Tory Lanez Kills The 5 Fingers of Death (9 Minute Freestyle)


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  • Bradford Brooks
    Bradford Brooks 8 seconds ago

    First instrumental what’s the name of that?

  • Bilawal Khan
    Bilawal Khan 7 hours ago

    Mahh gaaawwwddd 🔥🔥🔥

  • Yayy Areaa
    Yayy Areaa 7 hours ago

    21 guns like I’m a damage savage

  • Bmy Zel
    Bmy Zel 9 hours ago


  • Bmy Zel
    Bmy Zel 9 hours ago

    Weird ass laugh in the beginning

  • Sanyo Jean
    Sanyo Jean 10 hours ago

    I hear a young Wayne in his voice. Mad respect for this cat

  • MrRain
    MrRain 11 hours ago

    "I'm getting rings like sonic on a hand glide!!!" ----DAAYYUMMMM!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Isaiah Parker
    Isaiah Parker 11 hours ago

    What’s the 3 beat

  • Tyrone Taylor sr.
    Tyrone Taylor sr. 14 hours ago

    killed it

  • 2sacks1
    2sacks1 16 hours ago

    That ain't no freestyle

  • Johnny Just
    Johnny Just 18 hours ago

    He reminds me of asap rocky for some reason

  • Justin Gacel
    Justin Gacel 18 hours ago

    Just want everyone to be clear, this is pre-written. This is an amazing lyrical display, i'm not denying that, but this is not off the top. Admire it for what it is. Phenomenal writing.

  • Andrew Ndalama
    Andrew Ndalama 21 hour ago

    Rap wise tory is actually underrated... dude can spit!

  • T Hann
    T Hann 21 hour ago +1

    Y’all dumbass keep saying Cassidy but who is a hotter overall rapper??? Tory Fuckin Lanez hands down. Y’all gtf outta here lmao

  • Au Sauvage
    Au Sauvage 22 hours ago

    Notify gang. Culture. #Memories

  • Mtdub Da Champ
    Mtdub Da Champ 23 hours ago

    Tory just ill bruh. And I ain't even halfway done with this lbvs. #Fargo

  • joseph duenas
    joseph duenas Day ago

    holy fuck i cant even get passed the first couple minutes hahaha i was shleeeepppp now im wooookkkee 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • carloslaffitte1
    carloslaffitte1 Day ago

    Coming out the spot wit his jewels dripping like Poseidon

  • Liam Connelly
    Liam Connelly Day ago

    People have 0 reason to hate on Tory, consistently puts out slaps. Has his own flow, fuck all the beef. This is the best 5 fingers I’ve ever heard. Don’t @ me

  • Jack Ke
    Jack Ke Day ago

    Drake, how can you hate this man?

  • Wilfred Rose
    Wilfred Rose Day ago

    this probably stolen bars too

    • thug8200
      thug8200 20 hours ago

      Wilfred Rose nigga he's a ghostwriter and has been 1 since 08

  • Hernan Ramos
    Hernan Ramos Day ago

    Stacks longer than kat stacks nose 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • jonathan griesy jr.

    Whats the last beat name yall? i cant remember

  • Jay D
    Jay D Day ago +3

    welll ........ ewwwwww just flex on em

  • Devonia Thompson
    Devonia Thompson Day ago +1

    He said Toronto stand up....Drake ain't got shit on lanez....Factss!!

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams Day ago +1

    Gah damn Tory

  • Sam Coats
    Sam Coats Day ago

    why tf did he hold on to toreys hand like that

  • thomas reid
    thomas reid Day ago +1

    Straight fire👌👌👌👌

  • Insane & Funny
    Insane & Funny Day ago

    noticed the same cap from the flex freestyle🤔🤔🤔 ...
    hella lit outchea bruh.!!!

  • Tia Dale
    Tia Dale Day ago +1

    Been a fan

  • Hip Hop
    Hip Hop Day ago +1

    Wish he done tracks like this... Pieces his best joint

    • thug8200
      thug8200 20 hours ago +1

      Hip Hop listen to old Tory with King los

    Da BUTCHER 2 days ago

    He kind of got a Cassidy flow...

