• Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • We build two sick teams around the new Real Madrid signing Jovic!!
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Comments • 158

  • Ivxy Vrain
    Ivxy Vrain Day ago

    Those nuts are about to turn in to a million pieces that could get stuck under mikes denture

  • Tarek Barakat
    Tarek Barakat 17 days ago

    absolutely nothing happens in the first 6 mins

  • Evan Hamilton
    Evan Hamilton 19 days ago

    actually starts at 6:32, youre welcome

  • Kai Platt
    Kai Platt 22 days ago

    So before we dive into this video..... “skips 5mins”

  • Arran Jannetts
    Arran Jannetts 22 days ago


  • Zayaan Bawany
    Zayaan Bawany 24 days ago

    8 ads in one video. Has it gone to the point where u are that desperate 😂

  • leoBCM
    leoBCM 25 days ago

    You can tell Jack filmed the sponsor a year ago because he's speaking about the transfers like they're hot shit.

  • Nikola Saric
    Nikola Saric 25 days ago

    Andy you fucking idiot can't get wrong about Serbia and croatia....

  • DeadFAMOUS G
    DeadFAMOUS G 25 days ago

    Can someone please tell me why is areola called the nipple?

  • Kuolemanlaakso
    Kuolemanlaakso 26 days ago +1

    You have to stop saying !new football app". It's not new ffs.

  • Xess Abrubt
    Xess Abrubt 26 days ago


  • Daryl Jones
    Daryl Jones 27 days ago

    I know I’m 3 days late, but Andy said “that was blatantly a goal kick” and I know the whole point of the series is to win and discard the other players cards, but if you know the game has done someone wrong, you should’ve atleast give Jack a goal, the game might of turned out different. But you’re a cheat so I’ve just wrote this for nothing..

  • linusminus3
    linusminus3 27 days ago +1

    Jack continues to make tiny mistakes, like at 14:05. If he would've used that tactic he would've needed Goretzka to link to Rodriguez to give him full chem, otherwise those choices wouldn't work rendering Can a useless guess.

  • RoxasTheNobody93
    RoxasTheNobody93 27 days ago +2

    Came down to the comments section thinking there'd be a Slavic war going on due to Andy's mess up haha.

  • Connor R
    Connor R 27 days ago +1

    Anyone else get andys 2 CBs and goalkeeper? Was very obvious, the man loves sneaky squads.

  • Sander de Nijs
    Sander de Nijs 27 days ago +9

    How many ads do you want in a vid?
    Jack: yes

  • tom rodgers
    tom rodgers 27 days ago +1

    Ya'll making way to big a deal of these rumour. You acting like he already signed

  • Jamie Thomas
    Jamie Thomas 27 days ago

    I would of done alderwirld and lloris then a leg and for AJ

  • Lucky Lord
    Lucky Lord 27 days ago

    Idk why but Andy annoys me so much lol

  • victory gharevb
    victory gharevb 27 days ago

    U shouldn't be able to have 3 picks for one position, Andy!!😧😤. 15:15

  • Lorcan Buggy
    Lorcan Buggy 27 days ago

    Sorry jack had to turn off the video that backround music is just so horrible

  • Fin Fin
    Fin Fin 28 days ago

    andy knows nothing about football smh

  • Dylan O Connell
    Dylan O Connell 28 days ago

    They wonder why there is nobody on the market when they are discarding all the players

  • Nacho
    Nacho 28 days ago

    I mean both Schmeichel and Christensen were obvious af dunno how Jack didnt guess those

  • Weber Niraschtoe
    Weber Niraschtoe 28 days ago

    Love your videos, but please put the ads at the start of the video!

  • fifa things
    fifa things 28 days ago

    Andy guessed Benatia and he is not even in the game

  • Jordan Hume
    Jordan Hume 28 days ago

    Stop forcing that dead app on us so hard ffs

  • Mirna Skrok
    Mirna Skrok 28 days ago

    Idi u pičku materinu đubre jedno jebem ti srbe rebić je hrvat

  • Ahmed Khaled
    Ahmed Khaled 28 days ago

    As soon as Andy chose Delany, I was 100% sure he was gonna go for Christensin!

  • Hjalte
    Hjalte 29 days ago

    SBSD starts at 6:26

  • Adam Clarke
    Adam Clarke 29 days ago

    Jack is actually so shit at fifa but I don’t understand how because it’s his life and his job it’s how he makes his living yet he’s actually wank, the decisions he makes are autistic

  • Gary Forbes
    Gary Forbes 29 days ago

    Song at 15:50 I ask ever vid haha

  • Lila 10
    Lila 10 29 days ago +4

    its delayed
    the shot to reaction is off
    andy hit the post them 2 seconds later u heard and saw the reactions of both people
    jus tryna bring notice to this

  • Raphael Da silva
    Raphael Da silva 29 days ago

    Anyone notice Andy doesn’t seem to give a fuck on other people’s channels?

