This AWFUL Typewriter Keyboard Raised $350K

  • Published on Oct 13, 2018
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    You’re telling me you want a wireless back-lit mechanical keyboard with a vintage tactile typewriter feel? No problem!..But which one is the best?
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Comments • 4 609

  • Devin George
    Devin George 22 hours ago

    I wanted to add- when testing the Rymek Knowkey out, you had the mechanism that holds the tablets in correctly towards the beginning of the video, then it was in backwards when trying to place the Tablet.

  • Glassy
    Glassy 3 days ago

    I actually know someone who owns the Azio keyboard. It's quite expensive but it looks nice, feels authentic, has nice keys, etc. Pretty much every thing you'd expect out of a high quality keyboard. From what I know it isn't made for gaming but you can try, and if you spend more time typing then actually using it for other purposes then I'd gladly pick this up if you want something different

  • DEdd Cuber
    DEdd Cuber 5 days ago

    Alright Sebastian

  • Toast
    Toast 5 days ago

    the retro classic posh is my aesthetic

  • Sin
    Sin 7 days ago

    3:20 "hey James! James?" The chill background music while Linus is yelling james

  • John Maton
    John Maton 7 days ago

    Linus any idiot would have realised that's not how the stand goes on

  • Kresimir Jelusic
    Kresimir Jelusic 9 days ago

    the chinese writing says "A VERY PLEASANT STEW!"

  • rkjsoo
    rkjsoo 17 days ago
    the link to the items lol

  • Rap
    Rap 18 days ago

    They need a micro type c and then it might take off.

  • Pusheen VIII
    Pusheen VIII 18 days ago

    I would love the retro classics with different keycaps like some Vic 20 modified keycaps

  • Andre Red5
    Andre Red5 25 days ago +1

    You put it in wrong, its the other way and its suppose to click in, STOOPID....

    FIREFIRE WBO 26 days ago

    E Ink? You mean storage lol

  • FireBomb
    FireBomb 26 days ago

    Wrong shirt😂

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnes 28 days ago

    Keyboards are throw away items. If you payed 200 dollars that means you will eventually throw away 200 dollars.

    • jimbobbyrnes
      jimbobbyrnes 27 days ago

      +ツIvin If that were true then stock brokers would be bankrupt and land owners would be poor.

    • ツIvin
      ツIvin 28 days ago

      jimbobbyrnes i mean if you spend money on something its being thrown away, at the time of buying it.

  • Tom Atkinson
    Tom Atkinson 29 days ago

    I like it how you call out for James when it dawns on you it has real wood backing...Elwood. It's the Blues Brothers keyboard baby! Help me!

  • MrVendetta420
    MrVendetta420 29 days ago

    The Azio one is pretty cheap now at £65

  • Caleb Jackson
    Caleb Jackson Month ago

    Interest in antique typewriters has been skyrocketing lately (along with the prices) which is probably a big part of the reason these things are cropping up all over the place now (it's what brought me here). The Rymek keyboard seems to be a cheaper knockoff of the Qwerkywriter, which raised a bunch of money on kickstarter back in 2014. Much like the Rymek, the Qwerkywriter also has a replica paper tray (that's what that flimsy aluminum "something" is supposed to be) and a replica return lever (the other "more different aluminum something"), with the added bonus that they actually work. The paper tray will support the weight of a phone/tablet, and the return lever actually functions as an enter key would. Fans of typewriters will recognize the keycaps that the Rymek is sporting as being inspired by the Royal Quiet Deluxe, which introduced Dreyfuss keys (designed by Henry Dreyfuss), or as they are more commonly called tombstone keys (because they look like little tombstones). But, for some reason, Rymek put them upside down... Being someone who is interested in both typewriters and mechanical keyboards myself, I am dying for a good tombstone key keycap set, and it blows my mind that Rymek would make a product so off base that it could actually be disappointing to both keyboard enthusiasts and typewriter enthusiasts.

  • Tonio Antonio
    Tonio Antonio Month ago +4

    7:57 The hold is placed incorrectly, it has to be placed the other way around it seems.

