• Published on Apr 17, 2019
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Comments • 3 570

  • Josh B Studios
    Josh B Studios 5 days ago

    Durrr burger and pizza pits new locations are very nice. Though They aren’t so much competitors any more. I do have to say that I was Disappointed that they are now in different locations.

  • TheRandomShark
    TheRandomShark 15 days ago

    I have a theory. You know how the visitor caused the rift. Maybe that could be a charging station for a ufo in loot lake

  • Gianni Pettinella
    Gianni Pettinella 15 days ago

    You said Tomato Town 5 times in 1 sentence

  • Red Llama Gamer 21
    Red Llama Gamer 21 25 days ago +2

    7:19 whats the background music.i like it

    • Justin Ml
      Justin Ml 17 days ago

      Red Llama Gamer 21 LAKEY INSPIRED - OverJoyed

  • Yoshi_525678
    Yoshi_525678 26 days ago

    14:40 it kinda looks like millie bobby brown's scene from godzilla 2 that coming out soon, where shes on the radio. Fortnite X Godzilla?

  • Yoshi_525678
    Yoshi_525678 26 days ago

    The government didnt build that door they dug it up so it must have been there before we were introduced to the island

  • Oliver Vlogs
    Oliver Vlogs 26 days ago

    No prefab u show how to get the prefab

  • Dropify 7
    Dropify 7 26 days ago

    The second spot has another way in which is not inside the house it is the small tree in front of the house it has a metal green floor making it camoflauge

  • Bangz
    Bangz 27 days ago

    Im pretty sure that there is gonna be five symbols line up on all of the edges. There are already two there currently I believe, but a popular theory is that once there are five, the hungar will open and that will be the season 9 event.

  • Grisha Yashayev
    Grisha Yashayev 27 days ago

    The reason there are so many new bunkers is because the Ruin skin will create and apocalypse

  • anonymous _Hacker
    anonymous _Hacker 27 days ago

    The "sniper tower" is actually called a crows nest

  • Aristercraft
    Aristercraft 28 days ago

    Not sure if this a bug or not but they have added some weird floating thing by the frozen lake below the castle

  • A Guy
    A Guy 28 days ago

    Wha if the gatewa is like an entrance to a giant ufo? And that’s what the cube is some sort of alien technology returning

  • Toshi :D
    Toshi :D 28 days ago

    I think it’s a ufo

  • Andres Cota
    Andres Cota 28 days ago

    The texture on the metal door reminds me of kevins

  • YassirGold
    YassirGold 28 days ago

    The new loot lake gives me season 4 vibes...

  • Arturo Rios
    Arturo Rios 28 days ago

    They are hiding from RUIN!!!!

  • Caleb Stooksbury
    Caleb Stooksbury 28 days ago

    or it could be a fortnite battle royal and save the world type of idea because the bunkers are in save the world and battle royal so it could be save the world related or a boss fight gamemode

  • Caleb Stooksbury
    Caleb Stooksbury 28 days ago

    may have something to do with the visitor from season 4 possibly the door is a gate/rift and the rocket could return, or may be another bunker or a bomb silo, or possibly the event for season 8 or 9 could be held there. that's my ideas for now.

  • St4t1c Cris
    St4t1c Cris 28 days ago

    I think people builds bunkers cuz the volcano would erupt

  • Dylan John-Lewis
    Dylan John-Lewis 28 days ago


  • The Real Mlg Panda
    The Real Mlg Panda 28 days ago

    Hi this is Mlg Panda
    and he wants subscribers.. how many subscribers can he get?

  • TH3N3WD34TH Deathtrap908kari

    Maybe the cube is powering the portals

  • RBLX Animator
    RBLX Animator 29 days ago

    Is anyone gonna question where the cube peices went?

  • Toby Atkins
    Toby Atkins 29 days ago

    I think durr burger and tomato head will battle because they are both facing eachother so there could be some storyline about that and also what about the rock man and the rock women on the volcano. Also i think with loot lake the cube might emerge from it after it opens up or it could lead down to the place where the butterfly rift event happened

  • Little Game Spark
    Little Game Spark 29 days ago

    I'm always scared of huge doors in video games and I don't know why.

  • ZainRBX
    ZainRBX 29 days ago

    at 11:31 does anyone see a purple glowing cube?

  • Colleen Adams
    Colleen Adams 29 days ago

    Did you notice the hole under the car at 13:48

  • Micah Hafen
    Micah Hafen 29 days ago

    Maybe the rocket will come back.

  • Micah Hafen
    Micah Hafen 29 days ago

    Well, this got popular fast.

  • OH NO NO
    OH NO NO 29 days ago +1

    Right Rune's description is "All will fall." And there's alot of bunkers now and theres a nuke banner so will rune come out of loot lake and fire a nuke or will he like have a huge weapon? Like so Pat can see!

  • Bronzy THE666
    Bronzy THE666 29 days ago +1

    I wish that Epic would let us have the ability to make basements.
    That way we could have better blockd

  • Bronzy THE666
    Bronzy THE666 29 days ago +1

    Wormhole my ass
    It's obviously a crashed UFO.
    Maybe this is where the Cube is.

