Axel Springer Award 2020

  • Published on Nov 30, 2020
  • This year’s Axel Springer award honors Elon Musk. Through his inventive and innovative spirit, Elon has revolutionized several industries, from electric vehicles and battery storage to space travel. Elon will accept the award on December 1, 2020, at the Axel Springer headquarters in Berlin. The theme of the evening is “An Evening for Elon Musk - Mission to Mars.” More at

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  • Aktien mit Kopf
    Aktien mit Kopf Year ago +1374

    A CEO that sleeps in the unfinished factory to get a feel for whats going on is a CEO who is worth every penny

  • sagar parmar
    sagar parmar Year ago +544

    This is what i call proper tribute to Elon Musk. Loved it.

    • Mouse Gipson
      Mouse Gipson 6 months ago

      No really is kind of unacceptable 56:18 to sexual

  • Daniel Hermanus
    Daniel Hermanus Year ago +715

    Elon is the man of the century, at least. He will go down in the history books as the guy who started the space age. He is the second richest man yet he sleeps in a conference room in his unfinished factory.

    • Nightrainrose
      Nightrainrose 23 days ago

      @Thor Ventus no. No he’s not.

    • Nightrainrose
      Nightrainrose 23 days ago

      @Albert Brissen if he was gay who’s cares? But he’s not gay.

    • Anita Saad
      Anita Saad Month ago

      Alon keksih kayangan

    • Anita Saad
      Anita Saad Month ago +1

      Man sial mat

    • Chimp
      Chimp Month ago +1

      @raydon sjobeck even if he is gay, what does that change? Who cares

  • Adriano Collalti
    Adriano Collalti Year ago +435

    Elon Musk is the most valuable human being on the planet, and not because of his wealth

    • Keely Evans
      Keely Evans 3 months ago

      28:58 so you didn't know that they came to me?

    • El_Jubo
      El_Jubo Year ago

      ​@MailTV I definitely agree his outlook on Covid was misguided, and I've heard the working conditions in his companies are sub par but, he is absolutely providing an insane amount of innovation and opportunities for the world as a whole.

    • MailTV
      MailTV Year ago

      @Bd Dollen In what reality do I have to live in to get your informations?

    • Bd Dollen
      Bd Dollen Year ago +1

      @MailTV - HE WAS ‘’ RIGHT” ...!!!!

    • Bd Dollen
      Bd Dollen Year ago +1


  • Kasper Wiese
    Kasper Wiese Year ago +698

    Wow. He is sleeping in a conference room in the unfinished factory, to get a feel of the progress. The general media does appreciate how much more of a true CEO he is, rather than just a billionaire.

    • Jeremy Dewitte
      Jeremy Dewitte 11 months ago

      I worked in the gigafactory 2 years and would see him time to time

    • Alex Kuznetsov
      Alex Kuznetsov Year ago

      Don't forget that he is not only a CEO but also the founder and majority owner...

    • Passing Through
      Passing Through Year ago

      @Soumil Sahu Now that really puts things into perspective ... out of the clouds.

    • Peter H.
      Peter H. Year ago +6

      @Soumil Sahu Some people the first CEO of 3 companies which are worth 1bn $. Some just see him overtaking Bill Gates as the 2nd richest man alive. But I've seen much more positive news about any of his companies in recent times, compared to 2016-2018 - maybe because there are not many short-seller left.

  • naveed abbasi
    naveed abbasi Year ago +508

    Let's stop counting the billions Elon is worth. Let's all us humankind appreciate what he is and planning to do for our betterment ( specially through Nuralink)

    • Richard Dames
      Richard Dames 5 months ago

      RESPECT and TOTALLY agree.