    Dumb yet 2,5 million views.

  • Beast Beats
    Beast Beats Month ago

    Can I have one of those keyboards

  • antony luong
    antony luong Month ago

    Why do they have 2 iPhones on a desk being forgotten

  • Gman Ghost
    Gman Ghost Month ago

    so its either these keyboards or a gaming keyboards.... which would you choose? (they are about the same price for a good one)

  • Shion Tomoe
    Shion Tomoe Month ago

    That was a obvious fraud on kickstarter, some cheap chinese crap was sold as a cool and costly type-writer keyboard. And he put that holder thing the wrong way. Is this a trolling video?

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter Month ago +3

    Those keyboards would be good for a steampunk styled PC system.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    You told us not to hit you with pebkac but I'd like to point out the difference in angle between the picture and your setup on the tablet holder bar thingy. I think you've got it in backwards.

  • Raymond Mogg
    Raymond Mogg Month ago

    it's actually "KnewKey"

  • Genna Ross
    Genna Ross Month ago

    Hmmm, ....keep my $20 keyboard that I could not care less if someone spills their coffee into it, or buy a $200+ one ?

    • Peter Peter
      Peter Peter Month ago

      You pay $20? I can get two for that price.

  • Joseph McConnell
    Joseph McConnell Month ago

    Your obvious lack of comprehension of physics and spatial reasoning has led me to decide I won’t be watching any more of your videos. You should just delete this one as it kind of makes you look dumb.

  • NoCultist
    NoCultist Month ago

    OMG you cant even use what you review!? I get that there is no manual but the aluminium resting piece should so obviousle go the other way around...

  • Rugg0064
    Rugg0064 Month ago

    9:38 master of ergonomics

  • DaFlyingPineapple
    DaFlyingPineapple Month ago

    3:25 look iphone boxes

  • Jungle Ginger
    Jungle Ginger Month ago +1

    Hipsters ruin everything

  • Carson Laubach
    Carson Laubach Month ago

    I thought that the rymek keyboard was going to be cool but then when you were using it I thought that that keyboard is complete shit. It's made out of almost all plastic and it would just look stupid in front of a monitor.

  • Lil Squidward
    Lil Squidward Month ago

    clickity clack clack

  • Yarumasi
    Yarumasi Month ago

    resident evil 2 collectors edition came with one of these recently

  • BeyondTheFacts Reviews

    sounds like poop

  • ppLegendarycraft
    ppLegendarycraft Month ago

    This guy is a piece of shit

    • Miklos Horthy
      Miklos Horthy Month ago +2

      so i am assuming you bought this abomination

  • GHOSTHazeChiller
    GHOSTHazeChiller Month ago

    Yeah right. Fit your retro typewriter Keyboard, with god damm LED's. Those People really cant get sht right.

  • 親指
    親指 Month ago

    lmao you using bing?

  • krzycaleb
    krzycaleb Month ago

    My friend can get 103 wpm

  • MLG Shooter
    MLG Shooter Month ago

    u use a tv for monitor? wut

  • TeRaRiA RaNdOmNeSs
    TeRaRiA RaNdOmNeSs Month ago

    Memory express has higher prices than micro center and amazon

  • Hazillo
    Hazillo Month ago

    This guy critisises too much sometimes.

  • Bosko423
    Bosko423 Month ago

    Want a keyboard... get a keyboard.
    Want a tipewriter,.... get a tipewriter....yes i still use one. o7

  • cadleo
    cadleo Month ago

    Imbecile, the brace is on backwards. It is a shit keyboard, however.

  • Gigidag77
    Gigidag77 Month ago +1

    The retroclassic looks gorgeous I have to say.

  • Concept Productions

    it sounds like a toy when u put it down on the desk...

  • Concept Productions

    @LInusTechTips you had the thingy at the back on right side up at the beginning, but when you tried to put the ipad it didn't stay up and touch the pad becuz it was UPSIDE DOWN ... keyboard is still crap either way.... lol

  • jr5607
    jr5607 2 months ago

    I think you have the holder thing backwards

  • mee7o
    mee7o 2 months ago

    you put it in the wrong way

  • bswtsp21
    bswtsp21 2 months ago

    You put on the back wrong on the rymek.

