Most ropes skipped - Guinness World Records

  • Published on Aug 18, 2017
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    This classic piece of footage from the CCTV-Guinness World Records Special 2011 TV series shows Wang Zhuoxin, a young school girl from Zhuang Central Primary School in Beijing, China, jumping over 110 individual skipping ropes. Read more:
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Comments • 5 282

  • _Lovelyz Pandas_
    _Lovelyz Pandas_ 2 hours ago

    1 like 1 water for the all kido

  • Buffy 462
    Buffy 462 2 hours ago

    The jumping kid like did a job easier than the kids helping her, i could probably do that if i was on crack, honestly.😂

  • Harrold DJANI
    Harrold DJANI 2 hours ago

    Hmmm, we can probably do that easily

  • TheGaming _Asian
    TheGaming _Asian 4 hours ago

    Plot twist,the ropes are spaghetti and the underside of the -sheps- shoes of the girls have seasoning,they are working the spaghetti and seasoning the dough

  • Dozin' Hamster
    Dozin' Hamster 6 hours ago

    Thought it was peter from spotify lmao

  • Boba Fete
    Boba Fete 6 hours ago

    Imagine a kid let go of the rope XD

  • 3D Gaming
    3D Gaming 6 hours ago

    What if she fell?

  • Arkim Hasra
    Arkim Hasra 9 hours ago

    so basically she skipp = 110jump x (number of ropes).

  • Mat Fiz
    Mat Fiz 9 hours ago

    might sound crazy for u guys but I think many can do that

  • .
    . 10 hours ago

    she went for a 110 bomb

  • potato patato
    potato patato 11 hours ago

    Can everyone stop saying oH iT sHoUlD gO tO tHe KiDs On ThE sIdE! Yes, it is tiring but imagine the pressure for the girl

  • iiJustxs ö
    iiJustxs ö 15 hours ago

    I could do that I’ve won all jump rope competition I’ve done and I have don’t 600 jump ropes in a row.

  • I.S Ashutosh
    I.S Ashutosh Day ago

    Nice number of views

  • Ashlyn Hallick
    Ashlyn Hallick Day ago

    I’m about her age and I can barely do 1

  • xbpubg ssb
    xbpubg ssb Day ago

    This is long

  • Lloyd Asley Sibbaluca

    Sana ol may cooperation/coordination

  • Luny Cipres
    Luny Cipres Day ago

    The way the kid is held up in the end lol.
    Btw awesome coordination by everyone

  • Amiel Faker
    Amiel Faker Day ago

    Who cares about the girl, anyone can do that, but the synchronization of the ones holding the rope are commendable

  • Orange Methane
    Orange Methane Day ago

    Imagine if someone from the people holding the ropes messes up purposefully

  • Flame Kitsu
    Flame Kitsu Day ago +1

    The people who did the most were...

    The people watching

  • PotaShiTo
    PotaShiTo Day ago

    First of all, why are the children doing that? It could be an adult tho. Besides, it didnt says Child

  • Zoid_
    Zoid_ Day ago +2

    Imagine a kid hands starts hurting and lets go. LOl

  • Ishaq Tayab
    Ishaq Tayab 2 days ago

    And yet I can't even skip with 1 rope

    Cara MACPHERSON 2 days ago +1

    And there's that one kid who doesn't move the rope except lifts it up...

  • 위드nim
    위드nim 2 days ago


  • Just your friendly neighborhood gnome

    Her calves must be monsters

    JEROME ML 2 days ago +1

    Why is everyone just talking about the ppl on the sides
    The jumping was so tiring too because she is jumping continously for 110+ times

  • David Oliveira April 17th century O

    What shoes did she use for that I want to know!!!

    LPS_ STUDIO 2 days ago +2

    Why the hell are people only talking about the kids on the side? Like yeah they probably got tried moving their arms. But the girl in the middle had to jump every second, she also had the pressure from everyone watching, you could tell she was nervous from the face. And when she finished she looked tired and like she was about to cry when the ropes hit her, plus she used her WHOLE body, the kids only used their arms. 😑

  • R '
    R ' 3 days ago +2

    110 ropes and still no where nearly as impressive as double dutch, that takes real skills

  • Just Sleepy.
    Just Sleepy. 3 days ago +2

    you know how people sometimes hit their shin or something with a jump rope and it hurts like hell.
    imagine if you hit your shin with all that.

