Stacking Pringles In a Circle

  • Published on Jun 14, 2021
  • I stack Pringles in a circle to measure their curvature
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  • Yaya Film Productions
    Yaya Film Productions 11 months ago +15350

    This man goes from making hydrophobic water to stacking Pringles in a circle as if those are equally normal things, what a legend

    • Ian Sirios
      Ian Sirios Month ago

      Just a normal day

    • UncleBuddy
      UncleBuddy 2 months ago

      Maybe not equally normal…but equally impressive…? Yes! 👏🤣

    • Blub Blub
      Blub Blub 2 months ago

      @Blank If you have the time, might as well do something with it ig

    • Blank
      Blank 2 months ago

      Y tf are u studying pringles?

    • sunky
      sunky 3 months ago +1

      from slicing water 😂

  • shanshansan
    shanshansan 4 months ago +1404

    This has the same energy as "A bored god plays Tetris"

    • yayuuuhhhH
      yayuuuhhhH 7 days ago +1

      except in "A bored god plays Tetris" hes literally just using a pre set queue so theres nothing really godly about that lol

    • MyHommies
      MyHommies 9 days ago +1


    • Shadowcat
      Shadowcat 15 days ago +1


    • ZenithedZac
      ZenithedZac 27 days ago +1


    • zalor
      zalor 29 days ago +2


  • MrInner
    MrInner Month ago +153

    "What do you do for a living?"
    Him: "I stack Pringles in a circle."

  • _xXMidnight
    _xXMidnight Month ago +79

    “I’m not eating in class, teacher, I am simply making a perfect circle.”

    • Mello
      Mello 15 minutes ago +1

      "I'm not eating the class, teacher, I am simply making a perfect circle."

    • Sai
      Sai Day ago +1

      Its not a perfect circle

  • Bosen Jin Wu
    Bosen Jin Wu 26 days ago +5

    Great, I've been looking for a Pringles Portal tutorial all these years. I must take my leave now.

  • TGNM
    TGNM 8 months ago +4851

    Math question be like: Jack stacked 60 pieces of Pringles to make a circle. Calculate the curvature of the Priingle

  • space cowboy
    space cowboy 3 months ago +2

    Oh this
    This is pure gold, they make a perfect circle

  • WagsFam5
    WagsFam5 2 months ago

    the amount of joy he had when he did it was priceless

  • Cameron Peterson
    Cameron Peterson 18 days ago

    I love how his videos just straight up end so abruptly. No "please subscribe", no "please like", no "a huge thank you to pringles for sponsoring this video". It's like he can't be bothered with editing because he has so many science experiments to get to before he dies.

  • Jellybehindthe slaughter

    *science has never been fun until now thanks to this man*

  • Ali -
    Ali - 10 months ago +5314

    pringles are actually extremely structurally sound, to the point where a group of 6th graders designed an earthquake-proof bamboo hut inspired by the shape of the chips

    • Russell Phelan
      Russell Phelan 15 days ago

      @Anas Ebrahim No, it's a compromise between being sturdy and being easy to construct. Constructing curved things is much more difficult. You can bolt together a few bars to get a triangle. The triangle is definitely better than the rectangle, and its easy to modify a rectangle to get triangles. I think that's why it's viewed as strong.

    • Nicko Angelo
      Nicko Angelo 8 months ago

      @dsds 😂

    • Mulholland Drive Hobo
      Mulholland Drive Hobo 8 months ago

      @chris the joke, you missed it.

    • Mulholland Drive Hobo
      Mulholland Drive Hobo 8 months ago

      @Vir i was going to say that but i forgot the name of the function, however its the other way around about the Pringles, Pringles inspired themselves on the hyperbolic paraboloid

    • Science Revolution
      Science Revolution 8 months ago +1

      @Dashing ularity
      Tide Mechanism
      Tide is not caused by gravity of the moon. The moon’s gravity is attracting the whole mass of the earth not just mass on the surface. Fact is the sea level is stable.
      Tide is caused by coastal sea bed fall and raise due to thermal expansion of the landmass.
      To prove it, set up a laser beam parallels to sea level off shore at high tide and measure the angle change at low tide. If sea level is up and down the two beams will be parallel.