    • Jonathan Mendoza
      Jonathan Mendoza 5 months ago

      @Satoshi Nakamoto I'm not sure what point you're trying to make...? Video games have been done since 1958, but here we are, still creating new video games. That's a weird argument to make on your part lol

    • Satoshi Nakamoto
      Satoshi Nakamoto 5 months ago

      @Jonathan Mendoza physics, science fiction and Neuralink has been done in 2008 by brain gate and those, great marketing too

    • Satoshi Nakamoto
      Satoshi Nakamoto 5 months ago

      Neuralink has been done in 2008 by brain gate and those companies. He’s just upgrading software

  • LULU H
    LULU H Year ago +108

    Hope Elon read these comments and get a sense of how much so many people love and admire him to support him when haters hate on him.

  • Sergio Rosada
    Sergio Rosada Year ago +255

    Elon is probably at the moment the only human being with a vision for a long term future. I cannot think of any Prime Minister or politician who as any kind of such .

    • ProducerKevin
      ProducerKevin Year ago

      Elon and Kanye

    • Dir ty
      Dir ty Year ago +4

      Bill Gates is a wizard. He eradicated smallpox with his own efforts. He just doesn’t market himself as much.

    • Karl Pershing
      Karl Pershing Year ago +2

      President Trump the Great

    • l'ancêtre
      l'ancêtre Year ago +2

      Right both, this kind of people MUST be impulse the world.

    • Tertos88
      Tertos88 Year ago +14

      That's the bad side of the
      "re-election mechanism" - politicians keep looking for short term solutions for long term subjects.

  • John Gibson Music
    John Gibson Music Year ago +128

    One of the best interviews of Elon out there. He was in a great mood. Fantastic!!

    • John Gibson Music
      John Gibson Music Year ago

      @Names wrong guess

    • Names
      Names Year ago

      I guess you did not watch many elon interviews

    • Ayrton Senna fan
      Ayrton Senna fan Year ago +12

      Was a good interview in spite of the not particularly good or original questions he got, he did impressively with the material he was given.

    • Markus Weissenböck
      Markus Weissenböck Year ago +10

      He really was - this is the time his efforts pay tribute. SpaceX is ruling the space marktet, Tesla is doing best, etc...

  • Antony Deighton
    Antony Deighton Year ago +247

    Video Timeline:
    0:00 - Start
    2:25 - Starship manufacturing video and launch / Introduction
    15:15 - Elon talks about SpaceX future timeline
    17:02 - "Will [SpaceX] be more of a space tourism business or plan B for humanity?" / Inspiring and exciting future
    18:42 - What Tesla does for Earth and SpaceX does for the future beyond Earth
    20:08 - Axel telling a humorous anecdote about a German Automotive CEO downplaying Tesla in 2014
    21:30 - "Would Elon buy out a major car company?" / Electric Vehicle Market takeover
    23:30 - Conversation about Full-Self Driving (FSD) and the future of driving during the next 10 years
    28:16 - Conversation on Giga Factory Berlin
    30:23 - Elon on where he's sleeping tonight / flirting with Axel Springer
    31:20 - Comments General AI, possible future outcomes and AI developed in China
    35:55 - Biggest threats to humanity in the future
    38:08 - Elon mentions spending time with his children and medical breakthroughs
    39:55 - Purpose of Neuralink
    40:35 - Humanities' greatest invention so far
    41:45 - Elon on enjoying Techno music
    43:00 - Elon on his plans for his birthday celebrations
    43:55 - The meaning of life
    45:21 - Speech by Health minister Jens Spahn on Elon's achievements
    1:00:20 - Gift presented to Elon
    1:01:42 - Elon on his music career, making his first track and future tracks
    1:02:47 - Elon on when he doubted his vibe
    1:04:10 - German DJ Sven Vath on not doubting his vibe, album artwork and playing Elon's music
    1:05:45 - Elon finishing remarks and thanks
    1:06:30 - Sven Väth's remix of Elon's "Don't Doubt Your Vibe" put to a Mars landing video
    ^This is the most German award show I've ever seen haha

    • Mentality Vibes
      Mentality Vibes 5 months ago

      Fucking legend

    • neethi vendhan
      neethi vendhan 8 months ago

      @Antony Deighton interviewer name?

