At least 11 injured in shooting at California bar

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
  • The scene is safe and the threat has been contained, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

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  • Jason Peng
    Jason Peng 5 months ago +1

    *shooting happens*
    -nobody prays for dead people's families, nobody offers condolences, nobody even says "wow, that's horrible."
    the FIRST COMMENT is a comment about how gun laws should stay. That selfish, bullshit attitude of idiots trying to push a political agenda to keep their guns is in itself a reason why guns should be banned. these people's opinions should not matter.

  • Rowland 32505
    Rowland 32505 5 months ago

    I'm so sad for the victims shot and injured this has to stop why why does this have to be I don't understand why stop the hate stop the anger stop just stop STOP

  • Rowland 32505
    Rowland 32505 5 months ago

    It's not safe to go out anywhere why why why stop the hatred stop the killing were killing each other for what why stop change hate to love what happened to love one another

  • michaelthemovieman
    michaelthemovieman 5 months ago

    Confirmed Democrat shooter with him bitching about thoughts and prayers before killing. It's official and undeniable now; Democrats are the new ISIS.

  • Geo T
    Geo T 5 months ago +1

    The gun nuts are out in force claiming that "more guns" would have solved this. Stupid people defending insane people is what it comes down to.

  • shake karim
    shake karim 5 months ago

    Stay away from Libya, Afghan and USA it's not safe

  • udunwanaknow
    udunwanaknow 5 months ago +1


  • willthebest1
    willthebest1 5 months ago

    White Terrorists are on the rise! This is so sad!

  • Tr H
    Tr H 5 months ago

    I’m happy the guy killed himself so we don’t have to waste tax dollars on another fucked up depressed white boy.

  • In Vino Veritas
    In Vino Veritas 5 months ago

    He dont know how to cope with civilian life in a sanctuary city.....

  • likaboss7654
    likaboss7654 5 months ago

    Banning guns isn’t going to stop a criminal from doing illegal things, it only disarms the good people from defending themselves

    • Geo T
      Geo T 5 months ago

      That simpleminded logic doesn't hold water. Clearly a lot of people have no business owning guns, especially those who worship them as part of their identify.

  • A for Account
    A for Account 5 months ago

    Americans been labelling other countries terrorist this and that yet their whole country is a cowboy town

  • Jack Daniels-Son
    Jack Daniels-Son 5 months ago

    How in the hell did they get the information that the 11 people were INJURED. THEY WERE KILLED not INJURED. This shouldn't have even been aired.

  • Milky
    Milky 5 months ago

    Guns are plenty evil. Unless being used for good like in the military or for the police..

  • mark price
    mark price 5 months ago

    As long as you let antifa run the streets,you will never collect the guns of responsible gun owners

  • Sam Nguyen
    Sam Nguyen 5 months ago

    Died by gun is better, in vietnam we have gun law so criminal smuggle it from cambodia or make gun themself. Normally they use knife or machette. Believe me, it is more than horror movie, they chop adults and chop children. We have cases the thief chop the whole house and one baby girl left with 2 hand chopped. It is better to die with a bullet hole than being chopped.

  • SxG Infinity
    SxG Infinity 5 months ago

    I bet the shooter was wearing clothes, we should ban clothes because they make people violent.

  • Stratovarius 09
    Stratovarius 09 5 months ago

    Gun supporters' logic: The problem is that if these people did carry guns, they could have protected themselves, so gun control should never pass.

  • afromp
    afromp 5 months ago

    AHHAHHAHHAHA veterans and guns, two things americans love, how classic

  • Sho Jo
    Sho Jo 5 months ago

    The more disconnected we get from physical social interaction because of social media and more people who don't deserve to have a voice having one, there will be more shootings. Too many people think they are politicians nowadays and will resort to violence if your opinion doesn't match theirs.

  • Brian C
    Brian C 5 months ago

    This is just MKultra (CIA) doing its thing.

    • Mitch Pulaski
      Mitch Pulaski 5 months ago

      Oh I see. Thanks for alerting us.
      How do you deal with the chemtrails and constant government supervision? Please tell me you're not allowing you or your kids to be "vaccinated" so the government can put their mind controlling nanobots in your bloodstream. That's how they get ya, you know.

