No Recipe Challenge: Oreo Cookie Brownies • Tasty


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  • bowtiesandcigarettes
    bowtiesandcigarettes 19 hours ago

    vaughn is tasty

  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 Day ago

    Vaughn have you met us. I would have better luck watching a tasty video then doing it

  • Felicia Nguyen
    Felicia Nguyen 2 days ago

    omg essence's personality i love her

  • Angelina Tsao
    Angelina Tsao 3 days ago

    “Girl watch out I got a knife”

  • Angelina Tsao
    Angelina Tsao 3 days ago

    Love essence

  • Tina Di Benedetto
    Tina Di Benedetto 4 days ago

    I mean your friends are literally me

  • TsukiraAquarius
    TsukiraAquarius 4 days ago

    So where's the original video for the recipe? I can't find it...

  • Sabih
    Sabih 5 days ago +1

    *"Girl watch out I got a knife."*

  • Arsenia Ermizina
    Arsenia Ermizina 7 days ago

    please have them make macarons

  • Emily
    Emily 8 days ago

    Essence is everything

  • any one
    any one 8 days ago

    The most delicious thing in here is definitely Vaughn

  • Malak Mohammad
    Malak Mohammad 9 days ago

    Anything that has sugar and chocolate in it is good, no matter what

  • Derill Troy Tacang
    Derill Troy Tacang 11 days ago +1

    You don't need math to be fabulous. But it will make you fabulouser and you don't need language subject to make you fabulousiest. 😂

  • Šimon Nesvadba
    Šimon Nesvadba 12 days ago

    They are not even blond xd

  • Brooke B
    Brooke B 12 days ago

    Life: “do you think you’re up for the challenge?”
    Me: “noooo”

  • Bradley Hills
    Bradley Hills 15 days ago

    6:22 "girl watch out I got a knife" HAHAHAHAHA

  • Black Excellence Productions

    I couldn't stop looking at eccence's top

  • PattyCake
    PattyCake 18 days ago

    He sounds like Matt Patt!

  • Ziera Mae
    Ziera Mae 18 days ago

    I love that black girl

  • ArtisticArcheopteryx
    ArtisticArcheopteryx 18 days ago

    chaotic good

  • Chantel P.w
    Chantel P.w 18 days ago

    its a shame oreos contain palm oil

  • Komal Baloch
    Komal Baloch 20 days ago

    This guy is super sexy hero

  • Tulip Wonder
    Tulip Wonder 21 day ago +1

    I’m sorry I just farted, when they where talking about how good it smelled

  • ElephantGirl03 Toth
    ElephantGirl03 Toth 21 day ago

    she thought it was cocoa powder😂

  • ElephantGirl03 Toth
    ElephantGirl03 Toth 21 day ago

    essence is kinda annoying sorry😂😂

  • Irma Lopez
    Irma Lopez 22 days ago

    slutty brownies 😭

  • Hathahasmeenay
    Hathahasmeenay 23 days ago

    Essence 😂😆🤣, you funty as all get out‼️

  • Michael H.
    Michael H. 23 days ago

    Omg. I want Vaughn to sit on my faaaace. He's so hot 😩😩😩😩

  • Minecraftian Eldritch Horror

    Ask Essence to be in more of your videos, please! She's amazing! 😍

  • Octavios Reaves
    Octavios Reaves 24 days ago

    *Im screamiiiing*

  • Ann Fan
    Ann Fan 24 days ago

    I don't really get the Challenge, i mean everything is pretty much premade, even the browniemix like i don't get it

  • Angel Zapata
    Angel Zapata 25 days ago

    "Medium rare" I f*cking died 😂

  • Good Hearts Get Torn Apart


  • Claudia treviño
    Claudia treviño 25 days ago

    Girl watch out I’ve got a knife

  • Mame Amar
    Mame Amar 25 days ago

    I only clicked this to say its a slutty brownie!

