Gregor Gillespie responds to Chael Sonnen critiquing his ‘worst callout in UFC history’ | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Oct 31, 2019
  • UFC lightweight Gregor Gillespie speaks with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto about his callout of Anthony Pettis, a callout that Chael Sonnen deemed the worst in UFC history. Gillespies says he doubts he’ll be making any more videos, but admits that it was necessary to do to get the fights he wants. (2:36) Gillespie previews his fight vs. Kevin Lee at UFC 244
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Comments • 858

  • MrMattyoshea
    MrMattyoshea 23 days ago

    I hated this match up between him and lee. Wish both of em could win

  • Allanrpsx
    Allanrpsx 27 days ago

    Five star ears

  • Zack Baker
    Zack Baker 29 days ago

    Gillespie looks like he only needs to wear one goggle when he goes swimming in his pool

  • Paul Osicne
    Paul Osicne 29 days ago

    gregor "hype train derailed, dead in another dimension" gillespie.

  • Ryan Dare
    Ryan Dare Month ago

    Good dude!

  • Ron P
    Ron P Month ago

    One big thing these fighters and even fans just don't get. You don't have to trash talk but you do have to promote yourself. That has been in combat sports since day one. So as Chael says you use your mic time to your advantage. Call out your next opponents but do it being yourself.

  • Bret m
    Bret m Month ago

    His ears are done for lol.

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago +1

    I like Gregor a lot seems like a super solid dude

  • San Diago
    San Diago Month ago +1

    For a minute I thought Gregor was still alive, then I realized this was before he died

  • Riki
    Riki Month ago


  • GrapeDrank25
    GrapeDrank25 Month ago


  • Yong Braveheart
    Yong Braveheart Month ago

    I see his fights his grappling not in khabib nurmagomedov level...this man will be finished when he face khabib

  • sOMBRE Demeurer
    sOMBRE Demeurer Month ago +1

    Gregor Getsleptsie

  • Sigismondo Scalese
    Sigismondo Scalese Month ago

    Gillespie looks like Charles Vane from Black Sails

  • Sek war
    Sek war Month ago +2

    Gregor is such a cool guy; I felt bad seeing him lose like that. That said, Kevin Lee is one of the most likeable guys in the division, and I'm glad to see him finally putting it together again. I'd like to see Gregor get a good fight next though.. Barboza, Al, or Pettis all make sense.

  • Spark 515
    Spark 515 Month ago

    Who cares. Chael sonnen is the smarter version of tito ortiz.
    Not saying much.

  • Verbalised Resonance

    Must be easy being a UFC "journo" when you have the UFC feeding you everything you need.... bet you 2 little benders are on the UFC payroll as well as your outlet. Brett and Ariel are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with todays "journalism". Drama merchant whores, hope 1 of the fighters punches both your fkn faces in.

  • Clippa12
    Clippa12 Month ago



    Why's this reporter bullying him for posting corny videos 😅 can see this man is visibly uncomfortable... In my mind, this is why he lost to Kevin Lee 😂

  • DeucelerSpeedruns
    DeucelerSpeedruns Month ago

    Oswald Cobblepot is looking pretty good

  • charles sullivan
    charles sullivan Month ago

    Sooooo... Gregor Gillespie is gay? I am thinking so

    • Riki
      Riki Month ago

      Huh? Why do u say that? Lol

  • Mikey H
    Mikey H Month ago

    Night night

    FIGHT PASS Month ago


  • gregory ariel
    gregory ariel Month ago

    Guy is lucky to still be alive after that KO

  • reppin 262
    reppin 262 Month ago

    RIP 2nd NOVEMBER 2019

  • kenny omega
    kenny omega Month ago


  • Butterscotch Raptor

    see chael wanted kevin to fit in to all this and well yea IT IS WHAT IT IS

  • elijah smith
    elijah smith Month ago

    Hey buddy I'm from the future. Got one word for you...Duck.

  • Lible
    Lible Month ago

    turns out dude is a featherweight

  • Tanner Minogue
    Tanner Minogue Month ago +2

    Turn the cereal call out into a meme. People are already on your side because you have a good disposition and seem very genuine. So keep making “bad callouts” over a bowl of dry cereal, and the MMA community will eat it up. 👌

  • Tanner Minogue
    Tanner Minogue Month ago +1

    I came here to laugh at this mans expense again, ended up becoming a fan. Good stuff my dude. You keep it 💯.

