HOUSE TOUR!! - JoJo Siwa


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  • Julie rmz 22
    Julie rmz 22 3 hours ago

    Wait i guess they haver a hole house 1 part for jojo well a mansion for jojo and the another part for their parents but i dont know

    ERWIN DE LEON 4 hours ago

    I feel bad for her phone it fell and she didn't notice it and accidentally step on it

  • Madelynn Canfield
    Madelynn Canfield 9 hours ago

    You are so so Boiled

  • French Toast Granger
    French Toast Granger 9 hours ago

    It’s just scary how her face is all around her house...

  • Julie Leeonel
    Julie Leeonel 16 hours ago +1

    Does Jayden even have a name in this household😂

  • Manuela Costa
    Manuela Costa 22 hours ago +1

    Your house os bed!
    Is your house is not beautiful

  • *Gissy M*
    *Gissy M* Day ago

    What about the upstairs

  • *Gissy M*
    *Gissy M* Day ago

    This was overwhelming

  • Maja Papež
    Maja Papež Day ago

    Dog is cool👍👍👍👍

  • Random Person
    Random Person Day ago +2

    Jake Paul but younger and a girl

  • Jessie Andales
    Jessie Andales Day ago

    Hi Jojo siwa what is your address and your number and your globe or smart phone

  • Ryah Greene
    Ryah Greene Day ago


  • Luna LoveGood
    Luna LoveGood Day ago

    Idk what’s worse her hairline or her screaming at us

  • Misland Ambroise

    I feel bad, it’s a freakin jojo museum exhibit

  • not sure
    not sure Day ago

    This video was posted on my sister's birthday

  • Natalia Fernandez


  • Angela Hill
    Angela Hill Day ago

    Ses tonunu siktiğim

  • KyuxbiGT
    KyuxbiGT Day ago

    I wonder how her future will be like

  • Riley Adams
    Riley Adams Day ago

    This chick needs to grow up jeez🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jade Trottier
    Jade Trottier Day ago

    AND y is there a BIG picture of u then TINY pictures of ur FAM?!?!?!?!?

  • Jade Trottier
    Jade Trottier Day ago

    THAT IS SO SELFISH!!!! EVERTHING IS ABOUT U!!!! your poor fam

  • Ellie Rich
    Ellie Rich Day ago +1

    Love you

  • Kari Perez
    Kari Perez Day ago

    Nunca vi alguien con retraso mental tan alto

  • Caelinn Ford
    Caelinn Ford Day ago

    No wonder her brother moved out

  • Galaxy Moon Wolf

    Why does her house have her face everywhere, it's your parents house as well and I feel bad for the family hearing scream everyday.

  • trailers xm
    trailers xm Day ago


  • coral Y sus videos :v

    Presumida like si tengo razon 😐😒

  • Yaretzi Olvera Contreras

    *hello my name is yaretzi*
    Jaja hola 😋

  • Keana Gonzalez
    Keana Gonzalez Day ago

    I just noticed when she dropped her phone. She stepped on it 😂

  • Erin Rades
    Erin Rades Day ago

    Your house is like a jojo mansion!😅

  • Andy Colburn
    Andy Colburn Day ago

    I have the jojo my life doll

  • X Thousand
    X Thousand Day ago

    Pls stop u make me bleed.

  • Nazia Omar
    Nazia Omar Day ago

    I wish I came to your house

  • Anna XxSchubbi
    Anna XxSchubbi Day ago

    What the hell. I mean, you’re confident as fuck that’s great but... did you think about how other people feel seeing you doing all THIS especially your brother. Do you need all These things in your life? Instead of maybe donating some money for people who don’t have anything?

  • Anna XxSchubbi
    Anna XxSchubbi Day ago

    Why does she scream so much 😂 I kinda feel uncomfortable

  • princess of adderall

    If I had to eat at a table with my brothers face on it everyday I'd be so irritated

  • azul valeria gordiano martinez

    im love jojo

  • Chantal ALFEDE
    Chantal ALFEDE 2 days ago


  • Isa Volfe
    Isa Volfe 2 days ago

    Her room is the all house •-•

  • Nancy Escobar
    Nancy Escobar 2 days ago

    Love your shows

  • Amelia Hicks
    Amelia Hicks 2 days ago

    JoJo's house or her parent's house? did she move out?

  • Javis Ng
    Javis Ng 2 days ago

    I love you so i can go to

  • Zahria David
    Zahria David 2 days ago

    Oh my Jesus chr-

  • emily wilson
    emily wilson 2 days ago

    I feel bad for her brother ..and their parents.. their entire house is just plasters of jojo.... that would be everyone’s worst nightmares

  • Biola Williams
    Biola Williams 2 days ago

    stop being rude is just who she is so leave her olone if you don't ike her don't then just go

  • Marcela Rayana Gomes

    That house is a nightmare omg

  • Quik Gaming
    Quik Gaming 2 days ago

    your house is literally a museum of your self. My eyes would throw up every time I walked in...

  • Caprice Colding
    Caprice Colding 2 days ago

    Love your channel. How old are you now

  • Lauralyn hamel
    Lauralyn hamel 2 days ago

    why are you so loude jeese

  • MissTiaPet
    MissTiaPet 2 days ago

    My god woman, stop yelling you are unwatchable. Just CHILL.

