I tried the Friends diet from the 90s (could it have *been* any harder?!)

  • Published on May 26, 2022

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  • Jessica Viana
    Jessica Viana  4 months ago +1175

    Hi everyone! So... I never thought this video would have so many views and from the comments I just wanted to mention 2 things:
    1. The reason why I mentioned a few times that "I don't eat meat but I eat fish" was to explain why I was deviating from the original recipes. I know that fish is meat, but that is the language used in the definition of Pescatarian. I don't like saying that I'm a Pescatarian because I don't like to label my diet (I could do a whole video on this ramble) but if there is a better term or way to phrase it then please let me know and I will use that going forward. 🙏
    2. Yes that was raw zucchini 😅 and it's good to eat raw! (if bought commercially and well washed) - I never knew this would be so controversial but I accept that I'm a minority who just doesn't like cucumber at all 😂
    Thank you for watching and for all the love, really! You're all just too sweet 💖

    • Skarbie Well
      Skarbie Well 14 hours ago

      ​@Jessica Viana how was friends reunion 'perfection'? they said in it that Friends are so awesome that each character could have their own show and we literally know that it's a lie. Joey - the Friends spinoff failed after 1 season. they
      openly lied about this in Friends reunion. also, they played that game of questions and the actor who played Richard asked what does Chandler do for a living and they pretended that no response is correct. In the
      show Monica DOES eventually learn what Chandler did for a job! it's "“statistical analysis and data reconfiguration." and in Friends Reunion they totally forgot this. how was that perfection?

    • Mary Bell
      Mary Bell 8 days ago

      I totally get the label lol. I'm the same. I say vegetarian to make it easy but I'm vegan most of the time but cab eat egg and chese that maybe 4 or 5 tines a year eats fish lol.

    • Amalia Villarreal
      Amalia Villarreal 9 days ago

      Team not cucumber

    • Sarah Grant
      Sarah Grant 23 days ago +1

      @jankova0013 true. If the men were more muscular or buff, then they would be sharing diet/workout advise. Since they were "normal healthy weight, not exactly dad bod"...people didn't care so much...

    • jankova0013
      jankova0013 23 days ago +1

      @Sarah Grant I think nobody cared how they ate. I don't think they would shame men for being too fat (when actually being normal and healthy) and pushing diets on them in the 90s. So they wouldn't need to know how the actors ate (for example finding out Matthew's dieting in season 1 how does he stay so fit and giving tips to other men). I'm with you tho if the would be some info :)

  • HannahTheHorrible
    HannahTheHorrible 4 months ago +6431

    What a great video. Why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to Hollywood celebrities. And the characters ate “normally” and even ate a lot on the show. No wonder 11yo kids think they need to go on diets!!

    • dora dora
      dora dora 16 days ago +1

      @Donnalee Clubb TV Show Roseanne from 1997. Roseanne an her husband were both big. But yeah. Thats the only show I can remember with a big woman.

    • kshamwhizzle
      kshamwhizzle 17 days ago

      @Yevgeniya Leshchenko that's reductive. we're social animals and our society encourages us to compare ourselves to others from the second we get out the womb.

    • Donnalee Clubb
      Donnalee Clubb Month ago +2

      @Neo This started WAY before Social Media. Delta Burke on Designing Women in the late 80's was ALWAYS criticized for gaining weight and she did everything to try to keep it off. She stated in an interview she even tried Meth. Women on TV were ALWAYS supposed to look thin, but APPEAR to eat. I think men also have to maintain a certain weight, but some men can get away with being heavy, but the wife on the sitcom can NEVER be as big (King of Queens). Was a woman ever as big as Kevin James or Pat Oswald on TV? Even Kevin James said on Dave Letterman after he lost a little weight that Hollywood HATES fat people. When Mike and Molly first aired, I think it was Cosmopolitan Magazine that wrote an article fat shaming the two main chsracters.

    • inq
      inq Month ago

      O hi, I didn't expect to see you here :D

    • Neo
      Neo 2 months ago +5

      ​@Yevgeniya Leshchenko Sorry for the long reply, but I'm quite passionate about the topic and you'll see why in the last part haha. Celebs are labeled the beauty standard and this (mostly unachievable) standard is constantly pushed on people through social media. And people spend A LOT of time on social media. Constantly taking in those visuals of models and celebrities, but not even just them anymore. Even regular people alter their photo's or get plastic surgery and claim it to be their natural self (celebs lie about it too). You also have filters which completely change your face to be more "beautiful". Don't underestimate the effect that can have on people; It makes them insecure, hate themselves even. Comparing yourself starts at a very young age these days, it happens subconsciously and the effects of it increase over time. This doesn't just stop when you become an adult. Majority of adults are insecure of at least one part of themselves. To stop comparing yourself you first need to realize you do it to begin with, understand how harmful it is and how fake social media is. Then you need to do the one thing that to many people is considered the hardest to achieve: Self acceptance, self love, confidence.
      Honorable mention to the companies that actively profit of off peoples insecurities by quite literally saying "This is not beautiful, change it by using our product" Which 90% of the time doesn't even work. There's a lot of things contributing to this issue. People are even afraid of aging!
      I don't think it's fair to say that adults should just know. You knowing it's stupid is a bigger realization than you think and I'm super happy for you and I hope you love yourself and are confident.
      I hated everything about my body ever since I was 9. Last year when I had covid and lost my appetite I barely ate and lost quite a bit of weight. Seeing that quick change made me addicted. I continued barely eating and even working out, cuz I thought that was still too much and I had to burn those calories. Wasn't good enough tho, never is. Still compared myself. "This person is slim but still has a big chest...why are mine so small? Will they get smaller if I lose more weight? did they already?????" "I'm getting new stretch marks!!! (from losing weight too fast) I look so ugly...this person doesn't have them!!..." "I hate my body shape, this person has a perfect shape.." "I'm not thin enough I want to be like her" etc etc. If it wasn't for my sister sitting me down and telling me this needs to stop, I wouldn't have realized how harmful it was. Imagine, I didn't even come to that realization on my own. I started spending a lot of time trying to understand why and learning about the influence of social media, how fake it is etc. And then the process to recovery and self love started. But even just knowing isn't enough. Changing a mindset, habit or a lifestyle is never easy. Rn I'm not eating much again, cuz I fall back quite often. It's incredibly hard. I'm trying though! :)

  • eunitheeunicorn
    eunitheeunicorn 4 months ago +7988

    It’s insane that Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc’s weights fluctuated like crazy and no one ever cared about how they looked.

    • Analise Zagar
      Analise Zagar 2 days ago

      That’s double standards for you

    • Emily Lysons
      Emily Lysons 4 days ago

      @Annabella Redwood wdym

    • Emily Lysons
      Emily Lysons 4 days ago

      @Hannah Richey yes but he also had issues with pills and heroin.

    • stephanie dunbar
      stephanie dunbar 7 days ago

      He was a functioning alcoholic

    • Beastbombshell
      Beastbombshell 11 days ago

      @Katie Williams he also heavily used drugs when he was at his smallest

  • A Hobbit
    A Hobbit 4 months ago +1733

    I think one of the saddest things is that a part of my brain felt like I should try this diet, too. Diet culture is ingrained in us so deeply.

    • rakadoni
      rakadoni 4 days ago

      @Angel did it not agree with your body ? What kind of things were you eating on keto ? I felt like a superhuman on it

    • Angel
      Angel 2 months ago +1

      i am just recovering from getting so sick from doing a no carb/keto diet and fasting a couple months ago and now after learning that the friends cast did that diet, my brain wants me to try it again dammit

    • EmAnn
      EmAnn 2 months ago +3

      Yeah- me too…

    • Brooke
      Brooke 2 months ago +3

      Yeah caught myself thinking this as well 😬 not good

  • Mia Rasmussen
    Mia Rasmussen 4 months ago +6797

    “If you’re a woman and you’re underweight, you look good”
    Reminded me of 8th grade when we were being weighted by the school nurse, and girls from my class would brag about being underweight. I was at a normal weight, but I felt like I was incredibly fat because of that.

    • Ami Walker
      Ami Walker 4 days ago

      Same here, in year 9 we had a national assessment thing. All the girls were bragging about how much they weighed, but I was a normal 9 stone (and 5ft 2)and absolutely horrified! I remember cutting the label out of my PE skirt because it had a 26inch waist and my friends was 24. It's the first time I remember being ashamed of my body xx

    • Emily Lysons
      Emily Lysons 4 days ago

      @Mary M i wish this was different:( if the world didn't think like this maybe by now.. oh i can only wish...

    • christina
      christina 7 days ago

      yesss so true i hear so much of that

    • BiologicalClock
      BiologicalClock 15 days ago

      Saaaaame!! I remember being 14 or 15 years old, and a girl in my class was complaining about how fat she was because she was 5'6" and 115 pounds. She was one of the skinniest girls in the class and the "fat" she was talking about was basically just her skin.

  • SuperDesignChick
    SuperDesignChick 4 months ago +3941

    What I noticed in the 90’s was that no one EVER asked the guys on the show what they ate.

    • Stephanie OK
      Stephanie OK 8 days ago +1

      @Emily Martin I was just thinking about that. The Witcher, Wolverine, Thor .... bunch of dudes having to eat monotonous diets of baked chicken, brown rice, and sad-ass broccoli every. single. day. It does feel like we're doubling the amount of folks that at minimum, are going to get saddled with some disordered eating that's going to be hard to shake. I can't help but think there's some technically legal anabolic steroids being worked in too that we'll eventually learn about decades later.

    • Bee
      Bee 4 months ago +11

      Matthew wasn't overweight during the jogging storyline, they had him wear extra layers just to shoehorn the jogging thing in. In the episodes either side, he's wearing single layers again and you can see he's a healthy weight.

    • Emily Martin
      Emily Martin 4 months ago +17

      I remember watching some of the guys on TNG gain weight as the show went on, like Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes, but Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden stayed lean the whole time. Men's beauty standards have gotten WAY more unrealistic ever since the Marvel Movies started coming out, and now all men in cinema are suddenly expected to look like Thor, a literal god. But women have been given grief for a lot longer about their looks.

    • SuperDesignChick
      SuperDesignChick 4 months ago +42

      @Katrina Bee yes but no one interviewed the guys asking what they ate or to be specific about their diets/bodies.

  • Bread_Pirate
    Bread_Pirate 4 months ago +8949

    This is a really good video that shows the reality of the extremely dangerous body images that were popularized during the 90s and just how hard the women had to live in order to keep their jobs. Also, side note, I like that on your phoebe day you walked with your friend Monica, if you have a Rachel friend she should have come with.

    • jankova0013
      jankova0013 2 months ago

      @itsJorgeRoblox I can tell you from my own experience that being underweight is a big problem and it's definitely not good for you. Actually it has the same negative side effects as obesity. So it's even better to have a little weight on then this. Also this problem is then also psychological not just physical and it's just wrong. Also did you see the photo of Jen in the beggining? Does she look obese to you?

    • RavioliPaw
      RavioliPaw 2 months ago

      People didnt eat so much junk food lmao

    • Jemimah Kendall
      Jemimah Kendall 2 months ago +5

      Us 90's teens are still r recovery from the trauma , it messed with our young minds and many of us still struggle with self esteem issues coz we were emotionally stunted and we are in many ways stuck in the 90's when it comes to weight when it comes to dealing with relationships

    • Pam Ela
      Pam Ela 2 months ago +1

      @Bb agreed! I learned about bulimia from either a Teen or YM magazine that was supposed to inform readers about eating disorders. Instead, what I got out of the article was that it would be another way to lose weight on top of already eating very little. I’m glad I realized what I was doing when I got to college and was able to stop eventually.

