Will Hamilton switch to Ferrari in 2021?

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Talk of Lewis Hamilton making a shocking switch from Mercedes to Ferrari in the future has intensified in recent months, especially after comments made by Toto Wolff and Mattia Binotto. But how likely is the move? Jack Benyon and Scott Mitchell talk about the chances of Hamilton moving, how it would trigger a seismic driver market switch and what it would mean for Mercedes' future line-up.
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  • Ng Jian Ming
    Ng Jian Ming 3 days ago

    We want Lewis Hamilton to drive Ferrari in 2021

  • Sergei Abbitjakokov
    Sergei Abbitjakokov 3 days ago

    If anything I'd see Hamilton at Red Bull or Haas, but probably Red Bull once the Honda engine is online.

  • CrankyYankeeF1
    CrankyYankeeF1 3 days ago +1

    The second you realize you made a poor choice of wardrobe 0:18

  • Gladys Wildgoose
    Gladys Wildgoose 4 days ago

    He would get a billion pound contract

  • Clifford Bradford
    Clifford Bradford 10 days ago

    I can tell you what wouldn't happen would be Hamilton and Vettel as teammates...
    I do buy the idea that if Hamilton left MB the best choice to replace him would be Verstappen. He's had a really good season in 2019. Well outperformed his teammates and was far more consistent at squeezing the most points out of a race than he had been before. Also I can't see MB wanting anything to do with Vettel - he's to much of a drama queen

  • Malajas Yakas
    Malajas Yakas 11 days ago

    I think they are gonna extent seb's contract

  • Kelly Moran
    Kelly Moran 12 days ago

    Hammy is not going anywhere! Ferrari will keep the same lineup and Mercedes will keep the same lineup of drivers.

  • Alex Ainsworth
    Alex Ainsworth 12 days ago

    If Hamilton were to leave Merc then I think Danny Ric would be a brilliant replacement. Similar driver, great personality, he can lead a team and be number 1 driver, won races and proved he can be the best. I can see he would fit in very well and also has known Valtteri from a young age because when Dan moved to Europe for karting, he raced againt Valtteri

  • Bloqk-16
    Bloqk-16 13 days ago

    (phrasing this in jest) I wasn't aware of a driver named "Will Hamilton" in motorsports, as that what the headline, to this TheXvid post, implies. Is "Will Hamilton" any relation to "Lewis Hamilton" as named in the Description? (I hope viewers out there gets the joke to this)

  • 11 lopes
    11 lopes 16 days ago

    How about.... if he does you can tell us then?

  • Boris Posavec
    Boris Posavec 16 days ago

    HAM talked to Ferrari just to boost his paycheck.

  • ADEN Garrick
    ADEN Garrick 17 days ago


  • Glenn Land
    Glenn Land 18 days ago


  • Big_Whiskey13
    Big_Whiskey13 19 days ago

    Yes Of course to cash a huge paycheque but one more yr at the benz to break all records

  • Atte Pirttiaho
    Atte Pirttiaho 22 days ago

    N omegalul

  • Moha Fuath
    Moha Fuath 23 days ago +1

    Hamilton should stay at mercedes, Ferrari are not sure

  • Orangeballs
    Orangeballs 23 days ago

    If Hamilton moves to Ferrari he just probably want a free laferreri😂

  • Hitler
    Hitler 23 days ago


  • Derek1978
    Derek1978 24 days ago

    put him in a Williams..lets see how great he really is

    • Derek1978
      Derek1978 24 days ago

      @M T oh i like Hamilton..i never thought bad about him or use propaganda against him....was kind of a joke didn't know people were gonna take it personally....

    • M T
      M T 24 days ago

      The propaganda war is lost. Its over.
      Hamilton is on the verge of becoming the most successful driver in f1 history and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

  • Derek1978
    Derek1978 24 days ago

    I hope so getting tired of watching him win

    MAVERICK 42 26 days ago

    If he does then he is stupid for doing so, why would you fix something that isn't broken it makes no sense.

  • garry davis
    garry davis 26 days ago

    Got nothing better to upload

  • garry davis
    garry davis 26 days ago

    Noooooooo way

  • Kun
    Kun 26 days ago +1

    What if... what if Hamilton blows everyones mind and signs with HAAS to break into the untapped American market?
    Is that wishful American thinking?

  • CoasterFan
    CoasterFan 26 days ago

    Max to Mercedes? Kimi to red bull? Lewis to Ferrari?

  • Pluckaiy
    Pluckaiy 27 days ago

    No he wont

  • Josh H
    Josh H Month ago

    Just realised I wasn’t on WiFi, that wasn’t worth my data 🙄

  • Dirty Harry
    Dirty Harry Month ago

    I think he will leave....schumacher left a winning benneton team for ferrari who took years to win with shumy...i guess it would be a new challange for lewis.

  • Nizam Ahamad
    Nizam Ahamad Month ago

    IMHO. It's just Ferrari fanatic fans & team whom desperately want LH goes to there to boost back their rank which shattered for years already . But I will said it won't happen easily.
    Here's my list why.
    - Because MERZ AMG PETRONAS is already a great great great team.
    - Why stop at 6 consecutive win? Make it 10! Unbeatable!
    - Too many politics in Ferarri.
    - Toto seems a really good man, and being FIA president might be Ferrarilitics too!
    - Merz AMG possibly wouldn't let this happen.
    - Many more.

