Arabella told off by producers | Love Island Secrets with Arabella and Joe

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • #LoveIsland #LoveIslandSecrets
    Arabella and Joe tell us all of the behind the scenes secrets from this year's Love Island, which producers don't want you to know
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Comments • 292

  • T S
    T S 2 days ago +1

    Arabella seems like a very entitled person.

  • Victoria Salas
    Victoria Salas 3 days ago +4

    I feel bad for Joe not being on the villa anymore. I have never liked Lucie. Arabella is great she tried to talk things out with Yewande when Dani has been lying to both of them.

  • K8Nena9
    K8Nena9 4 days ago +4

    Am I the only one that doesn't find her that pretty to be a model or Danny.. I'm hating cause both their personalities dry af

  • 5tfdm 24589td
    5tfdm 24589td 5 days ago


  • alexandra LC
    alexandra LC 5 days ago


  • Alex Thomson
    Alex Thomson 5 days ago +2

    Who is this Areoplane girl?

  • designerdreams x
    designerdreams x 6 days ago

    anything to stay relevant

  • Sam Ohara
    Sam Ohara 7 days ago

    Who smokes in the villa that’s manky

  • Who am i
    Who am i 7 days ago

    But she was there for 2 mins

  • Loriacent
    Loriacent 7 days ago +5

    Arabella? I only know anaconda

  • superboy ashley
    superboy ashley 7 days ago

    Her gap in her teeth are bigger than a train platform 😭😭😭

    • superboy ashley
      superboy ashley 7 days ago

      Poppy April I’d be lying if I said she didn’t have a gap in her tooth bigger than a train platform 🤣🤣🤣

    • Poppy April
      Poppy April 7 days ago

      superboy ashley you’re a bully. Let’s hope Arabella’s mental health doesn’t suffer because of people like you

  • superboy ashley
    superboy ashley 7 days ago

    Love island is scripted

  • Aoibheann Davis
    Aoibheann Davis 7 days ago

    umbrella was only in there for 30s why is she everywhere

  • Rasclart
    Rasclart 7 days ago

    Nobody cares about her and joe should just leave country

  • Uniquee
    Uniquee 8 days ago

    All you guys hating on Arabella are so extra, like get a damn life instead of bitching about her having one.

  • Ruuux S
    Ruuux S 8 days ago +6

    I don’t like Aragog, she ain’t cool.

  • devvious
    devvious 8 days ago

    “my drips too cold” oh-

  • Saint Mercedes
    Saint Mercedes 9 days ago

    Fuck off with Antibiotic man she’s so annoying she was there for like 2 days 🙄

  • Paul Kronbachs
    Paul Kronbachs 9 days ago

    You both sound like lovely people .Would love to meet you in person! Wonder what kind of work you will get on back of show. You two should be celebrated with Callum and Yewande and have made your mark on me.

  • Mi Mee
    Mi Mee 9 days ago

    Who the fuck is pushing the like button 😂

  • Amy Anthony-harpham
    Amy Anthony-harpham 9 days ago +12

    I kind of ship Arabella and Joe

  • Georgia Thompson
    Georgia Thompson 9 days ago

    They didn’t tell him off for his controlling behaviour! I thought they were going to start caring about contestants

  • Tree Smoker
    Tree Smoker 10 days ago +1

    Both of them are irrelevant. Why is this video even a thing?

  • L S
    L S 10 days ago

    Why is none questioning why we never see any cameras on tv? 🤔

  • sharonfelicia121
    sharonfelicia121 10 days ago

    She's so unlikable

  • monster millie
    monster millie 10 days ago

    Kem from last year went on tv said thy had a beach day on saturday

  • BlobBlubCheezy YT
    BlobBlubCheezy YT 10 days ago +6

    Danny should of stuck with Yewande

  • Eiman Ali
    Eiman Ali 10 days ago +1

    UGH Arabella has officially ruined Arabiata pasta for me

  • Pol Dog
    Pol Dog 10 days ago +1

    Arabella looks like Franceska with blonde hair

  • pointy 99
    pointy 99 10 days ago

    whos joe???