    • You Tuber
      You Tuber Year ago

      @Shifter22 probably him talking about synthetic mRNA, DNA. 🤷‍♂️

    • Not Me
      Not Me Year ago

      The timetable is off

    • Shifter22
      Shifter22 Year ago +1

      @TriplM It's pretty off, but I don't think it originally was...
      They def cut something out. 💇

  • Nguyen Truong
    Nguyen Truong Year ago +371

    he must feel pretty tired having to repeat his vision to people so many times

    • Steven Csenteri
      Steven Csenteri 6 months ago

      Or it’s a break from work doing interviews

    • Rob Moilanen
      Rob Moilanen 7 months ago +2

      Unfortunately, his vision must be repeated until every human on earth has heard it and begins to see it for themselves.

    • Speak-Easy 'Conversations'
      Speak-Easy 'Conversations' 8 months ago +1

      It's probably reinforcing that people ask these questions. It's a curiousness that musk shares which is how we got here in the first place 😊

    • Monarchs United
      Monarchs United 10 months ago

      If you want to grow your business, you have to repeat yourself to a lot of people.

    • BurgerTime
      BurgerTime 10 months ago +2

      I wish their was an interviewer who tried his absolute hardest to steer the conversation off the beaten trail.

  • TruePulse
    TruePulse Year ago +42

    Thank you Axel Springer for such an event. Elon definitely deserves it. Watching all the introduction videos and the impact he made really brought up tears to my eyes.

  • A Man and His Tesla
    A Man and His Tesla Year ago +165

    Thanks Elon for making the world a better place.

  • Adonai Schlösser
    Adonai Schlösser Year ago +322

    The one of a kind music collection instead of a random trophy was really great.

  • Charli Bryant
    Charli Bryant Year ago +57

    So happy for him. He deserves the world(maybe Mars will do :)

  • Catalyst Network Solutions

    That drew a tear. And I’m Not even Elon. 😀🥲 Godspeed Tesla, SpaceX, and Elon.

  • Dongskiii
    Dongskiii Year ago +35

    i never admire a human being this much, god bless this guy.

  • Revy
    Revy Year ago +15

    Jesus what a day for Elon, never seen anything like this before... Probably the greatest interview ever, ha you even get literally the best present at the end of it haha!

  • Jimmy Edward
    Jimmy Edward Year ago +144

    "I'm a cyber girl in cyber world, It's fantastic in the future there's no plastic"
    What a good song 👏🏽👏🏽

    • Inna lee
      Inna lee Year ago +1

      @Chris Banach no

    • Chris Banach
      Chris Banach Year ago

      I think I he said a Saber girl (referencing Star Wars), I might be wrong though

  • codeofsamurai
    codeofsamurai Year ago +11

    This was so well done!!! Congratulations to germany and this program on really doing an outstanding work!!! And of course Elon was awesome and such an amazing news with the gigafactory in Berlin!!

  • Tropical Fruits
    Tropical Fruits Year ago +27

    Nice event and nice production. But Elon is still the best, no question. Big love.

  • Catalyst Network Solutions

    That is the nicest. Most thoughtful gift. Holy crap. Germany is amazing.

    • TheIritify
      TheIritify Year ago +2

      @Daniel Gerber Findest du? Wenn das der Wahrheit entsprechen würde, wäre Deutschland nicht Welt-führend in der Automobilindustrie, Wissenschaft, Technologie etc. und eine der Stärksten in der Weltwirtschaft! Wir können schon stolz auf unser Land sein, finde ich 🇩🇪

    • Daniel Gerber
      Daniel Gerber Year ago +2

      @Anna L. Vajda Puh, but he also has this "everything is possible mentality"- and thats very ungerman lol

    • Anna L. Vajda
      Anna L. Vajda Year ago +4

      I think Elon would really fit in in Germany he has that German work ethic and they have been leaders in solar power and auto engineering for decades. Even the V2 rockets modified for space are original German design.

