Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Kanye West - SNL

  • Published on Oct 7, 2018
  • Pete Davidson stops by Weekend Update to talk about Kanye West's unaired pro-Trump speech on SNL.
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Comments • 8 023

  • Joshua Wiggins
    Joshua Wiggins Hour ago

    This just in...SNL Pete talks how Grande dumps his rebound ass and asks her self wtf was she thinking. Pete needs to do a skit about that anorexic gingerbread cookie chick. Like per Pete he has a 10" dick and as he fucks her he sucks he own dick in her mouth. Lmfao

  • Purma
    Purma 2 hours ago

    I agree with him when he says “I don’t want to hear political opinions from someone who’s a music genius, I want to hear music things from the music genius”. I said that about actors/comedians once (in reference to Ben Affleck) and was told “anyone can speak on politics in the country they are a citizen of”. Why is it not both ways? The crowd of SNL will cheer for an artist if the speech is anti right, but belittle and mock the artist if it’s pro right

  • chris kunselman
    chris kunselman 2 hours ago

    All these people saying comedians shouldn't talk about politics need to do some research on comedy. It's never just been pratfalls and fart jokes. You want your comedy innocuous, find it, it's out there. Or do you just want comedy that agrees with YOU?

  • No
    No 3 hours ago

    **Ariana grade has left the chat**

  • Buddha Webb
    Buddha Webb 3 hours ago

    Go Kanye fuck the rest of the pussies. Stand up for what u believe in and don’t look back because only liberals like to bring you down to there pathetic level....... Mexicans for trump

  • WhiteHatProduction
    WhiteHatProduction 4 hours ago


  • Joe
    Joe 4 hours ago +1

    So glad she dumped this goofy lookin dude

  • John Laodicean
    John Laodicean 4 hours ago

    To paraphrase Norm MacDonald: Ariana Grande split from Pete Davidson when she remembered she's Ariana Grande and he is Pete Davidson

  • Leveck Family
    Leveck Family 4 hours ago

    This is really great and it all makes sense. UNLESS Kanye ISN'T crazy.
    I don't think an ACTUAL crazy guy who admits to knowing NOTHING about what's going on in the world politically or ANYTHING about what it is or means to be a black guy is the best person to be telling anyone anything about what he thinks is wrong with Kanye and the message he is trying to share with the American people.
    If I want to know something about hot dogs, politics, Trump or politics, Pete is the LAST guy I'm going to ask for an opinion.
    Make SNL Great Again is something I could personally get behind.
    I love you guys. But your politics are making it nearly impossible for me to watch the show right now.

  • Petronilla Rabathaly
    Petronilla Rabathaly 4 hours ago

    That was soooooo funny.

  • seamac206
    seamac206 6 hours ago


  • Bobby Amdro
    Bobby Amdro 7 hours ago

    Depressing to watch

  • Jennifer Webb
    Jennifer Webb 7 hours ago +2

    I bet she dumped him because of his comment at 1:41 lol

  • kiwi81234
    kiwi81234 8 hours ago

    😂😂😂 there's no shame in the medicine game 💖💖💖 love him so true !!!

  • 47imagine
    47imagine 8 hours ago

    Pete Davidson and Colin Jost. There you have it, folks. A regular dude vs. an arrogant prick

  • khororu
    khororu 9 hours ago

    Caspian Sea is missing on the map...

  • Marilor Bastille
    Marilor Bastille 9 hours ago

    1:51 think ya meant 3rd...

  • Nat S
    Nat S 10 hours ago +1

    Watch the above videos. Don lemon is the real house Negro in the big house and CNN and Bloomberg and Soros and the Clintons and the Left are the masters of the plantation and control Don lemon and every other black man on there as puppets. The Democrats have lied to the Black man for so long saying what they will do for him and her but it never happens that way. The Republicans have just been transparent , they’ve never promised to the black man fake ideologies and buddied up to him like the Democrats have. The Democrats have buddied up to the black man and used the word racism racism racism to act like all those out there are racist but the Democrat is their friend. Watch the above videos and learn the truth. All they’ve ever wanted is the black man’s vote. So that the black man can keep the white man in power. So that the black man can keep the white liberal in power. TI is blinded. Jay Z knows the truth Jay Z is not a field nigga he is a house nigga. Because if you cater to these white liberals they are the master of the plantation and that makes you a house nigga.If you rebel against the white liberal and get off the Democratic plantation, You are a field nigga, you are Nat Turner and you are finally free. The white man even controlled the civil rights movement. it’s time for the black man and woman to realize their worth.and be once and for all truly FREE and get no hope from lying snakes aka the Clinton’s and the rhetoric of the left.

