LA VLOG 2019! | Come To LA With Us | Elle Darby

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
    Heyyyyy gorgeous angels and welcome BACK! Today we're hitting you with a nice long vlogggg & we couldn't be happier to be in our favourite place, the USA - LA is a dream trip of ours and we hope you enjoy coming along with us across our time out here! Let us know any videos you’d like to see us do while we’re out here in the comments - love you guys so much xxxxxxx
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  • Hood, classy, But definitely girly

    Hollywood became horrible nothing but bums and dirty not sure why they won’t clean it up.

  • Hood, classy, But definitely girly

    Was it hard for Connor to drive on the opposite side of the car that he’s use too? Lol always thought about that if I could drive on the other side and I couldn’t at all.

  • Nicole Maxine
    Nicole Maxine 14 days ago

    I haven't had internet for a while, but currently in hospital watching all your videos makes me so happy😍, also girl your glow is poppin🙌🙌

  • MissSM
    MissSM 18 days ago

    Looove this. Although, am I the only one that squirms every time she talks with a mouth full of food?!

  • Mia
    Mia 21 day ago

    Really should’nt have watched this vlog again when my fam go to LA tomorrow for a week & im staying in the UK working 😭😭😭😭

  • Rambiz S
    Rambiz S 26 days ago +1

    Stop getting your lips done

  • Lucy Wakefield
    Lucy Wakefield 27 days ago

    I have been watching every vlog I love them all iam so I'll its taken me time to thank you both for everything you put out it's always so filled with love and laughter ×××××

  • shaheer shujaat
    shaheer shujaat 28 days ago

    Wow Elle you and your boyfriend are looking very nice beautiful amazing LA vlog well done 😊😊❤️❤️👍👍

  • John Chase
    John Chase 29 days ago +1

    Why would you do that to your lips?

  • Cheerlife 123
    Cheerlife 123 Month ago

    Why can’t I be you you are so pretty and so kind love you #angels

  • keera davies
    keera davies Month ago

    Anyone know where Elles sunglasses are from in the first 5 minutes?

  • Sofia Bernhardsson
    Sofia Bernhardsson Month ago

    Loved this vlog!!!! Where are your sunglasses from boo? OBSESSED

  • Georgia Kenway
    Georgia Kenway Month ago

    What happened with the Chris brown tickets?? I’m so curious 😂xx

  • Molly Aston
    Molly Aston Month ago

    Best videos 😍💕🙌🏻

  • Lacie JaneDoe
    Lacie JaneDoe Month ago

    Love seeing you guys explore the U.S.. As an American I have to say that California may seem beautiful to you because it's newer scenery, but you need to explore Oregon or Montana. Literally STUNNING. I thought the same thing with James and Carys's vlogs.

  • c h
    c h Month ago

    You two just love each other so much it’s the loveliest thing to see!

  • Lola Callaway
    Lola Callaway Month ago

    i had my cup of tea as soon as i started watching u x

  • Deni Alvarez
    Deni Alvarez Month ago +2

    Malibu is “dead” because it’s literally dead. They recently had massively catastrophic wildfires that wiped out everything (including Miley Cyrus’s house, actually).

  • jacqueline bootman
    jacqueline bootman Month ago

    Love watching you 2👍 are you missing your beautiful dog.🐕 looks like you are having amazing time.the food looks great.(angel 65yrs)xx

  • Kymberleigh Etherington

    omg omg omg this makes me want to go travelling so bad urgh!!!!! your skin too omg😍😍😍😍

  • Maisie Mae
    Maisie Mae Month ago +1

    Going to LA in April acne can’t wait to go especially after watching this vloggg!!

  • Lauren Leaf
    Lauren Leaf Month ago

    Never understand why people get pets when all they do is travel all the time..

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer Month ago +1

      Lauren Leaf because they can and in perspective they actually spend a lot of time at home.. She literally only has one dog which is cared for when they are away so what’s the problem?

  • Lucia Rigiani
    Lucia Rigiani Month ago

    Looks incredible, I want to go so much. Cant wait for the next vlog xx

  • Grace Goodlad
    Grace Goodlad Month ago +3

    “Boyfriend in the back” nooo 😂 my boyfriend is right there next to me, he loves watching you two nearly as much as I do 😂❤️

  • Josefine Öijer
    Josefine Öijer Month ago

    One thing the US does absolutely A-mazing is the orange chicken, my goodness it is bits of heaven no joke!

  • Winnie Carmela
    Winnie Carmela Month ago +1

    Aw the way connors looking at you at the beginning, he looks in absolute awe of you 🥰

  • Erin Murphy
    Erin Murphy Month ago


  • beach glow
    beach glow Month ago

    O wow that breakfast yummmm

  • Anne Claire
    Anne Claire Month ago +5

    Hey Elle what happened with Chris Brown tickets ????

