Valdez vs Lopez: Weigh-In Archive

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
  • Watch the weigh in from today's event.
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Comments • 83

  • xnielc1 arut
    xnielc1 arut Month ago

    Jr lightweight vs welterweight am i correct🤔🤔🤔

  • Zeno Zoldyck
    Zeno Zoldyck Month ago

    What happend mr. Blob Arum with your puppet?is he not comin?

  • epistemes
    epistemes Month ago

    LA reacción de Bob Arum lo dice todo !!

  • nelq06
    nelq06 Month ago

    Frampton got skills. Much respect for Valdez a true professional champion.

  • Pam Munoz
    Pam Munoz Month ago


  • Pam Munoz
    Pam Munoz Month ago +1

    It was planned so oscar 🍒🍒 n fights berchelt

  • Henry Marin
    Henry Marin Month ago +1

    Valdez a stud. He had them ring girls Blushing. 👏🏽💯

  • tipnw ti
    tipnw ti Month ago

    This was planed. Arums fake reaction

  • Dee Candy
    Dee Candy Month ago

    Cuanto la pagaron para que no vajara de peso al contrincante de Valdez el box 75% mafia ay de Ven

    • Juan Flores
      Juan Flores Month ago

      Nadie gana si no se hace la pelea

    • Juan Flores
      Juan Flores Month ago

      De que diablos hablas no digas tonterias

  • Roberto Castro
    Roberto Castro Month ago

    Que poca madre de este cabron man el peor mexicano que e visto no mames

  • Lalene Rose
    Lalene Rose Month ago

    Viva la MEXICOOO 👊✊☝💚

  • Omar
    Omar Month ago

    Esas si son mamadas no chingaderas, el pantera Nery se k do pendejo al lado de jaguar Gutiérrez, llego como un Welter junior 141 libras, en verdad sería tan ignorante para no estarse pesando en su casa o en el gim, k nunca supo k estaba fuera del peso acordado😠😠😠

  • Jortega Ortega
    Jortega Ortega Month ago

    26:33 y que los manda a la chingada..!!😨😲😲

  • Roberto Rodriguez
    Roberto Rodriguez Month ago


  • K C chief
    K C chief Month ago

    130 vs 141fight of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!

  • Loitering Rambler
    Loitering Rambler Month ago

    Luiz Coria looks 13

  • El Chino
    El Chino Month ago +1

    Why did Gutierrez team even show? Such unprofessionalism is humiliating, dumb ass ruined what little career he had or could've had

  • Junlord Lumantas
    Junlord Lumantas Month ago


  • El Dragon 500
    El Dragon 500 Month ago +3

    Wtf 4:41 🤣

  • Charlie Horse
    Charlie Horse Month ago +1

    What kind of scale are they using lol? That fool was way off the weight 😂

  • ChienBinhz
    ChienBinhz Month ago

    bob :)

    SANCHEZ MUSIC Month ago

    Pura mafia del boxeo

  • santacruz garza
    santacruz garza Month ago

    141 is welterweight 🤪🤪🤪😜🤪😜 rough weight men

  • santacruz garza
    santacruz garza Month ago

    The guy talking like a men's club Dj 😜🤪🤪😜😜🤪🤪😜👯👯👯👯

  • Bandido Romero
    Bandido Romero Month ago

    Que pedo con esos kabrones al minuto 4:43

  • you Fake
    you Fake Month ago +1


  • you Fake
    you Fake Month ago

    Oscar valdez eres la verga!!

  • Cobalto
    Cobalto Month ago +15

    4:43 whats wrong with those guys LMAO

  • ISMO
    ISMO Month ago +4

    Lmao Eddy's face at 25:42

  • uçan tekme
    uçan tekme Month ago +8

    25:47 bob arum reaction :)

  • DaSoleCollector
    DaSoleCollector Month ago +1

    Was up with that tug of war with the towel in the beginning of the video

  • Jefe
    Jefe Month ago +1

    *ELEVEN POUNDS* are u fucking serious. Bro u should be fucking banned from pro boxing if your that unprofessional

  • Kota Kidd
    Kota Kidd Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bob's face

  • rusVan
    rusVan Month ago +2

    00:55 Owwww, poor Bob. I would shake your hand.

  • Terahiti Paofai
    Terahiti Paofai Month ago

    I am just so confused.

  • Enrique Gutierrez
    Enrique Gutierrez Month ago

    Para qué putas pones Valdez vs López fuck You madafacker

  • JAVY 1980
    JAVY 1980 Month ago +1

    broken jaw guarantee again.too much weight difference.

