me trying to be cultured for 10 mins straight

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • me tryna be that relatable gap year travel vlogger once again xx

    me and bae at it again with the china vlogs, it be lit we watched a skateboarding competition, ate some good food and went to a fake beach!!! hope you enjoy love u guys x
    I use a canon g7x and edit on final cut pro
    love y’all
    if you’ve read this far comment ’i catch flights not feelings'
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  • Myles Reid
    Myles Reid 21 day ago


  • Rashida
    Rashida 2 months ago

    No one:
    Kate’s dad: 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Frankie Sum
    Frankie Sum 3 months ago

    Date a Chinese guy eat some Chinese snacks plz

  • aesthetics xox
    aesthetics xox 4 months ago

    Literally Nobody:
    Kate’s dad: “spent 8 pounds on three bottles of FUCKING water “
    Your dad is literally ICONIC am i right

  • Lola Lucas
    Lola Lucas 4 months ago

    “Well done mate you’ve got a bicycle” YOUR DAD IS A MOOD

  • Erica Galbraith Rouse
    Erica Galbraith Rouse 4 months ago

    My dad has the same fleece😂

  • ravi ross
    ravi ross 5 months ago

    I thought her boyfriend was a gay friend at first i-

  • quill
    quill 5 months ago +1

    Hey bonnie, can you see this?

  • mary Poppy
    mary Poppy 5 months ago

    theres 5 minutes till kate posts and being honest im buzzing

  • Millie Rose
    Millie Rose 5 months ago +2

    Keith every 3 seconds: “BiATch”

  • isabel
    isabel 5 months ago

    those skaters scared the fuck out of me

  • Kate
    Kate 5 months ago

    The whole time i was thinking about the weird ass tan line u were gonna get from the temporary tattoo

  • Roses
    Roses 5 months ago +3

    Omg Kate I am from Shanghai and live in UK now lmao it’s so surprising that you guys came to China,but hope you guys didn’t experience too much culture shocked joke have some good time!

  • Lisa
    Lisa 5 months ago +1

    Wow only 58 dislikes!
    I'm not intending any hate, just wanted to say it

    • Lisa
      Lisa 5 months ago

      I honestly love you Kate!

  • Caitlin Blue
    Caitlin Blue 5 months ago

    Good morning rise and shine and happy new year

  • Sophie T
    Sophie T 5 months ago

    Your dad is hilarious 😂

  • Silvia Davis
    Silvia Davis 5 months ago +4

    my dad lives in Hong Kong and I live in Italy so I completely understand you,

  • Emma 456
    Emma 456 5 months ago

    i love your dad

  • Yasmine Sophia
    Yasmine Sophia 5 months ago

    Your dad is such a queen!!!

  • Ruby Young
    Ruby Young 5 months ago

    5:38 kate getting demonised for 5 seconds straight for sticky rice

  • Ruby Young
    Ruby Young 5 months ago

    I wish I could catch flights not feelings :)

  • Lucy Jones
    Lucy Jones 5 months ago +2

    I can relate, my dad travels for his jobs and spends most of the time in Australia and I hardly see him. Love u Kate xxx

  • Jassy Yas
    Jassy Yas 5 months ago +2

    Tbh Kate shares sm interest in chinese food as me that i am actually surprises of(i am chinese)

  • louispackham
    louispackham 5 months ago

    your dad is a whole vibe

  • Peyton McNeil
    Peyton McNeil 5 months ago

    Ik how you feel, my father lives in Abu Dhabi

  • Enia Rutka
    Enia Rutka 5 months ago

    Gurlie what is your intro song called?

  • chelseatruman
    chelseatruman 5 months ago

    did u just say
    dutch slut

  • XREmily
    XREmily 5 months ago

    “Spending £8 on 3 fucking bottles of water...HULLOOO” cbaaaa 😂😂😭😭

  • Chloe Ann
    Chloe Ann 5 months ago

    Kate: having a serious talk at the end of the video
    Also kate: that’s the truth tea

  • Tara
    Tara 5 months ago

    What mascara do you use?