  • Student Álvaro Roig Grams

    It’s not pussy brownies is slutty brownies

  • Melly Ivy
    Melly Ivy 25 days ago

    "just call me Vanna black.". Loll

  • Bianca Gonzalez
    Bianca Gonzalez 26 days ago

    Didn’t try guys do this

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson 26 days ago

    Tasty is my favorite cooking app ever, my favorite recipe is mashed potato stuffed meatballs. 😏😏🙂

  • Chaia's Curations
    Chaia's Curations 26 days ago +1

    Please give feedback I started a channel!

  • Simon DaBomb
    Simon DaBomb 26 days ago +1

    OH NO NO

  • Stanley Jones
    Stanley Jones 26 days ago

    The tall girl put butter on top LMAO!!!!

  • The emo Kawaii potato
    The emo Kawaii potato 26 days ago

    Hmmm, I bought the try guys ha e done this maybe these people decided to copy em NAWWWW

  • Jenny Rose
    Jenny Rose 27 days ago

    We call these slutty brownies🤣

  • John Samama
    John Samama 27 days ago

    "Do you thinks you're up for the challenge? "
    They should make this into a series

  • Franzi_K
    Franzi_K 27 days ago

    sharp behind - sounds like a very sophisticated British compliment for a nice butt.

  • Vivica Valdez
    Vivica Valdez 27 days ago

    We call those slutty brownies lol they’re too sweet tho

  • isabellaeiod
    isabellaeiod 27 days ago

    These videos are literally the best

  • Catalina Reveco
    Catalina Reveco 27 days ago

    Essence is so dumb is not even funny... and why would you drizzle butter on top?

  • LaShonda Young
    LaShonda Young 27 days ago

    She said girl watch out I gotta knife 😂😂

  • Nic Bertrand
    Nic Bertrand 27 days ago

    Essence is gorgeous!

  • The Sis Channel
    The Sis Channel 27 days ago

    Most pastries are set to 130 dg

  • Lana _
    Lana _ 27 days ago

    he sounds like the boy version of safiya nygaard

  • Ria Patel
    Ria Patel 27 days ago

    so a slutty brownie lol

  • Khalid Larmoud
    Khalid Larmoud 27 days ago

    01:28 when the teacher asks if we're ready to do the test

  • Kairos Malificus
    Kairos Malificus 27 days ago

    I love baking and even with a recipe slutty brownies never come out right for me. I hate it 😂

  • Malaya Buena
    Malaya Buena 27 days ago

    3:04 Vaughn has me dying (Did I spell that right?)

  • Antares117
    Antares117 27 days ago

    Ashley, you are my zing

  • Majestic Spiro
    Majestic Spiro 28 days ago

    It’s a nonstick. It doesn’t stick. 😂😂😂😂

  • varsha kesavan
    varsha kesavan 28 days ago

    I felt like she was specifically pointing at me when she told headphones users beware.
    i wish they did the same in the videos i have watched before......i wouldn't have been half deaf.

  • Samantha Leonard
    Samantha Leonard 28 days ago

    Tha- Bu- Wai- Okay, just hollup. That's literally all boxed or pre-made stuff. Boxed brownies don't even need instructions; just add an egg or two, some fat, and you're good. At least the try guys actually do the challenge right and do it, from scratch, without a recipe.

  • Shai Lí
    Shai Lí 28 days ago


  • Heber Clawson
    Heber Clawson 28 days ago

    I don’t know about you guys but those are slutty brownies in my house

  • Ayleen Iveth Gonzalez
    Ayleen Iveth Gonzalez 28 days ago

    I love watching tasty videos and buzzfeed videos especially with al, of y'all guys and I try to do them al, the time because I'm such a huge fan of Alexis Alex and Vaughn so I thank y'all I get my strategy and experience from all three of y'all and for that I thank you love ayleen

  • Hanan Ahmed
    Hanan Ahmed 28 days ago

    The brownies are called slutty brownies, in case u want the recipe :)

  • Devon Elle
    Devon Elle 28 days ago

    “You gotta be like girl watch out I got a knife” hahahaha

  • Crafty Cat95
    Crafty Cat95 28 days ago

    Please do no recipe macarons!!!

