this is the most satisfying video on youtube

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • i bet $10 this video will SATISFY u x
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  • Monster_khelo 114
    Monster_khelo 114 9 hours ago

    0:00 wach me whip 😂

  • City Pris
    City Pris Day ago

    Someone who is bigger in 2 ways

  • thicchicc is here

    george sounds exactly like alex

  • Stuby Marshmelow

    At 10:09 they call a chinchilla a fat rat 🤧

  • wasd fgh
    wasd fgh 2 days ago

    nah the noise... 7... nah not satisfying 5.5..
    Will: "fairytale creature.. hang on its just a fat rat"
    George: "i like him tho, aaw look at his smile"
    Will: "But its just a rat"
    George: "yeah but a really happy fat rat i give him a.... 10!"
    i cried so hard

  • Just Another one
    Just Another one 4 days ago

    Can someone gimme a timestamp for the youtube cutting part? I'm willing to pay in likes

  • meme'e moo
    meme'e moo 5 days ago

    Nobody ever:

    George: 7

    CARDIFF CITY21 5 days ago

    6:18 he said the painting is bad but look at his back wall it’s basically the same but without the lines of paint

  • Loki’d :0
    Loki’d :0 5 days ago +2

    Did NO ONE notice 6:22 when he said
    "It just looks like shit though init, it's not like you're going to put that on your wall"

    • Lady Moxii
      Lady Moxii 3 days ago +1

      Lmao I was looking for a comment about this

  • hello world!
    hello world! 7 days ago

    will what the fuck is a "*vass*"

  • Echo Sells
    Echo Sells 7 days ago

    0:00 any1 else notice George sounds 50?

  • Masha
    Masha 8 days ago +3

    Aw that end was really cute with them calling the chinchilla/ fat rat cute and then george’s ‘bye’ at the end

  • Ayup Shut_Op
    Ayup Shut_Op 8 days ago +1

    4:52 -- someone trying to fix wills head

  • William Stone
    William Stone 8 days ago

    he rated everything a 7

  • William Stone
    William Stone 8 days ago

    HIS NAME MEANS sub 2 willine

  • eb060801
    eb060801 10 days ago

    Wills got shit taste

  • AJ
    AJ 11 days ago +1

    "press less harder and it'll be lighter" my soul is s c r e a m i n g

  • Natsuki Sips Tea
    Natsuki Sips Tea 11 days ago +5

    Why does George low-key sound like Alex?

  • ckrq
    ckrq 12 days ago

    Why does memelous sound like imallex

  • iStutter
    iStutter 12 days ago +1

    6:23 “you’re not gonna our that on your wall”
    *photoshops it onto his wall* 😂

  • Megan Halil
    Megan Halil 12 days ago

    3:36 😂😂😂

  • Megan Halil
    Megan Halil 12 days ago

    3:36 😂😂😂

  • Abbas Hameid
    Abbas Hameid 13 days ago +1

    Just stop complaining holy 😂
    This how many time they complained

  • Eva Gabrielle
    Eva Gabrielle 13 days ago

    at 6:19 when will says it looks shit and you wouldn't put it on your wall but then the exact same painting is on the wall behind them

  • Natalia K.
    Natalia K. 13 days ago

    Kwite is not impressed.

  • blonk blonk
    blonk blonk 14 days ago

    Ur road to shaw in reverse

  • Snipe37
    Snipe37 14 days ago


  • The World of Gaming
    The World of Gaming 15 days ago

    10:09 wait, THEFatRat? ( pls tell me im not the only one who thought of this/gets it)

  • James Charles Ex-mistress

    6:19 he literally has that painting on the back of his wolf

  • sachi
    sachi 16 days ago


  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming 16 days ago

    7:15 just an excuse to get diabetes

  • Maddy Howarth
    Maddy Howarth 16 days ago +1

    Me:cute chinchilla
    Them:It’s just a fat wat

  • Giaciano YT
    Giaciano YT 17 days ago

    George knows what he's talking about

  • TH1
    TH1 17 days ago +1

    Be careful boys. The birds got a spoiler at the back

  • black jack
    black jack 17 days ago

    small and pathetic just like George

  • Emily Maskell
    Emily Maskell 17 days ago

    10.18, it’s a chinchilla.....

  • Jace Fairman
    Jace Fairman 18 days ago

    Do the English even know what fireworks are even about yeah

  • Lena
    Lena 18 days ago +15

    george: i like him. ten.
    will: tchshs-alright.
    edit: 10:16

  • Kylee •3•
    Kylee •3• 19 days ago

    That is a chinchilla

  • Kylee •3•
    Kylee •3• 19 days ago

    Do you really say vase like that?

  • Goda Cir
    Goda Cir 19 days ago

    One thing that I took away from this video is that George thinks nature is satisfying

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum 19 days ago +2

    9:31 he's got the drip 💧🌊💯💪👊😤🔥❄

  • pangea together
    pangea together 19 days ago


  • mcnuggets ferg
    mcnuggets ferg 20 days ago +1

    The guy wearing the bandanna wrongly is quite funny tbf he could be a comedian, much better than alex

  • Hailey White
    Hailey White 21 day ago

    The “fat rat” is a chinchilla which is uncommon within itself and an albino one on top of that. They’re hybrids between squirrels and rabbits and their fur is incredible soft.

