Meghan McCain Takes On Pete Buttigieg

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Meghan McCain had some good analysis about Pete Buttigieg. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:
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    "Mayor Pete Buttigieg seems like the kind of reasonable Democratic candidate that Meghan McCain, who has made her disdain for progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren well known, could get behind. But on the Monday morning after he surged to the top of a very reputable poll in Iowa, The View co-host dismissed him as little more than a “sparkly, shiny object.”
    After Joy Behar accurately characterized Buttigieg as a “moderate,” McCain said, “He wasn't, and now he is. He was both campaigning extremely left sort of in the Beto [O’Rourke] lane, kind of saw the tea leafs on that, and now he's moderate.”
    Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
    Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
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Comments • 1 165

  • lp
    lp 2 days ago +1

    Go Pete Go! This is one black man that is behind you.

  • ooPROTOTYPE1oo
    ooPROTOTYPE1oo 5 days ago

    TYT is making everything like if you're not on our side, you are an enemy which is the most moronic mentality ever.
    That is why labels do divide a country for the worst.

  • stillwill2215
    stillwill2215 6 days ago

    Pete bootiejdge[whatever] is no freind to Black folks anywhere,. His record with the Policie and the Black community speaks for itself. I would never vote for him and he can not defeat trump.

  • zaxx19
    zaxx19 7 days ago

    Nice fake nose Ana. Self hating Armenians dancing for their tormentors makes me giggle. Oh, but Hassan is a POC bc....we, well Linda Sarsour where’s a head covering, errr....The far left has gone bonkers.

  • zaxx19
    zaxx19 7 days ago

    Doesn’t Pete know that the DNC is now the party of rich, privileged white women.....ya, I said it, and I’ve got the receipts- **camera pans to Hillary’s disastrous campaign and fit**

  • Jia Li
    Jia Li 10 days ago +7

    He is too tricky. i dont trust him.

  • Wayne Bell
    Wayne Bell 11 days ago +2

    Reparations? What on God's green earth?

    • zaxx19
      zaxx19 7 days ago

      Malaysia Riley And so is Islam’s savagery in South Asia; when is that debt going to be paid exactly?

    • zaxx19
      zaxx19 7 days ago

      Zach C ....and slave holding families and companies should be sued. I agree.

    • Wayne Bell
      Wayne Bell 8 days ago

      @Zach C don't be an activist

    • Layla B
      Layla B 8 days ago +1

      Malaysia Riley Owed by who?

    • Zach C
      Zach C 10 days ago +1

      god isn't real - slavery however... that actually happened.

  • M Diane Signore
    M Diane Signore 11 days ago +1

    Tulsi 2020

  • JR Suda
    JR Suda 12 days ago +3

    Black issues doesn't just mean reparations Im sorry.

    • JR Suda
      JR Suda 8 days ago

      @Hopefulbond Sure but Im tired of them talking about "Black issues" and the main thing they wanna talk about is reparations. Bernie did an event at Morehouse College and he talked about Black issues EXTENSIVELY that did not include reparations. And as a black woman, we have to work on SYSTEMATIC ISSUES to start.

    • Hopefulbond
      Hopefulbond 11 days ago +3

      JR Suda It’s a start but reparations means a lot more than just money begin issued out

  • El Ringo
    El Ringo 12 days ago +4

    The Internet > Media

  • Diced Pineapple
    Diced Pineapple 12 days ago +10

    God i dont even like meghan but she is totally accurate in her assessment of mayor pete

  • AJ T
    AJ T 12 days ago +4

    Maybe black voters have issues with a Gay candidate 🤔

    • stillwill2215
      stillwill2215 6 days ago +1

      No, we have issues with an undercover racist candidate.

    • Prithvi Sihag
      Prithvi Sihag 10 days ago +5

      @AJ T he literally told blacks he didn't want their vote

    • Riki Vera
      Riki Vera 12 days ago +6

      Maybe black people don’t like him because he said he doesn’t want their vote. Idiot.

    • AJ T
      AJ T 12 days ago

      But black people voted for Trump, and he has a racist history too?

    • Arthur Sneyers
      Arthur Sneyers 12 days ago

      @thanahelen and the douglas plan

  • El Ringo
    El Ringo 12 days ago +7

    Mayo Pete gets no love with Black voters, for obvious reasons. ✊🏿

  • K Dog
    K Dog 12 days ago +4

    Why are you attacking pete just because he isn't a progressive democrat. TYT propaganda

    • K Dog
      K Dog 11 days ago

      @Ed Devlin We are still too early to debate now. Wait till next year. You will be surprised

    • Ed Devlin
      Ed Devlin 11 days ago

      @K Dog He never explicitly said he didnt want their vote, but he hasnt done nearly enough to gain their vote. He has a history of having racial blind spots

    • K Dog
      K Dog 12 days ago +1

      @Riki Vera when did Pete say he didn't want their vote?

