Jay’s Dad In The Toilet | The Inbetweeners

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • Mr. Cartwright is having a whale of a time mocking his son, spraying Will with piss, and breaking wind as he pleases.
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  • Joshua Hughes
    Joshua Hughes 4 hours ago

    I never understood why is jays dad at the disco in the toilets with his top off brushing his teeth what not

  • Liam Regan
    Liam Regan 2 days ago

    Everyone in the comments saying the bogs are manky, fuckin ell you should see the lav at my local! Its that bad we all piss in the plant pots outside, and if we cant to that we all piss in the Ashtray's

  • John Petras
    John Petras 2 days ago

    How much do u think hes dad weights? hes so fat!

  • bluegtturbo
    bluegtturbo 3 days ago

    Jay's dad is an obnoxious bully who constantly belittles his son. Probably the reason Jay boasts and bullshits to his mates -it comes from a place of insecurity...

  • NDL
    NDL 3 days ago


  • pohmakas33
    pohmakas33 3 days ago

    jay's dad was hilarious but an absolute piece of shit, verbally abusing his own son like a madman

    HARRY 4 days ago

    Why is he naked

  • Mr Krik
    Mr Krik 5 days ago

    Gotcha hahahahah

    JM PLAYS 17 days ago +7

    There’s plenty more in the sea
    Jay harpooned himself a whale

  • Tyson Tom
    Tyson Tom 19 days ago +2

    He’s like a real life Shrek

  • Alley hartley
    Alley hartley 28 days ago +1

    I actually think will felt sorry for jay here.

  • Ajay Kazami
    Ajay Kazami 29 days ago

    Poor Jay 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Paul Little
    Paul Little Month ago

    Standing in yer piss, classic scene, Jay's auld man is funny as fuck 😂

  • ssian5678
    ssian5678 Month ago

    Will noticeably had a lot more patience & affection for Jay from this episode onward. I imagine he hoped that his friendship could open Jay up a bit and stop him turning into his old man.

    JDM BMX Month ago

    What is that song with the trumpet in the toilet scene? I've been tryna find it for ages. Does anyone know?

  • slaxxxer Aznarder
    slaxxxer Aznarder Month ago

    Such authentic farts, one of my pet hates is generic fart sound effects!

  • MouldyBolog Bolog
    MouldyBolog Bolog Month ago

    Jays Dads an animal

  • Richard Richmond
    Richard Richmond Month ago

    Jay's dad has recently had a dump (he must of also took a leak at the same time) and then minutes later has a big wee!

  • Minecraft Gamer
    Minecraft Gamer Month ago


  • Alextromagnetic
    Alextromagnetic Month ago +3

    Genuinely one of the grimmest scenes in the show

  • Anarchy Films
    Anarchy Films Month ago

    Ngl jay is so fucking sensitive

  • Mat Gaming
    Mat Gaming Month ago

    Like father like son

  • Jinja-Ninja
    Jinja-Ninja Month ago

    Cleaning up her beaver for you 🤣🤣

  • ‘We Stan’ people need to die.

    Ok what happened in that bathroom was gross but Will walked out without washing his hands 😵

  • fifthof
    fifthof Month ago

    Never having seen much of this prog...had to have a look after a recommendation. This was hilarious ! I actually rolled my head back, laughed hard and applauded at the end !!

  • shadapakap
    shadapakap Month ago

    Sexy dad

  • PROPER 12
    PROPER 12 Month ago

    I think it's mostly your piss ......

  • Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon

    Important question: what type of man shits but doesn't piss at the same time?

  • alZiiHardstylez
    alZiiHardstylez 2 months ago

    My little shit of a future son is going to fucking cop it. Future Jay's Dad here I cum.

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 2 months ago +6

    That’s the kind of bathroom that grows the scariest amoebas

    • Retro Plus
      Retro Plus Month ago

      I don't remember skyrim guards saying that

  • ringdigger
    ringdigger 2 months ago +38

    Jays dad is one of the most honest characters in the whole show

    • Uranus
      Uranus Month ago +2

      And his son is one of the most dishonest.

  • Mouha amin
    Mouha amin 2 months ago +1

    Jay's dad jokes are a refined version of dad jokes ..borderline standup routine ..love it.