  • Christopher Debenham
    Christopher Debenham Year ago +33

    Lol I love how after all these years Elon remains one of the smartest individuals in the world, but can still crack jokes about the host of the show giving him an "invitation" to not sleep alone 😂

  • Daniel Ocegueda
    Daniel Ocegueda Year ago +8

    Great presentation and amazing production! 🙌🏼 Congratulations, Elon! 🚀

  • Wolfgang Schmidt
    Wolfgang Schmidt Year ago +163

    This was a very impressive show

    • Ayrton Senna fan
      Ayrton Senna fan Year ago +4

      @Allen Kemmett 100%, almost everything about the non interview parts of this show was so cringeworthy.

    • Allen Kemmett
      Allen Kemmett Year ago +4

      .. it was badly executed, fortunately Elon is already doing the showing & doing it properly 😎

  • PianoFever
    PianoFever 9 months ago +8

    I love how Elon's face lit up near the very end, when they landed on Mars. I just felt it was too brief a moment. Like a tease. I felt myself saying, No! Keep going. Show us more of Mars.

  • Kyle Brumsworth
    Kyle Brumsworth Year ago +65

    He's such an amazing person.

  • Murad Cebeci
    Murad Cebeci Year ago +12

    Thank you so much for this very nice and fun award ceremony. The talk was candid and watching it live is awesome.

  • SCT15H_07
    SCT15H_07 Year ago +2

    This whole thing was awesome and well deserved. Good work Elon, lead the way

  • Baleur
    Baleur Year ago +12

    I know Elon Musk wants to be humble, and frankly i understand him. And honestly, i can without exaggeration say that i share in his "condition" of having nonstop ideas buzzing around 24/7 in my head (but without the engineering knowhow to execute on them). He's not superhuman, he's just a man like any other. Fine. BUT, he did something. Instead of just sitting at home, he actually did something with the ideas. That's the difference. And that's what makes him special.
    The thing is, one man CAN indeed change the world, and even the course of the entire human civilization.
    Let's just imagine for one moment, that Earth faces an unstoppable extinction level event in 200 years. Be it an asteroid or whatever. Now lets imagine that, IF Elon Musk's Starship gets us to Mars "early", we manage to set up a self-sustaining colony there by 2200.
    But if he did NOT get us there "early", but we rather waited for NASA or previous enterprises, which may only have resulted in a 100% self-sustaining colony by 2250, which would inevitable fail under the hardships of no longer recieving any support from Earth..
    Then this would mean, quite literally, that 1 man's efforts to organize this mission ASAP, would be the difference between our entire civilization surviving or becoming snuffed out in the mists of time..
    Hyperbolic? Yes. But undeniably possible. The universe has no mercy, it does not wait for us to be "ready". Every year that we're NOT multi-planetary is another roll of the dice between survival and extinction.
    This is what is so scary. That 1 man CAN indeed have such an impact, in the longer scale of time.
    We should not deify him, but we should also not downplay his importance.
    What we should do, is ask ourselves, why do we have so FEW Elon Musks in the world, if they COULD potentially have such a huge impact on our future, long-term? We need to do whatever we can, sociologically, to ensure that a THOUSAND more Elon Musks can be cultivated to reach their aspirations in our society. Because it is extremely foolish to have an entire civilization practically rest on the shoulders of a handful of people.
    (And this goes both positive and negative ways, the same way that civilization rested on the shoulders of the US and USSR presidents with nukes on their fingertips during the Cold War.)

    • raydon sjobeck
      raydon sjobeck Month ago

      You should take a page from his book and read everything you can get your hands on and maybe your never-ending thoughts would form plans also.

  • Christopher Mgwadira
    Christopher Mgwadira Year ago +32

    When I look around... I don't see a greater guy than Elon...

  • Relaxing Walk
    Relaxing Walk Year ago +10

    the visual effects are stunning, I wish i was there watching it live :)

  • Starship Captain
    Starship Captain 8 months ago +2

    What an incredible production, it was great. So many people still don't know Elon, his history and mission. So this was an incredibly accurate, upbeat and inspirational presentation.