  • les
    les 5 months ago +1

    why do we have “gun free zones” shouldn’t everywhere be a gun free zone? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Erzonz
    Erzonz 5 months ago

    What's next furry conventions?

  • Aura dragon1
    Aura dragon1 5 months ago

    Dont mind me...I'm just reading the comments about how fucked up cali is and gun law. And other shit

  • Rodrigo Ferro
    Rodrigo Ferro 5 months ago

    Cx NEWS

  • Green Diamond
    Green Diamond 5 months ago +1

    *Another Tragic Shooting.... Fake President!*

  • Lords of Ages
    Lords of Ages 5 months ago

    Terrorist fuck

  • ManiaMusicChannel
    ManiaMusicChannel 5 months ago

    This country is a mess and then Trump 😑

    • Mitch Pulaski
      Mitch Pulaski 5 months ago

      +ManiaMusicChannel You are making a political issue out of a tragedy. Don't you see how highly inappropriate this is?

    • ManiaMusicChannel
      ManiaMusicChannel 5 months ago

      +Mitch Pulaski Alright thought u were base on your responses but my point is that there's lots of issues in this country and Trump is one of them. I see more division and hate after he was elected; mass shootings almost every few days.

    • Mitch Pulaski
      Mitch Pulaski 5 months ago

      +ManiaMusicChannel Where did I ever say I was a Trump supporter?

    • ManiaMusicChannel
      ManiaMusicChannel 5 months ago

      +Mitch Pulaski what? You Trump supporters are good in making things up 🤔 I mention Trump in a form of blaming him for all the hate in this country. He brings absolutely no peace to this country and this country is a very depressive place and this is why many white man shoot at random public places for no reason killing lots of innocent people (depression and hate).

    • Mitch Pulaski
      Mitch Pulaski 5 months ago

      +ManiaMusicChannel Oh, you were talking about Trump as if he shot all those people. I'm not sure why the president is relevant to this story, though. Seems kind of stupid to bring it up.

  • Dani Baxter
    Dani Baxter 5 months ago

    * Satan has joined the chat * #WeTheSheeple

  • Joshua Siefert
    Joshua Siefert 5 months ago

    Thats crazy. Prayers go to the families of those who were hurt/killed. Hopefully this doesn't become politicized


  • King Hunt
    King Hunt 5 months ago

    White people just don’t stop

  • Ethan Evers
    Ethan Evers 5 months ago

    12 dead

    • Mitch Pulaski
      Mitch Pulaski 5 months ago

      Lives with value and opportunity.
      I wish I could say the same for unhinged commenters here who insist on politicizing this story and twisting it into some political-race bullshit.
      People have died, and assholes are coming out of the woodwork to blame one another because politics.
      Good lord.

  • Alex
    Alex 5 months ago +1

    Trump: There should have been more armed security. The situation would have been handled better if armed security was there to intervene. This isn’t a gun issue. This is people being put in compromising positions because no one knows how to properly provide protection.

  • Ramsey Bolton
    Ramsey Bolton 5 months ago +1

    I'm so happy that Californian libtards are dead...😘🙌😎😜🙏

    • Mitch Pulaski
      Mitch Pulaski 5 months ago

      Why do you celebrate the loss of life? Don't you think that's the least bit inappropriate?

  • Ziny Sasun
    Ziny Sasun 5 months ago +1

    Guns dont kill people, people kill people - By DMX

  • gatorboy45
    gatorboy45 5 months ago

    It's not safe to go outside anymore. That's why I mainly stay indoors

    • yes sir
      yes sir 5 months ago

      gatorboy45 it’s called satire 🤦‍♂️

    • gatorboy45
      gatorboy45 5 months ago

      +yes sir So for you to sit on your happy butt and tell me, a person you have never met in real life but only through a comment on a damn TheXvid video, that all I do is play video games, you need your facts checked

    • gatorboy45
      gatorboy45 5 months ago

      +yes sir So yeah I play video games but for that to be the ONLY thing I do, is a false statement. I have to shower, eat, sleep and all the other common stuff and when I'm not playing video games, I also tend to browse TheXvid or Netflix.

