6 Must Try Japanese Dishes in Tokyo | Tsukiji Street Food

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Tokyo Tsukiji market is home to mouthwatering street food. We wander through and uncover many of the must try dishes in the world famous market.
    A huge thanks to Japan Wonder Travel for assisting with the filming in Tsukiji market. Their experience of the secret spots behind the scenes made it all possible.
    - Fantastic TSUKIJI Street Food Tour with the Experts
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +1416

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Who would win? Ryotaro with the knife or me with the world's hardest food? Let's settle this once and for all.
    We had a blast at Tsukiji market - I'd actually written it off when it moved to Toyosu back in 2018. What I didn't realise was that the outer market (which is the best bit) is still alive and well, and better than ever before. Toyosu is good for the tuna auctions, but not much else. The brand new buildings are shiny and clean, but they lack the atmosphere of Tsukiji's chaotic streets. If you're in Tokyo, make sure to drop by!
    As I mentioned in the video, we did have help behind the scenes from a guide (a guide who wasn't Ryotaro for once), as we wanted to really get down the alleyways and handle the knives used to prepare the tuna. If you want to pretty much do everything we did in this video, you can check out the highly regarded tour here: bit.ly/336bqXE (and yes it does come with plenty of food).

    • aikoku watami
      aikoku watami 3 months ago

      I made the same comment on this channel. But the video owner made the same mistake.
      Translated by: google

      AVAX🔺CANADA☁️ 9 months ago

      #tesla #cafeswap

  • Rob Gavagan
    Rob Gavagan 2 years ago +1994

    Sake is amazing. Especially warm. Goes down so smooth. It’s comforting. Lovely. Then suddenly you’re face down in a bathroom.

    • Garry Ferrington
      Garry Ferrington 4 months ago

      It isn't loaded with chemicals, the way wine and beer is now.

    • Kevin Blanchard
      Kevin Blanchard 6 months ago

      Sake is fantastic, I was in a Hibachi restaurant here in Chicago and the chef was cooking with sake and he gave me a shot and a few others have my table was shot when he was done. It was very smooth and went down easily

    • Isaac Fielding
      Isaac Fielding 6 months ago

      (Insert coom joke here)

    • Sourav Banik
      Sourav Banik Year ago

      Ha ha ha ha! What an amazing description!

  • jm xo
    jm xo 2 years ago +520

    I’m half way through this video and just had to stop and say thank you Chris. It’s 4 degrees and raining here in London, I’ve had a shitty day but I’ve found myself smiling and laughing throughout this video. You’ve made my day, keep up the great work!

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +178

      Aw sorry to hear that! Get yourself down the pub! And thanks for the kind words :)

  • 竹村勇樹
    竹村勇樹 2 years ago +1207

    I'm Japanese. When I want to study listening English,I found this channel recently. This channel is very interesting because I learn the way foreigners study Japanese. I will study English in reference to the way.

    • B Ellis
      B Ellis Year ago

      This is the way

    • Johnny Ro
      Johnny Ro Year ago

      I suppose studying this is studying British or maybe HKish. Singaporish? So will you study by walking the streets of Brooklyn NY and trying 100 ethnics foods? OR same in London, HK? A really good way.

    • Plane Crazy RAF
      Plane Crazy RAF Year ago

      @L Verity it is our language

    • Plane Crazy RAF
      Plane Crazy RAF Year ago

      @L Verity no from english people

  • Trey Lee
    Trey Lee 2 years ago +2113

    9:22 "In the UK we get some hot water, we stick a bag in it, job done."
    In the US we just throw it in the harbor.

    • Booba
      Booba Month ago


    • burt bacarach
      burt bacarach 10 months ago +1


    • Jarrett Froehlich
      Jarrett Froehlich Year ago +11

      In the Southern US, they add 10 pounds of sugar to it and drink it on ice.

    • Avalon
      Avalon Year ago +4

      xD And then start a war with the English lol!

    • A Literal Wolfs Taint
      A Literal Wolfs Taint Year ago +3

      Where it belongs, I say as an Englishman.

  • Alcaz
    Alcaz 2 years ago +5026

    I fell like it's getting harder and harder for Ryotaro to hide his bloodlust for Chris and I can't wait for it to boil over.

