Why Afghanistan Is Impossible to Conquer

  • Published on Jul 30, 2021
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  • RealLifeLore
    RealLifeLore  9 months ago +114378


  • cody smith
    cody smith 9 months ago +14517

    The timing on this video is simply impeccable

    • Walid Fakhfakh
      Walid Fakhfakh 14 days ago

      @Alone Walker matdhahakch

    • Freaky Lemonade
      Freaky Lemonade 24 days ago

      @COD GOD nope Afghanistan is impossible to conquer unless nuclear weapons are used no matter how hard the us will try they will never conquer it and even if they do the cost to do so will be much greater than it should be for a small nation and militia/resistance will be a constant factor which will bring back Afghanistan if it’s conquered

    • Against Viral Information
      Against Viral Information Month ago

      @COD GOD lol excuses

    • COD GOD
      COD GOD Month ago

      @chammnda gold Huh 😂

  • Boss Boss
    Boss Boss 8 months ago +1048

    Afghanistan would be such a beautiful country if it weren't for the fighting

    • spaghetti
      spaghetti 10 days ago

      honesty it still is.

    • Du Cs go
      Du Cs go 19 days ago

      @Toca Shorts The Taliban is not there to fix the country rather the opposite. They just want to make sure that Pakistan has no real enemies at it's Borders.

    • Du Cs go
      Du Cs go 19 days ago

      @Johan True

  • Wahidullah Azizi
    Wahidullah Azizi 5 months ago +218

    Thank you for making this video. As an Afghan, I would rather caption it why to not conquer Afghanistan? Why there should be an invasion at all in the first place?

    • Shhhtalker
      Shhhtalker Month ago

      Leave it to Taliban

    • Chocolaty Pie
      Chocolaty Pie 2 months ago +2

      @Ayesha Khan Any problem to you. He must be proud of his afghanistan. why one would leave their country?

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 8 months ago +425

    Ashraf Ghani: We will ward off further violence
    Afghans: That means you're gonna defend Kabul til the very end, right?
    Ashraf Ghani: ...
    Afghans: *That means you're gonna defend Kabul til the very end, right?*
    "I never said I had a plan... *I said I had a plane"* - Ashraf Ghani, probably

    • Du Cs go
      Du Cs go 19 days ago

      @Its bitcoin Typical Pashto trying to represent the whole Afghan country and making them seem they all think like Pashtos.

    • Its bitcoin
      Its bitcoin 6 months ago +3

      @Theon. we are glad we have such a great and genius president alhamdolilah

    • Theon.
      Theon. 6 months ago +3

      Our dear leader is just so accurate at depicting history using his powerful and understandable memes

  • Nasir Khan
    Nasir Khan 3 months ago +13

    "One of the poorest and least developed country on the planet"
    As an Afghan this sentence just made me cry
    At the end of the day we Afghans are RESPONSIBLE

    • fakealizer
      fakealizer 3 months ago +1

      gg your war against yourself has ended its your time to develop

  • Muhamad Amin
    Muhamad Amin 9 months ago +6564

    Afghanistan: * Impossible to conquer*
    Afghanistan: Fine. I’ll do it myself

    • Du Cs go
      Du Cs go 19 days ago

      @just another account Nah bruh do your research before writing a comment thats half true. Yes they have retreated to Pakistan ,because they are trained there etc. And there is enough evedience that shows that they are alot of Pakistanis in the Taliban (There are also Pakistani soldier's there).

    • Du Cs go
      Du Cs go 19 days ago

      @snips KitKat They are a mix of Afghan Pashtuns and Pakistanis , so yes it's true.

    • Du Cs go
      Du Cs go 19 days ago

      @Yurichtube High percentage which is true for the Pashtun majority ,but not for the other ehtinics or people that live in Cities. But please do research before writing random crap.

    • Du Cs go
      Du Cs go 19 days ago

      @Its bitcoin Bruh You have no knowledge as I see. Afghanistan never had good relations with Pakistans government and threatend Pakistan alot when Afghanistan had a working government. Pakistan was often scared of Afghanistans government. I forgot which year it was ,but Pakistan was scared and threatend by a non-corrupt ,mostly working government.

  • waseem ahmad
    waseem ahmad 6 months ago +14

    As An Afghan living in Afghanistan, I do accept that Taliban still has no 100% control over Afghanistan. there are areas where people even don't know anything about the taliban and pervious collapsed government.

  • Atzan Gray-Dorito
    Atzan Gray-Dorito 8 months ago +13

    jokes aside it is very interesting to know the geological history of the country to not only know how well the taliban knows it, but to see why many invading powers try and fail to seize it.

  • Joseph Ryan
    Joseph Ryan 5 months ago +11

    Thank you for this detailed and informative video.
    All of these challenges to a foreign power trying to control Afghanistan should have been clear to the U.S. in 2001, based on Russia's experiences there in the 1980s. And yet we still went in and stayed there for 20 years, thinking in our arrogance that we could do better.
    As a nation, I hope we will learn from this folly and focus our efforts closer to home, where they are needed most. I blame both political parties for getting us into and keeping us involved in an unwinnable situation in an unconquerable country for far too many years.

