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  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • Kitbull, directed by Rosana Sullivan and produced by Kathryn Hendrickson, reveals an unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit bull. Together, they experience friendship for the first time.
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    Meet the filmmakers behind Kitbull:
    See how the film was made:



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  • Pixar
    Pixar  3 months ago +14789

    Meet the filmmakers behind Kitbull:
    See how the film was made:

    • Bonnie Bagley
      Bonnie Bagley 19 hours ago

      +Michelle Espinoza Composar por este film especialmente? (Excuse my poor Español, por favor.)

    • Bonnie Bagley
      Bonnie Bagley 19 hours ago

      +Malik Ibi And the children that the criminal tRump has put in cages.

    • Bonnie Bagley
      Bonnie Bagley 19 hours ago

      +Naty kawaii Fuentes Y el gatito negro adémas!

    • saba do e domindo
      saba do e domindo 23 hours ago


    • Ernie Davila
      Ernie Davila Day ago

      Well kitbull is alone

  • Andrea Vidová
    Andrea Vidová Minute ago +1

    Vary KIUT :-)

  • Umer Mujtaba
    Umer Mujtaba 6 minutes ago

    Great animation but I think they're pushing the whole, love everyone no matter who they are. Like the couple is a black with a white. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that. That lesson is the only thing they can come up with instead of anything creative or original.

  • hide WildCraft
    hide WildCraft 16 minutes ago

    This cute animation made me cry! :'c so sad and adorable! I want to have them both in my house! :')

  • lps _sunset
    lps _sunset 27 minutes ago

    If no one else to the white pit bull or the cat I would take them in a heart beat 🐶🐱

  • Jepi Jess
    Jepi Jess 52 minutes ago

    That's is a great story..


  • Sean Coon
    Sean Coon 55 minutes ago


  • alias royale
    alias royale Hour ago

    I love video i'am sad😭

  • Шизуко мяу

    как мило

  • Starlyn Johnson
    Starlyn Johnson Hour ago

    This is so cute I love the video

  • Valentina.357
    Valentina.357 Hour ago


  • Sihame Bentelkhokh
    Sihame Bentelkhokh 2 hours ago

    Un mament jai pleurer😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Margaret McCoy
    Margaret McCoy 2 hours ago

    Oh, there goes the invisible Ninjas cutting onions in my room again!
    I’m not crying!!
    You’re crying!!!

  • your boi
    your boi 2 hours ago

    In soviet russia cry makes you laugh

  • kedd
    kedd 3 hours ago

    seeing the dog flinch before she pet himmmm 😭😭😭😭

  • そると
    そると 3 hours ago


  • 엄은성
    엄은성 3 hours ago

    귀여운 고양이. ㅎㅎ

  • Fumma 1143
    Fumma 1143 3 hours ago

    Make a movie about this, *NOW*

  • Baldi Fun
    Baldi Fun 3 hours ago

    Я незнаю как смотрел мой класс это с учителям по английскому

  • D.S 06
    D.S 06 4 hours ago

    This is just so cute...❤

  • Lauren Edmundson
    Lauren Edmundson 4 hours ago

    yo im sobbing like a little baby thank you so much for this :')

  • The Very Average Max
    The Very Average Max 4 hours ago

    This was the most wholesome thing I've seen all week.

  • Alvarez
    Alvarez 4 hours ago

    I cried.. a very emotional and perfect message to the people who are only against each other instead of one other and that one should use no violence against the animals. #peace

  • めきめき
    めきめき 4 hours ago


  • Dragon Dream :3
    Dragon Dream :3 5 hours ago


  • Don Oakes
    Don Oakes 5 hours ago

    I have to say this is the most emotionally powerful video that Pixar has ever made, pit bulls are so misrepresented, at one time they were called a nanny dog for a reason.

  • AdiLondon HalaL
    AdiLondon HalaL 5 hours ago

    Very beautiful

  • Bosse Playz
    Bosse Playz 5 hours ago

    Aww❤ the kitten was so nice

    By the way the cat was just trying to protect herself when she scratched him so Just CALM DOWN DOG LOVERS THE KITTY WAS SCARED 😐

    ARRIANE CUTIE 5 hours ago

    They are playing in 6:03 they are totally cute😘

  • Lachlan Kincaid
    Lachlan Kincaid 5 hours ago

    I loved it

  • 샴미
    샴미 6 hours ago

    퓨ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 찡하네

  • Juuzou Suzuyaa
    Juuzou Suzuyaa 6 hours ago

    this video is so touching... and it made me cry. the story was so cute. Thanks

  • PatrykXD115
    PatrykXD115 6 hours ago


  • Alex W S Chan
    Alex W S Chan 9 hours ago

    Guys, pit bulls are still inborn warfighting demons you know?

