2020 Workshop Mods - Bench/Sliproller/Plasma Table

  • Starting 2020 with some excellent workshop tweaks to make the next BIG project a bit easier.
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Comments • 80

  • Punky Plays
    Punky Plays 10 hours ago

    On his shirt the tag is out now i can’t unsee it

  • Alex Keen
    Alex Keen 17 hours ago

    Drill tack

  • Reed Bushey
    Reed Bushey 19 hours ago


  • Frankie Rzucek
    Frankie Rzucek Day ago

    Have you built a hover craft yet? I'm pretty sure that's next on the list. Lol
    I really enjoy watching your build videos and ones like this one where you upgrade your shop. Everything you do or make is absolutely brilliant. Huge fan over here in the USA.

  • Hui Juice
    Hui Juice Day ago

    i would like to buy merch but furze means farts in german so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • 1ce
    1ce Day ago

    Degies dog

  • Roy Ofzo
    Roy Ofzo Day ago

    Loved the video Colin! I would love a short series on some of the tools and techniques that you use a lot.

  • Keelan Taylor
    Keelan Taylor 2 days ago

    I see you plan on living there for the rest of your life, and I don’t blame you

  • Eduardo Padilla
    Eduardo Padilla 2 days ago

    Soy el unico que habla español no entiendo nana

  • shadow flame101
    shadow flame101 2 days ago

    why would anyone dislike any of his videos

  • smkebud
    smkebud 2 days ago

    Do you wanna sell some bog roll

  • LUCAS Prime
    LUCAS Prime 2 days ago


  • Noah Hansen
    Noah Hansen 2 days ago

    So I love this dude, not only because he is great at what he does, but he is just as insane as he is good at building things. He just became famous by pure grit and insanity.

  • 138FrOsTy138
    138FrOsTy138 2 days ago

    The music on these videos is always quality, 10/10 content too

  • blueberry turtle
    blueberry turtle 2 days ago

    for some reason the background music while hes attaching the metal to the bench reminds me of 2019 guy

  • Steven J Carsley
    Steven J Carsley 4 days ago

    Billion happy days

  • Josheghi Gariboldi
    Josheghi Gariboldi 5 days ago

    How's ur son doin doe

  • godingn
    godingn 5 days ago

    How big is your shed Colin?

  • Trap Johnson
    Trap Johnson 6 days ago

    Furze World Problem.
    ..... *slow clap*

  • Sad Panda bear
    Sad Panda bear 6 days ago

    I wonder what his daily life is like when he’s not trying to outdo NASA with a rocket that he built out of tin
    cans jet engine that he found in a dumpster

  • James Baker
    James Baker 6 days ago

    you should re-do the WHOLE shed and organise/refurnish it to moderise it..

  • dudek x
    dudek x 6 days ago

    So everyone gonna ignore that he has good taste in music as well?

  • Football galore PIERRE

    Your shed is a dream come true for steel workers

  • John Langan
    John Langan 7 days ago +1

    Colin is all of you welder's 230v

    • John Langan
      John Langan 7 days ago +1

      @colinfurze I have SWP red line mig welder what Brad do you have I love welding

    • colinfurze
      colinfurze  7 days ago +1

      yeah all 240v

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 8 days ago +1

    This guy will have a bat cave before we know it

  • Joels RC's
    Joels RC's 8 days ago

    You know ur tools like u when a flipin welder saves u from a broken foot

  • ryan scheepers
    ryan scheepers 8 days ago

    if it wasnt for you @colinfurze I wouldn't have found my love for fabrication 🤙

  • Hubert Zaczek
    Hubert Zaczek 9 days ago

    You can do a vacuum system

  • kevin stanley
    kevin stanley 9 days ago

    Need hand?

  • Nyoom chonk
    Nyoom chonk 10 days ago


  • Wilde Boseend
    Wilde Boseend 10 days ago

    Emagine being so Englisch that you have carpet in your workshop

  • gundam fan
    gundam fan 10 days ago

    Congrats and you're welcome mate love all your shows all your ideas and all your nutty outbursts im proud to be an Englishman.

  • Alan Hardcastle
    Alan Hardcastle 12 days ago

    I seriously avoid your videos because you're so ficking awesome.
    Ficking on purpose
    Ok so I tried hard to buy that tie...like harder then I probably should have.
    I cant get it, I'm in the USA. I'm missing something right?

  • Pedro Pedroz Travels
    Pedro Pedroz Travels 12 days ago

    Hey Colin I think you need to sell the plastic hand. Every work shop needs a spare hand around. I piss me self laughin every time I see that thing.

  • Caden Gaming
    Caden Gaming 12 days ago


  • glup12
    glup12 13 days ago +1

    Your things are a bit expensive in my opinion.

  • glup12
    glup12 13 days ago +1

    Why aren't you wearing your suit?

  • Mitchell Joint
    Mitchell Joint 14 days ago

    Ok... did anyone else see at 9:08 how he is using a steel box section on top of a car battery 😂. Doing that without a safety tie is living life on the edge.

  • max wragg
    max wragg 15 days ago

    i cannot fathom how plasma cutter doesnt cut thru netting on table ? copper ? someone please . . .

