Extended Sneak Peek | Star Wars Resistance

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • A daring pilot embarks upon a secret mission against the First Order... with a lot of help from his friends in Star Wars Resistance. Premiering Sunday, October 7 at 10pm ET/PT on Disney Channel.
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Comments • 5 821

  • MatisowatyPL
    MatisowatyPL Day ago +1

    I mean the worst thing about this is TRAILER becuse watching an acctual show isn't that bad as it seems so. I mean S1 of Rebels was also very Cringy but S2, S4 ware my favorites. I hope for the best from this Show also

  • Arko Nianer
    Arko Nianer 2 days ago +1

    The classic aliens translate really well into animation. Also, lots of cool new ships! Hope the series spawns merchandise.

  • Younglings Podcast
    Younglings Podcast 3 days ago +1

    I LOVE IT! Star Wars Resistance is THE BEST! It's so fun, funny, and full of everything Star Wars is!

  • immortal snail5774
    immortal snail5774 3 days ago

    You were the chosen one! It was said you would save star wars! Not destroy it!

    • Cute Porg
      Cute Porg 6 hours ago

      Are you talking to the fans butthurt about The Last Jedi?

  • Matthew Long
    Matthew Long 3 days ago

    I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.

  • jacob t
    jacob t 5 days ago

    please NO!

  • Jared Steyer
    Jared Steyer 6 days ago

    They tryna bring these kinda cartoons back.They are out of style and this is an insult to Star Wars fans across the world

  • Void Network
    Void Network 7 days ago

    This is worse than the prequels , and so boooooooring....

  • Elard 245
    Elard 245 8 days ago

    Did any of u even watch the show

  • the cyborg squid
    the cyborg squid 8 days ago

    Deploy the dislikes, soldiers!

  • Old Duck
    Old Duck 8 days ago

    This is bad.

  • Eamon Hurley
    Eamon Hurley 9 days ago


  • Fusion Bloom 456
    Fusion Bloom 456 9 days ago

    0:00 You have to Admit, that Countdown Voice looks Dope

  • Team Tundra 2
    Team Tundra 2 10 days ago +2

    Ppl hate this show for literally no reason
    Not even lying

  • Kentaro Tanaka
    Kentaro Tanaka 11 days ago

    Crappy art style and character designs. Let me guess? You need something quick, easy and CHEAP to animate a whole bunch of episodes while sacrificing quality.

  • PineDragon Studios
    PineDragon Studios 11 days ago

    I hope we get more backstory on phasma

  • Josh R
    Josh R 12 days ago

    Clone Wars: 7-8/10
    Rebels: 4-5/10
    Resistance: 0/10

    • Travis_Redfern
      Travis_Redfern 2 hours ago

      Josh R you base your opinions off of other people don’t you?

  • Angel Wolf
    Angel Wolf 13 days ago

    Hmmm....I will only watch the part with Captain Phasma is in. After all she is my favorite character in this era and that's a fact and I don't like the graphics at all I understand that Disney is trying to make money for this but they need to stop making Star Wars movies. The First Order and the true Star Wars fans really cringed to this and disliked the video.

  • Louis Amor
    Louis Amor 14 days ago

    Is That Star wars

    CARLA UNICORNIOS 15 days ago

    The animation is so bright in some scenes I have to wear sunglasses to see it

  • Extremely Buff Peasant

    God, remember slug-terra? Why am i getting so much slug-terra vibes from this? Oh god no.

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart 18 days ago

    Tbh, even if the writing was 100 times worse I'd still watch it, but this art style... It's so gross...

  • Chozo13
    Chozo13 18 days ago

    Waht even tha heck is this supposed to be
    Even rebels looks better then this

  • 69 ecoli
    69 ecoli 20 days ago

    Why does the art style and animation remind me of iron man armored adventures

  • NPC #63826292
    NPC #63826292 20 days ago

    WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY to many white men. This is obviously gunna fail. Come on Disney.

  • RoK Bottom Studios
    RoK Bottom Studios 21 day ago

    Is this show a jojo reference?

  • Iron Avenger
    Iron Avenger 23 days ago

    I can't wait for this even though I miss rebels already

  • Bobby Newman
    Bobby Newman 24 days ago

    No no no GOD no cancel cancel if there’s any humanity don’t canonize it and don’t make it!!!!

  • Cancerous Cake
    Cancerous Cake 24 days ago

    Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Lucasfilm the wise? It is not a story the Disney would tell you...

  • General Hunter
    General Hunter 25 days ago

    This garented to fail and this might be worse then the last Jedi which is saying something

  • Sami Lynn
    Sami Lynn 25 days ago

    No Obi Wan movie, no Fett movie, no more Clone Wars, but somehow this is happening :(

  • wolvesfan1973
    wolvesfan1973 26 days ago

    Dont worry this will be cancelled after the first season.

    • Naminski
      Naminski 18 days ago

      It already started.