    • gatorboy45
      gatorboy45 5 months ago

      +yes sir Playing video games isn't all that I do. I do other things such as things inside and outside my house but I don't go into town as much and I do only if I need to and when I do, I'm very careful because you never know

    • yes sir
      yes sir 5 months ago

      gatorboy45 nothing is wrong with it , as long as it’s in moderation. My point was you don’t go outside because it “isn’t safe”, the reason you don’t go outside is because all you do is play video games .

  • Amira Saleh
    Amira Saleh 5 months ago +2

    And why are we still debating weather we should have stricter gun laws?

  • Michelle G
    Michelle G 5 months ago

    Getting totally immune to the mass shootings in America. The amendment needs to be updated.

    • yes sir
      yes sir 5 months ago

      Michelle G updated how? Make it mandatory for all civilians to carry? Michelle for president.

  • My Android
    My Android 5 months ago

    Why doesn't Chicago get this much news coverage

  • LoftierExponent
    LoftierExponent 5 months ago

    Was this last night?

  • Randy R
    Randy R 5 months ago

    To many xxxxxx maniacs are getting guns an I know that most in DC are getting paid off from the heartless gun lobby. Been fighting against the heartless gun lobby since 81 an will continue

  • Jose Vaca
    Jose Vaca 5 months ago

    Thats 10 minutes from my house

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 5 months ago +1

    “No way to prevent this,” says only nation where this regularly happens.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 5 months ago

      yes sir fight mental illness much better than we are trying and at least make it more complicated and difficult to get a gun. Taking away guns or restrictions won’t really work here because we have such a prominent gun culture but at least make owning a gun more complicated to attempt to weed out the people that use them for wrong.

    • yes sir
      yes sir 5 months ago

      Jesus Christ what would you suggest ?

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody 5 months ago

    It looks like thoses HIGHLY RESTRICTIVE gun laws in California, with GUN FREE ZONE signs are working well in California (sarcarm). People need to acknowledge that there are evil people in this world, and laws will not stop evil. If laws could stop evil, then there will be no murders, since murder itself is also illegal.

  • James Zomdot
    James Zomdot 5 months ago

    Well considering 12 people died. At least the shooter didn’t have an ar-15 style rifle. Also, the ar-15 would’ve killed a lot more, but the fact he has combat experience doesn’t really change how much damage he can do with any type of gun. But he would’ve got a lot more kills with an ar-15

  • Bubble Gaming
    Bubble Gaming 5 months ago

    So much for gun control. Can we start exploring real options now, so these fucking shootings stop happening?!

  • CH Steele
    CH Steele 5 months ago

    Pulse on the West Coast a California nut job

  • john sosa
    john sosa 5 months ago

    this is just sad. you literally must be mentally ill if you think MORE guns are the solution to these issues. if it were up to me, i’d get rid of EVERY single gun in america if i could, and i wouldn’t give a damn about what you thought about it.

    • yes sir
      yes sir 5 months ago

      johntrevizososa you mean preventing death. Would you rather see 12 innocent people killed or 1 shooter dead? Because from my understanding you think the shooters life is just as important as the innocent bystanders .

    • john sosa
      john sosa 5 months ago

      yes sir | yes, you are. because solving death with more death isn’t the solution. it’s common sense.

    • yes sir
      yes sir 5 months ago

      johntrevizososa I’m sick because I’d rather see a guy hell bent on taking innocent lives get killed rather then those innocent people dying? ....your flawed logic....

    • john sosa
      john sosa 5 months ago

      yes sir | you’re sick.

    • yes sir
      yes sir 5 months ago

      johntrevizososa you hit the nail on the head . That’s EXACTLY my mentality. Shoot the guy shooting innocent people. Seems like a logical plan to me.
      “Why didn’t i think of that?” I was asking myself the same thing . I went ahead and thumbs up your comment since you are admitting your failed logic . It’s rare to see somebody own up to their character defects .

  • Critical Thinking Skills

    It's just amazing to me how politicians are shocked that criminals willing to shoot up a nightclub don't care about following the law. Gun free zones are horrible ideas everywhere in the world.

