Extended Sneak Peek | Star Wars Resistance

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • A daring pilot embarks upon a secret mission against the First Order... with a lot of help from his friends in Star Wars Resistance. Premiering Sunday, October 7 at 10pm ET/PT on Disney Channel.
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Comments • 5 611

  • Lee Melvin
    Lee Melvin 13 days ago

    It's not Star War It's Space Runner Some sort ...XD

  • chris20sith
    chris20sith Month ago

    can you please give the rights back to Warner Bros so they can make proper star wars animated content......
    "Star wars (the republic) will be re-organized into the first galactic (Disney) empire for a safe and secure society"

  • Segmented Tropics
    Segmented Tropics Month ago

    I actually love this, beautiful film and script, only they should lower the plot armor for the resistance, aside from that, great addition! ai hope they bring some legends lore canon with subtle references.

    KAI PETERSON 2 months ago

    I understand the need to create a show that kids will enjoy, but to make a series on Star Wars, you have to have serious moments combined with action, comedy and adventure, which the clone wars does perfectly.

    I really hope this show turns out to be a pleasant surprise..

  • J Donner
    J Donner 3 months ago

    Utter garbage

  • Filip Rebro
    Filip Rebro 3 months ago

    again. why do people hate it so much? i still cant get over that.

  • koldaussie
    koldaussie 3 months ago

    Hmm... what other franchises that I loved from my childhood could Disney ruin? Hmmm, Aliens, Back to the Future, maybe an animated version of Tour of Duty with teenagers... I shudder to think about the things they could ruin.

  • Autistinquisitor
    Autistinquisitor 3 months ago

    This reminds me of the COD Infinite Warfare trailer because of the dislikes lmao

  • İlker Acar
    İlker Acar 3 months ago

    When u watch and come back to here u say ufff this is nice

  • Jacob Bulloch
    Jacob Bulloch 4 months ago

    What is their target demographic for this show? My guess is 4 to 6-year-olds.
    What made the Clone Wars show great was that it could be enjoyed by all ages. I don't let my kids watch shows that I am not willing to watch with them. You can make a show that appeals to kids and grown-ups at the same time, the Clone Wars did that, Avatar: The Last Airbender did it, and they are some of the best-loved shows of American animation.
    How are we supposed to invest in characters when what you show us is "Wooohooo, we can do it" as if this will be Bob the Builder in space. That's why so many people feel like throwing up when they see this garbage trailer.

  • aleksandar miletic
    aleksandar miletic 4 months ago

    1-21 ep cool

  • Coleson Fox
    Coleson Fox 4 months ago +2

    How is this Star Wars?

    • Art C.
      Art C. 3 months ago

      Is that a bunny?

  • Kirk Larson
    Kirk Larson 4 months ago

    Disney must fire all of its Star Wars writers. They are utterly incompetent.

  • Leigh Parker
    Leigh Parker 4 months ago

    Thanks a bunch for sharing. :)

  • John Ingemi
    John Ingemi 4 months ago +2

    The dislike count was cut in half somehow I see

  • the l33t hamm3rbro
    the l33t hamm3rbro 4 months ago

    So now there is a resistance,
    Are you going to kill off all of them in the show so
    that the Last Jedi makes sense again....

  • AdvanceMoss 54
    AdvanceMoss 54 5 months ago

    Just do a old republic thing plz not this

    HUNTER_OF_PEACE1 5 months ago

    The best Star Wars comment section I've ever seen ;)

  • Lonely Cowboy
    Lonely Cowboy 5 months ago

    The Cringe is strong with you

  • Lavonia Duda
    Lavonia Duda 5 months ago

    I enjoyed this. :)

  • BarbarTheMegafiend
    BarbarTheMegafiend 5 months ago

    Shut it down!

  • Lalasong
    Lalasong 5 months ago

    Now this is Podrac-.
    Oh god, this is worst.

  • Lalasong
    Lalasong 5 months ago

    I can't wait for TheXvid to adjust the like to dislike ratio.

  • Blacknight 1
    Blacknight 1 5 months ago +1

    The Star Wars I knew gone it is, consumed by Disney

  • Jaᴄkie Sᴏʟᴏ
    Jaᴄkie Sᴏʟᴏ 5 months ago

    I have no idea why but _i’m scared..._

    THE BIG CHICKEN 5 months ago

    Every fiber of my being hates this

  • M.
    M. 5 months ago

    Disney sued the KOTOR Aperion group then give us this?

  • Kristina Washington
    Kristina Washington 5 months ago

    Thanks a lot for the video. :D

  • Anna Lena
    Anna Lena 5 months ago

    Seems like forces of destiny( wasn't really good but still ) got replaced by something much worse

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 5 months ago

    So...lemme get this straight. A group of people were given the directive to canonize what they wanted and make legends of content that made their jobs hard for the sequel trilogy? Decades of Extended Universe gone all in favor of nonstop rebel content and 10 year olds becoming heros? God forbid we remember that the Sith are murderous, deal with blood, and outright kill their prisoners. Oh no, its too PG-13, better bring in the rebels.

