The Oldest Man: The Hot Dog Vendor from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)

  • Published on Nov 10, 2015
  • A business man (Harvey Korman) doesn't know what he's in for when he stops for a hot dog and a milkshake at a shop run by The Oldest Man (Tim Conway). Want even more laughs? Shop The Carol Burnett Show DVDs today at !
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    A business man (Harvey Korman) doesn't know what he's in for when he stops for a hot dog and a milkshake at a shop run by The Oldest Man (Tim Conway).
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    While there’s no truth to the rumor that “CBS” ever stood for The Carol Burnett Show, for eleven seasons and 278 episodes, this star-studded extravaganza of sketch comedy, song and dance became entertainment central for the network and TV viewers. Taped before a live audience at Hollywood’s CBS Television City Studio 33, The Carol Burnett Show featured clever, dazzling production numbers in an intimate environment, thanks to strategic camera placement that brought the actors and audience closer together. Burnett operated in a relaxed theater setting that allowed her to take questions, cut loose with her famous Tarzan yell and join fellow performers Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner to have a laugh or sing a song. The show received 25 Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globes, making it one of the most honored shows in television history. TIME Magazine named The Carol Burnett Show one of the "100 Best Television Shows of all Time" and Carol Burnett has been honored with more People's Choice Awards than any other actress.

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Comments • 417

  • Apsis Motion Pictures

    Yeah, I like Dags. I like Caravans more.

  • Apsis Motion Pictures

    Sometimes I wonder if this format inspired some of those Grover/Customer sesame street sketches.

  • Renea Orduno
    Renea Orduno 4 days ago

    RIP Tim Conway. You were one of a kind.

  • AltLYH Lyh
    AltLYH Lyh 4 days ago


  • Lieutenant Fartblow
    Lieutenant Fartblow 5 days ago

    Ken Berry recently passed away too...
    RIP Conway, Korman and Berry

  • Iahel Cathartes Aura

    Poor Harvey, constantly working not to collapse into total laughter at Tim!! 😅😅😅
    "I don't want twelve! I only WANT ONE!" "It looks like A RECORD!"
    "Well, you're eating an Oscar Muriel." 😂😂😂😂😂
    Oh wow, I did not know that Tim just passed away 😢😢😢❤

  • Tony D
    Tony D 6 days ago +1

    this is what SNL use to be like, now it is worthless and not even worth watching anymore

    • Armory Brunot,Jr.
      Armory Brunot,Jr. 5 days ago +1

      "SNL" has gotten too political. I'm not missing a thing.

  • Aaron E
    Aaron E 6 days ago

    Our of all the modern day comics; name me 1 who can be compared to Tim's wit!

  • Aaron E
    Aaron E 6 days ago

    Burt & Ernie

  • April D
    April D 6 days ago

    Loved Tim and Harvey. Heaven is the funniest place now. Miss both those guys

  • Judy Hejza
    Judy Hejza 7 days ago

    What a treasure

  • Highbaby9
    Highbaby9 7 days ago

    I always loved this show.

  • John Galt
    John Galt 7 days ago

    I'm smiling and laughing ....outstanding show...and their laughter during the skits...Priceless

  • blondie5399
    blondie5399 7 days ago

    He was the funniest man that ever walked the earth! God bless you Tim Conway, you will be surely missed.

  • George Marius Podaru

    And Tim Conway left us too. What a horrible year.😢😢😢 May his soul rest in peace.

  • MMLF 7619
    MMLF 7619 7 days ago

    Way before my time, and the quality is way ahead of my time. Conway was a genius. I can't decide which is funnier: the skit or Korman struggling not to lose it. RIP, funny man.

  • TK W
    TK W 8 days ago +1

    Everyone keeps saying it was a horrible day...but he lived a long, successful life!! He made it possible for our kids & grandkids to experience true humor! So, thank you Tim Conway, you have done a good thing.

