Is 3D Printing a motor possible? (Experiment)

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
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    In this project I will have a look at the proto pasta magnetic iron filament and see whether it is possible to create a BLDC Motor with it. Along the way we will learn a bit about BLDC Motors, 3D Printing and finally how to not test motors properly. Let's get started!
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Comments • 816

  • BH4x0r
    BH4x0r 17 hours ago

    if you use sin to pwm increase and decrease sinusoidally it will rotate fast even with high torque

  • Andrej Petrovic
    Andrej Petrovic Day ago

    U are good guy

  • Sebastian Grygiel

    Maybe you could add slots for nails/iron rods

  • Down to a Science
    Down to a Science 4 days ago +1

    Wouldn't be a great Scott vid without " _complimentary components_ "

  • Nightfury 86
    Nightfury 86 7 days ago

    Failure never existed in the first place. You just learned a way it wouldn't work. "Failure" is a way to reflect and learn.

  • Man Animal
    Man Animal 14 days ago

    Wonder if you'd get better performance if you treated the stator frame with high-temp epoxy?

  • Yuval Esroni
    Yuval Esroni 27 days ago

    If I am correct, the ferro-magnetic layers of the stator are laminated and insulated from one another, unlike the print layers which are fused together. The insulation according to a theory I've heard, increases the electric potential difference between the layers and make the magnetic flux stronger.

  • Assi TM
    Assi TM Month ago

    1:15 electrical steel minecraft

  • Karl M
    Karl M Month ago

    Love your videos!
    I see your using a VESC. Because the resistance is very low there will be more noise so the VESC will not be able to sense accurately after startup.
    I looked into the issue myself and it seems you need to switch out the shunts to 5mohms and change the code for the new resistance in hwconf/conf_general.h
    If you get it working would love to see the results!
    Go to hwconf/conf_general.h, and change this:
    #define CURRENT_SHUNT_RES 0.005 (this line already exists, remove the // and change value as per your shunts).
    Make sure it comes above the HW_VERSION define statement.
    as you probably have already done, uncomment this :
    #define HW_VERSION_46 // Also for 4.7
    Around line 85 :
    #define ENCODER_ENABLE 1
    Then save / compile / upgrade / enjoy.

  • Nico Galdeane
    Nico Galdeane Month ago

    Did you print the rotor of a magnetic material?

  • Nico Galdeane
    Nico Galdeane Month ago

    imprimiste el rotor de un material magnetico?

  • renga rider
    renga rider Month ago

    Can make one more video by printing with heat resistive material??!!!.. Plz.....

  • Gabriel Corrales
    Gabriel Corrales Month ago

    Could someone explain why doesn't it make a shortcircuit?

  • Sausage
    Sausage 2 months ago

    Can a generator be 3D printed? I guess so.

  • Antoine
    Antoine 2 months ago

    Hi! What type of hotend did you use for your feromagnetic PLA printing? brass or iron?

  • EasyBreadToast
    EasyBreadToast 2 months ago

    1:13 Electric Steel Minecraft??? What?

  • Delete Me
    Delete Me 2 months ago

    how would they work as a generator?

  • love king
    love king 3 months ago

    Wow man you are reach and crazy

  • 레드불
    레드불 3 months ago

    8:10 would you please to let me know what program it is

  • Tech Land
    Tech Land 3 months ago

    I just found this can you try something similar?

  • Spectacularly Scientific Do It Yourself

    You could use a Waterjet cutter to get thin sheets of steel that you could epoxy together making sure to not let them touch, or make electrical contact.

  • Gábor Kun
    Gábor Kun 4 months ago

    I found some silicon steel worth to take a shot with

    ABDALLAH ALSAID 4 months ago

    Try adding a 3d printed cog wheels to exchange speed for tourque.
    Also minimizing the gap between the stator and the rotor can help maximizing the electro magnetic power which results in high tourque.

    ABDALLA SHATWAN 4 months ago

    At 09:26 the propeller was spinning in wrong direction .

  • Dr.Kris TV 닥터크리스 티비

    It's a great work!

  • Nowhereman JK
    Nowhereman JK 4 months ago

    Due to the material you could have printed 2% less

  • otis driftwood
    otis driftwood 4 months ago

    Maybe you should try with some ABS filament

  • Иван Сергеевич

    Бля, а ручку держит как обезьяна палку

  • abhimanyu singh
    abhimanyu singh 5 months ago

    can i get the 3d design of the motor.
    i.e. the outer part and the base.
    As fast as possible as i am using this as windmill.
    thanks for sharing this, this has helped to get the work done at a cheaper price

  • Blake
    Blake 5 months ago

    What was the unit of inductance?