  • Jasmine Lander
    Jasmine Lander 10 days ago +3

    Lucie and joe should defo get back together like if you agre

  • Ethereal Phoenix
    Ethereal Phoenix 10 days ago +1

    Joe needs to stop licking his lips, every second

  • CAM
    CAM 10 days ago

    do they not have tvs

  • CAM
    CAM 10 days ago

    she’s really not that pretty huh

    • Adrienne Harrison
      Adrienne Harrison 10 days ago +1

      Ikr in the villa she looked super gorgeous, but here she looks meh

  • Gilmour Keirs
    Gilmour Keirs 10 days ago

    Why the fuck is this garbage on my recommendations

  • Laura King
    Laura King 10 days ago

    Told off for what?

  • P Lizzy
    P Lizzy 10 days ago +15

    Wait hold on why am I watching this?

  • Charlie Johnson
    Charlie Johnson 10 days ago

    I think they’re well cute together

  • Cody Clarke
    Cody Clarke 10 days ago

    Plot twist~ they end up going out

  • さはJade
    さはJade 11 days ago

    Yewande plz🙄

  • Paul Bertie
    Paul Bertie 11 days ago

    2 drinks a night f**k that

  • Kanika Gupta
    Kanika Gupta 11 days ago +3

    Who else came here to read funny names for umbrella?

  • Chl oe
    Chl oe 11 days ago +245

    To go through 3 months of rigorous interviews and application stages just to spend 3 days in there, that's shit.

  • Six Queens
    Six Queens 11 days ago +105

    Alabama was at the villa for like 3 days ??????

    • A H
      A H 5 days ago

      Just know you’re black.

    • Tallulah_ timelapses
      Tallulah_ timelapses 7 days ago +4

      Zlarphy NJ no shit, we can read .

    • Zlarphy
      Zlarphy 7 days ago +9

      Six Queens man said alabama🤣

  • Ash sttarlightts
    Ash sttarlightts 11 days ago +1

    Lol arabatty still out here slag

  • Benedicte Wanzambi
    Benedicte Wanzambi 11 days ago +2

    Joe sometimes is you like someone you need to let her go so move on, I can't imagine you still want a date with lucie after all of this so where is yourself respect.

  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda 11 days ago

    Do anything for clout

    • Purple Panda
      Purple Panda 10 days ago

      clearly someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed 😂

    • Elle Why
      Elle Why 10 days ago

      @Purple Panda Seems a bit bitter for a joke. If you don't want someone to @ you, don't comment on a public forum.

    • Purple Panda
      Purple Panda 10 days ago

      just a fricking joke no need to at me

    • Elle Why
      Elle Why 10 days ago +2

      Yewande did morning show appearance. Was that for clout too? Or is it only for clout when it's someone you don't like?

  • Colona MT
    Colona MT 11 days ago

    Apparently the pool is freezing

  • Pyrex TV
    Pyrex TV 11 days ago

    Sad to see amy go I bet joes already tryed getting onto lucie again

  • GeniusMusikk
    GeniusMusikk 11 days ago +5

    I was actually really curious about the clothes thing because that little suitcase they walk in/out with didn't look like the girls could carry a lot in it. They even wear pretty similar clothes sometimes too

  • Angus Govier
    Angus Govier 11 days ago


  • Ella Enchanted
    Ella Enchanted 11 days ago


  • Galaxi 7
    Galaxi 7 11 days ago +7

    She looks amazing for her age, far younger than her actual she.

    • jwt2010
      jwt2010 3 days ago

      Isn’t she only 28?