  • Daniel Firestone
    Daniel Firestone 13 days ago +7

    This video is so dishonest. Media going light on Mayor Pete? Its literally wall to wall coverage about how poorly he's polling with minorities, non-stop. And his issues with policing in South Bend in every argument. And acting like Biden is a black savior? He helped pass the 1993 Crime Bill which put more blacks in jail since segregation. Anyone remember Anita Hill, or mayble you'll need to google what happened to her with Biden. But today, Biden is a hero and Pete, who had an incident with a single sheriff in a small town is a racist. What? Biden is a white male moderate. Buttigieg is a white male moderate. Both came from working class backgrounds, both self-educated. So whats the difference, and maybe this is more towards the TURK part of the young turks, Pete is GAY. And looking at the comments on this "woke" crew here, you see the bigotry flying around about his sexuality. Thats the difference and honestly, this fake equality rage on this site is insulting. Just admit that you guys are phonies.

    • India-Jazmine Saax
      India-Jazmine Saax 9 days ago

      Prithvi Sihag I know, I saw! Shameful

    • Prithvi Sihag
      Prithvi Sihag 10 days ago

      @India-Jazmine Saax Pete has faked his Douglass plan support

    • A M
      A M 11 days ago

      Daniel: you are a beta cuck

    • Riki Vera
      Riki Vera 12 days ago +4

      We don’t care if Pete is gay. We care that he’s a phony ass fraud.

  • misael franco
    misael franco 13 days ago +2

    I imagine the msm melting down if Bernie does what Bernie does and outperforms the polls in Iowa by over 30 points.

  • S Chher
    S Chher 13 days ago +9

    If Pete Buttigieg becomes nominee I will vote for Trump

    • Prithvi Sihag
      Prithvi Sihag 10 days ago +1

      @Ed Devlin Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang are the best Dems

    • Ed Devlin
      Ed Devlin 12 days ago +1

      S Chher I hear what ur saying. If they pick another establishment dem like Biden, I ain’t voting full stop. They have to learn the lessons of 2016, and realise whether they like it or not trump was elected for a reason.

    • S Chher
      S Chher 12 days ago +1

      I’m a Democrat but I don’t have any faith in the Democratic Party. What I’m saying is stop giving those B.S candidates for a president like Pete. I would rather vote for Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew yang. Because their campaign they actually stand for something. And Pete Buttigieg I can’t trust him he’s keep getting caught with scandals at the scandals. And main stream media is covering it up for him.

    • Tina Yael Severinovna M.
      Tina Yael Severinovna M. 12 days ago +4

      Now that would be utter stupidity... You're basically an insane nutjob blinded by internal party politics. But sure, good job. 🙄

  • Sue Rawley
    Sue Rawley 13 days ago +6

    At min 3:00, captions shows "Buddah jizz" 🤣🤣🤣✌️

  • tammy koble
    tammy koble 13 days ago +8

    Butigeg is backed by more dark PACS and billionares than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE. I have never seen him look a black person in the eye when he speaks to them. The 1% must be getting scared if they are trying to pass this cold fish off as human.
    PS. TYT please do your homework - there are many sites on-line showing manipulation on the polling numbers from BOTH parties. The pollster Stolt is showing Bernie in first place with Yang and Tulsi tied for second.This has been a long term trend and they are STILL gaining ground.

  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 13 days ago +5

    I am a democrat, and I Like Meghan McCain. I always have

    • stillwill2215
      stillwill2215 6 days ago

      I don't always agree with her but i like her too.

    • Christian Ray
      Christian Ray 12 days ago

      LovedBy You Same! We are the black sheep here I guess

  • Arnold Strong Numero Uno
    Arnold Strong Numero Uno 14 days ago +4

    Meghan Is annoying, is out of touch, and lives in her own little bubble. I think the DNC loves Pete though.

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore 14 days ago +1

    Meagan is a doll, should do Penthouse!!!!

  • K Citraro
    K Citraro 14 days ago +1

    Say what you will but Buttigieg is winning in Iowa and NH. He’s climbing in Nevada.. those 3 states will set the tone. I just don’t think Buttigieg is racist at all. Not one bit. My AA family members either have him as first? Or as their second choice. I’m in NC. One thing is true, once a narrative is out there? Democrats attack. We eat our own. I’m saying vote blue no matter who. Stop the degrading of any candidate.

