Declaring First WAR (SMPEarth 2)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Makin alliances and breaking friendships, that's what the server was made for anywho

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  • Cadence Darcey
    Cadence Darcey 4 days ago

    This reminds me of what we are learning in World History. 🤣

  • A Koopa Troopa currently working for bowser.

    Make a trans flag by the transatlantic bridge, because TRANSatlantic.

  • Galaxy Doge
    Galaxy Doge 6 days ago

    It’s funny listening to Wilbur he stressed at a double chest of cobble when I have 67 double chest of cobblestone

  • Matthew Skillz
    Matthew Skillz 8 days ago

    It was funny that techno actually sent Wilbur a message saying: Luke on the way” before Luke arrived.

  • •April•
    •April• 9 days ago

  • { Jeanie }
    { Jeanie } 9 days ago

    North Korea is business Bay holy shit

  • J Blam
    J Blam 9 days ago

    Grunk is traitor, cheater and a lier. That disgusting man shall be publicly executed via firing squad in wilbur’s Newfoundland

  • creeperkiller9K
    creeperkiller9K 10 days ago

    My mom walked by as you said “I kill all children”

  • alper kaderli
    alper kaderli 12 days ago

    Learn spanish quickly!

  • Kevin Osorno
    Kevin Osorno 14 days ago

    “JET FUEL BURNS YOUR WALLET...even if your wallet is made of steel” -Wilbur Soot 2019 4:37

  • W J
    W J 15 days ago

    New found land

  • DiscoTheWolf ウルフディスコ

    Give pain to spain

  • femme pan 420
    femme pan 420 16 days ago

    Theres no w in the Spanish language but there r 2 L's just sayin

  • Guess my name
    Guess my name 16 days ago

    I mean... bussinesss bay isnt in north korea. its like eithr in China or Russia.

    DRACO 18 days ago

    Young fella thinks its called Newfinland

  • Crimzon Mist
    Crimzon Mist 19 days ago

    More like an airport than a train station 😂

  • Sloppyoj
    Sloppyoj 19 days ago

    Wilbur how many lanes is your railway gonna be

  • Thomas Hensley
    Thomas Hensley 19 days ago

    Who could've guessed that Newfoundland is a loan shark

  • Raymond Harris
    Raymond Harris 20 days ago

    Eh this is why I could never be a world leader. I lack the patience to NOT wipe out people who bother me.

  • Matei Okhuijsen
    Matei Okhuijsen 20 days ago

    Hes not north Korea but russia

  • TableForkTheThird
    TableForkTheThird 21 day ago +2

    "that's north korea.."

  • Nao Scott
    Nao Scott 21 day ago

    Bro, Wilbur is going to have a hit list for a wall

  • Ole Jul
    Ole Jul 21 day ago

    Wilbur soot will remember that

  • Sono Sononishian
    Sono Sononishian 21 day ago

    he always uses the clash royale music lmao

  • Casper Maas
    Casper Maas 23 days ago

    I neet a full stack of cobble, that is going to be painfull
    I have a small chest full of chuljer box full and f wheat seeds planted by myself, no farm

  • Dean Keepers
    Dean Keepers 24 days ago

    so in essence it's just the axis conquering the world and newfoundland giving them resources

  • Balian Kiggell
    Balian Kiggell 27 days ago

    I just realised that u only have 8.5k subs and I’m so confused since u deserve way more

  • Jen Yu
    Jen Yu 27 days ago

    Go to South Africa for diamonds it's easier

  • SpectreLol
    SpectreLol 29 days ago


  • DR. Sensei
    DR. Sensei Month ago

    2:30 this entire exchange is just so fucking wacky and hilarious.
    someone clip this shit

  • Victoria D
    Victoria D Month ago

    "25 dollars" I laughed so hard. Is so stupid how much it amused me.

  • Rachi 14
    Rachi 14 Month ago

    Wilbur: *declares war on Spain*
    Me, a spaniard: *declares war on my own country*

  • Shyrah Smith
    Shyrah Smith Month ago

    25 dollars.

  • Pixelated Axolotl
    Pixelated Axolotl Month ago

    Me: I’ll go to sleep early tonight.
    Me at 3:00:

  • TylerTMM
    TylerTMM Month ago

    Gonna be honest, hearing grunks voice for the first time was definitely something. Thought it would be well you know... an older sounding voice

  • Park ChimMin
    Park ChimMin Month ago

    We keep the illegal immigrants in the *hole*

  • Nathan Lobdell
    Nathan Lobdell Month ago


  • Finn Nebauer
    Finn Nebauer Month ago +3

    “I kill children all the time, dude”
    -Wilbur 2019

  • Yechiel Pernecita
    Yechiel Pernecita Month ago

    Man, Wilbur has some pretty frickin' weird intros

    KILL ZONE Month ago

    Idiot you ruined the Arctic empire

  • Mobileduck
    Mobileduck Month ago

    769,699 views lmao

  • Hyperska
    Hyperska Month ago +1

    like so Wilbur can see:

  • chest
    chest Month ago +3

    ”im sorry, im sorry” he says continuously as he keeps hitting the poor under-house invaders with a sword.

  • Janis Janis
    Janis Janis Month ago

    You should check out Come From Away, it’s a musical that takes place in New Foundland and the music is fantastic

  • Tyfair Tyfair
    Tyfair Tyfair Month ago

    -2b2t rip off but no anticheat and better

  • LolGaming 123
    LolGaming 123 Month ago +1

    wilburs vid just made me pee myself of laughter XD

  • IlhaanBlueAce
    IlhaanBlueAce Month ago


  • Phil da Feysh
    Phil da Feysh Month ago +1

    10:29 words to live by

  • xXGIMpL0rdXx
    xXGIMpL0rdXx Month ago

    That's a lotta ads

  • Matthew Tucker
    Matthew Tucker Month ago

    There is no “W” in the spainish alphabet

  • PowerfulTR GT
    PowerfulTR GT Month ago

    Someone please say wilbur there is keep inventory

  • Dana McCreight
    Dana McCreight Month ago


  • matson hako
    matson hako Month ago

    its called NewFinland?

  • Zazy Gaming
    Zazy Gaming Month ago


  • Zazy Gaming
    Zazy Gaming Month ago

    Aye I’m from Newfoundland

  • Frank Peanuts
    Frank Peanuts Month ago

    It’s not newfinland it is Newfoundland almost everyone who visits my province calls it newfinland but it’s Newfoundland

    • TheFourStarChef
      TheFourStarChef Month ago

      Ya fuckin townie. If you pronounce every word youre a fuggin poser.

  • Sniper Suki
    Sniper Suki Month ago +22

    Techno : tells everyone he’s gonna take over the world
    Everyone: Okay cool :D
    Techno : does it
    Everyone: you won’t supposed to do that

  • Jack Huffman
    Jack Huffman Month ago

    should have made cobble slabs

  • casual weeb
    casual weeb Month ago

    business bay

  • Killer Bear
    Killer Bear Month ago

    Wilber:NewFoundLand does not forget
    Also Wilber:ok lets right Spanish down on a sign