    • Shelby Chesebro
      Shelby Chesebro 3 months ago +1

      @Bb To be honest, I remember reading a teen magazine when I was about 14/15 that included an essay type article in which a girl talked about having bulimia and how it made her lose a bunch of weight and I remember thinking to myself, "I need to try that," because nothing I tried to lose weight ever worked for me and I was a pretty active kid. I actually did force myself to throw up my food several times over many years, but I wouldn't say I was ever truly bulimic. On the other hand, when I injured my back at work at 22 years old, the back pain caused me to not want to eat very much. Over the course of a year after my spinal fusion, I lost over 70lbs (over 30kgs)! I didn't even have to exercise! Of course, at the time, I didn't realize that my eating habits could be considered as being anorexic because I only ate when I felt hungry and I didn't have to eat a lot to feel full. I rarely ever finished a full meal during the 10 years that my eating habits were similar to an anorexic. Then, a year-long relationship I was in between 2018 and 2019, I gained back all the weight I had previously lost and kept off and within 2 years (so, the whole year we were together, plus the year after the breakup) I had shot up to 272lbs (122.47 kgs)! I have lost a little over 40lbs (18.14kgs) since October 2021 due to 4 hyperglycemic episodes and 1 episode of diabetic ketoacidosis, for which I was admitted to the ICU, but I hope to lose more and eventually get down to my "normal" weight of 150-155lbs (68.04-70.31kgs).

  • Melissa Taylor
    Melissa Taylor 4 months ago +4361

    As a child seeing fat Monica turn into thin Monica genuinely made me think that to be an adult you had to be thin. I was like ‘when im in my 20s I’ll be thin too, and now im in my 20s and im not thin there’s still a part of me that feels like I should look like Monica Geller

    • Melissa Taylor
      Melissa Taylor Day ago

      @Hannah Turner This breaks my heart, I have had very similar feelings most of my life too and it is emotionally draining. Just know that you are enough as you are, you don't need to change your body to be worthy or to exist in the world. I'm 23 and am beginning to be okay in my body and that I won't ever be skinny, I will be this big on my wedding day, I will be this big when I graduate, but that is okay. Sending you love

    • Hannah Turner
      Hannah Turner 3 days ago +1

      that’s exactly how i’ve felt my entire life. i put on more weight around my stomach, getting the much dreaded “muffin top”, and i’ve absolutely hated my body since i was about eight, because i was taller and just a little bigger than other girls. being skinny was always my no.1 goal in life, i wanted it more than anything else in the world. every other goal i set was accompanied by “i will be skinny then”. middle school graduation - i’ll be skinny and wear a pretty dress, prom - i’ll be skinny and the boys will think i’m pretty. i’m 19 now and doing a lot better, but all of these ideas that media put in my head when i was younger, telling me i had to be skinny or else i couldn’t exist in this world, they still haunt me with every trip to the grocery store.

    • emily meyers
      emily meyers 6 days ago +1

      Trust me you don’t wanna be as skinny as she was

  • couch_philosoph
    couch_philosoph 4 months ago +3615

    I don't mind filling salads for lunch. But the same lunch for 10 years? You can have healthy meals that aren't always the same. I cannot believe they ate always the same

    • Stephanie OK
      Stephanie OK 8 days ago

      I buy it though. TV shows with 20+ episode seasons are often 12 hour work days and that salad is full of shelf stable ingredients, no cooking, and it can sit in a fridge for a few hours to a few days without turning. Probably is the best thing they could have eaten that was filling with decent nutrition content.

    • sully
      sully 12 days ago

      @couch_philosoph That's what I meant, temporarily eating the same balanced meals to lose weight. Definitely wouldn't recommend to eat pasta everyday Lol

    • couch_philosoph
      couch_philosoph 12 days ago

      @sully that depends. If you eat the same thing everyday it would need to be very balanced on a macro and micro nutrient level to not develop defeciencies over time. My ex worked as a nurse in a psychiatric institution and he saw severe malnourishment from people that ate the same thing years on end. Like one guy only ate pasta and tomatoe sauce for like 10 years and his bone health was super bad. But with a healthy plan it is dooable technically

    • couch_philosoph
      couch_philosoph 12 days ago

      Hey guys thanks for the replies of you all. I know some people take comfort in always eating the same foods. For me i cannot have the same foods more than two days in a row or it needs to be altered quite a bit. Because it was part of a strict diet it sounds unhealthy and unecessarily boring to always eat the same salad. I have adhd and so for me routine is one of the most foreign things there is, especially in things that provide me pleasure.

    • ecstasy
      ecstasy 13 days ago

      Hey now, some of us are creatures of habit. I’ve had the same breakfast every day for about four years and I love it.

  • MsTriangle
    MsTriangle 4 months ago +1799

    While rewatching Friends as an adult woman, I realized how horribly skinny Monica looked in the 'middle' seasons. You could tell it was super intense dieting because the quality of her hair also diminished.
    From a fitness standpoint, weight training after cardio in the morning on an EMPTY STOMACH makes zero sense.

    • MsTriangle
      MsTriangle Day ago

      @Stephanie OK you can stretch BEFORE exercising properly

    • Stephanie OK
      Stephanie OK 2 days ago

      @MsTriangle Counterproductive doesn't sound like it actually harms anything. I wonder about the stretching stuff though? What kind of stretching would actually cause micro tearing? Going full-ham on a foam roller? At the very start of exercising I just did body movement stuff at the public rec department with a bunch of seniors and they stretched before and after, but I'd call it more like "warm up/cool down" than anything hardcore and stretchy. Same thing with roller derby later. I wonder how much of it is us casual arm-chair "experts" just using words semantically and interchangeably? ;-)

    • Stephanie OK
      Stephanie OK 2 days ago

      @Gundog I can see that. I only had energy after doing stuff for a couple of years of doing other stuff that eventually built up over a good ten years. Plus, you might be doing longer stretches of exercise in a day. Climbing plus weightlifting is like, 60 to 90 min total for my day, not like full, dedicated one hour blocks.
      I can see "I can do both!" super backfiring and leaving someone with zero energy to do either for a couple of days. In fact, that totally is what happened to me when I went from roller derby to weightlifting in 2015. We did weights first, then cardio for a full two hours and it was miserable and hard to sustain after the first three months. I got bored by the repetition and really wished we did cardio or weights but not both on the same day. I always felt like noodle-ly goo after and hated the 2-3 days of recovery.
      Even though I am not min/maxing, chaos fitness (aka tell me you have attention deficit without telling me you have attention deficit) has been easier to maintain for longer periods and I can still do things like laundry after exercise without dying.

    • Gundog
      Gundog 2 days ago +1

      @Stephanie OK after awhile of walking you can kick up into running as your fitness levels increase. I'd run sprints after awhile because it's less stressful.
      From what I understand it's glycogen stores but I'm not sure. I've never had the energy to do both and I don't think it's a good idea to.

    • MsTriangle
      MsTriangle 3 days ago +1

      @Stephanie OK it's mostly because cardio and weights have the opposite goals so it's counter-productive. For instance, you start with cardio and your body not only gets tired, it also starts burning up calories. While the whole point of weightlifting is to build as much muscle mass as possible. You're sending your body opposite signals. That's also why weightlifters have periods being on mass, and then on reduction, because they want to shred the fat.

  • Tanya Elias
    Tanya Elias 4 months ago +5218

    Lisa had a baby pretty early on in the series and that just changes your body in so many ways. It's too bad that she had to be surrounded by two underweight woman and feel the pressure of that comparison.

    • GrapeFives
      GrapeFives 4 days ago

      @Nataly Del Riego and she lost more weight even then!

    • Emma McRankin
      Emma McRankin Month ago

      @Anvw0 back then they were underweight. Those diets weren't sustainable and are very unhealthy

    • Emptythoughts✨
      Emptythoughts✨ Month ago +2

      @Anvw0 they aren’t that slim naturally. Lol. Looks like you missed the whole point of the video

  • Nikita S
    Nikita S 4 months ago +5376

    Lisa was gorgeous. Her clothes were frumpy most of the time while the other girls were better dressed. But in the scenes where she was given the option to dress well, she could out-do anyone.

    • jankova0013
      jankova0013 23 days ago +2

      @🌊 ocean 🌊 tbh I think the reason "some extra weight couldn't detract from her glow" is actually because she was still quite thin. And being on normal weight actually helps your glow. If you're obsessed with your weight and what you eat and don't have enough nutrition and move way too much it only makes you look sick and drained.

    • Shan Mathi
      Shan Mathi Month ago

      Her hairdoes are my fav fav fav😍😍Monica looked absolutely beautiful in the first season.. over the seasons she just was too skinny same goes with Jennifer. Jennifer looked beautiful in the first 2 to 3 seasons. She then went for some fillings I guess.. you could notice her lips cheek and jawline.. too skinny.. But Pheebs😍😍😍her beauty was soaring high and high over the seasons.. especially 9th and 10th 😍🥺❤🥺😍

    • Kitty Snowshoe
      Kitty Snowshoe 2 months ago +1

      Frumpy?! Nah. Phoebe had the best boho-chic style ever.

    • ADubs
      ADubs 3 months ago +11

      Her character was so secure in herself and would get ANY guy she wanted. She respected herself and was the most kind and generous person. I didn’t like that they portrayed her as ditzy but I assume it was to match joey’s energy. I am 5’10” and was so excited to see her represent in the 90’s. While I was admiring Monica and Rachel for their shape and outfits. Phoebe’s character sang to my soul. She knew who she was from day 1 in a show where everyone was trying to find themselves. Her soul was beautiful to me. She is exactly who I’d want to be if I was a free spirit in New York City. Idk I just can’t say enough about her! :’)

    • The Cursed Dinkleberg
      The Cursed Dinkleberg 3 months ago

      I kinda love Phoebe's outfits ❤️

  • Anna Kopáčová
    Anna Kopáčová 4 months ago +3566

    Lisa Kudrow said on multiple occassions in interviews that she was struggling very much with her body image, because she felt “big” next to Jennifer and Courteney. If I can remember correctly, there were multiple moments in the FRIENDS series where I though that Jenn and Courteney are just too skinny, Monica was tiny and very muscular (a lot of training I guess) and Jenn was just super tiny.

    • elle_aye
      elle_aye 11 days ago

      I always felt that Monica was way too skinny but because no one talked about it, it was normal

    • Vee
      Vee 24 days ago +4

      I thought the exact opposite actually. Monica always looked sickly thin and ra hel looked natural

    • jankova0013
      jankova0013 2 months ago

      @Cidalia Martins tbh I understand how it would be fine for some we know that Jen did a looot of dieting and exercising to look like this. And also in the first picture shown I would say she looks the same as on the show but it's not the case. I have similar experience. A lot of people think I look the same with 51 kg as 61 kg and they are not completely wrong. Basically I look the same, just when you'd see a photo of me when I was underweight (quite severly) I looked like I was a little bit sick that day. Obviously if you'd really try to find difference or see the clothes I wear or how the same clothes fit me you'd see it.

    • Colie Braun
      Colie Braun 2 months ago +6

      @Bonnie Brown same! My body shape in high school was an athletic hourglass with a big ass and I thought I was fat because I didn't look like the teen idols of the 2000s. My body back then is the ideal today. Really makes me realize how shallow and ridiculous beauty standards are when bone structure plays a part. My hips were too wide to be a size 0. My frame is a size 10 when I'm healthy and fit.

    • Chloe
      Chloe  2 months ago +2

      Phoebe did wonders for mt confidence as a kid who was taller with a broad frame I totally understand how she could feel like a “mountain” compared to her friends despite being relatively thin

  • Nicole Bertone
    Nicole Bertone 4 months ago +4829

    I think it’s interesting that the 1200 calorie diets are popular at the same time that 90s style fashion has made a comeback. It shows how much we manipulated ourselves to fit the fashion and not the other way around. While I was naturally thinner in the 90s because I was younger and hadn’t had children yet, very few people are naturally that slim with no diet modification or restriction.