  • emma de franco
    emma de franco 2 days ago

    Che tresciume invece che spendere i soldi nel farti una casa che non sembra una casa ma sembra una cartoleria utilizzarli per fare qualcosa di meno superficiale più interiore per te stessa

  • GlamourSchmied
    GlamourSchmied 2 days ago

    Mojo you’re so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool🐕

  • Gacha Pastel Girl
    Gacha Pastel Girl 3 days ago

    😑😑😑i cant ynderstamd dood

  • `` SenpaiiChu ``
    `` SenpaiiChu `` 3 days ago

    Is that your own house or you just live with your parents?

  • Leelaleemu Karbeh
    Leelaleemu Karbeh 3 days ago

    I love thanksgiving and Christmas and I love jojo💖💗💜❤👍this is for your puppy 🐶🐩🐶you don't no Me but my name is petela I love you jojo😆😆☺😊

    MELANI TAPOSOK 3 days ago

    Did you notice that your phone fell and why are the pictures your face I mean evry thing why not you're parents pictures or you're brother???

  • Lauren A
    Lauren A 3 days ago

    I cannot imagine putting my face all over my walls. Who does that? I’d be so embarrassed!

  • Łîbbÿ Malone
    Łîbbÿ Malone 3 days ago +1

    Fact that I throw up when I see my face in the mirror, I know that I’d die living in a house like that.

  • Kenzie Wilson
    Kenzie Wilson 3 days ago

    I just started watching your videos and they are amazing and so are you


    she eats so much how is she not fat lol

  • OreoAnna
    OreoAnna 3 days ago

    7:31 she stepped on a Phone edit: 7:33

  • nathaly borges
    nathaly borges 3 days ago

    Your dog

  • Devin West
    Devin West 3 days ago

    No offence but i got 3 pieces of my own
    1.You yell too much
    2. Your spoiled to the next level
    3. At least let someone else have some attention instead of you all the time >:(

  • Yoselin Leon
    Yoselin Leon 3 days ago

    Jojo no cres que hay muchas cosas tuyas en tu casa

  • Malerie Edits
    Malerie Edits 3 days ago

    Imagine Jojo siwa doing a google slides presentation. . .
    Y i k e s

  • Hotel? Trivago
    Hotel? Trivago 3 days ago

    Uhm her whole house is just HER w t f

  • Soreg Noemi
    Soreg Noemi 3 days ago

    She is 15 years old?

  • Stelly Vitiello
    Stelly Vitiello 3 days ago

    Chuis la seul à être française qui comprend r a se qu'elle dit

  • Bliss Swizz
    Bliss Swizz 3 days ago

    Childish ass house 😬

  • Sandra Nicole
    Sandra Nicole 3 days ago

    At least we can tell who’s the money maker in this house

  • Jill Aalderks
    Jill Aalderks 3 days ago

    Witch Christmas tree does Santa put presents under

  • Romina Colombo
    Romina Colombo 3 days ago

    Te pones un escrito de papel o qué tráeme

  • Kirra gymnast girly girl 1 Jensen

    Jojo I love your house tour

    CINTIA PEREIRA 3 days ago +1

    Your 16 yrs and acting like a 4 yr old seriously 🤷‍♀️. Grow up girl ,grow up

  • Madelaif Misty
    Madelaif Misty 4 days ago

    For so many years I thought my English was at an advanced level...until now...I can barely understand anything. 😂😂

  • Back Flipper
    Back Flipper 4 days ago

    I wanna live there!🤩

  • Antonella Pittaluga
    Antonella Pittaluga 4 days ago

    Jojo your house

  • multitaker10
    multitaker10 4 days ago


  • Miss Veronika
    Miss Veronika 4 days ago

    Вот бы мне такой дом!

  • veerle otje en sien
    veerle otje en sien 4 days ago

    Like your family it

  • Serena Me
    Serena Me 4 days ago

    Luv her but Igbo that we’re me I would get fed up with my face😂😂

  • dark heards
    dark heards 4 days ago +1

    hey everyoisisjdjhejshsjwjdhdhfnbnxbxb

  • Huwawei Becs Dangdut


  • Huwawei Becs Dangdut

    I from indonesia

  • ŘåÇhä Blé ķąÇëm dē Őraň

    J'aime pas trop 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😧😣

  • Milagros Calderon
    Milagros Calderon 5 days ago

    X ke grita tanto?

  • opinion.comments
    opinion.comments 5 days ago

    No offense, but why do you have to have pictures of your brand all over your house

  • Ale Silva
    Ale Silva 5 days ago

    am i the only one who is weirded out that she’s like 16? what the hell

  • Jasmina Milosevic
    Jasmina Milosevic 5 days ago


  • DMs squad
    DMs squad 5 days ago +1

    if I were her brother, I would have been very depressed because her parents don't even focus on the brother, like the whole house is just Jojo siwa honestly

  • DMs squad
    DMs squad 5 days ago +2

    I have no idea what she was saying in the beginning of the video, and this is basically only her house because it's only her

  • Rabia Keleş
    Rabia Keleş 5 days ago

    O kadar süsü asarken hiç üşenmedinmi ???

  • Michelle Wittnebel
    Michelle Wittnebel 5 days ago

    Please don’t scream so much 🤫🥴

  • Una Rasic
    Una Rasic 5 days ago

    da li znas srpski

  • Iffat Aziz
    Iffat Aziz 6 days ago

    My dream house


  • Grace Clarke
    Grace Clarke 6 days ago

    What do you say in the intro

  • papá jake jake
    papá jake jake 6 days ago

    Dont Wory dum peopl

  • papá jake jake
    papá jake jake 6 days ago

    Were is your house and your room Amy diceratoins want to be friend you like unicorns me to when you comino to az student bff Yadira ra

  • my name is lily: i also put cantaloupes up my butt

    Imagine the echos of her yelling