  • JELLY shell
    JELLY shell 2 days ago

    Now you made me crave Pringles 😂

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 2 months ago +121

    Him: *does some Very complicated talk
    Me if a had that chip circle: *Litrely eats all of it in 0.1 millisecond*

  • Pensamiento Paradójico
    Pensamiento Paradójico 2 months ago +21

    Him: Talking Science…
    Me: Put your hand through it :)

  • Totally Tails' channel

    "Then we'll use it to measure the curvature of a pringle"
    This is what my math teacher thinks when she says "You will use math for the rest of your life"

  • Zachary Haney
    Zachary Haney 8 months ago +8721

    Impressive! Not that you can stack them in a circle, but that you have the discipline to refrain from eating them at a rate that would make impossible to have enough to stack like that.

    • HannahBanana
      HannahBanana 23 days ago

      i wouldn’t even want to eat it, pringles are nasty

    • Bob
      Bob 28 days ago

      @armpit_farts kind of true

    • Bob
      Bob 28 days ago

      The original flavour is the best one

    • PandaParties
      PandaParties 28 days ago


    • Veer Khurana
      Veer Khurana 6 months ago

      @Plumbing & Stuff In Oregon lol

  • James Mills
    James Mills 4 months ago

    What the hell, this man just taught me a whole thing in less then 60 seconds.

  • *Ms~Weeb●_o*
    *Ms~Weeb●_o* Month ago

    I did this in 4th grade, so fun to try!

  • StigyanBlue
    StigyanBlue 2 months ago +3

    "Honey, don't play with your food."
    "But mom, SCIENCE!!"

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown 8 days ago +2

    I did this in science in year 6 but in Australia the Pringles don’t have the as much of a curve so we just ate them ✨free food✨

  • Goodness Ifebigh
    Goodness Ifebigh 11 months ago +6438

    Mom: “don’t play with your food”
    This guy: “okay, but what if Its to measure the circumference?”
    Mom: … . .

  • Roperational
    Roperational Month ago +12

    Mom: “Don’t play with your food”
    Him: *Who, me?*

  • Kaelyn Yap
    Kaelyn Yap 3 months ago +1

    This is amazing! 😍
    This is me when i have too much time

  • Josh Riley
    Josh Riley 4 days ago

    If you could find a way to keep them together permanently, you could sell it as a modern art piece.

  • AwesomeJcanGuy
    AwesomeJcanGuy 2 months ago

    I wish I could do fun science experiments for a living too

  • BlueRiceGamer
    BlueRiceGamer 10 months ago +15329

    How did he resist not eating a single pringle while building this lol

  • 유예라
    유예라 2 months ago +1

    Wow, I was really surprised. I never thought that it would be possible.🤣👍
    I thought it was a rose when it appeared in the short video

  • Amy Beast
    Amy Beast 2 months ago +1

    The smile on his face after building it🤩

  • Amy Wamey
    Amy Wamey 3 months ago +3

    “Do you ever look at someone and think, what is going on inside their head?!”

  • Κωνσταντίνος Γκουβελας

    "let's see if it's possible to stack pringles so that they make a complete circle without falling over" bro that's the definition of "I am 35 and I have no life"

  • Mon
    Mon 11 months ago +8085

    The only thing that's not normal here is how the pringles are not broken.

    • H.—greyed0utLeo. 🇮🇪
      H.—greyed0utLeo. 🇮🇪 10 months ago

      @ItsAsh_101 yeah, plus, they didn't even #### with their ###### how did #### even #####.

    • ItsAsh_101
      ItsAsh_101 10 months ago +1

      @H.-greyed0utLeo. 🇮🇪 i think ## ######## were more ###### with those #### of things, the ######### would be pretty much ####

    • H.—greyed0utLeo. 🇮🇪
      H.—greyed0utLeo. 🇮🇪 10 months ago

      @ItsAsh_101 yes, cuz the ####### #### ### ##### but yeah, ikr.

