• Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • My bucket list is huge - but being in this game has got to be the coolest thing so far. Download it here: qkq5h.app.goo.gl/itsalexclark
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  • The Saint FN
    The Saint FN Year ago +3873

    My small accomplishment is my TheXvid channel reaching 100 subs but hopefully some day I will pass 200

    MicGAMING 6 days ago

    2:10 I'm In Australia Guess I Can Cross That Of My Bucket List XD (btw funny joke)

  • Ginger
    Ginger 8 days ago

    I went to miami in the 3rd game

  • Johann Hernandez
    Johann Hernandez 10 days ago

    In the philipines a keybaord phone is 456 pesos or $9

  • fake dire clan
    fake dire clan 13 days ago

    Australlia is the best i live there

  • Wolf fire124
    Wolf fire124 14 days ago

    Lol I am an Australian but don’t say any slangs

  • Angela Schoebel
    Angela Schoebel 17 days ago +2

    I’m an Australian and if you said that I would be like “who the heck are you weirdo”

    • Taro Mueller
      Taro Mueller 14 days ago

      Me Australian to prove it ik slang

  • Boys Hudson
    Boys Hudson 18 days ago +1

    3:08 what game is that I've never played it before

  • Dane Hollyoak
    Dane Hollyoak 18 days ago +2

    I am from Australia it is amazing
    I love the kangaroos!

  • Kriss Kirsch
    Kriss Kirsch 19 days ago

    Hi im ai fan.😎🦄

  • Pokè Player
    Pokè Player 26 days ago

    My goal is to not disappoint my parents, learn how to make annoying noises and walk without my crutches. 2020 goals!

  • Ember Storm
    Ember Storm 26 days ago

    I am in 6 grade and im Australia

  • James Moore
    James Moore 26 days ago

    Squad rivals

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 27 days ago +1

    But alex i keep pressing the game in the desperiction but it says Item not found :(😭

  • Clarkpm10 Carlson
    Clarkpm10 Carlson 27 days ago

    Sub to it's Alex Clark

  • Cute Coke
    Cute Coke 28 days ago

    Cool mate

  • lockable_ binge7
    lockable_ binge7 Month ago

    I think they took the game off the app store

  • ki rb
    ki rb Month ago

    What "link" there is no link to the game to play as you!

  • Emmanuel Bernal
    Emmanuel Bernal Month ago

    i got you as a mechanic

  • Rebel Fleet Trooper

    I want to get sucked into a game! But not in a one by EA. I mean, look at Battlefront!

  • Hat Storm
    Hat Storm Month ago +3

    2:40 In Australia, there’s a large, empty warehouse where they give you a laptop and a vr system, then you just run around with a laptop strapped to your back, a vr system on, and with scores of other people.

  • Conner Gallardo
    Conner Gallardo Month ago

    Work hard and be persistent

  • Jacket Gaming
    Jacket Gaming Month ago +1

    Ok boomer

  • Santiago Ramírez
    Santiago Ramírez Month ago

    You live in spase

  • doranjohn15
    doranjohn15 Month ago

    Comment if you live in Ireland

  • Melanie Madge
    Melanie Madge Month ago

    Squad rivals can't be gotten anymore

  • nitash Tamang
    nitash Tamang Month ago


  • nitash Tamang
    nitash Tamang Month ago


  • Aronle123
    Aronle123 Month ago

    Your game isn't available in Europe 😱😱😢😭

  • Funtimefredboi With fon fon

    Ha losers i LIVE in Australia FOREVER

  • Christian Brash
    Christian Brash 2 months ago +1

    From the first crate I got is mechanic itsalexclark I was like “wow”

    MCWDD 2 months ago

    Alex, your coming back to Australia! You need to for.......reasons.......

  • dios proteje
    dios proteje 2 months ago

    Your voice has change.nnnooooooooo

  • PaperBag Productions
    PaperBag Productions 2 months ago


  • Jack Theflamewolf
    Jack Theflamewolf 2 months ago

    You didn’t use to go to astralia.i live in astralia

  • Nathaniel Ramirez
    Nathaniel Ramirez 2 months ago

    Wait how will we get the Alex Clark character?

  • Rio Newman
    Rio Newman 2 months ago +1

    Why does his pods look like airpods air when they havent been released yet???? Illuminati confirmed

  • Ed’s mock’s and reviews

    I’m in seventh grade.

  • Momo
    Momo 2 months ago

    Did he just say *FRICK?!*

  • Hearo5 DE
    Hearo5 DE 2 months ago

    On My IpHoNe 10

  • Liam animations
    Liam animations 2 months ago

    I know its not your fault that squad rivals was deleted.

  • Agent _beast
    Agent _beast 2 months ago

    I live in Australia and not much people say g’day mate

  • The_Real _Naruto_Uzumaki

    bairy Benson

  • Cristina Soares
    Cristina Soares 2 months ago


  • Jacob Suncar Silva
    Jacob Suncar Silva 2 months ago


    Ian SPRANKLING 2 months ago

    G'day mate

  • c3 cj gaming games and stuff

    Your just gonna show off this whole video you jerk

  • junetron gaming
    junetron gaming 2 months ago

    when you said "next your going to tell me my computer has a virus and im going to have to pay you 100 dollars to fix it" my anti virus poped up

  • trudie schulz
    trudie schulz 2 months ago

    Do things but 1. I live in Australia and I really love that you like Australia and 2. you need to dab on those haters

  • Dude perfect Junior
    Dude perfect Junior 2 months ago

    Good day mate l bludy live in a Australia

  • Damaris Rodriguez
    Damaris Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Super smash Bros

  • wyearp 2009
    wyearp 2009 2 months ago

    Your game is trash

  • theozzieslayer15
    theozzieslayer15 2 months ago +1

    Thank you Alex for like my country

  • SolAndLuna YT
    SolAndLuna YT 2 months ago

    Mac and cheese in the corner of my room.

  • lansha channel ferrer
    lansha channel ferrer 2 months ago

    I can't download the game squad rivals

  • Jkfbloxx
    Jkfbloxx 2 months ago

    I broke my thumb leave a like for a prayer 🙏

  • Ranen Seow
    Ranen Seow 2 months ago

    I can't download the app☹️

  • George Ayres
    George Ayres 2 months ago +3

    I’ve actually downloaded this game since your in on when I’m older I wish I could be as good as you on TheXvid love you >3

  • joshuatheDestroyer 832
    joshuatheDestroyer 832 3 months ago

    Like the king brown the tiger snake and many many more

  • joshuatheDestroyer 832
    joshuatheDestroyer 832 3 months ago

    Im from Australia we have lots of snakes