    • Sue Rawley
      Sue Rawley 13 days ago +1

      The fact he did the opt-out support thing shows me he isn't honest.
      If it was someone on his tram, he needs to fire that person and make a public statement. I haven't heard that yet. I'll gladly take this comment back if I'm wrong and he has apologized for his campaign's missteps.

    • Paris Killingsworth
      Paris Killingsworth 13 days ago +2

      Only reason Pete is doing good in Iowa is because he spent 10-1 more than all the other candidates combined. So of course he’ll poll higher it’s a given. Plus Iowa is 94% white and the other 6% is poc. I’d expect that lol

    • Rafael Valle
      Rafael Valle 13 days ago +3

      I will not vote blue no matter who. I actually value my vote and it will only go to the person who earns it. Buttigieg hasn't and as long as he continues being a corporate hack, he never will.

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago +5

      K Citraro,
      You must belong in the 1% of his AA support (and even that number is surprisingly high to me). He is a ghastly corporatist shill with a massive racism problem in his small town (not to mention the homelessness his gentrification programmes have increased tenfold). Racism that his mishandlings and misjudgments and smug complacency has increased. He lies through his teeth and the MSM love him. I will never ever vote for this fraud who is relentlessly shoved in my face. And while the MSM protect him from his titanic failures, the Republican machine and Trump will be relentless in exposing these failures. He has a paid for ground campaign (just like Clinton did) and he is awash with corporatist money but he does not have momentum, nor does he have a movement to match that of the reactionary mob that follows Trump, nor does he inspire anyone who is not following the MSM (which is most people) to engage with the political process and go down the polling station.

    • Adam Iaccheo
      Adam Iaccheo 14 days ago +3

      He could win Iowa but I don't think he'll win NH. After that he'll get crushed everywhere else

  • Analysta654
    Analysta654 14 days ago +4

    There's a reason Biden was unsuccessful in four previous attempts at running for president.

    11STARFIRE 14 days ago +15

    Pete Buttigieg wants the Black American vote for his anti-Black behavior! **Personally I can't stand Buttigieg** He is a pimp who is using his homosexualalty to gaslight Black Americans.
    Pete Buttigieg: Black Americans don't like me because I am gay.
    No Pete we as Black Americans clearly see you are first and foremost a *fricken* racist. Meghan McCain, who is a nutcase, is sane and accurate on this point

  • Eurovision Battles
    Eurovision Battles 14 days ago

    Biden is not further right than moderate dems.

  • mdtkdchica
    mdtkdchica 14 days ago +9

    Look, I'm a black woman and can tell you that the black community is extremely homophobic.

    • 08094denise
      08094denise 10 days ago

      In a nutshell 95% of our ppl are very homophobic. Its due to our spiritual beliefs. It’s just not accepted no matter what it looks like publicly. The truth is we will not vote in a gay man and support a First Husband. I’m just keeping it real.

    • Kaylee McAllister
      Kaylee McAllister 13 days ago +1

      Glad someone said it 👏🏻

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago +2

      My brother is gay, we are white Anglo-Americans and raised in an exclusively white middle class environment. He too faced (and still faces) massive homophobia (it may be expressed differently, or not, but it is homophobia all the same). I too can draw conclusions from my limited subjective experience and from my brother's unnecessary suffering. Your argument is no better than the one that blames black communities for criminality within their communities while systemic violence (and the history of systemic violence, plus to the fact that the poorer one is the more likely to be a victim of crime) is disregarded. There is massive homophobia among America's religious white communities (of which many) as well, and the hate and ignorance is real there too.
      But back to the matter at hand, Buttigieg is loathed by the black people of South Bend because of his disastrous record regarding race relations not his sexual orientation. To blame homophobia for this charlatan's failures is preposterous and keeps reproducing stereotypes that statistics give the lie to (according to statistics there is as much homophobia among black communities as there is among white, Asian, Latino and other ones).

    • mdtkdchica
      mdtkdchica 14 days ago

      @rhetorical80 I wish what you are saying was wrong. However, I am apart of the black community and gay. I know the hate and ignorance is real. And I know this isnt just a problem in the black community but in most minority communities in America. To turn a blind eye to this being an issue with minorities is to be willingly naive.

