Kitchen Nightmares US S04E02


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  • Maffis F
    Maffis F Day ago +1

    This american version is so bad. It feels forced and scripted. The and goddam dramatic music american reality shows have... they really do have low attention spans in the US lol

  • Smattless
    Smattless 2 days ago

    They have pentagrams everywhere. Maybe they believe in magic.

  • Jem Moeller
    Jem Moeller 3 days ago

    Dominick reminds me of Buddy from Cake Boss

    JUBEN 5 days ago

    This is sad, they have not been payed in a year, they're all in over their heads... There's no one mean-spirited or anything, they just don't know how to stay afloat. What a nightmare :(

  • animalinho1983
    animalinho1983 6 days ago

    was Gordon also a flirty creep with the young waitresses in his restaurants?

  • Narelle
    Narelle 6 days ago

    That waitress, seriously....

  • Zaffiro
    Zaffiro 8 days ago

    24:00 a fly on the plate

  • hina kobayashi
    hina kobayashi 9 days ago

    if you were doing a “pretty good job” you wouldnt need Gordon

  • travellingbirder
    travellingbirder 10 days ago

    Watching Americans trying to cook is like watching your dog trying to play the piano. American "chef" needs a can-opener, a freezer and a microwave. European/Asian chef goes to the market at 6am to buy fresh produce for the day.

  • travellingbirder
    travellingbirder 10 days ago

    Watching Americans trying to cook is like watching your dog trying to play the piano. American "chef" needs a can-opener, a freezer and a microwave. European/Asian chef goes to the market at 6am to buy fresh produce for the day.

  • Tarorc79
    Tarorc79 11 days ago

    POS system ?! :D

  • A Mahmood
    A Mahmood 13 days ago

    try and chew it before you swallow it .. flippin heck Gordon!

  • aussiechickusa
    aussiechickusa 14 days ago

    It looks great but they need to change the horrendous flooring

  • aussiechickusa
    aussiechickusa 14 days ago

    The Chef is in denial. If the food was so good the restaurant would be busier

  • Lemon Nation
    Lemon Nation 17 days ago

    Can we have Gordon, Joe and Aaron to do kitchen nightmares?

  • Guinea Pig
    Guinea Pig 19 days ago

    These are the first owners I really wish to succeed.

  • Mia Costanzo
    Mia Costanzo 19 days ago


  • Mihai Sfira
    Mihai Sfira 20 days ago

    The chef low key looks like Brendon Fraiser

  • A K
    A K 21 day ago +1

    A kitchen nightmares episode where the owners admit they need help, I'm shook!

  • Corrie Koeijers
    Corrie Koeijers 22 days ago

    Get fucked. I was a bricklayer for thirty years. Injury caused retirement from construction, so I trained to become a chef. There are two sorts of brickies, fuckwits like him with no taste and fuckwits like me with taste...haha.

  • Rohaya Abd wahab
    Rohaya Abd wahab 22 days ago

    I'm so happy for them. Everyone can achieve their dreams if they are willing to work hard as a team.

  • Ingrid Åkerblom
    Ingrid Åkerblom 22 days ago

    Omfg Ashley! Learn BASIC hygienic rules 1 DON'T ever wear nailpolish or 2 wear jewelry like rings, bracelets or a watch.. touching rheir phones & hair & then not wash their hands.. fixing your hair by hand IN the kitchen, and you are supposed to run a restaurant. I would never EVER eat there, never! You just KNOW how badly they wash their hands after a toiletbreak and so on, when not even the most basic hygenic rules are implemented & used.. gross!!!!!

  • Lima Begum
    Lima Begum 23 days ago

    The waitresses were fucking idiot cunts

  • allnighter2011
    allnighter2011 25 days ago

    Gordon knows restaurant business, quality, good service, good kitchen, etc... but sometimes i don't think he understands target customers for some of the places he visits... this is a simple burger joint...called american classic...people want a good ole burger not some sliders...even the new makeover ...the kind of tables, chairs, red bowls and just doesn't fit with a place that wants to attract people who like classic american burgers, mac & cheese, etc... and you see the same issue in other episodes too...where he would visit a regular joe diner or restaurant and injects some stuff that work in his restaurants or do some artsy fancy salads or tables or whatever... which might work for certain restaurants but not for this or its likes...