  • Olly Bentley
    Olly Bentley 2 months ago +14

    "fluurp" "I'm going to go now then" 😂

    • Aaron
      Aaron Month ago +1

      I'm good to go now then.

  • andrew wyatt
    andrew wyatt 2 months ago

    Blokes funny as fuck he was in the office too

  • Leon Coombes
    Leon Coombes 2 months ago +1

    "It's like a McDonalds chip!" Lmfao

    UKSKIDS 2 months ago

    *now just try not to rape anyone on the way out* 😂😂😂

  • Gfresh844
    Gfresh844 2 months ago +1

    He's the kind of dad who you'd find funny if he was your friends dad but definitely wouldn't want as your own.

  • Will Lees
    Will Lees 2 months ago +1

    1:13 when Ronaldo scores a banger

  • Sam Broadbent
    Sam Broadbent 2 months ago

    1:03 😂😂😂😂

  • Sam Crane
    Sam Crane 2 months ago

    You should do a compilation of jays dad

  • Demon Hunter
    Demon Hunter 2 months ago +1

    The way Will looked genuinely shocked at how Jay's getting treated by his dad! *LMAO*

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff 2 months ago


  • Albanian King
    Albanian King 2 months ago +2

    She’ll count as two shags lmfao Jays dad is unbelievable hahaha

  • LamboMOT
    LamboMOT 3 months ago

    OOOOOOOOOH Orite Orite

  • Blahammad Ali
    Blahammad Ali 3 months ago +1

    That toilets is like touching wet food in the sink

  • Jack Robinson
    Jack Robinson 3 months ago

    If that was my dad, ah woulda clocked him.

  • Myrm Ants
    Myrm Ants 3 months ago

    I know Jay talks a load of sh*t all the time, but I do feel sorry for him when his dad shows him up like that.

  • Edward McCaffer
    Edward McCaffer 3 months ago


  • Peter Davies
    Peter Davies 3 months ago

    Better out than in. Mr Cartwright should be arrested for stealing Shrek and Hagrid's lines 😂

  • Unknown
    Unknown 3 months ago

    Every Chelsea fans dad

  • Unknown
    Unknown 3 months ago

    One of the funniest scenes😂😂😂

  • Jack Shit
    Jack Shit 3 months ago

    Wash your bloody hands after you taking a piss you dirty little f***

  • aaloo69
    aaloo69 3 months ago +29

    Jays dad is the one really unpleasant character in this programme.

    • thelunaticfringe
      thelunaticfringe 22 days ago +3

      @crimsonalgorithm I don't think it's fair to say Jay deserves it because it's pretty likely that his dad is the reason Jay bullshits in the first place. His dad tears down his self esteem constantly so he's conditioned himself to make up lies to feel better about himself

    • JTMVision
      JTMVision Month ago

      Amy Armendez when simons dad rips on him it’s just father son banter

    • Amy Armendez
      Amy Armendez Month ago +4

      Yeah he’s a bit of a bully. Simon’s dad rips on him a bit but this guy turned jay into a fantasist with no self esteem, he makes the audience feel sorry for jay

    • crimsonalgorithm
      crimsonalgorithm Month ago +4

      @Simon price True. banter was harsh, but still safe. and Jay kind of deserves it for bullshitting an unnatural amount of times anyeay. Donovan on the other hand is actually just a pain in the ass. That's probably his entire point as a character

    • Simon price
      Simon price Month ago +3

      No just a man who's been there and understands the reality of life, and how it sucks...

  • James Henderson
    James Henderson 3 months ago +2

    2:12 such a British thing to say 😂

  • James Henderson
    James Henderson 3 months ago

    1:12 best bit 😂😂

  • Adam W
    Adam W 3 months ago

    "OOOOOOH. Alwiyt Alwiyt!"

  • TeaAtTwo
    TeaAtTwo 3 months ago

    Jay's dad was a proper arsehole.

  • Chris 95 Myers
    Chris 95 Myers 3 months ago

    What could ya do with that thing? It's like a McDonald's chip 😂

  • Marcus' World
    Marcus' World 3 months ago

    Better out than in

  • scottsvxr
    scottsvxr 3 months ago