    • Jon W
      Jon W 9 months ago +1

      @Abroad in Japan coming back here a year ago after the debut of Evil Ryotaro and you could not be more right lol

    • James Lachance
      James Lachance 11 months ago

      Bladerunner with food. Awesome...

    • Okumura X
      Okumura X Year ago +1

      @Abroad in Japan it's nice to see your sense of humor in the comment replies 🌸

    • Ace of Spades
      Ace of Spades Year ago +3

      @Abroad in Japan I read this in your narrative voice. Which just makes it better.

    • Jaydev Raol
      Jaydev Raol Year ago


  • Dc flow
    Dc flow Year ago +16

    I always enjoy these mini documentaries! They’re so incredibly intriguing and interesting, I always want to watch more and more. Thanks Chris and friends!

  • アンチマン。
    アンチマン。 Year ago +85

    I’m Japanese so I’m not good at writing English.
    I hope we can see many foreigner who come to Japan

    • Kotomi
      Kotomi 3 months ago +2

      I’m from the U.S. and I truly hope to go to Japan one day!!

  • Best Ever Food Review Show
    Best Ever Food Review Show 2 years ago +887

    Awesome food shots. I’m hungry af now.

    • raine
      raine 10 months ago

      oh wow hello

    • ToastSloth
      ToastSloth Year ago +27

      @Abroad in Japan you guys should colab !

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +137

      Cheers man! Keep up the great work

  • Evil Pingu
    Evil Pingu 2 years ago +2327

    Chris' Wikipedia page has had about 10 edits and undos in the 18 hours since this video went up, where people are adding and removing "Inventor of green tea sake" repeatedly.

    • Supervillain321
      Supervillain321 6 months ago +8

      Even a year later there still edits adding and removing this.

    • Coolkidz1413
      Coolkidz1413 Year ago +57

      Update: it does not say that he is the inventor anymore.

  • Zoehl Tsen
    Zoehl Tsen Month ago +2

    Love the videos with Ryotaro in it. The energy he brings, the banter between the two of you, is just great

  • Dop Cruster
    Dop Cruster 2 years ago +2

    Man thanks for sharing these videos with us. It’s a ton of fun to see your experiences and get a look at life in Japan, as well as all the mouthwatering food😍 I find your vids helpful in the event I’m able to make it to Japan one day, and honestly I love seeing your friendships with Ryotoro and your other buddies. Cheers man🤙🏼

  • That guy you never knew
    That guy you never knew 2 years ago +267

    World's hardest food? They clearly haven't tried my first attempt at home baked biscuits!

    • Random Female
      Random Female 9 months ago

      Made barely passable biscuits this week for the 1st time, am 54 y/o.

    • Yukie From Oz
      Yukie From Oz 10 months ago +4


  • VaPeEe SK/CZ
    VaPeEe SK/CZ 2 years ago +5

    I really like this channel because of my interest in Japan and i always learn something new...but boy o boy do i enjoy the hilarious chemistry between these two guys...like the combination of their cultures goes so well together :D and it creates amazing funny moments in every video...thank you guys for the videos and all the effort. making my day every time.

  • Traveling Z
    Traveling Z 2 years ago +679

    Of all of Ryotaro's title entrances, "Reasonably Priced Japan Expert" has been the best

    • Aslamnur Fikri
      Aslamnur Fikri Year ago

      @Aftermath Ryotaro could be Stig's Japanese cousin

    • MegaPompoen
      MegaPompoen 2 years ago +4

      Those title entrances are why I watch this channel

    • Nikhil
      Nikhil 2 years ago +33

      I liked British Accent Smugggler 😂

    • Aftermath
      Aftermath 2 years ago +6

      Is that a reference to "reasonably priced car"?

  • Bob G
    Bob G Year ago +2

    Sea urchin is amazing!
    I got some in a sushi restaurant in Ueno when I busted out my very broken Japanese and managed "Osusume wa nanidesu ka"
    I got a given 2 massive plates of various types of sashimi and sushi and had no idea what the suspicious-looking orange/yellow 'stuff' was on one of them. I decided to be brave and tried it anyway and was surprised to find it was absolutely delicious!
    I was more surprised when the patron next to my busted out her phone and through Google translate let me know it was sea urchin!

