i tried living in JAPAN with 1 DOLLAR for a day

  • Published on Nov 4, 2018
  • so while i was in tokyo i tried only spending 1 dollar in foods for 24 hours. i obviously had to get a little creative as it was way more challenging that i thought. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe
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  • Spongebob Square pants
    Spongebob Square pants 10 months ago +1319

    Raphael Gomes you make such great videos keep up the good work 👍

    • Addie
      Addie 5 months ago

      Raphael Gomes aww

    • Laura Cummins
      Laura Cummins 9 months ago

      OMG I lobe you !!!!!!

    • įťž öřëö
      įťž öřëö 9 months ago +1

      @Spongebob Square pants he pinned you 😭💕😂

    • Ben Ly
      Ben Ly 10 months ago

      Spongebob Square pants g

    • Ella Szer
      Ella Szer 10 months ago

      @Spongebob Square pants you're

  • Poowerbang
    Poowerbang 28 days ago +1

    you can buy 13 eggs for a dollar in India

    • Ana Marija Babaja
      Ana Marija Babaja 22 days ago

      Yeah but I'm pretty sure eggs aren't the thing you want to eat all day

  • Atlantis_ MKL
    Atlantis_ MKL Month ago +2

    We have a very cheap shop for a whole dolar i could easy buy whole day meal

    • Vivian Ju
      Vivian Ju Day ago

      What country do you live in

  • Humza Khan
    Humza Khan Month ago +1


  • Humza Khan
    Humza Khan Month ago +1

    i watch you video everyday

  • Humza Khan
    Humza Khan Month ago +1

    you are the best

  • shannon Schell
    shannon Schell Month ago +1

    Love your hair

  • Ebuz Nahumaki
    Ebuz Nahumaki Month ago +1

    in Poland for 1$ u get a big french fries xD i eat them with friends in 4 xd but its closd to ukraine

  • Yuwaraj Gurung
    Yuwaraj Gurung Month ago

    I buy 1bag of chip I eat breakfast 2 pices lunch 2 pices dinner 2 prices then I am hungry I eat 4 pices

  • Black Axes
    Black Axes Month ago +1

    In Algeria one dollar gets you 2packs of instant noodles like the ones you ate at the end, if you can find a store that sells them 😂 other than that a dollar will get you nothing but bread

  • Cynicle
    Cynicle 2 months ago +4

    i actually feel bad for him but ik he alright 😂 ❤️

  • Roxana Roxy
    Roxana Roxy 2 months ago

    I would buy five pains and hope they would kip me full

  • Yumyum Gamerchu
    Yumyum Gamerchu 2 months ago +2

    I live in the philipines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • PR0 G1RL
    PR0 G1RL 2 months ago +5

    Everybody is like looking at him and he is kinda just ignoring it. But that is what I would do

  • DeepBlue Sea357
    DeepBlue Sea357 2 months ago +1

    Your to poor so don't travel

  • Zahir Uddin Tarik
    Zahir Uddin Tarik 2 months ago +3

    Hotel tap water it's free but hotel cost more then 1$

  • Jesus Mena
    Jesus Mena 2 months ago +2

    Colombia.....i have to do this almost half of the days, i can eat ramen, rice and eggs...and only one or two eggs a day, but its not that bad, i guess

  • Jas Wilson
    Jas Wilson 2 months ago +1

    The girl in the back when he had a melt down

  • SilverStoneStream
    SilverStoneStream 2 months ago +14

    I don't think you can just divide up the portions like that and count it because those people won't even be able to afford the whole thing and then the whole video would be pointless...

    • alex dasilva
      alex dasilva Month ago

      idont like you supid kid i bet you cant do this rich selfish brat

    • Jesus Mena
      Jesus Mena 2 months ago

      SilverStoneStream i mean, yes, when i gather a little money i always buy packages, even tho usually i have to buy food for the day, then i wont have to buy more food in a few days

  • Ice Lin
    Ice Lin 2 months ago +6

    When you sat on the floor and start to eat you look like you haven’t ate in a long time like 2 months or so

  • Đøň'ţ Mịñď ¿Mè
    Đøň'ţ Mịñď ¿Mè 2 months ago +8

    I love how people walk by and look at you thinking ''is this guy poor or something?''

  • Soobin’s Dimples
    Soobin’s Dimples 2 months ago +15

    isn’t it cheating to buy like packs that have more than 1 in it and just say “i’ll only eat 1 portion so it’s cheaper” bc poor people won’t be able to afford the whole pack

  • COOL dude 11
    COOL dude 11 2 months ago +12

    I survive on o dollars a day cause my mom gives me food so..... lol

  • Ignacio Manuel Aicardi
    Ignacio Manuel Aicardi 2 months ago +4

    Good video

  • Slayzyツ
    Slayzyツ 2 months ago +5

    Those noodles are my favourite noodles

  • human -
    human - 2 months ago +21

    If u visiting in Indonesia or Bali try eating with 1 dollar/pound challenge for 1 day 1 dollar is 15.000 rupiah right now you sure can survive here *:)* *SOMEONE MAKE THIS TOP COMMENTTT*

    • Natasya Emillia
      Natasya Emillia 2 months ago

      human - true... indomie just cost IDR 2.000 :)

  • unknown gamer
    unknown gamer 3 months ago +2

    I live in Egypt

  • Naomi Amar
    Naomi Amar 3 months ago +3

    try to live whit 4 dollar the hole day and you cant eat in your hous jou have to eat outside