    • H.—greyed0utLeo. 🇮🇪
      H.—greyed0utLeo. 🇮🇪 10 months ago

      @UnFunny Monke yeah, like it's obviously ##### ######## ### ## # ### but they still don't believe it like. ;-;

    • ItsAsh_101
      ItsAsh_101 10 months ago +1

      @H.-greyed0utLeo. 🇮🇪 ikr, it’s so annoying when the ######## go through that ##### of ############ #########

  • Brandon Aguirre
    Brandon Aguirre 7 days ago +1

    I legit thought this guy was about to stack sticks in a circle

  • Harryween
    Harryween 15 hours ago

    i finished my pringles yesterday and now you made me want more

  • Dennis Mortberg
    Dennis Mortberg Month ago +1

    But did you know that three Pringles end to end in a circle is the exact circumference of a Pringles can?

    IAMCHIP Month ago

    What do you know, You can make art out of almost anything

  • Trash Man
    Trash Man 7 months ago +6203

    "Honey im running to the store exclusively for pringles"

    • Obama
      Obama 4 months ago

      @Food aiyo what

    • Life of Leium
      Life of Leium 4 months ago

      @Necrotic Pumpkin idk, why it be hacked, fix it

    • Necrotic Pumpkin
      Necrotic Pumpkin 4 months ago

      bro wtf is my account hacked?? who tf is this

    • Life of Leium
      Life of Leium 5 months ago +1

      @annabel bruh just stop it aint gonna work aint nobody clickin that

    • Lyxxh
      Lyxxh 5 months ago

      @Food he didn't tho 👁️👄👁️

  • Joaquin Arrative Sisterna

    "because: S C I E N C E "

  • SeraphsWitness
    SeraphsWitness 20 days ago

    Doing the Lord's work, ActionLabs.
    That said, given the slight weight of the circle, you may get a more precise measurement if you average the vertical diameter with the horizontal diameter.

  • Ledgen Goad
    Ledgen Goad 2 months ago

    This man is a god of science, physics, and blowing my socks off my cold feet

  • Cyanna Nima
    Cyanna Nima 9 days ago

    There is a problem, you arent integrating gravity, some of the pringles and lined up properly making the number be incorrect, such as tipping, and not form fitting stackage

  • Rūppu
    Rūppu 9 months ago +4338

    "Hey, I'm going to buy Pringles."
    "We already got food enough at home."
    "It's not food. It's an a experiment."

    • Eugenio Guajardo Cavazos
      Eugenio Guajardo Cavazos 8 months ago

      @DING DONG y tu hablas español?? e oído que la gran mayoría de escuelas de Estados Unidos lo llevan, o ni siquiera me entiendes

    • Ryssuii
      Ryssuii 8 months ago +1

      Imagine judging people's grammar

    • Ethan Martinez
      Ethan Martinez 8 months ago

      f o o d e n o u g h

    • XxSimplyDreamingXx
      XxSimplyDreamingXx 8 months ago +1

      I have the same profile picture on my Discord group

    • Rūppu
      Rūppu 8 months ago

      @Dr. Borgerz Gacha
      It ain't food, it's called 'Pringles circle'.

  • PeopleOfCorinth
    PeopleOfCorinth Month ago

    My man. Asking and solving the hard questions.

  • Rosepetal
    Rosepetal 6 days ago +1

    I did this once as a group project- we actually did it.

  • Bageht
    Bageht 3 months ago

    One of the moments where you can actually eat science.

  • Harsha Nahar
    Harsha Nahar 2 months ago +1

    I want a science teacher like you 🥺🥺🥺

  • Kushagra Bahuguna
    Kushagra Bahuguna 11 months ago +5146

    This honestly looks like a thing they’d sell in a children’s museum for fifty bucks 😳

    • Art Deco times
      Art Deco times 11 months ago

      @Kushagra Bahuguna welcome to earth, I didn't realize you had an early arrival. Listen so here on this planet, we don't write in a 3rd person point of view, and have unsatisfying conclusions to what you may find correct and well grammar'ed.

    • Kushagra Bahuguna
      Kushagra Bahuguna 11 months ago

      @Art Deco times
      You: doesn’t understand a joke which, if you took a minute, would make sense
      Also you: calls others’ sense of humor tasteless

    • Merlon_w0rLd
      Merlon_w0rLd 11 months ago


    • Y
      Y 11 months ago

      The child would touch it and it just crumbled down

    • Art Deco times
      Art Deco times 11 months ago

      sell what a chip?? do only children understand this with their forms of terrible humour?