  • emmasupersales
    emmasupersales 29 days ago

    Keep up good work 🥰🥰👍🏼👍🏼GG

  • xd Mcree
    xd Mcree 29 days ago

    Aliens ?

  • Charles skaggs
    Charles skaggs 29 days ago

    My theory is that the new military prefabs in creative have something to do with Area 51 and the government. And there could be alien skins in the season 9 battle pass

  • Trevor Moore
    Trevor Moore 29 days ago

    I don't know if any one else sees it but loot lake looks like some kind of ufo is in it

  • ChArLiE cAk E
    ChArLiE cAk E 29 days ago

    2:21 yay it’s a ufo

  • Nerdo Studios: Adam Oswald

    Season 9= season 7/6/5 version 2.0!

  • Actual Trash
    Actual Trash 29 days ago

    I say UFO

  • Shadow Freddy and the crew

    Bro bro wait hear me out
    Alien invasion

  • Trey Romero
    Trey Romero 29 days ago

    What if the hole will have the share of the cube and a beam come out and the cube is fix and more spawn all over the map

  • AhmedzGamingXxx
    AhmedzGamingXxx 29 days ago

    Yo this probably has to do something to why the meteor crashed

  • A⃠s⃠p⃠h⃠a⃠l⃠t⃠ 9 G⃠j⃠h⃠

    Theory season 6 Kevin blew up butterfly came biggest shard landed at the middle what if the butter flies come to the fortnite world instead the files of the butterflies have been updated a leaker said that and it brings back Kevin but wait a sec there season 6 Kevin blew up there was white color on it the area you got teleported to was white what if Kevin is not a block (Minecraft BTW) but what if it’s a character inside Kevin there was butterflies and the secret bunker was always under the water because in season 6 it was purple because the power was going in to the hole in loot lake because Kevin was getting powerless /weaker and now the light behind the bunker inside make a explosion and brings the butterflies to the fortnite world and it might become a whole new theory

  • Ty Cousins
    Ty Cousins 29 days ago

    At pleasant park, if you break a piece of the grass there is this bunker/hole in the ground. You can see it at 6:46 on the left side under the tree. You can tell what piece it is because it doesn’t really have grass texture on it, it’s just a green square.

    EDWARD HOLMES 29 days ago

    i got a back in season six the portal thing that launched you up when you got close to it is probably the whole vault or something is probably the portal!

  • Hope Rosenquist
    Hope Rosenquist 29 days ago

    There is another one in peasant park under a tree by that 2 house

  • Nate Prentice
    Nate Prentice 29 days ago

    postboxpat postboxpat postboxpat and his Black n White Cat.

  • RetroRBX
    RetroRBX 29 days ago

    Is the new Loot Lake going to be the new creative map for portals?

  • N0T_ Galaxy
    N0T_ Galaxy 29 days ago

    Why don’t u just call “durrrr burger” greasy grove then?

  • N0T_ Galaxy
    N0T_ Galaxy 29 days ago

    The second bunker area or whatever in pleasant park is cool cuz whenever I have to go to that house cuz everyone else has always landed at the other ones, all I would find is ammo and bandages and no gun

  • Qwerty YT
    Qwerty YT 29 days ago

    The door in loot could be the top of an underground ufo like in gravity falls

  • CTRL_ Iced-Out
    CTRL_ Iced-Out 29 days ago

    In doghouse the bunker the person has been replacing the doghouse every time we break it! Or is it something else?

  • Andrea Amato
    Andrea Amato 29 days ago

    Obviously the volcano is going to errupt thats why their is bunkers

  • Laughy
    Laughy 29 days ago

    Bruh kevin is gone he broke

  • KenIs Nooby
    KenIs Nooby 29 days ago

    I feel like the super villain and superhero are coming back

    Because of basement and loot lake

  • R4VEZ
    R4VEZ 29 days ago

    why is loot lake always getting f*cked lmao?

  • Squidgy animation
    Squidgy animation 29 days ago

    That small dig site next to loot lake and at the bottom theres some sort of metal surface which is most likely part of the big door.
    But that would mean the structure is massive

  • Squidgy animation
    Squidgy animation 29 days ago

    I think it's a gigantic space ship (typical curciluar UFO) and that Kevin was a sort of energy retriever that drained the necessary energy from the ground.

  • Louann Walson
    Louann Walson 29 days ago

    The truck was there before 🥰 your vids

  • MattLabs
    MattLabs 29 days ago

    4:23 I was the first person to hit those rocks I recorded it

  • TheMobileTfue
    TheMobileTfue 29 days ago

    *Do The Default Dance to Pay Respects to Loot lake*

  • I Have Culture
    I Have Culture 29 days ago

    Season 4 sequel . Another rocket will be launched,once again ripping a hole in time. Everything after season 5(snow and sand biomes,the cube etc)
    Happened because of the previous rocket . After the next rocket , balance will be restored and we'll have a normal all-green map again . The rocket will come from Loot Lake
    . If you go to the hero and vilain bases,you'll notice that they are falling apart . The villains left because they thought that they messed up the map beyond restorance .The heroes were actually bidding their time in the bottom of Loot Lake , trying to restore balance . The only way to do so was to do it again.

