Tennis Trick Shots - How Ridiculous

  • Published on Jan 9, 2013
  • How Ridiculous team up with Australian Tennis Player Matt Ebden to bring you Tennis Trick Shots! Watch out for Matt in the Australian Open 2013 starting on the 14th January!
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Comments • 194

  • Doomdoom Tv
    Doomdoom Tv 3 months ago

    Yeet day 40

  • FBM419
    FBM419 4 months ago +1


  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow 7 months ago

    Tennis is a great sport.

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs Year ago +1

    When the can hit the floor at 1:18 it sounded like the beginning of down under

  • Frisbee till sundown


  • Jezzamanu
    Jezzamanu Year ago

    236 shots made

  • Theomattic
    Theomattic 2 years ago

    Off Brand Dude Perfect

  • Dayadeep Stuffs
    Dayadeep Stuffs 2 years ago

    I play tennis and I know he has a killer forehand

  • Wayne Thomson
    Wayne Thomson 2 years ago

    Awesome video your awesome at trick shots

  • tom connolly
    tom connolly 2 years ago +2

    Fuck off with all the hate u fat bellends. These r so sick. Who gives one if dude perfect do the same. These probs do it better

  • Josh Crispy
    Josh Crispy 2 years ago

    copying dude perfect why just why

  • SwiftYT
    SwiftYT 3 years ago

    Why you COPY Dude Perfect, Seriously?
    Find something else to do

    • Joe Viordano
      Joe Viordano 2 years ago +2

      Dude perfect doesn't own all the trick shots in sports. Anyone can make a trick shot and clearly these guys are having fun filming it. Leave them alone

    • Oso
      Oso 2 years ago +1

      using your logic :
      One thing in common = The one I don't prefer is copying the other

      like wtf dude

    • Oso
      Oso 2 years ago

      So if I make a trickshot video I am automatically copying Dude Perfect? I hate dude perfect but I like these guys.

    • SwiftYT
      SwiftYT 3 years ago

      +Max W yes I know, but just read their name dude perfect, how ridiculous, if you think about it when someone says dude perfect when someone does something cool: Dude Perfect! nice tricks shot, How Ridiculous, nice tricks shot! they have something in common that's just my opinion, and what you said could be true

    • Max W
      Max W 3 years ago

      Just coz they do trick shots doesn't mean they copy dude perfect

  • James 2418
    James 2418 3 years ago +1

    You guess copy dude perfect

    • Mondo Music
      Mondo Music 3 years ago +1

      @Customsinq Yeah that's because you don't have anywhere else to go

    • Mondo Music
      Mondo Music 3 years ago +1

      they posted this vid 3 years ago and dude perfect posted it a few days ago stfu and go home

    • Customsinq
      Customsinq 3 years ago

      Cus that makes sense doesn't it

    • TraceMMA
      TraceMMA 3 years ago

      +Customsinq Thats the dumbest thing ive ever seen, stfu

    • Customsinq
      Customsinq 3 years ago


  • Ed I
    Ed I 3 years ago

    YOUR BEASTS MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Radek Hanka
    Radek Hanka 3 years ago +3

    Where are the trick shots?

  • GraymanHD
    GraymanHD 3 years ago +2

    U guys r literally a downgraded version of dude perfect(not hate just stating my opinion)

    • Jordan Teets
      Jordan Teets 6 months ago

      GraymanHD yea but they’re fun and enjoyable to watch

  • Dinah Booth
    Dinah Booth 3 years ago

    I'm at a news

  • Blob Studios
    Blob Studios 3 years ago

    Dude, perfect shots!

  • Tanrahk12
    Tanrahk12 3 years ago

    Some of these don't qualify as trick shots, especially for a professional player.

  • Will_JTW / WJTW395
    Will_JTW / WJTW395 4 years ago +4

    Half of the basic shots hitting the cans at the back of the court weren't hard. I could quite easily achieve that but hitting the cans of his head was cool

  • itor
    itor 4 years ago

    i caught a tennis ball into the little holder many times easily, i didnt know it was that speical :/

  • Big Cat
    Big Cat 4 years ago +1

    If u guys were cereal no kid would buy u cuz u guys are a off brand dude perfect
    Had some nice shots doe

    • Jordan Teets
      Jordan Teets 6 months ago

      Yea but they’re fun cool dudes

    • Moth Looking at you thru the window
      Moth Looking at you thru the window 2 years ago +2

      Big Cat that's like saying "ohh you copied skydoesminecraft because you play minecraf eeh" if they want to do trick shots then they can do it..., lol

  • Jorge Silva
    Jorge Silva 4 years ago +14

    Good video man! But admite it... al of this shots must be in like: Take number 99879655436 xD

  • Petarde HR
    Petarde HR 4 years ago

    I have same tennis rocket and I'm 43 on the world for gatefold 12-14 years

  • Euan182
    Euan182 4 years ago

    Love this !

