realise how fast Thomas was until his goal celebration ⚡⚡💨

  • SW 259
    SW 259 Month ago

    this team could play 2nd bundesliga swear

  • Mo Sankoh
    Mo Sankoh Month ago

    Hopefully utr sign that number 15 😱

  • TheLastStandBoi
    TheLastStandBoi Month ago

    Sign number 15

  • Fatmata’s World
    Fatmata’s World Month ago

    I love you and you had skill

  • Khalid Miah
    Khalid Miah Month ago

    What’s happened to MIKEZ??

  • Jsthgte 13
    Jsthgte 13 Month ago +1

    Who else wants to see a friendly of hashtag vs utr

  • CaptainDawg02
    CaptainDawg02 Month ago

    Reggie for MOTM

  • scott cronin
    scott cronin Month ago

    great game ⚽️support from ireland 🇮🇪 #UTR

  • 0 0
    0 0 Month ago

    I need me a UTR trackie broooo

  • MediumRopes
    MediumRopes Month ago

    Headphone warning on the goal replays pls

  • A O
    A O Month ago

    This sam guy is a hog

  • Rutu de Bel
    Rutu de Bel Month ago

    bro you need to sign that number 15 fam

  • Demi Ogunwusi
    Demi Ogunwusi Month ago

    Sam is a robben regen honestly lol

  • Txc Ghost
    Txc Ghost Month ago

    If the ref gave Max the yellow, that means he’s saying that the foul was due to Max. In that case I don’t believe it should’ve been a pen if the ref is saying it was Max’s fault but if it was Jamz then it could go either was as you don’t really know how hard he pushed him and how much that effected the player.

  • Ulrich
    Ulrich Month ago

    Max is man of the match

  • Cop
    Cop Month ago

    Thomas high-key stole Lanre's goal :/

  • Shota Omori
    Shota Omori Month ago

    Jams FC episodes are the best to watch because they have a good GK and the overall technical quality and athleticism of the team is on the same level as UTR.

  • Toju Odanye
    Toju Odanye Month ago

    jamil sometimes concedes poor fouls that either lead to penalties, free kicks or goals

  • Alfie Jay CFC
    Alfie Jay CFC Month ago

    Anyone here want lewis back and dont like max
    Like if so

  • Jihad Delaghetto
    Jihad Delaghetto Month ago

    MOTM: Their number 15 or Lanre

  • Skrillz_ 14th
    Skrillz_ 14th Month ago

    Men of the Match were both keepers imo

  • Skrillz_ 14th
    Skrillz_ 14th Month ago

    Rahh, third place team had a GD of -11

  • Patrick Bello
    Patrick Bello Month ago +1

    15:20 peek that kid in the back fam
    Edit: 20:58 peek jamil fam

  • jay Lloyd
    jay Lloyd Month ago +1

    Sam must feel out of place 😂😂

  • Kumar Dias
    Kumar Dias Month ago

    Finally a more balanced game ;p

  • Jeremiah Gomez
    Jeremiah Gomez Month ago

    What a man Raggie.

  • Paradox
    Paradox Month ago

    Outro song ??

  • Roee Shwartszorgen
    Roee Shwartszorgen Month ago

    how can i watch games?

  • Jake Stockman
    Jake Stockman Month ago

    Play against hashtag United

  • Trayvelle Jackson
    Trayvelle Jackson Month ago +1

    The first goal was like Liverpool’s first goal against Brighton on the weekend Sam playing Trent and reggie play Big Boy Virg🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • JJAG xx
    JJAG xx Month ago +1

    How is this trending......on gaming???

  • core fire
    core fire Month ago

    27:05 ref been squatting

  • BroOhkEy
    BroOhkEy Month ago

    "Yo whats going on guys Manny here, or Manjzl"

  • Bradley Njine
    Bradley Njine Month ago

    Where bradley

  • tmy2trappeh
    tmy2trappeh Month ago

    Wheres mikes

  • Lethal-Energy.
    Lethal-Energy. Month ago +5

    "hes taken flight booked on a ryan airplane, and thos dont even take of sometimes" im actually dying at the stuff manny says in this video, any 1 else?

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith Month ago +1

    Imagine being one of the 25 who disliked