  • Al Baba
    Al Baba 26 days ago +1

    The problem is good food is more common than it used to be! These places just arn't keeping up.

  • londoner71
    londoner71 26 days ago +1

    I work at the restaurant reception desk in a hotel. I'm alone at the desk. Greeting guests, accompanying them to the tables, giving them the menus, explain eventual "specials". I also answer the phone taking reservations and dealing with various enquiries. Also answering and taking calls/orders for room service. I've been begging for more menus. I have 15 menus, for a restaurant with 28 tables (74 covers) in a hotel with 130 rooms. GM is in denial, company press to keep staff costs down. We work with 2 chefs, 1 bartender, 1 waiter, 1 food runner (who also run the room service) and me at the reception desk! ANY of this places in the "Kitchen Nightmares" series looks PARADISE compare to where I work!

  • DannyD
    DannyD 28 days ago

    Try to chew it before you swallow yes? hahahha that was a good one

  • LittleMissD0
    LittleMissD0 28 days ago

    Why all of them sound stoned

  • TheMakiavelli
    TheMakiavelli 28 days ago

    The "Manager though not from the business is the one with most clue in there

  • Sufiyan7 rahman7
    Sufiyan7 rahman7 29 days ago

    Everyone is enjoying the video but no one cares about many food goes to west

  • Marc Willems
    Marc Willems 29 days ago

    Are all Americans a giant snowflake pussy who cry and bitch over EVERYTHING?

  • Mr Tav
    Mr Tav 29 days ago

    In Europe no common restaurant season their food (maybe they do in high-class famous ones but I never been and I never desire to be in one). Ever. You just add spices, oil, vinegar at your own liking. It's just how it is done, and it works perfectly. But then again, even we in 3rd World countries in Europe have like ultra-quality real food that doesn't need add-ons to taste good, smell good and feel like a tasty fulfilling meal. You usually don't even need salad, or sauces or even bread. And it can be somewhat cheap (well not for our standards) but in my country, a proper meal (especially grilled meat which is kinda specialty here) for 1 person in just an ordinary restaurant, on average, is about $9.5-14 (8.5-13e) depending on what you want to order or if you want like additional portion of French fries and appetizer + a drink (for example small bottle of coke/juices or unique special alcoholic drinks and so on). Portions are usually big, like you get a full big plate of delicious food with a real natural taste and usually with potatoes, onions and a simple healthy vegetable decorations and that's it. The only thing that's left on you to do is to eat until your belly explodes! :D You don't even fricking need soup, or desert, you are just done for the rest of that day.
    Mmmmmmm God damn grilled meat, now I'm hungry again! :(

  • Beth Oakley
    Beth Oakley Month ago

    Its three in the morning but I can't stop watching.

  • Aaron Walderslade
    Aaron Walderslade Month ago

    If I'm eating out and the underside of the plate or the handles of the cutlery are not washed I usually have something to say, and loudly. These are the very parts of them that are handled the most, and should be washed just as thoroughly as the parts that had food on them.

  • Petri Lopia
    Petri Lopia Month ago

    32:05 They are going outside to see how the front of the restaurant has changed even that they just got into the restaurant from that door little while ago?

  • Tom Z
    Tom Z Month ago

    This episode makes you respect Gordon even more

  • Berto Dimaks
    Berto Dimaks Month ago

    Kevin: yeah its normal
    Chef Ramsay: if that's normal, you're abnormal!!
    Lol XD

  • Martin Carlberg
    Martin Carlberg Month ago

    36:46 😳🙈 Those two idiots should get fired...