  • ssebak26
    ssebak26 11 days ago +79

    man they are both really trying to milk their 15 min of fame, she was there for like 15 s

  • Benjamin House
    Benjamin House 11 days ago

    The comments here are revolting people should be ashamed of themselves. Imagine canvasing for more mental health awareness from the producers only to bully a contestant even after they've left. SAY SOMETHING NICE OR DONT SAY IT AT ALL

  • Linoge Z
    Linoge Z 11 days ago +1

    who the fuck are these people

  • DV V
    DV V 12 days ago

    What a coincidence! There was a TV series back in 2004 here in da Philippines about two strangers titled Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas. They fell off from the ship and trapped in a deserted island. The name of da girl character is Arabella while the guy name is Christian

  • It’s Shithead
    It’s Shithead 12 days ago

    Am i the only one that thinks arabella looks like a butterfly.... Like she has a butterlfy face google it

  • Shopaholic undisputed heavy weight champion

    Ditch the denim shirt it don’t suit you 👎🏻

  • LivingRentFreeInYourHead
    LivingRentFreeInYourHead 12 days ago +8

    Someone said Arabattycrease

  • Sophi Balerdi
    Sophi Balerdi 12 days ago +4

    Arabella is milking the shit out of the cow that is her love island experience. She’s a pro farmer at this point

    • Elle Why
      Elle Why 11 days ago

      They all do if they get approached. It's their job, and it can lead to other jobs. Some get approached more than others because they're better on camera. There's a reason why Elma is on loads despite being on LI for two minutes. Girl can talk.

  • Little_sumsum
    Little_sumsum 12 days ago +2

    These two would make a good couple

  • bob star
    bob star 12 days ago

    Absolute nobody's. Will be opening a pound land near you soon.

  • the essence within
    the essence within 12 days ago +2

    Arabella is a great song tho

  • Rachie Sherlock
    Rachie Sherlock 12 days ago +3

    If I had aa £1 for eeverytime Joe licks his own lip I'd be rich, he did it on the show too

  • rideremii
    rideremii 12 days ago +3

    Why are they so shiny 😂😂

  • SmithsRus
    SmithsRus 12 days ago +1

    Lucy and her partner leave tonight

  • Itiswhatitis B
    Itiswhatitis B 12 days ago +2

    Kmt dead things

  • NCY Georgios
    NCY Georgios 12 days ago +1

    You 2 really look great together

  • Ashleigh Nicole
    Ashleigh Nicole 12 days ago

    Lol.... Gay. 😂 😂 😂 Fuck off 😂 😂

    • eirene minaj
      eirene minaj 12 days ago +2

      homophobic ugly ass trump supporter

  • JHolland
    JHolland 12 days ago +3

    Wish these were in the villa longer

  • JHolland
    JHolland 12 days ago +2

    Amber better of got told off for saying the word rape then ,.. if arabella got told for saying bully wtf hahah

  • Bang Ding Ow
    Bang Ding Ow 12 days ago +573

    I’m not a big fan of Arabella by any means, but all these people commenting hate towards her are the same people that say mental health is so important. Fix up

    • Bang Ding Ow
      Bang Ding Ow 5 days ago

      First Last How can u seriously feel that much negativity towards someone you don’t even know on a REALITY tv show, fuck me read a book or something haha

    • First Last
      First Last 5 days ago +1

      Did she care about Amy’s mental health when she told her the outside doesn’t like her??

    • CoffeeKisses xoxo
      CoffeeKisses xoxo 6 days ago


    • Bang Ding Ow
      Bang Ding Ow 9 days ago +14

      Ash sttarlightts The ignorance of that comment, that’s like me saying you got bullied in school but I have no sympathy cos you chose to go to school.

    • Smileyfaceanimations
      Smileyfaceanimations 9 days ago +7

      Ash sttarlightts and did nothing wrong yet you doing personal abuse, bet you’re clapped af

  • Hey itzz Blondie
    Hey itzz Blondie 12 days ago +2

    I ship them 🥰

  • Aaron Shone
    Aaron Shone 12 days ago +21

    Why does arabella get so much undeserving hate😂

  • ItsJustChrissie
    ItsJustChrissie 12 days ago +2

    Arabatty looks like an egg in this

  • Kyle Newton
    Kyle Newton 12 days ago +6

    I wonder who does smoke in the Villa. Does anyone know?