  • Caleb Bowers
    Caleb Bowers 8 days ago

    If you notice the yellow Sign behind Tim it says Special 85 c. You were Special Tim RIP

  • John Delvisco
    John Delvisco 9 days ago +2

    There was NOBODY nor will there ever be anybody like Tim Conway. Been a fan since I was a kid and always enjoyed seeing him. RIP Mr. Conway and thanks for the years.

  • RockTheSix
    RockTheSix 9 days ago +1

    RIP Tim.... Your comedy will never be forgotton. A true legend!!!!!

  • David Watches YouTube
    David Watches YouTube 9 days ago +1

    People today don't have the patience for this comedy any more. So glad I could experience it as it happened...

  • David weber
    David weber 9 days ago +2

    They were brilliant nothing like that anymore

    • MMLF 7619
      MMLF 7619 7 days ago

      Now that shock value has replaced real intelligent comedy, I am sorry to confess this is true.

  • LIFE THRU A WINDSHIELD Daniel T. Cheatham

    Who can forget Tim Conways only movie ROLL FREDDY ROLL

  • Michael Bacon
    Michael Bacon 10 days ago +1

    Those guys were epic together! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Steven Baer
    Steven Baer 10 days ago +2

    I am still laughing at him but yet deeply saddened at the same time

  • Steven Baer
    Steven Baer 10 days ago +3

    Damnit he is gone 😭😢 from his fans but yet he is not forgotten from his fans. Tim Conway you were born in December 15th 1933, I too your fan and I was born in December 15th, 1966. You love to destroy poor Harvey Korman especially when you were the dentist. And poor Harvey Korman had an accident in the dental seat. Oh poor Tim Conway you are so highly missed but yet you are still living in our hearts and minds. Carol Burnett and Vicky Lawrence miss you too and extremely both were on the Carol Burnett Show. 😵😖✝️🙏😫😭😭😵😨😞

  • Bob Schuyler
    Bob Schuyler 10 days ago

    He was my most favorite comedian of all time. My heart sank real deep. Rip Tim

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony 10 days ago

    Best parts of these were watching Harvey trying _not_ to crack up. =)

  • carline norris
    carline norris 10 days ago +1

    The clothes he has on are filthy who would eat there except Harvey. an still this is funny. Loved this show looking forward to bing watching these clips. My condolences to his family. But if it is any comfort to them.The world was a better place because of these comic geniuses even for this brief period of time. Harvey ,Tim ,Carol and Vicki an Lyle.l feel fortunate to still have the other three to help carry on the legacy of this great comedy show.

  • Todd Van Winkle
    Todd Van Winkle 10 days ago +1

    "Oscar Muriel" on man Tim was the BEST!!!!

  • Maria Zubak
    Maria Zubak 10 days ago +1

    I'm go glad we had this time together

  • Curtis Jones
    Curtis Jones 10 days ago +1

    I hate to say it but ANYBODY could have done what he did.

  • WhiteStone21475
    WhiteStone21475 10 days ago

    Thank you, I never watched these when they were aired. Happy they are here, now.

  • Eloisa Macal
    Eloisa Macal 10 days ago


  • Anita Huie
    Anita Huie 10 days ago

    No one like them ever.

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 10 days ago +1

    Tim was the only reason I watched carol burnet

  • Joe Rockhead
    Joe Rockhead 10 days ago

    350 assholes out of 7,200......not too bad.

  • Gone Ballistik
    Gone Ballistik 10 days ago +1

    "What do you want on that hot dag?" LOL . Tim Conway RIP

  • Lucy Rivera
    Lucy Rivera 10 days ago

    RIP Tim Conway thanks for all the laughs! 😂😂😂🙏

  • Michele Riley
    Michele Riley 11 days ago +7

    My condolences to Tim Conway's family. He made me laugh until I cried. One of the best ever.

  • Kesley Cottrell
    Kesley Cottrell 11 days ago +2

    They don't make them like that anymore. Talent, pure talent. RIP Tim betcha heaven is laughing their asses of now.

  • Jaymi Swift
    Jaymi Swift 11 days ago +1

    the world's going to miss this special man.. Rest in peace Tim Conway.

  • eric zulu
    eric zulu 11 days ago +1

    Harvey was HORRIBLE at not laughing!!!