  • Davideo Jockey
    Davideo Jockey Month ago

    this is the first time ive seen a mother kissing his old ass son in the mouth.....discusting

  • AFos _
    AFos _ Month ago

    its sad the restaurant closed down in the present time

  • Gaz Mach1
    Gaz Mach1 Month ago

    "A miracle" is two words 😁😉👉🏻

  • Anna  Tamparow
    Anna Tamparow Month ago +1

    Every single restaurant the length and breadth of the Mediterranean serves frozen calamari. The fresh ones go to five-star hotels or Mr Ramsey's restaurants where the customers are charged accordingly! Fresh fish, yes, fresh octopus, yes, fresh calamari, not a chance!

  • Evan Roberts
    Evan Roberts Month ago

    I've heard of calamari being tough and chewy, rubbery and chewy, NEVER soft and chewy... An oxymoron in calamari terms.. Shit is so staged, you could serve him up his own food as a prank and he'd dislike it.

  • Or Peri
    Or Peri Month ago

    "Thank you.."
    *turns around*
    "Here you go"

  • Steve West
    Steve West Month ago +6

    Closed in Aug/Sept 2013. They announced it on FB but still offer a catering service.

  • KitttyCat Lover
    KitttyCat Lover Month ago

    *_top 10 saddest anime betrayals_*

  • Ken Nash
    Ken Nash Month ago

    Wouldn't you just love to fire those waitress's? Their attitude is to hell with the customers, smoking and texting is far more important

  • Mark Wilcox
    Mark Wilcox Month ago

    Now I know that some of the parts in the episode are exaggerated really puts me off lol

  • LaBombaRomba
    LaBombaRomba Month ago

    LMAO the sound effects when he's digging through the food at the start. Actually made me uneasy.

    • LaBombaRomba
      LaBombaRomba Month ago

      It just gets worse lol. Why is there a glass shattering sound when Dominick throws the plastic bottle ahaha.

  • Ellie Carter
    Ellie Carter Month ago

    wow colleen looks exactly like jwoww if she never got any plastic surgeries

  • Dejvid n00b
    Dejvid n00b Month ago

    29:55 When u get bad mark in school

  • Eddie Murphy
    Eddie Murphy Month ago +1

    Best of the bunch. Love the dark haired owner. Her. Boyfriend A right Wally, Get Rid Of Him.😉😉😉.

  • Aliona Gregoriou
    Aliona Gregoriou Month ago

    Such a shame that they Closed .They were doing really good after the relaunch.

  • zedagain
    zedagain Month ago +1

    24:01... a handsome cockroach wanders across bottom right burger plate, someone gets free protein!

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares Month ago

    Amazing turnaround. I am gobsmacked. Well done Colleen and Naomi :-). Can anyone update me on how Classical American is doing? Thanks.

  • elias borsov
    elias borsov Month ago +1

    It’s always amazes me when people with literally 0 experience and knowledge in something suddenly decide that they are smart enough to succeed ,their manager is a former brick layer who doesn’t know even how to do a proper supply order ,the “chef” didn’t go to culinary school ,he barely knows the basics of cooking and the owners have no clue how run a restaurant ,they thought that being a waitress for 10 gave them the ability to lead...what an idiots ,why would you do this to yourself and your family WHY?

  • HI7CHY
    HI7CHY Month ago

    I feel like if naomi had a mentor before buying a business she would have been a great chef. But maybe she already is now.

  • Daniël Ibrovic
    Daniël Ibrovic Month ago

    I love the intro the way he catchis that knife sorry for. Bad english

    • Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
      Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Month ago +1

      Then you have even less reasons to be sorry for your language skills ;-)

  • Idk Macheese
    Idk Macheese Month ago +3

    I thought the busboy was going to say he was scared to look up at Gorden because he was intimidating or tall but nah, he just had crazy hair. That shit deadly.

  • Persian Mapper
    Persian Mapper Month ago +1

    1 Like = 1 Prayer for the cup