    • Mrs Lyds
      Mrs Lyds Month ago

      @Si Si that’s literally what I said!

    • Si Si
      Si Si Month ago

      @Mrs Lyds not if you’re 150 and 6 ft like I am

    • Kyera
      Kyera 2 months ago

      @Kira Ebert I mean if you are short and you want to lose weight that’s what a calorie deficit looks like

    • Mrs Lyds
      Mrs Lyds 2 months ago

      @HappyJellyCatSquid if u get triggered by a comments on TheXvid then it’s not my fault u are a soft snowflake. Go away! 😅😂

  • seli. skc
    seli. skc 4 months ago +893

    It's really sad how fake and toxic the body image is portrayed on television. Like these girls (especially Monica) always ate a lot and unhealthily in the series and this simply spreads the message that they can eat what they want and still look so perfect

    • jankova0013
      jankova0013 4 days ago

      @Emily Lysons I don't feel like Gilmore Girls are fake since the whole show they all say it is not normal to eat like them and look like them.

    • Emily Lysons
      Emily Lysons 4 days ago

      like in gilmore girls. she also did a video on this

    • jankova0013
      jankova0013 23 days ago

      @Megaman it doesn't have to be true tho. That depends more on if that person exercise. And sure it's not common but they don't seem to be that muscular which fits the characters that don't like exercise and throughout the whole show they are saying that this is not normal and they should be so fat from eating like this but their body is just wired differently.

    • usagiprincess
      usagiprincess Month ago +3

      @Leila Adams it’s a shame all that exercising doesn’t also make you a good person that wouldn’t trash talk their own family on a TheXvid comments section.

    • maeve
      maeve 2 months ago +3

      @Leila Adams good for you..?

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 4 months ago +807

    I know what Lisa means. I'm 5ft 8in and all my friends are between 5ft & 5ft 4in and I've always felt 'bigger' next to them. It's a horrible feeling.

    • Gundog
      Gundog 3 days ago

      I'm 5'4 and still a mountain lol. I did recently lose weight and felt much daintier but I realized I was chasing a bfp sold to me by Hollywood. Even after losing 30lbs I still have bigger bones. My hips are solid and thick. My shoulders are broad. It's hard for me to maintain that weight unless I'm eating special foods that fill me up for less calories. I recently got pregnant and I cannot stomach chicken breast anymore and I miss potato chips so I'm gaining weight back with a quickness. Oh well, I'll just stay in a healthy weight range and if I come out if it I know what to do.

    • Nancy
      Nancy 5 days ago +1

      @Susanna Danner 6'1 here 👋

    • _mango-orange_
      _mango-orange_ 13 days ago

      I am 5ft10 and was in the higher range of a normal BMI in high school. My bff in high school was 5ft5, skinny and very beautiful, and people kept complimenting her way more often than me. I became very bitter at the time, but have now grown up and apologized to her

    • rvtard
      rvtard 2 months ago

      @Emily calm down. your height is very common for a woman. i'm literally 4'10.

    • maeve
      maeve 2 months ago

      @Bree oh sorry i’m not really fat i mean i just look really wide & big bc of my bones and my height adds to it

  • alliecravulz
    alliecravulz 4 months ago +2505

    Believe it or not, this stupid "the zone" diet was what started my ED when I was 13. I remember reading about it in a magazine (Jennifer and Brad doing it) and going "that's what I need". I was 50kg for 162cm at the time so needless to say ....I didn't really need any weight loss. It gave me a fear of carbs and a problematic relationship with food until the end of my 30's..... Believe me the 90' and 00' were not a healthy time and society when you were a young girl. Almost all my friends had similar issues.

    • Robin Kat
      Robin Kat 17 days ago

      @mastersnet18 Yes it was!!!!

    • kshamwhizzle
      kshamwhizzle 17 days ago

      I remember all those fucking dumb crash diet shows where the women were trying to fit in a wedding dress or a bikini in the mid 00s and early 10s. had us all thinking we should be working out two hours a day on 1600 calories. totally sustainable!

    • Iri Antler
      Iri Antler 24 days ago

      @clivys don't worry about the "face fat" it goes away as you grow up and you don't need to help it. My lowest weight was 48 kg, I'm 163 cm, and I actually hated how skinny my face was then, but I still thought, that I could somehow get even skinnier so that I'd have thinner legs. And because you can't lose weight locally, it would have been a losing game. I didn't have any problems with my health, because, I guess, I'm not tall, so it's still on the lowest edge of healthy weight. But the thing, that I find disturbing is that I was still considering to lose more weight. The way we perceive ourselves doesn't necessarily change when our bodies change. I thought my legs were fat, when I weighted 58 kg, and thought exactly the same when it was 10 kg fewer. Just follow a healthy diet, don't overeat, don't let yourself starve, be active, sleep and drink enough and maybe see a psychologist. The latter doesn't mean, that you have a problem, but we all have so many thoughts and believes separating us from our better lives and our true selves, that if you have an opportunity, take it now!

    • Robin Kat
      Robin Kat Month ago

      yes the 90's were horrible to my body image. It was VERY hard!

    • clivys
      clivys Month ago

      @Br H. thank you for this advice but I don’t care about what others think of me I care about what I think of myself my opinion on myself and I’m not satisfied with my body bc of my face fat and belly fat and I am also very thankful that I’m able to walk able to have hands thankful for every part of my body and yeah I guess I don’t have to specifically lose weight but I wanna lose fat and in order to do that I need to lose a few kilos
      Thank you for your advice though I appreciate it a lot

  • The Helpful Home
    The Helpful Home 4 months ago +3957

    Jennifer Anniston very famously was on the zone diet during the filming of the series and had her meals prepped and delivered to set. She discussed this openly in many publications.

    • Caitlin
      Caitlin 3 months ago

      And maybe the South Beach diet? My mom did it too, lost a bunch of weight.

    • Stephanie Kolb
      Stephanie Kolb 4 months ago +27

      For the debate on whether I am a woman or a man, I’m a woman. And I was being complimentary. I’m not a creep or a creeper. “Tight” means fit and in shape without being overly muscular like with a body builder or cross-fit. To me, tight is the same as toned, but with a bit more muscle (sporty versus ballerina lean). She was a runner then (may still be), so she was shaped like one. Tiny means tiny. Nothing to interpret. She’s petite. I grew up watching Friends and was in awe of how amazing Jen looked. They also did great wardrobe in the last several seasons (when she was working at Ralph Lauren), which is still relevant styles and looks great today decades later. She also had her hair in a sun kissed blonde and pin-straight long (they all did the early extensions then, which were damaging, so she eventually cut it.) The blonde suited her. So, her overall look was great. Check the memes of what Friends would be like today if it were done, and it shows the difference between their look and current standards. Friends pre-dated the Internet. And so it also pre-dated selfies, camera filters, photoshop and social media. What you saw was real and unedited. [Botox and fillers were new or not even developed then (Botox got FDA approved in 1989, fillers 15-20 years later).] Unlike all of the insane “influencer” nonsense, which actually does breed body dysmorphia and other psychological offshoots because it sets impossible standards (they get plastic surgery and still photoshop on top of it), the cast here were just regular girls doing exercise and various diet trends. That’s all. Jen was skinny, but she was always healthy (smoking notwithstanding). …And as for Howard, the reason I pointed it out was because back then, Howard never complimented *anyone*. He was always making negative comments about women, but Jen was the exception. He had nothing bad to say. He said she was perfection. What he said is a typical Howard comment, and you can take that up with him. So, while he isn’t by any means the voice one wants to rely on for feminism, it’s a testament to the fact that she looked really amazing. She worked hard to look that good and she talks about that effort. In general, it’s not inappropriate to give credit to someone who has worked hard or provide a compliment that they look good. We can appreciate each other without any other intent behind it, including sexualization. And women can appreciate other women without being a lesbian. We far too frequently are cutting other women down out of our own insecurities and jealousy, which actually breeds and feeds the misogyny and toxic masculinity.

    • elena
      elena 4 months ago +1

      happened pretty often in my high school- at the time I thought it was normal but in hindsight creepy af

    • Cyndi Rae
      Cyndi Rae 4 months ago +4

      @Juno Buno idk there’s definitely weird people everywhere but I don’t think the general attitude was hyper sexualizing women with statements. Idk

    • Cyndi Rae
      Cyndi Rae 4 months ago +51

      @Juno Buno nope, as someone who has an ED and been on ED tumblr/EDtwt/proana forums… they really don’t call fellow women tight. Tiny as a separate concept yes, as in tiny and waif like. “Tiny and tight” is a sexualized term used by mainly by cishet men. Not het or wlw women.

  • Jacquie Reid
    Jacquie Reid 4 months ago +342

    My daughter was hooked in by the clean eating, 1200 calorie a day schtick. She ended up quite severely anorexic but at no point was it the classic refusing to eat. No - she ate 3 meals a day and lots of veg so she was “healthy”. Fortunately, she eventually recognised she had a problem, sought treatment and is now in recovery, although she still struggles enormously around food and exercise. Thank you so much for doing this video. The way that extreme eating is normalised and even seen as something to aim for and emulate is really messed up and can do so much harm.

    • Isa Smithers
      Isa Smithers Month ago

      @Jacquie Reid Thank you Jacquie. It's awesome to hear that she is making progress and is doing better, she sounds like she has a strong support network :) It makes me mad too, since when did influencers think that they were qualified enough to give diet advice? Even 'professionals' can still spread misinformation about nutrition, which is a complicated and complex science.

    • Jacquie Reid
      Jacquie Reid Month ago

      @Isa Smithers I’m so sorry you had to deal with this and I 100% relate to what you’re saying about feeling you weren’t “ill enough” to have an ED. This was made it so difficult for my daughter and for me because she just wouldn’t believe she had a problem for such a long time and I felt on very slippery ground - because she DID eat her 3 meals and they WERE healthy. It took a change in environment when she started her Masters and was having to live in a new flat and make new friends, that she started to realise that she was no longer in control of her relationship with food. That was before the pandemic and thankfully, she is much better. But she’s had to work so so hard to get to this place and it makes me so angry that her attitude to nutrition was one that was promoted and lauded by influencers and celebrities.
      I really hope that your recovery continues and you remember to keep food in its proper place - a daily delight and joy but never something that should rule your life.

    • Isa Smithers
      Isa Smithers 2 months ago +4

      YES!!!! Thank you for describing this so perfectly. I am also struggling with an eating disorder at the moment, one that's eerily similar to the one you just described. I came across 'clean eating' in August last year. What started as an intention to be healthy and feel better spiralled into a really nasty and twisted relationship with food. I was embarrassed to tell people that I had an ED, especially at work, because I wasn't engaging in extreme ED behaviours, such as refusing to eat, and therefore my ED wasn't 'valid'. I ate 3 meals a day, and I (over)exercised to try and maintain my weight. People at work would comment on my salads "Wow, that looks so yummy and healthy!" and I would feel guilty for even thinking I had an eating issue. To an outsider, I didn't look like I had a problem, even though I was cutting out food groups and would feel extremely anxious if I couldn't control what I was eating. I was severly underweight as well, and since no one really expressed concern over how thin I was, I felt like I couldn't tell anyone. I didn't want to look like I was seeking attention.
      I'm sorry to hear about your daughter and I'm really happy she's getting the help and attention she needs. You're absolutely right, too many people normalise these disordered behaviours, even though they can be harmful and in extreme cases, deadly. There's nothing 'healthy' about disordered eating.

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +15

      I'm happy to hear your daughter was able to recognise the problem and is recovering, it takes a lot of strength. All my love to the both of you 💖

  • Marianiki2002 Strong
    Marianiki2002 Strong 4 months ago +1384

    As a dietitian watching this video, this is absolute horror. The amount of calories these women ate, ESPECIALLY with the amount of exercise each day is not NEARLY enough to sustain them. It's EXTREMELY unhealthy. Yes, you should absolutely have "criticised" them and the show that forced them to look like this, for the horrible effects it definitely had on the actresses themselves but also the people watching.