  • Shallie Dragon
    Shallie Dragon 2 years ago +1

    When I visited Japan last year with my friends, we went to Tsukiji outer market on our first full day in Tokyo. The food was good (I had some poppy seed ice cream that was nice, and my brother had a delicious-looking scallop), but I kind of found it to be too touristy compared to some of the other places we went. It wasn't bad, but I feel it didn't live up to the hype. If I ever go back, I'll be sure to try some of your recommendations.

  • yanaga-san
    yanaga-san 2 years ago

    This is super helpful and entertaining (the best way to receive information)!! My hubs and I will be coming in January and had no idea what to expect at Tsukiji without the inner market. We are also bingeing the podcast in preparation, thanks for making my coworkers think I'm a weirdo as I laugh audibly while listening to you and Pete. Can't stop, won't stop

  • BDF02M
    BDF02M 2 years ago +3

    Oh man, stayed at a hotel in Tsukiji about a year ago, and did the Japan Wonder Travel tour of the new and old markets. That was a rad couple hours, and we even ended up at the same sushi shop. Was surprised to see whale on the menu. Our guide was super nice and very informative.
    I'm just some internet rando, but I'd recommend the linked tour as well!

  • Zipp4Everyone
    Zipp4Everyone Year ago

    I can absolutely attest to the great food and must visit-ness of the remaining Tsukiji market! Visit during lunch hours for a great feast for not that much. Also, dont be afraid trying new things, shredded octopus for example is great.

  • Natalie Davies
    Natalie Davies 2 years ago +1

    I did that exact tour last year, totally recommend Japan Wonder Travel for anyone considering booking a guide! The Tamagoyaki production line is a sight to behold....
    I'm currently on my 2nd visit to Japan and will be visiting Tsukiji market next Wednesday, but after watching that video I'm really hungry now!!!

    • Amin Yap
      Amin Yap Year ago

      After looking at ur thumbnail i get veri hungry ..wanna hav it raw

  • DJ_MC15
    DJ_MC15 Year ago +1

    Your videos are amazing. I've lived in Japan for a little over a year and I have learned so much watching your videos. Thank you for your content!

  • Kelly Kawaii
    Kelly Kawaii 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this, Chris and Ryotaro! I will have to add this to the itinerary when I visit Japan for the first time this coming April! :D

  • The InvisibleGaijin
    The InvisibleGaijin 2 years ago +662

    The comments section in Chris’ videos are almost as entertaining as the videos themselves

    • Tanmay Negi
      Tanmay Negi Year ago

      @Diana Neg agreed.

    • Tanmay Negi
      Tanmay Negi Year ago

      It's pretty chill and original in a way, unlike much other TheXvidrs with more than a million subscribers.

    • Z3R0
      Z3R0 Year ago +3

      Aw well that sounds like your trying to insult the comment section

    • Diana Neg
      Diana Neg 2 years ago +11

      What a nice community Chris has helped creating!

  • John E
    John E 2 years ago

    I did the tour about one week before you guys were there and it was so busy we could barely stop and look at anything. That said it was still amazing, great food and the specialist snack food shop almost opposite the tea shop you stopped at is also worth checking out. Really enjoying your work and can't wait to be back in Japan after this crazy time is over.

  • harkmi3
    harkmi3 2 years ago

    Great video! I feel such a sense of longing to go back to Japan after watching a few of these videos, but with the pandemic raging,how soon that will become a reality is anyone’s guess. Also, will these great markets still be the same or will social distancing change the experience completely?

  • Matt Rosa
    Matt Rosa 8 months ago

    I love 'festival' foods like okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and yakisoba! I mention festival, because I only get to mainly see them when we have bon dances in my state of hawaii. We used to have a few places that made them year round, but those shops slowly relocated or closed due to Corona or time, which sucks.
    My favorite is takoyaki! I even got a takoyaki maker from my friend from Japan. And thankfully, they sell the mix here at Don Quijote. So I can have it whenever. I'm sure I could make okonomiyaki too, with the same mix? Idk. But yeah, the only time I can get my fix is when we have bon dances now 😔 and even that has been prolonged since the virus lol

  • Andy P TV
    Andy P TV Year ago +4

    As a foodie, Tsukiji Market is my number one essential day out when I eventually go to Tokyo. I say day out because I will literally eat about 7 meals and make a day of it.