  • Jake
    Jake 8 months ago +1259

    please dont make a video “why america cant be conquered” IM BEGGING YOU

    • Ethan_miaomiao
      Ethan_miaomiao 8 days ago

      Even if America's Geography wasn't on it's side, more that HALF of the world's countries side by it.

    • Macias712
      Macias712 24 days ago

      @Colonel Slim Candy the 2nd no they didn't

    • Mehedihasan Siam
      Mehedihasan Siam Month ago


  • Harshil Uppal
    Harshil Uppal 9 months ago +1859

    Now he really should make a video why Afghanistan is so easy to conquer

    • afarensis79
      afarensis79 11 days ago

      @LEFT4BASS correct. That makes you a liberator, not conqueror.

      LEFT4BASS 14 days ago

      Except it isn’t. The US was the conqueror here. The Taliban was the resistance. The resistance won after 20 years.

      LEFT4BASS 14 days ago

      @afarensis79 but then you’re not really a conqueror.

  • taiyo
    taiyo 8 months ago +330

    I've living for billions of years and never seen anything aged this bad lmao
    ( Apparently I was wrong, sorry to you people out there. Idk anything about Afghanistan,)

    • Nick Nabors
      Nick Nabors 3 months ago +1

      @Matthew the taliban themselves are afghans, so they conquered their own country and the government left.

    • Rozina Farheen
      Rozina Farheen 7 months ago

      @🇺🇲The United States of America Calm, down a little bit.Your anger is understandable at some point.Try to stay away from insane people.

    • 🇺🇲The United States of America
      🇺🇲The United States of America 8 months ago

      @cat eater lol huh since when?
      you mean ancient egypt you know it wasn't muslim right...

    • cat eater
      cat eater 8 months ago +1

      @🇺🇲The United States of America stop using the anesthetic and surgical tools we invented

    • Axolotlotl
      Axolotlotl 8 months ago

      And in those years you never learned to spell

  • Moses MM
    Moses MM 5 months ago +3

    You know, when you gave the example of Poland, I was like 'But, didn't that happen to Poland?' as from 1975 up till the end of WW1, there was no Polish state as Austria, Prussia(succeeded by Germany) and Russia had conquered it all and divided it among themselves. Still, I got the point.

  • Ian Fortuna
    Ian Fortuna 3 months ago +2

    Not to mention the Greek empire met its expansionary end at Afghanistan because of dozens of uprisings

  • Франк Матроскин

    The difference between SU and US is that the Soviet-back regime of Nagibulla held for about 3 years after the withdrawal of Soviet troops. The US-backed regime didn't last a month!

    • Potatoslayer23
      Potatoslayer23 Month ago +1

      The difference is that they had a air force

  • Drew M
    Drew M 10 months ago +17991

    Everyone asks "Why is Afghanistan impossible to conquer". No one asks "Why conquer Afghanistan?"

    • Hamaad Kashif
      Hamaad Kashif Month ago

      @GRIMLOCK07 Right, poppy there worth more than gold

    • Mohammad Hares Belal
      Mohammad Hares Belal 3 months ago

      One word Uranium

    • Amas
      Amas 5 months ago

      @Jared Henderson there is no oil there

    • ZOCCOK
      ZOCCOK 5 months ago

      @M B this with the answer above it are the best answers in the entire comment thread

    • rdv
      rdv 5 months ago

      Dude c'mon

  • Dean Just Dean
    Dean Just Dean 5 months ago +2

    Pretty much every conquerer has encountered the same problem. Conquering a territory chews up your resources to an extent. Keeping it chews them up even more.

  • eddieliusa
    eddieliusa 7 months ago +130

    Afghan Pakistan border: is the most dangerous
    South and North Korea: am I a joke to you?

    • Random Dude
      Random Dude 2 months ago

      @B. H. Kapadia ind pak china border be like

    • LiterallyEpicc Shorts
      LiterallyEpicc Shorts 3 months ago

      @B. H. Kapadia india Pak border isn't more dangerous tho

    • •×Bell amethystו
      •×Bell amethystו 3 months ago

      Mean while pakistan:I dance with danger💃🔪

    • Peter Last
      Peter Last 5 months ago

      @All countries Latest Songs we didn’t lose, we pulled any military support 8 months ago (trump’s idea) and basically gave up. During those months the Afghan military couldn’t function without our air, logistics, and advisory support. No one bothered to restructure the Afghan military to where it could function without minimal US military support.

    • Jouch
      Jouch 5 months ago

      @Colonel Slim Candy the 2nd Trolling went too far man...

  • Kevin Sabko
    Kevin Sabko 8 months ago +4

    whats funny about this video is that just yesterday i watched an interview with an american journalist and the president of pakistan and he kept telling the majority of people on the boarder are pashtune and has lost 15k troops trying to stop taliban soldiers from going back and forth. but the american was having none of it. now this little doc just backed his story on how easy it is and was for the taliban to move back and forth especially when fellow countrymen are on both sides of the boarder

  • Happier Abroad - Expat Living and Dating Overseas

    I don't get something. How come the Soviets could take Berlin in 1945 by storming it with millions of troops, but it can't take Afghanistan the same way?