  • The Freestyle Throwers

    I liked your video check out my trick video!

  • Red Yoshi
    Red Yoshi 5 years ago +8

    4:45 scared the shit out of me

  • 3IDi0tS
    3IDi0tS 5 years ago

    SAVE!!!!!! HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! FOR!!!!!!! RAPIDBOOMTV!!!!!!!!
    pls guys for me said bob

  • 3IDi0tS
    3IDi0tS 5 years ago


  • David Hettinger
    David Hettinger 5 years ago

    Wait, you mean they didn't get all those shots on the first try...?

  • Arlenis Gomez
    Arlenis Gomez 5 years ago

    Awesome :-D

  • Tomy Cod
    Tomy Cod 5 years ago


  • Bradley Dossett
    Bradley Dossett 5 years ago

    0:57 the song

  • Richard
    Richard 5 years ago +4

    Hi, My name is Richard, that was an amazing video. I just wanted to comment on it because I am curious

  • Howard Yang
    Howard Yang 5 years ago +20

    A lot of these trick shots arent very hard to do

  • Cameron Klepper
    Cameron Klepper 5 years ago +21

    thumbs up if u flinched at 4:45

  • Benjamin Bogorad
    Benjamin Bogorad 5 years ago

    are you american cuase only american rich kids think sports are stupid.

  • You Snake
    You Snake 5 years ago

    perfect example of spoiled rich kids

  • Tim Stephens
    Tim Stephens 5 years ago

    i would like you to say while trying to do what tennis players probably cant get off your lazy butt enough to do it though

    TENNISMATETV 6 years ago +1

    Very cool. What precision.

  • NaimManiger
    NaimManiger 6 years ago

    cool, watch my tennis trick shots!

  • Matthew Ontano
    Matthew Ontano 6 years ago +1


  • Ⓝⓔⓡⓓ ⓞⓖⓤⓨ

    They sure are good at handling balls (:

  • Ralfs Mucinsh
    Ralfs Mucinsh 6 years ago +1

    Please song name.

  • Handle
    Handle 6 years ago

    what happens when you apply faze to tennis

  • manifestgtr
    manifestgtr 6 years ago

    this is awesome, don't get me wrong but what they don't show you is the hundreds of times they missed by about a foot

  • Mike M
    Mike M 6 years ago

    This is no trick this is s kill

  • Mike
    Mike 6 years ago

    Not fake but sure as hell not trickshots. That's called practice. Used to hit hundreds of those back when I played tennis in college.

  • Mark Schuh
    Mark Schuh 6 years ago

    Anyone here could make the shots with enough attempts.

    • Moises Ramos
      Moises Ramos 22 days ago

      But not many will give the same effort

  • brian Dai
    brian Dai 6 years ago


  • socialism-is-slavery
    socialism-is-slavery 6 years ago


  • sergey efremov
    sergey efremov 6 years ago

    Полная хуйня, пусть это все снимают в 1 кадр. А не 1 из 100.

  • William Walsh
    William Walsh 6 years ago

    GREAT VIDEO DUDE. Loved it all with the music in the background, and amazing content, awesome job all around!

  • Etai Beletsky
    Etai Beletsky 6 years ago

    Just subscribed. Great videos

  • Debatrik Dasgupta
    Debatrik Dasgupta 6 years ago

    You guys are awsome but dude perfect are the best

  • Scuppa F
    Scuppa F 6 years ago

    holy crap that was fucking awesome

  • planetX15
    planetX15 6 years ago

    Australian*, and no we are not aliens, just incase you were wondering.

  • Nek Coques
    Nek Coques 6 years ago

    *video hahaha srry

  • Nek Coques
    Nek Coques 6 years ago

    Grats guys but you should change the name of the video to amazing accuracy or something.. Cause there are no trick shots in the videos

  • Matthew Johnston
    Matthew Johnston 6 years ago

    I love it how that tennis court is 100m Away from me