Ciaran & Willne Judge the Highest Selling NFTs

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021
  • Today, Willne and I decide to have a look at some of the beautiful NFTs to ever grace our dying planet before guessing how much some rich idiot has paid for them.

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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 243

  • UzzyT
    UzzyT Month ago +303

    I’d say if you own an NFT you’re certified insane.

    • Jake Cowdry
      Jake Cowdry Month ago +1

      @Caramelo III not saying it’s certain, I’m just saying a lot of things were disregarded at the start and go through many stages before they became large. Like the internet for example. Keep an open mind

    • Caramelo III
      Caramelo III Month ago +11

      @Jake Cowdry Oh we will

    • Jake Cowdry
      Jake Cowdry Month ago +4

      Remember thinking that and return in 10 years

    • Paçoca Apps
      Paçoca Apps Month ago +9

      It is a blessed way for tax evasion. God bless Tax Evasion

  • Evan B 19
    Evan B 19 Month ago +277

    That’s a really good explanation of NFTs in the beginning, honestly.
    And yes, Ciarán, you should totally make your own fake “NFT” art, with you in it! I made my own version of those shitty CryptoPunk NFTs, it was a fun way to spend half an hour instead of $10 million and however many trees got cut down to fuel the blockchain since then.

  • Comment Account
    Comment Account Month ago +321

    reminder to not make NFTs or purchase them
    they use up so much energy and it's pretty shit for the environment; there's a ton of videos on here to watch explaining in detail why they are bad so go do that

    • Staid
      Staid Month ago

      Hey this isn't neccecarily true, you can mint NFTs on different blockchains that are less energy consuming. Pretty sure Harmony (ONE) is climate neutral

    • Evan B 19
      Evan B 19 Month ago +11

      @Kieran Energy that would be better spent powering homes, hospitals etc.

    • Kieran
      Kieran Month ago +1

      Funny when some NFTs use completely green energy

    • Slayin 14
      Slayin 14 Month ago +2

      @Breazy every bitcoin transaction that takes place usus enough energy to power an american household for 6 weeks apparently, and that's per transaction for just one cryptocurrency

    • Slayin 14
      Slayin 14 Month ago

      @Breazy not on anywhere near the same scale

  • sunflower
    sunflower Month ago +56

    Now I need to see a higher or lower of this version 😂 it's quite upsetting seeing these numbers tho

  • wyatt
    wyatt Month ago +161

    NFTs are one of the dumbest things to have ever gripped the internet.

    • bmogsy
      bmogsy Month ago

      @Jack Spencer innit its literally just all either shit renders that use existing assets or just the shitty apes with syphilis

    • wyatt
      wyatt Month ago +14

      @Jack Spencer our society has become a perfectly optimized hell world where those at the top swim in luxuries and wealth that would make Scrooge McDuck look poor while those at the bottom either work tirelessly to barely cling on (and sometimes still can't) or are left behind altogether. It's no surprise that something as dumb as NFTs has evolved out of that

    • Jack Spencer
      Jack Spencer Month ago +29

      It makes me sick how there's people who can't afford to eat and then there's people getting rich of a cancerous ape drawing

  • Elliot Garneau
    Elliot Garneau Month ago +55

    if the dog dies march 27th of 2022, that will make Will, both a genius and a serious suspect to the dog's death case

  • Electrifyyy
    Electrifyyy Month ago +14

    I spent many thousands on a degree, time to pay off my debts by making something that looks fucking shite and call it NFT art

  • Gideon Farrer
    Gideon Farrer Month ago +194

    perfect advert placement once again Ciarán

    • DA BOIZ
      DA BOIZ Month ago

      As I saw a well placed ad I saw this

    • O.L.A
      O.L.A Month ago +6

      wait there was an ad?