  • DiSfAkToR
    DiSfAkToR 15 days ago +1

    No one:
    Colin: “Let’s put wheels on my Slip roller!”

  • GamingWarrior 207
    GamingWarrior 207 16 days ago

    Is it just me or does he look like Gordon Ramsey from the back

  • Antonio Daniel
    Antonio Daniel 17 days ago

    Awesome! You've earned it, Colin! Your projects are fantastic and super entertaining!

  • marc parsons
    marc parsons 19 days ago

    Ordered and received a t-shirt and tie. Bought the tie for a friend of mine who has done a few favours for me. As he put me on to Colin Furze channel I thought the tie made the perfect gift. Was a big hit. Thanks for a quick service. Looking forward to the next tank video.

  • Badusername2000
    Badusername2000 20 days ago

    looking at all he's done in such a small shed, just imagine if he moved and got a bigger shed, the builds would be even more ridiculous.

  • Ali Tito
    Ali Tito 20 days ago


  • Dan Meszaros
    Dan Meszaros 25 days ago

    It's also a bed lol

  • Ethyn Robinson
    Ethyn Robinson 26 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey? Is that you?

  • shane
    shane 27 days ago

    a screw tank?

  • pricelessmods
    pricelessmods 27 days ago

    Everyone’s going on about the tank but no one is picking up on the fact he said you can get a mug if you get furzty, quality bit of banter there Colin

  • Nature Knives
    Nature Knives 27 days ago

    I think you’re going to build a wheel tank or a thread tank

  • Dodgerunner 95
    Dodgerunner 95 28 days ago

    Surprised he didn’t use anything that would be fire retardant between the wood and steel

  • beartastic
    beartastic 29 days ago

    Furze world problems? Wouldn't worry, 10M subs is probably the end of the world ... can't wait!

    OMGWTFBBQSHEEP 29 days ago +1

    9:18 the sound😂
    That thing needs some googly eyes

  • RWBHere
    RWBHere 29 days ago

    Congratulations on your 1,000,000,000 views, Colin!
    ✨✨✨🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇That's more than epic.🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇✨✨✨
    Here's to the next billion, which might come even more quickly! 🍻

  • Matt from wii
    Matt from wii Month ago +2

    What a boss
    He stirred his tea with a drillbit

  • Arthur Balls
    Arthur Balls Month ago

    02:26 - Yeah....I'm real sure the woman of the house will agree!!

  • Dingo Dino
    Dingo Dino Month ago

    I kinda feel sorry for his neighbours

  • Blenderis YO
    Blenderis YO Month ago

    Jet propeled tank anyone?

  • Jake Thejeweller
    Jake Thejeweller Month ago

    You have some amazing ideas bro👌👌 please don't change like Alec Steele did.

  • Ghost Erik
    Ghost Erik Month ago

    This old Tony brought me here... Some dude about Colin building Shagohod. Is this it?

  • Fredrick Welch
    Fredrick Welch Month ago

    COLIN? What is the jig called that you use to drill with holesaws into pipe at an angle? Or did you build it?

  • The Holy Grass
    The Holy Grass Month ago

    Reasons to watch colinfurze:
    1. He's a pretty dope guy
    2. Makes really cool stuff
    3. Need some new songs for my playlist

  • Glenopolis
    Glenopolis Month ago

    How the hell are you not blind not using proper eye protection with that plasma

  • Jp Jpish
    Jp Jpish Month ago

    How about a colinfurze accident book in merchandise

  • Martin William
    Martin William Month ago

    Drill tank

  • Internet
    Internet Month ago

    We have been dooped..it’s a shed inside a warehouse.lmao..still my favorite thing to watch while taking a dump.

  • Sumphuka
    Sumphuka Month ago

    C'mon Colin, ten mins to cut the carpet out :D

  • OwnMtchlBrns
    OwnMtchlBrns Month ago

    So howcome the plasma cutter doesn’t just cut through the mesh as well?

  • bratha nice
    bratha nice Month ago

    he then takes a nap next to a *HIGH VOLTAGE SIGN*

  • Blackdavid2011
    Blackdavid2011 Month ago

    You should definetly make a second channel for stuff like inproving the shed, or some tutorials, etc

  • Nik Martin
    Nik Martin Month ago

    Faithful Furze fan here, just wish you would wear safety glasses and hearing protection.

  • Jacob Jackson
    Jacob Jackson Month ago

    Does your wife approve this

  • Alison Porter
    Alison Porter Month ago

    Builds a welding table then he makes some thing that needs to be welded but it's to big for the table

  • Steve Muller
    Steve Muller Month ago

  • Kevin Feary
    Kevin Feary Month ago

    The tag on your shirt is killing me😐

  • rotormasher
    rotormasher Month ago

    Dude that's all great and dandy but why oh why do you have carpet in the workshop??? That's so British, it's like carpet in the toilet lol

  • simon henriksen
    simon henriksen Month ago

    Furze you Are so lazy

  • Honza Střílka
    Honza Střílka Month ago

    oh colin i love you so much for your ideas and projects.

  • Scribble Dip
    Scribble Dip Month ago

    I like collin 2020

  • Merv Howard
    Merv Howard Month ago

    What did Colin say? “Wax some minges on it”?!!!