    *But that's just a theory*

    • I Have Culture
      I Have Culture 29 days ago

      Also hence why the Discovery challenge skin is named "Ruin" the villain and hero base? In ruins. But coming from the ruins for another season 4 pretty much
      Also why it kind of resembles omega and the season 4 skin is named "The Visitor" . Visitor, as in to revisit. But again , probably just me being crazy

  • Jon Rais
    Jon Rais 29 days ago

    It looks like a ufo

  • Jacob Astor
    Jacob Astor 29 days ago +1

    If you look at the ground under one of the threes at the small house with a bunker at plesent park, you Ian break the ground and go under👍🏼😄

  • Zlych YT
    Zlych YT 29 days ago

    Loot Lake is my favorite drop spot... And now its getting destroyed..

  • Naer Castro
    Naer Castro 29 days ago

    Is it sad that I will be experiencing fortnite just now? Its because I dont have a pc or console to play... now I have one but its dying... STILL STOKED THAT ILL BE PLAYIN THO

  • Pokemon Dudes
    Pokemon Dudes 29 days ago

    My theory is that the small hatches open up and then they put the cube shards in and then the power of the cube from the shards makes a lazer and the lazers blast open the big bunker door

  • Viper's Vids
    Viper's Vids 29 days ago

    Title: secret map changes
    Me: epic changes the biggest location on the map .... Totally secret

  • Viper's Vids
    Viper's Vids 29 days ago +1

    I think the metal bit in the middle is where Kevin leaked into and this whole place will be destroyed by something coming out

  • Diego Torres
    Diego Torres 29 days ago

    What if durr burger put a drive through like in the old restaurant of durr burger that got frozen

  • Bertram Flachs Melson
    Bertram Flachs Melson 29 days ago

    I think it is a portal

  • Tornado Phantom
    Tornado Phantom 29 days ago

    The dig site in Loot hasn't been filled

  • Leonidus
    Leonidus 29 days ago

    I heard people walking and I thought they were invisible

  • Tornado Phantom
    Tornado Phantom 29 days ago

    What if the government are repossessing houses to build these bunkers?

  • Jordan Rundel
    Jordan Rundel 29 days ago

    thats where the thing that dropped for the cube went it wnet inside of there and thats maybe what the government is trying to find

  • Echo Lemur
    Echo Lemur 29 days ago

    What if it's a giant ufo

  • Slushee Magic
    Slushee Magic 29 days ago

    It’s a ufo.

  • Jamie Gorges
    Jamie Gorges 29 days ago


  • Piss pullers
    Piss pullers 29 days ago

    what i think is that kevin the cube dropped a tear
    into that so it went in there and maybe in there is old alien rebirth tech which will get kevin reborn

  • AXNAN !
    AXNAN ! 29 days ago

    and it created the warpool because of some signal that keven said. : 0

  • AXNAN !
    AXNAN ! 29 days ago

    if keven is from space he went to loot lake to get his ufo/spaceship

  • fortnut gamer
    fortnut gamer 29 days ago

    The loot lake one is not supposed to be secret

  • William Lumsdon
    William Lumsdon 29 days ago

    If you think you should be able to use the catapults at the one house. Like this comment.

  • Gator King
    Gator King 29 days ago

    There is no durr burger and tomato head prefabs

  • The Smart Idiot
    The Smart Idiot 29 days ago


  • Stacey Henry
    Stacey Henry Month ago

    what about the lava in dusty?

  • Cal 1
    Cal 1 Month ago

    The rocket

  • Englandhypeboys C
    Englandhypeboys C Month ago

    It’s fillet back up

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Month ago

    Thxs you a lot now i can troll

  • [Insert Username Here] _

    why dont you have 10 million subs yet?!

  • Cobz TA
    Cobz TA Month ago

    The metal thing in loot lake could be a massive bunker for the house that was there in season 3/4


    I think the visitor needed something from his world in the island and he used the cube energy to teleport it to here and it was in loot lake because he thinks it wasn't going to be found and it could be a missile or a vault

  • MrCRAZYgaming
    MrCRAZYgaming Month ago

    The change to loot lakes gives off a power ranger feeling for me.

  • Torrylc
    Torrylc Month ago

    whered greasy grove go

  • Walter Conlin
    Walter Conlin Month ago

    It’s a alien ship

  • Lane Robertson
    Lane Robertson Month ago

    One of the things in Loot Lake has lifted and shows us a glowing symbol.

  • I'm a bit sad but ok

    I think it has something to do with end game

  • Jeffy Sml
    Jeffy Sml Month ago

    I am mad at epic because they got rid of they ruins of Kevin the cube ( R.I.P Kevin the cube )

  • Carter games
    Carter games Month ago +1

    the thing in loot lake is an abandon missile launcher (maybe a nuke) hence the bunkers