  • ShadowDancer
    ShadowDancer 16 days ago

    This definitely seems like something someone would do during quarantine

  • Lisa's forehead
    Lisa's forehead 2 months ago

    If this guy was my science teacher, I would have taken science in 12th and gone to IIT

  • nyla
    nyla 3 months ago

    we made these in 2nd grade gifted and talented, it’s actually pretty cool! except mine kept falling over, but i got it on the 3rd try!

  • WA
    WA 4 months ago

    Honestly, this would be a pretty good way to display Pringles as a snack at parties

  • kurbeen
    kurbeen 9 months ago +3444

    Teacher: "Don't play with your food!"
    Kids on the back of the class:

  • ali_2500GamingYT
    ali_2500GamingYT 4 months ago

    I wish I was with you to eat all this lol

  • TazBerri
    TazBerri 2 months ago

    Thank you, you just helped with my homework 😌

  • Haven Shaw
    Haven Shaw Month ago

    This man’s a legend.

  • PanAssault
    PanAssault 9 days ago

    "what did you do this weekend"
    Him: "i stacked pringles into a circle"

  • Luc Wijngaard
    Luc Wijngaard 9 months ago +3181

    This guy puts himself through serious pain, playing with Pringles without eating them, wow!

  • Deaths Wish
    Deaths Wish Month ago +1

    First time in my life that i will admit to this. This got me more excited to see than *The Hole* (if you know, you know)

  • Vedagya Sharma
    Vedagya Sharma Month ago

    Focal length will be 2.75 cms. So to see your highly enlarged image in a pringle, considering it behaves as a concave mirror, you must stand bw 2.75cm and 5.5 cm of the chip you're holding

  • AlwaysUnoriginal
    AlwaysUnoriginal 3 months ago

    he took playing with food to the next level

  • Arashino
    Arashino 4 months ago

    I never would have thought that watching a man stacking pringles would be so entertaining for me.

  • Long pants789
    Long pants789 11 months ago +5447

    "did you do it?"
    "what did it cost"
    *a whole lot of pringles*

    • Lavenderthecat
      Lavenderthecat 10 months ago +2

      *and then we ate it*

    • tcrsh
      tcrsh 10 months ago +1

      @Nick Jenkins i can see why u have no subs lmao

    • CatFishyYT
      CatFishyYT 10 months ago +1

      @zarrowthenorse ? We will remember that…

    • IDHAN1224
      IDHAN1224 10 months ago +1

      @Nick Jenkins Welcome the the fucking internet, you can't cry about people swearing

    • Long pants789
      Long pants789 10 months ago +1

      @PJ Plåyż

  • ruby :D
    ruby :D Month ago

    "don't play with your food" him: let take that to another level

  • Gian Cais
    Gian Cais 4 months ago

    If that was me, i'd probably eaten the whole thing before I even make a circle lol

  • Kyogre the great whale
    Kyogre the great whale 2 months ago +1

    Him:*building a masterpiece*
    Me:ok how do you get those perfect Pringle

  • Noxin BG
    Noxin BG 5 days ago

    This guy makes School look useful I swear

  • SubtomeIllsubtoyou IPrOMISE
    SubtomeIllsubtoyou IPrOMISE 10 months ago +2063

    Im already surprised that he has 2 packs of pringles that isnt crushed

    • v
      v 9 months ago

      pringle’s packaging is better than others, though. pringles aren’t as likely to snap because they’re in a tubed shape container

    • KhakiPeach2
      KhakiPeach2 9 months ago

      @Kayne The Hoodie Wolf yeah i can tell you’ve never been to publix, where do you go, giant eagle

    • Emberz
      Emberz 9 months ago +1

      @chris True.
      Honestly I just wanted to make a smartass joke.