  • Rj Wolf Runner
    Rj Wolf Runner 28 days ago +2

    Whe she started putting butter on top of the brownie mix I was like " NOPE IM OUT, I JUST CANT"😭😂😂

  • markmeson
    markmeson 28 days ago

    It's so sad what society has let feminists do to men. :\

  • Jodi Fei
    Jodi Fei 28 days ago

    "medium rare"

  • feitocomfruta
    feitocomfruta 28 days ago

    Milk, or giant scoop of vanilla ice cream and it’s right. I like the idea of salt on top, that would cut the sweet easily.

  • some commentor
    some commentor 28 days ago

    oReO cOoKiE bRoWniE bitch they’re called slutty brownies!!!!!

  • Sarahs drafts
    Sarahs drafts 28 days ago

    Essence is such a pretty name

  • Roderick Frago
    Roderick Frago 28 days ago

    missing vaughn here in tasty. waaah

  • RM? I only know Rap Monster

    Wherr can I get this guy from?

  • Kangyeosin xx
    Kangyeosin xx 28 days ago

    Essence is my new spirit animal

    KIM, TAE-TAE 28 days ago +2

    I miss Alex and Rie

    • Haha Hog
      Haha Hog 19 days ago

      KIM, TAE-TAE I don’t care about Alix but I LOVE RIEEEEEEE😍

  • Cori Trottman
    Cori Trottman 28 days ago

    Is anyone at tasty straight?

  • cinnamon alam
    cinnamon alam 28 days ago

    I still don't get how they don't know how to hold a knife 😂😂 but these videos are hilarious 😂😂😂

  • vfnvijenive
    vfnvijenive 28 days ago


  • joker taylor
    joker taylor 28 days ago

    Just realize I do this challenge everytime I bake and I call them “Holistic brownie”.

  • Maddy Melone
    Maddy Melone 28 days ago

    my friend made these the other day and it was the most delicious thing i’ve ever eaten in my entire life

  • toni kroos
    toni kroos 28 days ago

    Medium rare 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anjali Sreeram
    Anjali Sreeram 28 days ago

    I just love Vaughn! 😍

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  • Em Matt
    Em Matt 28 days ago +1

    Why are you so proud of being terrible at the most basic tasks?

  • Mae Cruz
    Mae Cruz 28 days ago

    "Medium Rear" -Essence, 2019 😂😂😂

  • Mae Cruz
    Mae Cruz 28 days ago

    "Medium Rear" -Essence, 2019 😂😂😂

  • Alisha Moiz
    Alisha Moiz 28 days ago

    When Vaughn said "what do you think" 3:59 I thought of Cristine from simply nailogical🤣😂 #simplynailogical

  • Noelle Lowe
    Noelle Lowe 28 days ago

    Can u do homemade toaster strudels

  • fatchunk vlogs
    fatchunk vlogs 28 days ago

    We want rie and alix in these videos
    These guys are freakin lame

  • Kiki Gacha
    Kiki Gacha 28 days ago +1

    Between Tasty and Howtobasic let’s see who gets to 15 million first!

  • Misfit Muggle
    Misfit Muggle 28 days ago +3

    I think its just me but essence is so punchable. Max Attitude with zero knowledge, bordering on stupidity. Can't bear her

  • Orestis Iona
    Orestis Iona 28 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Darius Williams
    Darius Williams 28 days ago

    I demand Kiano!!!!! Where is my love??

  • Mayara Miquidade
    Mayara Miquidade 28 days ago +9


  • Nica Gerona
    Nica Gerona 28 days ago

    I honestly love their combo on the challenges. Cracks me up a lot.

  • callum wills
    callum wills 28 days ago

    anyone notice the blackcent the guy trys to have he trying to act ghetto im de-

  • Srineha Reddy
    Srineha Reddy 28 days ago

    Vaughn is so fun! I wish I could cook with him one day :D

  • Reehum Hanan
    Reehum Hanan 28 days ago

    I never use a recipe i just eyeball everything and boom its perfectly fine