  • Landry Jones
    Landry Jones 11 hours ago +2

    Pete and Ariana are no longer engaged... does it have anything to do with this blatant disrespect on Kanye’s name? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

  • B a b y l o n
    B a b y l o n 13 hours ago

    I have yet to come across anyone who can show me that Donald Trump is racist.

    • bus driver
      bus driver 10 hours ago

      is the fact he targeted Mexicans instead of all immigrants while promoting himself not an example?

  • Just J
    Just J 13 hours ago +2

    Ariana may have a lot of money but Pete is the REAL gym here💎🙌

  • jk46107p
    jk46107p 13 hours ago

    Fuck Pete

  • jk46107p
    jk46107p 13 hours ago

    You’re a fuckin loser

  • jk46107p
    jk46107p 13 hours ago

    Pete butthole eyes is a cuck

  • Frank DiSalle
    Frank DiSalle 14 hours ago

    LEMME SEE If I have this right: Kanye West is a musical genius, so he shouldn't comment on race or politics, but you, a comedian, get to comment oh his behavior and beliefs? Is that about right?
    Talk about totally lacking self-awareness!

  • Kurt Troyer
    Kurt Troyer 14 hours ago

    Kmart lasted long than the "engagement". Knew that would happen.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 15 hours ago

    Um ok, I agree, first of all. That first. But, the part about Kanye being a musical genius came dangerously close to “shut up and dribble.”

  • Jerri Lyn
    Jerri Lyn 15 hours ago


  • CrisMelo Designs
    CrisMelo Designs 15 hours ago

    If I were Kanye I would put out a statement that this skit was the bad karma that broke Pete's gig with Ariana. I'd do that just to annoy Pete.

  • Gerry Glasso
    Gerry Glasso 15 hours ago

    Butthole Eyes will be dead by the end of the year from an overdose. Why we should care about what an unfunny drug addict thinks about Kanye West is beyond me.

  • Serbia Care Act
    Serbia Care Act 15 hours ago

    I love that these banker-controlled psy-op artists are reeling that Trump and basics of natural law are so sexy and have so much traction with blacks and the newest generations. The nightmare is going to end, the goyim understand who is behind the subversion of the family, masculinity, and the relations between the sexes and the races. Too many “cohen-cedences.”

  • Nunnuv Yorbizniz
    Nunnuv Yorbizniz 15 hours ago

    Holy shit, SNL sucks so much! Who watches this shit anyway? Honestly, all they seem to do is bash Trump and republicans/conservatives. Same goes for all the other comedy shows. Even if they were bashing some politicians or political values that I didn't like, it wouldn't be funny. Like... don't they see how lame this shit is? I realize it's just another form of propaganda, but it's not compelling whatsoever, therefor ineffective.
    I haven't liked SNL for many many moons, I find it bland at best, so I'm having trouble trying to see what fans see in it. Maybe they are just miserable, zealously lefties and rather than watch to unwind or have some laughs, they watch it to gauge how they should act toward fellow sjws. Also, because SJWs are so focused on race/gender/orientation etcetera, their options for comedy are extremely limited. Good comedy requires offensive things in many cases. SNL is now just a lukewarm shadow of its former self. Fucking shit like "full house" is better than the SNL of today

  • Death Disco
    Death Disco 16 hours ago +1

    Right now Pete is somewhere shooting up crying out Ariana!

  • Maria Angela
    Maria Angela 17 hours ago


  • The Good Son
    The Good Son 17 hours ago

    Bitch ass Pete has a tattoo of Hillary on his forearm.
    Fuck you

  • R Martini
    R Martini 17 hours ago +1

    Well Pete you seemed pretty happy talkn shit about KANYE, sorry to hear about you and
    Ariana Grande ;( not so funny anymore right?

    • jo jo
      jo jo 16 hours ago

      R Martini yeah I’m sure Pete Davidson is trolling these TheXvid comments, great job with the feedback
      And Kanye is a psychotic moron, so keep trying

  • DEploribus Unum
    DEploribus Unum 17 hours ago +2

    I remember when this show used to be funny. Now it's just stupid. Only 12 year olds would find this crap entertaining.

    • DEploribus Unum
      DEploribus Unum 15 hours ago

      jo jo
      Hey stupid. Dumbocraps are the snowflakes.

    • jo jo
      jo jo 16 hours ago

      DEploribus Unum triggered conservative snowflake alert..?
      That’s a dumb username btw

  • Johnathan Ramirez
    Johnathan Ramirez 17 hours ago

    1:00 "I want a career!' So I leave" How obvious is that? There's an agenda in hollywood brainwashing everybody to be liberal. Do you zombies want to end up like China?