    • Marella201
      Marella201 11 days ago +2

      Megan Campbell yh he seems to have smokers lips lol

    • Megan Campbell
      Megan Campbell 12 days ago

      I heard Danny, not sure whether it true as there was no proof and that

  • Reabetswe Mokale
    Reabetswe Mokale 12 days ago +30

    What about Yewande, is she not desirable enough for you?? I'm tired of seeing Antibiotics everywhere😒

    • eirene minaj
      eirene minaj 12 days ago +6

      @Arberor are you fucking dumb

    • Arberor
      Arberor 12 days ago +9

      @Reabetswe Mokale
      Stfu if you wanna see jewande so bad pre her insta don’t watch Arabella

  • Shannon Swift
    Shannon Swift 12 days ago +14

    I don’t get why Arabella is getting so much attention coz my girl was only in the villa for 3 days she’s not even relavent anymore

    • WeirdInternetz
      WeirdInternetz 11 days ago

      @Arberor withoyt make up that would be lucie , with make up amber.

    • cr98
      cr98 12 days ago

      Shannon Swift bitch you hella jealous

    • Shannon Swift
      Shannon Swift 12 days ago +3

      Arberor and btw I don’t think she was the best looking in the villa honesty Yewande is much prettier than her but that’s my opinion

    • Shannon Swift
      Shannon Swift 12 days ago

      Arberor well that’s fucking annoying coz no one really cares about her and she’s just popping up everywhere

    • Arberor
      Arberor 12 days ago +5

      @Shannon Swift
      She was the best looking in the villa

  • Isabella
    Isabella 12 days ago +66

    Why is Artichoke here and Yewande isn't?

    • Alex Thomson
      Alex Thomson 9 days ago +3

      BIG smoke agreed she’s vile looked like donkey from shrek

    • BIG smoke
      BIG smoke 11 days ago +7

      Because no one wants to see her ugly mug.

  • WhosThatPanda
    WhosThatPanda 12 days ago +27

    I love Yewande and she was my favourite but I’ve honestly loved Arabella outside of the villa. I don’t get all of the comments about her tbh

  • thrilos olympiakara
    thrilos olympiakara 12 days ago +53

    Arabellas forehead is brighter than my future

    • Oh yeah yeah
      Oh yeah yeah 11 days ago

      ShellElf MSP damn good one

    • ShellElf MSP
      ShellElf MSP 12 days ago +3

      thrilos olympiakara ah so not that bright then

  • Sway Kid
    Sway Kid 12 days ago +11

    Why the guy always sticking his tongue out everytime.....dis guy be eating to much sandwishes...

    • Faithful
      Faithful 10 days ago


    • M L
      M L 12 days ago

      Undeserving? 😂😂

  • eirene minaj
    eirene minaj 12 days ago +1

    yall say yewande is borning nd shit but this video has nothing to do with her but yall keep talm shit

  • mak
    mak 12 days ago +10

    Arabella has the best smile, makes me smile everytime

  • Lydia McCrea
    Lydia McCrea 12 days ago +35

    I wonder who smokes in the villa 🤔Anyone know?

  • Otnzx5 Otnzx5
    Otnzx5 Otnzx5 12 days ago +2

    Alll these yewande faggots make some of the most irrelevant comments going🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • kris wu
    kris wu 12 days ago +71

    umbrella trying to get clout

    • Uniquee
      Uniquee 8 days ago +1

      She’s not trying, she’s getting...🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Elle Why
      Elle Why 11 days ago

      @kris wu They ask the ones with the most screen presence I guess? She speaks well and looks at ease on camera. That's also why they keep interviewing people like Montana and Eyal even though they're from previous years.

    • kris wu
      kris wu 11 days ago

      well she was on the island for like 4 days so...

    • Elle Why
      Elle Why 11 days ago +3

      She's a model and now reality tv personality. This is her job.

    • BIG smoke
      BIG smoke 11 days ago +4

      Her agent would organise interviews and shows. You don't understand how these things work.