  • Miss Onslow
    Miss Onslow Month ago

    I went when young hvjt been USA fr ages dons young hvjt been with hubby yet plan to at some point

  • Rebekah Coles
    Rebekah Coles Month ago

    I neeeeeed your sunnies where are they from? Xxxxx

  • Squats and Salads
    Squats and Salads Month ago

    Looks amazing! SO need to go to LA! Glad you're having a good time :D

  • Jasmine Newman
    Jasmine Newman Month ago

    Did you get to go to Chris brown?? Looks like your having an amazing time! 💕

  • Ami Skuse
    Ami Skuse Month ago +1

    Just a thought. You know you and con said you love the US so much and wish you were brought up there? I dont think you’d love and appreciate it so much if you were! You appreciate it much more because it’s different to home and don’t have it often. So you love it so much when you do. Just a different perspective. Hope it made sense. XX

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer Month ago +1

      Ami Skuse still is definitely a nicer area to live in compared to the uk lol😂

    • Ami Skuse
      Ami Skuse Month ago

      Storm Adeliana exactly :)

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer Month ago

      Ami Skuse you can say that about absolutely anything though! Although you wouldn’t appreciate it as much you would still ultimately be happier in such a lovely environment

    • Ami Skuse
      Ami Skuse Month ago

      Some things we’re just meant to have in little dibbles and dabbles so we can appreciate it to it’s full potential. Xx

  • Maariah
    Maariah Month ago

    I love your sunglasses ❤😎

  • Emily Tuttle
    Emily Tuttle Month ago

    LA looks amazeeeee! And you two are the funniest together so cute 🤣❤️

  • - Blurryface -
    - Blurryface - Month ago

    I looooooved LA, but I would have to agree about was quite underwhelming. However I did find the Chinese Theatre amazing and the view of the Hollywood sign was so surreal

  • Lisa Webster
    Lisa Webster Month ago

    Your sunglass are such pretty and I enjoyed watching your video it's such to see And you both are a cute couple I am happy to watch you both in any videos 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

  • Hannah Kania
    Hannah Kania Month ago

    Okay since you guys said you were coming to San Francisco, I’ve been imagining running into you! I hope you two have an amazing trip and I hope to see you here!

  • Hope Stakes
    Hope Stakes Month ago +6

    As a Texan I had to comment: “Cowboy Conner” had me crine! 🤣

  • Darcy Reeves
    Darcy Reeves Month ago

    Way to make me jealous,,love you too Ellie 🙄🥺😂💓

  • Itsmebrb
    Itsmebrb Month ago +4

    It’s funny for those of us living in LA...we see celebrities such as Margot R. etc. at cafes, restaurants, shopping, clubs etc... It’s actually the norm. 🤩 Glad you enjoyed! 💖

    • Itsmebrb
      Itsmebrb Month ago

      Pandas 10 I used to style & met many - they are just people who want to be treated regular. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Jenny 10
      Jenny 10 Month ago +2

      Omg lucky. I live in the uk and i never see celebs. Xx

  • Brier Jem's
    Brier Jem's Month ago +1

    Ah I love that you guys got to go to the magic castle. I did my study abroad in LA and made friends with a magician who invited us along to a day at the magic castle. Was One of the coolest things I’ve ever been to. Made me so excited to hear you have been! 💗

  • Erin
    Erin Month ago +5

    “I’ve still got to pay Eleanor !” 😂😂

  • Craftylady Tracy Anne

    I'm glad your having a great time in LA.
    Cant wait to see more travel vlogs 😀 xxxx

  • farah_fit_ equestrian
    farah_fit_ equestrian Month ago +5

    Who else loves when Elle says Connaaaar 🤣 I think we all do this with our boyfriends in the back 😂 love this video guys your amazing 💕💕💕

  • Kylee Broome
    Kylee Broome Month ago

    omg im just finishing up this vlog and im so upset that i will be in orlando with my boyfriend the week after you leave! i live in south florida so its only a 3 hour drive but i wouldve loved to meet you and con! 💕

  • Kayleigh M
    Kayleigh M Month ago

    Beautiful has alway x

  • Rochelle Jackson
    Rochelle Jackson Month ago

    Love you two ❤️

  • Laura Jane Stanley
    Laura Jane Stanley Month ago

    Looks amazing 😍😍 so jealous of your trip!

  • meeganerose98
    meeganerose98 Month ago

    Not even watched past intro card and liked, just so happy for you 💕

  • TheMaggieSmyth
    TheMaggieSmyth Month ago

    im going to miami in two weeks, wish me luck!. love watching your L.A vlogs.

  • Rita’sWorld
    Rita’sWorld Month ago

    Love the length of this ❤️
    Who were the guests on the late show ? Xx

  • KPJPflorida
    KPJPflorida Month ago +2

    We need to do LA and I really want to do universal and Disney over there, these guys are so real and so down to earth, love them both 🥰

  • Cherie Reynolds
    Cherie Reynolds Month ago

    You looked like you both had an amazing time , great vlog 🥰 xx

  • Caitlin Morgan
    Caitlin Morgan Month ago +2

    As an American I love me some Cheesecake Factory! I get it 😂

  • googelyplex
    googelyplex Month ago

    lolll love how elle says booooo-levard

  • Johnnel Adderley
    Johnnel Adderley Month ago +2

    Elle, I see you calling out Connor with his smoothie mouth, naughty, naughty😂😂!!!
    Your makeup Elle is sensational honey, it's so iridesciant💖💖 and Connor your shirts are epic, babes👍🏽👍🏽!!
    The food portions in America is insane 😆😆 😆!!! I love me a good American bisquit 😛😛.
    The Runyan Canyon hike looked like hard, but the views are breathtaking 😍😍 😍!!! Yosemite is another phenomenal wonder.
    I was expecting a little more excitement from LA, which is not bad at all, it would be perfect for a relaxing and recharging trip.
    Was the Chris Brown concert legit?? Also have fun in Orlando guys😁😁😁!!!

  • Savannah Olofsson
    Savannah Olofsson Month ago

    Hollywood walk of fame is definitely known by locals as a very dirty, cliche tourist trap really. Everyone who lives there tries to avoid that area completely because it’s chaos. So you’re completely right about not liking the vibe there!😂❤️❤️

  • SCO 16
    SCO 16 Month ago +15

    Every time Elle says ‘CONNOORRR’ 😂