• Published on Dec 31, 2018
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Comments • 111

  • Yanuar Adhitya
    Yanuar Adhitya Month ago

    Ozil to inter?? Hoax

  • James Bravo
    James Bravo Month ago

    James Bravoo

  • John49910110
    John49910110 2 months ago

    Ozil to Inter is fake..inter dont want him

  • nguli yuuk
    nguli yuuk 2 months ago

    Transfer Januari

  • Manghaki PC
    Manghaki PC 2 months ago

    I thought robinho was in prison

  • Πεξε Fortnite
    Πεξε Fortnite 2 months ago


  • Pedro Alves
    Pedro Alves 2 months ago

    Todo mundo ta indo pra inter de Milão fakes é oque não fatal em

  • Safwan Abir
    Safwan Abir 2 months ago

    Happy old year 2018
    Happy new year 2019

  • Palm Trees and Rum
    Palm Trees and Rum 2 months ago

    Fekir to Chelsea?. Ahahaha.

  • Hlutea chhakchhuak
    Hlutea chhakchhuak 2 months ago

    Are u sure..

  • chris jourell
    chris jourell 2 months ago


    AQEEL JR 2 months ago +3

    Fake bro

  • Komal Bhura
    Komal Bhura 2 months ago

    Fekirs going to Liverpool

  • Alban Strakosha
    Alban Strakosha 2 months ago

    Higuain no to Chelsea

  • Christoforo
    Christoforo 2 months ago

    Ozil al Inter?... Se la fumaron

  • 187 Support
    187 Support 2 months ago +3

    Hazard to real madrid ???

    • 187 Support
      187 Support 2 months ago

      +ney mar ok

    • ney mar
      ney mar 2 months ago

      187 Support Hazard said that maybe at June he will join Real Madrid cause he is really important for Chelsea

  • Abi Burahman
    Abi Burahman 2 months ago


  • David Adewale Adekanmbi

    Arsenal should go and bring Nathan Ake, Jamal Lescelles, and Lee Johnhill

  • Samuele Russo
    Samuele Russo 2 months ago

    Muriel to Fiorentina

  • Kristian Savov
    Kristian Savov 2 months ago +1

    A new song: ...We know, we know, we know... Ole's heart is "red"... We know, we know, we know...PSG is scared...
    Thank you, sir Ole! Thanks to everyone of the team for victories! Man Utd rules!!!

  • MinMinGaming
    MinMinGaming 2 months ago


  • Buddies IO
    Buddies IO 2 months ago

    Ozil is perfect in Arsenal though....

  • Xter Ch
    Xter Ch 2 months ago +3

    Mbappe to barcelona and Coutinho to psg

  • Andry Frelly
    Andry Frelly 2 months ago

    Pele to manchester united

  • Afifi Mohamed
    Afifi Mohamed 2 months ago

    Christian pulisic is a new chelsea player

  • Abids Boss
    Abids Boss 2 months ago


  • marinanovena 6681
    marinanovena 6681 2 months ago

    Its fake

  • Branden Arroyo
    Branden Arroyo 2 months ago +1

    Pavard said no to sign for Bayern Munich

  • Martin Zhelev
    Martin Zhelev 2 months ago

    You forgot Pulisic confirmed in Chelsea

  • Leonardo Fabi_01
    Leonardo Fabi_01 2 months ago

    Muriel alla Fiorentina è andato

  • Leonardo Fabi_01
    Leonardo Fabi_01 2 months ago

    Io per ozil spero che venga

  • Leonardo Fabi_01
    Leonardo Fabi_01 2 months ago

    Non ci posso crede murillo al barca

  • Biren Rai
    Biren Rai 2 months ago +2

    Ozil to juventus

  • Aili Nekongo
    Aili Nekongo 2 months ago

    pavard earned it

  • Islam Aliev
    Islam Aliev 2 months ago

    The following URL or the employee the employee the employee the employee the employee the

  • SNA Sports.
    SNA Sports. 2 months ago +5

    Pulisic to Chelsea.
    Nice video.