  • OCronicz
    OCronicz 26 days ago +2

    I am kind of confused. I understand the hate.This doesn't really look good yeah i get it.But why is it getting it.Its a kids show.This is not intended for older audiences.Its for kids who like star wars.Heck I am a kid who likes star wars.But I don't like it nor hate it.This shouldn't be getting hate.You do know actors in star wars like jar jar tried to kill themselves because of the hate.Please stop.

  • Nathan Bauman
    Nathan Bauman 26 days ago

    I generally really like the stuff that Disney has produced since they acquired Star Wars...but this looks *pretty terrible*

  • COD squad
    COD squad 26 days ago

    *suicide rate raises to 100*

    The only thing I like is some of the visuals. SOME.

  • gone off beans
    gone off beans 27 days ago


  • Clay Eaton
    Clay Eaton 27 days ago

    Idk what to think

  • Connor Reviews
    Connor Reviews 28 days ago

    Kid friendly you ruined starwars

  • comfy jacket
    comfy jacket 28 days ago

    There's another ezra? What.

  • Eliseo Camarena Jr
    Eliseo Camarena Jr 29 days ago

    Oh please God don't let this be canon

  • Your Neighbour
    Your Neighbour 29 days ago +1

    So are you going to blame this on Russian bots, alt right, misogyny or racism?
    Or maybe look at the quality of some one-fan production compared to this one. This one loses out hard.

  • Iforget 123
    Iforget 123 Month ago

    You know something this would have been a good if it was not star wars and its own show. Same with The Last jedi. It would have been a good movie if it was not called star wars.

  • O.T. Rules
    O.T. Rules Month ago

    That's not Star Wars! This is failing so hard. Just like Rebels it's nothing more than Disney thinking they know how or what Star Wars should be. Are they ever wrong! They felt it with Solo and they will even feel it more with Ep9 when it bombs at theaters. Unbelievable an entire story group can't get anything better than this....

  • crazyken productions


  • waffelface 19
    waffelface 19 Month ago

    **that like/dislike ratio Tho XD**

  • The Helghan Empire
    The Helghan Empire Month ago

    Came to dislike, and bye.

  • 28th stab wound
    28th stab wound Month ago

    *sees this trailer then watches the clone wars trailer*
    Not to worry, we are still flying half a ship

    Btw, i got this from someone on the clone wars trailer, look through the comment section on that

  • Scot Fretwell
    Scot Fretwell Month ago +1

    Nope ether Kathleen Kennedy goes or your Star Wars profits go, pick one.

  • Nelson Gerardo Esquivel Alonso

    La cagaron con episodio VIII, nada bueno puede venir de ello.

  • Infernodo
    Infernodo Month ago +1

    And now it has turned into a great show, people love it
    Star wars is always gonna be good

  • IonTorch52
    IonTorch52 Month ago

    I feel nothing but hate for THIS. Now I am beginning to hate Star Wars Disney Canon on principle.

  • SA J
    SA J Month ago


  • RiverKinn
    RiverKinn Month ago +1

    this just looks so bad. so so bad.

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez Month ago

    This is what cancer is

  • Parengthony Castillo

    The art and animation is disgusting. Sorry but I like Paul Johnson's Star Wars anime-style better. This is horrible! No wonder no one wants to watch this.

  • Cheshire Kat
    Cheshire Kat Month ago

    Oh God, they went with B-grade anime style.
    It looks like something from a PBS kids show.
    I will NOT be watching this.

  • Kaden The Human
    Kaden The Human Month ago +1

    Disney must have accidentally forgot to schedule the upload for April 1st, lol, silly Disney!!! Wait... what??.... they’re actually making th..... oh gawd, why not put Jar Jar, Ewoks, and everything else in there, it won’t be much different!!!!

  • Joseph Mottram
    Joseph Mottram Month ago

    Anyone else seen the fan animation "TIE Fighter"?
    Because thats what this... mess could have, no, SHOULD have been. But of course Disney only makes things for 5 year olds...

  • SlimeKing ofmlg
    SlimeKing ofmlg Month ago


  • zach duperron
    zach duperron Month ago

    Clone wars: Amazing!
    Prequels: Ok.
    Rebels: Meh.
    Sequels: Oh no!

  • zach duperron
    zach duperron Month ago

    the cheapness is strong with this one!

  • Some random time travler

    this isnt star wars this is *P O W E R R A N G E R S* (when in their pilot suits they look like power rangers...... you somehow ruined the simple art style of star wars disney)

  • HELLO friend
    HELLO friend Month ago

    Just bring back the clone wars

  • Samuel Wolf
    Samuel Wolf Month ago

    I was promised wookies

  • Zeph FERMER
    Zeph FERMER Month ago +1

    dislikes deployed sir.

  • Thomas Daywalt
    Thomas Daywalt Month ago

    1:57 chrome dome ?