  • Cat In the hat
    Cat In the hat 5 months ago +2

    Kate’s dad + misha grims mom = best parents on TheXvid

  • Lol
    Lol 5 months ago

    I’m not late for school, no.
    Doing it all for the enjoyment cause no fucks given.
    Like bitch I’m DONE 😭😂.

  • Abigail Jane
    Abigail Jane 5 months ago

    I love ur videos !

  • Abigail Jane
    Abigail Jane 5 months ago

    how are you so pretty

  • Pashou A
    Pashou A 5 months ago

    "Back to ya dad spending 8 quid on 3 FUCKING bottles of water"... THE most British thing

  • olivia
    olivia 5 months ago


  • Sophie Njai
    Sophie Njai 5 months ago

    #underated you tuber= kaatteessa
    I know I can’t spell

  • Xiomara Xo
    Xiomara Xo 5 months ago

    My dad lives in America like I understandddd and when people are like 'oMg yOuR'rE sO lUCky yOu GeT tO gO tO aMeRiCa aLl tHe TiMe'
    Like gtfo.

  • Olivia Wrightson
    Olivia Wrightson 5 months ago +1

    If your gay then your gay if your straight well that's great if you fall in between that's the best way to be you get so many options every fish In the see wants to kiss you muwah .....idk what I've down 😅

  • Lily And izzy
    Lily And izzy 5 months ago

    I catch flights not feelings...

  • Lily And izzy
    Lily And izzy 5 months ago

    You said it was 10 mins but it was actually 10 mins and 24 seconds.... ly tho❤

  • natalie willium
    natalie willium 5 months ago +1

    love you!!!!!

  • yana kelly
    yana kelly 5 months ago

    “I get id’d for ibuprofen” all too relatable

  • Darla Matthews
    Darla Matthews 5 months ago

    omg snap my dad lives in Shanghai too haha

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 5 months ago +8

    Really appreciated you showing your more vulnerable side. It must of been hard but me and many others totally get you and what you said makes us feel less lonely. Thanks and never feel like you can’t talk about your personal feelings on here cos we all want you to be happy as can be :)))

  • Lara Hacking
    Lara Hacking 5 months ago +1

    kate when will you learn to wear suncream???????????????????????????????

  • Bella S
    Bella S 5 months ago

    Dim sum is so fucking gooooood I’m was literally salivating

  • Bella S
    Bella S 5 months ago +1

    I was waiting for u to say “that was legitness” for the whole 10 mins

  • crackhead spam
    crackhead spam 5 months ago +1

    every bloody time i watch one of your videos with headphones on, your intro blasts my eardrums to smithereens christ kate

  • Ellie Watson
    Ellie Watson 5 months ago

    This is so cute especially it being Father’s Day today too 🥺

  • Kaylee JC
    Kaylee JC 5 months ago

    Them snow biscuits are the one

  • Natalie Kwong
    Natalie Kwong 5 months ago

    Literally same situation. My dad lives on the other side of the world

  • Zara Siddique
    Zara Siddique 5 months ago +4

    No one:
    Not even a soul:
    Not even Jesus

    Kate’s dad: I’m a veelogger

  • Kayley Taylor
    Kayley Taylor 5 months ago +1

    I’ve binged....every single video of yours in 2 days😂🔥🔥

  • Kim Tassen
    Kim Tassen 5 months ago +1

    I loved these 2 China vlogs, they're really one of a kind 👌 Also I appreciated the serious bit at the end

  • morgan
    morgan 5 months ago

    AGAHAHAH the fucking dog

  • Audrey Zhong
    Audrey Zhong 5 months ago

    I loveee those cookies!!!

  • Imaani
    Imaani 5 months ago +11

    Why does Kate's dad look so similar to her best friend from boarding school?? Are you sure it's not her dad

    • Imaan Jacobs
      Imaan Jacobs 5 months ago

      omg i was thinking the same thing haha

  • misslittlesunshine
    misslittlesunshine 5 months ago +1

    I live in Shanghai and as soon as you said "I'm going to the beach", I face palmed myself xD

  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise 5 months ago

    OMG I been der 😍