Kitchen Nightmares US S04E02


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  • Krieger roger
    Krieger roger 6 days ago

    You are smoke when you have restaurant

  • Krieger roger
    Krieger roger 6 days ago

    Whst d boyfriend hired oh my gosh

  • Ricky Roma
    Ricky Roma 7 days ago

    Dominick's a cave man

  • dimmkah
    dimmkah 7 days ago

    Watching these old episodes of restaurants that have since closed kind of makes me sad.

  • Daz Ediss
    Daz Ediss 7 days ago

    Kraft dinner lol.
    Owners should have been called Terrance & Phillip

  • Brandon Trina
    Brandon Trina 7 days ago

    The fact that somebody would spend $680,000 on THAT would guarantee you they are bloody clueless.

  • john tran
    john tran 9 days ago

    Im a cooker for over 15 years in a restaurant. (Head cook) Never once i compare or title myself as a chef. To me without a really good resume experience and no degree in culinary school , or a well known master chef teaching you ,, your not truly a chef but a cooker like me.

  • Thomas Brotman
    Thomas Brotman 9 days ago

    Naomi is super cute!!

    #MV PRODUCTIONS# 9 days ago

    I think the “Bricklayer” was right most of the time

  • Pink Bobby Jenkins
    Pink Bobby Jenkins 11 days ago

    i wish there was more info for people about how incredibly hard it is to keep a restaurant open. even if you do everything right. it's hard across the board. it shouldn't be something you attempt unless you're independently finically secure.

  • Keith Adams
    Keith Adams 11 days ago

    Don aka Cousin Nicky: "Badda boom badda bing. I'm walking here!"

  • ThePurpleFox21
    ThePurpleFox21 13 days ago

    I wonder, do they tell the customers to be overly rude when they come in, though? I never see an understanding customer. Like obviously, if Ramsey is there, they are trying to get better. Yet every episode, they get really rude and impatient customers

  • BNL: Best Noob Living
    BNL: Best Noob Living 15 days ago

    The waitress could smoke and be fine, but wants to throw up in the presents of Chef Ramsay

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 15 days ago

    i love just a real good success story like this one. where they all dont argue the fact, they asked for help and know he is there to help. and the straight up honesty (for the most part). and its 100% from the entire team (the smoko i can understand but they should of looked at their watches or something)

  • Okwaho
    Okwaho 17 days ago

    700k plus upkeep costs even if a restaurant is moderately successful its debt for life. Unless you're the rare bird who takes off and gets huge.
    Why does anyone want this life?

  • Okwaho
    Okwaho 17 days ago

    I'm sorry, but your foods shit.

    You're not sorry :D

  • Timothy Barnette
    Timothy Barnette 18 days ago

    These two ladies are too weak all one wants to do is cry. It's easy to turn a business around when someone comes in and remodel the whole business but if they don't change the staff they will go back to their old habits real quick

  • David Scott
    David Scott 18 days ago

    You have chef Ramsey coming in and you idiots microwave Mac n cheese omgosh no wonder your biz is sucking!!! Ramsey knows fresh,frozen,microwaved I mean come on

  • dukky fuzz
    dukky fuzz 19 days ago

    Who uses a knife and fork on sliders?!?

  • Taco Meat
    Taco Meat 19 days ago

    A lot of times I can cut the chef a little slack. But if I was Ramsay and someone served me kraft, I would have walked out and to the next restaurant.

  • Derron Ramlal
    Derron Ramlal 19 days ago

    Weak ppl

  • xcmon3yx777
    xcmon3yx777 20 days ago

    Wonder why your closing when your trying to serve people boxed mac and cheese

  • Lisa Wakelam
    Lisa Wakelam 20 days ago

    Simply answer to mobile phone .. take them off staff before shift and then hand them back when they finished. If they don't like it offer them their p45.