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson 5 months ago

    channel named "Hacksmith" created an apparatus for testing EDFs. They didn't made a video about that, but used it in their EDF related videos, you might want to have a look at them

  • Gundolph
    Gundolph 5 months ago

    I never noticed the breathing sounds in the background

  • Andrew Fisher
    Andrew Fisher 5 months ago

    Im 3d printing a sub orbital rocket engine.

  • secret simmy
    secret simmy 5 months ago

    Thats guys speak like BAMBOOEE

  • Quessen
    Quessen 5 months ago

    I'm just curious but wasn't your propeller spinning wrong direction? Imo with the direction it was spinning it was forcing the plank to push down instead of trying to lift it up?

  • Samuel Varner
    Samuel Varner 5 months ago


  • Purti Kushwah
    Purti Kushwah 5 months ago

    Great Scott can you show us how to connect arduino to an external sdram ic

  • Abhyudaya Singh
    Abhyudaya Singh 5 months ago

    U can use stator from motorcycle dynamo which are made quite well ....u need to find correct size one you have to do some research after finding it you can rewind it according to your project...

    TOWN TECHNICALS 5 months ago

    Nice video.
    I wanted to know what subject to be studied till what level for gaining knowledge like you

  • Abhyudaya Singh
    Abhyudaya Singh 5 months ago

    You can use core of ceiling fan modify it on lathe machine and rewind it ...I am working on same project stick very strong magnets on drum brakes ...very excited about your project

  • David Davids
    David Davids 6 months ago

    one thought. consider printing lam's. then, glue up the stator core, with paper between the lams.

  • Eduard Larionov
    Eduard Larionov 6 months ago

    Есть треугольник, а есть звезда. Не так подключишь - мотору пизда.

  • kiran Sharma
    kiran Sharma 6 months ago

    you got a satisfying voice

  • Ben Isaacson
    Ben Isaacson 6 months ago +1

    What about a 3D printed vertical axis wind turbine/generator.

  • Policarpo reyes jr
    Policarpo reyes jr 6 months ago

    that's is fine its part of test. you just forget the element of the unit is not compatible because plastic have a higher resistant that block the magnetic wave to make higher rpm.

  • Youssef Tolba
    Youssef Tolba 6 months ago

    It wouldnt be accurate due to moment (leverage)

  • WhiteEagle
    WhiteEagle 6 months ago

    Maybe the scaffold but the wire. doubtful - within 10 years it will become true - including the copper but is it cost-effective?

  • LeftIndexNubb
    LeftIndexNubb 6 months ago

    The propeller was on backwards too.

  • Bernard Kornfeld
    Bernard Kornfeld 6 months ago

    Excellent video. Any experiment that gives a result generates new knowledge, even if that knowledge is how not to do something.

  • Oscar
    Oscar 6 months ago

    I love this, even though you way over complicated the testing for the torque, it was an awesome build.

  • kerty _PRO
    kerty _PRO 6 months ago

    MODA !

  • Dorian Niemiec
    Dorian Niemiec 6 months ago

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  • Dorian Niemiec
    Dorian Niemiec 6 months ago

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  • PGTMR2
    PGTMR2 6 months ago

    OH... micro Henries... not my granneries. Needs more Acme dynomite and rollerskates next time.

  • Anas Bintin
    Anas Bintin 6 months ago

    I discovered this channel recently and absolutely love it because it showcases rather unsuccessful as much as successful attempts which is different from other channels and it teaches more because not everybody tells you what setup works and what doesn't. It also creates an environment of discussion much like the ones found in Universities where students and teachers discuss an idea how it came to be, how it works and doesn't work which is the environment and mindset that allowed hobbyists to thrive in the first place.
    I need a couple of days to watch the videos relevant to my work but so far it's great

  • AlternateMusicAddict
    AlternateMusicAddict 7 months ago

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  • Koton Bads
    Koton Bads 7 months ago

    Ich liebe dich!

  • Koton Bads
    Koton Bads 7 months ago

    Ich liebe dich!

  • Thomas S
    Thomas S 7 months ago

    Was ist mit den verschiedenen Motoren? Die wiegen ja unterschiedlich viel, also funktioniert der Test nicht genau...

  • KarlJoelsen
    KarlJoelsen 7 months ago

    Motorrrrr rotorrrrrr statorrrr