    • jo jo
      jo jo 16 hours ago

      Johnathan Ramirez that was a whole lot of stupid you managed to pack into one comment
      Looking at how paranoid and delicate conservatives are these days... embarrassing

  • Jocelin Vargas
    Jocelin Vargas 17 hours ago

    lmao love this guy

  • ezjapanesecooking
    ezjapanesecooking 17 hours ago

    Kanye has grown now than he was in 2006 and this 24 yrs old kid telling Kanye to go back to when he was immature? Give me a break.

  • Savannah Ibarra
    Savannah Ibarra 18 hours ago +1

    Pete Davidson... a living legend.

    • PlanetTerra
      PlanetTerra 17 hours ago

      Do you call everyone "a legend?" Think about it.

  • Jay Baso
    Jay Baso 18 hours ago +1

    Kanye West is 100% right and I'm BLACK saying it !!! Trump 2020 Slavery was a choice ...Fight for your freedom or Die trying .that's what kanye means.

    • jo jo
      jo jo 16 hours ago

      Jay Baso isn’t it bedtime for edgelords?

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 18 hours ago

    Pete is funny as hell man.

  • appleseed004
    appleseed004 19 hours ago

    whose laughing now cuck? Don't kill yourself like her last ex bf

    • jo jo
      jo jo 16 hours ago

      appleseed004 Wow, you’re a real piece of shit, aren’t you? Enjoy the cancer you will inevitably get one day when karma catches you

  • J F
    J F 19 hours ago

    Bipolar or tripolar ?

  • Patrick Hawkinson
    Patrick Hawkinson 19 hours ago

    Peach Davidson

  • Zach nunyabusiness
    Zach nunyabusiness 19 hours ago +1

    Rip Ariana grande and Pete’s engagement

  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark 19 hours ago

    Thats why she left you

  • Obligated orb
    Obligated orb 19 hours ago


  • ivette vera
    ivette vera 19 hours ago

    I want that make Kanye 2006 hat haha its the only KANYE I can relate too . haha

  • Edie Barry
    Edie Barry 20 hours ago

    Get well soon Kanye.
    I don't think you're a political genius nor a musical genius... People say you're a genius but when an artist is relying on AUTO-TUNE to sell records - I think that's lazy. Not a fan ... but I'm hoping you find out what's going on with you and the grandiose ideation and the flight-of-thought. Manic depression is a bitch.

  • James James
    James James 20 hours ago

    Oh I hope this ugly, untalented toad enjoyed his 15 minutes, because he's about to slip back into oblivion.

  • Cherry Popper
    Cherry Popper 20 hours ago

    We need a new weekend update on the your ex Pete lmao

  • Bill Brasky
    Bill Brasky 20 hours ago

    yeah pete spit that dnc sponsored propaganda ur so edgy and cool

  • Robert Tinsey
    Robert Tinsey 20 hours ago

    Is he supposed to be funny? Funny thing is that if Kanye didn't support Trump, you'd call him a political genius.

  • Wrycking Baul
    Wrycking Baul 21 hour ago

    The "most awful thing?"

  • mimi mure
    mimi mure 21 hour ago

    They broke up. Uh oh what's he gonna do now. His 15minutes are up 😂😂😂😂

  • mimi mure
    mimi mure 21 hour ago +6

    Alexa please remove Pete Davidson from the playlist 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ms Chill
    Ms Chill 22 hours ago

    I can totally relate the part about Pete Davidson saying he bit his mom when not on his meds. Three years ago, my son dragged me through the garage and through a half open screen door. But he's on meds now, so I get it...

  • lanzacash
    lanzacash 22 hours ago +1

    Davidson's such an ugly little cunt.

  • Amelia Pinoargote
    Amelia Pinoargote 22 hours ago

    Loved everything Pete said in here. this time.

  • Jay Dontez
    Jay Dontez 23 hours ago

    Pete's NOT FUNNY...!!! FUNNIEST shit he's done on snl was this, and other ppl had to write this skit for this to happen... He's like an NBA bench player that sits so far from the starters, he's part of the staff. But still gets paid for nothing.

  • Tre West
    Tre West 23 hours ago +1

    Kanye won, fuck this cornball pete davidson

  • five six
    five six 23 hours ago

    WHY THE HELL DID THEY BREAK UP?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

  • Mr Spacely
    Mr Spacely 23 hours ago +4

    2:10 THANK YOU!! Just because Kanye is good with music doesn't mean he knows shit about politics (and he clearly doesn't)

  • Sean Raposa
    Sean Raposa 23 hours ago

    I bet she dumped him because of the hat along with her probably being a trump supporter.