  • Wan Najmi
    Wan Najmi 2 months ago

    Denis inter

  • Roshaun Mckenzie
    Roshaun Mckenzie 2 months ago

    Pulisic official chelsea playerrr

  • Arctiiic
    Arctiiic 2 months ago

    Timo werner to Bayern

  • Ramim Islam
    Ramim Islam 2 months ago


  • Satrio Wisnu Hardiyanto
    Satrio Wisnu Hardiyanto 2 months ago +4

    de ligt to barcelona 2019!!!

  • Elena Carter
    Elena Carter 2 months ago

    What’s the music plz

  • Umadhu0208
    Umadhu0208 2 months ago

    pulisic to Liverpool 100%

  • Alan Grg
    Alan Grg 2 months ago +2

    Higuain to Chelsea 0% now

  • Horsy VLOGs
    Horsy VLOGs 2 months ago

    Yaaayyy pavard to muncen!

  • Hicho Foot 05
    Hicho Foot 05 2 months ago


  • Chí Đăng Nguyễn
    Chí Đăng Nguyễn 2 months ago

    M.hummels to Chelsea?

  • Stefan Van Vreden
    Stefan Van Vreden 2 months ago

    Kalinić from Brugge to Aston Villa 100%

  • DannyWA W YouTube
    DannyWA W YouTube 2 months ago +3

    But higuain just moved to ac milan

  • jaketheguy
    jaketheguy 2 months ago

    Benjamin Pavard rejected Bayern munich

  • -ジン
    -ジン 2 months ago

    Please give me a Japanese hip-hop on my channel

  • android Gamer
    android Gamer 2 months ago +1


  • Salvatore Mazzaferro
    Salvatore Mazzaferro 2 months ago +34

    Luis Muriel is a new player of Fiorentina

  • hyper tapper
    hyper tapper 2 months ago

    Sir, wish you a very happy new year.

  • Cecelia Lopez
    Cecelia Lopez 2 months ago +1

    Is this fake

  • Aritri Banerjee
    Aritri Banerjee 2 months ago

    Happy New Year Azz Foot93

  • Sakib Islam
    Sakib Islam 2 months ago +8

    2 prisoners in a jail one is indian and one british. they were jailed for 2 years so they got bored apparently and the indian guy said
    Indian:lets play i spy
    British:ok, let me start first then
    go on
    i spy with my little eye something beggining with f
    Indian:are u dumb floor too easy (in freshy accent)
    u are good at this man
    ok my turn i spy with my big eyes something begging with v
    Ehhhhhhm i dont know what is it?
    Indian:i am not going to tell you
    narrator(me):last day of prison and the british guy got pissed of finding the word starting with v
    British: pls tell me na its last day
    Indian : OK then Vindow!!!
    British: motherfuc.. ill know u out
    the indian guy had a freshy accent so he thought window starts with v
    Get it leave a like thnx!!!

    • John Boxall
      John Boxall 2 months ago +3

      Why did I waste my time reading this shit comment

    • Zblox
      Zblox 2 months ago


    • Sakib Islam
      Sakib Islam 2 months ago

      +Garda Tube what do u mean

    • Garda Tube
      Garda Tube 2 months ago


    • Touchy Torchy
      Touchy Torchy 2 months ago

      Get the dislike

  • Lucas Marques
    Lucas Marques 2 months ago +4

    De Jong to FC Barcelona

    • Tahsin Tasnim
      Tahsin Tasnim 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, pretty much confirmed to Barca

  • Вова Данилюк
    Вова Данилюк 2 months ago +4


  • Bobby Tfr
    Bobby Tfr 2 months ago +7

    can someone tell me that song name

  • Nancy Saju
    Nancy Saju 2 months ago +8

    isn't higuain in AC Milan in loan?

  • Gurmukh Surana
    Gurmukh Surana 2 months ago +2


  • Tall_Boss Entertainment
    Tall_Boss Entertainment 2 months ago +2

    First view

  • Will Parrish
    Will Parrish 2 months ago


    • PatRac
      PatRac 2 months ago

      Will Parrish no u

  • valyaka HD
    valyaka HD 2 months ago +1