  • James Siyabonga
    James Siyabonga 2 days ago +1

    I can't wait to see you in my home country (South Africa). I grew up with this hip hop in a small city called Pietermaritzburg the province of Shaka Zulu..I relocated to Cape Town. This will inspire my nation!..once again when you come down here, I'll be there. Thank you Sir!

  • kevin stickney
    kevin stickney 2 days ago +3

    a youngin that understands.....much respected

  • Mike Galla
    Mike Galla 2 days ago +1


  • William Kenney
    William Kenney 2 days ago +1

    I'm an official fan now...

  • Jaquan Clark
    Jaquan Clark 2 days ago

    He aight.

  • Kind CoLLaTz
    Kind CoLLaTz 2 days ago +2

    *T O R Y F L A M E Z*

  • T. PHIL
    T. PHIL 2 days ago +1

    that shit was so fire. that what you call fucking rap freestyle

  • Jamaal Stanley
    Jamaal Stanley 2 days ago +1

    What’s the name of that last beat?

  • Zach McPhail
    Zach McPhail 2 days ago +1

    How tf does he have that much stored up

  • htx. kris
    htx. kris 2 days ago

    5th freestyle beat name please lemme know y'all

  • Sabrina Thurman
    Sabrina Thurman 2 days ago +1


  • Prince Mzungwana
    Prince Mzungwana 2 days ago

    What is the second beat?

  • miichelle adail
    miichelle adail 2 days ago +1

    I’m watching & listening like...How? Can’t deny his Talent of greatness.💯💪🏾

  • BMAR
    BMAR 2 days ago

    Killed that man, gave me them old Cam Dipset vibes. Been telling people Tory nice

  • miichelle adail
    miichelle adail 2 days ago +2


  • Deshawn Perkins
    Deshawn Perkins 2 days ago

    Whats the 3rd beat?

  • Cold Marino
    Cold Marino 2 days ago

    Beat at 8:12?

  • Ernest Garcia
    Ernest Garcia 2 days ago

    this was hella fire but i wouldnt say its a freestyle. lmao Sway said MEMORIES DONT DIE LMAO

  • KingAlexFTW 1996
    KingAlexFTW 1996 2 days ago

    Yo what's the name of that last beat the one that lol Wayne rapped on

  • richh lolife
    richh lolife 2 days ago

    Only the recist people👎this shit

  • MrVee24 Matabudul
    MrVee24 Matabudul 2 days ago +1


    CITY-BOY LIFE 3 days ago

    6ix side niggaz fire

  • gary busey
    gary busey 3 days ago +1

    His wordplay metas and multis is goddamn silly.word is born real hip hop aint dead shun.

  • Super Gaming Tv
    Super Gaming Tv 3 days ago +1

    DAMN TORY!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • TrulyDiamond
    TrulyDiamond 3 days ago


  • Howie Dictor
    Howie Dictor 3 days ago +1


  • Chris Villaverde
    Chris Villaverde 3 days ago +1

    He said put his hands on your brother gotta faid him.

  • Original Sizematic
    Original Sizematic 3 days ago +1

    Been underrated

  • Julia Igwe
    Julia Igwe 3 days ago +1

    GODDAMNNNNNN 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • DeadEye Select
    DeadEye Select 3 days ago +1


  • brandon petro
    brandon petro 3 days ago +1

    First instrumental? And I no longer live in my house it burned down after this freestyle

  • Messecee Brown
    Messecee Brown 3 days ago +3

    He WENT OFF🗣👀

  • BeatsbySense
    BeatsbySense 3 days ago +1

    My phone got hot after the 3 min mark all the battery is almost drained now was at 100% now 1% thanks Tory🙏💯💯💯

  • BeatsbySense
    BeatsbySense 3 days ago +1

    My phone got hot after the 3 min mark all the battery is almost drained now was at 100% now 1% thanks Tory🙏💯💯💯

