Saudi Arabia + Censorship In China | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • On the first new episode of Patriot Act in 2019, Hasan addresses the government of Saudi Arabia's legal demand to take down an episode of the show in that country, and turns his focus to another country with restrictive censorship laws: China. But by using the Internet, Chinese activists are making their voices heard and a determined #MeToo movement may be creating lasting change.
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    Saudi Arabia + Censorship In China | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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  • A HS
    A HS 4 hours ago

    Indian secular dog criticize Saudi Arabia and that’s a shock. When Indians so-called Muslims blamed Saudi Arabia guided by Quran and Sunnah. 80% Indians are pig Muslims and 20% is the best among Muslims. Take this pig out.

  • Joel Wateres-muddy
    Joel Wateres-muddy 12 hours ago

    You’re a great political comic, How many bodyguards do you have ?since obviously you not believe others should be able to conceal carry , I forgive you and respect your opinion..
    why I wrote _ it’s really amazing good editorial news comes from a political comic who happens to be Muslim Which somehow makes America even more upside down , please don’t stop till they are upside down spinning in circles in a jail cell. Gun control is a slippery slope you should interview people like myself who have reason to carry a weapon . I’m disabled living in Miami the moron capital of America

  • WorldsWithin
    WorldsWithin Day ago

    Emperor Winnie the Pooh is a fucking manchild who needs to have his toys taken away.

    (I love the internet)

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat Day ago

    Chinese r forcing these ugi hur muslims to change their religion

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat Day ago

    Chinese r mercilessly butchering chinese muslims forcing them into concentration camps and harvesting their organs this is no joke

  • Navneet Kaur
    Navneet Kaur 2 days ago

    Damn i saw this channel today for the first time and couldn't resist the urge to binge watch all the posts.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts 💕

  • Kylar Stern
    Kylar Stern 2 days ago

    Freeze the Jello

  • DoodyDraws
    DoodyDraws 2 days ago

    Make an episode about Egypt please.. We miss people making fun of our president.. Bassem youssef went to the US and starting making a vegan cooking show ffs 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • DoodyDraws
    DoodyDraws 2 days ago +2

    A teen got arrested in saudi arabia cause he went into a live stream with an American girl and kinda flirted with her.. 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal 2 days ago

    Why didn't he plug Daredevil. A blind lawyer escaping places that shouldn't be escapable.

  • Jabali Mohamed
    Jabali Mohamed 2 days ago +1

    The only show on Netflix hosted by a Muslim banned in ISLAM capital 😂😂😂😂😂 islamaphobia in Islam's capital

  • Azaldi
    Azaldi 2 days ago

    VPNs are a hell of a thing.

  • Jo Me
    Jo Me 2 days ago

    I wonder if Hasan Minhaj will ever have the balls to do an episode about Israel, or about China's aggressive, relentless pursuit of South China Sea, or about Brexit, or about the Russian annexation of Crimea and their shenanigans in eastern Ukraine.

  • weird person
    weird person 2 days ago

    Well i mean in China u can still use VPN soooooo theoretically u can still watch Netflix or go on Instagram and Google and what not

  • Aria Here
    Aria Here 2 days ago

    I love hasan’s hand gestures.

  • عبدالله الدخيل

    Have you tried to ask Saudis in US about their opinion in Saudi government ?
    People outside the Meddle East think that that the Saudi people will like them if they say bad stuff about the Saudi government, the situations that we had gone into as a country were so hard to pass, a lot of invasions attempts from Saddam Hussein and from the south, a lot of wars we got in to near us, a lot we hopefully protected our selves from involving into, a lot of political crisis that turned into a humanitarian disasters like in Syria for example, a lot of threats from Iran and its militias, and not forgetting Isreal that at least 40 years back was a serious threat before more serious threats cames on the ground, these things, and these horrible situations made our government to do things that people in Texas and NY may no like, but we must do them to keep our country "alive" and keep going in our improvement carefully or people may called it slowly, however we are now the biggest country in the Middle East in case of everything, and we have our vision, so we are concern now in approaching what we planned, so if there anything you can do I hope you help us in this, and please don't drive us back by rising problems while you think you are doing comedy.

  • Yi Ting Ang
    Yi Ting Ang 3 days ago

    Hey Hasan, Singapore recently passed a fake news law after their slight anger over a failure to takedown a facebook post by Straits Times Review . would love to see your take on this!

  • boni han
    boni han 3 days ago

    looking forward for future episode

  • GHustle4
    GHustle4 3 days ago

    Happy for him....Does a great job!!

