1000 Dodos VS ARK Dinosaurs | Cantex

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • 1000 Dodos level 100 VS Rex, Spino, Giga & more! #DodoPower
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  • Cantex
    Cantex  5 months ago +205

    Sorry for being that inactive at the moment...
    At April 2019 I will be back uploading videos every week!! (and maybe new games)
    Have a great day everyone!

  • Husham Mohammed
    Husham Mohammed 4 hours ago

    How do u be creative in this game pls reply

  • Ivan Pullen
    Ivan Pullen 11 hours ago

    Just think what the leader of the strong dodo army would have said before battle it's glorious

  • S S
    S S Day ago +1

    Vamoooos DODOS 8:13 adiós camarada 😭😭😭😭

  • Zeldris
    Zeldris 2 days ago +2

    Country 1: I have the strongest army in the world
    Country 2: I have the strongest war machines
    Me: *I have an army of dodos*

  • 희동이
    희동이 2 days ago +1

    런닝걸:꺄아아아 악

  • ArkGD 806
    ArkGD 806 2 days ago +1


  • Livurochy
    Livurochy 2 days ago

    This is the best thing I think I’ve ever seen

  • Cat Dogs
    Cat Dogs 3 days ago

    I will tame 1k dodo now

  • ilumPlayZ
    ilumPlayZ 3 days ago

    what is this name of game when u have creative

  • JustANotNormalGuy
    JustANotNormalGuy 4 days ago

    Dodos are evil,i must kill all of them

  • Isak Demir Petersen
    Isak Demir Petersen 4 days ago


  • arahaS dnomyar Galaxy wolfdragon

    You must of have a lot of meat from those dodos

  • The King
    The King 5 days ago

    Dodo’s. Together. Strong!

  • Sharkie Licious
    Sharkie Licious 6 days ago

    Avengers:Endgame 6:13

  • Bear Lambert
    Bear Lambert 6 days ago

    This was hilarious, At first it looked like a view of a battlefield with the Romans on 1 side and and whoever else they are trying to conquer, Except this being Dinos, I never would have thought they could kill them but I was surprised when I saw the first Rex go down and the next and then the last 1, very interesting and entertaing at the least, great video.

  • Kikithegreen
    Kikithegreen 7 days ago +2


    Edit: Unless of course your the Dung beetle kingdom or a Giga, then you can just slay away.

  • Josh S
    Josh S 7 days ago

    Cantex, how did you make them line up in a straight line and not make them move.

  • budi lim
    budi lim 7 days ago +1

    No animal are being harm in making of this video

  • RY master _37
    RY master _37 8 days ago

    suudah kuduga pasti dodo menag

  • Chibi Pokemon
    Chibi Pokemon 8 days ago

    Conclusions: dodos the most op creature in ark

  • LastJOK3R
    LastJOK3R 8 days ago

    Me at 4 am......
    1000 Dodos VS ARK Dinosaurs

  • NN_slime87ツ
    NN_slime87ツ 8 days ago

    0:48 that's scary

  • DepredadorBoss124
    DepredadorBoss124 9 days ago

    min 03:09 los dodos aprendieron a volar

  • Ace Marshals
    Ace Marshals 9 days ago

    Respect to all those dodos who made the last stand against the dung beetles

  • Ace Marshals
    Ace Marshals 9 days ago +1

    Dodos are the most powerful of all ARK creatures

  • Tuxedo Bird
    Tuxedo Bird 10 days ago

    Dang that dinner

  • Elena Creamer
    Elena Creamer 10 days ago

    #dodos are the best

  • Dishsoap
    Dishsoap 10 days ago

    Wait. I have a mutated dodo named Obama that has like 6,000% damage and 5,000 health wonder what he can do

  • Dishsoap
    Dishsoap 10 days ago

    Imagine a left 4 dead mod but everything is just a dodo and they all come storming at you. True hell

  • RMJ 100
    RMJ 100 10 days ago +1

    De-extinction is a thing you know......


  • samuel ortiz
    samuel ortiz 11 days ago

    Let s get 1000 dodos to kill a titanosaur

  • Just Ricketts
    Just Ricketts 12 days ago


  • A k
    A k 12 days ago

    that's a nice idea. lets play it like a total war game

  • Pan Patryk
    Pan Patryk 13 days ago


    JASIU PESZUK :P _:3 13 days ago

    My mom said your age dont matter
    But level?

  • Brendan Burrell
    Brendan Burrell 13 days ago

    You should do titan against 10,000 dodos

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 13 days ago +1

    You should do all allosauruses vs ark animals

  • Energy boy
    Energy boy 14 days ago

    Sorry to disappoint but you can see the kill command being used

  • Rafa Games
    Rafa Games 14 days ago +1

    Your vídeo is Very good!!:)


    wars are won with numbers, doesn't matter with what

  • MC
    MC 15 days ago

    Time to make my dodo army...

  • Gaming and stuff with me


  • Artem Filatov
    Artem Filatov 16 days ago

    8:03 dodo last stand

  • Lottie Something
    Lottie Something 16 days ago

    Where is that in ark? I’ve never seen that place before

  • Shawn Hart
    Shawn Hart 16 days ago

    So this is why dodos went extinct.

  • ganry dangry playz
    ganry dangry playz 17 days ago +1

    i thought that a giga will lose

  • king RAPTOR
    king RAPTOR 17 days ago +1

    I wish dodos didn't went instinct

  • king RAPTOR
    king RAPTOR 17 days ago +1

    You could use Raptors,sarcos,gigas but no you decided to use dodos

  • likira111
    likira111 18 days ago +1

    Can we do 1000 seagulls pls?