  • Rianne 1
    Rianne 1 3 days ago

    Their arns must HURT as HECK

  • Azeem Uddin
    Azeem Uddin 3 days ago

    It's EZeeeeeeeeee

  • Rivo Mino
    Rivo Mino 4 days ago

    Kids on the side did 3 times more physical work than the juper. Due to swinging a heavy load with their arms, abs, hips, and back muscles.
    Jumper has done 10 times more menthal work than the kids on the side. Due to directly been focuser by the Audiance & the competition.

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar 4 days ago


  • anshul kumar
    anshul kumar 5 days ago

    I can 5000

  • ren yanzhen
    ren yanzhen 5 days ago

    Boi so are they counting how many ropes or how many she jumped... because my friend and I were doing a challenge and we both did over 110.....

  • ren yanzhen
    ren yanzhen 5 days ago +1

    The kids on the side must be dead tired after this..

  • adnan khan
    adnan khan 5 days ago +2

    Bro I would be so tired of jumping only 30 times and even more If I had to swing the rope god damn bro

  • Gacha Munchkin
    Gacha Munchkin 6 days ago +1

    I cant even jump rope with 2 people 😂

  • Bagua Gaming
    Bagua Gaming 6 days ago +1

    Imagine getting your legs hit with that army of ropes

  • Jessica Page
    Jessica Page 6 days ago

    Person doing the world record-jumps 110 times

    People holding the rope-twirls there whole body while counting

  • Jc Spyrogyra
    Jc Spyrogyra 7 days ago +1

    Why is no one talking about

    The camera guy who only recorded the hostgirl's reaction.

  • Chexry Red 빨간색
    Chexry Red 빨간색 7 days ago +2

    Everyone's talking about the kids on the side, why can't we appreciate the girl jumping too-?

  • •GachaAmy•
    •GachaAmy• 8 days ago +2

    It might pain but at least they burned a lot of calories 👌

    AJ GORI 11 days ago

    Asians always having to be better than us:

  • RandomGuyInThe Internet

    Damn it my record is 102 jumps

  • Dionne Harris
    Dionne Harris 13 days ago

    Does anyone know what number there saying?!?!

  • sandra salazar
    sandra salazar 14 days ago


  • my lifecom
    my lifecom 15 days ago

    How wrong this sounds

  • Janelle Rose
    Janelle Rose 18 days ago

    Im just Lowkey wondering..what teacher decides..'lets just break the world record,,whats homework?!?, we're gonna go jumping!'

    Props to the students tho,cause i bet that took a lot of stamina..

  • Just Dance Gacha Pro Hello

    Dang she must be proud of herself after all of those people helped her skip all of these ropes

  • jimin has jams
    jimin has jams 19 days ago

    me; im good at jump ropes >:)
    her: are you sure about that ・ᴗ・

  • GardenGeek
    GardenGeek 21 day ago

    Hard work and lots of practice for all who took part. Am not sure this makes good video Found myself hitting FAST FORWARD, yet every minute looked the same. It is hard to tell WHAT they were trying to beat. Are we supposed to count the ropes? Or, the number times the TANGLE of ropes is turned?

  • Alexander
    Alexander 21 day ago

    ASIAN LEVEL: 999999999

  • Artur Bamberg
    Artur Bamberg 21 day ago

    Really asians dont have what to do at home

  • Tserriednich
    Tserriednich 22 days ago

    Pro tips: *Watch this video in x2*

  • Calvin Teresa
    Calvin Teresa 22 days ago

    Do u know how painful that was if you failed and it hit you

  • Chloe Ham
    Chloe Ham 22 days ago

    BRUH wake up look at all those ropes it so slow...

  • Francis Brian Tongco
    Francis Brian Tongco 22 days ago

    Parkour Part 2 Pawii Panyee