  • Matthew Wong
    Matthew Wong 21 day ago

    12:46 why did he throw his unfinished drink so wasted 😑 and after a few seconds he says u need a fresh set of 👁 like you mean pluck the current 👁 and put fresh 👁 😑

  • Napkin God
    Napkin God 22 days ago

    That feeling of being so fucking amazing that you serve Gordon Ramsay Kraft Dinner and expect him to like it

  • David Troia
    David Troia 22 days ago

    I would love to be HALF as successful as chef Ramsay but its funny 2 me that he SO surprised that ppl in a little town think that a sisco or something like that food company thinks that the food is good bc they eat it more times than they all realize but chef constantly eats REALLY good most of his life but it has a lot 2 do where ppl get their food & restaurants that are broke are gonna find the cheapest way 2 keep the door open then it drains them mentally and physically then their care goes down & give up then food quality goes down dramatically. So of course EVERYTHING that touches his lips is trash bc his standards are SO high, every small restaurant he walks in the standard are so low of course most might think it's not great but they still go. Its not like they have many high dollar restaurants but most dont have that kind of money 2 blow on dinner 4 their family. So their standards go down 4 the ppl that dont have money instead of using the freshest products & not freezing anything is unheard of in 99% of restaurants so the chances of going 2 a cheap corporate restaurant & most mom &pop places using all fresh & non frozen is not gonna happen 100% of the time.

  • j h r
    j h r 22 days ago

    What does the manager do?

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 22 days ago +1

    35:06 Did this dude really just kiss his mom on the lips?!

  • historian111z
    historian111z 22 days ago


  • Rocks One
    Rocks One 23 days ago


  • Moracha !
    Moracha ! 23 days ago

    At Least The Staff Cares. Unlike Every Other Episode Of KN!

  • Bee Lee
    Bee Lee 23 days ago

    Those hoodies are awful

  • Dunk
    Dunk 23 days ago +2

    These guys ran out of food, cups, seats, and menus. Yet they bought the place for half a million.
    Something tells me these guys aren't good with money.

  • Adam Deverell
    Adam Deverell 24 days ago

    I don’t know how any of the staff or the owners leave their house without helmets on? Every single one of these fucking Mo Mo’s need to carpool on the short bus! Wtf???!!!

  • Elias Machabaphala
    Elias Machabaphala 24 days ago

    Pretty sure some day they ran out of water😭😭

  • Aaron Morgan
    Aaron Morgan 25 days ago

    Can't watch this episode their accents make me puke

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G 26 days ago

    "The most emotional kitchen nightmares yet" well 90% of the workers are women so tears over spilled milk is to be expected.

  • Monaa Jeanna
    Monaa Jeanna 26 days ago

    The waitress was so awkward 😂

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn 27 days ago

    They should have bought the recipes and hired the same chefs along with the restaurant

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn 27 days ago

    Colleen deserves better than old and ugly brick layer! He is shady and a piece of 💩! He is stealing from her instead of paying for the correct and needed orders!

  • Jax [hidden]
    Jax [hidden] 28 days ago

    i'd pay for a show about don commenting on shit he's so funny

  • valli anantha
    valli anantha 28 days ago


  • A King
    A King 29 days ago

    Super cute restaurant!! Hope they were able to pay down their debt & keep up their success!!😃

  • A King
    A King 29 days ago

    I love that they all enjoyed the food.. But could they close their mouths while chewing?!? 33:54 Never seen an entire group of people eat like that...😨

  • Dreigonix
    Dreigonix 29 days ago +3

    That takes guts. Guts and a thick skull.

  • Number One
    Number One 29 days ago

    Dom is an arrogant pig, disorganized, and inept.

  • TheInkNinja
    TheInkNinja Month ago +3

    *”It’s the most emotion kitchen nightmares yet”*
    _totally doesn’t say that every other episode_

  • xyz panther
    xyz panther Month ago

    When I saw colleen for the first time she looked like a lesbian

  • Babyofthe80s
    Babyofthe80s Month ago

    *Ramsay reading the sign on the wall:*
    "Enter as strangers...Leave as friends.........Hmmmm... Enter as strangers...start dating the owner..."
    *the shaaaaaade* 😂

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago

    I don’t believe in hope I will just close

  • Brian Glade
    Brian Glade Month ago

    What's happening with those pallets out back?