  • FRQY
    FRQY 8 months ago +3177

    This speedrun is even better than the ones in Minecraft. Can’t wait to see the next one

  • RV Van Life
    RV Van Life 6 months ago +3

    This answered decades of questions that I had about Afghanistan, now it makes sense, thank you

  • Joao Freitas
    Joao Freitas 8 months ago +2

    Thank you
    RealLifeLore !!! for doing what you do and giving us reliable information !!!

  • I Am Valknut SonOf Odin Expert US ArmyInfantry CPL

    Was in Afghanistan in 2010-11 spent majority of the time at Bagram AFB heard most of brigade mission was compromised a day or two before the day of mission, heard from my ALOC chain of command, A Co made false attacks because their Soldiers wasn't getting any Combat Infantry Badges because no contact. They send me to the ALOC because of my back issues. Which I carried the dead on to the plane shook General Petraeus 5 times each during a mass casualty funeral. I was made to go against my FreeWill to Obama fly in also to Bidon fly in which I told Bidon to his face "I am not going to shake your hand, also I was told to come here." The look on his face. Now Bidon has executive order to take our freedom of fuel vehicle by the year 2020. It Must be the reason I didn't shake his hand.👁️

  • Toca Shorts
    Toca Shorts 7 months ago +2

    I’ve been to Afghanistan before, most of my family live there I was supposed to go last year but of corona i didn’t and I was supposed to go this year but I couldn’t of the taliban. It’s a really fun country but it has extreme poverty and it’s one of the saddest countries 😔

  • 30secondsflat
    30secondsflat 9 months ago +4512

    I think a better title should be: “Why Afghanistan is Impossible for Foreigners to Conquer”

    • Ian Hinrichsen
      Ian Hinrichsen 3 months ago

      @Lalehian Deity No that's incorrect. The US left, which they should have done a long time ago, they had no business being in Afghanistan in the 1st place.
      2800 Coalition dead
      53000 Taliban dead - yeah sure they won.

    • Lalehian Deity
      Lalehian Deity 3 months ago

      @Ian Hinrichsen And yet, the Taliban have won.

    • Ian Hinrichsen
      Ian Hinrichsen 3 months ago

      @Lalehian Deity Rats always end up dead - either by poisoning or a smarter, fox terrier rips them to pieces.

    • Ian Hinrichsen
      Ian Hinrichsen 3 months ago

      @Lalehian Deity Yeah, so the cowardly rats can hide.

  • Piotr Nazim
    Piotr Nazim 8 months ago +7

    XD well... As a Pole, I must say that the border directly cutting Poland to eastern and western halfs would be the best solution that would ever happen :D.
    It perfectly draws a difference between the Right-sided anti-EU, catholic, also well... less civilizied part of the country, and more West-oriented majority of Polish cities and people.

    • M.C.Martin
      M.C.Martin 5 months ago

      I mean, The EU hasn’t exactly been affective at managing resources and funds, hence why England left

    • Michał Prymus
      Michał Prymus 7 months ago

      That's very stupid

  • rianne banzuela
    rianne banzuela 8 months ago +14

    Well, he did say, "Afghanistan is easy to invade and take over but it's almost impossible to effectively hold it for long..."
    so i guess, what he says may still hold water at the end.
    Timestamp: 10:45

  • Matthew A Leung
    Matthew A Leung 8 months ago +212

    RLL’s answer for everything geopolitical: Yeah it’s because of her GEOGRAPHY

    • Zhi Han Lee
      Zhi Han Lee 7 months ago

      Singapore got expelled from Malaysia in 1965 & we've Malays, Chinese, & Indians straddling across both countries (though those in Malaysia are more traditional e.g. they learn non-language subjects in school in their respective mother tongues or Malay (for some non-Malays), instead of in English like in Singapore, while the races in Singapore have their cultures intermingle with each other to create a more cosmopolitan national identity I think), but both countries seem more stable (though I heard Malaysia faces a brain drain from the Chinese as Malays have government affirmative action that benefits them more). Also meant that when the border was effectively shut by the ongoing pandemic (Malaysia banned its citizens from leaving the country, while both countries require those crossing the border to quarantine, for a whopping 3 weeks in Singapore's case @ 1 point, & it has to be in a hotel some more (instead of your own home), so @ a room rate of $100+ daily, the quarantine is going to cost you ~$3000, or almost a month's salary of a Singapore fresh graduate, & several times that of Malaysian workers), a sizable number of people were impacted. Singapore is home to 400000 Malaysians, or ~7% of its population, many of whom ended up being separated long-term from relatives in Malaysia if they chose to remain in Singapore to keep their jobs there (which pay more than in Malaysia also)

    • The Copper Element Itself
      The Copper Element Itself 8 months ago +1

      I mean... geography is pretty much influential. No country could ever win against canada, not even the US for example, since if u have a small army that actually knows and understands the winter and hard mountainous/icy lands of your country, you can make a better strategy to defeat anyone; if the US sent a massive army to canada, they could prepare in specific positions to just camp on the enemies, like what Finland did, they only lost because the soviets were madlads that would keep sending people even if their army was completely over, just forcing more and more flesh mountains to weakener the enemy

    • Just Looking
      Just Looking 8 months ago

      99.9% it is though. Including England and her previously legendary Navy.