  • WarBirdGhost
    WarBirdGhost Month ago

    Silly season 2020 started early.

  • Samiul Tv
    Samiul Tv Month ago

    Leclerc and lewis would be a mad partnership

  • Elijah Dillan Franco

    I hope both Toto and Lewis stay with Mercedes.

  • Still I Rise4485
    Still I Rise4485 Month ago

    Why would he leave McLaren and go to midfield Mercedes? Ferrari have virtually infinite resources no way he turns down an offer from the Scuderia

  • Daniel Gillen
    Daniel Gillen Month ago +1

    I bet he made up his mind when on the podium when leclerc won in Monza! What a race. That toffosi love!

  • Pole Nit
    Pole Nit Month ago

    Money money money 💰 money 💴 money 💵 has no loyalty best wishes from sunny Devon and yes it’s raining today 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇳🇿

  • Zarves-T
    Zarves-T Month ago

    I can't imagine Hamilton in ferrari suit and Vettel in mercedes. It just looks not right.

  • Jameel Ja
    Jameel Ja Month ago

    Why would he move over to Ferrari? Especially since Mercedes has been so dominate.

  • 7wt
    7wt Month ago

    I would welcome that whole heartedly.

  • Neal M
    Neal M Month ago

    Italians are super duper racist and probably wont favor a mixed race driver. But who knows

  • Henry Phillips
    Henry Phillips Month ago

    Max verstappen would be better for Ferrari. Lewis wouldn't fit in. Hes up and down like a yoyo at the best of times. He doesnt speak Italian. He will need to Much money to be motivated. Hes to complex as a person to keep from throwing a highly strung tantrum Toto cant moddy coddle him for ever.

  • Nabeel Sader
    Nabeel Sader Month ago +1

    If Lewis was gonna move to Ferrari in qualifying he would get 10 minutes

  • Thomas Shelby
    Thomas Shelby Month ago

    I wish Ricciardo could go Ferrari he deserves a fast car

  • Jeff Vader
    Jeff Vader Month ago

    To be honest this guy doesnt even know how many races Hamilton has won, so his credibility as a journalist and his ability to predict driver movements has got to be very close to zero.
    Having said that...Hamilton to Ferrari and Ricciardo to Mercedes, is it a dream?

  • Himanshu Eklare
    Himanshu Eklare Month ago

    Everyone is sensing ....

  • Israr Mohi
    Israr Mohi Month ago

    I don't think hamilton would switch to Ferrari in 2021 year which massive rule changes are implemented and if history is anything to go by Ferrari always struggled to get it perfect from the get go at the rules refresh and Hamilton wouldn't take that risk with Ferrari who's chances of struggling are atleast 50% and stay at the team Mercedes where even if they start badly they'll keep developing faster and better as the season goes on

  • Adrian Hasani
    Adrian Hasani Month ago

    Of course will he go to ferrari, not just him but everyone cause Ferrari is Ferrari!!!!

  • SJ Spode 114
    SJ Spode 114 Month ago

    Can see LH wanting to win World Championships with three teams.

  • kiran babu
    kiran babu Month ago

    Hamilton winning the 7th WDC with Ferrari and winning the 8th with Mercedes would be the ultimate boss move.

  • Antiii
    Antiii Month ago

    Why would Hamilton switch to the slower car? How stupid would that be lmao. This video is pointless.

  • Hussain AK
    Hussain AK Month ago

    Why is Ferrari even considering Hamilton? Why are they always after run down, spent career stars like Alonso, Vettel who basically end up giving nothing to the team.

  • michael dixon
    michael dixon Month ago +1

    People don’t want to admit it but Hamilton is F1GOAT.

    • michael dixon
      michael dixon Month ago

      Stephan Clemens Really? Clearly not a Hamilton fan. Only Michael Schumacher has him beat and that record will fall like it or not.

    • Stephan Clemens
      Stephan Clemens Month ago

      How so?

  • Alex D.
    Alex D. Month ago

    Question after scrolling through the comments. How does equal parts making fools of themselves and being absolutely crushed and humiliated years in a row not dial your ego back a little bit? Or are ferrary fans that delusional? LMAO Arrogance goes hand in hand with denial, but I would've thought 6 years in a row as the stumbling runner-up definitely should put them in their place. oh, great great ferrari lol

  • BumOn TheCorner
    BumOn TheCorner Month ago

    Wow you really milked this for 10 min unsubing

  • BumOn TheCorner
    BumOn TheCorner Month ago

    I could give 2 shits about ferrari if I was in F1 I wouldn't leave my team for them

  • Craig Houghton
    Craig Houghton Month ago

    I think,sorry i hope Lewis has more brains than to move to Ferrari. Ferrari definitely have race winning cars but unfortunately don't have the race tacticians. They never commit to anything they are always second guessing themselves. SAD.

  • Syd Clark
    Syd Clark Month ago


  • Adam Podstavka
    Adam Podstavka Month ago

    I am Ferrari fan for over 20 years and I hugely respect Lewis. And I like these talks. However, noooo, I don't want this to happen, that just does not feel right.

  • MAC D
    MAC D Month ago

    He'll think he's bigger than ferrari

  • Happy Gilmore
    Happy Gilmore Month ago

    He has no reason to move to Ferrari.

  • Dominic J A
    Dominic J A Month ago

    No chance