i tried living in JAPAN with 1 DOLLAR for a day

  • Published on Nov 4, 2018
  • so while i was in tokyo i tried only spending 1 dollar in foods for 24 hours. i obviously had to get a little creative as it was way more challenging that i thought. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe
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  • Spongebob Square pants
    Spongebob Square pants 7 months ago +1280

    Raphael Gomes you make such great videos keep up the good work 👍

  • Enternal Gaming
    Enternal Gaming Day ago +1

    Those noodles are my favourite noodles

  • human -
    human - Day ago +3

    If u visiting in Indonesia or Bali try eating with 1 dollar/pound challenge for 1 day 1 dollar is 15.000 rupiah right now you sure can survive here *:)* *SOMEONE MAKE THIS TOP COMMENTTT*

  • LifeHackMagicTricks COOL TRICKS

    I live in Egypt

  • Naomi Amar
    Naomi Amar 3 days ago +1

    try to live whit 4 dollar the hole day and you cant eat in your hous jou have to eat outside

    • Aestherly
      Aestherly 2 days ago

      @Scott wik lol thanks

    • Scott wik
      Scott wik 2 days ago +2

      **with, whole, house, you**

  • amery nicole
    amery nicole 7 days ago +3

    Did anyone know where is 7/11 originate

  • Kyan Yamashiro
    Kyan Yamashiro 8 days ago +7

    i live in Hawaii and theirs literally nothing here for a dollar

  • Harshitha Gowda
    Harshitha Gowda 9 days ago +5

    Hey Raphael big hug from India
    My request is can you make a video related to India as you did for Japan

  • Mia Blalock
    Mia Blalock 9 days ago +4

    I'd go to dollar tree and buy a big pack of something

  • XxxMily Gacha xxX
    XxxMily Gacha xxX 9 days ago +2

    Go to meh mom and tell her if im still her favorite child and if so I would stay there for the day

  • Kevin Alvi Sunaryo
    Kevin Alvi Sunaryo 10 days ago +4

    Im glad u explain in 11.56 where u got water from because that Will be odd like u don't drink one full day just buy food :v

  • Turva channel official
    Turva channel official 10 days ago +1

    Yo man keep up the good work I want to ask you try Indonesia next but in north sumater

  • Mocha Vibes
    Mocha Vibes 10 days ago +3

    His voice sounds so tired tbh

  • Debora -cx
    Debora -cx 10 days ago +5

    Everyone was looking at you 😂

  • Starry Sky:3
    Starry Sky:3 11 days ago +4

    People was like *wth is wrong with him*

  • Russia Forever
    Russia Forever 11 days ago +3

    Wait.. try russia. Anywhere probably Moscow.

  • Godzilla Bopp
    Godzilla Bopp 12 days ago

    Do you live in Japan

  • CatzPlayMC
    CatzPlayMC 13 days ago +6

    If I were to only spend $1 on food in the U.S. for a whole day...
    I’d go to dollar tree and buy a can of pringles to eat from for the whole day

  • G U C C I
    G U C C I 13 days ago +2

    I live in korea and i visit japan to see my grandparents and stuff is soo expensive compared to items in korea like snacks in korea r like 2000₩ and snacks in japan r about 600¥

  • Signs By Yas
    Signs By Yas 14 days ago

    Who else noticed his Fila shoes ❤️

  • Diza Rahmah Pratiwi
    Diza Rahmah Pratiwi 14 days ago +11

    You should try tu survive with 1 dollar in Indonesia, you can eat a lot of tasty foods with only 1 dollar

  • Xingju Zheng
    Xingju Zheng 15 days ago +3

    I thought u were going to use one JAPAN money lol

  • Thisas Perera
    Thisas Perera 17 days ago +9

    Cheapskates would do this everyday

    • Scott wik
      Scott wik Day ago

      Simonas K how do you know that everybody knows that?

    • Simonas K
      Simonas K 16 days ago +2

      So. Literally stop saying something that we all know. Just let people live their lives

  • who doesn't like bread
    who doesn't like bread 17 days ago +15

    Raphael : spicy peppers
    me : they're chillies

  • Kheli Jain
    Kheli Jain 17 days ago +10

    really shows how some people live, so great that you did this!!