  • Paul Caplan
    Paul Caplan 11 days ago +1

    RIP Tim Conway we lost a comedic legend. He always made me laugh, I watched the Carol Burnett show every week. Me and my mom and we would laugh our asses off. This type of comedy never gets old

  • Lara O'neal
    Lara O'neal 11 days ago +1

    Thank u for this upload. Subbed.

  • Lara O'neal
    Lara O'neal 11 days ago +7

    HILARIOUS. I’m dying laughing over here. OMG they are the best.

  • David Snay
    David Snay 11 days ago

    Harvey Korman could never keep a straight face 😁.

  • Carolyn Jones
    Carolyn Jones 11 days ago +2

    May Tim Conway Rest in Peace. Many thanks Tim Conway for the many laughs you gave us. Prayers and Condolences go out to Tim Conway's family and friends. God Bless You. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Wanda Roderick
    Wanda Roderick 11 days ago +2

    Thank God I can watch his reruns and laugh my ass off but I sure as hell am going to miss this man

  • diane leroux
    diane leroux 11 days ago +1

    I adored Tim Conway, will be missed

  • Stevie M
    Stevie M 11 days ago

    Tim: Would you like a bun?
    Harvey: What's a hot dog without a bun?
    Tim: A lonely wiener.
    RIP, Tim Conway and thanks for the laughs. Wherever you are now, I'm sure you're making Harvey Korman crack up.

  • Mark Bunker
    Mark Bunker 11 days ago +1

    Thank you for the laughter, Tim.

  • K S
    K S 11 days ago +4


  • Ginger Boudreaux
    Ginger Boudreaux 11 days ago +1

    Rest in Peace Mr. Tim Conway You will be missed

  • WestLaPitbull Channel
    WestLaPitbull Channel 11 days ago

    This not that funny. Its just not. I love Lucy. Was 20yrs before. And it was a million times. Better than this. And this copying. I love Lucy format.

  • TheVra25
    TheVra25 11 days ago +2

    RIP Tim you will be remembered as a comedy Legend

  • Ballistic Bob
    Ballistic Bob 11 days ago


  • duffergetrdone319
    duffergetrdone319 11 days ago +8

    RIP Mr. Tim Conway & thank you for all the laughs.

  • Helen Peterson
    Helen Peterson 11 days ago +2

    I shed tears when I hear yesterdays news.

  • Sunny Thai
    Sunny Thai 11 days ago +7

    A lonely weenie. .Blew coffee out my nose.

  • Scott1Lori2
    Scott1Lori2 11 days ago +2

    Made me laugh as a kid in the 70's. I remember my grandma laughing too. Thank You Tim Conway for those great memories.

  • Angie Strobel
    Angie Strobel 12 days ago +1

    Who can dislike this?

  • Laurie Matson
    Laurie Matson 12 days ago +20

    RIP Tim Conway and Harvey Korman 😂😂😂😂

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline 11 days ago +2

      Original Dynamic duo of comedy

  • Rev. Pop
    Rev. Pop 12 days ago

    Lonely weenie

  • John Sparks
    John Sparks 12 days ago +2

    RIP Tim. We laugh a bit less.

  • Ben Middleton
    Ben Middleton 12 days ago

    RIP Tim

  • Fretless99
    Fretless99 12 days ago +1

    RIP Tim Conway :(

  • Charlie Beach
    Charlie Beach 12 days ago +7

    Now we are all the lonely weenie to Tim Conway's bun. Don't take that out of context.

  • Daniel Day
    Daniel Day 12 days ago +2

    Rest In Peace, Mr. Conway.

  • songbird3860
    songbird3860 12 days ago +10

    Today the laughter died...RIP Tim of my favorite memories from childhood!!!!

  • brightersage
    brightersage 12 days ago +12

    RIP Tim Conway. Thank you for making us laugh for so long!

  • jetit
    jetit 12 days ago +1

    I will Miss Them Both RIP

  • Gary Wright
    Gary Wright 12 days ago +12

    "I never seen a place like this in my life! " It's the only one on the block! Classic!😂😂😂😂 RIP Tim & Harvey!