    • Jaye M
      Jaye M 2 months ago

      for 10 years as well...

    • dizzy miss lizzy
      dizzy miss lizzy 2 months ago

      its not the girls fault, its the show and their agents

    • dizzy miss lizzy
      dizzy miss lizzy 2 months ago +1

      @Lilian V they actually threatened to fire him for his weight gain

    • Elisa
      Elisa 3 months ago +3

      Riight the fact that the daily intake is around the same amount that their BMR would be unsettled me.

    • Tim Tree Frog
      Tim Tree Frog 3 months ago +12

      @leahxo one of my emails is based on the year I started my freelance business, not my birth year. You can't always assume.

  • Bee
    Bee 4 months ago +243

    It's sad that they didn't treat Monica as a human being when she was 'Fat Monica'. She was no less sweet, fun, friendly, caring, or generous, but was only ever shown as the butt of jokes about food and size and weight and being a virgin. Like she didn't warrant common decency from the people around her until she was thin and therefore a 'real person'.
    It might seem like harmless comedy to some, but at the peak of Friendsmania I witnessed that influence play out on people in real life for sure.

    • Emily Lysons
      Emily Lysons 4 days ago


    • dandy lion
      dandy lion 2 months ago +3

      I love the show but I can totally understand this POV and you are right IMO.

    • Blair Waldorf-Bass
      Blair Waldorf-Bass 2 months ago +20

      That’s literally how it is. I grew up in the 90s as a “fat” girl and it’s always been that way. No guys ever like you, they want your thin friends most men are disgusted by fat. And i was bullied by boys in high school for my weight. It was a very relatable portrayal in my opinion. And how chandler had the audacity to not see her as worthy until she was thin

  • luvndanestrin
    luvndanestrin 4 months ago +247

    As a recovering anorexic who was hospitalized at 80 pounds with my organs shutting down; we can spot an eating disorder a mile away. Just like how a drug addict can spot an addict. Courtney and Jennifer were ED for sure. They trigger me so bad.

    • Emily Lysons
      Emily Lysons 4 days ago

      fr, maybe dont use numbers!! anyway **cries in how much i wanted to look like them** i'm glad ur doing better tho hospital sucks sm

    • Jessica Kuhn
      Jessica Kuhn Month ago +1

      I’m glad you’re getting better now. Friends is my favorite show but as someone who struggles with body image as well, I found myself very triggered by the show as well. Like someone else mentioned the show will show them eating pizza and cookies never setting foot at a gym, yet looking great and I felt like a fucking whale!!! I still do but don’t care as much.

    • A E
      A E Month ago +1

      Im glad you made it through.

    • luvndanestrin
      luvndanestrin 2 months ago +15

      @Erin Hunter Kiddo, no. The entire video was a trigger and talked numbers and my comment is about the video being a trigger. Stop trying to get clout. Go back to your homework and do your chores. Christ, with Gen Z. I can't.

    • Kiki Suone
      Kiki Suone 2 months ago +22

      @Erin Hunter I get what you means, but well, the video talks about numbers and is obviously full of triggers, so anyone deciding to watch it would be massively triggered before even getting to the comments

  • Chloe Curtis
    Chloe Curtis 2 months ago +63

    Watching Friends I never thought Lisa looked fat AT ALL. I thought she looked really good and healthy. That’s so horrible that she felt that way🥺

  • Catherine Madsen
    Catherine Madsen 4 months ago +730

    I’m a registered dietitian and I’m so impressed with your scientific approach to trying these women’s diets! Your research was spot on. A lot of youtubers/ influences promote such unhealthy diets without any real research at all. This was so refreshing! Thank you (:

    • Emptythoughts✨
      Emptythoughts✨ Month ago

      @Alex Taylor eat the calories your body needs and make most of it no processed ie fresh produce, veggies, grains. Include all food type in proportion. That’s the healthy approach .

    • Emptythoughts✨
      Emptythoughts✨ Month ago


    • Britannia
      Britannia Month ago +2

      @Alex Taylor avoid food with labels. Only food which has been made shelf stable lacks nutrients and has added salt and sugar to make it taste better. Try go for real food which has been grown naturally, not made in a factory. Cook at home. Eat nutrient dense foods e.g. celery is large in volume, low in calories and high in goodness. Eat fats but not saturated ones like in red meat, go for nuts or avocado or eggs. Stick to carb serving suggestions unless after intense exercise, your body needs to replenish. Reduce sugar! Some treats are OK for people who exercise intensely as you need the hit in cycling or running. Try change late night snacks to sweet fruit if you absolutely must eat.

    • Alex Taylor
      Alex Taylor 2 months ago

      Girl what’s a good diet then

    • Britannia
      Britannia 2 months ago +1

      I'm amazed she was able to find so much info by googling 😭

  • Melissa K
    Melissa K 3 months ago +289

    I remember watching Friends when it originally aired with my college guy friends. They all wanted Rachel. One guy liked Monica. No one liked Phoebe. That sent a powerful message for sure.

    • Melissa K
      Melissa K Month ago +57

      @Μαρία Τασάκου Rachel was fit, tan, blonde, wore tight clothes, and pranced around without a bra in the later seasons. Mystery solved.

    • Μαρία Τασάκου
      Μαρία Τασάκου Month ago +21

      This is probably because of Rachael character though. What she projects is what most guys want in a girl.
      I am saying this because Courtney was also thin but as you said only one of your friends "chose" her.

    • Leslie Simon
      Leslie Simon 2 months ago +37

      @Leila Adams says who? You? 🤣 In my friendgroup EVERYBODY prefered phoebe. 🙄

    • Leila Adams
      Leila Adams 2 months ago +11

      Phoebe was not aesthetically attractive.

  • MagnificantLights
    MagnificantLights 7 months ago +980

    I really enjoyed this video! The 90s were interesting. Hopefully we can all move on as a society towards a healthy lifestyle.

    • Emily Lysons
      Emily Lysons 4 days ago

      "interesting" but ye igu

    • Del Picsla
      Del Picsla 4 months ago +13

      I hope so but I think the rise of obesity speaks for itself that America is not headed in a healthy direction

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  7 months ago +16

      Thank you so much! I agree - I think we've come a long way, hopefully we will continue to move in the right direction!

  • ItsSaraOlsen
    ItsSaraOlsen 4 months ago +888

    as a recovering anorexic/bulimic i can tell after a period of time without proper meals, your body gets used to being without it. but honestly is awful, it doesn’t even hurt anymore, actually hurts when you eat a “normal” food quantity. it sucks, honestly. but now, as i recover, i still spend a lot of time without food, bc i don’t really feel “hunger” in a normal way, but if i get too cold or too tired out of nowhere i know my body needs to eat, and if i don’t eat when it feels like i know i won’t be able to eat without feeling sick. it’s awful.

    • ItsSaraOlsen
      ItsSaraOlsen 2 months ago +1

      @Iris Kartasasmita stay strong darling 💖

    • Iris Kartasasmita
      Iris Kartasasmita 2 months ago +4

      I don't have an ED but I tend to fast (unwillingly) when I'm too depressed to take care of myself, and eating just feels like too much effort and energy that I don't have. Getting out of that fast and relearning how to stomach literally anything is so hard, especially because the hunger feeling doesn't work anymore and feeling sick/tired/cold doesn't always ring the bell. And there's nothing worse than looking at a plate of food, knowing that eating it is what would make me feel better, but not being able to because it makes me feel so sick. I hope we can all get over this, stay strong

    • Eva Verheij
      Eva Verheij 4 months ago +22

      I had bulimia for years and am now recovered for about 2-3 years (was actively trying to recover for around 2 years before that as well).
      And the thing is that I was able to lose weight back then because I kept nothing in my body, nothing at all, there were specifically 3 consecutive years where I fully starved myself all the way from morbid obesity down to being underweight.
      It was the most unhappy time in my whole life because every waking moment I was thinking about food/body/emptiness.
      Since recovering I have gained a lot of weight and am back to being severely overweight even though I'm eating an amount that others find shocking because it's so little.
      My body definitely got used to eating small amounts, I also have a thyroid disorder and have a stomach/esophagus hernia (that last one likely at least partly caused by the bulimia).
      And unfortunately due to my medical issues and lack of ability to exercise eating such a small amount of food doesn't make me slim.
      At this point I've accepted that I'm going to be overweight for most of my life, I'm nearly 30 and I'd much rather feel a little dissatisfied with my body sometimes than to obsess over macros, calories, fasting and purging.
      I know a lot of girls are terrified by the idea that they 'might end up like me' and gain weight to the point of being overweight but the truth is that I have never been more comfortable with myself than I am now because I just eat what I feel I need when I need it, no more, no less.

    • hopeless_ turkey
      hopeless_ turkey 4 months ago +28

      I went from anorexia to binge eating, quarantine helped me getting back to "normal" eating. I can tell you that if you keep eating 3/4 times a day, and try to eat bigger portions week by week, you'll be able to eat normally. Just keep going ^-^
      It took me a bit more than 7 months to feel hungry again like a normal functioning human being, and my stomach now can hold a good amount of food (I actually eat less than before without trying). I finally got the body that I wanted, but I probably damaged my stomach in some kind of way because in those 7 months it felt like my stomach had completely forgot how to digest food. Now, 2 years later I still have stomach problems and unfortunately lost weight because I couldn't eat anything for like 6 months.
      Mind you I was trying to get out of approximately 3 years of Anorexia (not diagnosed but its the most accurate way I can describe it), then went into eat or die mode and started binging for another 3/4 years. I was like 13 at the time so it probably damaged my body.
      All to say, just keep trying and trying because it's worth it. I'm almost fully recovered and I did it on my own, and it's like the "before" me is a whole another person. I just eat now if I want to or if I'm hungry.
      Good luck♡

    • BATS
      BATS 4 months ago +1

      right? it's terrible

  • Josepha
    Josepha 4 months ago +780

    "The salad that three people ate for ten years straight" you've got me on the floor, drowning in a puddle of my own tears

    • clueless
      clueless 4 months ago +10

      the line scared and broke me ngl

    • Mimineko101
      Mimineko101 4 months ago +7

      It’s pretty 😞 sad

  • Sylphadora
    Sylphadora 4 months ago +1275

    The salad they used to eat *did* have protein. Courteney say that "it was a Cobb salad that Jennifer doctored up with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans and I don't know what." This recipe you used was shared by Jennifer Aniston on the Living Proof Instagram on 2015 but it doesn't mean it's the exact same they used to eat back then. I don't think bulgur was an ingredient that TV catering services used back in the 90's so I doubt their salad had that.
    Courteney had a sweet tooth and had a special hiding place on set called "Courteney's Candy Cabinet," so she would snack on those. That being said, Courteney was always freakishly skinny. Jen wasn't so bad, but Courtney was bordering on cringe-skinny, so she must have had a lot of restraint to moderate the amount of candy she ate.
    In Friends they would often wear very tight outfits. When I watch Friends, I'm amazed at how flat the girls' bellies look, as if they had not eaten for hours. They must have controlled their portions a lot to never get bloated. I think the show put a lot of pressure on women to look good. Alexandra Holden, who played Elizabeth on season 6, said the producers told her to look "as hot as possible" for her chemistry read with David Schwimmer. I think I read somewhere that Jen and Courteney were asked to wear tight clothes for their auditions. The show runners were definitely going for a certain look.

    • Sushidashi
      Sushidashi 2 months ago +5

      @K M I think you used that word wrong, plus I didn’t say anything wrong

    • K M
      K M 2 months ago +2

      @Sushidashi 🙄 oh the microaggression crew is here.