  • kelvin ang
    kelvin ang 18 days ago +19

    In indonesia, you can survive for 5 days with only 1 dollar

  • sofia abid
    sofia abid 18 days ago +1

    I love you so much i live in England

  • Lourdes Duggineni
    Lourdes Duggineni 19 days ago +7

    8:57 that gave tho

  • Bananass ss
    Bananass ss 22 days ago +12

    You should have drank soup wif tat rice

  • KnucklesofUgand KnucklesofUgand

    I feel bad for all of the poor and while they are going hungry I'm eating Ice Cream on my couch

  • Kailee Troy
    Kailee Troy 23 days ago +3

    I watched this at home eating a chicken sandwich

  • vaseema subs
    vaseema subs 23 days ago +2

    littet food is cute 😄

  • Sudhir Mohanty
    Sudhir Mohanty 25 days ago


  • VSaule LTU
    VSaule LTU 26 days ago

    I live in Lithuania

  • Rida Vayani
    Rida Vayani 27 days ago +21

    Try doing a ramadan fast for your next video. Everyone like this so he sees.

  • Muniira Abukar
    Muniira Abukar 27 days ago +12

    Read the first word
    That's who

    • Sophie Star
      Sophie Star 13 days ago +1

      Thanks, you too 😊😊❤❤❤❤

  • Ehan Zaman 099 Zaman
    Ehan Zaman 099 Zaman Month ago +6

    Raphel gomes this was the best video 😃keep up the good work # ilive in the Philippines

  • Daniel Halcrow
    Daniel Halcrow Month ago +4

    You make me hungry

  • Kaelynn Hensley
    Kaelynn Hensley Month ago

    I love in kenai , I'd just buy a pack of gum . We do have homeless people here and whenever I can I give all the money I can

    • Killing Fields
      Killing Fields 5 days ago

      Kaelynn Hensley youll survive only on gum?!

  • Go Da
    Go Da Month ago

    I live Wa

  • Lauren hart
    Lauren hart Month ago +21

    Technically you didn't win the challenge because you bought things that were more than a dollar all together but only ate a portion of them which a person who only had one dollar wouldn't be able to do

    • Lauren hart
      Lauren hart 2 days ago

      @Kevin Playz not really

    • Kevin Playz
      Kevin Playz 3 days ago

      Technically he still won because there would probably be a pack of ramen but he couldn’t find any..

    • Andrew Ehab
      Andrew Ehab 6 days ago

      Yes this is true

    • Jayden Ng
      Jayden Ng Month ago +9

      At least he tried it

  • Tahmina Chowdhury
    Tahmina Chowdhury Month ago +15

    You should try fasting for a day

  • orginaljun
    orginaljun Month ago +4

    buy a pack of flour, small pack sugar. flour mix with sugar and tapwater to make pancakes or cookies. In the end you need vitamines, so its best to grow tangerines and tomatoes at home.

  • SUwapit Phuket
    SUwapit Phuket Month ago +5

    In Thailand 1dollar is about 35 baht and this place has cheap stuff a cup noodle is like 7 baht you can honestly eat cup noodles and stuff for a day

  • Veronica Vorontova
    Veronica Vorontova Month ago +17

    8:23 so much people are looking at him while he is eating

  • Samera Yusuf
    Samera Yusuf Month ago +4

    I live in canada

  • Ankita Bhadra
    Ankita Bhadra Month ago +8

    U look so innocent... 😀

  • Pari Shaw
    Pari Shaw Month ago +4

    I'm from India . Pls visit India will love to see you here

  • x SuusTijger
    x SuusTijger Month ago +4

    I live in the Netherlands! And I have no idea how to live from one euro....

  • Fast doggo
    Fast doggo Month ago +5

    Japan is very rich and high tech but still is very eco-friendly and cheap

  • احمد احمد
    احمد احمد Month ago +5

    I live in egypt one dollor is gonna be hard bc the doller is like 30 or 40 pound so it wont do alot soooo yeah......

  • Shivaani Jk
    Shivaani Jk Month ago +6

    U could easily spend less than half of a dollar in India and eat soo much that u would have 3 complete meals and still have enough money to spare! But still many unfortunate people can't spend even close to half of a dollar!! 😥😥😢
    I really think all TheXvidrs should do this challenge to understand the value of money!!

    • Jenny Yoo
      Jenny Yoo Month ago

      Me:Time to get a plane ticket to India and bring like 10 dollars!