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago +3

      Yet statistics show that your conclusion, from the small sample your experience affords you, is wrong. There is no more homophobia in black communities than there is in white or Latino or Asian or other communities. Anecdotal evidence doth not an objective thesis make.

  • OGmrjam0
    OGmrjam0 14 days ago +3

    Good, looks like you guys learned something today. Republicans can actually be right about something. Welcome to 2nd grade.

    • Zeeshaan
      Zeeshaan 13 days ago

      Even a broken clock is right twice a say. Republicans can be right once a month...and usually it's entirely by accident.

    • Rafael Valle
      Rafael Valle 13 days ago

      They can be, BUT they usually arent

  • Mary Croll
    Mary Croll 14 days ago +1

    Congrats young lady, you agree that PRIVILEGED AFFLUENZA sufferer “the all knowing” Megan McCain doesn’t like. I enjoyed this platform, thank you TYT. Never again. PLEASE do your research, I grew up in FORT WAYNE Ind. just like little SOUTH BEND Ind. because of your OPINION, everyone from Little South Bend is wrong. Hey TYT send yourself to Little South Bend. I’ll help you out. Little South Bend Indiana is in the upper Northern tip, oops sorry, try due North of little Fort Wayne Ind. TYT my last chance at “honest” unbiased? Reporting. There is NO SUCH THING. Unbiased reporting.

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago +1

      Gioachino Rossini,
      Indeed. It was fun trying to guess what this drivel wanted to say, though. In any case, children, one should not drive or type while under the influence. She'll be terribly embarrassed tomorrow, I'm sure.

    • Gioachino Rossini
      Gioachino Rossini 14 days ago +2


  • Som Dutta
    Som Dutta 14 days ago +3

    Obama's polls were dismal in South Carolina till he won Iowa. Pete is leading in Iowa nad NH, and his team is focused on winning them.
    Once that happens, his team will turn their focus on South Carolina etc. Pete is the dark horse of this race.

    • Jacquan Brown
      Jacquan Brown 14 days ago +4

      Yeah when it comes to race his record is dark.

    • jazzyjada
      jazzyjada 14 days ago +6

      You're comparing apples to oranges. Pete is no Obama. Winning Iowa will not translate into black votes in SC. If by some miracle, Pete wins the Democrat nomination, get set for the next Trump term.

  • Ringersoll
    Ringersoll 14 days ago +1

    “Believe it or not...”
    If it’s TYT, smart money votes ‘not’.

    • Jacquan Brown
      Jacquan Brown 14 days ago +1

      Ringersoll Yet incels, gun nuts and racist tune in to literally every video

  • wolfsden3
    wolfsden3 14 days ago +3

    Donald Trump was a shiny object once too...then he won 🤦

    • Zeeshaan
      Zeeshaan 13 days ago

      Buttigieg is not Trump. In every way; bad and good.

  • c v
    c v 14 days ago +8

    Mayor Pete the Prick is an arrogant ass who has just recently tried to garner the black vote, now that he's running for president. And he didn't do Diddley squat for blacks as the mayor of Southbend. He has clashed with voters in the district during protests when he fired the black police chief. If that's not bad enough he gets tons of corporate donations, largely from big tech. Pete is just another corporate tool who will work for the establishment and nothing will change for the people if he wins the presidency.