  • Софа Юки
    Софа Юки 9 hours ago +1

    Ребят(русячи) давайте залайкаем этот комент чтобы англичане подумали что тут что-то крутое😂

  • Navah Weiss
    Navah Weiss 10 hours ago

    6:46 I LOVE the little _boop_ as the kitten gets bopped on the head by the pitbull's tail.

  • Маня Арт ВЛОГ


  • Navah Weiss
    Navah Weiss 10 hours ago

    After watching something sad a number of times, it eventually won't make me cry anymore. But there is one moment in this short that will always, always choke me up ... when the kitten snuggles up next to the pitbull and his tail wags. He has been neglected of love and friendship for so long and now finally someone shows him some care when he's at his deepest point of despair and it's just GAH MY HEART.

  • Jay. C
    Jay. C 10 hours ago

    Proven that pitbulls can be angels, people who abuse animals are cruel and don’t deserve to live

  • Heidi Gacha
    Heidi Gacha 11 hours ago +1

    I wish I could like this vid more than once

  • my kuya is a silonga but my bebe is a salonga

    other dog owners let their dog to be tame but they can't, and the dog owner in the film was trying to let his dog to fight/be wild . this is how they see pitbulls .

  • Jonah Sengsok
    Jonah Sengsok 11 hours ago

    This always happens asia

  • sl57612 Lee
    sl57612 Lee 11 hours ago

    That is so adorable! I rewatched this like around 7 times!

  • Oliver Rigby-Clack
    Oliver Rigby-Clack 12 hours ago

    In the end they get a family and it’s so nice at the end

  • Sarah K Morin-Garcia
    Sarah K Morin-Garcia 12 hours ago

    They never fail to make me cry my eyes out... Darn you, Pixar! 😭

    MYSTERY UNDEAD 12 hours ago +1


  • Jonatan Soto
    Jonatan Soto 12 hours ago


  • Fiona Hansen
    Fiona Hansen 13 hours ago

    This made me cry a lot!😭😭😭 how can people possible do this to such a cute little thang

  • karine nunes
    karine nunes 13 hours ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 amei

  • Íngrid Yazmin XD
    Íngrid Yazmin XD 13 hours ago

    Esta hermoso :')

  • macho nachos
    macho nachos 14 hours ago

    Thats so CUTEEE im crying jesus

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez 14 hours ago


  • Taetxe kiss
    Taetxe kiss 14 hours ago

    No si no toi llorando mamá.

  • Smol Potato 101
    Smol Potato 101 14 hours ago

    This is so sad and amazing!♥️

  • __pandi__
    __pandi__ 15 hours ago

    el gatito es tan tierno :3 hayyy lo amoo!!❤❤❤❤

  • Merthy Marisol Loeza Rosado

    Que cran historia tio buenisimo buenisimo :,,,,,v

  • Gaming Doom-Kitty! :3
    Gaming Doom-Kitty! :3 16 hours ago

    This film was adorable! It was one of my favorites, I loved it. At first I assumed I'd cry and it'd be a sad film, but it wasn't! Thanks for making it - putting it on youtube and making it a happy ending - I loved it so much.

  • October_Sunshine43 .-.
    October_Sunshine43 .-. 16 hours ago

    Why did so many people hate this? This is an amazing video, with an important message. Also, those who are abusive to animals and people alike, there’s a special place for you in hell, so you can rot if you don’t change.

  • pululogg 92
    pululogg 92 16 hours ago

    No estoy llorando,estoy sudando en los ojos

  • Rafael Batista
    Rafael Batista 16 hours ago

    Eu tô triste

  • Melissa Bitencourt
    Melissa Bitencourt 16 hours ago

    Eu estou chorando de mais é muito triste e lindo aí mesmo tempo

  • Kimberly Aguilar
    Kimberly Aguilar 17 hours ago +2

    Que nadie aquí habla español :v?
    yo lo diré ESTO ES HERMOSO!