  • Natnael Tsegaw
    Natnael Tsegaw 5 months ago

    God bless their souls. this is very sad. Just a week after Pittsburgh's chaos.

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Poke the dark hole so they could wake up

  • PacMonster146
    PacMonster146 5 months ago +1

    All republican gun owners jerking off to this video...

    • yes sir
      yes sir 5 months ago

      PacMonster146 wrong . We would be jerking off if it wasn’t a gun free zone and a law abiding citizen stopped him tho . 🍆💦

  • Damien Ford
    Damien Ford 5 months ago

    This is terrorism home grown bottom line and we as a country should not stand for it why haven’t the media not labeled these shootings terrorist attacks on our country I don’t understand this... if it was any other race of people doing this repeatedly. they would call it just tht so let me guess the perpetrator must be white cause I have yet to hear terrorist attack. On our people in any of the ridiculous mass shooting events in our country bye these thugs...

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez 5 months ago

    It's Gina b hard to find that type of blood that blood is Indian joki

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Gave them oranges to produce more blood

  • Noah D
    Noah D 5 months ago

    How do you manage to injure 11 and not kill a single person...scum of the Earth.

  • The Elusive Danny DeVito Teletubbie

    Wow another shooting. What a surprise.

  • The Elusive Danny DeVito Teletubbie

    We have a new shooting like every week. It’s not even a surprise to see this shit on the news anymore. It’s getting to the point where it’s “hey look another shooting” and then you close the video or change the channel and forget it even happened. I’m not saying I don’t care about these shootings they’re a big deal and I feel horrible for the families of these people but can any one ever just realize that guns, politics and video games ARE’T THE FUCKING PROBLEM, it’s the people who do this kinda stuff and their mental health that are the problem. I’m getting tired of people seeing stuff like this and immediately trying to say that it’s trumps fault or video games fault. Down fix gun laws, don’t fix video games, fix your fucking people.

  • I like sandwiches
    I like sandwiches 5 months ago

    Lots of butthurt gun nuts in the comments pointing fingers but not providing solutions

  • Willy's Toys
    Willy's Toys 5 months ago +1

    Just sad.

  • isa
    isa 5 months ago

    Remember when shootings used to be a big deal

  • Mrship ofSteam
    Mrship ofSteam 5 months ago +1

    Americans are living in a bubble! They are watching mass shootings on Tv every week and most of them don’t even really care! Nothing is changing and no one really feels responsible to change something..
    But hey its a country where people are more concerned about a nipple and uncensored fuck’s on a tv show then about their kids playing with real guns..
    Really sad to hear about these shootings!
    There are great people in America but they need to stand up!

  • WE R,A, different animal

    the shooter is not a threat says reporter, all his friends are OK but stressed, no threat the fire department to the rescue city n co.

  • J
    J 5 months ago

    No ones surrendered more constitutional rights than Californians, all under the premise that it was needed to prevent stuff like this from happening. However, those of us who are old enough to remember the mass shootings during the 10 year assault weapons ban know how bullshit ‘laws’ are at protecting people.

  • The Elusive Danny DeVito Teletubbie

    Wow another shooting. What a surprise. Time for people on social media to milk this for attention by putting praying emojis and acting like they care.

  • *☠D҉ₑ҉ₐ҉ₜ҉ₕ҉☠*

    So a guy with PTSD was able to buy a Colt 45 legally in California. Was confronted by police multiple times. Was deemed not a threat by a psychiatrist.
    U.S Government needs to take care of our military members before and AFTER they serve. U.S government failed us again failed our veterans again

  • Conelius Mczeal
    Conelius Mczeal 5 months ago

    Are u serious did they just say he's not a threat?