  • Hiroyuki@Niigata
    Hiroyuki@Niigata Year ago +1

    3:12 This is actually a recommended method. I would recommended having sashimi that way, too.
    9:41 I understand that Westerners use the term bitter to describe the flavor of green tea, but the Japanese use the more appropriate term shibui (astringent) to describe it.
    12:26 I like yellowtail (buri or hamachi (young yellowtail), too, but I've never thought it melts in your mouth. It's much firmer than tuna.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 2 years ago +4

    Chris you always do such a great job with your videos. They’re entertaining and informative

  • That Girl
    That Girl 2 years ago

    Laughed most of the way through this video. The two of you compliment each other so well. Looks like loads of fun

  • Ametari_Seikai
    Ametari_Seikai Year ago

    I love your videos man! I love Japan and Japanese culture so much, I live in America, but my dream is to move to japan in the next few years and draw manga or be involved in anime/manga work. I’ve been learning Japanese the last year and your videos are so awesome for me to watch and just take in what it’s really like to live there as a foreigner. Thanks for the great content my man!👌🏻

  • Livvy
    Livvy 2 years ago +1278

    “Only your second time? In a hundred years?”
    I choked

  • afg bond
    afg bond 2 years ago +5

    It's always going to be fun seeing these two guys together 😂😂

  • Amazingly Awkward
    Amazingly Awkward 2 years ago

    This is a must for any foodie going to Tokyo. One of the highlights of my trip. I've never had the luxury of trying whole grilled squid, oysters and scallops before and it was amazing, cheap enough too. Plenty of deserts as well, I got an ice cream and went back for seconds because I went in the summer, it's fantastic! Definitely worth going as its only up the road from the kabuki theatre in Ginza.

  • Jon
    Jon 7 months ago

    I miss Tokyo. Had some amazing experiences when I worked there and the food is amazing, even at the cheaper end. Thanks for the mems.

  • Lemi from Japan
    Lemi from Japan Year ago +3

    I love how you arranged the opening music with the sound effect and how well you explain things!
    Excellent video!😆

  • Ole Rasmussen
    Ole Rasmussen 2 years ago +3060

    Judging by the videos on this channel, Chris has exactly two friends.

    • Nicholas Fowlkes
      Nicholas Fowlkes Year ago

      One of the best comments I’ve ever seen in an Abroad in Japan comment section.

    • Midori
      Midori Year ago

      @Abhijith I S it was more of a collab than actual friends

    • Laura
      Laura Year ago +3

      Perhaps, but they're the coolest friends in history 😁

    • That fkn turkey
      That fkn turkey Year ago +6

      Better to have 2 good, real friends than 20 fake ''friends'' who you don't even talk to that much

    • SunflowerCherries
      SunflowerCherries Year ago +1

      @Grimbeard I'd buy that manga

  • Gigg Les
    Gigg Les 2 years ago

    I went to this fish market on the morning it was closing ( the fish market) in February of last year .Really enjoyed the outer markets with the little shops. We bought pretty inexpensive but beautiful Japanese tea cups at one of the many shops there. It was crowded that morning but the vibe was so nice.

  • Gus Bdn
    Gus Bdn Year ago

    The quality of your videos is incredible, really seems I'm watching those travel tv shows, congratulations for this amazing work ! I just can't stop watching it 🔁 ❤️

  • Jeany Lowe
    Jeany Lowe 2 years ago

    Great video. The Samurai sword slicing the tuna was amazing and looked so good to eat - wish I could have been there. Have fun!!

  • Raxstar Ranveer
    Raxstar Ranveer Year ago

    The quality your videos have just makes me feel like i'm there with you
    Thanks for the content i am grateful

  • William Clark
    William Clark 2 years ago +368

    Chris: Always wears black, has a goatee (kinda), has been compared to villains in the past (ex: Dr. Octopus)
    Ryotaro: Sounds British, loves luxury, always tries to kill Chris
    Ryotaro is James Bond and Chris is a Bond villain!

    • Eli Ben
      Eli Ben 5 months ago +1

      I think Chris looks like a mixture of Iron Man and Starlord

    • clippedwings
      clippedwings Year ago +5

      Oooh... i can totally see that. He looks a lot like Dr. Oc

    • William Clark
      William Clark 2 years ago +7

      Lol. Sorry bout that. Btw, thanks for all the amazing videos you've made, your channel has made me want to vist and possibly move to Japan. Keep doing what you do and don't get killed.

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +188

      I feel like a villain who’s just discovered he’s the villain. I’m having an existential crisis about realizing I’m the bad guy.

