Extended Sneak Peek | Star Wars Resistance

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • A daring pilot embarks upon a secret mission against the First Order... with a lot of help from his friends in Star Wars Resistance. Premiering Sunday, October 7 at 10pm ET/PT on Disney Channel.
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Comments • 6 233

  • Oscar the Grouch
    Oscar the Grouch 3 hours ago

    I watch this and I roll my eyes.
    It’s worse than bad: it’s deathly mediocre. You can appreciate the prequels ironically for their sheer badness, but this...this is something else, something worse

  • Herozack Nunes
    Herozack Nunes 7 hours ago +1

    The dislikes are strong with this one.

  • Electro_Yellow
    Electro_Yellow 8 hours ago

    None of the characters have EMOTION. It looks like it was actually made by Disney.

  • Joelsefur
    Joelsefur 9 hours ago

    SOOOOO when are we going to get Star Wars not tailored to NPC's?

  • Travis_Redfern
    Travis_Redfern 14 hours ago

    It’s a unique art style to me and personally I think it actually looks cool. Similar to the netflix show Knights of Sydonia

  • Mdawg17 da bomb
    Mdawg17 da bomb 15 hours ago

    sigh, never thought I'd drop a dislike on a Star Wars trailer...

  • Edward Teach
    Edward Teach 15 hours ago

    Where are the lightsabers ???

  • Alice willi
    Alice willi 17 hours ago

    awful ....

  • Connor Nicholas
    Connor Nicholas 19 hours ago +1

    This actually looks really good, to be honest.

    • Travis_Redfern
      Travis_Redfern 7 hours ago +1

      Connor Nicholas I agree. Has a unique feel to it, and the art style looks cool to me. Reminiscent of “knights of Sydonia” on Netflix...guess I’m the only one who feels this way tho.

  • Mitch Mitchell
    Mitch Mitchell Day ago

    Love this story you wrote Filoni, thanks for creating this show, a little like George's pod racing so far, it rhymes a bit with Annakin tinkering with his racer trying to get it ready for the big race.
    This is a great step for you Directing this like George did with your Clone Wars; full circle man, impressive to see you fill his shoes a bit. Art is tight and clean and really shows the speed well, ship designs are epic too.

  • Ackbar
    Ackbar Day ago

    it's another trap

  • Kiraishin
    Kiraishin Day ago

    Crucify me for this comment if you like but... id rather see a Jar Jar anthology than this... thing

  • Jean-Luc Martel
    Jean-Luc Martel Day ago

    Order 66?

  • Andre Danciu
    Andre Danciu Day ago


  • Ricky V
    Ricky V Day ago

    Star Wars: breath of the wild

  • AdmiralSupreme
    AdmiralSupreme Day ago +1

    This show is gonna end after its first season

  • JasonWilliamC
    JasonWilliamC Day ago

    To Disney,
    I just want to say that you are ruining Star Wars. The new animation does not look good.

  • SuperMarioPlushyBros

    The animation looks like Star Wars The Clone Wars unfinished episodes with the brightness turned up

  • Craig Craigy
    Craig Craigy 2 days ago +1


  • Robul
    Robul 2 days ago

    Scrap this and continue Rebels

  • RollOnToVictory
    RollOnToVictory 3 days ago

    I genuinely feel bad for the animators and anyone with talent who had to waste their time on this nonsense

  • Predatoreus Films
    Predatoreus Films 3 days ago

    People complaining about this show, it’s not a bad show, just geared towards a younger audience. Also, we have the mandalorian for us older audience, that looks awesome, so stop trashing this. Also we have more clone wars coming too.

  • Swen
    Swen 3 days ago

    I thought Disney said they weren't going to re-create Carrie Fisher.
    Just more disappointment....

  • Ryan Espersen
    Ryan Espersen 3 days ago

    This is animated Spaceballs, not Star Wars.

  • Collin Pristelski
    Collin Pristelski 3 days ago

    This is giving me PTSD to the Hot Wheels tv series

  • new IFB Anderson
    new IFB Anderson 3 days ago

    The last Jedi is gold compared to this.

  • Apostle Apostasy
    Apostle Apostasy 3 days ago

    I'm afraid the cringey spin-off will be quite operational by the time your friends arrive

  • Dogs Are The Best
    Dogs Are The Best 3 days ago

    I'm actually scared

  • Florian B
    Florian B 3 days ago

    Sponsored by Snapchat and millenials

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 4 days ago

    I used to be a Star Wars fan like your father.... before the dark times... before... the Disney...

