5 Little Video Editing Tricks that make a BIG Difference! (Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial / How to)

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
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    In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial I will be sharing 5 little video editing tips, tricks, and techniques that can make a big difference in your final project.
    1. Pull Focus - Using dimming and blurring in the background you can pull focus to text, images, or pop ups in the foreground. You can even use keyframes to gently animate in and out of this. (0:20)
    2. Gentle Motion - You can use scale and position keyframes to gently ease in and out of pictures in a slideshow fashion. This is great to keep the flow of the video going and keep still frames engaging for the viewer. (2:20)
    3. Audio Ducking - There are many ways to duck audio, however this simple visual pull of the volume line allows you to visually dip in and out of important moments such as voice overs and transitions. (3:50)
    4. Sound Design - This is a larger topic in general but it is good to remember that you can apply sounds the same way you apply video effects with a little creativity. (5:40)
    5. Vignette - a subtle vignette can go a long way in bringing out the focus and color grading of certain scenes and pictures. This tool in the Lumetri color panel can come in handy for clips shot on clear blue skies or with soft edges. (7:40)
    Keep these 5 subtle techniques and variety of knowledge in your arsenal for many different video editing situations.
    Thanks for watching!
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  • Justin Odisho
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    Thanks for watching! Did you know I started a podcast? Watch the latest episode here: thexvid.com/p/PLBrRXoTJAkZCK4h9kr-8rrNAaNqzE7ona

    • Christina Gowda
      Christina Gowda 2 months ago

      Looking forward to hearing your podcast. I have been watching your videos as I troubleshoot making videos for my channel christinaquestgowda. Why does adding text degrade the quality of the video on which it overlaps?

    • Charmaine Javier
      Charmaine Javier Year ago

      Justin Odisho how do you higlight text on premiere pro

  • MacBdam
    MacBdam 3 hours ago

    5:00 Wow, just WOW~ thank you for this one, I didn't even know how to search this tip and just stumbled upon your video now and here's the answer 😢 thank you!!

  • A G
    A G 6 hours ago

    how to make the blur gradually go back to normal when the clip with text is about to go to the next clip?

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    SUPREMO TV 17 days ago

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    MusiGod 17 days ago

    I need help. In my pc Pre. Pro. Is using integrated gpu instead of nvidia gpu to render videos. I have checked that cuda is enabled.

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    Lukas Rycl 17 days ago

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    Scaling & audio control, I waited for a long time to get the right tutorial...

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    Neeraj Vishwakarma 20 days ago

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    Aashutosh Bhatt 20 days ago

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  • Kevin Kristensen
    Kevin Kristensen Month ago

    If you are wondering, all of these are possible to do in fcpx :)

  • Keepin'ItMJ
    Keepin'ItMJ Month ago +1

    Cool video! I'm using free video editing software right now for my YT videos and the user interface is def more complex than basic editing software like Windows Movie Maker lol . It's a bit similar to Premiere but certainly lacks most of the features displayed here.
    I'd love to use Premiere one day! It can be intimidating, especially with all the tools but you explained these 5 tricks wonderfully. Thank you for sharing!

    • Keepin'ItMJ
      Keepin'ItMJ Month ago +1

      @RandalfElVikingo oh yeah I've heard mobile app editing/ tablet editing can be useful! I like to do my editing on a laptop. For me it's more ideal. I also dont have space on my phone rn 😂😂.
      I have to look into getting a better laptop too but for now I'll use what I've got. You're awesome, thanks again

    • RandalfElVikingo
      RandalfElVikingo Month ago +1

      @Keepin'ItMJ Have fun c: There's also some apps for video editing, but I'm not into smartphone editing that much. I've seen professional work done on an Android, so maybe thag option can help you too.

    • Keepin'ItMJ
      Keepin'ItMJ Month ago +1

      @RandalfElVikingo Hey Randalf, thank you! I'll try to look into that. Appreciate the suggestion!

    • RandalfElVikingo
      RandalfElVikingo Month ago +1

      There are harder programs. The best way to learn premiere is to learn how to use any adobe program.
      Also, I hear there's some "free versions" of premiere around there * wink * *wink*

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    ANA GONZALEZ Month ago +1

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    Reza Irawan Month ago

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  • Kumanova R
    Kumanova R Month ago

    why i don’t have the TEXT function?

    • Justin Odisho
      Justin Odisho  Month ago +1

      Some older versions don’t have essential graphics panel

  • Dutched Shed Builds

    i liked the gaussian blur under the text. So obvious but i missed it. Thanks for the tip

  • 鬼神人TW James YT

    Wut happened if I lost my text tools?

    • Justin Odisho
      Justin Odisho  Month ago

      Depends on your version you may have the new essential graphics panel

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    Gabrijel Destani 2 months ago +1

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    Brandon Viale 2 months ago

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    Lang Kuai 2 months ago

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    • Lang Kuai
      Lang Kuai 2 months ago

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    • Lang Kuai
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      Justin Odisho  2 months ago

      I said “the eye doesn’t really know”

    • Lang Kuai
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      @Justin Odisho around 1:10 you said I doesn't really know. Sorry for pointing out just I am learning English and make this kind of mistake all the time...

    • Justin Odisho
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