  • PinkLady15
    PinkLady15 Year ago

    I really appreciate your film editing skills

  • Simon Parent
    Simon Parent 2 years ago

    I thought the whole of Tsukiji market had moved but you made me realize that only the fish auction did, good stuff because i like the more commercial/touristy side of the market. Good job Chris-san! Also, it is good to see Ryotaro-san, i missed him.

  • C brtdgh
    C brtdgh 2 years ago

    The standing sushi bars really reminded me of Spanish tapas bars, where you stand, eat and drink as well. I went to a sushi bar like that in Himeji, it was the tastiest and cheapest sushi I had!! Definitely look out for them.

  • Jacob Robison
    Jacob Robison 2 years ago +1

    MORE VIDEOS LIKE THESE PLEASE. Straightforward travel videos (with or without food)

  • Garry Ferrington
    Garry Ferrington 4 months ago

    Damn, this looks so good! Chris, great street-scene video. Top-notch professionalism.

  • Fish
    Fish 2 years ago +2

    Currently living in Tokyo, I really appreciate your videos for giving me good ideas for places to check out while I'm here (and a great sense of humor).

  • That Man & His Manga
    That Man & His Manga 2 years ago +1

    We recently came back from Japan and man this looks so mouth watering. Makes me wanna go back now

  • Eren Godelekoglu
    Eren Godelekoglu 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for your videos, it really prepped me for my trip to Japan. And watching your videos makes me feel like I haven’t left.

  • pointlessproductions
    pointlessproductions 2 years ago

    This video is proabbly my favourite kind of video, it doesn’t feel disconnected, I felt really connected due to it only being you and Ryotaro filming eachother.
    It’s funny, professional but keeps the connection and old style.
    Keep it up!!!

  • German captain300

    It’s so hard to watch this without getting hungry 🤤

  • Tara Connor
    Tara Connor 2 years ago

    Love the Reasonably Priced Japan Expert tag. Its like Top Gear for food!

  • Sophie Alexandra
    Sophie Alexandra 2 years ago +1

    Thank you Ryotaro for showing me that I've been eating wasabi correctly this whole time. I've never felt so validated!

  • Larsy
    Larsy 2 years ago

    When I was in Sendai a friend of mine took me to an restaurant where I had cold matcha tea with Sochu. So the Sake and green tea isn't that far off😊I was also wearing the same t shirt as Ryotoro today!😂

  • Jo Rybins
    Jo Rybins Year ago

    Nice videos. Been to Japan few times in a mix of holiday and business trip. Japan a;ways amazes me everytime and always want for more visit. Cannot wait after this pandemic Japan is on top of my list to visit.

  • Patrick Tanian
    Patrick Tanian Year ago

    I love watching your program not only for the content but the two of you together has a great chemistry. I love your sense of humor and sincerity 👍👍👍

  • Minal Wahid
    Minal Wahid 2 years ago

    incredibly professional videos sir. top notch filming, editing and presenting

  • pccalcio
    pccalcio 2 years ago +1729

    "Japan coolest man" - while the description on screen is "Reasonably Priced Japan Expert".. ahahahah !! :D

    • Ken Kennedy
      Ken Kennedy Year ago +1

      @Itayuri yes he is apart from the homicidal tendencies XD

    • Apol Pat
      Apol Pat 2 years ago

      It's a reference from top gear where Ryotoro tries to impersonate Jeremy Clarkson in the other video

    • thorbergson
      thorbergson 2 years ago +1

      @Dr. Conflict Yeah, SHARLA, "FRIEND" was a good one ;))

    • CommissionerManu
      CommissionerManu 2 years ago +5

      Natsuki is the high priced expert

    • thorbergson
      thorbergson 2 years ago

      @Juensung Kim hey that's much better! His quality is what you've come to expect from Japanese exports :)

  • Panait Mihaita
    Panait Mihaita Year ago

    OK so first of love your videos I feel that if/when I come to Japan I'm going to be a little less awkward thanks to you.
    And 2nd as a bartender I can recommend some fresh green tea with lemongrass honey and of course ...sake try it out sometime ;) Cheers!