    • Kayla Ball
      Kayla Ball 4 months ago

      The only thing I ever remember from the salad is Jennifer's turkey. Lol. Haha. I didn't know anything about bulgar. But keep seeing tons of people use it.

    • Nina Lou
      Nina Lou 4 months ago +31

      @Sushidashi lol right. They dislike fat shaming but go around & say things liks cringe skinny as if women who are that naturally skinny dont exist. Yawn

    • Sushidashi
      Sushidashi 4 months ago +34

      You really didn’t have to use words like cringe-skinny because that’s borderline skinny shaming but I agree with the rest

  • nocolopa28
    nocolopa28 4 months ago +1468

    God, TV shows from the 90's and early 2000s seriously messed up my body image. All those actresses I saw on screen were all so slim and barely had any body fat on them. I always saw myself as fat, because I didn't have a super flat stomach and wanted to lose weight starting at the age of 8. I'm very grateful for the body deversity we have in media today, because having this one unattainable for a lot of people body type regarded as ideal caused so many people to have eating disorders and distorted body image it's not even funny.

    • cranberriesgirl hype
      cranberriesgirl hype 2 months ago

      I was in my teens while the show was on the air. I used to be told I looked like Jennifer Aniston I even had my hair cut once to resemble hers. However I was a size 8/9 - 11/12 in those days and compared myself so much that I never loved my body. Now I look back and see I had a perfect figure 😩 smh

    • Octogon Smuggler
      Octogon Smuggler 3 months ago +1

      @alyzu I remember being size 00... In elementary school...

    • Octogon Smuggler
      Octogon Smuggler 3 months ago

      To be fair, having unhealthy people on either side of the spectrum isn't for the best. Espically when it comes to stuff for kids or that kids could be watching. Either way it could pose a problem. I, personally, as a person currently struggling to keep myself from throwing up at the mere thought of eating and seeing myself as fat when I see any body fat after bending over, I believe *HEALTHY* looking people are what should be on tv. Even if that healthy is on the chubby side, it's better than portraying any form of unhealthy body type and normalizing it.

    • Kelly Parks
      Kelly Parks 3 months ago +4

      @Susan B some of us have the kardashian body naturally.. it was hell as a middle schooler (i was mooed at and pinched to see if my rear was real). Mortifying

    • Ant A
      Ant A 4 months ago +4

      @Susan B I was in my teens in the 90s and 20s in the 2000s. I thought I was fat. I was not fat. I carried a normal amount of weight and in the upper part of healthy normal BMI. I wore a UK size 12. That is not fat. I wish I grew up now as tge kardashians and others have made it OK to have curves and be attractive. In the 2000s every dress was spaghetti strap which is a nightmare if you are not skinny like Monica as you needed a decent support. Kardashians are unreal with all the surgery, but at least I no longer feel like my thighs are too fat. I realise I'm normal and women have thighs and ths rest and are still attractive especially when naturally this shape.

  • Spooky Sammy
    Spooky Sammy 4 months ago +472

    Jen did all that exercise on a morning on an empty stomach? How did she have the energy to do it? 😱

    • Labyriiint
      Labyriiint 2 months ago

      @Heather Prest It’s not. What matters is getting in enough calories in the day, if it's spread out throughout the whole day or two meals or whatever doesn't matter. With that said i've started to eat a banana or something before now because it helps me recover better.

    • Heather Prest
      Heather Prest 2 months ago +1

      @Labyriiint yeah that's extremely unhealthy

    • Bree
      Bree 3 months ago

      I do 1 hour of exercise in the morning on an empty stomach and love it. I feel so much more alert and energized during the day. What is also great about it is since I started doing that in 2005 I no longer need to drink coffee. I haven't had coffee in over 15 years.

    • Rosalba Hendriks
      Rosalba Hendriks 3 months ago +4

      I actually prefer to do my runs on an empty stomach or after just a cup of coffee/handful of nuts. My runs are usually between 45 minutes and 1,5 hours. I've always been that way, just not hungry in the morning. Eating too much in the morning actually makes me sick haha. But then again this is very different for everyone, although I am sure you can get your body to adapt to a certain rhythm. Your muscles actually have glycogen stored in them that can be accessed as an energy source, especially the first 1,5 hours of excercise (that's probably why for me running really really starts to suck after 90 minutes haha)

    • Hayley S
      Hayley S 4 months ago

      @chelsea k or duromine

  • Lily Homma
    Lily Homma 4 months ago +261

    It’s no wonder they were all smokers: nicotine is an appetite suppressant. I wouldn’t be surprised if, whenever they felt hungry, they reached for a cigarette (or several) instead. This, in addition to the low calorie, high energy, and high stress conditions they punished their bodies with for decades, likely resulted in some lasting health problems and definitely a warped view of food and body image. I feel awful for these women.
    If you’re David Schwimmer showing up to the Friends set and not feeling great about how you look, so what? Wardrobe department puts you in a comfortably-fitting button-up and some jeans - problem solved. If you’re Jennifer, Courtney, or Lisa, you’re probably feeling awful about your body every single day. You show up to set exhausted from insufficient food and poor sleep (also a nasty side effect of undereating), are hyper-aware that whatever your body looks like now will be recorded on film for all of time, and are surrounded by beautiful, equally hungry and burnt-out actresses you can’t help but compare yourself to. You feel fat, awful, ugly. You walk into wardrobe and are handed a bodycon dress that shows ev-er-y-thing. You feel miserable and want nothing more than to wear a sweatshirt two sizes too large (it’ll help with the cold hands too), because, in a case of deeply cruel irony, the same obsessive fixation on “the PERFECT body” that makes you look great in everyone else’s eyes only draws your attention to every flaw…and rather than enjoy and show off your hard work and agonizing dedication, you’d rather just hide.
    The clips you inserted of the female Friends placing their dinner orders and being ridiculed by the waiter were painful to watch 😢 Glad you only subjected yourself to this for three days! Thank you for the care and emphasis you put into explaining how awful these behaviors are for you. 🙏 It’s just not worth it

    • C
      C 3 months ago +22

      Are you talking about when Rachel ordered a side salad..? That scene was that they went to an expensive restaurant but the broke members of the friends group couldn’t afford anything…

    • F
      F 3 months ago +14

      comfort urself by knowing they ordered small amounts bc they were broke not dieting lol!

    • R. E. M.
      R. E. M. 4 months ago

      This is such a fantastic comment

    • R. E. M.
      R. E. M. 4 months ago +9

      This is such a fantastic comment

  • Hannah NL
    Hannah NL 10 days ago +8

    Lisa Kudrow came out and talked about how sick she would get trying to stay so unaturally small for her body type and I love her for sharing that. More colds and flu, loss of energy etc. Dieting, can be dangerous.

  • Leah Williams
    Leah Williams 4 months ago +340

    That feeling of being a mountain of a woman is sincerely something experienced by tall women. I often find I intimidate other people (even shorter men but especially a lot of women) bc I am sincerely a mountain of a woman. My bones are indeed bigger. Even at my frailest, I am a big person. I am 5'10" so I understand her insecurity...might not be related to weight solely but also just height will do that.
    Holy shit ... She weighed 118 lbs... I have never been that skinny. My lowest weight as an adult is 153 & people started to ask me if I was anorexic. I couldn't imagine 118 lbs at my height.

    • kshamwhizzle
      kshamwhizzle 17 days ago

      seriously I'm 5'9 and I think the smallest I ever was was like 145 lbs and yeah people were concerned. I literally could not lose any more weight after that. my lowest marathon training weight was 150 ish, and at a really good weight (what I consider my sexiest look) with combined cardio and weight training I was around 160 lbs.

    • Kayla Titus
      Kayla Titus 2 months ago +1

      I am 6 feet tall and constantly feel huge. My lowest weight as an adult was something like 155 lbs. I hate being tall sometimes.

    • K M
      K M 2 months ago +1

      Fellow tall women here too. I remember one time a family member said to me something about don't worry about not being like the other girls (my more petite cousins)...I didn't know what she even meant by that comment, I was very thin but being really tall can make you feel unattractive, especially if the boys you like are shorter.
      I found once I grew up is when I came to appreciate being tall.

    • Ella Y
      Ella Y 3 months ago +1

      So true ab the height insecurity, I’m only 5’8 but I hate being around my shorter friends bc it makes me feel huge. Also, I’ve been around 118 at my height and let me tell you I looked terrible lol

    • Lauren Hartley
      Lauren Hartley 3 months ago +2

      I am 5'10 and got down to 140 lbs after having twins, and it was a struggle. I definitely got into the 1200 calorie diet and it did cause me to gpninto restrict-binge-guilt cycle. It doesn't help thst I married a short man whose 5 ft, 95 lbs sister always made me feel like a hippo!

  • Fernanda R.
    Fernanda R. 4 months ago +322

    I feel for Lisa, I can relate. I always felt like was thicker than some of my friends, plus I had all sorts of psychological issues, and that created many insecurities and eating disorders that took me years of therapy to overcome.

    • Emily Lysons
      Emily Lysons 4 days ago


    • Satan
      Satan Month ago

      I'm barely 5ft and kinda petite and tall women are absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm not less beautiful by any means either but I love love love curvy/thick (whatever you wanna call it) women, especially as a bi girl. There's no one size that detects how pretty you are. I've always found girls of all sizes beautiful!!

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +8

      I'm sorry you went through that, I'm happy to hear that you were able to work on yourself and improve from then. Much love x ❤

  • Alex Gatto
    Alex Gatto 4 months ago +511

    Just want to point out that a salad with bulgur, chickpeas, pistachios AND feta has a lot of protein, in fact it's almost all protein plus cucumbers! I'm surprised Courtney and Jen were on Atkens (essentially keto) and eating that much bulgur (aka wheat) though!

    • Kelly M
      Kelly M 2 months ago

      @dandy lion I swear just how I do it. Go be a square lol

    • Kelly M
      Kelly M 2 months ago

      @dandy lion ok thanks, have a nice day. How do you ask "rudely" over text though?

    • dandy lion
      dandy lion 2 months ago

      @Kelly M you’re the one who rudely asked what does it matter.
      Whatever dx you have is irrelevant to all of this. No one knew and doesn’t need to.

    • G 625
      G 625 2 months ago +1

      @Alex Gatto “shit ton” is relative? i have no idea the serving sizes but i’d say the meal has like 20g protein tops, which might be a lot for someone who’s not used to getting a lot of protein and isn’t super active, but is pretty mediocre for a highly active individual. on top of what’s already in there, a highly active person would probably want to add some more overt proteins like tofu, tempeh, seitan, lean meat, or fish.

    • Alex Gatto
      Alex Gatto 2 months ago +2

      @G 625 It doesn't matter if the individual components are majority protein, all of them together make up a salad with a shit ton of protein, that's the point of the comment.

  • Rosmery Peláez Álvarez
    Rosmery Peláez Álvarez 4 months ago +218

    You should do the diets of the cast from sex and the city, they were always very thin, in the movie they even criticize samantha for having gained a little fat in her belly

  • The Fit Therapist
    The Fit Therapist 4 months ago +525

    90’s and 00’s diets were wild. I distinctly remember regularly reading about 1,200 calorie plans in magazines. For years, I thought that was the only way could lose weight.

    • The Bog Wizerd
      The Bog Wizerd 2 months ago

      @ᄂDEADSOONᄀ I eat more calories now that I'm out more

    • The Bog Wizerd
      The Bog Wizerd 2 months ago

      @ᄂDEADSOONᄀ Yes, I was in lock down at home and only went out to walk my dogs. So I didn't move much at all.

    • ᄂDEADSOONᄀ
      ᄂDEADSOONᄀ 2 months ago +1

      @The Bog Wizerd i'm also 5ft and that's bs. even at our height we need at least 1600. i say it as someone recovering from an ED. i lost my period for a year eating less or as much as 1200. it ain't sustainable unless you stay in bed all day not moving almost at all. pls.