  • Quill Tail
    Quill Tail 3 days ago

    Althought China isn't as success at controlling the internet as they think. The vast majority of young internet users know how to use VPNs even if they don't need it, that's not to say that the government isn't trying their damn hardest to stop that too though.

  • Ritvik Awasthi
    Ritvik Awasthi 3 days ago

    No hajj for Hasan...

  • Don Rechtman
    Don Rechtman 3 days ago

    Let's try a couple of questions regarding the history of the U.S.:
    1. Can you name the longest conflict in U.S. history, second only to the current ongoing Middle East conflict?
    2. What historical event was the U.S. equivalent of China's Tiananmin Square event? (Hint: occurred during the Great Depression.)
    1. The Philippine-American War. The official war started on the heels of the Spanish-American War in 1899, and ended in 1902; however, post-treaty conflict continued until February, 1914, two months before the start of World War I. This meant it tallied 15 years of conflict. Much to the embarrassment of the U.S. government, Mark Twain was part of the vanguard of the Anti-Imperialist movement. If this conflict is mentioned at all in high school history books, it is relegated to a very minor significance, perhaps because the prime target was Filipino Muslims, and it was started in a similar way as the Viet Nam Conflict was started with the faux Gulf of Tonkin affair.
    2. the 1932 "Bonus Army" incident in Washington D.C. More than 43,000 people, including more than 17,000 WWI vets, marched on and camped out in Washington D.C., demanding that their war bonuses be cashed out early so they could feed their families. President Hoover's response was to send in the army under the direction of names such as MacArthur and Patton and with soldiers with names like Eisenhower; armed with tanks and tear gas and machine guns, the vets were routed out of D.C. Admittedly in contrast to the Tiananmin incident, only a few died as a direct consequence and only a few hundred injured, but another important contrast is that in the case of Tiananmin, it was an attempt to overthrow a government, and in D.C. it was an attempt to provide food for their families. So you tell me which response was more justified.

  • Jack Padz
    Jack Padz 3 days ago

    8:55 Brenna Sparks?

  • Kj Abtio
    Kj Abtio 4 days ago

    The blind lawers actul name is matt murdock

  • um t
    um t 5 days ago

    I remeber writing a essay about China about this issue 20 years ago for school when iwas 16. Not a lot has changed.

  • ilbv5
    ilbv5 5 days ago +1

    Bingin on patriot act.shits great

  • Rif malik
    Rif malik 5 days ago

    So why r u a Muslim? Are u?

  • John Ryue
    John Ryue 5 days ago

    Hasan, please do a segment on the Uighur internment camps in China

  • ManLike Derek
    ManLike Derek 5 days ago

    Chinesd woman are gorgeous

  • Marco Tigno
    Marco Tigno 5 days ago

    I hope hasan talks about the issue of surveillance by the US

  • The Travel Guy
    The Travel Guy 5 days ago

    Can’t wait to see this episode. Lol.

  • ᖴᗩᗯᗩ乙 GUCCI LORD

    Wow a Indian American who never been to Saudi Arabia, talking trash about it!!!!!! What is wrong with the world????
    Trying to make money by making fun about it so you talk about my country.... pure trash

  • Phenomenal Aj024
    Phenomenal Aj024 6 days ago

    An Indian leader made the police arrest a girl for posting a meme about her!!

  • khalida khoja
    khalida khoja 6 days ago +1

    I clicked the like button for like 10 times

  • ludacris day
    ludacris day 7 days ago


  • tokyo damage
    tokyo damage 7 days ago

    Can't hear you over the sound of American social media banning more people every month, American networks firing anti-war commentators, and the American government jailing whistleblowers. Oh, and passing anti-BDS laws criminalizing American citizens' speech about Israel. While the NSA reads your Grandma's emails to make sure she's not Taliban. But go on about China, sure.

  • Jack Emanuel
    Jack Emanuel 7 days ago

    winnie the pooh很胖。我觉得他喜欢吃太多菜

  • The Last Attempt
    The Last Attempt 7 days ago

    2:17 Horseman!

  • Hollywood Adda
    Hollywood Adda 7 days ago +1

    24:55 I actually didn't realised it was President Xi giving his speech until the video part got ended, i just thought some women is introducing him and he will start his speech after this.

  • M Chaney
    M Chaney 7 days ago

    lol when the Democrats are slowly trying to justify war with an ally middle eastern country that happens to produce lots of oil.... yeah u KNOW that their global warming socialism platform is pure bs designed to seize power violently.