  • Spotted Elephant

    Pete is the reason I watch snl 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Jaimee Snoo
    Jaimee Snoo Day ago

    “I just want you all to know that this is the real me flying this plane” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zac Lodro
    Zac Lodro Day ago

    Looks like the chron's disease got to his head

  • Alli 3
    Alli 3 Day ago

    First off Pete looks sick af

  • Nathan Bixby
    Nathan Bixby Day ago

    So brave to rip on someone who supports Trump with your 100 percent left wing audience.
    Kanye is not going to keep giving his vote to the democratic party because they do not care! They are liars who buy people's votes by telling them that they are oppressed. They want you to think you are a victim so that you become dependent on them. Keep going Kanye. Be free, my man

  • Hannah Harvey
    Hannah Harvey Day ago

    Isn’t that a lil hit to when republicans told Lebron to stick to basketball and not politics....

  • Anthony Vertz
    Anthony Vertz Day ago

    What a liberal Pete is

  • Jovanny Gonzalez

    This is no better than shut up and rap ....🤔 isn’t that what LBJ was told?

  • Jovanny Gonzalez
    Jovanny Gonzalez Day ago +1

    So in other words we shouldn’t hear SNLs opinions on political views? Pete just trashed his own statement

  • Jayne Herring
    Jayne Herring Day ago

    This is the best bit Pete Davidson has ever done.

  • amelia !
    amelia ! Day ago

    What a guy, what a good dude

  • James Sharier
    James Sharier Day ago

    You guys are actors, your paid for our entertainment not political or personal views, where did you go SNL

  • 9enius
    9enius Day ago

    Find the 7k dislikers and delete their voter registrations

  • Dominic Abbate
    Dominic Abbate Day ago

    Snl sucks cock.

  • mr93prof
    mr93prof Day ago

    What’s with the deep dark circles under Davidson’s eyes

  • TheRoshan89
    TheRoshan89 Day ago +1

    why are pete's eyes always dark? is he still doing drugs? ariana broke up with mac because he did drugs and ended up killing him, only to hook up with pete, who she knew has a drug problem too and is apparently still using.

  • Shane Hockenberry

    Fuck his album. That's why hes doing this.

  • Donovan
    Donovan Day ago

    MAGA hats are manufactured and imbued with a special grade of Jim Jones tinfoil.

  • that aint ordinary bruh

    I honestly wouldn't mind listening to Joe Chestnut speak politics
    if Joe read a few newspapers, tried to listen to others and generally had informed opinions. Kanye hasn't done any of that. He's just spewing the sort of retarded shit you hear someone say when they've listened to 1 hour of AM radio

  • always hi
    always hi Day ago

    Waiting for the roast of pete davidson

  • always hi
    always hi Day ago +1

    Take em!

  • liveinmyamerica
    liveinmyamerica Day ago

    There scared to death, the mob mentality continues.

  • Emily Eileen
    Emily Eileen Day ago +1

    “You know how wrong about Politics you have to be for me to notice?” LOL 😂

  • John Erkman
    John Erkman Day ago +8

    That’s F’ing BRILLIANT 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️🤘😎

  • Energetic force
    Energetic force Day ago

    More cringy unfunny jokes and what happent to comedy couseit got shit real quick

  • Antoniopap
    Antoniopap Day ago

    2:15 Bruh the most ironic part of the whole video. He's basically saying that Kanye is a musical genius, not a political one, so he only wants to hear his opinions on music related topics (and also gave an analogy about a hot dog eating guy). You're fucking actors discussing politics on a late-night comedy show smhhhh.

  • Cory Van Treuren

    He's fucking hilarious

  • feliciab2
    feliciab2 Day ago

    2:12 Kanye is a musical genius????? Hahahahaaha good one Pete...hang on why wasn't anyone laughing at that? Lennon and MCartney were musical geniuses. Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson...all musical geniuses. Kanye is an egotistical narcissist who produces nothing but self indulgent rubbish, and doesn't deserve to even be named in the same sentence as them . And I don't think that's just my subjective opinion. I believe if you objectively analysed the work of all those artists in terms of composition, lyrical content and longevity you would come to the same conclusion.

  • HeyMiaa
    HeyMiaa Day ago

    Why are both the likes and dislikes 69????

  • angelissy
    angelissy Day ago +1

    "Being mentally ill is not an excuse to be a jackass"
    To all the edgy kids at my school who act fucking retarded and then go on to blame it on their "depression"

  • allowmi
    allowmi Day ago

    Not since Belushi have I enjoyed someone on SNL more. Pete Davidson keeps you hanging on just about every word. You want to laugh before the punchline.

  • MM NaCl
    MM NaCl Day ago

    2d dolts proving kanyes hypothesis

  • Genius
    Genius Day ago

    He's hilarious