    • tomonetruth
      tomonetruth 8 months ago

      british imperial meddling?

    • HaramHeisenberg
      HaramHeisenberg 8 months ago +2


  • Just Another Hot Guy with a Mustache

    6:12 Even a better comparison in my opinion: Ancient Greece. All islands had their own authority but were united.

  • J
    J 8 months ago +3869

    RealLifeLore: Afghanistan can't be conquered
    Taliban: And I took that personally

    • Saber
      Saber 2 months ago

      @Theo Noble not some Afghanis ALL Afghanis that aren’t mercenaries of america nobody with any semblance of rationality is going to say that the land doesn’t belong to the members of the Taliban

    • Theo Noble
      Theo Noble 2 months ago

      Arguably not a conquering, some Afghanis could consider it just the people reclaiming it
      Its dumb idk

    • Ahmad Abdullah
      Ahmad Abdullah 5 months ago +1

      @grown_715 hen
      that is not bad for pakistani people since taliban fighters are also from pakistan

  • youtubə
    youtubə 4 months ago

    This videos says how it's impossible to conquer it from the outside, and since the world's most powerful military couldn't conquer it the video aged very well.

  • Jenny Brown
    Jenny Brown 8 months ago +4

    Thank you for informative and well put together documentary.

  • Nanzymyap
    Nanzymyap 3 months ago

    Thanks for the tutorial it really helped a lot long live!

  • Queen Angel
    Queen Angel 2 months ago +3

    Because We never Lose Hope On Allah SWT
    Proud to be Afghan 💖🇦🇫💖🇦🇫💖🇦🇫💖

  • Robin Chettri
    Robin Chettri 10 months ago +2086

    Afghanistan : "No one can conquer me"
    Poland : "Is it possible to learn this power?"

    • Aj
      Aj 12 days ago

      @Swarnava Samanta you are crazy ghaznavi lodhi sheer shah suri aludin khilji ahmed shah abdali I can keep going all of them were Pashtun Afghan we ruled for more then 1200 years 😂😂😂😂😂

    • lucian boar
      lucian boar 9 months ago

      @Jon 65 one has sea from three sides and Armenia had to deal with neighbours, not with empires from faraway (I know the Soviet Union too had a border with Afghanistan but its centre of power was still on another continent, within a very different culture). Maybe close neighbours like Pakistan or Iran would have more succes conquering Afganistan, especially if they were stronger than they are but still below the likes of the US. Because they could relate better to how the Afghans think.

    • Jon 65
      Jon 65 9 months ago +1

      @lucian boar well Armenia and Korea are mountainous and yet they were like Poland..

  • Steven Hanover
    Steven Hanover 4 months ago +1

    Can you do one of these for every state in the US, starting with Seattle,WA?

  • Afghan khan
    Afghan khan 7 months ago +2

    It's not about geography it's about Afghan people who never ever bow down to a foreign invasion. That's all

  • Bill Coffey
    Bill Coffey 7 months ago +3

    Two of the most accurate things I've ever heard about Afghanistan: 1.) "If the world needed an enima it would shove Afghanistan up its ass!" , and 2.) "It's a war over 40,000 villages.

  • Eduardo Morales
    Eduardo Morales 8 months ago +165

    The Taliban didn't conquer Afghanistan, they are afghans themselves.

    • Brady Stewart
      Brady Stewart 3 months ago

      @Eri Protection Squad Fidel Castro conquered Cuba even though he was Cuban

    • Brady Stewart
      Brady Stewart 3 months ago

      Conquer: Overcome and take control of (a place or people) by use of military force. Lenin and the Bolsheviks conquered Russia even though the Bolsheviks were mostly Russians. The People's Republic Of China conquered China when they were mostly Chinese. Fidel Castro conquered Cuba even though he is Cuban. You can still conquer the place regardless if you're natively from there or not.

    • indeed.
      indeed. 6 months ago

      The Taliban are mostly Pakistanis*

    • Zyro Glowz
      Zyro Glowz 7 months ago +1

      @Zhi Han Lee no there not, outsiders are not allowed to join Taliban, you must show loyalty to your tribe on Afghan soil first before joining Taliban

    • Eri Protection Squad
      Eri Protection Squad 7 months ago

      @jizzed How am I making myself look stupid exactly?

  • Lorenzo Afable
    Lorenzo Afable 10 months ago +9689

    In short, Afghanistan is so hard to conquer that even Afghanistan can’t conquer itself

    • W🌍P.A🕊️ارتش جهانی صلح
      W🌍P.A🕊️ارتش جهانی صلح 4 months ago

      No fight Afghan& Afghan no more...🌎

    • Lugburz
      Lugburz 4 months ago

      @Sam Norton you would know that Bactria had many greeks by the time Alexander came and they did not resist him, rather rejoiced when he entered into this region. It was only the sogdians who resisted him, when he created Alexandria Eschate. Sogdia isn't even part of Afghanistan. It is what modern Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. After this the only revolts that occurred were greek soldiers who did not want to live in Baktria.