  • Abu Alhassan
    Abu Alhassan 8 days ago

    internet explorer , seriously ?

  • staybalanced
    staybalanced 8 days ago

    The US is worse, but we are so distracted we dont care or notice how bad we have it. All because Psychologists studied us in the 1900s and figured out how to persuade our mind through media. Both evil to me.

  • Ken Powers
    Ken Powers 8 days ago +1

    Fk Saudi Arabia...Fk China

  • Ken Powers
    Ken Powers 8 days ago +1

    As Chris Rock said, "I like black people, I just hate N****s." I like Muslims, but MBS- you a Sand N*****

  • rainwolf034
    rainwolf034 8 days ago

    No Chinese using TOR more

  • Alodia Dasovi
    Alodia Dasovi 9 days ago


  • ali jah
    ali jah 9 days ago


    KRIS TENGCO 9 days ago

    I rather choose a dictator like Xi JinPing then thoose Oligarch. Who rule the West. You Chris Chappell poop💩💩💩. you and Chris Chappell are bias.

  • wael heh
    wael heh 9 days ago +1

    Now philippnes will ban you too😂😂😂😂 go hasan! Keep up the good job👌🏻👌🏻

  • Rachel Forshee
    Rachel Forshee 9 days ago +7

    United States does the same thing. Most of the race wars in history have been scrubbed from history text books. The history of labor movements is gone... Basically any popular uprising is totally missing from American history courses and text books and for a lot of people - also from popular knowledge

  • Tasib Sharar
    Tasib Sharar 9 days ago


  • Feroz Sayyad
    Feroz Sayyad 9 days ago

    Make a video on #Israel Hasan

  • Feroz Sayyad
    Feroz Sayyad 9 days ago

    #MBS is watching 📺 😂😂😕🔪

  • Dante Ma
    Dante Ma 9 days ago


  • Mr. Sinister
    Mr. Sinister 10 days ago

    Lmfao pepe pig? Gangster culture?! What?!

  • Fahim Mosharrof Ratul
    Fahim Mosharrof Ratul 10 days ago

    12:22 what's a Bangladeshi sweat shop? Or did I hear that right, somebody clarify please

  • arielle alexander
    arielle alexander 10 days ago

    Why is the word RiceBunny so cute? You just can't hurt cute things in good conscious.

  • Sami Mohammed
    Sami Mohammed 10 days ago


  • Queen Taurus Lee
    Queen Taurus Lee 10 days ago

    Men all over the world of different races and cultures always trying to tell women how to feel and what to do. It’s sickening.

  • Flyx Hoy
    Flyx Hoy 10 days ago +1

    It's not a 100% blocked internet by the "incredible" Chinese tech...

    Though most part of the Chinese regular people don't know how, and don't have the interest of use VPN, some Chinese young people use it to surf on the regular internet.

    The real trick was to convince people that they don't need the regular internet.

    Try to do this in USA or France, and you'll see the difference.

  • *Purple Crystal*
    *Purple Crystal* 10 days ago +3

    The irony of watching this in Saudi Arabia

  • Sin Pre
    Sin Pre 10 days ago +1

    Blind Lawyer - Do you mean Daredevil?

  • Soumapriyo Roy
    Soumapriyo Roy 10 days ago +2

    New name for prisons-"vocational training centers free of charge".

  • mu3az ahmed
    mu3az ahmed 11 days ago

    the problem of saudi arabia they think because in saudia there is Mecca and medena they think they have the legal authority upon all muslims around the world

  • Chick Norton
    Chick Norton 11 days ago

    Bitcoin is at three thousand??

  • Shoaib Sayed YOLO
    Shoaib Sayed YOLO 11 days ago

    What he said about Bangladesh??

  • Blazing Dawn
    Blazing Dawn 12 days ago

    i think you can actually find videos on youtube where chinese officials addresses quite a bit of the issues that is mentioned on the show.

  • Jatin
    Jatin 12 days ago

    oh my god i love this

  • Lord Rudra
    Lord Rudra 12 days ago +3

    Not bad...
    I like yer show
    Including the Indian politics one 😈😇
    Be unbiased and a voice for the the middle....
    And ye will shine 😊

  • Carmen Ju
    Carmen Ju 12 days ago +2

    I’m chinese. I’ve watched you. And I Love you. ❤️ hahahaha

  • Deepa Jain
    Deepa Jain 12 days ago

    I second and third there maroon 5 comment!