  • andrew herman
    andrew herman Month ago

    Kevin lee decapitated this mans hype train

  • Harry Greb
    Harry Greb Month ago

    He sounds like Shawn Michaels

  • Anton Lampe
    Anton Lampe Month ago

    Here after the fact. R.I.P.

  • Supercoollooking
    Supercoollooking Month ago +1

    He to small for lw he needs to go to fw

  • David Robertson
    David Robertson Month ago +4

    i thought he couldn't be anymore laid back, then Lee kicked him in the chops

  • Bufo on the Beat
    Bufo on the Beat Month ago +1


  • Zelja Kis
    Zelja Kis Month ago +2

    Cool dude hope he recovers from ko fast!

  • Epic Fails
    Epic Fails Month ago

    Gillespie looks tiny in these interviews

    • Riki
      Riki Month ago

      He shld drop 10 lbs and fight featherweight

    BOODRO WEBB Month ago +1

    Dude is stepping outside his comfort zone. Figuring out what does and doesn't work. Success doesn't come without failure. Hats off to him for not allowing himself to become complacent, despite being uncomfortable. That's something I can get behind. He has the talent, and the game now, includes theatrics. He's trying to be proactive with that. Hats off to you, buddy. At least you recognize that it's uncomfortable for you, but you blaze forward.

  • Harvin Garcia
    Harvin Garcia Month ago

    I'm just here to tell yall mans got slept my Kevin gsp Lee

  • Alain Dit
    Alain Dit Month ago +1


  • david anthony
    david anthony Month ago +49

    Kevin Lee finally found a hole in someone's game.

  • DarcyKnox21
    DarcyKnox21 Month ago +2

    Gregor seems like a nice guy shame Lee knocked him out so bad

    • DarcyKnox21
      DarcyKnox21 Month ago

      Астральный План really? I can’t help but think that’s inaccurate based on his statements after the fight. He seems to understand getting knocked out is just part of the game...but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for any new info

    • Riki
      Riki Month ago

      I know right. I heard his mom watched the fight and was so horrified by the knockout she convinced him to quit mma. Supposedly he's announcing his retirement via Twitter this Friday (tomorrow).

  • Pyramid
    Pyramid Month ago +1

    All of these "We don't have fighters like this in the UFC" comments are funny. We have a LOT of fighters like this in the UFC, you must only be paying attention to them because the over the too gimmick fighters get all of it.

  • Boxing Cartoon
    Boxing Cartoon Month ago

    0:02 u sure about that now?

  • Parker Loxterman
    Parker Loxterman Month ago


  • Brendan Schaub
    Brendan Schaub Month ago +2

    Still my boy

  • Lamb Chop
    Lamb Chop Month ago +2

    I still think he looks exactly like the penguin from Gotham.

  • adrenaline
    adrenaline Month ago

    this man got murdered... rest in peace he was a good man

  • Gaz Mach1
    Gaz Mach1 Month ago

    And when Gregor remembers his own name Chael can say "ha, told you so"

  • DR.Kue9 DR.Kue0
    DR.Kue9 DR.Kue0 Month ago

    He got Strached

  • Tom Killins
    Tom Killins Month ago

    He looks like the penguin from Gotham

  • VS9050909
    VS9050909 Month ago

    Chael Soonen criticism is absolutely irrelevant to this era of MMA. Take your fake old school Bs back to the early 2000’s

  • Jordi M
    Jordi M Month ago

    he should drop down in weight ... I think he would be a beast ... AND he had some good advice for anyone vs Kabib .... good stuff from GG

  • aslsmm 00
    aslsmm 00 Month ago +1

    Wow. That's not at all what I expected. Kinda feel bad about his knock out.

  • jewkilla0
    jewkilla0 Month ago

    man got KO'd!!!!!!!! Jheeeeeeeeeeeezussssssssssss

  • BMF G0AT
    BMF G0AT Month ago +1

    And he died

  • Fobeo Potent
    Fobeo Potent Month ago

    He got knocked tf out

  • Fresher Dougie
    Fresher Dougie Month ago

    He got destroyed.