  • Small WolfYT
    Small WolfYT 4 days ago

    Is gotta be bad trust me maybe is. Good for you idk for me is just idk

  • Harry Thompson
    Harry Thompson 4 days ago

    Too cartoony if that makes sense

  • Jeff Müller
    Jeff Müller 4 days ago +1

    The new films are ok, Rebels was alright but THIS is cancer ! Do you understand that many Star Wars fans arent kids ? Star Wars was always something for adults and children but i didnt thought you could produce something more childish than Rebels -.- You should do it like they did it with the late Clone Wars seasons.

  • AET
    AET 4 days ago


  • Dillon Nixon
    Dillon Nixon 4 days ago

    Please stop


    An minecraft lets play with star wars mods is better than this

  • logicianstudys and reads

    I feel like this is actually for kids more so than rebels or tcw

  • Axecaution47 _
    Axecaution47 _ 4 days ago

    Hah, I immediately went to the comments 😁

    And left a dislike

  • Ben Sting
    Ben Sting 5 days ago

    Even if George Lucas has alzheimer, he could do better Starwars than Disney been doing lately

  • Ben Sting
    Ben Sting 5 days ago


  • FunkyFyreMunky
    FunkyFyreMunky 5 days ago +1

    Still as badly animated and cringey as the first trailer, but now three times longer! Whooooo!

  • Justet Lovell
    Justet Lovell 5 days ago

    disney needs to stop throwing star wars into the trash compactor

  • 10 000 Subscriber Challenge With No Video!

    This dosnt even look bad, why so many dislike?

  • Veton Rečica
    Veton Rečica 5 days ago

    This looks like it came out in 2005.

  • Galeo Curvier
    Galeo Curvier 5 days ago

    After shutting down the KOTOR remake on the unreal engine I'll never support Disney StarWars again.

  • meerkat1954
    meerkat1954 5 days ago

    The Star Wars fanboys will change their tune enough about this series soon enough. Both the Clone Wars movie and Rebels also looked absolutely horrible (and had terrible childish plots and characters to match), but the fans still ate it up pretty quickly and were crying by the time those series ended. It's the natural cycle of things.

  • Double Awesome TV
    Double Awesome TV 6 days ago

    I'm gonna be in the minority here, but whatever. This might have potential. I'll check it out.

  • Wendigo Dragon
    Wendigo Dragon 6 days ago

    Man, and people were complaining about Rebels. They had no idea they'd be regretting those words.

  • WolfAssault
    WolfAssault 6 days ago

    Hot wheels Wars?

  • Richard Mo
    Richard Mo 6 days ago

    for all records, you need to at least put a jar jar in here, it's an animation for god sake, full of unrelated characters, a jar jar won't hurt

  • Shane C
    Shane C 6 days ago

    Looks awful

  • Pen G
    Pen G 6 days ago +1

    This Is a show for kid's.

  • Salty Bandages
    Salty Bandages 6 days ago +1

    Its kinda cool how Nintendo is still making dlc for Zelda Botw.

    Oh wait..

  • Rogue
    Rogue 6 days ago +1

    Even last Jedi was better then this

  • Sean Brown
    Sean Brown 6 days ago

    So, while I probably shouldn't open this can of worms since I'm busy defending TLJ every other day... why is this getting so much hate exactly? It looks....harmless? I guess?
    I mean, I'm not terribly excited to see this, but I don't see anything in this trailer to suggest it'll be any worse than a standard children's cartoon, so what's the deal?

  • Galen Wrathweld
    Galen Wrathweld 6 days ago +1

    What is with those ships?! They look like the uglies from legends. Also seriously, another child aimed show. WE. WANT. BLOOD!

  • Tyson Q
    Tyson Q 6 days ago

    Resistance is right

  • Ruz Danielle Garcia
    Ruz Danielle Garcia 6 days ago

    Waaaahhhhh leia *cries ugly tears*

  • KingRay157
    KingRay157 6 days ago

    We wanted an ACTUAL ANIME of star wars but this is not ANIME

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster 7 days ago

    I'm getting pod racing flash backs

  • Audrina Parshall
    Audrina Parshall 7 days ago

    I don't even watch star wars and this is dumb, my husband showed me this, were both cringing

  • SweetMangle103
    SweetMangle103 7 days ago

    I watched the episode..
    Everything would be good if the main character was more serious. And I know there should be at least few times of making us laugh, but don't make him Jar Jar.

  • Ethanxx Jones
    Ethanxx Jones 7 days ago +1

    And I thought rebels was bad

  • simbadg13
    simbadg13 7 days ago +1

    Thank God I was never a star wars fan....

  • Erick Draven
    Erick Draven 7 days ago

    Yaahhhoooo! Your all clear kids! Now blow this thing so we can go home!