  • frowden flugar
    frowden flugar 5 months ago

    Typical nutjob white man. The right needs to be stopped. Start killing conservatives

  • Ron Giambastiani
    Ron Giambastiani 5 months ago

    PTSD these nuts!!! Pussies,tards,sensitive dicks!Fuck everybody’s got PTSD back in the day they were just beat your ass now we like to coddle everybody ,that’s why we’re having all these problems you fucking morons

  • Ron Giambastiani
    Ron Giambastiani 5 months ago

    Yeah keep telling the shooters names after all we fucking have learned? fucking idiots !!keep giving these motherfuckers a platform ??do not mention these assholes names!!! Ever ever ever!!!! They aren’t worthy

  • im ixALF1ug
    im ixALF1ug 5 months ago

    See you guys next week when another mentally troubled white person commits another account of mass murder to innocent minorities

  • Chriss Trackss
    Chriss Trackss 5 months ago

    Not surprised tbh

  • Ricky Williams
    Ricky Williams 5 months ago

    I may move to California, he's got more friends than he can count

  • im ixALF1ug
    im ixALF1ug 5 months ago

    I love white people so much

  • GreenPurgeCrow
    GreenPurgeCrow 5 months ago

    When you start a bar fight in red dead 2.

  • silver as
    silver as 5 months ago

    People talking about how 'Oh California's gun laws did nothing to prevent this! The issue isn't gun control.' It actually still is. The gun was legally purchased from another state and since the federal gun regulations aren't strong enough to keep people from bringing in guns from another state, this ended up happening. California couldn't do shit cause of the lenient gun laws at the moment. It is still a gun control issue. it's also a mental health issue, but that doesn't stop it from being a gun control issue. Don't @ me

  • Richard Norman
    Richard Norman 5 months ago

    Read this. This 64-page report details more than 60 examples of school and mass shootings, stabbings and senseless violent acts committed by those under the influence of psychotropic drugs or experiencing serious withdrawal from them.

  • Hadley Pleasanton
    Hadley Pleasanton 5 months ago +1

    Thanks, Obama. (sigh)

  • {Amazingly me}
    {Amazingly me} 5 months ago +1

    This is depressing, the guy who shot them must have had a mental issue, if he got proper treatment this wouid have never happend. Sad.just.sad.

  • Zac Josias
    Zac Josias 5 months ago

    I grew up here in this town, spent my whole childhood there. I know these people, this community.. This is one of the safest cities in the world from violent crimes, weirdest thing ever. People I grew up with in middle school, high school, gone just like that. This community is so small, even my sister was in high school with the shooter, scariest thing when it happens in your city, hard to process. They've only released 2 names of the victims, I know both of them and i'm scared to find out the rest. Stay safe everyone, RIP Jake Dunham.

  • DoubleGoon
    DoubleGoon 5 months ago +2

    Gun nut arguments:
    _“Outlaw guns and just the criminals will have them. I can’t recall the last criminal that started a mass shooting. Most of these people have no criminal history.”_
    Outlaw AR-15’s and extended mags and we will have the high kill count mass shootings drop dramatically.
    _ “They can just use (Insert some other weapon here).”_
    Great, but they are not. Why, because guns are easily accessible, effective, and efficient killing machines. That is their purpose and always will be their purpose.
    _”If more people had guns this wouldn’t happened.”_
    Anyone recall the Wild West? You’d trust just anyone with a gun? Make it one big free for all of gun toting civilians?
    U.S. law requires no safety training, no safe storage, very little vetting, and no marksmanship training. We already have one of the highest rates of gun related suicides and accidental homicide. Is that truly what Republicans want more stupid and untrustworthy people with guns? The military doesn’t do it, law enforcement doesn’t do it, why should civilians have that same power with less oversight?
    _”It’s a mental health problem not a gun problem.”_
    Well if you have it all figured out why haven’t done anything about it? You have the Presidency and you had Congress for even longer yet you guys did nothing. Just twiddled your thumbs until the next shooting then it’s “thoughts and prayers” and “you can’t stop evil”.
    _“Gun free zones don’t protect you.”_
    Is Texas a gun free zone? Is Florida a gun free zone? Is Nevada a gun free zone? Yet all three have had the worst or some of worst mass shootings in our nations modern history. “Gun free zones” simply give a legal reason for law enforcement to stop a man walking around a school parking lot with AR-15 strapped to his chest. No one thinks “gun free zones” are some kind of bulletproof shield.

    • DoubleGoon
      DoubleGoon 5 months ago

      Also lower rates of suicide.