  • Nils Niestedt
    Nils Niestedt Year ago +6

    Awesome production for a very innovative and inspiring guy! Great!

  • Andreas Lindful
    Andreas Lindful Year ago +38

    Elon is the good ruler of the world. Thank you, Elon!

  • Roger Cullman
    Roger Cullman Year ago +32

    Never doubt Elon’s vibe

  • Martin Johansson
    Martin Johansson Year ago +17

    Elon is incredible! Too bad the Host is so cold. Elon is helping humanity and he's an amazing human!

    • PianoFever
      PianoFever 9 months ago

      But the woman who came on later made up for that.

  • Georgiana Horghidan
    Georgiana Horghidan Year ago +17

    Amazing ceremony! Congrats to Elon Musk and Sven Väth’s music brings me all over the universe 🪐🪐

  • WiFi MONK
    WiFi MONK Year ago +2

    One feels so blessed to be born on 19th & 20th century when most of the inventions & innovations have happened. Now, if you watching this video & breathing the same air with Elon Musk then you will certainly feel the purpose of taking birth has been fulfilled. More power to him. Humanity needs him.

  • Christopher Mgwadira

    On population he just nailed it... We need to just be innovative enough to find sustainable resources (energy and technologies) and not trying to pull down the population (we will need more numbers on Mars)

  • Nina Daniel
    Nina Daniel 4 months ago

    This was absolutely fantastic!!! Awesome job, Deutschland!! Watched it a couple of time, so refreshing! Danke!!!

  • Sandra Bayes
    Sandra Bayes Year ago +2

    Thank you Germany for honoring Elon in the superb way you did! All of humankind will reap the benefit of Elon Musk!

  • Tashi Tsering
    Tashi Tsering Year ago +61

    He's going to sleep in the unfinished factory-amazing, simple & humble human being-bless Elon!

  • One Day
    One Day 6 months ago +1

    So far, this is the best intro of Elon Musk I have ever watched of him. Very inspiring!

  • PianoFever
    PianoFever 9 months ago +1

    So creative aand personal an acknowledgment and welcome of a great mind to your city and country. I was so impressed at how considerately this was done. Congratulations.

  • Denise Anderson
    Denise Anderson Year ago +2

    When the ship landed he looked like a little boy who got what he wanted for Christmas. Joy! I hope he can find someone who loves him unconditionally, including his work ethic. He needs a soft place to land at home. That's what I would want for my child.

  • Travel with Tesla
    Travel with Tesla Year ago +3

    Most popular video on the channel in less than a week! That speaks volumes. I guess the reason is what Elon says at 13:44 "to have reasons to be excited about life" because that's what he and his team delivers. Elon Musk with Tesla, SpaceX and the others, have had the courage to risk and set the foundation blocks to the future envisioned by Roddenberry (or, anyhow, something similar) and show the world that there is still hope to achieve a future which looks beyond the petty squabbles humans have all around on this Planet. I'm just so glad to follow them and take part in what they're creating! @Elon Musk and team: You Rock!!!

    • Travel with Tesla
      Travel with Tesla Year ago

      I wouldn't have expected more from a space robot like him. Maybe that's why he likes Techno so much 🥳

  • Lee Teplitz
    Lee Teplitz Year ago +1

    The man is truly focused, he has a vision and he will complete it!

  • Hades
    Hades Year ago +4

    That intro and the way it was presented in that room is so beautiful, like a movie in a cinema.

  • Teddy Raffudeen
    Teddy Raffudeen 6 months ago +1

    Elon is ‘the most Down to Earth’ space explorer of all times.