  • LauraDora
    LauraDora Month ago +40

    “Why do people with a lot of money, really love apes?”
    I can assure you, I’ve never been rich and Primates were my special interest for the longest time. It’s a shame all of that knowledge never made me rich

  • bruh
    bruh Month ago +4

    NFTs are the digital equivalent of that banana taped to a wall that sold for 120k. I don't get how rich people would rather buy this shit than spend their money on helping people

  • boli milda
    boli milda Month ago +4

    Yessss ciarán make your own NFT’s i wanna see them - and maybe trick some people

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue Month ago +1

    I spent many thousands on a degree, time to pay off my debts by making something that looks fucking shite and call it NFT art

  • eroi bior
    eroi bior Month ago +1

    Yessss ciarán make your own NFT’s i wanna see them - and maybe trick some people

  • sonofacheron
    sonofacheron Month ago +11

    i don't think ill ever understand what an nft is, no matter how many times its explained to me

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +6

    Thanks Ciaran for these free nfts

  • Josh Lowe
    Josh Lowe Month ago +5

    Don’t think I’ll ever understand what an NFT and especially how it’s bad for the environment if it’s just a picture on a ascreen

  • Lewis Beattie
    Lewis Beattie Month ago +11

    George Memeulous should sell his face as an NFT with ToC's about not being able to share it

  • Will Cooper
    Will Cooper Month ago +5

    The dream team finally back together

  • slida emif
    slida emif Month ago +1

    Yessss ciarán make your own NFT’s i wanna see them - and maybe trick some people

  • b
    b Month ago +8

    why do they have to be ugly like that though? it's by far the worst part of this concept. like just hire an artist to make something legitimately worth something

  • Danny
    Danny Month ago +7

    Why is the content better on wills old editors channel than his own 😬

  • 3-Eyed Cryptid
    3-Eyed Cryptid Month ago +4

    NFT more like modern day tax evasion. isnt this technically a copy of these people’s NFTs? that exists outside of the owner’s ownership? so stupid 💀

  • Glacial
    Glacial Month ago +1

    That cat centaur one is actually completely stolen art that was made into an NFT by scummy bastards

  • Inexplicably Ineffable
    Inexplicably Ineffable Month ago +19

    "thats not a cat its a senator" pls😭😭😭

  • jayjayvlogs
    jayjayvlogs Month ago

    I was so close with the guess on the second one I guessed 2.4 mil lol

  • llama knight
    llama knight Month ago +1

    I love a couple of pixels for 9mil that I can probably make in paint in 10min XD

  • Xto9
    Xto9 Month ago +13

    "Buy DogeCoin and wait for him to die"
    ~WillNE 2021

  • LG3
    LG3 Month ago +6

    Why can’t they just screenshot them 😭💀

  • Ana
    Ana Month ago

    “That’s not a cat it’s a fucking senator” 🤣

  • Bailey Price
    Bailey Price Month ago +4

    Always love to see it 💙

  • Capt Adam
    Capt Adam Month ago

    If anything can be an NFT, I think I may have a new job oportunity...

  • Quill
    Quill Month ago

    Imagine your parents looking at this when they are looking for money for college

  • Con f
    Con f Month ago +1

    A lot of money laundering going on here… but nonetheless some NFTs can have actual utilities and can provide a purpose but it’s a bubble waiting to pop imo

  • Immy Morbid
    Immy Morbid Month ago

    Will: "That's a senator"

  • Olivia Boyd
    Olivia Boyd Month ago

    Definitely need Ciarán to make NFTs now

  • Johanna
    Johanna Month ago +1

    the old editor Ciarán room, hell yeah

  • MOC
    MOC Month ago

    If you buy NFTs to avoid taxes


  • HKON
    HKON Month ago +1

    Nice video as always thank you for upploading

  • 🂱 🂲 🂳 🂴 🂵 🂶

    9:34 ciarán i am truly begging you please do this for real

  • Korey Eversfield
    Korey Eversfield Month ago +1

    Not doge death the day after my 18th birthday:(
    I’ll put everything into on my birthday, thanks Will. Start my adult life off right x

  • Dylan Myers
    Dylan Myers Month ago

    The high prices are definitely from laundered money

  • Gurney
    Gurney Month ago +15

    nft owners seeing the pictures in the video: nOoOooO! yOU cAnT usE tHesE i oWn tHem‼️😠

    • Lando Welch
      Lando Welch Month ago

      @clm rsmn nah you literally do own them. When you sell it's no longer in your wallet...