    • carol Lund
      carol Lund 3 months ago +2

      Everybody here keeps saying the 90' s and OO's diets were wild and it was so hard for women then. It was, but those decades were no exception. It was the same even in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Same because we also had incredibly skinny standards to live up to ( ever heard of Twiggy?) and worse because crash diets were coming out constantly, extremely unhealthy ones, far worse than Atkins or the Zone, and not much admonishment against them as there is now. How well I remember the Beverly Hills diet for example..just crazy, a lot of pineapple which supposedly burned fat, and then the good old grapefruit diet..with half a cup of cottage cheese on a leaf of lettuce three times a day, some grapefruit, maybe a canned peach or a piece of Melba toast. Ugh! There was another crazy one I remember where you ate like 12 eggs a day and nothing else. Or Scarsdale, another high protein diet, you could have maybe two pieces of bread the whole freaking week, I would dream at night about when I could eat a thin slice. And a lot of us took diet pills or laxatives to get rid of whatever we ate as fast as possible. And many other diets like these. A very bad time.

    • Kath Morgan
      Kath Morgan 3 months ago +4

      @Kate Bourque I remember there was a "Baby Food" diet at one point. Encouraging teenagers and adult women to eat pureed baby food for portion control, with some nutrients. What's crazy and distressing now is that this kind of message for women and eating was normalised in influential medias (like tv, film, magazines, MTV). I give praise and thanks to the people who started looking more deeply at the implications of idealising extremely underweight women - including writer Naomi Wolf, in her book "The Beauty Myth".

  • Stephanie Climer
    Stephanie Climer 4 months ago +176

    I’ve been re-watching friends, and feeling really terrible about myself because of how Courtney and Jen looked. I did a quick search to see if they were considered underweight at the time, in hopes of stymying my insecurity, but couldn’t find anything. Alas, here you are, a true gift! I thought Lisa looked healthier, but I was even wrong about that! Thank you for this, deeply.

    • MOMO1234lem
      MOMO1234lem 4 months ago +1

      Court was for sure underweight. Idk if Jen was or not

  • Rachel Nicole
    Rachel Nicole 3 months ago +88

    this video made me want to give Lisa Kudrow a giant hug!
    I have never ever compared any of the girls’ bodies in all the time watching the show! i’ve been jealous of them compared to myself but it breaks my heart that Lisa cared so much that she wouldn’t even watch it 😭😭😭

  • Panna Kovács
    Panna Kovács 4 months ago +286

    I am a Gen Z, and it is so shocking to see that these toxic diets and "body goals" were existent even in the '90s. This is a great video, and it gives a lot of clarification. Especially the trigger warnings. It is great to see a video like this, where the creator doesn't hide the little details and is very truthful with ALL of the information. Thank you!

    • Tyco
      Tyco 29 days ago

      Im Gen Z, and I'm shocked to see the world existed before me!

    • Nat
      Nat 2 months ago +1

      Yes I had I think three of those magazines and then realised everything was either about fashion or diets so I didn't buy them.

    • Caitlin
      Caitlin 3 months ago +1

      As a girl growing up in the 90s, the ONLY type of “woman’s” body I saw represented around me was girlishly skinny. The magazines I read were 70% articles about how to look or become skinnier. One thing I appreciate nowadays is that not every single photo or frame is shopped or filtered (even though many are); even popular porn performers have a bit of cellulite and stretch marks. It is, despite the push back you are getting from some other comments, much better to live in a woman’s body now than it was even just 15 years ago.

    • Pretty Rosy
      Pretty Rosy 4 months ago

      @amiiiu They have this hatred for anything before 2015. I wish they would just leave the past and get on with living now. As if young women of today aren’t looking at the Kardashian’s and following what they eat, how they dress and how they do their makeup. It’s hypocritical behaviour and they are too blind to see it.

  • Carissa Jane
    Carissa Jane 4 months ago +196

    As an elder millennial I remember Lisa Kudrow being in one of those health magazine in the 90s and saying she ate frozen grapes as a snack.

    • Stephanie OK
      Stephanie OK 8 days ago

      Frozen blueberries > frozen grapes imo

    • Alicia Semph
      Alicia Semph 3 months ago +3

      Also frozen cherries, the sweet kind.

    • falloutgirl902
      falloutgirl902 3 months ago +3

      Frozen grapes are lit

    • Faly Gurl
      Faly Gurl 3 months ago +6

      So? They are good.

    • Tori Whitfield
      Tori Whitfield 4 months ago +18

      Frozen grapes were my favorite when I was hella pregnant during the summer.

  • Gerda Sadauskaitė
    Gerda Sadauskaitė 4 months ago +60

    Eating disorders are the scariest thing in the world. I remember I had days when I consumed 400-500 calories per day, I had no energy, I didn't want to do anything and was very restrictive with my food. When I think now, thats so sick...

    • Ainsley
      Ainsley 2 months ago +4

      Yeah I would eat 300-600 and try to work out in secret and it was the unhappiest I had ever been

  • Arizona
    Arizona 4 months ago +394

    This was super well done, that salad looked really good! I also appreciated how you talked about the side effects of following such a restrictive diet because a lot of ppl tend to brush over how dangerous it is

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +14

      Thank you so much for watching and for the kind comment 😊🙏 I really wanted to dig deep into the different diets and explore the side effects precisely because I think this kind of videos rarely mention it

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 4 months ago +193

    I used to watch a ton of these videos with an unhealthy mindset- to find tips on how to look thinner. I clicked on this out of curiosity but was nervous this would be unhealthy. I was so surprised how you approached this- with an honest look at their diets.

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +11

      Thank you so much for your comment - I really took great care when planning these videos because I didn't want them to be triggering, or to even promote these diets; in fact, my purpose with these videos is to help educate people who may be victims of diet culture without realising (who I'm aware are possibly a large portion of people clicking in this video) so it makes me really happy to read comments saying that I was able to achieve that. Thank you for the support 💖

  • Fabi Presoto
    Fabi Presoto 4 months ago +118

    The salad looks amazing, but I don't think I would be able to eat it everyday! Can you imagine 10 years straight? That's crazy 😦

    • Judit Bártfai
      Judit Bártfai 3 months ago +7

      They ate the salad every day during filming, which took only a few weeks in a year. They didn't have to eat this every day for 10 years straight.

  • Random Things
    Random Things 4 months ago +494

    Some people don't understand losing half a pound or 1 pound a week is still A LOT but people think that's too little because we are conditioned to think people can lose 10lbs a week or like 50lbs a month....that's impossible and if you do reach that it's impossible to maintain it. You might even gain more weight than before

    • miera1029
      miera1029 3 months ago

      @A. R. Only a few people can. I was recently sick and only ate a little for 3 days and lost 1.5kg and I'm already close to being underweight. But I know my body is not the standard. And I looked gross with my ribs showing..

    • A. R.
      A. R. 4 months ago +12

      You are absolutely right, there are so many videos and articles out there that teach you how to lose several lbs in a single week, but this is a lie! The only time in my life where I have done a successful diet (i.e. I lost a lot of weight and kept it off too) I was losing max 1 lb a week, some weeks only half a pound and some weeks there was no change.

  • April Aragon
    April Aragon 4 months ago +43

    This has to be my favorite “work-out and diet” video. I love how you explain so much stuff at the end. For someone that has body issues and watches videos to look better- this just makes me feel very comforted. Thank you.

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +2

      Thank you so much for the kind comment, it makes me happy that you found it helpful 🤗

  • Jean ShelbyBooks
    Jean ShelbyBooks 4 months ago +333

    There were SO many comments made in this video that are golden. If you’re underweight as a woman you look good. It’s what pushes so many of to exercise and under eat, unfortunately. It makes for good side plots to my books! 🥰 I appreciate your honest opinion, despite how much of a fan you are. I think I’m the only one who hasn’t watched the show. 😳😆

    • Jean ShelbyBooks
      Jean ShelbyBooks 4 months ago

      Yes I totally agree!

    • Clara Espinosa
      Clara Espinosa 4 months ago +3

      I thought I was the only one who barely watched the show but found this enjoyable. "Friends" was a very influential show for my generation and all of this makes sense, in terms of many girls obsessed with seeing underweight as good looking.

    • Mayonnaise
      Mayonnaise 4 months ago +1

      Me too!

    • Arfa
      Arfa 4 months ago +1


    • Linttastic
      Linttastic 4 months ago +2

      I've never watched the show either LOL...somehow just went over my head in the 90s lol. Still can enjoy this video tho! 😉

  • Margot Gevaert
    Margot Gevaert 4 months ago +42

    This is so interesting, I really love how you got into the actual facts & figures. This is not just another 'I tried xyz's diet' video. I actually learned quite a lot watching this. Thank you so much! Great content 👍

    • MOMO1234lem
      MOMO1234lem 4 months ago

      Cough Blair walnuts cough

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +2

      Thank you very much for the kind comment! That was my intention 🙏😊💖

  • Monica Valladares
    Monica Valladares 9 days ago +2

    Thank you for telling the truth about the pie, and not being all “oh naughty me” about it. I was kind of blown away- I want to be more normal in the way I talk about food and that seemed like a really nice example.

  • Krystel Dallas
    Krystel Dallas 4 months ago +93

    I was between the ages of 6 & 16 throughout the 90s and watched Friends religiously. The diet culture was real, everywhere you looked, and it's stuck with me even now, well into my 30s, even as a fitness coach and a mother, as someone who knows better, it's still with me. Great video :)

  • Sara Berkebile
    Sara Berkebile 4 months ago +202

    i love how conscious you were about talking about dieting this restrictive, and i appreciate your warning about weights and measurements 💕

  • Danice Gewiss
    Danice Gewiss 4 months ago +58

    I gained weight between Halloween and Christmas. We're back on our normal diets. I'm exercising regularly. My body is looking so much better. Tiny bellies 24/7 is a fantasy. That's called an empty belly. You looked beautiful before the video and look fine after. Lisa at 5'10" and 118 lbs was severely underweight.

  • Carys
    Carys 2 months ago +7

    The way Lisa Kudrow felt is how I felt growing up around smaller or shorter girls. It's like we are made to feel guilty for taking up more space than someone with a smaller frame than us. What we were shown on TV from being young girls is why we have deeply ingrained body dismorphia and EDs. And seeing their heights, weights and bmi's is crazy because being 5'5, when I was 118 lbs I looked sickly and underweight. Thanks for the brilliant video ❤️

  • Tay Marie
    Tay Marie 4 months ago +50

    This was the first of your video's I've seen and I really enjoyed it! As a child who grew up in the 90's, and was plus size, seeing Monica being criticized for being fat all the time really got to me as a kid. And seeing how skinny literally everyone was on that show really must have done something to my perception of myself and the people around me. I am glad to have somewhat gotten out of that headspace but 90's skinny culture was brutal for a young girl.

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +3

      Thank you for sharing your experience, I'm happy you were able to distance yourself from that mindset!

  • Tabitha
    Tabitha 2 months ago +8

    I was watching friends for the first time in a while recently, and noticed how very slim Rachel and Monica were. It was such the norm back then that I didn't notice at the time.
    A couple years back I got very unwell and ate barely a thing for over a week. I got as skinny as Mon and Rach are here. I'm about their height, too. And it was painful. I don't think people realise that it is painful to be that slim. It hurts to sit even on a soft sofa because your butt bones stick out so much. My breathing was hard and shallow when I walked and it was work just to walk, tiring. Being this skinny is never good, unless it is your natural body type even when you eat enough calories. Every body deserves enough food, how it makes your body look is utterly irrelevant.

  • Kat Cook
    Kat Cook 3 months ago +25

    I love Lisa’s advice. Our bodies do tell us what it needs!

  • Lela Gray
    Lela Gray 4 months ago +62

    Her reaction to the lemon water is adorable. It's like when babies try lemons for the first time.