  • Amelia Pecic
    Amelia Pecic 17 hours ago

    Marty help me I’m dying

  • ツR
    ツR 17 hours ago

    I thought it was a rat

  • Forsaken Vipoerx
    Forsaken Vipoerx 17 hours ago

    Pixar Short Films, making stones cry.

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 17 hours ago

    Like si lloraste

  • Kazee Quads
    Kazee Quads 17 hours ago

    OMG like if you cried

  • Tea Leaf
    Tea Leaf 18 hours ago

    My heart! This was absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad that it addresses the stigma against pit bulls, who, when raised properly, and extremely loving and affectionate(maybe too much when you can’t breath from a 60 point dog laying on you).

  • Cande Marsh19
    Cande Marsh19 18 hours ago

    No esperaba menos de Pixar. Excelente!! 👌

  • andrea the cool girl
    andrea the cool girl 18 hours ago

    i'm lay on my bed crying

  • Snowypaw lps
    Snowypaw lps 18 hours ago

    Awwwww so cute

  • Owen Padilla
    Owen Padilla 18 hours ago

    whatabout disney

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 18 hours ago

    Pitties are amazing dogs if you raise them right,anyone who abuses or forces them to fight shouldn’t have them

  • Toast3rpUn
    Toast3rpUn 18 hours ago


  • Sophie Khoury
    Sophie Khoury 18 hours ago

    if this was a try not to say awwwwww challenge, I’d lose just looking at the cat.


    Aaaaa posta mais desse desenho d cachorro e o gatinho .

  • Cat aloops Hi I’m new please sub to me

    I love it 🥰😭🥺😍

  • Isa'h Army
    Isa'h Army 19 hours ago

    So eu que chorei gente?😢😢😢

  • Карен Мкртчян

    Тут есть то кто понимает русский?

  • Madelyn George
    Madelyn George 19 hours ago

    This is the cutest animation ive seen in awhile

  • love name
    love name 19 hours ago

    awww so cute

  • Ryleigh Skittles
    Ryleigh Skittles 19 hours ago

    So I believe that this is animal fighting which is illegal but this might be animal abuse too
    Don’t to neither they are not ok

  • Annessa Hitchcock
    Annessa Hitchcock 20 hours ago


  • Dr. Topper Bottoms
    Dr. Topper Bottoms 20 hours ago

    That moment when the dog came out of dog fighting I thought the pit bull was a tiger for a second

  • Ana Paola Mendizábal
    Ana Paola Mendizábal 20 hours ago

    Pinshi madre llore a madres :'''v somos bien culeros con los animales >:'v

  • Desiree Martorana
    Desiree Martorana 20 hours ago

    It's sad at the beginning but at the end it's actually kinda cute. 🐶🐈❤

  • Desiree Martorana
    Desiree Martorana 20 hours ago

    It's sad at the beginning but at the end it's actually kinda cute. 🐶🐈❤

  • bloodmorel
    bloodmorel 20 hours ago

    I'm not crying. You're crying!

  • Evolette Dominguez
    Evolette Dominguez 20 hours ago

    Q bonito lloré mucho 😥😍😍😘😘😄😄

  • роман тихомиров

    до слез...очень трогательно

  • Jaylen Chambers
    Jaylen Chambers 21 hour ago

    Never abuse pets or they will think the world is not a safe place. 🌍 ❤️

  • kylee boyum
    kylee boyum 21 hour ago +1

    I told myself I wouldn't cry...

  • luna 0ch
    luna 0ch 21 hour ago +1

    Yo lloré 😢👍♥️

  • Shelley chenault
    Shelley chenault 22 hours ago

    This made me cry 😭😢😖

  • Diva Goldsmith
    Diva Goldsmith 22 hours ago


  • Maria Psaraki
    Maria Psaraki 22 hours ago +1

    Pitbull's are the most good dogs in the world

  • Sumanta Hazra
    Sumanta Hazra 22 hours ago


  • Lucas Lidan
    Lucas Lidan 23 hours ago

    Wunderschön aber traurig

  • Lucas Lidan
    Lucas Lidan 23 hours ago +1

    Super gemacht

  • Lucas Lidan
    Lucas Lidan 23 hours ago +1