  • The Superverse
    The Superverse 12 days ago +16

    RIP Tim. Say Hi to Ernie, Harvey and the rest of the world passed for us

    • Dunkler Engel
      Dunkler Engel 5 days ago

      Don't forget Johnathan Winters, Robin W, Van Dike and Don Knotts, and the like...

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin 12 days ago +2

    R.I.P. Tim you will be missed!

    THE KEVIN ZONE 12 days ago +1


  • Melinda Smith
    Melinda Smith 12 days ago +1

    R. I. P Mr. Conway

  • Darrin Ward
    Darrin Ward 12 days ago +1

    RIP Tim ... we will miss you

  • Mark Zustovich
    Mark Zustovich 12 days ago +2

    So long, wonderful Tim.

  • Pacific Blue
    Pacific Blue 12 days ago +70

    Horrible day today - Tim Conway died at the age of 85. A rest in forever peace to a comic legend. Our world just lost one of the great comedic actors.

  • Last Angry Geek
    Last Angry Geek 12 days ago +4

    Good-bye Tim. RIP.

  • Mowac
    Mowac 12 days ago +99

    Rest in peace, Tim Conway (Dec 15, 1933 - May 14, 2019)
    ..............he's now making Harvey laugh again.

    • Zero to Awesome
      Zero to Awesome 6 days ago

      He and I share a birthday!

    • Alexi S.
      Alexi S. 10 days ago

      Curtis Jones What? Are you insane? The hell is wrong with you?!

    • Mowac
      Mowac 10 days ago +2

      +Curtis Jones What did he ever do to you??

    • Curtis Jones
      Curtis Jones 10 days ago

      He's in HELL. SORRY.

  • Paula Barrows
    Paula Barrows 12 days ago +19

    RIP Tim Conway. One of the very best!

  • Dori Pinkerton
    Dori Pinkerton 12 days ago +20

    RIP Tim Conway. So many great sketches like this one.

  • Pete Kondolios
    Pete Kondolios 12 days ago +22

    Memory eternal to the favorite son of Willoughby ohio !
    The old man was my favorite role. Harvey had a hard time keeping a straight face as well.

  • Tamara Y Easton
    Tamara Y Easton 12 days ago +3

    i miss him already!!

  • Bubba Joe Xombi
    Bubba Joe Xombi 12 days ago +2

    Rest Easy Tim You were the tops Pops 😭

  • Quincee 33
    Quincee 33 12 days ago +76

    RIP Tim Conway, 85. Thanks for making us laugh.

  • DH Thomas
    DH Thomas 13 days ago +32

    For those of you who didn't grow up with this show - watching Tim make Harvey laugh was one of the biggest reasons people tuned in every week.

    • Dunkler Engel
      Dunkler Engel 5 days ago

      He made everyone break character every week. Complete Genius...

  • Jeanie Garner
    Jeanie Garner 13 days ago +1

    best comedian and jerry lewis

  • Southern Fried Texan
    Southern Fried Texan 14 days ago

    I am freaking crying

  • Dawn Moore
    Dawn Moore 22 days ago


  • Hawk Girl
    Hawk Girl 24 days ago

    How can anyone dislike this?

  • Susan Krager
    Susan Krager 26 days ago

    It still cracks me up watching these two.

  • eddie rushing
    eddie rushing Month ago

    How can you get through this sketch without laughing. No crude language just funny interactions.

  • Douglas Curtis
    Douglas Curtis Month ago

    I never thought Tim Conway was that funny, but Harvey Korman did.

  • SRT8Driver
    SRT8Driver Month ago +2

    ' I never saw a place like this in my life!'
    'well it's the only place on the block' LOL! here we go...Harvey's never going to make it thru this without bustin' up!

  • Margaret Wouters
    Margaret Wouters Month ago +1


  • Michael Young
    Michael Young Month ago


  • Jay Davis
    Jay Davis Month ago +4

    If you're ever in a rotten mood just watch these clips. You will be fine!