  • hannah whyte
    hannah whyte 4 months ago +172

    Diets like these can be so damaging to everyone, it’s crazy that we aren’t more educated about ACTUAL healthy eating habits !!

    • hannah whyte
      hannah whyte 4 months ago

      @Jessica Viana you’ve given me ideas for posting on my yt - to teach people how to live an actual healthy lifestyle with actual knowledge, that hasn’t been soaked up through a screen !!

    • hannah whyte
      hannah whyte 4 months ago +1

      @Jessica Viana exactly !! We aren’t taught basic life skills in school and that needs to change

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +5

      Agreed! I'm shocked we're still not teaching nutrition in schools

  • Zoe Iacomini
    Zoe Iacomini 4 months ago +17

    This is the first video I've seen of yours- you're such a lovely person. Your kindness towards the actors, yourself and others who are struggling with food is amazing to see. What an awesome video!

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago

      Thank you so much for the kind words 🙏🤗 and thank you for watching! 💞💞

  • Asiyah Shaikh
    Asiyah Shaikh 3 months ago +15

    Thank you for this video. It opened my eyes to the dangers of the 1200 calorie diet. I did that diet for 3 years. But even lower. Some days I just had 1000 calories. And I would exercise daily, burning approximately 300 calories. I lost weight, but in an unhealthy way. I never took a single cheat day in those 3 years. And when I stopped dieting, I gained all that weight back in less than an year. It took me 3 years to shed it while being super restrictive and it took no time to gain it back. Now I'm pregnant, and gaining so much weight even though I'm not binging or eating unhealthy cravings. And I felt so low yesterday looking at myself. And I was thinking of going back on the 1200 calories diet after pregnancy was over. But now I realize that it would be super dangerous for me to do that. I guess I've gotta grow a spine and tell off the people in my life who keep talking about how fat I am.

  • ShellTay32
    ShellTay32 4 months ago +158

    I am the same age as the Friends ladies, my favorite show of all time btw, and it was always said that Jennifer Aniston did the Zone diet and other low cars diets, like Atkins. Trust me, I followed all the diet recs from People magazine about how they all ate. =). xoxo

  • Dasha Guzman
    Dasha Guzman 4 months ago +130

    I have no idea how I ended up here, but I’m really glad I found your video! Your editing is great, your tone and narration are lovely, the content is fantastic, and outside of all of that, it was a fun topic! Glad to have come across your channel! Now, if you don’t mind me, I have a list of your videos to start binging lol

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +8

      This comment is SOO sweet! Now I have to run and go made some more videos omg 😅 thank you for the support! 💖

  • NatalietheDoll
    NatalietheDoll 4 months ago +33

    Tastefully done, honest, and fun video. Very eye opening about diet culture and strict Hollywood standards. I honestly assumed they all had healthy diets and were naturally thin, as some people can be, but didn't realize any of them were as tall as they are, or that their BMIs were so low at the time!
    I could see myself feeling fine with either Jen or Lisa's diets for occasional days, with a snack thrown in, but not if I were exercising as much as Jen or Courteney, AND THEN having a full day of work on top of that. All that pressure, as if acting for 8-12 hours a day and dealing with press wasn't enough. I'd feel tired or anxious, too. No wonder they smoked. I hope they're all living less restricted lives now that they've become mega successful women.

  • YazmanianDevil
    YazmanianDevil 4 months ago +76

    I recently rewatched Bridget Jones's diary. I was appalled because according to her diary, she was 136 pounds and was "fat" and needed to lose weight. Her goal was 115. Seemed a bit sus, since I thought she looked adorable.

    • Kaleigh Sofka
      Kaleigh Sofka 2 months ago +2

      @S R idk I always thought that point came across in the film, that Bridgits insecurities are the driving force behind a lot of her unreliable narration.

    • S R
      S R 4 months ago +13

      If you read the book, you'll notice that Helen Fielding did this on purpose as satire. There is nothing wrong with Bridget's weight, but she is 'a child of Cosmopolitan culture' in her words, and is brainwashed into feeling as though she should be tiny. The whole book is much more of a satire of 90s culture than the film is. I get really annoyed how the satirical point the author was making about weight loss in culture is lost in the film, despite loving the film.

    • Kelly Snowe
      Kelly Snowe 4 months ago +19

      I remember seeing an interview with Colin Firth and Renee Zellweger talking about getting ready for the movie. Firth was taking about the amounts of food Zellweger ate and "all the cheese pizza." Apparently she would eat an entire pizza in one sitting. Meanwhile Zellweger was acting super disgusted with herself. I was pretty young when that movie came out, but it wasn't until now that I realized 136 pounds was Renee Zellweger's version of "horribly fat."

  • M P
    M P 4 months ago +54

    Ok but to be honest, eating mostly protein and few carbs (fruits and veggies are ok as long as they're not loaded with starch) really helped me to get back in shape but I was never hungry. My insulin spikes easily and I get hangry very fast, but with this diet I never had those sudden uncomfortable hunger cues

    • Lauren Roseanne
      Lauren Roseanne 4 months ago +1

      @bjorksbackyard that's amazing! :)

    • bjorksbackyard
      bjorksbackyard 4 months ago +1

      @Lauren Roseanne It definitely helped me, through maintaining energy levels without the spikes that make ADHD worse for me, so I'm sticking by what works.

    • Lauren Roseanne
      Lauren Roseanne 4 months ago

      @bjorksbackyard wow, I had no idea it could help with ADHD as well! That's amazing :)
      I totally agree with you - when I was still living at home we ate loads of cauliflower (my fave) instead of potatoes and in various ways: that alone has honestly spiced up my life and diet 😅

    • bjorksbackyard
      bjorksbackyard 4 months ago +3

      @Lauren Roseanne yeah it’s annoying how people talk a lot of shit about low carb eating as a general rule for everyone. It’s helped my energy levels not spike, and my adhd too. I think too many people exaggerate their idea of different diets, thinking low carb is just cheese and meat? Or that eating salads is just lettuce and a bit of cucumber lmao.

    • ItsMyNijntje
      ItsMyNijntje 4 months ago +5

      And if you eat enough for how active you live and get enough fiber its great!

  • Jackie Nolan
    Jackie Nolan 4 months ago +107

    I could see switching up the ingredients of the Jen Salad with the bulgur as the base - that may be a nice go to when you don’t know what to eat.

  • Adina
    Adina 4 months ago +13

    Oh m g! I was asking this question a few months ago: how is it that they always looked so slim and fit in Friends? Thanks for the answer. I enjoyed this video. You’ve put a lot of effort into it. Nice.

  • telepathicmagicshop
    telepathicmagicshop 3 months ago +8

    Ladies, we don't have to be like this. Please eat when you're hungry. And to the tall girls in the comments section- you are statuesque and gorgeous. All 5 foot 3 of me is envious of your height❤

  • A Vu
    A Vu 4 months ago +43

    I LOVED this video. it was so entertaining & informative. as someone who struggles with eating, it's really nice to hear someone say that eating this low is simply not sustainable. also, mentioning the restrict --> binge --> guilt cycle + constant thoughts about food was SO comforting. thank you for shedding light on these topics :)

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +2

      I'm happy it was helpful for you, thank you for the support 💖

  • Alyssa Van Blanckenberg
    Alyssa Van Blanckenberg 3 months ago +12

    This was an informative and entertaining video! Thank you so much! As someone who has had an ED in the past and still struggles with it almost every day, I wanted to add that Phoebbe’s way of eating, only when hungry, can work for some but would be horrible for others. I could go an entire day without eating and without the feeling of hunger, so I have to eat at certain times to avoid falling into an longer period of not eating.

  • Laiba Vlogs
    Laiba Vlogs 4 months ago +22

    Really interesting video. I didn’t know she had to go through such a strict diet.

  • Annie
    Annie 4 months ago +76

    I can’t imagine eating 1200 calories. Even NOOM the new “non-diet” program typically gives around 1200 calories and talks about eating some foods over the others. And I’m just shocked that we’re still thinking that’s okay. My body could never now. It knows better and binges

  • Alex S
    Alex S Month ago +1

    This video actually made me happy when I realized how far I’ve come from my ED.
    I was doing exactly what they did and am still trying to get my body to regulate itself properly.

  • Good For Nutting
    Good For Nutting 4 months ago +167

    Can’t imagine eating the same thing for 10 years!

  • Jessica Viana
    Jessica Viana  11 months ago +462

    Thank you so much for your patience on this one - it took me so long to edit but I really wanted to post it! Let me know if you like this type of videos and any other cast/celebrities/fad diets you’d like me to try (is this going to be a series? 🤭) much love 💕

    • Windy Hawthorn
      Windy Hawthorn 4 months ago

      @Jessica Viana
      My dad brought me to the local christen university to show me there library when I was small and for me to know anybody can visit it. In fact I remember two old farts who spent a lot of time in the archives photocopying the rare books for years and later scanning them into there computer before anyone cared. The Universities only noticed when they wrote a book and reference those rare books and they found out they hung out at there library. So they got mad and locked up all those books and hid them away and banned them because they hated what they wrote and the fact it was so well researched and referenced. But it was too late because they had finished copying all the books they needed. And it didn't stop them from writing more books.

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago

      @Windy Hawthorn Thanks for the tip! I was wondering how I could get my hands on those archives, the library tip is a good idea!

    • Windy Hawthorn
      Windy Hawthorn 4 months ago +1

      Next time you need to research what's found in magazines and other such media that you don't find on the internet from a certain decade. You need to go to a library or a college library where they have the magazines bound into a yearly book. Archives are wonderful

    • Chartreuse Maiden
      Chartreuse Maiden 4 months ago

      Kudos for being Pescatarians. I use to be before I got roommates and now that I'm on my own I went back. I don't really like showing it due to where I work. But it slips out every now and again because often they buy us food, and I just hide away. I have noticed a drastic weight loss going back on. It wasn't intentional, but I think that meat isn't bad to eat by itself it's what we pair with it. And yes, I get this question alot. "If you're not doing for the animals, why go Pescatarian?" ( I believe in the natural circle of life. But I condem animal torture)
      The answer is a selfish one I won't deny it, but the results are the same. I wanted to, I felt better when I est more veggies and when I REALLLY crave something I fight it as long as I can then once a month I let my body go crazy so I don't grow a resentment and I don't loose those enzymes, and it makes it easier to prolong the craving to 2 months than 3 .

    • Isabel Mansur
      Isabel Mansur 4 months ago +5

      Yes! I would love to watch a series on that topic 🙂
      I am old enough to have watched Friends when it first aired and I remember the exact time when I thought to myself , this girls are too thin and muscular (except for Lisa, who in my opinion is the prettiest one), it did not look good anymore! ( around season 5 ), But that was really the fitness model of the time. I’m glad things ara more inclusive now and we can see a little bit more diversity in shape and color

  • the liv diaries
    the liv diaries 3 months ago +11

    9:49 as someone who just realized they have binge eating disorder….she just described this mentality perfectly.

  • Lieselotte Peeters
    Lieselotte Peeters 4 months ago +7

    As a fellow tall girl I can relate to Lisa's body image issues so much! I'm not the skinniest person out there (not over weight, just on the higher side of a healthy bmi), but I feel like even if I were to lose loads of weight I'd still feel gigantic simply because my body is taller, and therefore bigger, than average. It's something that we just have to make peace with within our minds. As a tall person, I'll never be "dainty" or fragile looking like the beauty standard (btw, what a terrible misogynistic standard), and no amount of exercise or diet will ever change that. In a way, it is a blessing to know for sure that you can't change these things about your body. Like Lisa also probably realised, it forces you to have realistic expectations and treat your body accordingly. When you feel like there's no limit to how far you can shrink yourself, you might never stop.

  • R. E. M.
    R. E. M. 4 months ago +4

    I really relate to what Lisa is quoted as saying, and... tennis, cycling and swimming ARE definitely exercise!!