  • Anshuman Dash
    Anshuman Dash Month ago +3


  • YiYi
    YiYi Month ago +3

    Lmaooo when I saw you put all the stock packet in for those last noodles I prayed for you. I have those noodles at home and also learned the hard way that half of it is more than enough 😂

  • rick63359
    rick63359 Month ago +3

    I’m happy that u went to ur house and eat like a man and when u eat in the store u look like ur starving

  • Nø Hømø ÚwÙ
    Nø Hømø ÚwÙ Month ago +2

    Go to turkey and try to get food for 1 its challenging ı promise

    • Nø Hømø ÚwÙ
      Nø Hømø ÚwÙ Month ago

      @chic flash dude the cheapest thing is 75 cent ı live in turkey

    • chic flash
      chic flash Month ago

      it would be too easy

  • La Vi
    La Vi Month ago +8

    Why do you always cheat these US$1 challenges ? If you are unable to do them, just don’t. You didn’t spend only US$1, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t eat everything, you spent more than US$5, weren’t you talking about how people don’t even have US$1 for the whole day ? So how would they come up with US$5 if they don’t even have US$1 ? That’s not a fair play.

    • Brittany Pearson
      Brittany Pearson Month ago +5

      people with less money generally try to buy in bulk, yes he spent $5 but he only ate $1 worth so it is fair

    • La Vi
      La Vi Month ago +1

      I care.

    • Max Caulfield
      Max Caulfield Month ago +4

      La Vi who cares? Its entertaining

  • Sakura Playz
    Sakura Playz Month ago +5

    I'm from Philippines, and one of my dreams is to go to japan

  • Radek 86
    Radek 86 2 months ago +5

    You are at wrong place to buy food, go at green market or buy local rice with some veggies.

  • Sureshbabu Sivadasan
    Sureshbabu Sivadasan 2 months ago +1

    You are a kind man

  • Shyla _hyeens
    Shyla _hyeens 2 months ago +2

    11 in the moring
    Me:it's 2am

  • jessica 00914
    jessica 00914 2 months ago +3

    No offence I love you but it was supposed to be 100 yen 💴 not percentages of other foods

    • YiYi
      YiYi Month ago +2

      I think the point was that people living in poverty aren’t actually given $1 a day some days they might have $5 and others $0 but they only eat $1 portions of food a day and save the rest.

    • La Vi
      La Vi Month ago

      Exactly ! He always cheats these challenges

    • Pokkaso Pokki
      Pokkaso Pokki Month ago

      jessica 00914 No offense but the title says $1 which as he said is around 112 yen.

  • MinYoongi Mochi
    MinYoongi Mochi 2 months ago +5

    6:50 The girl was staring at him like Wtf

  • lucita manco
    lucita manco 2 months ago +3

    Raphael Gomes you make such good videos keep up the good work

  • FyreStarter 198
    FyreStarter 198 2 months ago +5

    Hey please do free food for a day video I am new to the channel and love all the vids

  • E channel
    E channel 2 months ago +2

    I live in NEPAL and I would buy 2 packets of noodles (each costs about 15 cents) If I had to spend only one dollar

  • S sisters Xoxo
    S sisters Xoxo 2 months ago +1

    Not impossible just challenging

  • young_byqu
    young_byqu 2 months ago +6

    And how much you pay for hotel ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

  • kamesh ema
    kamesh ema 2 months ago +7

    In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. You can live for a week with 1 dollar

    • The Real Girl Shady
      The Real Girl Shady 3 days ago

      @Key Llua Karnataka, India ☺️

    • Key Llua
      Key Llua 3 days ago

      Where are you all from.??

    • kamesh ema
      kamesh ema 2 months ago

      @The Real Girl Shady hmm

    • The Real Girl Shady
      The Real Girl Shady 2 months ago

      @kamesh ema I ligit HV no clue where is that 😂😂 I'm not from TN, I'm from KA🤣🤣

    • kamesh ema
      kamesh ema 2 months ago

      @The Real Girl Shady visit Amma hotel where you can complete your lunch in 5 rupees

  • melissa vanluyk
    melissa vanluyk 2 months ago +5

    Your so darn cute

  • Bernard Wito
    Bernard Wito 2 months ago +3

    Are you a jake pauler your wearing his merch

  • Mayo Suxs
    Mayo Suxs 2 months ago +2

    wait, you spent more than a dollar, you had to pay for your hotel. EXPOSED

    ARK_ CHIKENQUAK 2 months ago +4

    BRUH Those noodles at the end is not spicy i eat those all day

  • Brendan Huynh
    Brendan Huynh 2 months ago +1

    You should go to australia aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

  • Brendan Huynh
    Brendan Huynh 2 months ago +1

    I love youre videos i always watch them good work☺🏆

  • Brendan Huynh
    Brendan Huynh 2 months ago +1

    I eat those noodles at home there shin ramyeon right

  • Ferra Devera
    Ferra Devera 2 months ago +3

    I bet in Malaysia u couldn't live with RM 1 (Ringgit Malaysia)... it sucks !...