    • clm rsmn
      clm rsmn Month ago +2

      @Lando Welch “own them”

    • Lando Welch
      Lando Welch Month ago

      You can use them but you can't sell them, cause you don't own them.

    • clm rsmn
      clm rsmn Month ago +2

      *right clicks*

  • You're Wrong
    You're Wrong Month ago

    "It's not a cat it's a fuckin senator"

  • Kacey Clarke
    Kacey Clarke Month ago +1

    i know i didn’t get an NFT advert promoting the ‘future of comedy’ midway through this video

  • James Curbishley
    James Curbishley Month ago +3

    “Nowt ter ya if you’re epileptic like” Will, you are fucking hilarious.

  • Jason Burr
    Jason Burr Month ago

    Sea Shanty 2 playing in the background, Ciaran my love for you is stronger than a rune platebody

  • Itsxlexi
    Itsxlexi Month ago

    Yessss ciarán make your own NFT’s i wanna see them - and maybe trick some people

  • Fröbella
    Fröbella Month ago +12

    If you’re gonna do NFT’s maybe … yeh idk the environmental cost is a bit much right? Check out Ten-Hundred’s vid on it. Love ur vids tho

    • Staid
      Staid Month ago

      You can mint them on the harmony blockchain which is climate neutral, it's only Etherium and Bitcoin that are crazy bad for the enviroment (but both are working on it!!)

  • Becool
    Becool 26 days ago

    Me with all the collection I got from stealing : ahhahahahahahaha

  • UwU Owl
    UwU Owl Month ago

    Will- "It's a senator!"

  • ZCyclone
    ZCyclone Month ago +5

    Nft: nefarious fat timers

  • Megan
    Megan Month ago +1

    seeing the prices just made me mad tbh


    Mate… we are coming for you! Get ready for the challenge incoming!!!

    • Mr Bubz
      Mr Bubz Month ago +1

      Talking big for someone without a tick! 👀

    • Nates random videos
      Nates random videos Month ago

      Now this should get good look forward to u guys winning 💚✌🏻 from wales

    • Rycossie
      Rycossie Month ago

      Didn’t expect to see you guys here!

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone Month ago

    Why is the content better on wills old editors channel than his own

  • Keeby!
    Keeby! Month ago +2

    anyone seriously wondering why they cost so much its money laundering

  • Jarrod Lane
    Jarrod Lane Month ago

    I didn’t have doge coin but after that advice I am gonna buy

  • Ewan Gallacher
    Ewan Gallacher Month ago +1

    "...........lasagne?" is so jokes

  • Bob Stem
    Bob Stem Month ago +2

    Ciarán just like when you tried to get onto the Reddit most satisfying. You should create a video where you make a few NFT’s using the ideas and concepts of ones that sold for millions and see if you anyone buys them and the ones that don’t sell you could do a giveaway for.

  • yee haw
    yee haw Month ago

    What makes this video funnier is that now them two have these for free and you can just ss this video to have to exact same thing for free why tf would you even want to own them why would you spend millions on something we can all own for free

  • KrisYT_LV
    KrisYT_LV Month ago

    did he mean Eriksen whilst he said mwamba? If yes thats really funny

  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin  Month ago +34

    Please post what exact date you reckon Doge dog will die in reply to this comment:

    • Dusan Stanisic
      Dusan Stanisic Month ago

      The moment I get a girlfriend (basically immortal)