    • chris
      chris 9 months ago

      @Emberz is it really pringles if the ones on the bottom arent broken

  • The Kewlkid
    The Kewlkid 2 months ago

    Imagine coming home after work to see you homeboy making a circle out of your pringles

  • Glutenous
    Glutenous 2 months ago

    im convinced this guy is actually a god changing the laws of physics at his will

  • Dogetheawesome563 Gaming

    *Ah, yes. Architecture at its finest.*

  • caden cruz
    caden cruz 9 days ago

    Damn this guy done broke physics

  • IG:Boosted_Crew_𖤐
    IG:Boosted_Crew_𖤐 8 months ago +1237

    cat for no reason: *“Yeah no, I’m knocking that over”*

    • IG:Boosted_Crew_𖤐
      IG:Boosted_Crew_𖤐 4 months ago +1

      @Matty80822 This is the sad reality of the world. Especially in America. Let’s not get into this because we’ll go from cats to sexuality and then to argue about how the world is filled with crazy people. No need for that ☮️☮️✌️

    • Matty80822
      Matty80822 4 months ago

      @IG:Boosted_Crew_𖤐 right? I came here for a discussion on cats need for chaos

    • IG:Boosted_Crew_𖤐
      IG:Boosted_Crew_𖤐 5 months ago +2

      What is this comment section 💀😭

    • Kpop Scenario
      Kpop Scenario 7 months ago


  • DahjaKat
    DahjaKat Month ago

    This guy being his age still knows how to do his homework

  • YesSay Bmgo
    YesSay Bmgo Month ago

    "Its not a Mistake,Its a Masterpiece"

  • Elizabeth Knappenberger

    Him: using 3 whole cans of pringle’s
    Me: eating 3 whole cans of pringle’s

  • Mr. 2 盆暮れ
    Mr. 2 盆暮れ 2 months ago

    This is what I wanna do for a living

  • Ahman Green
    Ahman Green 7 months ago +4401

    I work at Kellogg’s pringles plant. Each and every Pringle is created and held in place between two pringles shaped “dovals” that form it and hold it in place as it’s cooked. When it reaches the end of the cooking process the top doval lifts up and as it reaches the end of the bottom dovals conveyor, a puff of air lifts the chip up and it travels approximately 8 inches airborne until it flips and lands the same way every time into a “shingling” line combining 6 other pringles all doing their own aerial ballet and landing in a carefully choreographed sequence and locking into each other.

    • MiguelTheNoobie
      MiguelTheNoobie 5 months ago

      This dude should make poems 😳

    • Anna de Vries
      Anna de Vries 5 months ago

      This was more interesting than the video

    • Dylan Campbell
      Dylan Campbell 6 months ago


    • Eric Wong
      Eric Wong 6 months ago +1

      You could build a TheXvid channel off that one video if you capture it

  • NataliIdkHi🖇🦋
    NataliIdkHi🖇🦋 2 months ago

    Others: how did he get so many Pringles to stay as a circle-
    Me: take a bite out of that.

  • uniccrn
    uniccrn 9 hours ago

    ohhh yeah i did that in school once with my friend, it was so cool! then i ate it lol

  • Wayneramon Milo
    Wayneramon Milo 2 months ago

    Amazing work man keep it up

  • eclipse
    eclipse 2 months ago

    You can also use a divider in that way

  • Alex T
    Alex T 11 months ago +2150

    Mom: “Don’t play with your food!”
    Me: “But look at this Pringles circle mom!”

    • FlowTheFlower
      FlowTheFlower 11 months ago +2

      i would be like that >:)

    • Prabin T
      Prabin T 11 months ago +2

      And someone has already written it.

    • Hanz Castro • 1827 years ago
      Hanz Castro • 1827 years ago 11 months ago +3

      @Mathias Fantoni nah more like
      Mom: “I Dont care stop playing with your food”

      RD BLOCKS 11 months ago +3

      @Sporek yeah they are *drinks*

  • prazol khanal
    prazol khanal 2 months ago

    People are weirdly creative... Never ever making a Pringle circle came to mind my mind. I am an experienced Pringle devourer but no never

  • Google User
    Google User 12 days ago

    "mom can I go but some pringles?"
    "that's unhealthy for you! stop eating that"
    meanwhile after

  • 𝚂𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝙱𝚃𝚂

    He is like a maths teacher who wants measurement of everything

  • Rose-edits
    Rose-edits 16 days ago

    This is the definition of playing with food

    CABZ LER 8 months ago +5082

    1890: humanity will have flying cars
    in the 2021
    2021: *Stacked pringles*