  • Parag Khare
    Parag Khare 6 months ago

    This interview was amazing ❤️

  • AlleAktien
    AlleAktien Year ago +1

    A wonderful presentation, thank you AXEL SPRINGER 💜

  • wayne stewart
    wayne stewart Year ago +5

    The government should supply him with 24-hour security we need to keep this guy alive as long as possible

  • Cyborg X
    Cyborg X Year ago +3

    I'm very happy for you, Elon

  • Dan Fox
    Dan Fox Year ago +2

    Congrats Elon, I love Techno too, Child of the Sixty's. Love Disco, Lasers and Kraftwerk Numbers !! I felt part of me took the journey with you on many of your tougher missions in life. Keep it REAL Brother !!

  • Parul Singh
    Parul Singh Year ago +1

    the ending part of the video really made me so emotional, it was......m a very very very big fan of his work. he is an amazing person. i had tears in any eyes when I heard his songs... it's a nice EDM but inspiration. Luv u Elon sir.
    best of luck

  • Prasenjit Debroy
    Prasenjit Debroy Year ago +3

    Stupendous presentation, cinematography and animation!

  • Hristijan Eftimov
    Hristijan Eftimov Year ago +5

    Great event, great interview!

  • Velocity5
    Velocity5 Year ago +3

    Incredible, and deserving.

  • Arthur Wagar
    Arthur Wagar Year ago +1

    Very great show. Amazing special effects. Thank you very much.

  • NARFoX One9ER
    NARFoX One9ER Year ago +6

    💯 Living Legend 💯
    THE most important man on Earth!
    His willingness and need to do right in the world is a much needed positive force for humanity.
    Thank you brother you are greatly appreciated..🤜🏽💥🤛🏽

  • Nucleus
    Nucleus Year ago +41

    a super smart man, with a child-like- curiosity!!!

  • Hari Purwanto
    Hari Purwanto Year ago +11

    This man is a real leader of humanity 👍

  • Jurgen Vesst
    Jurgen Vesst Year ago +1

    This is an incredible presentation.

  • mac berry
    mac berry Year ago +223

    Why do you like techno music?
    Elon: you want to feel maximal human

    • Satoshi Nakamoto
      Satoshi Nakamoto 5 months ago

      @Luka Ellegaard Jensen its just a nerd thing

    • Luka Ellegaard Jensen
      Luka Ellegaard Jensen Year ago

      @amused incali omfg

    • amused incali
      amused incali Year ago

      @Luka Ellegaard Jensen bots can't critically think..ask zuck. Why the triangle scar on musk since very young? Just found out

    • Rajeeb Barma
      Rajeeb Barma Year ago +2

      @Luka Ellegaard Jensen Elon Mask is a robot. His name suggests that

    • Luka Ellegaard Jensen
      Luka Ellegaard Jensen Year ago +21

      that sentence proved hes a robot hahaha

  • Nucleus
    Nucleus Year ago +2

    I love this dude!! he speaks my language!!! I wish more people could see the wonder of our universe and all the possibilities out there beyond this planet of ours!!

  • HectorWRX
    HectorWRX Year ago +7

    Was nervous with people getting so close to Elon, in this corona age, as he is the most valuable human being on the planet.

  • pAVL
    pAVL Year ago +1

    Best German TV Host so far. I died at the Conference Room Quote in the unfinished Factory and i also feel this man at the end when he got watered Eyes. He has gone through so much pain and stressfully Situations in his live, no one other deserves this Award more than you Mr.Musk. The Greatest CEO of this century. All the best!

  • MrEveningflight
    MrEveningflight Year ago +88

    We need more of the Musk courage and lesser bureaucracy in Europe.

  • vanessa dimazana
    vanessa dimazana Year ago +2

    I wish I work for a ceo like Elon. He seemed to care and appreciate his employees. Dedicating this award to his employees shows how good of a leader he is.

    • Ayrton Senna fan
      Ayrton Senna fan Year ago

      @Brokkoli OMG Exactly, imagine thinking he's anything other than a taskmaster. Shocking how many people seem to think he's an easy going guy.