    • Lugburz
      Lugburz 4 months ago

      @Sam Norton there were no tribes... It was analogous to other kingdoms of the diadochi....

    • Sam Norton
      Sam Norton 4 months ago

      @Lugburz Again, it was not under control, the tribes still had their own rule. Much like Hong Kong citizens who refuse to be under the Chinese law yet they are in their mind they are not no matter what and they will fight for it till they die same here

  • Koharumi
    Koharumi 7 months ago +13

    Afghanistan couldn't be conquered because the various tribes had skillshare.

  • Evan Butler
    Evan Butler Month ago +1

    This makes me wonder why Afghanistan hasn't split into multiple smaller countries. If centralized power is so difficult, simply switching to localized power seems the logical conclusion. I know reality is a lot more complicated, tho

    • Omar Shinwari
      Omar Shinwari Month ago +2

      True. Im of the Shinwari Pashtun tribe
      We live roughly by the Pakistani afghan border. right in beetween actuay
      Its like this. In Afghanistan there is NO concept of a "united Afghansitan". first of all look at the terrain too much mountains, diffrent language histort cukture values
      and most importantly too much tribes and sub tribes who act as independent people and have control over their land

  • Edward W. Hood
    Edward W. Hood 8 months ago +2

    Spent 11 months of my life deployed there. I can confirm this.

  • Kermit Drinking Tea
    Kermit Drinking Tea 4 months ago +2

    “The Afghanistan-Pakistan border is the most dangerous border in the world”
    *North Korea be like:*

  • Virgilio
    Virgilio 9 months ago +1679

    "No outsider can conquer Afganistan"
    Taliban: "Good thing we are not outsiders then😎"

    • Aj
      Aj 12 days ago

      @Hanie Sings taliban are afghans if taliban were not our own people or the afghans not supporting them they won’t be able to fight against the Afghans most of the afghans were supporting taliban

    • WaheedDoesStuff
      WaheedDoesStuff 9 months ago

      @Hanie Sings the original commenter

    • WaheedDoesStuff
      WaheedDoesStuff 9 months ago

      @Hanie Sings you are wrong

    • Hans Wurst
      Hans Wurst 9 months ago

      ****⚠️Muslim you are allowed to Llie but the unforgivable sin thwarts the deception! ⚠️****
      Come testify! THERE is only one GOD and that is YHWH !!
      If you don't testify, you testify that Allah is just a made-up MICKYMAUSE FIGURE of Muhammad!
      Do you testify! Do you commit unforgivable SIN in ISLAM

  • Oscar Gonzales
    Oscar Gonzales 2 days ago

    The title is very misleading though, Afghanistan have been conquered many times by the Persians, Mongols, Soviets, British, Caliphate, Timurids, Mughals?

  • MikeyMonkey
    MikeyMonkey 8 months ago +2

    Fascinating video! One thing I wish more people knew about was Operation Cyclone. Could change some perspectives.

    • Tarif Burki
      Tarif Burki 6 months ago

      @paradox what isn't?

    • paradox
      paradox 6 months ago

      @Tarif Burki what’s wrong with that?

  • Casper Kankarjärvi
    Casper Kankarjärvi 6 months ago +1

    It's actually so sad that Afganistan has been invaded fo pretty much its whole existence

  • Brick Battles
    Brick Battles 6 months ago +2

    realLifeLore: afganistan is impossible to conquer.....
    taliban: am i a joke to you

  • Eibarman-
    Eibarman- 9 months ago +4589

    "If nobody capable of conquering you, you conquer yourself"
    - Sun Tzu, Art of war

    • No Masters No Gods
      No Masters No Gods Month ago +1

      Conquer yourself! The Afghan occupation was for RARE EARTH MINERALS. 😔
      Remember, a typical Taliban fighter in Afghanistan, just like a typical Viet-Cong guerrilla fighter in the Indochina war in the past, carries less than $100 worth of homemade arms & ammunition. Just saying.
      For hard truths, pls read informative multi-pages 'Ole Fella' comment (on TheXvid) at, "China-US tensions: A closer look at the Five-Eyes intelligence partnership / CGTN"

    • The Mandu V and Jimin fight for
      The Mandu V and Jimin fight for 3 months ago

      Your 4.1k like

    • LiterallyEpicc Shorts
      LiterallyEpicc Shorts 3 months ago

      and that citizens, is how i got your new government

    • JenishTheCrafter
      JenishTheCrafter 4 months ago +1

      @Mujtaba Siddiqui its a joke from the Minecraft TheXvidr Technoblade lol

    • Honest Ghostnaldo fan
      Honest Ghostnaldo fan 7 months ago

      penaldo is finished

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 5 months ago +1

    Divide and rule policy doesn't apply in Afghanistan
    Tribe's may be against eachother but foreigners presence unites them instead of dividing them more

  • 404 Not Found
    404 Not Found 5 months ago +2

    France is the 5th biggest country on Earth which means Afghanistan isn’t small if they are comparable.