    • Jacquan Brown
      Jacquan Brown 14 days ago

      c v he won’t get more than 3% of the black vote ANYWHERE

  • Chief Huey
    Chief Huey 15 days ago +4

    Thr worst person you kno made a great point

    • Devon Knobel
      Devon Knobel 13 days ago

      @Chief Huey ____
      To those looking on; I will spend the time to edit this person’s reply, in case others here are also learning to speak English or in public.
      “I am not touting myself as all that when it comes to the political climate. I don’t look for the best in others, that is naive. Her (Meghan’s) viewpoints are hysterical and she is not for the greater good for all people. She is rich and out of touch with American people.” -Chief 11‘19
      Now _ think the opposite of a narcissist (what you take her for) - is a teacher or Saint. You talk about the “greater good of people”, while simultaneously forgetting your humanity (I certainly don’t see you here as a teacher or Saint).
      If you want to find the good in others, look for it _ else you are sure to fail. You will not find any (real) good in yourself until you master that skill. Hysterical (posh) _ were one better they would be acting to enrich others (civil, helpful, encouraging, or with proper critique when necessary).
      The only real point of controversy you mention, is her being rich. In the US that’s not a crime, nor especially unusual (especially for Republican leadership). The points she says are generally verbatim from their playbook, so hysterical also seems like a gross exaggeration to the norm. (Dem's have their own points, and I’d rather them not be shrugged off without thought).
      What we should fear, is failing our people such as Putin. Cruel dictator type folk will dismiss views differing from their own, not on logic - but through gas lighting tactics (such as calling them crazy AKA hysterical. That’s a shallow man’s game...
      Again she’s not my favorite (though presently to me you are lower still/ regardless if we’d otherwise agree). If you had actual debate to her direct points, you should have proposed it by now (again with a name, showing that you put yourself behind your words).
      Parents should teach their children respect - even to differing views. She is “pro-life” for a reason... it doesn’t have to be our reason. If you cannot respect yourself enough to keep your name or compassion here, more-so while you demean her, how could you ask for justice from another? To the R’s, Dem's are just as ‘out of touch’. The point in debate, is to touch the other side (not themselves).
      Both might have good points depending on the day. Estate taxes for farmers are destroying many family businesses . When you own a property that’s estimated in the millions and it comes to you in a will, there are immense charges (loses) to the Feds. I knew a close man who was dear to me who had had over 800 acres of orchards, given to him from his folks. He was telling me how sad he was, there was no way he could have kept it in the black, as for a farmer his best hopes for returns were no-where near his estimated expenses.
      Unless you can start listening to why some people are so upset (not simple lunacy), we will continue to weaken our debate > falling still closer to the doom that is Russia today; a single party, inevitably lead by the rich who seem to upset you so. I would counter, many of them could look for the good in others_.
      Be cool,
      write more if you want. Before I carry this on much further though, I would rather you regained your rightful title (your parents instilled on you). If you want to talk about who deserves respect, start with yourself.

    • Chief Huey
      Chief Huey 14 days ago

      @Devon Knobel om not touting myself as all that when it comes to the political climate i dont dont look for the best in other that is naive her viewpoints are hypercritical and she is not for the greater good for all people she is rich and out of touch with american people

    • Devon Knobel
      Devon Knobel 14 days ago

      Meghan McCain isn’t my favorite,
      though has a conscience and name
      when she speaks in public;
      do you not aspire for both?
      Pres Trump has a name -
      I guess that’s half way to being an adult.
      Look for the best in others
      if you want to find it in yourself.
      Try to help others find good in themselves -
      long before you go touting yourself as “all that”.

  • Beth Ward
    Beth Ward 15 days ago +7

    Bernieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! He is my guy.

    • Arnold Strong Numero Uno
      Arnold Strong Numero Uno 13 days ago

      Beth Ward Not people with good jobs or people who dream big. He probably hates any small business that franchises and then makes millions. And I say that as a poor person...

    • Beth Ward
      Beth Ward 13 days ago

      @Arnold Strong Numero Uno Cory Booker is not trustworthy to me. He has a long history with big pharma. Kamala is against Medicare for all, the studies be damned. Bernie is what he is. He hasn't changed his mind, he STANDS FOR THE PEOPLE!!!

    • Arnold Strong Numero Uno
      Arnold Strong Numero Uno 14 days ago

      Beth Ward you’re not excited at the thought of a Cory Booker or Kamala Harris?? 🤪

  • Aramai Jonassi
    Aramai Jonassi 15 days ago +2

    Bernie is going to get snipped out by Warren. Pete isn't going to beat Joe. IDK why you guys keep lying about him. He's kicking everyone's ass in the electoral states.

    • Aliasgar Lucky
      Aliasgar Lucky 15 days ago +1

      I am really shocked what will happen. Biden is still strong. Warren will win early states. Then it might end up between Bernie and Biden kneck to kneck and then superpacts will support him and will win again

  • Horace Ray
    Horace Ray 15 days ago +3

    Totally disagree with TYT regarding Mayor Pete.

  • archraskal
    archraskal 15 days ago +3

    Blacks have a problem with Pete because he's gay. Homophobic bigotry has been going on for a long time among blacks/African-Americans/AD0S, and in its harshest forms. Blacks are disproportionately. represented as suspects/offenders in hate crimes against gay people is just one of many things that point this out. There are studies about intolerance in African-Americans some of which can be accessed on-line. Black homophobia has been around before anybody heard of Pete Buttigieg or his participation in public life. The presidential election of 2008 in California is an excellent example of black bigotry against gay people. That year, Barack Obama's being on the ballot, drew out the largest percentage of black voters, ever, for a presidential election in the state. Also, Proposition 8 of that year was a pebliscite on the ballot to overturn the California Supreme Court's ruling earlier that year that found in favor of marriage rights for gay people. The outcome of the black vote was 70% a yes vote for this proposition that overturned the ruling by the CSC. This yes vote was larger than in any other demographic group. In light of these hard realities it's only a fool, or a bigot who would deny this. CENK UYGUR THE CANDIDATE FOR THE 25TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA IS BOTH...Ana Kasparian is one as well..