  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg 3 days ago +1

    Jheeeezusss!!! Straight 🔥 From the 🇬🇧

  • James Hickson
    James Hickson 3 days ago +2

    love the sonic line

  • Ronald Sherrod
    Ronald Sherrod 3 days ago +1

    I swear I thought I was listening to Cassidy for a minute there... Tory Lanez salute

  • Jay Kingn
    Jay Kingn 3 days ago

    69 lil pump Trippy Red just Lil they will never be welcome on here lol

  • changed reaction
    changed reaction 3 days ago +1

    Yo where is joyner lucas on this 5 fingers of death. Worcester mass my city sway!!!! Lets see my homie

  • Louis Pierre
    Louis Pierre 3 days ago

    Need the name of that instrumental at 8:30 stat; sounds like some dipset shit but I can't remember the name, I could just imagine killa cam spitting over that jawn

  • Louis Pierre
    Louis Pierre 3 days ago +1

    Delivery reminding me of the great Cassidy

  • Lukas Rutyna
    Lukas Rutyna 3 days ago +1


    THE RENTS 3 days ago +7

    That was freakin' fiyah!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tyroy Harris
    Tyroy Harris 3 days ago

    What beat is At 5:45

  • Cadarrius Banks
    Cadarrius Banks 3 days ago +1

    Another stolen verse, ghost writing must be the norm in Canada

    • Rez NBD
      Rez NBD 17 hours ago

      thug8200 Ik I’m just seeing if anyone that hates can try to justify what he has “stolen” lol

    • thug8200
      thug8200 20 hours ago +1

      Rez NBD he is lying just a hater

    • Rez NBD
      Rez NBD 3 days ago

      Cadarrius Banks Which verse?

  • Yare ismail
    Yare ismail 4 days ago +1


  • YoITlookstaller
    YoITlookstaller 4 days ago +3

    drake can’t do this lmao

  • htx. kris
    htx. kris 4 days ago +1

    😂don't sleep on Tory at all he a monsta lmao

  • RellyRell 2020
    RellyRell 2020 4 days ago

    Didn't he steal Cassidy bars?

  • Campbell Knight
    Campbell Knight 4 days ago +3

    dude murdered this hands down....

  • Demonking 201
    Demonking 201 4 days ago +1

    3:45 that's rare like a fat ass with no in injection

  • mszeee
    mszeee 4 days ago +1


  • BeastOvaEast81EBK IN Silence

    Ok shorty i hear u

  • Ken Britton
    Ken Britton 4 days ago +3

    Lol Sway sounding like a proud dad!

  • Ken Britton
    Ken Britton 4 days ago +1

    "Keep the applause goin" 😂

  • Dave Henry
    Dave Henry 4 days ago +1

    Damn. He brought the Nigga out in Sway.

  • Tyrone Grays
    Tyrone Grays 4 days ago

    🔫At the opps call over the headBar 💯💯💯

  • Samuel Foster
    Samuel Foster 4 days ago +2

    been a fan since the beginning

  • Aleczi Dagher
    Aleczi Dagher 4 days ago

    Whats the first beat?

  • brooklyn dean
    brooklyn dean 4 days ago

    What’s the 3rd beat?

  • Terence Sheppard
    Terence Sheppard 4 days ago

    Who'd he bite this from? 😂

  • J G
    J G 4 days ago

    Not a freestyle.. nice written tho 👍

  • Jonas Pater
    Jonas Pater 4 days ago

    i understand but what do these people "rappers'' actually do? is it a myth?

  • Adnan Abbas
    Adnan Abbas 4 days ago

    I thought He was just a singin ass nigga

    • thug8200
      thug8200 20 hours ago

      Adnan Abbas he's a rapper 1st

  • Adnan Abbas
    Adnan Abbas 4 days ago

    Respect ✊🏾

  • Spencer H112
    Spencer H112 4 days ago

    2:49 😂

  • DezzDaKing
    DezzDaKing 4 days ago

    He should start rapping on classic beats like on this video he sound like prime Kanye