    • Jury Balqis
      Jury Balqis Month ago

      Yezzzzz, if there is something for one dollar. They are sweets (ONLY) . It So suck

  • Min Thant Hein
    Min Thant Hein 2 months ago

    It's impossible to live with 1 doller for a day in my country though.

    • The Real Girl Shady
      The Real Girl Shady 2 months ago +1

      @Random Unicorn Fox Animations! lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Min Thant Hein
      Min Thant Hein 2 months ago

      @Random Unicorn Fox Animations!suddenly, i can't understand your joke😅.can u explain me clearer😕?

    • Random Unicorn Fox Animations!
      Random Unicorn Fox Animations! 2 months ago +1

      Min Thant Hein
      Hold my juice. Where’s the nearest trash can?

    • Maritess Ting
      Maritess Ting 2 months ago +1

      Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 0 me Kno to join the

    • Maritess Ting
      Maritess Ting 2 months ago +1

      Min Thant Hein where you live

  • Mili Bor Bora
    Mili Bor Bora 2 months ago +2

    I live in India in assam

  • The Asian Boi
    The Asian Boi 2 months ago

    The thumbnail pic doe

  • pro gamer 99
    pro gamer 99 2 months ago

    I live in Pakistan province:Punjab if I get some likes I will tell my address


    Raphael.. why.. are.. you... so... cute

  • Juste un fan De hour vert
    Juste un fan De hour vert 2 months ago +2

    I have never tried rice with chips

    • Miss Pandora
      Miss Pandora Month ago

      ive tried fries with rice and gravy before, it's not that bad

    • Lala Xxx
      Lala Xxx 2 months ago

      you should try it that's not bad, I like it

  • Shelby conway
    Shelby conway 2 months ago

    Miss thes vedeos

  • yulida wati
    yulida wati 2 months ago +2

    Seven eleven expensive in japan

  • brittany harrington
    brittany harrington 2 months ago +1

    You should have gone to the Osaka outdoor market they had.10¢ food/drink mystery vending machines not sure if they are still there or not 😬

  • Nining Umali
    Nining Umali 2 months ago +4

    Try going to indonisia

  • Nining Umali
    Nining Umali 2 months ago +3

    Yo are so inspiring 😳😭

  • thedestroyer lol76
    thedestroyer lol76 2 months ago +1

    Lol just learn japanese noob

    • Daniel
      Daniel 2 months ago

      thedestroyer lol76 shut up noob

  • Shawol MVPFlamer
    Shawol MVPFlamer 2 months ago +1

    You put way too little water on the instant ramen...

  • Francis Peña
    Francis Peña 2 months ago +2

    Raphael you are awesome for making each and everyone of us realize how much lucky all of us are.

  • Princess Joann Guevarra
    Princess Joann Guevarra 2 months ago +3

    Your too funny and your too cute to watch. 😂😂

  • Alex Tieu
    Alex Tieu 2 months ago +3

    My brother hates you but you're a really good TheXvidr

  • Neko Niana
    Neko Niana 2 months ago +6

    I found a real homeless person who dosent do drugs around christmas time, and i saved 40 dollars i gave 5 dollars to him and a bunch of snacks drinks blankets hats gloves and my mom gave him a phone for christmas

    • BabyMahdy
      BabyMahdy 7 days ago

      Daniel You can’t decide what people did or will do, it’s their choice and you can’t tell if he is lying. So just leave him be.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 2 months ago +1

      Neko Niana no she didnt

  • Swedish cube Videos
    Swedish cube Videos 2 months ago +4

    I love to look on your youtubechannel beacuse your voice is so relaxing❤️

    • Riana _XO
      Riana _XO 2 months ago

      Swedish cube Videos ikr?

  • Gamer Girl Gr
    Gamer Girl Gr 2 months ago +4

    Lol everyone is staring at you

  • Gaming IRL Shyam
    Gaming IRL Shyam 2 months ago +4

    You should make a video on spending 1 dollar in india

  • Monis Ilahi
    Monis Ilahi 2 months ago +4

    I lived in India and you can buy a lot of stuff I just 1 dollar in India

  • Alysia Says Hss
    Alysia Says Hss 2 months ago +2

    that one guys face when he seen you sitting on the floor

  • Karma Sulltan
    Karma Sulltan 2 months ago +2

    People keap staring at you