  • Kathryn Spencer
    Kathryn Spencer 2 years ago +3

    Watched this and drove straight to the nearest place to eat ramen. I need to go back to Japan 😭🇯🇵

  • SumisuSnape
    SumisuSnape 2 years ago

    We went there on our own without a guide and I was so overwhelmed and scared that I didn't try anything 😭😳

  • grubbie chirp
    grubbie chirp 2 years ago

    seeing chris get so excited on how big a tamagoyaki is will always be the cutest thing ever

  • Gummelgimp
    Gummelgimp Year ago

    damn ..i really want to visit this amazing country

  • Hoshimaru57
    Hoshimaru57 Year ago +1

    I always knew my grandmother didn’t quite have it right mixing wasabi and soy sauce. Was never a fan.
    Bonito flakes are delicious. My girlfriend and I once ran into an old Israeli lady in an Asian market and she claimed that they were good enough to eat like cereal.
    How hard IS it? Like on the Moh’s scale?

  • Bunny Bunny
    Bunny Bunny 2 years ago

    This is the level of quality and enjoyment I now expect when I turn on the travel channel in a hotel room. I sort of expect it to be like this now? And I'm disappointed when it isn't?

  • nanchu81
    nanchu81 2 years ago

    Great content as always! .... Ryotaro evil laugh with the "sashimi sword" is priceless lol

  • Satish Kumar
    Satish Kumar Year ago

    "Health benefits of green tea along with drunken benefits of sake" that Chris Broad moment of this vlog. Followed only by Ryotaro's deadly expressions and the death threat he gave when he was holding the tuna fish cutting sword :D

  • The Tipsy Cookery
    The Tipsy Cookery 2 years ago +4

    Amazing channel! I'd love to visit Japan! What's your favorite Japanese Street food?

  • Coffee Dude
    Coffee Dude 2 years ago

    One thing I must have there, is from a bakery opposite of the tamago yaki stall. When it’s fresh out the oven, I always get the adzuki (red bean) croissant there. The other pastries are good too, but the adzuki croissant is a must

  • _marmaladeskies_
    _marmaladeskies_ 2 years ago

    Could you make an short video on allergies in Japan? Like how well they deal with people with allergies, as I know you did a vegan video and it was difficult. My partner has a dairy and peanut allergy and going to Japan is on our bucket list but not sure how well he'd fair food wise. He loves sushi as it but we'd want to try more than just that. :)

  • Stuart Deacon
    Stuart Deacon 2 years ago

    I just bought tickets to Japan for me and my fam for March/April. The first time I tried was 2011. So in preparation I think I have probably watched all your videos. I'm super excited and have a thousand things to check off my list now. I just wanted to thanks so much man. You're doing a bang up job.

  • dunnobutwayne
    dunnobutwayne 2 years ago +1

    aaah old fishmarket, really was great to see the wholesale market just before it changed place. Had the chance to really get inside the market..Tsukiji-Outermarket might be less crowded now tho...

  • Golden Legend
    Golden Legend 2 years ago +1

    I literally love this channel every video is so interesting im going to japan in july so these help a lot

  • Yndostrui
    Yndostrui 2 years ago +25

    "and then it hits you like a truck"
    You know, I've only had sake once before. Maybe a third of a bottle. I was entirely sober after drinking that, but when I was on the train home like 30 minutes later, I really felt it.
    I wasn't drunk by any stretch of the imagination, of course, but before that I didn't notice any effect at all.

  • Denis Petras
    Denis Petras 2 years ago +510

    I'm sorry Chris, but in the thousand years that Ryotaro has been alive, I'm sure he's trained the blade long enough to beat you and your hard fish.

    • x4x D. Grizzly
      x4x D. Grizzly 9 months ago +1

      10,000 years of training has made Ryotaro almost unrecognisable. I'm sorry but Chris nor that fish can keep up anymore.

    • J. Joshua
      J. Joshua Year ago

      I know it's been over a year, but this comment made my day. Nuanced comedy gold. 😂👌

    • Marcia Lindsay
      Marcia Lindsay 2 years ago +5

      Denis Petras Ahem. Hard ... Fish. Am ded.

  • jase276
    jase276 5 months ago +1

    I love the wood cups that sake stop used. And never have I wanted to be a sashimi prepper more than when I saw the knives they used

  • Crownit
    Crownit 2 years ago

    Man I love your videos

  • メドラノエリック

    Since you live in Sendai, it would be awesome if you make a video about Michinoku Yosakoi, an event realized at Sendai on autumn.
    Or if you are aiming for the biggest Yosakoi Dance Tourney in Japan, a video of the "Yosakoi Soran Matsuri" held at Sapporo on summer would be really, really awesome! Being part of a Yosakoi team at Funabashi, Chiba was actually for me the greatest exerience I've had in Japan so far, so spreading this Dance may open another angle for foreigners to experience Japan!