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago

      Whitney Pyant,
      Also his response to the shooting of a black man in his little town was the shittiest possible. If he had not the entire corporatist class, the MSM and the DNC behind him he wouldn't have been toast. But truth and decency have no place in the establishment's plans.
      Plus, there's a video going around where the smug, obnoxious cartoon that he is is seen courting the Tea Party (2009), that nest of racist vipers.

    • About That
      About That 14 days ago

      archraskal, you are just another gay racist is my guess. Many of whom love to deny their racist bs. There was a poster on many tyt videos who went by the name wicked tongue. Who admitted he was a gay racist. I called him out on a couple of occasions. You might be that clown. I strongly suspect you are. You post like that demonic clown.

    • archraskal
      archraskal 14 days ago +1

      @Jacquan Brown Too bad your among people who can't point out what a piss poor arguement that you have to oppose mine.
      I suggest you considier that tact that 93% of blacks who are murdered are murdered by their own kind. So, before you accuse white people of being racist make sure that you realize that black people do worse to their own kind.

    • archraskal
      archraskal 14 days ago

      @Whitney Pyant You're just a black perosn in denial about the bigotry you have in your culture. I gave you evidence that can be accessed to support my point of view. Do some research before you render an opinion.

    • Whitney Pyant
      Whitney Pyant 14 days ago

      I don’t that has anything do with that. I think black community don’t like because he demoted South Bend only black chief of police after recording of his following officers were racist things. The racist officers still have a job.

  • Krissy Bombe
    Krissy Bombe 15 days ago +2

    I’m super confused ? Are you intimated by a strong candidate against the leading progressive aka(Bernie) pass the torch

  • Football-Pundit
    Football-Pundit 15 days ago +4

    Lol Telephone poll , i have never heard MSM use metrics like No of individual donors or crowd sizes or internet polls, No wonder they keep getting their predictions wrong. 2016 Trump remember

    • Peter Gumz
      Peter Gumz 14 days ago

      Mayor Pete leads in the "people who answer lan line phones" poll....

  • Joanie Adams
    Joanie Adams 15 days ago +1

    Wow wouldn’t that be a shame. What else do we do for the blacks that they aren’t able to do for themselves. Hey civil rights ended what we owed blacks

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago

      Joanie Adams,
      Hey, racist pr*ck, the civil rights won were won after decades of struggles against odious shitheads like you and the system that favours them. By no means these struggles are over, given the massive systemic injustice suffered by entire social groups. What you 'owe' to the victims of systemic and institutional racism (alive and well to the present day, as per police shootings of unarmed black people, as per mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex) will only end when institutions and the social nexus stops abusing entire social groups -and on a subjective level, when pr*cks like you no longer are allowed in society. Racists like you certainly don't get to decide when 'owing' stops, you don't even get to decide what forms this 'owing' has.

    • Mike Carter
      Mike Carter 14 days ago +1

      @archraskal stfu bitch

    • D A
      D A 14 days ago +2

      it's not about what YOU owe. It's about what the American gov't owes.

    • archraskal
      archraskal 14 days ago +1

      @Abhimanyu Patil And, ir you read my previous post, blacks have worked to disenfranchise gay people. It's unfortunate that they're an influential base of the Democratic Party.

    • Kim Jong Trump
      Kim Jong Trump 15 days ago +1

      @Abhimanyu Patil - well said

  • Mel F
    Mel F 15 days ago +2

    Lol whenever you say Buttigeg, the closed captioning says "Buddha Jesus"

    • archraskal
      archraskal 14 days ago

      The closed captions are much nicer with his name than many people in the comments.

    • Nassir J
      Nassir J 15 days ago +1

      Yup 😂👍 I turned it on

  • Chase Lim
    Chase Lim 15 days ago +6


  • Preston Nicodemus
    Preston Nicodemus 15 days ago +8

    I would like to see the major networks give Bernie some fair coverage and give credit where its due... There's still time... Bernie 2020!!!

