Thomas Rhett - Look What God Gave Her

  • Published on Apr 7, 2019
  • Music video by Thomas Rhett performing Look What God Gave Her. © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC
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  • Atika Laila
    Atika Laila 23 hours ago

    Im here after saturday night live.... its catchy😁

  • Israel Chavez Jr

    Not hating the song but the more he plays the less country it gets😂

  • Yaz M
    Yaz M 2 days ago

    I love TR's music so much and have been loving this song ever since it come out, and my 8month old lovessss it to, everytime it comes on he always smiles and giggles and won't take his attention away from it. Hurry up and come tour Australia, k thanks

  • Crystal Bielawski
    Crystal Bielawski 2 days ago

    I love attention

  • Janice Ailsa Gunawan

    beautiful song !!

  • marta nika
    marta nika 5 days ago

    Great song ,
    Look what god gave me a brain a heart and a soul that is dynamite and I cannot help if I got haters and it’s not my fault and haters shouldn’t hate when god gave them the same thing that I got .

  • kirill khizhnyak
    kirill khizhnyak 5 days ago

    fresh fesh fresh . your joy to my ears

  • Sophie Streeter
    Sophie Streeter 6 days ago

    I love country so this is perfect if you wanna be happy

  • Alex Zachary
    Alex Zachary 6 days ago

    This got me through work last summer.

  • Victoria George
    Victoria George 8 days ago


  • Pokémon Trainer Keith

    There is a giant egg over his head

  • Zach D
    Zach D 9 days ago

    i thought he said perfect tennator not he made her

  • Danessa Peterson
    Danessa Peterson 10 days ago

    This is country?

  • madison hardeman
    madison hardeman 10 days ago

    Published in Mar 3 2019

  • Amanda Evelyn Bice
    Amanda Evelyn Bice 10 days ago +1

    I love country music nothings better

  • Maylee Jones
    Maylee Jones 10 days ago

    I love thomas rhett

  • aliyah macdonald
    aliyah macdonald 10 days ago +8

    I only listen to this because of him and his wife and family

  • sinan bahçe
    sinan bahçe 12 days ago

    Bu nasıl güzel sestir şarkıdır arkadaşşşş.
    Ama daha çok izlenmeliydi hakkı daha fazlaydı bu şarkının.

  • Kendra Rayburn
    Kendra Rayburn 13 days ago

    this is m boyfriend song for me and also has anybody listen to unfergetable

  • Jeremy Siple
    Jeremy Siple 15 days ago

    This song is what Girls Like You tried to be and failed. And I don't even like country music.

  • Robbie Stewart
    Robbie Stewart 15 days ago

    Look What God Gave Ashley Fliehr How Perfect He Made Her She Walks In The Room It's Like He Answered My Prayers

  • Maddy K
    Maddy K 16 days ago

    Love and support you! This song is awesome!

  • Michelle Bowling
    Michelle Bowling 16 days ago


  • Lorenzo Morgan Jr.
    Lorenzo Morgan Jr. 17 days ago


  • SD W
    SD W 17 days ago

    Thomas I love you

  • Candy Doney
    Candy Doney 17 days ago


  • Lydia Springer
    Lydia Springer 18 days ago

    Why the hell didnt this song make number 1

  • Brandy Chuculate
    Brandy Chuculate 19 days ago

    hey i love your music and my name is samantha

  • Fizzi
    Fizzi 20 days ago

    This is not country.

  • judy gentry
    judy gentry 20 days ago

    love it

  • Athena Havener
    Athena Havener 21 day ago

    You are always kind to your family so you have to keep the good work up good job

  • Y 9
    Y 9 22 days ago

    What the fuck is this shit, and why is it called country?

  • Emma Spinney
    Emma Spinney 23 days ago +4

    Your kids and wife are so cute and pretty.

  • Eric Bussa
    Eric Bussa 24 days ago

    Look what God gave my girlfriend XD not bragging

  • Nicholas Wenzlick
    Nicholas Wenzlick 24 days ago

    I like your songs

    BAYLEIGH CRUISE 24 days ago

    i love Thomas Rhett for my Birthday my mom got me tickets to see him in St Louis and when i saw them i cried so hard i love Thomas Rhett

  • We Shall Sail Together
    We Shall Sail Together 25 days ago +2

    His wife is so adorable omg😍😩❤️

  • Cheyenne Scow
    Cheyenne Scow 28 days ago


  • Lydia Springer
    Lydia Springer Month ago +1

    And just like that im a fan 😊

  • MedSou
    MedSou Month ago +2

    99% of *You* won't read this but...
    You are the 1%, *Have a good day* ❤❤❤

  • Pepe Silvia
    Pepe Silvia Month ago


  • Kristi Thompson
    Kristi Thompson Month ago +1

    oh my god my boyfriend sent me this!

  • Brooke Dowker
    Brooke Dowker Month ago

    Aww I love this song

  • Lydia Springer
    Lydia Springer Month ago

    I found the song im so addicted to

  • Kathy12Ray
    Kathy12Ray Month ago +1

    TheXvid needs to post tutorials on how the LIKE and DISLIKE button are supposed to work. It may be a cultural misunderstanding that some people mistakenly disliked this song, thinking pressing the down pointing thumb is a great thing. *COZ C'MON! JUST C'MON! WHY WOULD ANYONE DISLIKE THIS?!?!*

  • Dweezie Wez
    Dweezie Wez Month ago

    She is beautiful

  • Zaida Opio
    Zaida Opio Month ago

    Love love Thomas Rhett. I wish I could go to one of his concerts

  • Kia Alibo
    Kia Alibo Month ago

    I love the rhythm and lyrics. 💜

  • Green Meadow
    Green Meadow Month ago


  • Green Meadow
    Green Meadow Month ago


  • Green Meadow
    Green Meadow Month ago

    Oh na na na

  • Green Meadow
    Green Meadow Month ago


  • Anne Crosby
    Anne Crosby Month ago

    Love this song ❤

  • LALI 1080
    LALI 1080 Month ago +44

    I need to find someone who loves me like he loves her.

    • Thor Sinclair
      Thor Sinclair 17 days ago

      @SD W cuz I read sum on insta about it

    • SD W
      SD W 17 days ago

      @Thor Sinclair how do you know

    • LALI 1080
      LALI 1080 Month ago +1

      @Megan Carpenter I am god.

    • Megan Carpenter
      Megan Carpenter Month ago +1

      Find God then

    • Thor Sinclair
      Thor Sinclair Month ago

      but... he doesnt love her... the song is about a girl he met in hawaii or some shit

  • Kyla Kensley
    Kyla Kensley Month ago +1

    I love his daughters there so cute i just want to meet them and tell them how much their dad love's them. my dad never tells me that i'm importan to him.

  • apallo knox
    apallo knox Month ago

    What the actual crap. Hank 3 4life this is not country

    • SaturnAvery
      SaturnAvery 19 days ago

      apallo knox just enjoy the song

  • shreya shahi
    shreya shahi Month ago

    His wife is adorable.

  • Diane Bergman
    Diane Bergman Month ago

    Every woman is __________________________ Rhett

  • Gaven Gudger
    Gaven Gudger Month ago +1

    Worst song ever by you

  • Tia Fuller
    Tia Fuller Month ago

    Hi i love this song so much