Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview Event

  • Published on Jan 26, 2022
  • From the adventures that await to plans set in motion by nefarious forces, join members of the Rare crew as we peer into the Order of Souls' cleanest orb to see what the future holds for the pirates of the Sea of Thieves over the next year...
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Comments • 3 032

  • CorvusTX

    Would love to see the ability to save outfits and ship sets in this game where 100% of the rewards are cosmetic :)

  • Welyn
    Welyn  +696

    looks like some BIG HIJINKS on the horizon!! Looking forward to some good swashbuckling adventures this year 😎🏴‍☠

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +204

    This is going to be a great start

  • Tyler James


  • Mac Deschene

    This is one of the greatest games of our generation... ive been playing since beta and its amazing how far its come. Thank You Rare!

  • Jacob Patterson

    I love how much fun they've made this game. I've stuck with it since day one, and it has come so far!

  • MixelPlx

    All aboard the hype train!

  • Cold tacos

    I’m a day 1 player, and let me tell you: I have absolutely loved seeing this game evolve and grow and I can’t wait for what is next. Thank you guys for giving me memories that I will carry forever. See y’all on the seas!

  • SpectralArchivist

    I'm so excited for this! These last few seasons have been spectacular. So excited to see where the story goes, and really stoked to see the Pirate Lord showing up again!

  • Finlay Carmichael

    These new adventures featured around an evolving world are exactly what this game needed to keep it interesting

  • Rescue Randy

    it’s amazing that there is still new content being cranked out for this awesome game I LOVE IT

  • Elijah S

    This game is the dearest to my heart. All the long nights stacking loot with friends. The epic ship battles and sometimes frustrating losses. Good memories through and through. Love this game and can't wait for the new content! Especially lore related. Keep it up rare!

  • Da Blueberry

    The only thing I'm worried about is that many players may miss out on adventures that are key to this ongoing storyline due to them being available for only 2 weeks. Seasons are possible for busy people since they are so long and timed events are often missed but it's only a few cosmetics you miss out on. But, stories that disappear and impact how the world changes only after 2 weeks may leave people feeling left out when they can't find time to complete them if busy with life.

  • Derp The Buddy

    Everybody in this team at rare are so ambitious and inspiring, LOVE YOU GUYS KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

  • johnnyjr
    johnnyjr  +22

    Rare, thank you for continuing to move forward as a company. You guys are going to do great things this year, I'm sure of it. I am very excited for this year in the world of SoT.

  • CGI_Max
    CGI_Max  +22

    I just love this game, and i really love you guys! Thank you for everything you are doing!

  • Christy
    Christy  +4

    Oh wow. This is incredible. My crew and I have been playing since the beginning and I can’t wait to sail into this adventure series. I love the emphasis on creating adventures and building the world together! What an amazing development! Thank you!

  • Lazer Monkey

    Thank you guys! Thank you for making me feel free like jack sparrow, Thank you for making me experience my own fantastic story everyday I´m sailing the sea of thieves, Thank you for letting me have adventures with my friends and also with totally foreign people, Thank you for always going another step further and keeping and creating always a fresh new breeze on the seas. I am really gratefull! You created a wonderfull and fantastic place for dreamers like me.

  • Mangoeater69

    Sea of thieves is one of the games where you can truly see the love and passion of the developers, almost like they have managed to code the passion into the game scripts

  • Wasserhahn24

    Ahh that sounds like I always imagined these old updates, like when they introduced the Megalodon or the Skeleton ships, to be. Nice to experience of them now on my own.