    • niteowl boy
      niteowl boy Month ago

      @Juan Flores ok juan Gabriel.noa noa

    • Juan Flores
      Juan Flores Month ago

      @niteowl boy ya va a empezar usted señora?

    • niteowl boy
      niteowl boy Month ago

      And who said there fighting sure you know about boxing señor

    • jorge rodriguez
      jorge rodriguez Month ago

      @Viraj Deshmukh great! Thank you..

    • Viraj Deshmukh
      Viraj Deshmukh Month ago

      @jorge rodriguez The fight is as per planned which is tomorrow only the opponent has changed nothing else

  • Mr. Clint
    Mr. Clint Month ago

    #WAR teixera!

  • Chevy Chaze
    Chevy Chaze Month ago

    Heard great things about Vianello, Looking forward to seeing him fight
    & Valdez must be up there pound for Pound ?? Hits like a middleweight

  • Nikeman Smith
    Nikeman Smith Month ago +1

    Frampton or McCreary‼ who you got below please..

    • Nikeman Smith
      Nikeman Smith Month ago

      @Chevy Chaze no you didn't ruin it lol im watching it once i can see it on line to see the fighters tendencies, witch rd you fade in by how much pressure or how you can push to be great trying🛡🙇🏿‍♂️🙏🏾

    • Chevy Chaze
      Chevy Chaze Month ago +1

      @Nikeman Smith I didn't realise I was gonna ruin the result ('~')
      No need to watch it now so I saved you some precious time ('-')

    • Nikeman Smith
      Nikeman Smith Month ago

      @Chevy Chaze wow, frampton is still a bad man👺🐐.. nothing wrong with the lost from him, but to Mccreary he's still a good fighter from previous fights. But i really thought he'd be to much being so tall and fast with the reflexes, but im ready to watch it😊

    • Chevy Chaze
      Chevy Chaze Month ago +1

      @Nikeman Smith He bossed it (`-')
      He couldn't take Carl's power, Carl
      Looked strong & Fast tonight, 136
      140 he'd be a monster, but he has
      To stay down in weight, to keep a
      Comparative height, but at 136 ('-')

  • Samantha Reyes
    Samantha Reyes Month ago +10

    They bought a knock off weighing scale from amazon for sure

  • Ivan Manriquez
    Ivan Manriquez Month ago

    No dio el peso el contrincante de oscar valdez otra vez... ya les gusto no dar el peso creo automaticamente oscar valdez ya gano la pelea y apuesto que aun asi se va fajar mañana no se raja aver que pasa

  • Sheriff of YouTube
    Sheriff of YouTube Month ago +6

    this was very funny to watch... 26:00 the falling apart part after he said 141

  • boxing mma365
    boxing mma365 Month ago

    Go to 25.43. Even the announcer looks at the scales like what the Fuck!!!!👀🤣😂Bob Arum Behind him!!! saying The Same!!!🤣😂🤣😂👀👀👀check it out 💯😂🤣👌🏼

  • aalkaline
    aalkaline Month ago

    That shirt frampton wore went from blue to green

  • boxing mma365
    boxing mma365 Month ago +1

    Jesus Carl got a great reception!!!!

  • Irvin Martinez
    Irvin Martinez Month ago +19

    You can't call yourself a professional pulling shit like this. Straight up laziness from Gutierrez and his team.

    • Irvin Martinez
      Irvin Martinez Month ago +1

      @Norberto Gonzalez Contreras you make a valid point brother, can't argue with that. Just disgraceful to see these guys pull this only to get a W.

    • tipnw ti
      tipnw ti Month ago +1

      This was just to get publicty he knew he was never Gona fight n so did his opent.

    • Norberto Gonzalez Contreras
      Norberto Gonzalez Contreras Month ago +1

      It's not laziness he knew he would lose so he tries to come in heavier and hope he wouldnt get penalized like salidos dirty ass vs Loma coming in 20 lbs heavier

  • boxing mma365
    boxing mma365 Month ago +1

    Zayes one for the future

  • brandon sowdagore
    brandon sowdagore Month ago +5

    Did that dude even try to make weight?

    • brandon sowdagore
      brandon sowdagore Month ago

      Fuck that punk

    • boxing mma365
      boxing mma365 Month ago +3

      😂🤣😂🤣 Bob Arum kicked him out of the hotel!!! He went mental!!I can't blame him

    • Jimmy Cruz
      Jimmy Cruz Month ago +3

      No he ate ham, stuffing and bulked up on Turkey protien.