    • Siddeo
      Siddeo 5 months ago +1

      Do other nations don't have people with mental health problems and extreme anger issues? Why don't we see any kind of mass murder of random people done by a mentally ill person by using a gun,a knife,a truck etc in other countries?
      Because it's much easier to kill multiple people at once with a gun than a knife or a truck. Atleast we can say so because Australia, Canada,UK,Europe,Japan and India don't see mass murders of random people by a mentally ill person by the use of any means.
      These countries have knives and trucks but guns are regulated in these countries. One cannot easily get a gun. Hence no mass murders by a mentally ill person.

    • DoubleGoon
      DoubleGoon 5 months ago

      Vlad The Inhaler Like I said most of our deadliest shootings were carried out with rifles, but if you want to outlaw semi-auto handguns as well I am all for it.
      Sorry but even a Marine can fumble a mag change. The more mag changes the greater potential for error.

    • Vlad The Inhaler
      Vlad The Inhaler 5 months ago

      +DoubleGoon Virginia Tech was with two handguns, small caliber, regular mags.
      As if this guy, a marine, couldn't have dropped a couple magazines instead of using a 30round mag?
      The Virginia tech guy killed 13 people I think in one classroom before moving to other rooms to kill more.

    • DoubleGoon
      DoubleGoon 5 months ago

      Vlad The Inhaler He used a hand gun with an extended mag. So my point is very valid. He killed 12 with a pistol where as most of our deadliest shootings were carried out with rifles.
      Our most deadly mass shooting this year (Stoneman Douglas High School; 17 killled) was carried out with an AR-15. And of course last year we had the deadliest and the 5th deadliest shooting in modern America, both carried out with semi-automatic rifles.
      They can and use other weapons, but they are being far more effective with one.

  • SoughtOut
    SoughtOut 5 months ago


  • Psychopunk XXX
    Psychopunk XXX 5 months ago

    Lol bout to sit back and see all the dumbass false flag operation claimers...

  • Evan
    Evan 5 months ago

    Gun control is not the solution, better security is. However how long it takes, it’s needed if it means saving lives.

  • Aiham Ergiai
    Aiham Ergiai 5 months ago

    12 get kill

  • Fahad Olayan
    Fahad Olayan 5 months ago


  • KISS Fitness
    KISS Fitness 5 months ago

    Ban guns and people will still find a way to get them... This issue isn’t with guns. The issue is with irresponsible and psychotic people that get their hands on them. As a gun owner myself, I’ve NEVER been tempted or even thought about shooting anyone without a cause... I own and use my guns with the intent it was made for... SELF DEFENSE and defense of those I love. People have been killing long before guns so this dumb ass gun control discussion should no longer even be a topic. The discussion should be what’s driving people to commit such heinous crimes?

  • Nicolas Arias
    Nicolas Arias 5 months ago

    And that's why no one wants to go to America!

  • Adam Hermosiilo
    Adam Hermosiilo 5 months ago +1

    Trumps America

  • Diana C.
    Diana C. 5 months ago


  • Daniel Schaal
    Daniel Schaal 5 months ago +1

    An Absolute tragedy.. Praying for the families of the deceased.

  • Joseph Cisneros
    Joseph Cisneros 5 months ago

    Man, this is a mile away from my home...

  • Mahsa Shirazian
    Mahsa Shirazian 5 months ago

    Are you fucking kidding me? Again?

  • Big Boy Arms
    Big Boy Arms 5 months ago

    Fake fake fake fake fake fake and fake. It's all about wanting people to willingly give up their rights. Not the first fake shooting this year but hopefully the last.

  • Wendy Holsman
    Wendy Holsman 5 months ago

    God bless the victims

    IRON MAN 5 months ago


  • riptorn
    riptorn 5 months ago

    Gov't has been doing this to strip people of their arms and rights.

  • Nima Heidarian
    Nima Heidarian 5 months ago

    Issue is not guns. Do not delete question. Mental problem regarding to us life style make these kind of violence. If gun ban tomorrow. It still happens. The criminal always find the ways. In paris shooting which people are not allowed to have guns it happy with ak47 s in Japan they use gas and toxins. Don't forget timothy mcveigh. People kill people not guns

  • BryanFTW13
    BryanFTW13 5 months ago

    Another shooting?
    Just an average day in the United States. Sad but true.