    • Brokkoli OMG
      Brokkoli OMG Year ago +1

      I'm a fan of what Elon is doing, but considering what some reports say about his leadership is...controversial. Maybe check for some former employees, or hell, even try it yourself, why not?
      Just don't expect the best working environment.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago +1

    Great presentation and interview. Congratulations Elon Musk and Germany

  • Jucks
    Jucks Year ago +12

    Cant even imagine how awkward it is for someone like Elon to sit through that intro=D

  • Rip_Junkbot
    Rip_Junkbot Year ago

    A great presentation for a great visionary human, I mean an amazing Elon Musk...

  • Lighted Sky
    Lighted Sky Year ago

    How did i miss this event ! 💯🌟🔥

  • Alshafi
    Alshafi Year ago +48

    who is going to get this award next? 😲 The bar has been raised above human kind!

  • Nuno Marques
    Nuno Marques Year ago +1

    This was probably the best online conference of the year 😎

  • Peter de Agrella
    Peter de Agrella Year ago +48

    If Elon was my Dad I would want to spend all the time in n the world with him and ask questions all the time

    • Alex Llongarriu
      Alex Llongarriu 10 months ago

      Not in your teenage years, it's mandatory to stop listening to your parents and start paying attention mainly to your peers. It's just a stage we all have to go through.

    • Rebecca Smith
      Rebecca Smith 10 months ago

      Same lol

    • wyh
      wyh Year ago

      Me too !

  • A Mishel
    A Mishel Year ago +5

    Elon is AMAZING!

  • Maria Luchsinger
    Maria Luchsinger Year ago

    This is so funny and a nice tribute. I must say I played the song "dont doubt your vibe" on my job search during corona and it kept me going and focused, is not the best piece of work but it helped me haha

  • Lohith
    Lohith Year ago +3

    At last. A long worthy tribute to Elon Musk

  • Gabraldar Abdallah
    Gabraldar Abdallah 24 days ago

    This man is endowed with supernatural intelligence in addition to his self-confidence and limitless abilities and has the ability to make the world an attractive place for every ambitious person.

  • Riaz Qureshi
    Riaz Qureshi 8 months ago

    This is so motivating 🍿💪🏼

  • Teddy Raffudeen
    Teddy Raffudeen 6 months ago

    Then along comes an earthman named Elon Musk… to do things unheard of and move humankind forward. God bless you, Elon Musk. You represent the best of our species. I honestly pray for you and the future hope of mankind.

  • Daniel Gerber
    Daniel Gerber Year ago

    Echt tolles Interview. Fand ich sehr cool geführt :D

  • Daggie - Douglas Mwangi - Blanqx

    This is legitly the best of videos on Elon Musk.

  • Vivian MS
    Vivian MS Year ago +12

    Elon as brilliant and fun as always. The interviewer though really had some cliche questions ( e.g. China is a threat etc ) and frankly not much sense of humor, totally missed a few Elon jokes. That 42 joke at the end. How could he miss that one.

  • Rose Valentin
    Rose Valentin 6 months ago

    Oh how I love ❤️ this man 👨

  • trung nguyen hoang
    trung nguyen hoang Year ago +2

    the introduction is sooo over the top with very funny digs to Elon's industries' rivals lol. heck of a space ship stage as well.

  • tubeyou89119
    tubeyou89119 Year ago +11

    32:36 Everyone thinks him/herself the center of the universe, but none is. We are so small... Elon has the right perspective, as always.
    Who wouldn't want to hang out with Elon??!! Ok, his sons ..:)

  • Awilmy Martinez
    Awilmy Martinez Year ago +4

    The beginning was awesome 🤩

  • The Beautiful World of Self Driving Cars

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      Brokkoli OMG Year ago

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    God Bless Elon and the other inspirational souls out there. He deals with the arrogant evil snobs (Elites) with a smile 👏🏻😉👍🏻 and he warns us and them. But the Elites are ignorant, arrogant and greedy, they will never learn! They dislike mankind and will destroy our beautiful existence by all their lies!!! Please send them up there (out of here) but not to MARS! Those people need to go beyond (bring Covid with them) so we can rid Earth of that kind of trash!!!
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