  • Emily Sadowski
    Emily Sadowski Month ago

    What kind of renovation nO. NO.

  • Chany Philly
    Chany Philly Month ago +1

    Absolutely love Gordon Ramsay

  • Tadia Foster
    Tadia Foster Month ago

    Excellent turn around. These owners are very humble people. Great indeed

  • Steph Chretien
    Steph Chretien Month ago

    You can tell the owners really cared. It takes a lot to admit you need help. I was just super surprised at how well they did after renovating the place.

  • andriki88
    andriki88 Month ago

    12:48 fucking litterbug someone has to pick that up.

  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim Month ago

    No wonder they don't have cups! The manager just picks up the nearest glass object and throws it when he is upset lol

  • Krick Shorts
    Krick Shorts Month ago +2

    The owners seem very sweet, I would like a date with Naomi, I hope they succeed!

  • Tt Kell
    Tt Kell Month ago +1

    This was the saddest and happiest one I've seen.

  • Deelifull
    Deelifull Month ago +1

    I am so sad this restaurant closed 3 years later. I was rooting for them both!!

  • Stefany Mirtsopoulos

    Is this place still open?

  • Crazycatscarmen
    Crazycatscarmen Month ago

    Why...did they only have thirteen menus in the first place?????? Like...!?!?!?? Did they print sixty menus ten years ago then lose forty seven?

  • Crazycatscarmen
    Crazycatscarmen Month ago

    The bus boy is me.

  • Crazycatscarmen
    Crazycatscarmen Month ago +2


  • Crazycatscarmen
    Crazycatscarmen Month ago +1

    You think he's okay with other people eating off his plate because he's used to sharing a plate with three other people on MasterChef? Or have I got my timelines messed up... idk it was an errant thought.

  • demo3456
    demo3456 Month ago

    Just ratchet white folks lol

  • Reaper Krew
    Reaper Krew Month ago

    The real nightmare is.....WHERE THE FUCK IS NYOMIS EYEBROWS

  • Amber the Fam Hamilton

    That's a real man standing by his woman. He threw his coffee when his woman needed a hug.

    • I. Wynn Wynn
      I. Wynn Wynn 27 days ago

      Amber the Fam Hamilton he would put it down and not throw it and make a mess and litter and he also would put his cigarette out if he were a real man and not yell and not mess up the food orders! He probably is stealing from her!

  • Strong Boy Jones
    Strong Boy Jones Month ago +3

    Was Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh voiced by Dominik?

  • Ryan Springer
    Ryan Springer Month ago +1

    10:15 not in insult to my mother, if it's not in a bag or a box it's not being made.

  • Jakob Benz
    Jakob Benz Month ago

    Rip cup @12:49

  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott Month ago

    She is way too hot for Dom she is smoking hot

  • nitesh
    nitesh Month ago

    Hicks 😂

  • Ionlymadethistoleavecoments

    Kitchen nightmares is a fantastic lesson in the sunk cost fallacy.

  • El Gringo
    El Gringo Month ago +4

    I wanted frozen food and chefs in denial.
    *I didn't ask for feels*

  • Mental Duck
    Mental Duck Month ago +1

    an insult to all of america? probrably an insult to all the mothers in the world

  • King Rat Hole
    King Rat Hole Month ago

    lol Gordon Ramsey made fun of a fat kid

    • M C
      M C Month ago +1

      I would too.

  • Drayan Hd
    Drayan Hd Month ago

    Lol the new Logo looks like the Japanish flag

  • qulon cooper
    qulon cooper Month ago

    I wonder if this restaurant is still open

    • M C
      M C Month ago

      +qulon cooper I suggest you keep wondering.