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 13 days ago

      Your reply is a reply to a question in your head, for it makes no sense in the context of this thread. What is false is the corporatist construction that is Buttigieg, if you really want to know more about this charlatan (which it is obvious you don't, you are happy to peddle the fiction) go and do your research. TYT has done a thorough investigation of his firing of the first and only black chief of police in his little town and all the legal aftermath of the terrible case (which the weasel wishes to sweep under the carpet). Marvel at the political corruption of the little twerp. Also, plenty of videos of his ghastly response to angry black constituents after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by the racist police he protects in South Bend. Also, plenty of anti-homelessness activists in South Bend can enlighten you about his disastrous policies and total inaction on the housing crisis. Shame on you for not knowing these things already.

    • archraskal
      archraskal 13 days ago

      @rhetorical80 You want a confirmantion of a false narrative that you support.

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago

      How about the MSM air the very valid and deep criticisms of the days and works of the charlatan mayor in South Bend, Indiana, instead of fawning over this corporatist shill who serves their shareholders and sponsors? Alternative media are the only ones who cover Bernie Sanders, MSNBC and CNN even removed his name from their polling data table!!!

    • archraskal
      archraskal 14 days ago

      Preston Nicodemus. How about TYT, the Rising, and any other alternative media increase their coverage for Bernie instead of obsessively coming out with hit pieces on Pete?

  • chiikaflor1
    chiikaflor1 15 days ago +7

    Yup we all agree :) boo Pete 👻

  • Kyle duFour
    Kyle duFour 15 days ago +1

    Honest question, IF Pete got the nomination and chose Bernie for VP (for arguments sake Bernie accepted) would the bernie bros vote for Pete?

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago

      Kyle DuFour,
      Given the awful cartoon, who' s is propped up by the MSM and corporations, is running for the sole reason that the establishment never really believed Biden wouldn't fail, and once they saw Harris was not taking off, they had to concoct a candidate ex nihilo to represent their interests and stop the only challenge to them, Bernie Sanders, your question is a dishonest one (but I expect no better from the charlatan mayor's supporters). In reality, if, the Dem base decides to commit suicide once more and votes for him, the cartoon will probably nominate Harris for his VP, thinking she will get him the 'black' vote (she is immensely disliked among black voters). To answer the real question you are anxious to ask, would I vote for this fraud? No, although many Bernie supporters will toe the line and will. I voted against Trump in 2016 (and by default for Clinton -not a vote for her) but won't do the same for this ghastly MSM construction shoved in my face.

    • jazzyjada
      jazzyjada 14 days ago +2

      @Tavi I'm a Bernie Bro, poc female. And the answer is NO! I would not vote for Pete at the top of the ticket. He's a loser! This vote against Trump strategy didn't work for Hillary, and it won't work for another right-leaning centrist.

    • Tavi
      Tavi 15 days ago

      It's a dumb question as most of the Bernie voters I know would vote for Pete over Trump regardless of who the VP pick is

    • Adrian Gerth
      Adrian Gerth 15 days ago +3

      He wouldn't, and Bernie wouldn't accept, so sorta moot.

  • Peter Dixon
    Peter Dixon 15 days ago +4

    Pete 2020!

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago +2

      Peter Dixon,
      Yes, because poor corporations and billionaires lack political representation and must get their guy.
      Pete Bought And Paid For 2020.

  • Earl Edward
    Earl Edward 15 days ago +6

    NBC/Universal MSNBC CEO is a big backer of Sneaky Pete so you won't hear any negative stories on their crooked channels.

  • Say What?
    Say What? 15 days ago +1

    Doo doo

  • sis jones
    sis jones 15 days ago +2

    Megan needs to sit down and shut her big mouth. I cant stand her or this show.

    • Joanie Adams
      Joanie Adams 15 days ago +2

      sis jones her mouth matches her ass size

    • Boom ds
      Boom ds 15 days ago +1

      She’s not wrong though

  • Deochan Karan
    Deochan Karan 15 days ago +6

    Booty Jej is an obama protege. Con men to the core.

  • D Goldstein
    D Goldstein 15 days ago +3

    And the young turks is a troll site that click baits All..The..Time

    • BillyGoat
      BillyGoat 15 days ago

      D Goldstein did you know there is free porn on the internet? It’s true! You can go see as many titties as you want and much better than Anna

    • D Goldstein
      D Goldstein 15 days ago +1

      I mean, I can go on> Wouldn't you like to stick your dog in those buns?

    • D Goldstein
      D Goldstein 15 days ago +2

      @bobbydylanio na only because I like looking at those biggggggg asssss titties

    • bobbydylanio
      bobbydylanio 15 days ago +1

      Yet you continue to click....

  • D Goldstein
    D Goldstein 15 days ago +3

    Meghan McCain has some biggggg ass titties.