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American 7 months ago +77

    RealLifeLore: Afghanistan is impossible for foreigners to conquer
    Mongols, Macedonians, Achaemenids, Timurids, Mughals, Ghaznavids: Try me

    • Omar Shinwari
      Omar Shinwari Month ago +1

      @Rajesh Pal Sikhs didnt even enter Afghanistan.
      They only managed to get into Peshawar (present day Pakistan)

    • Rajesh Pal
      Rajesh Pal 2 months ago +1

      Sikhs are laughing in corner 😂😂😂

    • Jack's Wasted Life
      Jack's Wasted Life 4 months ago

      @toh786 still counts that afghanistan was "conquered"

    • toh786
      toh786 4 months ago

      @Jack's Wasted Life Back in those days, Afghanistan was not populated. There were a few communities, sure, but there was no united force or a sense of nationhood as there has been in recent times.

    • TALIBANطالبان🏳️
      TALIBANطالبان🏳️ 4 months ago

      @ArtistDigital no

  • LostMC [Watch Dogs 2] [ROBLOX]

    “If Poland was split between Russia and Germany…”
    Hey, I know this one!

  • Colossal Titan
    Colossal Titan 9 months ago +2690

    This has gotta be some kind of world record for how quickly something aged like milk

    • tomonetruth
      tomonetruth 8 months ago

      @EazyTheDon54St "no offense but I think it's hilarious that yu think some mountain men with 1970's ak's can drive out the U.S army😂😂😂" - ummm, that's exactly what happened. just out of curiosity, who do you think won the vietnam war? :D

    • Luxe Mag
      Luxe Mag 8 months ago +1

      @Joeri Tijhuis those are 300 BC barbarians, the remnants of Alexander the Great Macedonian army, some of which settled and didn't return west. Research Bactrian history, and the ethnogenesis of the Pashtun people. A good portion of them have a haplotype found in the Balkans/Northern Greece.

    • Ace007
      Ace007 8 months ago +1

      @Gabriel M how?

      NIDELLANEUM 8 months ago +1

      @Mith there is also the fact that many commented here as if they did not notice how the video was uploaded while the Talibans were doing their thing. If it was a video made, say, a year ago, then fine, but this video was made now to also explain why it took 2 decades for this

    • Gabriel M
      Gabriel M 8 months ago +1

      @Ace007 you are dense af

  • kingnut
    kingnut 5 months ago

    The road from bagram to kabul was rebuilt so many times. It would have massive potholes after 1 winter.

  • wrightmf
    wrightmf 5 months ago

    Seems to me this video can be titled "Why Afghanistan is Impossible to Understand by the Best Brains of the Most Powerful Countries." The US, UK, USSR have heard the expression graveyard of empires but simply don't get it and invaded anyway.

  • klintkaos
    klintkaos 3 months ago +2

    Those mountains contain 3 trillion or more of rare minerals, so other than opuim that's what foreign nations want

  • Muiz SP
    Muiz SP 5 months ago +1

    "Why Afghanistan is impossible to conquer"
    Taliban's: and we took that personally

  • youtuber_007
    youtuber_007 9 months ago +1984

    There is no lesson in history without saying "The British arbitrarily drew the border"

    • M.C.Martin
      M.C.Martin 5 months ago

      @zarathustra “The Left can’t meme” is a saying you know. Since their jokes aren’t funny, and get triggered easily 😂 just saying

    • M.C.Martin
      M.C.Martin 5 months ago

      This thread was hilarious to read 😂

    • zeveroare R
      zeveroare R 9 months ago

      @The Empathic Armed Infidel oh hunny, you're so far gone even a radiotelescope can't even spot you anymore.

    • PrisoPuma
      PrisoPuma 9 months ago

      @The Empathic Armed Infidel you must be fun at parties

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      Lekholokoe Lekotsoana Moloi 9 months ago

      Those clowns

  • Joseph Cola
    Joseph Cola 6 months ago +7

    I mean, you don't earn the nickname *"The Graveyard of Empires"* for nothing.

  • Anarking
    Anarking 5 months ago

    Why use the example of Poland being divided when you can point to an actual real world example of Ireland being divided by the same people who divided up the Pashtuns

  • Monke
    Monke 5 months ago

    Afghanistan: Time to conquer myself twice!
    The whole world: 🤦

  • Lars
    Lars 8 months ago +8

    Afghanistan respectively parts of it was/were incorporated into foreign empires in the past all the time (by Perians, Greeks, Indians, Sassanids, Mongols etc.). Afghanistan isn't difficult to conquer and it's not too difficult to rule over as a part of your empire.
    However, it is almost impossible to control the country as a vassal state when your heartland is thousands of miles away.