  • Loredan
    Loredan 2 months ago

    It is not funny reviewing something totally un fucking prepared. It just makes you look like a sad-ass geek clown. Congrats.

  • Colter Pett
    Colter Pett 2 months ago

    Whats your opinion on the Dell SK-8115?

  • SmolBunnyxoxo With candy

    For most of you that don’t know. When a TheXvidd sponsors a brand they do it to earn money. Weird

  • Aquinn21
    Aquinn21 2 months ago

    Linus you have your windows activated!

  • Fiduan Haider
    Fiduan Haider 2 months ago

    The aluminum holder maybe goes the other way around

  • 0303wong
    0303wong 2 months ago

    7:14 not nuts, probably rich

  • kureci_sadrokarton
    kureci_sadrokarton 2 months ago

    I wish that Razer made one... I want that

  • Ceastic Deception
    Ceastic Deception 2 months ago

    Holy shit your tv just tells me what to buy 1:15

  • Neutrino
    Neutrino 2 months ago +2

    It says something like " Typewriter Keyboard" or something, i can't see it well.

    • Neutrino
      Neutrino Month ago +1

      +Vampz0r I can't see it well so that means that I can not provide a definitive translation. There is no need to be rude.
      Btw, it's "nothing" not " nuthin", you can say "nothin'" but your spelling of that is wrong. Thank you :)

    • Vampz0r
      Vampz0r Month ago +1

      gee, thx for nuthin'

  • Regular Bloons Player
    Regular Bloons Player 2 months ago

    Getting devices ready...

  • The Solemn Wishes
    The Solemn Wishes 2 months ago

    Rich kid want to make a business and their chinese parent will donate the money.

  • KappaKorps
    KappaKorps 2 months ago

    For $189 dollars for that keyboard, you could buy a genuine razer Blackwidow chroma v2 for that and have it last 3-4 years longer

  • Alois Jirasek
    Alois Jirasek 2 months ago

    And what about the most annoying thing about "modern" keyboards - THE LAYOUT ? I spotted "FN" nonsense on right WIN key, is it configurable or it is like other stupid keyboards these days when they just removed WIN key and replaced with FN key? WHY THEY DO THAT??? Why they don't put FN key somewhere else? I hate PC keyboards with non-standard layout ..... they shouldn't be sold as PC keyboards at all .... anyway, these keyboards are perfect gift - for someone you don't like;)

  • Illusive Man
    Illusive Man 2 months ago


  • maevian
    maevian 2 months ago

    If they would sell the Azio Retro Classic Elwood in a TKL config I would actually buy one :p

  • Andrew Ring
    Andrew Ring 2 months ago

    Their Indigogo says they began research in June 2017, but there is a youtube with the same keyboard that someone bought in a different color and better keys, with the same lighting effects, in February 2017 called a Hellboy MX520. The original keyboard that it looks like they ripped off, has holes where the usb supports go into, instead of just a weird fat plug end.

    • Andrew Ring
      Andrew Ring 2 months ago

      If you're going to blatently copy someone else's design and even use their molds, at least don't act like it's some new design and concept you came up with yourself. they're using the 300k to what.... differently shaped key pads?

    NONVANTE K 2 months ago


  • ShrinkRay
    ShrinkRay 2 months ago

    it costs about 75usd on taobao. link:

  • Duncie Hickie
    Duncie Hickie 2 months ago

    Alberta ftw

  • kriiptic
    kriiptic 2 months ago

    Linus is like the Gordon Ramsey of tech

  • IRIS official
    IRIS official 2 months ago

    My keyboard feels like a typewriter all the buttons sometimes get stuck while typing

  • Fneandro Official
    Fneandro Official 2 months ago

    Why are u using bing!