  • Julian The Hungry Mestizo Ruiz

    It's strange because I have never met a single supporter of Pete..Ever!!!

    • Chrissy C
      Chrissy C 14 days ago

      Unfortunately I have and he relentlessly asks if I’ll support him against trump :/

    • eshinn
      eshinn 14 days ago +3

      I know one, and I can't figure out why anyone supports him. He's so obviously a shill for corporations and billionaires. All he stands for are platitudes and the continuation of oligarchy.

    • archraskal
      archraskal 14 days ago

      Well, you never leave the barrio. Get out of your cultural bubble.

    • Boom ds
      Boom ds 15 days ago +2

      Julian The Hungry Mestizo Ruiz then you clearly don’t talk to people

    • Karen Byrd
      Karen Byrd 15 days ago +2

      You live thousands of miles away from Iowa where he is going to win.

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas 15 days ago +3

    You guys are just homophobic

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago +1

      grey bright,
      And his supporters can't stand the fact black voters have got his number, so they slander black voters.

    • A C
      A C 14 days ago

      @ღSwnsasyღ _ seriously? You can be homophobic without killing people sweetie.

    • ღSwnsasyღ _
      ღSwnsasyღ _ 14 days ago +1

      archraskal Oooh, more LIKELY?? Oooh ok. All the conversion therapy ranches, camps and churches are all run but white people. White Supremacy sites DEGRADE gay etc people. FAKE CHRISTIANS in government are white people saying, "God condemns gays". SPLC shows statistics as WHITE SUPPREMIST KILL MORE TRANS people of COLOR but according to you, it still means more black people are homophobic LOL.. You sure you even attended 5th grade because FACTS are that, FACTS.. Just because you HEAR IT more doesn't mean it's fact.. Would take you all of 10mins to look it up and read the ACTUAL FINDINGS..

    • archraskal
      archraskal 14 days ago +1

      @ღSwnsasyღ _ Let me put it this way, you're more likely to be homophobic. I'm sure you're not though.

    • archraskal
      archraskal 14 days ago +1

      @walter hankins Get over your denial. @Karen Byrd is telling the truth.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 15 days ago +4

    Shut up meg

  • Ali Potter
    Ali Potter 15 days ago +4

    Normally like TYT objective reviews and comments. Think this is way off. Seems it's not 'fashionable' to try and do the right thing. Pete isn't perfect but I think at least it is coming from the right place. Commentary may be different if he wasn't a white male?

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago

      Peter Gumz,
      He is wining and dining CEOs (the MSNBC main shareholder is his mentor and major donor), has plenty of cash from pharmaceuticals and private health care providers (among other kleptocrats) and, naturally, he is courting superdelegates, corrupt little weasel that he is.

    • Peter Gumz
      Peter Gumz 14 days ago

      Wasn't he trying to court super deligates months ago?....

    • eshinn
      eshinn 14 days ago +2

      His heart isn't in the right place. He's the next candidate the corporate Democrats are trying to use to make sure the party doesn't move in a progressive direction. He is running because of personal ambition, and he'll say whatever he thinks the donors want to hear to get ahead. TYT's commentary would be exactly the same if he wasn't a white male because they felt the same way about Kamala.

    • Brian B
      Brian B 15 days ago +2

      I don't think we know where his heart is. We've got a small record to review and his contradictory statements.

  • LeNa
    LeNa 15 days ago +3

    "He speaks Norwegian"
    ??? Really... Wth has that to do w the nomination?...
    Let me hear him talk my language, and have my say..... 😉

    • rhetorical80
      rhetorical80 14 days ago +1

      They tell us again and again how many languages he speaks, better to lie, remasticate his platitudes and peddle corporatist propaganda in all of them!

    • Boom ds
      Boom ds 15 days ago +2

      LeNa that’s the joke. He laughing at how often they mention it. What language do you speak? He might actually speak it

    • Kostas Kotidis
      Kostas Kotidis 15 days ago +1

      it seems to be an American thing. they make presidential nominees play instruments, go to festivals, eat crappy food, dance... all kinds of unnecessary BS... I'm not saying that it never happens in other countries but at least it's not like a prerequisite as in the US.

  • Lord Makubex
    Lord Makubex 15 days ago +4

    damn meghan, miracle does happen a good point

  • Alex Daniel
    Alex Daniel 15 days ago +6

    Dudes you’ve just answered your own question regarding Meghan’s sudden flip in Mayor Pete. She’s an unabashed Biden supporter. She sees her fella going down in flames.