    • JaCKhaMMer
      JaCKhaMMer 8 months ago

      2021 : mentos+coke= cool magic

    • K⃟i⃟n⃟g⃟ DᎯᏉID 7
      K⃟i⃟n⃟g⃟ DᎯᏉID 7 8 months ago

      @N.C. Pictures fun fact I was his teacher

    • heavy duty reviews
      heavy duty reviews 8 months ago

      @EM I don't think it takes very much smarts to stack pringles into a circle. It's just simple geometry. My granddaughter is three.

    • EM
      EM 8 months ago

      @heavy duty reviews Your granddaughter is nobel laureate levels of smart, at 9 months old i was probably eating crayons or something lmao

    • heavy duty reviews
      heavy duty reviews 8 months ago

      @EM you actually don't need math or science to stack Pringle my 3yr 9ld granddaughter could do it.

  • WEDG1E73
    WEDG1E73 2 months ago

    This is a circle
    It knows how to get around
    It has a radius from center to rim
    And it’s diameters a line that goes from side to side
    While passing through the middle
    Now isn’t that simple
    Pi r squared sounds like area to me
    When I need a circumference
    I’ll just use pi d
    Pi r squared sounds like area to me
    When I need a circumference
    I’ll just use pi d

  • Alexis repollet-Villarreal

    this man broke the law of physics.

  • GDoggs_Uni
    GDoggs_Uni 2 months ago

    Mom: don’t play with your food!
    You: builds a freaking Pringle circle

  • Normal
    Normal Day ago

    You're a mad man, this power can't be controlled.

  • Reaper 7
    Reaper 7 11 months ago +2592

    When you don't have any cards to stack, but you've just done groceries

    • 2Noobs
      2Noobs 11 months ago

      on jah no cap fr

    • Kimberley Ward
      Kimberley Ward 11 months ago


    • Amy Shaw
      Amy Shaw 11 months ago

      😂😂 Good one

    • Reaper 7
      Reaper 7 11 months ago

      @Reaper greetings, 1st born

    • arthur chase
      arthur chase 11 months ago +1

      @TAILSGAMER201YT you deserve an award then

  • Fizzle Chest
    Fizzle Chest 10 days ago

    Awesome…this guy is a thinker 😁

  • plz help me reach 9k subs with no vids

    my man could work for NASA with this innovation

  • qeieqi
    qeieqi 2 months ago

    it need to be on display in an art museum

  • Oreo
    Oreo Month ago

    Without eating a single pringle?!

  • Jazmin Shepherd
    Jazmin Shepherd 11 months ago +2589

    The real trick is finding a Pringle that isn't crumbs

    • Mitchivan Taylorov
      Mitchivan Taylorov 11 months ago

      ..the real trick is finding time to do this smh

    • Ragnarock100
      Ragnarock100 11 months ago +1

      Hmmm... I take the newly stocked pringles

    • ItsZairDudes!
      ItsZairDudes! 11 months ago +1

      Is really so common to find crumbs?
      In Mexico the pringles are all not broken

    • PuchiPuchi
      PuchiPuchi 11 months ago

      Ughh idk how y'all could like a channel that has a straight cis white guy??? Why can't y'all watch vids of gay, trans, plus size, black folks instead??

    • Daisy Allen
      Daisy Allen 11 months ago

      @Holly Olsen Dude same, like what shady ass place that's throwing their Pringle around are you buying from? 😭

  • A Mindfull Introvert
    A Mindfull Introvert 2 months ago

    Great job, sir! 😍The way my attention span and appetite are set up😂😂I see MAYBE a base😂😂😩😩

  • Andre DV
    Andre DV Month ago +2

    Action Lab: * finds radius *
    Me: Who cares, imma eat it

  • ItzJustLeafy
    ItzJustLeafy 3 months ago

    A true masterpiece

  • Tyler Anscomb
    Tyler Anscomb 2 months ago

    Action lab: Makes fascinating video about how pringles have enough friction and curvature to make a full circle when stacked precisely
    Everyone in comments: hAHa PrInGlE fOoD mE eAt