    • Robbin0044
      Robbin0044 Month ago

      October, 2, 2023

    • Sam Warden
      Sam Warden Month ago

      27th October 2023

    • Leo Guidi
      Leo Guidi Month ago +2

      Unofficially dead: August 2022

      Officially dead: April 2023

    • jesus
      jesus Month ago

      10 April 2022

  • Nathaniel guillou
    Nathaniel guillou Month ago +1

    The cat is a Senator?? 😂

  • anum rose
    anum rose Month ago


  • Shilo Legend
    Shilo Legend Month ago

    love the music at 2:15 (sea shanty 2 from osrs)

  • bruh
    bruh Month ago

    when you buy them you don’t even actually own it

  • tommot94
    tommot94 Month ago +1

    if you buy nft's you need help lol

  • Craig
    Craig Month ago

    The funny thing is NFT's are not on the blockchain and are on some google cloud 2.0

  • Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

    More skateboards? I hope you're keeping it up and no, I'm not talking about your knob.

  • Hejdet Ärjag
    Hejdet Ärjag Month ago

    Awesome video idea

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    ''The Mega Fanny.''


  • ShugsInit
    ShugsInit Month ago

    How do they go up in price

    JYODI Month ago

    Where do you find these?

  • h
    h Month ago

    bossman just called a centaur a fucking senator

  • lewis
    lewis Month ago

    ciarian you give me a rock on

  • Michael Lesniak
    Michael Lesniak Month ago

    Beeples the guy who did render a day for however days

  • ben gurner
    ben gurner Month ago

    Needs more marmite

  • Scottish Sceptile
    Scottish Sceptile Month ago

    Who else been subscribed since before his first vid?

  • Enfod
    Enfod Month ago +1

    haha 📸 my nft now

  • ShiningTala
    ShiningTala 13 days ago

    10:14 Apey Serkis 😂😂😂😂He knows.

  • Guardry
    Guardry Month ago +1

    Long format video to tell people to touch grass

  • Comrade slavVDK1
    Comrade slavVDK1 Month ago

    Me copy and pasting and printing 😳

  • Vocals from the Locals

    Will, it’s centaur, not senator

  • Sampel
    Sampel Month ago

    NFTs are so goofy

  • rosler
    rosler Month ago +1

    money laundering?????

  • 3VO
    3VO Month ago


  • Lando Welch
    Lando Welch Month ago

    Solana nfts > Ethereum nfts

  • louis george
    louis george Month ago +1

    Pleaassseeee do a video of u trying to make money making NFTs 😂😂

  • E Simp
    E Simp Month ago

    Sea shanty. Absolute tune

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor Month ago

    Good video Ciaran

  • Koen Visser
    Koen Visser Month ago +2

    Party Hats (from the Christmas Crackers) in the newer version of Runescape are still worth close to "max cash" which is the maximum amount of money you can insert into the marketplace, which is 2.1 billion coins.

  • Massive Muscle Man
    Massive Muscle Man Month ago +2


  • harrisongamez
    harrisongamez Month ago +2

    oh christ not nfts

  • david santos
    david santos Month ago

    R.i.p Virgil Abloh

  • Reno Lee-Witham
    Reno Lee-Witham Month ago +1

    Ciaran do you have a massive cat head in your room and why?

    • Reno Lee-Witham
      Reno Lee-Witham Month ago +1

      @Ciarán Carlin To be honest Im not sure whether you're telling the truth or not

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  Month ago +2

      It’s my dead cat I had for 18 years and now she exists as a massive canvas next to me all day hahaha

  • peachyforgiveness
    peachyforgiveness Month ago

    Will predicted doge will die on my 18th birthday what the hell man

  • sxmmy
    sxmmy Month ago

    will fr just said doge will die on my birthday :(

  • Morris Murphy
    Morris Murphy Month ago

    My grandad died on my birthday this year and I bloody hope doge doesn’t too

  • Emily Breen
    Emily Breen Month ago


    LIZ-O-RAMA Month ago

    im so confused

  • Pandaado
    Pandaado Month ago +1

    William Lenny XD