    • Aestherly
      Aestherly 3 months ago

      @Scott wik lol thanks

    • Scott wik
      Scott wik 3 months ago +2

      **with, whole, house, you**

  • Amery Nicole
    Amery Nicole 3 months ago +4

    Did anyone know where is 7/11 originate

  • Kyan Yamashiro
    Kyan Yamashiro 3 months ago +9

    i live in Hawaii and theirs literally nothing here for a dollar

  • Harshitha Gowda
    Harshitha Gowda 3 months ago +7

    Hey Raphael big hug from India
    My request is can you make a video related to India as you did for Japan

  • Mia Blalock
    Mia Blalock 3 months ago +5

    I'd go to dollar tree and buy a big pack of something

    • DanPie1212
      DanPie1212 2 months ago

      Mia Blalock but you couldn’t pay tax

  • XxxMily Gacha xxX
    XxxMily Gacha xxX 3 months ago +4

    Go to meh mom and tell her if im still her favorite child and if so I would stay there for the day

    • Carlos
      Carlos 3 months ago +1

      I play gacha life gachaverse and gacha studio

  • Kevin Alvi Sunaryo
    Kevin Alvi Sunaryo 3 months ago +5

    Im glad u explain in 11.56 where u got water from because that Will be odd like u don't drink one full day just buy food :v

  • Turva channel official
    Turva channel official 3 months ago +2

    Yo man keep up the good work I want to ask you try Indonesia next but in north sumater

  • Mocha Vibes
    Mocha Vibes 3 months ago +4

    His voice sounds so tired tbh

  • Debora
    Debora 3 months ago +6

    Everyone was looking at you 😂

  • Starry Skies
    Starry Skies 3 months ago +6

    People was like *wth is wrong with him*

  • Russia Forever
    Russia Forever 3 months ago +4

    Wait.. try russia. Anywhere probably Moscow.

  • Gk Zilla
    Gk Zilla 3 months ago

    Do you live in Japan

  • CatzPlayMC
    CatzPlayMC 3 months ago +7

    If I were to only spend $1 on food in the U.S. for a whole day...
    I’d go to dollar tree and buy a can of pringles to eat from for the whole day

    • DanPie1212
      DanPie1212 2 months ago

      CatzPlayMC but you couldn’t do that because of tax, it would be over $1

  • 모모_닭발
    모모_닭발 3 months ago +3

    I live in korea and i visit japan to see my grandparents and stuff is soo expensive compared to items in korea like snacks in korea r like 2000₩ and snacks in japan r about 600¥

  • Signs By Yas
    Signs By Yas 3 months ago

    Who else noticed his Fila shoes ❤️

  • Diza Rahmah Pratiwi
    Diza Rahmah Pratiwi 3 months ago +12

    You should try tu survive with 1 dollar in Indonesia, you can eat a lot of tasty foods with only 1 dollar

    • Moin Haider
      Moin Haider 2 months ago

      Yes even in my city

    • Scott wik
      Scott wik 2 months ago


    • Kevin Alvi Sunaryo
      Kevin Alvi Sunaryo 3 months ago +2

      Emang apan :v 15rb buat sehari gimana minta makan sama tetangga :v sarapan gratis dihotel :v

  • Xinju zheng
    Xinju zheng 3 months ago +5

    I thought u were going to use one JAPAN money lol

  • Clout Patek
    Clout Patek 3 months ago +10

    Cheapskates would do this everyday

    • Scott wik
      Scott wik 2 months ago

      Simonas K how do you know that everybody knows that?

    • Simonas K
      Simonas K 3 months ago +2

      So. Literally stop saying something that we all know. Just let people live their lives

  • who doesn't like bread
    who doesn't like bread 3 months ago +15

    Raphael : spicy peppers
    me : they're chillies

  • Kheli Jain
    Kheli Jain 3 months ago +10

    really shows how some people live, so great that you did this!!

  • kelvin ang
    kelvin ang 3 months ago +19

    In indonesia, you can survive for 5 days with only 1 dollar

    • SeWi2221
      SeWi2221 2 months ago

      RemedialsGt Gaming well but let’s talk about the average salary in Indonesia’s. It probably ends up being the same thing as living in Japan.

    • RemedialsGt Gaming
      RemedialsGt Gaming 3 months ago +1

      @S sisters Xoxo yeah,1 dollar in indonesia is around 13.000 rupiah and u can buy a noodle for 3000 rupiah so u can buy 3 pack of noodles and eat that for a whole day

    • Sonia Vaswani
      Sonia Vaswani 3 months ago +1


    • Ameera Paramitha
      Ameera Paramitha 3 months ago +1

      thats true

    • S sisters Xoxo
      S sisters Xoxo 3 months ago


  • sofia abid
    sofia abid 3 months ago +1

    I love you so much i live in England

  • Lourdes Duggineni
    Lourdes Duggineni 3 months ago +7

    8:57 that gave tho

  • Banana
    Banana 3 months ago +12

    You should have drank soup wif tat rice

  • KnucklesofUgand KnucklesofUgand

    I feel bad for all of the poor and while they are going hungry I'm eating Ice Cream on my couch

  • Kailee Troy
    Kailee Troy 3 months ago +3

    I watched this at home eating a chicken sandwich

  • vaseema subs
    vaseema subs 3 months ago +2

    littet food is cute 😄

  • Sudhir Mohanty
    Sudhir Mohanty 3 months ago +1


  • Its_ Sun
    Its_ Sun 3 months ago +1

    I live in Lithuania

  • Rida Vayani
    Rida Vayani 3 months ago +23

    Try doing a ramadan fast for your next video. Everyone like this so he sees.

  • Muniira Abukar
    Muniira Abukar 3 months ago +11

    Read the first word
    That's who

    • Sophie Star
      Sophie Star 3 months ago +1

      Thanks, you too 😊😊❤❤❤❤