  • D
    D 12 days ago +7

    i love that instead of bashing china and chinese people, he humanizes their experiences and tries to give insight into their lives and what they have to go through when it comes to censorship. if it was anybody else, they wouldve just demonized china and equate china as being representative of all chinese people. in short, if it was anybody else, they wouldve just been racist.

  • Massango Moukouelle Valere

    more like a "cash request"

  • p
    p 13 days ago


  • Chirag Baukhandi
    Chirag Baukhandi 13 days ago +1

    hasan is a typical converted muslim radical

  • None None
    None None 13 days ago

    Nice episode Hasan Minhaj is talented. Hope he can you come up with an episode on topic pakistan sunni muslim majority persecuting shia muslims, ahmadi muslim , sufis ...........

  • Sudarshan Lahoti
    Sudarshan Lahoti 13 days ago +1

    I am proud to be an Indian!
    And now even more after watching this!!!

  • Ma Mon
    Ma Mon 14 days ago

    screw their systems and the people who follow them.

  • BigBoss
    BigBoss 14 days ago

    This clown dares to speak about Saudi Arabia

  • Cillver Bullet
    Cillver Bullet 15 days ago +1

    I think the blind lawyer did not escape

  • bts taehyung got jams
    bts taehyung got jams 15 days ago +1

    *peppa pig the gangsta, where ya at?*

  • Heidi B
    Heidi B 15 days ago +8

    "Now you're just... Making things... Up" 😂

  • Megat Panji
    Megat Panji 16 days ago

    Hassan I dare you to talk about Israel occupancy... Beat you will see the real censorship!

  • Eslem Maalaoui
    Eslem Maalaoui 18 days ago +1

    Fun fact n 1 : in tunisia before the revolution youtube was banned
    Fun fact n 2: young muslims already know the crap going down in saudi arabia and a lot of us are choosing not to do haj (whitch is a big deal as muslims it s like praying and fasting) so mbs wouldn't use the money of milions of muslims that goes in during haj season to get away with crimes and bomb yamen

  • V-TuBe
    V-TuBe 19 days ago

    Freedom my ass.. Shut up u idiot mini mouse

  • Amira Designs
    Amira Designs 20 days ago +1

    I never watch any news channels... i watch trevor noah and hasan minhaj for real news! Only if these two became leaders wooow #dream

  • Mak Uzzaman
    Mak Uzzaman 20 days ago +1

    Not fanboying but really wish to see you Live. Hasan Minhaj is the Best or What???

  • Sri Krishna Sahoo
    Sri Krishna Sahoo 21 day ago

    bitcoin is at around twice three thousand Mr. Husain.

  • El Bandito
    El Bandito 22 days ago

    Mongolia might be very poor compared to its two neighbors, but I'd rather live in Mongolia and be free, than be a leashed dog in China, or Russia. Xi and Putin should fornicate.

  • ridash mad
    ridash mad 22 days ago

    Well china has a separate fortnite

  • billzkhan100
    billzkhan100 23 days ago

    "A teenager using his balck berry to spread information about the protest"... ummm yeah.. thats EXACTLY how the so called " arab spring" got on fire.. and look what it did to those countries..!!! Millions died and the whole countries RUINED..

  • Srikkanth Gopakumar
    Srikkanth Gopakumar 25 days ago

    For the record, ur balls should be of steel.

  • Leisure Club
    Leisure Club 25 days ago

    I wonder Jamal Khashoggi's life is more important than the Millions of People in Iraq killed by America??
    Hypocrisy at its best.... Keep funding Israel $104 per second ... American Tax payers are blind... morally most corrupt & terrorist nation on Earth...

    • sudah sarjana
      sudah sarjana 24 days ago

      he probably couldn't squeze 20 min comedy into that topic yet.

  • syed omer osman
    syed omer osman 26 days ago

    what did he tell about Bangladesh?
    can somebody quote?

  • R G
    R G 26 days ago

    1.6 sexist Chinese men have disliked this video !!

  • Lineworks
    Lineworks 27 days ago

    2:45 😂 true dat

  • Shiv17 Kapoor
    Shiv17 Kapoor 28 days ago

    Yo love the kicks: Nike air fear of god

  • martin tanley
    martin tanley 28 days ago

    How the hell did he know where I was sitting and what I was eating 😂😂

  • Rhf Awad
    Rhf Awad 29 days ago

    They say we will never rise becuase we are so rich

  • Rhf Awad
    Rhf Awad 29 days ago +2

    2:20 hassan shut up please we just got netflix access three years ago