    • qulon cooper
      qulon cooper Month ago

      M C you’re a clown 🤡

    • qulon cooper
      qulon cooper Month ago

      M C Get a life bozo

    • M C
      M C Month ago

      +qulon cooper Keep wondering.

    • qulon cooper
      qulon cooper Month ago

      M C Keep wondering are you trying to be funny a simple yes or no would have been fine

  • clopez232
    clopez232 Month ago +3

    That gangster guy is actually really supportive lol.

  • Manhattan
    Manhattan Month ago

    Update: they closed.

  • Eric Judkins-van buren

    Mac'n'cheese is sooooooo easy to make. And it does not take long to make either!

  • Eric Judkins-van buren

    Why is her fuck buddy working their?

    • M C
      M C Month ago

      For the fucking.

  • Gelina Ann
    Gelina Ann Month ago

    His hairs all crazy!! Jaja Classic!✌

  • Ann Williams
    Ann Williams Month ago

    These poor folks got ripped off by the previous owners in the sale price of the biz and property.... the two ladies started hobbled with 3/4 million dollars in debt obviously without having ever seen food properly prepared before. Huge ouch, ouch, ouch!
    So well done on keeping going for another three years until you built the biz enough to be able to sell. Ladies I hope you cleared your debt and got that terrible load off your shoulders, then got on with a good life. Loads of love and hope you are now enjoying your life and family....

  • Michael's Explorations

    Come here ,come here just look at this YES just put your finger on it touch it Come on guys Fuck me

  • Craig Van Tichelt
    Craig Van Tichelt Month ago

    The business closed -

  • Anstria Tarot
    Anstria Tarot Month ago

    The owner doing front of room should have something decent on other than a sweatshirt, jeans and a soiled apron. No self-respect or respect for customers. I'd walk out if I saw that.

  • Anstria Tarot
    Anstria Tarot Month ago

    If the food isn't top quality, you're dead in the water, even if it's only a bowl of mac and cheese it should be from fresh, quality ingredients and freshly made. There should be no microwave on the premises. The cooks must love food and respect it - and be able to cook well. The front line staff who interact with customers must be pleasant, cheerful and competent. If you have those two going for you, your business has a good chance. There's no point opening a restaurant if you don't.

  • Dan Lapidus
    Dan Lapidus 2 months ago

    Is that Kraft Mac and Cheese?

    • M C
      M C Month ago +1

      Nope. Dollar Store Mac N Cheese.

  • james christian
    james christian 2 months ago +2

    There's a huge difference between working for a restaurant and owning one. Not many people realize that before actually owning one..

  • Supervillain725
    Supervillain725 2 months ago

    "Crying won't help you, crying won't do you no good," Led Zeppelin. Quit crying and focus on why your business is in the toilet.

  • Hannah Freeman
    Hannah Freeman 2 months ago

    I can really appreciate a staff that is open to recognizing the issues even if THEY are the issue. Nothing is more annoying that a hardheaded owner that is ignorant to their own part in the problem.

  • Halia Lengkuas
    Halia Lengkuas 2 months ago

    Stupid manager

  • Sharon Willing
    Sharon Willing 2 months ago

  • Sharon Willing
    Sharon Willing 2 months ago +1


  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 2 months ago

    laying bricks or food, no big differnce lol 😂

  • TheReelIvan
    TheReelIvan 2 months ago +3

    I don’t understand why the chefs on every episode uses a microwave to serve Gordon Ramsey. They should be cooking with everything they’ve got

    • Septimus ii
      Septimus ii Month ago

      I think the TV crew tell them to cook it as if it were a normal customer

  • Home Grown
    Home Grown 2 months ago

    Stop! I’d wouldn’t serve that to my dog!

  • Sartorius Senior
    Sartorius Senior 2 months ago +1

    I honestly think Gordon Ramsay should work for OFSTED. Imagine him going round and yelling at teachers and students like this.