  • testierlime 1933
    testierlime 1933 Month ago


  • OneWeird Boi
    OneWeird Boi Month ago +1

    I think if you’re gonna keep going with the whole rebel thing, at LEAST make it all WW2 like (PTSD) included with the Hunger Games where we get a look at how bad the government was and why change needed to come. But now? No, now it’s just like “I’m gonna be a rebel and shoot stormtroopers all day just because I feel like it.” How about you emphasize why you’re rebelling otherwise people are gonna think that the Empire’s the good guy.

  • Long Arrow the Great
    Long Arrow the Great Month ago +2

    Disney: this is a good idea
    Fans: stop it. get some help

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman Month ago +2

    As much as I love Star Wars and the Last Jedi this is just a waste of my time, nobody wants this everyone wants the last Clone Wars season and a live-action star wars series easily above this.

  • Joan Redondo
    Joan Redondo Month ago

    I don't understand this tremendously big wave of rage. After watching two episodes I think that it's not that bad at all. I'll give it a chance.

  • MaggiAusDaKann
    MaggiAusDaKann Month ago

    Well, Starwasr 8 and solo ..... was terrible, Rebells was ok, I mean it had a good story.
    Then I thought, yea Disney will make something great, cuz of the fans, then i saw the first 10 seconds of Resistance..... I was like OMG DUDE cmon... Hope will never die? Yea? it died already

  • corey fields
    corey fields Month ago +2

    Only thing I have to say is pleases PLEASES for the love of God do not mess up Clone Wars like this PLEASES!

  • Mister Pinchy
    Mister Pinchy Month ago +1

    So goofy... Disney

  • Exo Marine
    Exo Marine Month ago

    Disney is doing a very clever business strategy by rebooting the Clone Wars for the long time Star Wars fans and Star Wars Resistance for the younger audiences.

  • Timothy Veckranges
    Timothy Veckranges Month ago +1

    The first order looks so lame. And here I was hoping the redeeming factor of this show would be the bad guys.

  • Nonamearisto
    Nonamearisto Month ago +1

    Is it too late for George to buy it back at a discount? Saban did that when he reacquired the rights to Power Rangers, which he had previously sold to Disney.

  • Adverted playz
    Adverted playz Month ago

    Clones rebels resistance
    Best worse WORST

  • Attila Vidacs
    Attila Vidacs Month ago

    The Cringe Awakens

  • NgX Shadows
    NgX Shadows Month ago +1

    It's a shame because the potential of a resistance t.v. show is definitely there but the art style really throws it off for me they should have just stuck with the same animation as rebels and the clone wars tv series. Also so far from the trailer I've picked up that this whole show is about racing

  • Colonel D. Jones
    Colonel D. Jones Month ago +1

    WAAAaaay to childish for my liking. Looks worse that the Prequels!

  • Mad Machanicest
    Mad Machanicest Month ago


  • David Maher
    David Maher Month ago +1

    This looks promising after a second viewing

  • Admiral Aristov of the Northern Fleet

    First a Platinum trooper now a Gold Trooper now I wonder whats next a bronze trooper

  • Chris Michaels
    Chris Michaels Month ago +1

    This looks wayyyyy more kiddie than CW or Rebels. Disappointing...

  • bavarian bohemian
    bavarian bohemian Month ago +1

    Yay more 'funny' terrorism.. Ffs

  • Teivel
    Teivel Month ago +1

    This doesn't feel like Star Wars. More like some child's tv show made by amateurs who watched ten minutes of Star Wars, read a synopsis of the world, and threw this together for fun.

  • Paul Lancaster
    Paul Lancaster Month ago

    Just going to drop a like and leave

  • Marc Pascual
    Marc Pascual Month ago +2

    It still looks like TRASH!
    The time the fans DEMAND to keep Garbage Compactor 3263827 on to compact this waste. You don't!

  • Caleb
    Caleb Month ago +1

    The animation doesn´t even look good

  • EagleEye 31
    EagleEye 31 Month ago +1

    Commit not alive.

  • Lars Risseeuw
    Lars Risseeuw Month ago +1

    Me: *reads comment section
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's beautiful….

  • Smalls
    Smalls Month ago +1

    Star Trek finally has a chance

  • Puzzled103 Mouse
    Puzzled103 Mouse Month ago +2

    I think I’ll stick with clone wars

  • Clay Pidgeon
    Clay Pidgeon Month ago +1

    Rage-filled fans’ faces are red,
    Ruin Johnson makes me blue.
    I came here only to dislike,
    And I know you did too.

  • Vovin
    Vovin Month ago

    Remember when SW had balance of being dark and serious with ocasional humor and adventure?
    You do but new SW is not for the fans you, silly you ;)

  • FireTeam Gaming airsoft

    How hard is it to make a star wars episode 2.5 all clone wars

  • Xander Patten
    Xander Patten Month ago +1

    The voice acting is abysmal , the characters are annoying, and the baby-blue color palate is just gag-worthy.

  • Stevie fan
    Stevie fan Month ago +1

    Who thought Disney would be worst than Lucas! 😢

  • Timothy  Timothy
    Timothy Timothy Month ago