  • FifaSkillz _
    FifaSkillz _ 29 days ago

    why does jack keep saying 'yeah boi' ffs

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 29 days ago

    haha fuck that onefootball app flash scores hands down better

  • BossStar -
    BossStar - 29 days ago

    Use that check in the back to buy some AirPods

  • Chavadas9 Kavv vv e
    Chavadas9 Kavv vv e 29 days ago

    My team would be Jovic and then Serbian Rebic.... oh sh*t

    OWNATION 29 days ago


  • Filipe Goes
    Filipe Goes 29 days ago +7

    Jack’s teams are always so tragic... Who tf picks malcuit xD This is not entertaining at all.

  • xLoSt Wise Guy
    xLoSt Wise Guy 29 days ago +1

    Why do they call areola the nipple

  • Angus Jones
    Angus Jones 29 days ago

    Love the videos moite

  • coleeg69
    coleeg69 29 days ago

    Video Starts @6:42

  • Kelvin Goh
    Kelvin Goh 29 days ago

    You are a free win against anyone.

  • Black Hammer
    Black Hammer 29 days ago

    Jack u deserved to lose, every time ur too nice to Andy, do u think he would be as nice to u??
    Stop being the nice guy and best the mob wife at his own game

  • Daniel Ilibman
    Daniel Ilibman 29 days ago

    Jack have the worst ever name pronunciation i have ever heard of players and a lot of fifa or football youtubers that this is literally their job to know the names can't ever say it right maybe next time just do ur research
    EDIT: sorry Andy have the worst name pronunciations what a joke like if he is not in the prem the don't know shit

  • S
    S 29 days ago

    why did you give him a trump card that benefits him

  • Dengnash
    Dengnash 29 days ago +1

    Please sub to me just made a FIFA 19 sketch with an insane flick volley !!!!!!!

  • Callum Lloyd
    Callum Lloyd 29 days ago

    Novice tots card I have him he is well good at cam and st or cf

  • sk7plays
    sk7plays 29 days ago

    Looks like Real Madrid now have two luca's surely they'll win the champions league with two ballon d'or winners

  • MrFamey
    MrFamey 29 days ago +4


    • MrFamey
      MrFamey 27 days ago

      @Memekongen why the fuck would I comment this if I don't?

    • Memekongen
      Memekongen 27 days ago +1

      Who cares

  • Phil MUFC
    Phil MUFC 29 days ago +1

    At least it aint 360p anyway thank god

  • willkoberna
    willkoberna 29 days ago

    Why don’t you just edit out the waffling between the end of the game and doing the discards?

  • isaac gaming
    isaac gaming 29 days ago +1

    Jovic is not full chem

    • willkoberna
      willkoberna 29 days ago

      isaac gaming no, they both are full chem. Jack has a perfect link, which gives both Jovic and Kostic full chem, and Andy has 3 weak links to his Jovic

  • Mohammed Amaan
    Mohammed Amaan 29 days ago +1

    Who is watching ind v pak

  • VersatilityGB
    VersatilityGB 29 days ago

    I’ve been using one football for a couple of years, actually the best football app around

  • Gonçalo Rodrigues
    Gonçalo Rodrigues 29 days ago

    I can't seem to find this music in the description (10:00) can anyone help me?

  • Wrap Wraper
    Wrap Wraper Month ago +4

    We as Croatians are thoroughly insulted by that Rebić mistake, Andros.

    • InFuriousGamer
      InFuriousGamer 26 days ago +1

      Wrap Wraper I don’t even support the UK fuck that I’m a German fan haha

    • Wrap Wraper
      Wrap Wraper 28 days ago

      @InFuriousGamer Got further than England in World Cup, maybe that's why you are frustrated 😁

    • Mathias Norberg
      Mathias Norberg 29 days ago

      @InFuriousGamer Well not the brits as usual

    • InFuriousGamer
      InFuriousGamer 29 days ago +2

      It’s Croatia who gives a fuck

  • wezbwfc
    wezbwfc Month ago +11

    Jack why is your gameplay always behind your speech? I only notice it with your channel

    • wowooooo
      wowooooo 29 days ago +1

      wezbwfc bad editing

  • Pat Fox
    Pat Fox Month ago +4

    Jack needs to sync his gameplay with the cameras lol, the camera is 2 seconds behind the gameplay lol

  • Sam Metzger
    Sam Metzger Month ago

    I packed jovic out of my Bundesliga tots pack. I’ve played like 70 games and he has a positive goal differential and like 30 assists. Insane

  • Teckboy Flys
    Teckboy Flys Month ago +11

    cant have a vid with jack if there isn't the old line (FOR GOD SAKE)

  • Aidan Williams
    Aidan Williams Month ago +1

    Frankfurt have just signed Serbian Joveljic now haha

  • Hyeongbeen Cheon
    Hyeongbeen Cheon Month ago

    Ur one-football promotion is a year old jeez

  • Mafkees
    Mafkees Month ago

    Vid starts at 6:40

  • RazzaBazza __
    RazzaBazza __ Month ago

    Andy at least don't be a hypocrite, you choose shit players then slaughter others for having shit players smh

  • Philip Caffrey
    Philip Caffrey Month ago

    It’s 21

  • Krenar Emini
    Krenar Emini Month ago +4

    goddamn whats up with all the ads man 🥴🥴

  • XJokermanX
    XJokermanX Month ago

    It's Davies not dayvees ffs

  • Zander Bicknell
    Zander Bicknell Month ago

    video starts at 6:00