  • Diego Luder
    Diego Luder 19 days ago

    #Dodo power

  • Wolfy Creates
    Wolfy Creates 19 days ago +2

    Beach bob: ooh look a dodo egg
    Dodos look at him
    *it was this moment he knew he really fu**ed up*

  • Wolfy Creates
    Wolfy Creates 19 days ago +1

    Other dodos: wait this isnt food!
    Other other dodos: STILL MINEEE

  • Kick butoxy
    Kick butoxy 20 days ago

    Dodo's are so terrifying
    It gives me nightmares

  • Santi XDXDXDXD
    Santi XDXDXDXD 21 day ago +2

    3 Rex? - *No*
    1 Spino? *No*
    1000 Dodos? *YES*

  • Mayed Vector
    Mayed Vector 21 day ago +2

    Once in single player I tamed a dodo and I lived with it when I reached lvl 42 then a spino killed...
    Weeks later now I'm lvl 102 and I killed the spinos in my world

  • Jamy Sicot
    Jamy Sicot 21 day ago

    Is cool dino-war

  • Mr, Snake
    Mr, Snake 23 days ago

    Power in numbers ._.

  • Nikolett Arnold
    Nikolett Arnold 23 days ago +1

    And they fight for the last melon. 😁

  • Monique Bethel
    Monique Bethel 24 days ago +1

    I swear thought I saw a dodo came from the dead

    GRAW2ROBZ 25 days ago

    Henrietta for the win most of the time!

  • Lady Snowdrip
    Lady Snowdrip 25 days ago

    cruelty to dodos :'(

  • Android Games
    Android Games 25 days ago

    ههههههه حلو الفديو 👍😘

  • mr. cool
    mr. cool 26 days ago

    Dodo are awesone

  • Mauk 3
    Mauk 3 27 days ago

    Tamed gigas can be dangerous if they take alot of damage....


  • Vijay Bidhuri
    Vijay Bidhuri 27 days ago

    Let this be a lesson:Alone we can’t do much.But together we can do much more

  • Hiếu Vũ Chí
    Hiếu Vũ Chí 27 days ago

    So the dodo lv 1000000 is Caesar

  • Mercedez Gwinner
    Mercedez Gwinner 27 days ago

    Quantity over quality lol

  • Valera Gray
    Valera Gray 27 days ago

    Кто русский тот лаийк

  • Erick XD
    Erick XD 27 days ago

    Pobres dodos wey voy a avisar a la ONU >:V/

  • Galactic JarJar
    Galactic JarJar 27 days ago

    1:57 when u think it's an easy w but they destroy u

  • Leo Jansen
    Leo Jansen 27 days ago

    These are some Hardcore Chickens!

  • Les Edwards
    Les Edwards 27 days ago +1

    can not belive

  • Bro’s gaming
    Bro’s gaming 27 days ago

    1 like for every dodo that died

  • Jason Almalih
    Jason Almalih 27 days ago

    5:05 dodos are dancing

  • Sebastiaan Van Den Engel

    300: Beetle edition xD

  • Soggy avocado
    Soggy avocado 28 days ago

    Rip Dodo

  • Andrew Conner
    Andrew Conner 28 days ago

    Death by dodo!

  • Aden playZ
    Aden playZ 28 days ago +2

    Guess what...

    Chicken butt

  • TayborTalk Gaming
    TayborTalk Gaming 28 days ago

    Time to make an army

  • Jade The Artic Wolf
    Jade The Artic Wolf 29 days ago

    Dodos revenge 😁😂 lmao

  • MoonBeauty _4_Galaxyz
    MoonBeauty _4_Galaxyz 29 days ago

    Hi I’m new soooooo

    How did you manage to get 1000 Dodos?!?!?!

  • jorge hernandez
    jorge hernandez 29 days ago

    To be fair thats way more than 200 beetles. I counted at least 30 before they blurred out. Theres 5 lines so minimum 150

  • 0mar Jhungoor
    0mar Jhungoor 29 days ago

    Do you know the dodos came from Mauritius. How day you do that to my dodos.

  • stinker Meredith
    stinker Meredith 29 days ago +2

    DoDos be like:


  • Julian Sunkara
    Julian Sunkara Month ago

    Greatest vid ever

  • Appsro 44
    Appsro 44 Month ago

    Those little fuzzy bastards

  • Appsro 44
    Appsro 44 Month ago

    2:39 not spino Richie ( neebs gaming fans get it

  • Thomas Fischer
    Thomas Fischer Month ago

    Nonsens, why the ARK and other don't use their tail??? THIS IS ONE MAIN WEAPON! Other point, the ARK have bloody wounds on their neck, head and upper body, but Dodos can't fly 😯😯😯 Nice fake, but the Dodos can never win ...



  • Midnight Moon
    Midnight Moon Month ago

    Dodos are the best

  • Marian Wilson
    Marian Wilson Month ago

    Dodos are gods now

  • i'm behind your couch

    100 Alfa carnos vs 10k dodos

  • i'm behind your couch

    Time to get my mejos

    PAK PLAYER :-D Month ago

    hey 20,000 raptors vs 10 ark dinosaurs

  • xXxbbtoott
    xXxbbtoott Month ago +1

    First battle dodos split the Dino’s up they smart

  • Tri Kurniawati
    Tri Kurniawati Month ago

    Kok bisa ya ayam lawan dinosaurus?

  • Sike sike
    Sike sike Month ago

    World war 3

  • Tylene Pascal
    Tylene Pascal Month ago

    This is just like AvP1 like they are failures and the campion is the Dino who can kill all of the dodos are the aliens (edit) or 1000 aliens vs 300 predators

  • Default skin
    Default skin Month ago

    Shouldve renamed it 1000 God's v peasent dinosaurs e.e