  • Mark Porter
    Mark Porter 7 days ago

    I appear to be tingling all over... sums it up for me!

  • Fabulous5
    Fabulous5 7 days ago

    Don't waste your ressources on this one, please.

  • Nathan Stachelski
    Nathan Stachelski 7 days ago

    Honestly, this looks REALLY dumb and I feel a little embarrassed after watching this trailer. Personally, I prefer the darker, fried corpses Star Wars vs. “funny” Star Wars.

  • Matthew Slough
    Matthew Slough 7 days ago

    You took all the grit and realism out of the SW universe - its what gave SW its soul.

  • Mac Alton TV
    Mac Alton TV 8 days ago

    It would be nice if it was clone wars animation

  • Sebastian Ruiz
    Sebastian Ruiz 8 days ago +1

    also why do you not give us Jedi and sith???

  • Saint Boot
    Saint Boot 8 days ago

    No offense to carrie fisher, because she had it rough, but her animated character looks so much healthier than she did in the films.

  • Woppiy
    Woppiy 8 days ago

    I feel like this is not the right path for star wars

  • LegoLiam1803
    LegoLiam1803 8 days ago

    So, no clips of Clone Wars.

  • JAW164
    JAW164 8 days ago +1

    This actually looks like it will be a fun show to watch, especially for kids. The animation style looks cool as and I'm totally keen to see more of the Star Wars universe.
    Does this look like it's an origin story to Poe Dameron and other Resistance pilots?

  • Teddy Carruthers
    Teddy Carruthers 8 days ago +2

    I would rather watch a movie about Jar Jar Binks then watch this.

  • CT-5736
    CT-5736 8 days ago


  • Shonen Bag Studios
    Shonen Bag Studios 8 days ago

    I'm just going to come out and say this for what it is: A RWBY clone.

  • Lucas Dollar
    Lucas Dollar 8 days ago

    I hope you realize what you have done.

  • monkey Ness
    monkey Ness 8 days ago +1

    Likes = 9k
    Dislikes = 18k
    Disney: "don't worry, we're still flying half a ship".
    Me: "i would prefer a jar jar solo movie at this point".
    Sayori (DDLC) had the right idea, so did jar jars dad, and luke.

  • David Portass
    David Portass 8 days ago

    What on earth did I just watch?

  • Luke Svedin
    Luke Svedin 8 days ago

    This looks bad

  • GreatLemon
    GreatLemon 8 days ago

    this looks like a videogame

  • Chuck Finley
    Chuck Finley 8 days ago

    What fails first, this or high guardian spice ha ha, stay woke

  • Chuck Finley
    Chuck Finley 8 days ago

    How to kill the greatest movie franchise in history by disney

  • Jack Schmidt
    Jack Schmidt 8 days ago

    This is not star wars????

  • Georgi Dobrev
    Georgi Dobrev 8 days ago

    That moment when you realize Power Rangers was way better than Disney's Star Wars.

  • create Tube
    create Tube 8 days ago


  • Terrence Williams
    Terrence Williams 8 days ago

    Disney's side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some considered to be unnatural


    And this is what trash looks like

  • random boi
    random boi 9 days ago

    das like dislike verhältnis ist schon traurig

  • Curtis Schmidt
    Curtis Schmidt 9 days ago

    Looks like the old tron show they did

  • Moritz
    Moritz 9 days ago +1

    Star Wars: Fortnite Edition

  • erik carlson
    erik carlson 9 days ago

    This IS exciting!! I appear to be tingling all over myself too...

  • erik carlson
    erik carlson 9 days ago

    They really went all out with the graphics!! I think they had to pull the budget for this and sink it into Solo, LoL.

  • Frederick Faucett
    Frederick Faucett 9 days ago

    My son is going to love this regardless of the 17k dislikes lol He loves watching the Rebel/Resistance pilots fighting the bad guys :) Looks great Disney some of the best animation sequences I've seen thus far since Into the Spider-verse hasn't come out yet lol

  • Dip Jr
    Dip Jr 9 days ago +2

    Came here just 2 dislike

  • The Monster Explorers
    The Monster Explorers 9 days ago +3

    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Star Wars Resistance? It’s not a story Disney would tell you.

  • Gavino
    Gavino 9 days ago +1

    See, Clone Wars has a semi serious tone that anyone, kids and adults, could enjoy. Why can’t there be more kids shows with more mixed demographics in mind? I guarantee that even kids want a more serious Star Wars show.

  • B Elliott
    B Elliott 9 days ago +2

    Nope... Dont Like the Animation Style. Dont Like the Double Down on the Wrecked Story Arc... Voice Acting sounds Subpar... My Family Will Pass On This One... Clone Wars is on Netflix, Sweet!