  • Cesía León-Alvarez
    Cesía León-Alvarez 2 months ago +2

    Such a calm, sensible and measured video. I learned a lot, thank you : )

  • E H
    E H 2 months ago +5

    I ate bulgur wheat almost every day for 6 years when I had eating issues cos it's so low calorie but it's actually also really tasty! I also would make polenta chips which is just sliced and baked crispy polenta

  • Vatsla
    Vatsla 4 months ago +130

    Coming from someone who specifically ate 1200 calories for MONTHS off of the recommendation of someone I know who was into fitness, I have to say, 1200 calls are nowhere NEAR enough to sustain a full-grown adult. But even more than sustenance, eating 1200 calls will make you hit a weight loss slump faster than eating a normal deficit amount because your body will start to store fat for warmth and energy production. Which happens to be very counter-productive considering why people restrict in the first place.

    • ISM T
      ISM T 4 months ago +1

      @Vatsla Oh thanks for the kind comment! I agree, that's no way to live, on 1200 calories only. It can work out for some people if they do it temporarily, but otherwise i think it can get unhealthy, because for one, it would be hard to get all the vitamins and minerals you need and it can also get inconvenient.
      Good luck on your journey!

    • Vatsla
      Vatsla 4 months ago +1

      @ISM T 👏👏👏👏 so glad it worked for you! And that is my entire point, that nobody NEEDS to drop to a sparse diet for 1200 calories as a full grown adult. It’s ok if you do it in a safe environment and you WANT to do it, but thinking that these girls thought they needed to eat 1200 cals to maintain their appearance in FRIENDS is a bit heartbreaking. Also, congratulations on your incredibly strong journey! I’m hoping to déficit too but I can’t go to bed with an empty stomach so it’s being a little prissy hahah 💗

    • ISM T
      ISM T 4 months ago +1

      I ate 1200 calories and even lower for many months to lose weight because i used to be obese. I did it progressively, first 1800ish, than 1700ish and so on. The thing is that i really felt fine, i didn't feel hungry or anything. I even found it hard to eat more in the beginning of maintenance.
      But once i started to eat more i had very strong cravings for sweets, which is weird for me. I honestly didn't like sweets that much even as a kid. After that came a period of a few weeks when i just couldn't stop eating. It was the only time in my life when i wanted to binge.
      That being said, maybe i felt fine while eating so little because i got there gradually. And i also have to mention that i'm not sure i can blame diet for that period of time when i couldn't stop eating because that's when i had covid so i was depressed and i also missed a couple of birth control pills, which brought on the worst PMS of my life.
      I couldn't do it now, i'd be way too hungry if suddenly cut my calories to 1200, but it did the job. I lost the weight without much struggle, maintained it for over a year now, and i eat pretty much intuitively.
      Edit: i forgot to mention that i'm pretty short, i'm 5'3"/162 cm and i only did light exercise and walking.

    • Vatsla
      Vatsla 4 months ago +1

      @TheStonesQT93 I’m happy it works for you! Again I didn’t mean it not working for me being synonymous with it being unhealthy hahah.
      I personally just wanted to up my intake because I started going to the gym and loving it.
      And because of my EDs and Anemia I also get shortness of breath quickly and as a singer I wanted to improve my vocals and range.
      So multiple factors for me to look into something different for my body.
      Luckily reverse dieting worked for me…I did gain about 10lbs towards the end because I forgot about dieting and completely let go but I’m maintaining at 1700-1800 so I’m happy my deficit can be at 1600. This year, I want to push past 2000 cals for maintenance 😁😤 let’s see how that goes for me :) best wishes for your journey too 💗

    • TheStonesQT93
      TheStonesQT93 4 months ago +8

      @Vatsla I’m sorry that you went through that and I wish you the best in your journey.
      I’m 5ft2 and I’ve never been under 125 lbs. I’m happy between 125 - 130 lbs. I’m 140 at the moment, began my tweakment diet last week. 125 to 130 means I don’t look fat, I don’t look skinny. I look normal, I’m eating all food groups, and I can eat cake once a week 😂
      I got the 1,300 - 1,450 from years of trial and error and going to nutritionists and personal trainers (that also did meal planning). I’ve learnt that the calculator isn’t always right, also some trainers are morons...anyway, best way to know is through seeing how your body works/reacts. Everyone is different. In my family we’re prone to obesity. Maybe our metabolism is naturally slower I have no clue. In any case, I get check ups every year to make sure I have all my vitals and vitamins in check.
      I’ve had some body image issues in the past. But, I’m approaching 30. Age does things to you, some of those things (like caring less) are a gift.

  • Lauren Duncan
    Lauren Duncan 2 months ago +2

    I'd love it if you did a grey's anatomy diet video from the early seasons. Grey's is really popular with the younger generation too and the lack of portrayal of different body types definitely has the potential to negatively affect young viewers. I'd be interested to see what the diet culture was like in the mid-2000s compared to the 90s and now.

  • Lydia Maple
    Lydia Maple 3 months ago +5

    Thank you so much for going over how the human body just can't do that long term! When my eating problems started, I was just thinking "it's just one day, it won't hurt me." But one day turns into months really quickly.

  • Ashley Boudville
    Ashley Boudville 4 months ago +9

    This is really helpful thank you. An important reminder when watching the great series of Friends. The characters are often eating pizza, big dinners etc and it of course doesn’t match with the weight of the women as they are actors on restrictive diets. Worth remembering when enjoying their acting.

  • Charlie S
    Charlie S 2 months ago +1

    I have really been struggling with eating disorders recently and this video has given me so much information that really helped and I feel will help in my recovery. Thank you x

  • Taxs Tb
    Taxs Tb 4 months ago +15

    You’re really lovely, I loved how informative you were to make sure and to exactly tell us what happens to the body and how exhausted u felt, also actually I believe that eating balanced meals around 2000 calories shouldn’t be a problem with the right exercises, being underweight is no fun and games and we’re beautiful the way we are, being in our healthy figures no matter how different we might look as long as we feel right, and our body is taking the right food it needs

  • Ishee
    Ishee 3 months ago +6

    This was really interesting to watch and so well done!

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    G.G. 4 months ago +12

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    Z 4 months ago +41

    I love the energy and sensibility in this video! Its also very calming and aesthetic and I love bringing up whats sensible/more healthy and the inclusion of trigger warnings💕

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +3

      Thank you for watching and for the kind support! 😊💖

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    gisoye sher 8 months ago +84

    this is a perfect video and it can be seen how hard u worked for it. i think it deserves more views

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  8 months ago

      Thank you so much that is soo kind 🙏🏻💗

  • Brandi
    Brandi 4 months ago +117

    My nutritionist suggested 1300 calories a day for me. At the time I was 178 pounds at only 4'11. So I was overweight and unhealthy. I'm down to 141 and still have a ways to go but am feeling so much better!

    • Ney Congjuico
      Ney Congjuico 4 months ago +4

      @Nikole Bisceglia Weight train! It’s amazing for metabolism to build muscle. Especially because at age 30, that’s when you start to lose 3%-5% of your muscle per decade (thus slower metabolism).

    • Nikole Bisceglia
      Nikole Bisceglia 4 months ago +3

      I feel you. Im 5'0 and I was 105-110 on average (I had a good balance in what I ate and metabolism was still not bad) THEN the pandemic happened and two years later still trying to lose the 30lbs I gained. I guess it doesn't help that im now in my early 30's so my metabolism just peaced out lol.

    • Jess N.
      Jess N. 4 months ago +4

      @A piece of chocolate It depends on how overweight someone is. I'm just looking to lose a little bodyfat so I'm eating 1600 calories a day. I'm counting macros to make sure I'm getting plenty of protein and the right balance of fat and carbs. Someone who has more weight to lose can definitely eat 1300 a day. Their body fat will be burned for energy, so they should focus on protein to stop muscle wasting. And like Dee said, make sure you're getting enough salt and other electrolytes and not just drinking a ton of water. Too much water will flush them out, making you more thirsty and dehydrated, especially if you go low carb at the same time. Low carb diets mean the body does not hold onto as much water.

    • Dee dee
      Dee dee 4 months ago +3

      @A piece of chocolate it seems like your sodium level was low. Try adding salt into your diet, it’s zero calories and won’t cause actual weight gain

    • A piece of chocolate
      A piece of chocolate 4 months ago +25

      1300 is fine if you are super short and/or not very active. but that’s not sustainable for most people. i tried 1400-1500 calories last year, and i had horrible headaches and felt like fainting. it was nowhere near enough!

  • rosie brockway
    rosie brockway 2 months ago +1

    this is such an amazing video i love how u went into detail about the relationship with food and the importance of knowing your own body. honestly so well done thankyou

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    Bárbara Angelli 4 months ago +5

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    Cantetinza17 4 months ago +40

    I loved the reunion. I just wanted so much more! I didn't want it to end. I was a teen in the 90's and the diet culture was horrific. I did Nutrisystem. It works, but it's TOO EXPENSIVE and after a while you get sick of the food. I tried the no carb, low carb thing and it WRECKED my body. I did my macros and found out my body needs healthy carbs. I'm short and I follow smalletics and I love that she says just because your short it doesn't mean that you should be eating 1200 and less.

    • Cantetinza17
      Cantetinza17 4 months ago +2

      @Jessica Viana Yes it is! Its easier to just look up low glycemic recipes and use portion control. So much cheaper.

    • Jessica Viana
      Jessica Viana  4 months ago +2

      Thank you for sharing your experience, I would love to dig deeper into Nutrisystem, because apparently it's still around? Also just checked the price and mY GOD that's a lot of money! 😬

  • oryantge
    oryantge 4 months ago +109

    I do not remember low carb in the 90s. I remember low fat and everyone being terrifying of butter. But Atkins did have its day I guess. I just wouldn't have expected that from Jennifer Aniston. Raw zucchini, girl...

    • Wellesley Kopsa
      Wellesley Kopsa 4 months ago +2

      I’ve been listening to the maintenance phase podcast all week and I’ve heard a lot about this. Low fat was in in the 90’s and started phasing out in the late 90’s while low carb was phasing in. So it partially depended on how much of an early adopter of low carb a person was.

    • Hailey Woodlief
      Hailey Woodlief 4 months ago +7

      Yeah when I was a kid all my mom kept around the house was low fat, like those stupid 100 calorie packs

    • Jenna Barnett
      Jenna Barnett 4 months ago +4

      Ugh low fat everything!! That is so true. I feel like they probably had the diet trends first and then they trickled to the rest of the world. The first time I heard about the Atkins diet was 2004. I worked in a coffee shop and this man made us steam cream for his latte.

    • oryantge
      oryantge 4 months ago +10

      @Teiannia Clark lol, I know. She said that in the video. I'm allowed to have the same reaction to zucchini, that she had to cucumber. No?

    • Teiannia Clark
      Teiannia Clark 4 months ago +19

      I’m pretty sure the creator of the video doesn’t like cucumbers so she put raw zucchini in instead. Also raw zucchini is pretty good in some dishes.

  • Wellesley Kopsa
    Wellesley Kopsa 4 months ago +18

    This video came at the perfect time! I just watched the show for the first time and I too was wondering if they were naturally super skinny. It was such a sad expectation for women at the time, especially since the men could just be normal weights, or at least closer to normal weights.

  • Schwa La
    Schwa La 13 days ago

    this was really interesting and sensitivity made. thank you. good for me to know that they are not just ‘the norm’.

  • Amie Badger
    Amie Badger 2 months ago +2

    Its crazy that these diets were so normal! I remember watching friends often and thinking a lot about how the characters made fun of Monica for being overweight as a teenager, and I watched her reaction every time and thought "wow that's such an authentic response". makes me wonder if those comments made by the characters while filming actually hurt Courtney Cox and influenced her to go on those diets further.