    • varen
      varen 6 months ago +1

      @Neelanjana Chatterjee Yes Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara, Ashoka the great and gupta emperors all ruled Afghanistan or atleast parts of it

    • Neelanjana Chatterjee
      Neelanjana Chatterjee 8 months ago +1

      I think in this context indian means mayurian empire and king called Ashoka who ruled in 4th century BC . That's how it was initially buddist. It's also before Islam so there was more commonality.

  • MeGawOOt99
    MeGawOOt99 9 months ago +4506

    11 days is one hell of a speedrun.

    • Nanzymyap
      Nanzymyap 3 months ago

      I’d dread it the moral and the people of sheer will (yes I just quoted John wick)

    • Lalehian Deity
      Lalehian Deity 3 months ago

      3 months. 11 days to conquer the more urbanized areas.

    • The Kaiser
      The Kaiser 3 months ago

      Well 3.5 months and they were actually Afghan

    • 1911
      1911 5 months ago

      @Zylnex xd

  • Pannacotta Fugo
    Pannacotta Fugo 8 months ago

    I've got a 2000 word essay on Afghanistan and im watching this video on repeat as a result lmao

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    google transleter: PUPPY...

    • Pravin Kshirsagar
      Pravin Kshirsagar 5 months ago

      I am laughing 🤣

    • NCHLT
      NCHLT 5 months ago

      @Unsaid_Magnite No, the captions show up in english. I want to know where this google translate stuff comes from. I'm on windows 7 if that helps

    • Unsaid_Magnite
      Unsaid_Magnite 5 months ago

      @NCHLT the word welp is translated to puppy in german

    • NCHLT
      NCHLT 5 months ago

      I don't get it

    • NCHLT
      NCHLT 5 months ago


  • Thomas Rodriguez
    Thomas Rodriguez 7 months ago

    The way you conquer them is to turn them against each other, isolate them, and make them stay there.

  • Another NPC
    Another NPC 6 months ago +8

    God is the greatest 🦁☝🏻 long live Afghanistan

    • moodtyubijn
      moodtyubijn 4 months ago

      (Taliban) islamic emirate of Afghanistan has won

  • DevSarman
    DevSarman 10 months ago +7984

    Afghanistan is basically a polar opposite of Poland
    Afghanistan: "graveyard of empires"
    Poland: "playground of empires"

    • ran vijay
      ran vijay Month ago

      @MaquaCR and what 2200 years ????

    • ran vijay
      ran vijay Month ago +1

      @Ahmad Faisal Oriakhel you can too search it in your country's wiki by searching "Mauryas empire" or "Gupta empire" , it still gonna show you Afghanistan a part of their empire's territory

    • Ahmad Faisal Oriakhel
      Ahmad Faisal Oriakhel Month ago

      @ran vijay Where have you got this information from? What source? Wiki-indi?? 😅😅😂

    • ran vijay
      ran vijay Month ago +1

      @MaquaCR and when did ghurid conquered India about 1000 years or 1millennium ago

    • ran vijay
      ran vijay Month ago +1

      @MaquaCR conquest is conquest

  • Michael Jason Saputra
    Michael Jason Saputra 3 months ago +1

    I strangely had this way of thinking...
    If building a modern nation-state concept in Afghanistan is impossible, should we just try the model of a tribal confederation? It could've worked out in the framework of Switzerland. Instead of cantons, the administrative 'division' could've just been built up on the basis of ethnicity. There will be no single head of state, but a Supreme Loya Jirga (if it's what its called) composed of representatives from the Tajiks, the Uzbeks, the Pashtuns, and other ethnicities will be the collective heads of state of Afghanistan (similar to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR or the Federal Council of Switzerland). Then we'll call it the Bactrian Confederation (in my opinion a rather neutral name deriving from the ancient Persian province covering roughly the modern-day territory of Afghanistan) since Afghanistan would imply an ethnic dominance of Afghans/Pashtuns (doesn't sit well considering the experiences of many states). It better be a neutral state similar to the Swiss so that everyone can just fucking mind their own businesses. Each of the ethnicities will have a sort of wide autonomy similar to the cantons of Switzerland, with issues of nationwide impact being discussed at a sort of federal parliament in either Kabul or Herat. This allows them the tribal affiliation they had always wanted, to be represented commonly federationwide only in foreign affairs (a single Bactrian foreign ministry/embassy) and common military issues (which as consequence, all weapons should be held by the federal authorities while forbidding each of the ethnicities from having their own means to wage war or conflict).
    But that's just my thinking. I'm in no way an Afghan tho...

    • Polly Poppin
      Polly Poppin 3 days ago

      Currently ethnic divisions have become wider and more popular in Afghanistan and it seems that it will go into civil war sooner or later. Maybe in another decade or two we will see Afghanistan split into independent ethnic states.

  • MAn
    MAn 6 months ago +2

    RealLifeLore: Why Afghanistan Is Impossible to Conquer
    The taliban: You dare test my powers

  • Sam
    Sam 6 months ago +1

    For the people who don’t know the memes: After the US soldiers departed, the Talibans basically took Afghan with no trouble.

  • alfons bradley
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    "When people cant destroy you, you can destroy yourself"

  • Yummy Spaghetti Noodles
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    I learned more on the first 5 minutes of this video than I have ever learned about Afghanistan in the last 20 years from news outlets.