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two 21 day ago

    Aren’t roof and ceiling the same thing

  • αввιє αввιє
    αввιє αввιє 22 days ago

    *”it makes it look like it has a roof and a ceiling”*
    *-William Lenney*

  • Joshua Harding
    Joshua Harding 23 days ago +13

    6:20 I cracked up (look at the wall)

  • I have the power of God and anime on my side

    0:50 when you reach manhood

  • Shiveringice17 O
    Shiveringice17 O 24 days ago

    I thought this was gonna be a satisfying video

  • can i hit 100 subs please

    Looks like a roof and a ceiling


  • Harley Kearsley
    Harley Kearsley 24 days ago

    Melelous sounds like Alex in this video

  • TJN AdyFreak
    TJN AdyFreak 24 days ago +52

    George is literally Alexx with a cloth on his face🙂

    • TJN AdyFreak
      TJN AdyFreak 14 days ago +2

      @Naruwaru XD

    • Naruwaru
      Naruwaru 14 days ago +5

      Illuminati: Stay right where you are

  • Ben Meacham
    Ben Meacham 25 days ago

    I always think it says sjw rather than s2w

  • Lai n
    Lai n 25 days ago


  • TwitchTvdarkno
    TwitchTvdarkno 25 days ago

    Send me your PayPal

  • HudZah
    HudZah 25 days ago

    "Its just a rat"
    "A fat rat"

    "I like him 10/10"

  • HudZah
    HudZah 25 days ago

    "That looks like sex!"
    "WAA WOOA Woah"

  • HudZah
    HudZah 25 days ago +2

    Sees sand dome
    *You could put your willy in that*

  • Nik 0660
    Nik 0660 26 days ago +3

    6:22 lol he’s got it on his wall lmao

  • Roksana Kaps
    Roksana Kaps 26 days ago +1

    He's not fat, he's just extra thicc.
    Also that's a chinchilla mate. They're supposedly super soft UwU

  • QuadQ
    QuadQ 26 days ago

    Trending Trending Trending

  • Olivia
    Olivia 26 days ago +2

    Memeulous getting peer pressured for 10 minutes

  • Luke FN27
    Luke FN27 26 days ago


  • SailingInTheSky
    SailingInTheSky 27 days ago

    the bench seat is basically school tables in the cafeteria

  • Lobster dog 34
    Lobster dog 34 27 days ago

    S E V E N

  • Twenty Øne Jøshler
    Twenty Øne Jøshler 27 days ago

    Wilhelm Lennables slip was satisfactory

  • drawingthroughthestars

    did you actually just call that a rat i-

  • Ben Davies
    Ben Davies 27 days ago +1

    0:40 MIND BLOWN

  • gordonjohn
    gordonjohn 27 days ago +1

    No, this isnt the most satisfying video on TheXvid.

  • Alyssa B.
    Alyssa B. 28 days ago +2

    it looks like it has a roof and a ceiling, am i the only one who caught this

  • JacobParker
    JacobParker 28 days ago +1

    Memeulous is ginger

  • Oliver Lewis
    Oliver Lewis 28 days ago +2

    “ and he’s got a little spoiler at the back “ 😂😂😂

  • shmeef
    shmeef 28 days ago +1

    check out my utube i promise it will be quick and VERY ENTERTAINING

  • Danielle Hughes
    Danielle Hughes 28 days ago

    It's a fucking chinchilla mate

  • Hannah Playz Fortnite
    Hannah Playz Fortnite 28 days ago

    is it just my computer or is there sooo many black outs

  • Zhoe Loveland
    Zhoe Loveland 28 days ago

    I think it's a chinchilla

  • Matt Knight
    Matt Knight 28 days ago

    5:57 That’s caala

  • Harinder Parsad
    Harinder Parsad 29 days ago


  • Nathan Ogden
    Nathan Ogden 29 days ago

    George loves a good 7

  • Hangmatman 420
    Hangmatman 420 29 days ago

    Please use dark mode on reddit

  • saruhhh
    saruhhh 29 days ago

    the way will pronounced vase really shook me

  • Cheesebeans 1138
    Cheesebeans 1138 29 days ago

    Same I live in the US and I hate New York City

  • Why Why
    Why Why 29 days ago

    7:04 my girlfriend describing my dick

  • Tqng
    Tqng 29 days ago

    The water dont move...
    Not tryna sound like a nerd but when the orbeez things suck up the water, the mass of the water just goes to another location, while still being in the bottle thing

  • Daniel Dalton
    Daniel Dalton 29 days ago

    “Wow it looks like it’s got a roof and a ceiling” they’re the same thing 😂😂

  • Igor is gaming productions

    Omg can u belive it george is gay

  • Not Swedish
    Not Swedish 29 days ago

    but its green tho innit

  • GachaGirlXX
    GachaGirlXX 29 days ago

    No one:
    Not a single soul:

    WillNE: *_inNiT_*

  • ILSE And Emili
    ILSE And Emili 29 days ago

    I clicked on this thinking it was a satisfying video and then I see Will falling and shouting “hellooo”

  • FROST101
    FROST101 29 days ago

    You know when he was on about the ac-130 he got that from his call of duty

  • gaming with donut 6789

    5:01 gost 1 like

  • Ryan palmer
    Ryan palmer 29 days ago

    It’d probably get more views if you put George in the title

  • Tammy 101
    Tammy 101 Month ago

    i love how there like "thats sh*t" and "not very good" but then there like "WOOOAAHHHH"

  • M_usic
    M_usic Month ago +1


  • Scarlett Favara
    Scarlett Favara Month ago

    "Its got a roof and a ceiling"

  • Sanduni N.
    Sanduni N. Month ago +1

    George making Will look stupid for 10 minutes and 27 seconds

  • W!ll D
    W!ll D Month ago

    AT 6:24 the painting is on the wall behind them

  • OwO is my life
    OwO is my life Month ago

    No one:
    George: *ExPectO pAtRonUm*