  • Soully
    Soully 5 months ago

    No, no, no and NOOOO

  • Avalon Pax
    Avalon Pax 5 months ago


  • Leonardo Di Savino
    Leonardo Di Savino 5 months ago

    The dark side is strong in Kathleen Kennedy

  • Happy muffin game
    Happy muffin game 5 months ago

    Fans: What was that?
    Disney: What was what?
    Fans: Resistance and the last jedi?
    Disney: Dont think about it just buy it

  • Justin
    Justin 5 months ago

    I'm doing my part!

  • Skinder
    Skinder 6 months ago


  • Aquamelon 008
    Aquamelon 008 6 months ago

    This looks really bad

  • Kit Slagle
    Kit Slagle 6 months ago +1

    Disney still does not have a clue.

  • The Shape Lurks
    The Shape Lurks 6 months ago


  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli 6 months ago


  • Stuart Lugsden
    Stuart Lugsden 6 months ago

    This should have been the first trailer then release team fireball and ace squadron after instead of using that crappy advertising on the Disney channel. By doing this it would have gotten way less hate.

  • Nubias
    Nubias 6 months ago

    Couldn't get past the third episode,freaking boring!

  • Daron Murray
    Daron Murray 6 months ago

    Where's the lightsabers I mean it can't be star wars without lightsabers.

  • TonKotsu Productions
    TonKotsu Productions 6 months ago

    The trailer was really done poorly. The show is alright though

  • MatisowatyPL
    MatisowatyPL 6 months ago +1

    I mean the worst thing about this is TRAILER becuse watching an acctual show isn't that bad as it seems so. I mean S1 of Rebels was also very Cringy but S2, S4 ware my favorites. I hope for the best from this Show also

  • Arko Nianer
    Arko Nianer 6 months ago +2

    The classic aliens translate really well into animation. Also, lots of cool new ships! Hope the series spawns merchandise.

  • Younglings Podcast
    Younglings Podcast 6 months ago +2

    I LOVE IT! Star Wars Resistance is THE BEST! It's so fun, funny, and full of everything Star Wars is!

  • immortal snail5774
    immortal snail5774 6 months ago

    You were the chosen one! It was said you would save star wars! Not destroy it!

    • Cute Porg
      Cute Porg 6 months ago

      Are you talking to the fans butthurt about The Last Jedi?

  • Matthew Long
    Matthew Long 6 months ago

    I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.

  • jacob t
    jacob t 6 months ago

    please NO!

  • Jared Steyer
    Jared Steyer 6 months ago

    They tryna bring these kinda cartoons back.They are out of style and this is an insult to Star Wars fans across the world

  • Xeon
    Xeon 6 months ago

    This is worse than the prequels , and so boooooooring....

  • Elard 245
    Elard 245 6 months ago

    Did any of u even watch the show

  • Old Duck
    Old Duck 6 months ago

    This is bad.

  • Eamon Hurley
    Eamon Hurley 6 months ago


  • Fusion 融合 Bloom 456

    0:00 You have to Admit, that Countdown Voice looks Dope

  • Team Tundra 2
    Team Tundra 2 6 months ago +3

    Ppl hate this show for literally no reason
    Not even lying

  • Kentaro Tanaka
    Kentaro Tanaka 6 months ago

    Crappy art style and character designs. Let me guess? You need something quick, easy and CHEAP to animate a whole bunch of episodes while sacrificing quality.

  • Pine Dragon
    Pine Dragon 6 months ago

    I hope we get more backstory on phasma

  • Josh R
    Josh R 6 months ago

    Clone Wars: 7-8/10
    Rebels: 4-5/10
    Resistance: 0/10

    • Travis_Redfern
      Travis_Redfern 6 months ago

      Josh R you base your opinions off of other people don’t you?

  • Angel Wolf
    Angel Wolf 6 months ago

    Hmmm....I will only watch the part with Captain Phasma is in. After all she is my favorite character in this era and that's a fact and I don't like the graphics at all I understand that Disney is trying to make money for this but they need to stop making Star Wars movies. The First Order and the true Star Wars fans really cringed to this and disliked the video.

  • Amor
    Amor 6 months ago

    Is That Star wars

    CARLA UNICORNIOS 7 months ago

    The animation is so bright in some scenes I have to wear sunglasses to see it

  • Extremely Buff Peasant
    Extremely Buff Peasant 7 months ago

    God, remember slug-terra? Why am i getting so much slug-terra vibes from this? Oh god no.

  • Mac Darf
    Mac Darf 7 months ago

    Tbh, even if the writing was 100 times worse I'd still watch it, but this art style... It's so gross...

  • Chozo13
    Chozo13 7 months ago

    Waht even tha heck is this supposed to be
    Even rebels looks better then this

  • 69 ecoli
    69 ecoli 7 months ago

    Why does the art style and animation remind me of iron man armored adventures

  • NPC #63826292
    NPC #63826292 7 months ago

    WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY to many white men. This is obviously gunna fail. Come on Disney.

