this is the most satisfying video on youtube

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • i bet $10 this video will SATISFY u x
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  • Lucas The Manga Boi
    Lucas The Manga Boi 2 days ago

    Small and pathetic
    *Zooms in on George*

  • Leah Fitzpatrick
    Leah Fitzpatrick 2 days ago

    Wood turning is fun tho , (the spining thingy) its scary as hell at first

  • Tomb8zzz
    Tomb8zzz 4 days ago

    The bench table one would be shit because there will just be chewing gum on the bench

  • Life With Violet
    Life With Violet 6 days ago +1

    did anyone else get an asmr book ad?

    FUZZZBUZZZ 420 6 days ago

    1:27 that should get a ten. I’ve experienced those clouds before and they are one of the sickest things you’ll ever see. It looks like the sky is collapsing in on itself it’s sick

  • Sam Studholme
    Sam Studholme 7 days ago

    0:40 that looks like it has a roof and a ceiling 😂

  • Finley Stevenson
    Finley Stevenson 8 days ago

    No one
    Memulous: 7

  • sharkboi
    sharkboi 15 days ago

    The speed and concern that George turned at The start had me shook

  • Jared Fogle
    Jared Fogle 16 days ago

    6:19 who else saw it

  • Shawna Carrott
    Shawna Carrott 17 days ago

    George knows what the word satisfying means? Right?

  • TWK smoking pancake
    TWK smoking pancake 18 days ago

    Kondomeriet is a condom factory

  • The ‘ole bill
    The ‘ole bill 21 day ago

    Is the bench better than the seedlings

  • Archie Bright
    Archie Bright 22 days ago +1

    ‘It looks like it’s got a roof and a ceiling’
    -Will 2019

  • Asha Difford
    Asha Difford 24 days ago

    Will: *Genius Norwegian sex shop and advertising*
    George: TEN

  • Leah Dooley
    Leah Dooley 25 days ago

    George is the Gordon Ramsay of oddly satisfying reddit. *ITS FUCKING RAW*

  • Alex Espinoza
    Alex Espinoza 25 days ago

    Will revealed that he knows nothing about art😔

  • Hannah Travers
    Hannah Travers 26 days ago

    George: *coughs*
    Will: shut up

  • Hannah Travers
    Hannah Travers 26 days ago

    Stupid smug little ears.. imma take one off... 7 and a half says George 😂😂 like a little robot... BAM

  • H2 twist
    H2 twist 26 days ago

    Did anyone else see the sly editing when they were reacting to the painting and Will says 'i wouldn't put that on my wall' (or something like that) or am i going crazy? :)

  • BSiixLavish
    BSiixLavish Month ago +1

    Will - at 0:40 it looks like it has a roof and a ceiling right OK 🤔

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika Month ago

    0:42 “it’s got a roof and a ceiling”

    You alright there Will

  • Ballsack John
    Ballsack John Month ago

    The shard is worse than the Empire State Building

  • Charlie Adamsbaum
    Charlie Adamsbaum Month ago

    Roof and a ceiling iq 9000000

  • Spencer Vezina
    Spencer Vezina Month ago

    I don't think they know how pottery is made

  • Toastybuns 69
    Toastybuns 69 Month ago

    I thought George was Alex just hiding his face 😂

  • Tofu Does Stuff
    Tofu Does Stuff Month ago

    You've just ran out of titles, mate.

  • Datz Nasty
    Datz Nasty Month ago

    6:23 Are you sure about that

  • shut fuck
    shut fuck Month ago

    the fact that he gave the happy fat rat a 10

  • Nitro_k1 •
    Nitro_k1 • Month ago

    Alex is memeules

  • that one kid
    that one kid Month ago

    When will del george shit himself

  • WOLF
    WOLF Month ago

    Will:it looks like a roof and a ceiling
    Shit almost like their the same thing huh nah

  • jonathan weston
    jonathan weston Month ago

    The first vido he said a roof and a celing

  • 28 Stab Wounds
    28 Stab Wounds Month ago


  • Felix Helgar
    Felix Helgar Month ago

    from norway....seen that ad a million times m8

  • Puff -_-
    Puff -_- Month ago +1


  • Ciaran Counihan
    Ciaran Counihan Month ago

    Around 630 he puts the painting on the wall


    You said vase wrong 🤗
    Also that's a chinchilla not a rat! 😂

  • Pagieei _1537
    Pagieei _1537 Month ago

    Will: that is sick!!
    George: four and a half.

  • sands_space
    sands_space Month ago

    Will: wow that looks like it’s got a roof and ceiling!

  • Azaan Ali
    Azaan Ali Month ago

    Roof and ceiling? You mean floor and roof

  • Shock //Oofy
    Shock //Oofy Month ago

    George is my step-mums pet nonce

  • Mrcelery148
    Mrcelery148 Month ago

    A roof and a ceiling

  • YaBoy SHAQ
    YaBoy SHAQ Month ago

    At 6:22 you said your not gonna put it on your wall but a picture that is literally the same is right behind your head on the wall

    • Memes
      Memes Month ago

      Have you heard of photoshop?

  • Evie Draycott Year 10 Rawmarsh

    Looks like it’s got a roof nd a ceiling no will a roof nd a floor 😂😂😂

  • CyphenFN
    CyphenFN Month ago

    Is george imalexx question i have been wondering for s while

  • You Know Who It Is
    You Know Who It Is Month ago

    6:23 painting

  • human_trash
    human_trash Month ago

    4th time watching this and I only now realised the photoshopped painting at 6:23

    • Memes
      Memes Month ago

      CatastrophicCosplay same 😂😂😂

  • Megan Rooney
    Megan Rooney Month ago +1

    Not a soul:
    George: I hAvE aN aRt GcSe

  • ivy
    ivy Month ago


  • kombat 2421
    kombat 2421 Month ago

    It has a roof and a ceiling u know

  • Louis Pierson
    Louis Pierson Month ago

    6:20 listen to what they are saying and look at the wall behind them

  • Yurimulla
    Yurimulla Month ago

    Empire state building is better than Newcastle

  • Julia_aaa
    Julia_aaa Month ago

    This is literally the second video I’ve seen where they don’t know what a chinchilla is LOL

  • RedFactionET YT
    RedFactionET YT Month ago

    0:01 VAR

  • Sullivan Farm
    Sullivan Farm Month ago

    George:but it's a big happy fat rat got me crying

  • Miss kawaii Unicorn
    Miss kawaii Unicorn Month ago +1

    George:I like this music
    also George:I'm taking away points cuz of the noise

  • Miss kawaii Unicorn

    2:19 kpop dances are wayyy more insink

  • Alexandra Citan
    Alexandra Citan Month ago

    10:09 it’s a chinchilla

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart Month ago

    i agree.... most of them are cool but not satisfying.

  • Oliver The gay
    Oliver The gay Month ago +4

    Will: calls a Beautiful Amazing gorgeous, perfect phat boi chinchilla a "fat rat"

    Me: immediately unsubbed