  • Paul Occleston
    Paul Occleston 12 days ago

    Mopertop 😅😅

  • Milf Eater0131
    Milf Eater0131 12 days ago +66

    So what sherif saying then 🤷‍♂️😲

    • VRBL !NSLT
      VRBL !NSLT 7 days ago +1

      @Tallulah_ timelapses.. he heard Trump say its ok to grab m by the pussy and just went in feet first.. 😂

    • Tallulah_ timelapses
      Tallulah_ timelapses 7 days ago +2

      Milf Eater0131 sherif is a naughty bloke he kicked Molly in the groin

  • h g
    h g 12 days ago +13

    Arabella is fkn sexy not gonna lie

  • kate k
    kate k 12 days ago +103

    arasmella you were there for like 1 hour why are you everywhere

    • Elle Why
      Elle Why 11 days ago +1

      She was there for such a short time and yet she must be popular if all the media outlets are approaching her to do loads of interviews... Must be all the hits from the fans of the Mean Girls clique...

    • sweet but psycho
      sweet but psycho 11 days ago +3

      Childish as fuck grow up and come back when you actually get in love island 😂

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 12 days ago +282

    Yewande is clever not to go on these interviews unlike arabrat trying to get clout 🙄🙄

    • PhreshFunk
      PhreshFunk 5 days ago

      @Uniquee they do if they wanna make money

    • Uniquee
      Uniquee 8 days ago

      Clever people don’t go on shows like these 😂💀

    • Tom Medernik
      Tom Medernik 8 days ago

      @Ash sttarlightts Really good, insightful comment.

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth 8 days ago +1

      lychee black tea with aloe yes they areeee kmtttt

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth 8 days ago +1

      Ash sttarlightts well said 👏🏽👏🏽

  • Evan Jackson
    Evan Jackson 12 days ago +3

    They should get together

  • Mariam Vella
    Mariam Vella 12 days ago +260

    Arabella looks the same with the jacket and pink hair tie in ALL the YT videos

    • Honey Lover
      Honey Lover 10 days ago

      itshannah for every single interview that day yh....that's very smart

    • itshannah
      itshannah 11 days ago

      Honey Lover I do that. You can change in restaurant bathrooms or the car for example

    • itshannah
      itshannah 11 days ago

      That Guy Why? You can change in the car or like a restaurant bathroom

    • That Guy
      That Guy 11 days ago +1

      itshannah are you dumb

    • Honey Lover
      Honey Lover 11 days ago +2

      itshannah are u weird ? who has the time

    PLANETHOLLIEWAD 12 days ago +17

    Oh look, it's Ebola from love island

    • eirene minaj
      eirene minaj 12 days ago

      @Sam Gedney bc shes that bitch

    • E O
      E O 12 days ago +1

      Sam Gedney why should she go

      PLANETHOLLIEWAD 12 days ago


    • Sam Gedney
      Sam Gedney 12 days ago +4

      But Anna hasn’t left yet?

    • Yeni Taylor
      Yeni Taylor 12 days ago +5

      PLANETHOLLIEWAD is that meant to be funny?

  • Ciaran Ward
    Ciaran Ward 12 days ago +290

    I lost 2 brain cells watching this instead of learning something new

    • HU3Y2739
      HU3Y2739 10 days ago +3

      You learnt not to watch love island related videos ever again

  • hellohi123ist
    hellohi123ist 12 days ago +138

    Where is Yewande opportunities?

  • Lucy Lui
    Lucy Lui 12 days ago +12

    Arasmellas pathetic

  • Brenda Smith
    Brenda Smith 12 days ago +7

    I’m glad she said go told off for saying the word Bully, get a fucking grip

    • Elle Why
      Elle Why 11 days ago

      So what exactly do you define as bullying, if not Amber and Anna's behaviour after Yewande left? It was textbook verbal bullying. Going by your name you grew up in the 60s so you think only beating someone up for their lunch money is bullying?