  • RoK Bottom Studios
    RoK Bottom Studios 7 months ago

    Is this show a jojo reference?

  • Iron Avenger
    Iron Avenger 7 months ago +1

    I can't wait for this even though I miss rebels already

  • Bobby Newman
    Bobby Newman 7 months ago

    No no no GOD no cancel cancel if there’s any humanity don’t canonize it and don’t make it!!!!

  • Cancerous Cake
    Cancerous Cake 7 months ago

    Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Lucasfilm the wise? It is not a story the Disney would tell you...

  • General Hunter
    General Hunter 7 months ago

    This garented to fail and this might be worse then the last Jedi which is saying something

  • Sami Lynn
    Sami Lynn 7 months ago

    No Obi Wan movie, no Fett movie, no more Clone Wars, but somehow this is happening :(

  • wolvesfan1973
    wolvesfan1973 7 months ago

    Dont worry this will be cancelled after the first season.

    • Naminski
      Naminski 7 months ago

      It already started.

  • OCroniczz
    OCroniczz 7 months ago +2

    I am kind of confused. I understand the hate.This doesn't really look good yeah i get it.But why is it getting it.Its a kids show.This is not intended for older audiences.Its for kids who like star wars.Heck I am a kid who likes star wars.But I don't like it nor hate it.This shouldn't be getting hate.You do know actors in star wars like jar jar tried to kill themselves because of the hate.Please stop.

  • Nathan Bauman
    Nathan Bauman 7 months ago

    I generally really like the stuff that Disney has produced since they acquired Star Wars...but this looks *pretty terrible*

  • COD squad
    COD squad 7 months ago

    *suicide rate raises to 100*

    The only thing I like is some of the visuals. SOME.

  • gone off beans
    gone off beans 7 months ago


  • Clay Eaton
    Clay Eaton 7 months ago

    Idk what to think

  • Player One vlogs
    Player One vlogs 7 months ago

    Kid friendly you ruined starwars

  • comfy jacket
    comfy jacket 7 months ago

    There's another ezra? What.

  • Eliseo Camarena Jr
    Eliseo Camarena Jr 7 months ago

    Oh please God don't let this be canon

  • Your Neighbour
    Your Neighbour 7 months ago +4

    So are you going to blame this on Russian bots, alt right, misogyny or racism?
    Or maybe look at the quality of some one-fan production compared to this one. This one loses out hard.

  • O.T. Rules
    O.T. Rules 7 months ago

    That's not Star Wars! This is failing so hard. Just like Rebels it's nothing more than Disney thinking they know how or what Star Wars should be. Are they ever wrong! They felt it with Solo and they will even feel it more with Ep9 when it bombs at theaters. Unbelievable an entire story group can't get anything better than this....

  • crazyken productions
    crazyken productions 7 months ago


  • Avery007
    Avery007 7 months ago

    **that like/dislike ratio Tho XD**

  • 28th stab wound
    28th stab wound 7 months ago

    *sees this trailer then watches the clone wars trailer*
    Not to worry, we are still flying half a ship

    Btw, i got this from someone on the clone wars trailer, look through the comment section on that

  • Scot Fretwell
    Scot Fretwell 7 months ago +3

    Nope ether Kathleen Kennedy goes or your Star Wars profits go, pick one.

  • Nelson Gerardo Esquivel Alonso

    La cagaron con episodio VIII, nada bueno puede venir de ello.

  • Infernodo
    Infernodo 7 months ago

    And now it has turned into a great show, people love it
    Star wars is always gonna be good

  • IonTorch52
    IonTorch52 7 months ago

    I feel nothing but hate for THIS. Now I am beginning to hate Star Wars Disney Canon on principle.

  • SA J
    SA J 7 months ago


  • RiverKinn
    RiverKinn 7 months ago +1

    this just looks so bad. so so bad.

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez 7 months ago

    This is what cancer is

  • Parengthony Castillo
    Parengthony Castillo 7 months ago

    The art and animation is disgusting. Sorry but I like Paul Johnson's Star Wars anime-style better. This is horrible! No wonder no one wants to watch this.

  • Cheshire Kat
    Cheshire Kat 7 months ago

    Oh God, they went with B-grade anime style.
    It looks like something from a PBS kids show.
    I will NOT be watching this.

  • Kaden The Human
    Kaden The Human 7 months ago +1

    Disney must have accidentally forgot to schedule the upload for April 1st, lol, silly Disney!!! Wait... what??.... they’re actually making th..... oh gawd, why not put Jar Jar, Ewoks, and everything else in there, it won’t be much different!!!!

  • Joseph Mottram
    Joseph Mottram 7 months ago

    Anyone else seen the fan animation "TIE Fighter"?
    Because thats what this... mess could have, no, SHOULD have been. But of course Disney only makes things for 5 year olds...

  • SlimeKing ofmlg
    SlimeKing ofmlg 7 months ago