  • Shawna Spadafore
    Shawna Spadafore Year ago

    That looks amazing! Some day I have to visit there

  • Navii
    Navii 2 years ago +13

    I really feel like this show would translate really well to a series on the Travel Channel.

  • Japanese with Hanako
    Japanese with Hanako 2 years ago

    I just went to Tsukiji last week! This is great video:)

  • Keith Kristynik
    Keith Kristynik Year ago

    This looks so fun. Been binging your vids and now I’m dying to visit Japan.

  • eventhorizon
    eventhorizon 2 years ago +1

    I'm watching this with a friend and we got into a debate about if drinking sake out of a wood cup would add a flavor to it..
    Sooooooooo- anyone know if drinking sake from a wood cup makes it taste differently than say a glass one? Now we're super curious... lol

    • eventhorizon
      eventhorizon 2 years ago

      @Abroad in Japan - Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh- now that's interesting! I might have to try sake in different sizes to judge what I really think of it...
      And different brands...

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +4

      The wood doesn’t affect the taste BUT interestingly the size of the cup or glass does. I once did a sake tasting session with the same sake served from three different glasses and the flavor and aroma changed quite a lot depending on how much of your nose went into the glass (as you could inhale more). It made me appreciate how important the sensation of smelling can affect the flavor of food/drinks.

  • Brady Blake
    Brady Blake 2 years ago

    was here in September....man I can't wait to go back to Japan. Love your videos Chirs :)

  • Sas1kex
    Sas1kex 2 years ago

    Love u man thank you for doing all this good work i rly want to go to japan .

  • Lili S
    Lili S Year ago

    I was there in Japan and stayed at a hotel near the market it was amazing and the street food was beautiful

  • B B
    B B Year ago +23

    I love how the portuguese translation is kinda wrong, he says "slightly fishy flavour" and the translation is saying in portuguese "slightly suspicious flavor" LMAO
    I don't think that's the "fishy" he's refering to.

  • Pigumon
    Pigumon Year ago +2

    Fun fact: Chris’ favorite sushi choices are the same as a 4 year old Japanese kid’s. 😜

  • Dragon_EX
    Dragon_EX 2 years ago +197

    It's funny that Chris should mention Blade Runner, because the events in the movie take place on this EXACT date.

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    techm 2 years ago +1

    You and Ryotaro's interaction just cracks me up, every time.

  • Wayu S
    Wayu S 11 months ago

    I miss Japan so much watching this VDO. Been to Tsukiji market once, definitely going again whenever the pandemic is over.

    TATOOINE TABLEFLIP 11 months ago

    I know I’m very late to this party but I hate to break it to you Chris : the Sake/green tea combo was sprung on me by a barmaid in Ogaki City in 2007!
    Great video! I’m vicariously reliving bits of all my Japan trips through you!

  • Patrick Schöndorfer
    Patrick Schöndorfer 2 years ago

    Thanks for making me backpack through Japan :D

  • Erik Hendrickson
    Erik Hendrickson Month ago +1

    The Japanese really do eat well. Most of this stuff would cost you a small fortune here in NYC.

  • Steve Doherty
    Steve Doherty 2 years ago

    I love the dynamic between these two :)

  • Fozzy
    Fozzy Year ago

    I went to Beijing last year and unknowingly had okonomiyaki for the first time and I'm so happy I finally know what its called!

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    Joshua Terpos 2 years ago

    Hey Josh here , been loving this Channel , I want to travel japan way more then ever after watching your vids there’s no other videos I look forward to watching more than yours it looks awesome in so many ways in Japan, just wondering as an Australian , because your from the Uk how long can you stay in Japan at a time , do you have to travel back and fourth to the uk and Renew a visa ? No sure how it works ? Cheers

  • portertanakafactory
    portertanakafactory 2 years ago

    I used to live close to Tsukiji Market and frequently went to ‘Kanno’ to eat tuna-don. Their donburi set menu was so good. Not sure if they are still running business, but I will definitely go check it out next summer:)