  • Susanna Vargas
    Susanna Vargas 2 months ago

    This is the second time I’ve noticed cannabis on your screen 8:37

    • Jaded Empath
      Jaded Empath Month ago

      He's Canadian - the nation legalized cannabis FOUR DAYS after this video was uploaded on TheXvid. Likely even people who never had or will smoke/consume it would have the word/image popping up all over their screens due to media coverage, or even just on their minds due to 'current events'.

  • Sarah Royal
    Sarah Royal 2 months ago

    Lol why is everyone so salty that people are willing to pay a lot for aesthetics? Not everyone is hard core gamers or computer geeks but still want their shit to look cool dang. And complainging about hipsters? Is it 2015 or 2019 I'm confused

  • GhOsT 👻
    GhOsT 👻 2 months ago


  • Ostrich Banana
    Ostrich Banana 2 months ago +1

    The reason the rubber pad didn't touch you tablet was because you put the aluminum thing on backwards. not trying to defend this shltty keyboard, but just thought I'd point that out.

  • ChromaXon
    ChromaXon 2 months ago

    my house doesnt cost 350K

  • FYTTELYTTE!!! Coffee lover

    WAIT WUT this episode is sponed by memory express and skillshare? is that even a thing to have two sponsors for one vid?

  • OMEG4 00F
    OMEG4 00F 3 months ago

    lol imagine gaming typewriter xD

  • xRaddicKx
    xRaddicKx 3 months ago

    Oh edupz hello there

  • Massimo Gigante
    Massimo Gigante 3 months ago

    That Nokay one looks so cheap

  • TaiTai
    TaiTai 3 months ago +1

    i really like this guy his attidue and he is realy funny

  • Knitemair
    Knitemair 3 months ago

    You should've also checked out lofree, even though it's less typewriter-ish and more like a modern approach to the typewriter

  • Bear dude
    Bear dude 3 months ago

    the last one was really embarrassing xD

  • Solid Snek
    Solid Snek 3 months ago +2

    Not really a retro kinda guy but those azio keyboards are beautiful.

  • J Potter
    J Potter 3 months ago

    They are now trying to unload these (the Azio, not the awful Rymtek) via MassDrop....but only a compact version. Good luck!

  • incredit
    incredit 3 months ago

    I wonder how much Linus actually agree's with his sponsors and would recommend them.

  • Jaroslav Kral
    Jaroslav Kral 3 months ago

    These things are beautiful.

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson 3 months ago

    Steampunk culture brought us there

  • Auguste
    Auguste 3 months ago

    "pardon my french" ???????

    • Auguste
      Auguste Month ago

      +Jaded Empath we (frenchppl) are more ethical and right than you, the proof is ... we do not have an expression that belittles a society ...

    • Jaded Empath
      Jaded Empath Month ago

      it's a common term used to excuse unintentional profanity; go ask your parents.

  • Blue Plague
    Blue Plague 3 months ago

    Not gonna lie, love this stuff.

  • Sad Sanguine
    Sad Sanguine 3 months ago

    So they use Bing as their search engine?

  • AimZ _
    AimZ _ 3 months ago

    a $10 keyboard is better than that sh*t :)

  • Michelangelo Cifaldi
    Michelangelo Cifaldi 3 months ago

    Enjoyed the content but couldn’t get over the fact of the metal back thing kept getting put in the wrong way. Doesn’t matter though cause it’s a bad keyboard as we can see

  • Maximilianmus Leader
    Maximilianmus Leader 3 months ago

    I think your tv/screen is too small, you should make it bigger

  • Engraved
    Engraved 3 months ago

    this guy worries a lot about shit that doesn't even matter at all. Like he is convinced the different key types affect his typing that much...

  • kodi christian
    kodi christian 3 months ago


  • Mailo Kirmes
    Mailo Kirmes 3 months ago

    You put that metal thing in the wrong dorection thats why your iPad fell down

  • Jas Persa
    Jas Persa 3 months ago

    I can hear the hipsters and girls who wear pants to their ankles so you can see just a little bit of skin with black boots, a beretta and clear round glasses drooling

  • Techhh
    Techhh 3 months ago

    this is skyrim but in keyboards!