  • dandan free
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    there was a man capable to run Afghanistan and his name was Gengis Kan.

  • Daystriker
    Daystriker 4 months ago

    The timing of this vid was amazing and it was conquered 11 days later

  • Danamation Putinham
    Danamation Putinham 8 months ago +1

    Getting into Afghanistan is not that hard. Getting out after you realize there is nothing there is when they all got slaughtered. The reason Great Britten went in was to stop the Russians from getting too close to India colonies. Russians went in because the English invaded and they felt insecure about the Brittish getting too close to Russia.

  • Vagish Gc
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    RLL: Afghanistan is impossible to conquer. Taliban: hold my beer

  • NatedTurtle
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    The timing was absolutely fantastic, I challenge anybody to find a better timing for something

    • REDD
      REDD 2 months ago

      Do a video on Why Ukraine is impossible to conquer

    • Ensen
      Ensen 2 months ago

      "What if the Soviet Union reunited today?"

    • Mehdi Arif
      Mehdi Arif 2 months ago

      But afghanistan never got conquered?

    • Lalehian Deity
      Lalehian Deity 3 months ago

      The timing was deliberate.

    • Joma
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      @Daniel Martin lol okay. Sure.

  • Elvastan
    Elvastan 7 months ago +1

    Makes you wonder how the Greco-Bactrians did it.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 2 months ago

    Well, you missed the most important part. Look at the truck the afghan army was driving in your video. A Toyota heliux! That truck is invincible!!!

  • Rahman Faridoun
    Rahman Faridoun 3 months ago

    As an Afghan I am impressed

  • Satan harsh
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    "why afghanistan is impossible to conquer"
    taliban: hold my slipper and ak 47

  • Crisp Checker
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    RealLifeLore: *makes this video*
    Taliban: “And I took that personally”

    CAR CROWN 3 months ago

    Anybody tell me how he make this type of editing using these maps..thank you

  • Voz
    Voz 8 months ago +32

    4:25 Well, that wouldn't be the only time Kush impeded on someone's ability to get a job done.

    A SHNWRY Month ago

    To conquer a foreign land maybe an easy task however one must conquer hearts and mind to gain and maintain forever control. You can’t make friends if your intentions aren’t friendly and even if you do succeed in making friends while hiding bad intentions, it simply won’t last long.
    Using strength and force: even cage fighters boxing, wrestling etc.. you may win a match or two but to maintain championship you must remain forever in the ring and continue to win every single match or else you will kicked out and stripped off by some unexpected opponent or you retire l(escape).
    For every relationship diplomatic or civil, international or domestic the basic and fundamental ingredients are the same and as follows: mutual respect, honesty, fairness, compromise, independence, loyalty, faithfulness and mutual prosperity. Yes i understand it can only happen to take place in a perfect world and where leaders and policy influencers and makers are peace thinking and intellectual individuals! Unlike greedy self declared Pharaohs! 😬

  • Manchezo
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    Afghanistan was conquered by Afghanistan
    -1000 respect points

    RA RA RASPUTIN 10 months ago +4526

    “ *How do you defeat an enemy who looks into the barrel of a gun and sees paradise?* ”
    Said by Russian Commander

    • flightJazzCinema
      flightJazzCinema 9 months ago

      By pulling the trigger.

    • Boo
      Boo 9 months ago

      @Yummy mellow trillions of dollars spent to military and equipment just for the president to escape the country by plane.
      Sure thing bro.

  • UffeChan
    UffeChan 8 months ago

    "A little larger than France"
    *Bigger than France and Belgium combined*

  • Random Stuff
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    The four horseman of only being conquered by themselves:
    The internet

  • Golden Golem
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    This is the video that aged the best on TheXvid, convince me otherwise.

  • John Mcnott
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    Surely he knew what impossible meant before making this

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    Well this sure aged well.

    • Mat Salvatore
      Mat Salvatore 2 months ago


    • Jay Whan
      Jay Whan 2 months ago

      @Black Haze America has in NO way "depleted" the resources of Afghanistan. They still sit on trillions of dollars worth of mineral wealth. Not to mention they're still the world's largest exporter of opium. For whatever that's worth.

    • Jay Whan
      Jay Whan 2 months ago

      @tranimal nothing the US did over the course of 20 years could even remotely be described as "conquering" Afghanistan.

  • eigo bike
    eigo bike 7 months ago

    “Most dangerous border” - more dangerous than the DMZ border between North and South Korea ? I don’t think so. Switzerland is also more mountainous, less populated and landlocked with various localized politics and languages so the highlands argument is flat. The crux is how it is disparate in authority, corrupt, Islamic centered and poor in capital and industry.

  • BlizzardPixels
    BlizzardPixels 4 months ago

    If he makes “Why Earth is Impossible to conquer.” Aliens are just gonna start dropping from the sky 13 seconds later

  • Mimi Kaka
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    Alternative title: world most powerful US can't & struggle to defeat Afghanistan like Vietnam xD